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    3/10/20 “Rock ‘n’ roll music exhibit opens at George H.W. Bush Library” -52
    5/1/05 “Springsteen holds Glendale Arena in thrall” reviews Phoenix, AZ (4/30/05).
    6/5/06 “Boss treats faithful to reinvented folk rock” reviews Phoenix, AZ (6/3/06).
    3/22/06 Bruce’s 1957 Chevy was up for auction: $100,000.00 asking price.
    3/9/12 “Les Boss occupe Wall Street.”
    2/25/21 “Bruce Springsteen fined $540 for drinking tequila in New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area” -63
    8/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen praises Lana Del Rey as the best songwriter around”-57
    10/26/04 “Pressing issues: Political ‘Boss’ Rocks the Vote.”
    6/23/06 “Springsteen Mocks Ann Coulter, TV Pundits.”
    10/1/07 “El diccionario de Bruce Springsteen.”
    10/3/07 “Magic: cancion a cancion. Bruce revisitando al mejor Springsteen.”
    Also see EKSTRA BLADET (Denmark) – Newspaper Articles
    6/30/08 “Springsteen spaendt til bristepunktet” reviews Copenhagen (DK) (6/29/08).
    2/28/12 Three stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball.
    7/8/12 Reviews Roskilde, (DK) (7/7/12).
    5/16/12 Reviews the first ever Canary Islands show (ES) 5/15/12).
    9/21/18 “Han Solo’s Backstory Was Inspired By Bruce Springsteen, According to This ‘Solo’ Writer” – 34
    11/27/18 “Netflix’s ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ will make you start Dancing in the Dark”-36
    10/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen took just four days to record a new album” -59
    3/17/21 “Nick Jonas wants to play Bruce Springsteen in a movie” -64
    9/1/03 The Night Bruce Springsteen Jumped the Fence at Graceland
    12/6/02 “Bruce and company shake Philips Arena” reviews Atlanta, GA (12/2/02).
    2/3/14 Reviews Johannesburg, ZA “The Boss is Reborn in the RSA.”
    Also see THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRERNewspaper Articles
    8/7/02 “Festival seating back for Springsteen concert” in Cincinnati, OH.
    1/27/14 “The Boss Wows with First Show-Reviews Cape Town (ZA).” (1/26/14).
    10/12/07 Reviews Magic: “musicianship is predictably tight.”
    5/18/06 Three and a half stars for We Shall Overcome.
    8/99 Steve Pond reviews the 15 Reunion Tour concerts at The Meadowlands.
    8/99 “50 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Jersey’s Favorite Son.”
    1/17/02 “The Boss Goes Broadway?!?”
    4/25/06 Rave review of We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.
    11/28/18 “Netflix debuts trailer for Springsteen on Broadway” -36
    1/23/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s son sam sworn in as a New Jersey firefighter, says ‘it won’t be easy'” -50
    10/18/17 “10 of the best Bruce Springsteen landmarks in New Jersey”
    6/23/11 “Deconstructing the Cover of Born to Run.”
    6/19/11 Ermanno Labianca: “Clarence ‘Big Man’ Clemons: The Edge of Glory.”
    2002 Who’s The Boss, Springsteen or Steinbrenner?
    5/23/05 “The Boss’ tribute to boxing” praises The Hitter.
    6/16/07 Springsteen inspires Arizona State baseball coach.
    6/5/12 Vini Lopez to caddy in the US Open for golfer Mark McCormick.
    11/14/07 “Springsteen volta a tocar rock.”
    10/14/16 “Bruce Springsteen on How Bob Dylan’s Work ‘Pointed True North’ in the Wilderness of America”
    11/6/16 “Hillary Hopes to Rock the Vote with Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi”
    11/27/18 “Beneath the Surface of Bruce Springsteen”-36
    6/9/20 “Bruce Springsteen is an excellent radio D.J. And it’s not just his playlist”-55
    1/21/21 “Bruce Springsteen made the eternal case for the peacoat at his inauguration concert performance” -62
    1/21/21″Bruce Springsteen’s inauguration concert performance offered a much needed moment of somber” -62
    10/19/19 “Bruce Springsteen makes surprise appearance at ‘Western Stars’ premiere” -47
    6/7/20 “Bruce Springsteen class U.S. government response to pandemic ‘A National Disgrace,’ tells Trump to ‘put on a f**king mask'” -55
    10/5/07 “grandMA and Bruce Springsteen Make Music Together.”
    8/20/02 “The Boss: One on One with MTV.”
    2/96 “Bruce Springsteen Records & Mixes New Album With Euphonix.”
  • 10//2/18 “Bruce Springsteen and Hard Rock International collaborate on New Signature: Edition 36 Merchandise Collection” -35
    7/15/09 “Boss is back and baby he was born to run” reviews Glasgow (UK)(7/14/09).
    Also see ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Magazines
    10/07 Interview with Jon Landau.
    10/07 Interview with Brendan O’Brien.
    1/21/09 Entertainment Weekly gives Working on a Dream an A. Some fans agree, many disagree.
    4/28/09 “Tom Hanks Tribute: Roasting ‘The Legend Next Door” reviews NY, NY (4/27/09).
    6/14/09 “Bonnaroo ’09 Saturday: Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!” reviews Manchester, TN.
    Wrecking Ball “sounds like a cross section of America.”
    1/8/14 “HIGH HOPES Bruce Springsteen EW’s Grade=B.”
    9/27/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run review roundup: What critics re saying”-10
    10/8/16 “Bruce Springsteen rails against Trump at New Yorker Fest”
    10/18/16 “Bruce Springsteen slams Donald Trump: ‘He’s such a flagrant, toxic, narcissist”
    10/20/16 “Bruce Springsteen wrote a song for Harry Potter that was never used”
    11/3/16 “From Bruce Springsteen to Patti Smith: Why rock memoirs rule”
    11/6/16 “Hillary Clinton: Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen to perform at final rally”
    12/24/16 “Bruce Springsteen releases live album of Clarence Clemons’ final performance”
    1/2/2017 “Bruce Springsteen questions Donald Trump’s competence”
    10/12/17 “Bruce Springsteen is hilarious, heartbreaking and political in his Broadway debut: EW review”
    6/11/19 “Bruce Springsteen transforms the enormous into the intimate on Western Stars: EW Review” -43
    8/7/20 “Friday five: Bon Iver collaborates with Bruce Springsteen, 2 Chainz shouts out HBCU’S and more” -57
    9/19/20 “Emmys flashback: Jimmy Fallon remembers opening show with ‘Born To Run’ 10 years ago” -58
    9/24/20 Bruce Springsteen drops powerful, rocking new single ‘Ghosts’ from upcoming album11/3/20 “Bruce Springsteen reminds us why he’s the Boss, becomes first artist with a top 5 album in six decades” -60
    1/21/14 “In Tune- The Boss’s Booty”
    2/2/14 “Springsteen Rocks Jozi”
    8/3/10 “Silvert’s Farewell.” Freehold furniture store, across from the Springsteen home, closes.
    12/1/09 “Bruce Springsteen to receive one of the highest honors in this American land.”
    3/3/12 San Diego reviewer gives Wrecking Ball a D-.
    9/8/12 “Springsteen rocks at Wrigley Field” in Chicago, IL (9/7/12).
    7/20/13 Four stars (out of a possible 5) for the Springsteen & I documentary.
    11/5/13 “The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle Turns 40”
    3/8/14 “Grammy Winner Nile Rodgers Honors Steven Van Zant at ‘We Are Family’ Gala”.
    9/30/14 Director Thom Zimny Gives a Peek Into Springsteen’s Video Vault.
    6/27/20 “Looking back at Bruce Springsteen’s two epic shows at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane” -55
    12/11/12 “Bruce Springsteen manda en el Palacio” reviews Mexico City (MX)(12/10/12).
    6/18/15 Darlene Love Gets Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello for New Album.
    9/13/19 “TIFF Review: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Western Stars’ Doc offers beautiful music and corny cowboy schmaltz directed by Thom Zimny and Bruce Springsteen”-46
    6//17/20 “Bruce Springsteen calls Donald Trump’s COVID-19 response “a national disgrace”” -55
    10/26/20 “Bruce Springsteen can’t stop listening to Lana Del Rey’s “Norman Fucking Rockwell'” -59
    6/27/20 “Bruce Springsteen set for rare reunion in radio show amid Glastonbury Experience Live” -55
    Also see EXPRESEN (Sweden)- Newspaper Articles
    10/31/06 “Han ar en magiker” reviews Stockholm (SE) (10/30/06).
    6/3/09 “Bossens gitarrist spelar for sina svenska kusiner.”
    6/4/09 “Det ar publiken som lyfter Bruce.”
    6/4/09 “Sa laddade ‘Bossen’ for festen I kvall.”
    6/5/09 “Succe, Bruce.”
    6/5/09 “Bossen ar stor.”
    6/5/09 “Ni svenskar lyfter mig.”
    6/6/09 “Till slut lyfter det.”
    3/2/12 Four stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball.
    6/22/11 Michael Muckian: “Remembering rock’s greatest saxophonist.”
    6/19/13 Great show, awful sound. Glasgow (UK) (6/18/13).
    10/7/13 Pete Chianca’s review of Bruce Springsteen in Focus 1980-2012
    5/8/09 “Bruce Springsteen @ Air Canada Centre” reviews Toronto (CA) (5/7/09).
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      5/13/11 “Origin of Dr. Zoom and the Sonic Boom” from Tinker West.
      5/14/11 “The First Ever Upstage Jam Band” from Albee Tellone.
      5/14/11 “The Story of ‘Albany Al'” from Albee Tellone.
      12/2/12 One woman’s story of her time on stage.
      2/09 Conservative cartoonist knocks Bruce Springsteen.
      Undated extensive interview with Mike Appel.
      12/16/18 “Springsteen on Broadway could earn Bruce Springsteen an Emmy, but there are far more exiting ways for the Boss to EGOT”-37
      7/9/19 “The Boss busking: Look back at Boss Springsteen performing on the streets of Copenhagen, 1988” -44
      7/17/19 “Watch Bruce Springsteen cover The Clash’s ‘Clampdown’ with Tom Morello” -44
      3/20/20 “Listen to Bruce Springsteen go reggae with a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’ back in 1987” -52
      3/25/20 “From Bob Dylan to the Beatles: 8 Songs Bruce Springsteen couldn’t live without” -52
      3/29/20 “From Keith Richards to Leo Tolstoy: Bruce Springsteen’s list 20 of his favorite books” -52
      4/1/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen join Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to perform ‘Hungry Heart’, 1986”-53
      4/4/20 “Revisiting Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen’s joyous performance of ‘Twist and Shout'”-53
      5/1/20 “Bruce Springsteen once tried to break into Graceland so he could meet Elvis Presley” -54
      5/3/20 “Bruce Springsteen releases 1981 live album to raise money for the New Jersey pandemic relief fund” -54
      5/9/20 “Bruce Springsteen makes is US TV debut performing on SNL back in 1992” -54
      5/19/20 “Read the personal letter that Joe Strummer wrote in appreciation of Bruce Springsteen” -54
      5/23/20 “Six definitive songs: The Ultimate guide to Bruce Springsteen” -54
      5/30/20 “B-sides of the Boss: A look a Bruce Springsteen’s three finest deep cuts” -54
      6/2/20 “Bruce Springsteen covers Bob Dylan’s classic ‘I Want You’ in this audio from 1975” -55
      6/4/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s 10 best Bob Dylan covers” -55
      6/11/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen cover The Clash’s ‘Clampdown’ with Rage’s Tom Morello” -55
      6/19/20 “Bob Dylan does his best to cover Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark'” -55
      6/19/20 “When Tom Waits sang ‘Jersey Girl’ with Bruce Springsteen in 1981”-55
      6/30/20 “When Eddie Vedder and Bruce Springsteen shared a touching rendition of ‘Better Man'” -55
      7/1/20 “Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young share the stage in 1994 to sing ‘Highway 91 Revisited'” -56
      7/13/20 “The ultimate 513-track Bruce Springsteen playlist” -56
      7/22/20 “Hear rare recording of Bruce Springsteen covering Bob Dylan’s ‘Its All Over Now, Baby Blue'” -56
      7/25/20 “From Bob Dylan to the Beatles: 8 Songs horror hero Stephen King couldn’t live without” -56
      7/31/20 “David Bowie once recorded a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song but it was rejected by the Boss” -56
      8/2/20 “R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe joins Bruce Springsteen to sing ‘Because the Night’ and ‘Man on the Moon'” -57
      8/6/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Jenny Lewis, join Bon Ever for AUATC” -57
      8/6/20 “Bruce Springsteen covers Johnny Cash’s ‘Give my Love to Rose’ and reveals what the man in black taught him” -57
      8/8/20 “Springsteen singing Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’, 1998” -57
      8/14/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl pay tribute to the Clash’s Joe Strummer” -57
      8/15/20 “The moment Bruce Springsteen joined the Rolling Stones to perform ‘Tumbling Dice’ in New Jersey” -57
      8/19/20 “Bruce Springsteen shares new ‘The Rising’ video during Democratic National Convention” -57
      8/28/20 “David Bowie hilariously impersonates Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen and more back in 1985” -57
      9/1/20 “The moment Bruce Springsteen bushed on the streets of of Copenhagen back in 1988” -58
      9/3/20 “Isolated vocals of Bruce Springsteen on ‘Born To Run'” -58
      9/4/20 “From R.E.M & Patti Smith to Prince and Tom Petty: 5 of the best Rock Hall supergroup jams” -58
      9/7/20 “Paul McCarteny and Bruce Springsteen perform Beatles classic ‘I Saw her Standin’ There'” -58
      9/9/20 “Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen cover Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower” -58
      9/27/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s favorite song of all time” -58
      9/30/20 “Bruce Springsteen defies protests to sing civil rights anthem ‘American Skin (41 Shots)” -58
      10/1/20 “Revisit the moment Michael Stipe performed live with Bruce Springsteen” -59
      10/6/20 “The moment when Bruce Springsteen sprinkled Americana over East Berlin” -59
      10/10/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s isolated vocals on ‘The River'” -59
      10/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s favourite songs of all time” -59
      10/26/20 “Watch Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen duet on ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction'” -59
      11/2/20 “How a Burt Lancaster film would inspire one of Bruce Springsteen’s biggest hits” -60
      11/6/20 “Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen’s beautiful duet on ‘Forever Young'”-60
      11/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen and Chuck Berry perform ‘Johnny B. Goode’ at Rock Hall, 1995” -60
      11/26/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s 10 best Bob Dylan covers” -60
      12/2/20 “Bruce Springsteen recalls the moment he listened to the Beatles for the first time”- 61
      12/7/20 “The warning John Lennon gave Bruce Springsteen in his final ever interview” -61
      12/23/20 “From Bruce Springsteen to Kate Bush: The Killers’ Brandon Flowers’ 9 favorite songs of all time” -61
      12/31/20 “Bruce Springsteen classic he first wrote for the Ramones” -61
      1/21 “8 best albums made in isolation” -62
      1/6/21 “The invaluable advice Bruce Springsteen once gave to Arcade Fire”-62
      1/9/21 “The personal letter that Joe Strummer wrote in appreciation of Bruce Springsteen”-62
      1/14/21 “The British Invasion band that made Bruce Springsteen who he is”-62
      1/16/21 “From Bob Dylan to the Beatles: 8 songs Bruce Springsteen couldn’t live without” -62
      1/26/21 “How Bruce Springsteen became the Boss”-62
      1/28/21 “From Patti Smith to the Ramones: The five best songs that Bruce Springsteen gave away- 62
      2/6/21 “Rare audio of Bruce Springsteen covering Bob Dylan song ‘It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue’ from 1972” -63
      2/17/21 “How Bruce Springsteen inspired Martin Scorsese film ‘Taxi Driver'”-63
      3/21 “How the Rolling Stones inspired Bruce Springsteen to become a rockstar”-64
      3/21 “Listen to Wxahachee cover songs by Dolly Parton and Bruce Springsteen”-64
      3/21 “Revisit the rare moment David Bowie covered Bruce Springsteen” -64
      3/21 “The best song from every Bruce Springsteen album”-64
      3/21/ “Watch Bruce Springsteen’s hilarious rehearsals for ‘Dancing in the Dark'”-64
      3/21/ “Watch Tracy Chapman and Bruce Springsteen join forces to sing ‘My Hometown'”-64
      10/6/22 “Bruce Springsteen said The Rolling Stones Created the ‘Greatest Lyric’ of all Time”-64
      3/9/23 “The unforgettable night Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen spent at Frank Sinatra house” INTERNET-13
      5/3/24 “The record Bruce Springsteen played ‘over and over again'”
      5/8/24 “The band Bruce Springsteen said ‘course through my veins'”
      5/11/24 “Bruce Springsteen on the best guitarist he has worked with: “One of the most overqualified in the business”
      2/26/21 “Spotify goes big with Obama and Springsteen while Apple gets a little creepy-brand his and miss of the week” -63
      4/2/13 Darren Levin reflects on the 10-date Australian tour.
      Also see IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO (Italy) – Newspaper Articles
      2/23/12 “Wrecking Ball, il Boss e tornato.”
      11/1/19 “MOVIE BUFF-ET: ‘Western Stars’ proves there’s a little country in Springsteen’s rock-n-roll soul” -48
      7/4/09 “Der Wahnsinn, mit dem die Welt zu retten ist” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (7/3/09).
      1/10/14 “CD of the Week: The Ghost of Tom Joad with flutes.” FCHORNET.COM INTERNET-13
      11/21/07 “Springsteen’s Glory Days Return, with Magic New Album.”
      Also see LE FIGARO (France)Newspaper Articles
      3/4/12 “Bruce Springsteen: plaies et Boss.”
      6/21/12 “Bruce Springsteen, taille large” previews Paris (FR).
      2/22/19 “The Rising on ten years of performing the Bruce Springsteen songbook” -39
      4/7/04 “Rising tide of Springsteen popularity buoys author’s book.”
      4/3/18 “The 10 Most Electrifying Pauses In Rock”
    • FM100.COM
      7/11/18 “Bruce Springsteen Releases 1978 Roxy Concert”
      5/9/19 “Bruce Springsteen has written album’s worth of songs for E Street Band” -42
      2/23/12 “Der Clint Eastwood des Rock’n’Roll.”
      1/10/14 “Cover Songs and Loose Ends: Springsteen Releases New Album High Hopes.”
      1/11/14 “Rage Against the Rummelplatz; High Hopes.”
      Also see FORBESMagazines
      8/15/05 “Springsteen: Still Born To Run.”
      6/22/10 Bruce Springsteen is #17 on Forbes’ The Celebrity 100 list for 2010.
      3/5/12 “Is Bruce Springsteen a Hypocrite?”
      11/4/16 “Ryan Tubridy reveals hilarious awkward moment with Bruce Springsteen.”
      12/14/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Net Worth: $460 Million In 2016.”
      3/9/17 “Bruce Springsteen Dominates Down Under With $37 Million Tour Gross”
      10/12/17 “Bruce Springsteen and Bette Midler Break Broadway Records”
      6/30/18 “Lead Like Springsteen: Five Key Things The Boss does that you should, Too” – 31
      10/1/18 “Bruce Springsteen Returns from hiatus to spruce up Broadway Box Office” – 35
      11/26/18 “Springsteen Sets Broadway Record on Resale Market”-36
      1/22/19 “What entrepreneurs can learn about undemocratic decision making from Bruce Springsteen” -38
      6/21/19 “Bruce Springsteen beats Madonna to No. 1 in the U.K.” -43
      6/25/19 “Bruce Springsteen has now charted the fifth-most top 10 albums among solo male musicians” -43
      5/21/20 “Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen gear up for Fenway Park livestream concert” -54
      6/20/20 “From Neil Young to Bruce Springsteen to Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish: The New Activism in music” -55
      6/21/20 “David Crosby calls for Pro-Biden benefit featuring Bruce Springsteen, CSNY, The Eagles, Jackson Browne” -55
      8/23/20 “Springsteen”s ‘Born to Run’ at 45: Celebrating music’s version of ‘On the Road’ and ‘The Wild One'” -57
      11/2/20 “Bruce Springsteen, with his new album, is the first to land a spot in Billboard to five in six different decades” -60
      12/1/20 “The Best Music in 2020: Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift rules, plus Miley Cyrus, MGK, Fiona Apple, and more” -61
      1/31/21 “Sunday Conversations: Nils Lofgren on playing with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, 52 years on the road and more” -62
      2/5/21 “How and Why Jeep responded to the news of Springsteen’s arrest on DUI charges” -63
      224/21 “DWI charges dropped against Bruce Springsteen” -63
      3/23/24 “Bruce Springsteen Feared He Might Not Regain His Ability To Sing”
      5/6/24 “Bruce Springsteen’s New Compilation Is The Lowest-Charting Of His Career”
      3/20/13 Peter Knobler’s review of Peter Ames Catlin’s book Bruce.
      3/22/18 “Here’s Why Bruce Springsteen Decided to Extend His Broadway Run”
      9/23/14 “The Secret Jewish History of Bruce Springsteen- on His 65th Birthday”-55
      6/23/20 “To Bruce Springsteen, the Jewish writer of ‘Strange Fruit’ was the ‘Bob Dylan of his time'” -55
      2/17/21 “The Christian Tone of Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl ad was meaningful, not exclusionary” -63
      11/13/01 “Springsteen, Sopranos Honor One of Their Own.”
      4/2/18 “Stolen instruments of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist recovered, arrest made”
      5/1/17 “Bruce Springsteen: ‘I was a stone-cold draft dodger’”
      4/30/20 “Bruce Springsteen receives ‘his first quarantine’ haircut from wife Patti Scialfa” -53
      6/25/20 “Bruce Springsteen criticized Donald Trump, Republicans for being ‘unchanged by history'” -55
      11/26/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jon Stewart team up for coronavirus safety billboard: ‘Wear a friggin mask!” -60
      2/11/21 “Tommy De Seno: Yo, Bruce Springsteen, let this Asbury Park fan tell you where you went wrong” -63
      12/3/18 “Bruce Springsteen thinks Donald Trump will win again in 2020”-37
      7/4/09 “Ein Springsteen lasst sich nicht lumpen” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (7/3/09).
      5/18/06 “Boss adds his ‘human touch’ to folk classics.”
      1/26/09 Orange County Register gives Dream a grade of A. “…Among his very best work.”
      5/6/05 Reuters article: “Starbucks puts lid on Springsteen CD, cites lyrics.”
      6/18/11 “Clarence Spoke; They Listened.”
      4/28/20 “Springsteen’s new book to reveal the stories behind the songs”-53
      Also see DETROIT FREE PRESSNewspaper Articles
      4/26/05 “Solo Tour a Showcase for Springsteen”
      6/18/06 Reviews We Shall Overcome tour in Detroit (6/17/06).
      11/13/09 “Bruce Springsteen shows heart, puts foot in mouth” reviews Auburn Hills, MI (11/13/09).
      11/16/09 “Springsteen guitarist on gaffe: ‘they’re going to attack us’.”
      4/13/12 “Sweaty, soaring songs” reviews Auburn Hills, MI (4/12/12).
      11/3/12 “Stars unite for Hurricane Sandy telethon” (11/2/12).
      9/25/16 “Springsteen’s new memoir, ‘Born to Run,’ is here, one two three, four!”-10
      Also see THE FRESNO BEENewspaper articles
      10/20/96 ” ‘Ghost’ story in His One-Man Show” previews Fresno,CA reviews Berkeley, CA (11/29/95).
      10/24/96 “Springsteen Is Charming As Well As Grim” reviews Fresno, CA (10/23/96).
      10/24/96 “Booking A Night With ‘The Boss,’ Fans Plug Into Acoustic Springsteen.”
      10/7/04 “Rocking the Vote.”
      9/12/11 Gregory Butler: “The Rising: Ten Years Down The Road.”
      Also see THE FINANCIAL TIMES (UK) – Newspaper Articles
      3/2/12 “Boss champions workers” reviews Wrecking Ball.
      3/31/14 “Great Orators Do Not Fear Repetition” by Sam Leith
      3/1/21 “Obama and Springsteen tackle tough topics on new podcast” -64
      5/11 “Viva Vietnam,” a history of Born in the U.S.A.



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