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    1972 Photocopies of ads for three concert dates.
    1973 Photocopies of ads for 11 concert dates.
    1974 Photocopies of ads for 38 concert dates.
    1975 Photocopies of ads for 15 concert dates.
    1/31/89 Ad card for BS Video Anthology/1978-88 coming 1/31/89 10.00 deposit
    undated Postcard ads for Morrison Hotel Gallery Jim Marchese Photoography (2 different cards)
    4/2009 Sirius XM Ad for E Street Radio and Working on a Dream (May be from People Magazine) SELECTED-17
    3/9/12 Sirius XM Ad for Apollo Theater Wrecking Ball Show (May have appeared in People Mag) SELECTED-17
    10/98 Beautifully illustrated 10 page promotion for Bruce Springsteen’s book Songs.
    1990 “50 Guaranteed Tips To Great Springsteen Tickets”,  SELECTED-1 Catalog
    2/1/90 Backstreets Rare Posters Part One SELECTED-1
    Catalog #3 Backstreet Records August 1985 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #4 Backstreet Records December 1985 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #5 Backstreet Records April 1986 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #8 Backstreet Records February 1987 SELECTED-1
    Catalog# 9 Backstreet Records                 1987 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #9 Abridged Backstreet Records 1987  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #10 Backstreet Records ( 2 copies)1987 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #11 Backstreet Records                  1988 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #11A – Holiday Catalog Christmas 1987 SELECTED-1
    Special Mini Catalog (see #15) January 1988 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #12 – Early 1988.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog#13 Backstreet Records                    1988 SELECTED-1
    Catalog#14 Backstreet Records        1988 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #15 – Christmas 1988.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #16 – Early 1989.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #18 – Fall 1989.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #19 – Christmas 1989.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #20 – Early 1990.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #21 – Summer 1990.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #22 – Early 1991.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #23 – Summer 1991.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #24 – Fall 1991.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #26 – Spring 1992.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #27 – Summer 1992.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #28 – Summer 1992.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #29 – Fall 1992.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #33 – Winter 1993.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog 1993 Annual Clearance Warehouse Sale Boss Catalog #30
    Catalog #34 Backstreet Records Spring 1994 SELECTED-1
    Catalog #35 – Summer 1994.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #36 – Winter 1994.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #37 – Spring 1995.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #38 – Summer 1995.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #39 – Fall 1995.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #40 – Winter 1995.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #41 – Spring 1996.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #42 – Late Spring 1996.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #43 – Winter 1996.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #44 – Spring 1997.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #45 – Summer 1997.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #46 – Winter 1997.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #47 – Spring 1998.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #48 – Summer 1998.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #49 – Winter 1998.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #50 – Spring 1999.  SELECTED-1
    Catalog #51 – Holidays 1999.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog #52 – Summer 2000.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog #53 – Winter 2000.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog #54 – Summer 2001.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog #55 – Winter 2001.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog #58 – Winter 2005-2006.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog Supplements – 1990-1994.  SELECTED-2
    Catalog Supplements – 1995-2001.  SELECTED-2
    9/93 “Guide to the best bootleg CDs.”  SELECTED-2
    3/10 Supersub Hotsheet and price list.  SELECTED-2
    1980 WNEW-FM 102.7 ROCK LIVES Bruce featured in September
    1982 WNEW-FM 102.7 Bruce in September
    1984 Rock Calendar 102.7 WNEW An Explosion of Talent Bruce- Sept.
    1984 Rock & Roll calendar by Sam Leandro. Bruce Springsteen featured in September.
    1986 By Culture Shock (United Kingdom).
    1986 By Mirror Publications (United Kingdom).
    1987 By Mirror Publications (United Kingdom).
    1988 Official calendar, by Pantheon Books.
    1988 By Mirror Publications (United Kingdom).
    1989 Official calendar, by Danilo Promotions (United Kingdom).
    1994 Unknown publisher.
    1995 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    1997 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    1998 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    1999 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    2000 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    2001 By Oliver Books (United Kingdom).
    2002 Unknown publisher.
    2003 Official calendar, by Signature Network.
    2004 Official calendar, by Signature Network.
    2005 By Street Hassle (United Kingdom).
    2006 By Edibas s.r.l.. (Italy).
    2007 Light of Day Just Around the Corner
    2009 Official calendar, by Signature Network.
    2010 Official calendar, by MeadWestvaco.
    2011 Official calendar, by MeadWestvaco.
    2012 Official calendar, by MeadWestvaco.
    2012 By ML Publishing (United Kingdom).
    2013 By ML Publishing (United Kingdom)
    2013 Official calendar, by MeadWestvaco.
    2013 From Rolling Stone (Germany).
    2014 Official calendar, by MeadWestvaco.
    2016 Official calendar, by Mead Westvaco.2016 Monmouth University. November photo shows MU Springsteen photo exhibition. SELECTED-3
    2019 April/May Calendars for Stone Pony and The Wonder Bar
    1985 From She’s the one, in Venice, CA.  SELECTED-4
    12/1985 Mass Bruce List Part Two SELECTED-4
    11/1988 Rockin’ All Over The World Auction SELECTED-4
    5/26/94 Christie’s Pop and Collectable Guitars. See items 403-407). SELECTED-4
    9/18/96 Sotheby’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and Film Memorabilia. Seven Bruce items. SELECTED-4
    1999 Signatures Official Merch Catalog SELECTED-4
    2001 Official merchandise catalog.  SELECTED-4
    2003 Kodak’s Rock X-Posed Exhibit. See Pages 12, 138, 162 and 188.  SELECTED-4
    12/4/03 Lelands’ Americana Auction. Springsteen items on Pages 41-42.  SELECTED-4
    6/04 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll for the auction ending June 29, 2004. Pages 158-173.  SELECTED-5
    12/04 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll Catalog for the auction ending Dec. 14, 2004. Pages 136-138.  SELECTED-5
    6/05 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll Catalog for the auction ending June 28, 2005. Pages 59-81.  SELECTED-5
    12/05 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll Catalog for the auction ending Dec. 16, 2005. Pages 204-206.  SELECTED-5
    6/06 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll Catalog for the auction ending June 24, 2006.  SELECTED-5
    12/06 It’s Only Rock ‘N’Roll Catalog for the auction ending Dec. 16, 2006. Pages 151-152.  SELECTED-5
    7/21/08 Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction catalog. Springsteen items start at Page 69.  SELECTED-6
    7/27/09 Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction catalog. Springsteen items start at Page 65.  SELECTED-6
    3/1/10 Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction catalog. Springsteen items at Pages 46, 69.  SELECTED-6
    9/28-30/10 Hake’s Americana Auction #201. Springsteen items on Pages 413-414.  SELECTED-63/16-25/2011  Gotta have Rock and Roll auction catalog. Bruce Springsteen’s first car, 57 Chevy convertible. SELECTED-6
  • CENSUS (Springsteen family)  SELECTED-6
    1940 Census – Bruce’s father and grandparents in Freehold.
    Undated Menu with a Springsteen sandwich. He performed there in 1973.
    1985 Three page biography and 8X10 photo, in support of the Hero album.
    1995 Two page biography and a black and white glossy photo.
    Undated 48-page guide to rare records.
    Undated Guide 3, continues the rating of bootleg records.
    1985 – The Bruce Springsteen Bootleg Bible
    1993 – Audio/Video list.
    1994 – Street Legal’s video list.
    1994 – Audio list.
    1973 Bruce Springsteen Fact Sheet.  SELECTED-7
    1975 Three-and-a-half page biography of Bruce Springsteen.  SELECTED-7
    9/75 Advance album promo art sheet for Born to Run.  SELECTED-7
    1978 CBS Biography sheet, with hilarious errors.  SELECTED-7
    5/78 Advance album promo art sheet for Darkness on the Edge of Town.  SELECTED-7
    10/25/78 Press release announcing North American dates on the Darkness tour.  SELECTED-7
    10/10/80 CBS announcement of new releases, including The River.  SELECTED-7
    3/81 Revised album promo art sheet for Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.  SELECTED-7
    3/81 Revised album promo art sheet for The River.  SELECTED-7
    10/15/82 Nebraska advertisement in CBS promotion of new releases.  SELECTED-7
    8/12/87  Announcement of the Tunnel of Love release date. SELECTED-7
    1/24/92 Announcement of the simultaneous release of Human Touch and Lucky Town.  SELECTED-7
    10/98 Four-page Italian promotion for Tracks.  SELECTED-7
    1999 “Rendezvous,” a 60-page, France-only promotional booklet for Tracks.  SELECTED-7
    2010 Double sized display for The Promise.  SELECTED-8
    2003 Virginia-based writer tells of life and death of a Springsteen fan.
    2/4/74 For the March 3, 1974 concert at Georgetown University.
    Undated Partial list of Springsteen charitable donations (through 1/7/04).
    4/21/08 Bruce Springsteen’s eulogy at Danny Federici’s funeral in Red Bank, NJ.
    6/29/11 Bruce Springsteen’s eulogy for Clarence Clemons.
    1995 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame And Museum.  SELECTED-8
    9/02 “Springsteen: Troubadour of the Highway” at Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis.  SELECTED-9
    11/06 Snap Galleries brochure for Eric Meola’s “Bruce Springsteen Born To Run.” SELECTED-5
    9/29/07 For Frank Stefanko’s “The Swamps of Jersey” at Snap Galleries, Birmingham, UK.  SELECTED-9
    2010 For “From Asbury Park to the Promised Land” at the Rock Hall museum. SELECTED-9
    8/3/10 For Eric Meola’s “Darkness Visible” exhibition at Snap Galleries, London.  SELECTED-9
    1999 Summer Liner Notes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Official Pub Iss1Vol6 2018.187.845 SELECTED-9
    9/98 Official Rock And Roll Hall of Fame fact sheet on Bruce Springsteen, other 1999 nominees.
    July 2009 Three guides to Les Vieilles Charrues.
    12/14/73 Pinecrest Country Club Shelton Conn. Flier for shows SELECTED-9
    Fall 1978 Double sided flier from Philadelphia radio station WMMR 93.3.  SELECTED-9
    4/16/79 For NYC radio station WPLJ’s April Rockfest.  SELECTED-9
    1980 Japanese flier for the No Nukes motion picture.  SELECTED-9
    1986 For “Lady Beth: The Steelworkers’ Play,” which incorporated “My Hometown”.  SELECTED-9
    1987 For the Asbury Park Rock ‘N’ Roll Museum at Palace Amusements.  SELECTED-9
    9/90 Two fliers for the 1st annual For True Rockers Only convention.  SELECTED-9
    11/90 For the Christic Institute Benefit Concerts in Los Angeles.  SELECTED-9
    6/24/93 Handed out at A Concert to Fight Hunger in East Rutherford.  SELECTED-9
    6/26/93 Distributed at A Concert for the Kristen Ann Carr Fund.  SELECTED-9
    4/95 For the Rainforest Foundation benefit, acknowledging major supporters.  SELECTED-9
    7/99 New York City Radio Q104.3 flier for the 15 Meadowland shows.  SELECTED-10
    4/17/00 Handbill for the Reunion Tour concert in Austin, TX.  SELECTED-10
    7/02 Asbury Park Press flier for “Six Days of BRU-U-U-UCE.”  SELECTED-8
    8/7/02 Flier from WPLJ radio and The Star-Ledger for East Rutherford (8/7/02).  SELECTED-8
    8/12/02 Flier for the Aug. 12, 2002 show at Madison Square Garden, issued by WPLJ.  SELECTED-10
    9/22/02 For “Springsteen: Troubadour of the Highway” in Minneapolis.  SELECTED-10
    Smr/03 Star-Ledger flier for 10 dates at Giants Stadium.  SELECTED-10
    11/1-2/03 Names, and thanks, supporters of the 4th annual Light of Day concerts.  SELECTED-10
    6-8/04 “Troubadour of the Highway” exhibit at The Newark Museum.  SELECTED-10
    6-8/04 The Newark Museum Members’ Quarterly featuring the Troubadour exhibit.  SELECTED-10
    6/15/04 Meet Patti Scialfa, Tower Records, New York City, NY.  SELECTED-10
    5/19/05 “Rules” for a Devils & Dust concert.  SELECTED-10
    4/06 Flier announced the release of We Shall Overcome, The Seeger Sessions.  SELECTED-10
    Fall 2007 For Sirius Radio’s channel dedicated to Springsteen.  SELECTED-10
    11/15/07 Supplemental Food Providers Inc. flier, handed out at concert in Albany.  SELECTED-10
    6/08 Distributed by French radio station RTL2 prior to the Magic show in Paris.  SELECTED-10
    2009 Undated flier for Austria’s Radio Wien.  SELECTED-10
    7/09 Two-sided, promoting Ermanno Labianca’s latest Springsteen books.  SELECTED-10
    8/1/09 Cafe flier from Valladolid, Spain.  SELECTED-10
    9/09 For the “Be True” auction and Asbury Park exhibit of Danny Clinch photographs.  SELECTED-10
    9/24-26/09 For “The Sounds of Asbury” at The Stone Pony.  SELECTED-10
    9/30/09 Ticketmaster flier for three Giants Stadium shows.  SELECTED-10
    10/23/09 For a Clarence Clemons book signing in Bridgewater, NJ.  SELECTED-10
    11/20/09 Baltimore Loves Bruce! SELECTED-10
    2010 Fliers, ticket, exhibit guide for “From Asbury Park to the Promised Land.” SELECTED-10
    1/10 Wonder Bar (Asbury Park) flier includes Light of Day show.  SELECTED-10
    2010 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Exhibit Guide.  SELECTED-10
    6/10 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Member Appreciation Day.  SELECTED-10
    6/10 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame “Springsteen Scavenger Hunt.”  SELECTED-10
    6/10 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame “Springsteen Celebration Weekend Schedule.”  SELECTED-10
    6/10 Joan Dancy & PALS, with a thank you to Max Weinberg.  SELECTED-10
    1/11 Wonder Bar and Showroom fliers include Light of Day events.  SELECTED-10
    4/2/11 Flier, ticket for Clarence Clemons’ film at the Garden State Film Festival. SELECTED-10
    4/7/11 For the premiere screening of Jerseyboy Hero.  SELECTED-10
    11/19/11 For Frank Stefanko’s presentation in Point Pleasant, NJ.  SELECTED-10
    12/11 Bank Austria features Bruce on a mailer.  SELECTED-10
    2012  “Is There Anybody Alive Out There?” film project.  SELECTED-10
    2/17/12 Philadelphia hosts Hall of Fame exhibit.  SELECTED-10
    3/12 SiriusXM, promoting E Street Radio.  SELECTED-10
    1/12 SXSW January Update.  SELECTED-10
    2/12 SXSW February Update.  SELECTED-10
    3/12 SXSW March Update, opens to commemorative poster.  SELECTED-10
    Also see SCRIBD.COM – Internet Articles
    1989-2011  The Foundation, including Articles of Incorporation and Amendment, and IRS forms 990-PF   (private foundation) for the years 1989-1993, 1997, and 1999-2011.
    1987-2011 Thrill Hill Foundation, including Articles of Incorporation and IRS forms 990-PF (private foundation) for the years 1989-2011.
    6/28/47 Bruce’s father listed in World War II honor roll.  Page 62.
    4/6/06 Program for the 1st Inaugural Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Page 16.
    6/19/67 Program for the class of ’67 graduation exercises (photocopy).
    4/6/06 Text of Bruce’s acceptance into the Freehold Regional HS Hall of Fame.
    11/5/79 By Joe DePugh, an elementary school classmate of Bruce Springsteen.
    Elvis Presley’s Graceland. The story of Bruce jumping the fence at Graceland. Page 29. SELECTED-10
    Summer 2003 Cranbrook Art Museum Gallery Guide SELECTED-10
    11/3/74 Bruce Springsteen interviewed by legendary disc jockey Ed Sciaky.  SELECTED-11
    11/95 Bruce Springsteen’s interview with Bob Costas for the Columbia Radio Hour.  SELECTED-11
    2/10/13 Grammy Awards, with a Springsteen interview.  Page 171.  SELECTED-13
    4/5/92 Bill Clinton New York fundraiser, featuring Clarence Clemons.
    4/29/14 “A Photographic Journey” 1st Anniversary Celebration, Woody Guthrie Center.
    undated “Hullabaloo Stationary, Asbury Park 1970’s” (photocopy)
    1975 Bruce Springsteen’s “Dear Landlordess” letter to Marilyn Boyd (photocopy).
    8/1/75 LaurelCanyon to Bruce’s landlord (photocopy).
    10/25/76 “hand signed letter from Steve Van Zandt included w promo LP in1976”
    6/84 Bruce Springsteen’s letter to 8th grader Andrée Rathemacher.
    11/86 WXRK, to winners of Live 1975-’85 at Palace Amusements regarding recording flaw.
    2010 Bruce’s “good luck” note to Italian author Stefano Pecoraio.
    3/12/02 Rumson Country Day School letter, with details of the private April concerts at The Stone Pony.
    7/30/03 Email Special Presale for BS at Comerica Park to Cindy Wolfe SELECTED-11
    1985 Extensive listing (with some comments but no ratings) of bootleg albums.
    2007 Camera shooting scripts for Darkness on the Edge of Town shows.
    2007 Various rehearsal and tour schedules, with notes.
    2007 Emails, backstage signs, other pre-tour documents.
    2003 Monmouth County Music Heritage Map and Guide: Musical Snapshot 1970-2003.
    Undated Asbury Park Historical Society’s Walk-Bike Guide.
    2015 A Mini-Tour Book of Bruce in Freehold by the Freehold Public Library. SELECTED-11
    9/87 Tunnel of Love fact sheet.
    4/1/02 Featuring places highlighted in Springsteen’s music. By Maggie Powell.
    3/7/1975 Promotional Rolling Papers for Greetings From Asbury Park and Wild & Innocent. SELECTED 11
    2013 Musician Paul Daniel Thomas recalls the Franklin, MA., show (9/6/73).
    9/23/13 A Special Birthday Celebration Birthday Card for Bruce; Assorted Photos. SELECTED-13A
    2015 Preliminary Architectural Study of New Archive Building by Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture  SELECTED-11
    5 random Fan Photos (Patrick Horbac) circa 1980’s  2019.152.5 SELECTED-11
    7/30/02 The Today Show worksheets for Asbury Park Beach Party and Convention Hall.
    1975 2 pages handed out to radio disc jockeys by CBS, promoting Born to Run.
    3/96 American Federation of Musicians. Says Bruce joined in 1972.
    Wtr/07-08 Monmouth County SPCA. Full page on the Weinberg’s benefit. Page 5.
    Spr/09 Photographers Against Hunger benefits the FoodBank of NJ.  Page 3.
    Wtr/09 Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Cover story on the “We Can’t Let This Bank Fail” campaign.
    SPR/12 Food Bank gets tickets, auctions them for $13,900.  Page 6.
    Fall 2017 Asbury Park Historical Society “Springsteen Collection is a go-to resource, for All Things Bruce and more” Page 3
    1985 (circa) Hemmets Journal (Sweden) Born in the USA Bruce.  SELECTED-11
    1993 Bruce Springsteen included in a Loraine Burdick (Sweden) booklet of paper dolls.
    2000 “Dress The Boss kit” from Philadelphia radio station WMGK 102.9 FM.
  • PRESS KIT                                                                                      1987 Little Steven Press Kit, Freedom No Compromise SELECTED-6
    The Asbury Park Rock N Roll Museum Press Kit SELECTED-6
    The Asbury Park Music + Film Festival (including 2 folders 2 letters, 3 VIP Passes, 2 APMFF official programs) SELECTED-6
    12/72 William Morris Agency, promoting the release of Greetings.
    2/10/77 CBS: “Springsteen Tour Begins in Albany Before Capacity Crowd.”
    12/79 Elektra/Asylum Records releases for the No Nukes album.
    1989  Pamela Springsteen biography, from Fries Entertainment Inc.
    1/94 Rhino Records announces Max Weinberg’s work on “Let There Be Drums, Vols. 1-3.”
    11/19/96 Shore Fire: Bruce Springsteen sets additional New Jersey Concerts at Paramount in Asbury Park 11/25 & 11/26.
    1/14/98 FPI Concerts. Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Benefit Concert is Confirmed. 1/31/98 Count Basie for Sgt Patrick King.
    3/27/98 Bay Street Theatre Stage to be named for Elaine Steinbeck in an all star salute.
    12/9/98 Shore Fire: Bruce planning Worldwide tour with the E Street Band to Begin Summer 1999.
    5/18/99 Continental Airlines Arena News Release. Shows July 15,18,20,24,and 26 @ 7:30pm On Sale May 22nd at 9am.
    9/7/99 Shore Fire: Announce New Tour Dates. World Tour July 1999- November 1999.
    12/12/00 Bruce Springsteen sets Holiday Benefit Concerts with The Max Weinberg 7 & Friends.
    2/26/01 Shore Fire: previews the release of Live in New York City.
    3/19/01 Shore Fire: promoting the HBO concert broadcast.
    4/2/01 Shore Fire: summary of critical reaction to Live in New York City.
    4/10/01 Shore Fire: “Critical Acclaim Grows” for Live in New York City.
    4/11/01 Shore Fire: Live in New York City debuts at #5 on Billboard list.
    5/15/02 Shore Fire: Statement regarding the “Draft Bruce” movement in New Jersey.
    7/10/02 Radio City Entertainment Concert News  MSG One Night Only Monday August 12, 2002
    8/7/02 Shore Fire: “Devils & Dust To Debut At #1 on Billboard 200.”
    12/17/03 Shore Fire: Statement from Bruce Springsteen regarding John Mulheren.
    10/07 Proud Galleries (London) announces “Bruce Springsteen, The Boss Revealed” exhibit.
    11/21/07 Shore Fire: Danny Federici taking a leave of absence from the E Street Band.
    6/16/08 Shore Fire: “Bruce Springsteen Statement On Tim Russert.”
    7/2/08 Shore Fire: “Statement About Madam Marie.”
    12/23/08 Shore Fire: Bruce Springsteen message on writing Working On A Dream.
    5/27/09 “Attorney General Milgram Files Suit in Response to Deceptive (Ticket) Sales….”
    4/7/10 Shore Fire: “Alejandro Escovedo Delivers Street Songs Of Love.” Bruce Springsteen guests.
    4/20/10 Shore Fire Media announces London Calling: Live in Hyde Park concert DVD.
    5/23/10 Magic Rat Books: “How Bruce Springsteen Stole Irish Hearts.”
    11/3/10 Bob Woodruff Foundation: Benefit performance to be transmitted to troops. (10/29/2010 Press Release)
    2/15/12 “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land” press kit.
    7/9/12 Bruce invited to explore his Irish roots.
    1983 For collectibles offered by author Chuck Yopp.
    1985 Jerry Ohlinger’s Movie Material Store, New York City.
    1/98 For 47 items offered by Billy Smith’s Walls of Fame.
    2009 For an auction of Danny Clinch’s Bruce Springsteen photos.
    12/5/13 Sotheby’s Born to Run Manuscript Listing and Catalogue Notes.
    10/2/07 Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell declares “Bruce Springsteen Day in Connecticut.”
    4/11 State of New Jersey resolution honoring 60th anniversary of Freehold Little League.
    4/8/11 Borough of Freehold, NJ resolution honoring 60th anniversary of Freehold Little League.
    11/11-12/12 “Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band Days” in St. Paul, MN.
    6/13/13 Resolution Designating January 11th as “Clarence Clemons Day” in NJ. SELECTED-12
    July 10-21 1963 Tournament of All Stars program.  SELECTED-12
    July 11 – August 1, 1964 Tournament of All Stars program.  SELECTED-12
    July 6-16, 1965 Tournament of All Stars program.  SELECTED-12
    9/15/77 3rd Annual Rock Music Awards; Bruce best composer. Pages 17, 24.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    9/78 For the Capitol Theatre shows.  SELECTED-12
    9/19-23/79 MUSE Concerts at Madison Square Garden.  SELECTED-12
    SPR/SMR, 1986 “Soundcheck” Program, Clubs: The Best in Town. SELECTED-12
    12/20-21/1986 Japan Aid, The Concert for the University for Peace, Jungu Stadium. SELECTED-12
    Sept 1988-Oct 1988 Human Rights Now! Tour program SELECTED-12
    11/16-17/90 The Christic Institute benefit concerts in Los Angeles.  SELECTED-12
    6/24/93 Concert To Fight Hunger.  SELECTED-12
    4/95 Stagebill for the Rainforest benefit (4/12/95) at Carnegie Hall, NYC.  SELECTED-12
    3/3-9/96 Scanner-TV Guide Reviews Documentary Blood Brothers. SELECTED-12
    4/4/98 “Celabrating Elaine Steinbeck” program (Bruce performed) SELECTED-12
    1999 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Scrapbook.” SELECTED-12
    3/15/99 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including Bruce Springsteen’s induction.  SELECTED-12
    5-6/00 “On Stage” Radio City; Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Page 6. SELECTED-12
    10/18-19/01 Alliance of Neighbors concerts.  SELECTED-12
    12/8/01 Dedication of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection.  SELECTED-13
    2/23/03 45th annual Grammys awards. Pages 37, 47, 107.  SELECTED-13
    7/15/03 Summer Tour 2003 Program Book including 4 ticket stubs attached from 4 different shows 2020.4 SELECTED-13
    11/5-7/04 Light of Day program for the 5th annual concerts.  SELECTED-13
    11/5-7/05 Light of Day program for the 6th annual concert.    SELECTED-13
    8/20-21/05 Clearwater Festival performers include Soozie Tyrell.  SELECTED-13
    Fall 2005 Playbill for “Anytown, Stories of America.” Pages 13, 18. SELECTED-13
    12/1-3/06 Light of Day program, 7th year.  SELECTED-13
    12/9/06 “The Creators of S.O.A.P. in Concert” in Asbury Park.  SELECTED-13
    2/11/07 49th annual Grammy Awards Ceremonies. Pages 64, 78, 131.  SELECTED- 13
    4/07 “The Music Of Bruce Springsteen” at Carnegie Hall, NYC.  SELECTED-13
    4/12/08 Community FoodBank of NJ, thanking Bruce for his donation. SELECTED-13
    5/3/08 A Night to Remember- The Kristen Ann Carr Fund SELECTED-13
    5/2008 NJ PAC, with insert for the May 4, 2008 N.J. Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  SELECTED-13
    5/2008 Count Basie Theatre “Showtime” with insert for the May 7, 2008 benefit. SELECTED-13
    4/18/09 15th anniversary Kristen Ann Carr Fund program.  SELECTED-13
    10/29/09 25th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert at Madison Square Garden.  SELECTED-13
    12/6/09 Kennedy Center Honors.  SELECTED-13
    2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit “From Asbury Park To The Promised Land.”  SELECTED-13
    1/15/-17/10 10th annual Light of Day concerts.  SELECTED-13
    3/13/10 Trinity Episcopal’s bulletin for the Springsteen Eucharist, Portland, OR.  SELECTED-13
    4/24/10 Hilarious Bruce drawing in KACF program, Page 10.  SELECTED-13
    11/3/10 Bob Woodruff Foundation Stand Up For Heroes benefit.  SELECTED-13A
    1/13/-15/11 11th annual Light of Day concerts.  SELECTED-13
    4/11 Red Bank Tip Sheet includes a brief preview of the Jerseyboy Hero movie. SELECTED-13
    8/19/11 Celebration of the Life of Clarence Clemons. SELECTED-13
    2012; ICONS: Hard Rock Café, Niagara Falls, CA. Bruce photo.  SELECTED -12
    1/11-15/12 Program for the 12th Light of Day concert series.  SELECTED-13
    Spring 2012 Philadelphia exhibit from the Rock Hall.  SELECTED-8
    4/21/12 KACF, with Springsteen drawing at Page 11.  SELECTED-13
    5/26-28/12  For the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf (NL).  SELECTED-13
    2011-2012 Nils Lofgren preview in Monmouth University program.  SELECTED-13.A
    9/14-16/12  For the 3rd Springsteen Symposium, at Monmouth University.  SELECTED-13.A
    10/16/12 Little Kids Rock benefit, honoring Steven Van Zandt.  SELECTED-13.A
    12/23/12 The Hope Concert VI, Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ.  SELECTED-13-A
    2/10/13 55th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremonies. Pages 170-188  SELECTED-13
    4-5/13 Playbill for The Rascals, Once Upon A Dream.  SELECTED-13.A
    4/20/13 KACF with Springsteen drawing at PAGE 19.  SELECTED-13.A
    9/23/13 A Special Birthday Celebration Springsteen & I at Monmouth University (NJ)  SELECTED-13.A
    4/5/14 KACF “Night to Remember” at Tribeca Grill, NY.  SELECTED-13.A
    8/22/14 Count Basie Theatre Vanguard Award-Maureen & Steven Van Zandt. SELECTED-13
    9/20/2014 50 Years of Makin’ This Guitar Talk-Thom Zim 13A
    11/5/14 Bob Woodruff Foundation Stand Up For Heroes Benefit. SELECTED-13A
    1/9-19/15 Light of Day Program for Year 15.  SELECTED-13
    4/9/16 KACF “Night to Remember” at Tribeca Grill, NY. SELECTED-13.A
    4/22/2017 ASbury Park Music & Film Festival program including hand written set list for Paramount Theatre perf 4/22 with Springsteen,Van Zandt, et. al SELECTED-13A
    2017 Asbury Park Music and Film Festival SELECTED-13.A
    4/17,  Asbury Park Music and Film Festival 2017.  SELECTED-13A
    10/ 16-21/2017 Irish Language Literature Festival IMRAM program (3)SELECTED-13A
    10/12/17 Opening Night Playbill “Springsteen on Broadway” (2 copies) SELECTED-13A
    10/2017 PLAYBILL “Springsteen on Broadway” (2 copies) SELECTED-13A
    4/21/18 Kristen Ann Carr Fund A Night To Remember Tribeca Grill 25 years 1993-2018 SELECTED-13A
    2009-2018 New Jersey Hall of Fame A  Ten Year Photographic Journey by Gary Gellman SELECTED-13A
    1/5-15/18 Light of Day Programs (4) Year 18 SELECTED-13A
    4/14/18 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 33rd Annual Induction Ceremony Program SELECTED-13A
    4/12-15/18 Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town an International Symposium program (3) SELECTED-13A
    5/6/18 New Jersey Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary Red Carpet Induction Ceremony Programs (3) SELECTED-13A
    6/2018 PLAYBILL “Springsteen on Broadway” SELECTED-13A
    6/2018 PLAYBILL “Springsteen on Broadway” (2 copies) SELECTED-13A
    6/28/18 Asbury Park African American Music Heritage Project SELECTED-13A
    7/2018 PLAYBILL “Springsteen on Broadway” SELECTED-13A
    10/13/18 Asbury Underground Festival Program SELECTED-13A
    4/13/19 The Kristen Ann Carr Fund “A Night to Remember” Honoring Danny Clinch SELECTED-13A
    4/25/19 APMFF 5th Annual 3 copies of program for weekend SELECTED-13A
    1978 Two-sided biographical card.
    16 page newspaper type, includes stories about Asbury and Festival. SELECTED-13A
    10/15/00 Rev. John Mueller: “Saints and Sinners.”
    4/6/08 Pastor Morris Brown: “The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart.”
    4/13/08 Pastor Mike Moran: “The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen: Brilliant Disguise.”
    4/20/08 Pastor Morris Brown: “The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen:” My City of Ruins.””
    4/27/08 Pastor Morris Brown: “The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen: Devils & Dust.”
    6/27/09 Handwritten Setlist for Glastonbury, UK.
    10/11/17 Setlist from IMRAM Springsteen Tribute Band lyrics translated to Gaelic
    1972 “Blinded By The Light.”
    1975 “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out.”
    1976 “Blinded By The Light”. (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)
    1978 “Prove It All Night.”
    1979 “Hungry Heart.”
    1980 “Fade Away.”
    1981 “This Little Girl.”
    1984 “Born In The U.S.A.”
    1984 “Cover Me.”
    1984 “Dancing In The Dark.”
    1984 “Glory Days.”
    1984 “I’m Goin’ Down.”
    1984 “I’m On Fire.”
    1984 “My Hometown.”
    1986 “War.”
    1987 “Brilliant Disguise.”
    1987 “Tunnel of Love.”
    1992 “Better Days.”
    1992 “Human Touch.”
    1992 “If I Should Fall Behind.”
    1992 “Leap Of Faith.”
    1993 “Streets of Philadelphia.”
    1995 “Secret Garden.”
    2002 “The Rising.”
    2005 “Devils & Dust.”
    2007 “Radio Nowhere.”
    2008 “The Wrestler.”
    2008 “Working On A Dream.”
    1/92 Marketing plan for Human Touch/Lucky Town.
    3/92 Promotional pamphlet (in Japanese) for Human Touch/Lucky Town.
    2002 Thirty-six page pamphlet (in Japanese) promoting The Rising.
    2003 Promotional sheet (in Japanese) for The Essential Bruce Springsteen.
    2005 Japanese flier for the 30th anniversary edition of Born to Run.
    2009 Lyrics booklet for Bruce Springsteen’s Working on a Dream.
    2007 Lyrics booklet for Patti Scialfa’s Play It As It Lays.
    2007 Lyrics booklet for Bruce Springsteen’s Magic.
    2/14/96 Vice President Al Gore invokes “Dancin’ In The Dark” in technology speech.
    3/15/99 Bruce Springsteen’s acceptance speech, Rock And Roll Hall of Fame (3/15/99).
    3/15/04 Springsteen speech, inducting Jackson Browne into the Rock Hall of Fame (3/15/04).
    10/28/04 Springsteen comments at the Kerry for President rally in Madison (10/28/04).
    3/14/05 Springsteen introduction of U2 into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.
    4/6/06 Text of Bruce’s acceptance speech, first Freehold High School Hall of Fame ceremony.
    5/4/08 Bruce Springsteen’s acceptance speech at the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
    10/5/08 Springsteen comments at the Obama for President rally in Philadelphia (10/5/08).
    11/2/08 Springsteen comments at the Obama for President rally in Cleveland (11/2/08).
    6/12/13 Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger on rock and economics.
    7/9/09 11 directional backstage signs from Frankfurt, Germany.
    April-June, 1981; The River Tour Itinerary Booklet showing dates, hotels, venues, etc.
    10-11/84 BITUSA staff itinerary booklet, showing dates, hotels, venues etc.
    October – December, 1980 River Tour Notebook with E Street day-to-day details.
    April – June 1981 River Tour Notebook with E Street day-to-day details.
    March/April 1984 Born in the USA Tour Notebook – Australia (including points of interest in Brisbane)
    July/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov 1984; Born in the USA Tour Notebook with day-to-day details.
    December 1984 Born in the USA Tour Notebook with day to day details
    March/April, 1985 Born in the USA Tour Notebook with day-to-day details
    Jan, June/July, 1985; Born in the USA Tour Notebook with day-to-day details.
    June 4-9, 1985 Born in the USA  Ullevi-Gothenburg Mini itinerary
    August-October, 1985 Born in the USA Tour Notebook with day-to-day details. (2 copies)
    February-April, 1988  Tunnel of Love Express Tour Notebook with day-to-day details.
    April/May, 1988 Tunnel of Love Express Tour Notebook with day-to-day details.
    September/October 2002 notebook, containing day-to-day details.
    4/08 “Mercy of Life.” Bruce Springsteen’s kindness to Claude Rossini, told by Erin Kalbarczyk.
    6/14/08 Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to Tim Russert.
    7/2/08 Bruce Springsteen remembers Madame Marie.
    2/8/13 Bruce Springsteen, MusiCares Person of The Year Tribute Journal.

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