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    9/15/10 “Springsteen talks Dylan, darkness and the ‘survivor guilt’ of fame.”
    3/28/08 “He’s Bossy: Bruce Springsteen rocks the Xcel Center” reviews St. Paul, MN (3/16/08).
  • 9/10/18 “Nils Lofgren off the (E) Street for now, is boss of own duo coming to SteelStacks” – 34
    Also see WISCONSIN STATE JOURNALNewspaper Articles
    8/12/04 “Springsteen Can Make Election Impact.”
    3/6/12 2 1/2 stars (out of 4) for Wrecking Ball.
    11/5/12 Obama, Springsteen editorial cartoon by Phil Hands.
    8/1/13 “Summertime Bruuuuuce!
    9/28/18 “Bruce Springsteen released “Magic” 11 years ago today”-34
    9/7/16 “Springsteen bassist Gary Tallent steps out on his own”
    2/14/14 “Fans flock to see Dolly and the Boss”
    2/19/17 “Even the weather behaves for The Boss | Bruce Springsteen at Hope Estate”
    Also see MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS (UK)Newspaper Articles
    5/23/03 “The Boss is back.” Previews The Rising tour.
    5/30/03 Reviews Manchester (UK) (5/29/03).
    5/8/06 “Joyful: Springsteen with an 18-strong band.” Reviews Manchester (UK) (5/7/06).
    10/4/07 Reviews Magic: “Righteous indignation and the big conscience are there.”
    5/22/08 “A life of rock at Bruce’s right hand.” Interview with Steve Van Zandt.
    6/23/12 Stuart Brennan reviews Manchester (UK) (6/22/12).
    3/6/12 “Le mani delle banche sull’America.”
    4/12/23 “1 week ago Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band at Madison Square Garden”
    3/7/08 “Springsteen: A tie that binds.”
    1/8/20 “Revisiting Classic Albums: Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen” -50
    9/12 “Touring as a Study in Spatial Diffusion.”
    7/16/12 Why fans are angry over Hyde Park (7/14/12).
    6/8/06 “Boss’ energy helps revive folk classics” at Concord, CA (6/6/06).
    4/26/07 Max Weinberg interview in the Marin Journal Independent.
    2/15/21 “Bruce Springsteen wants to find common ground. Not so fast” -63
    10/1/18 “Bruce Springsteen and Hard Rock International collaborate on new signature series: Edition 36 Merchandise collection” – 35
    7/18/07 NBC broadcaster Tim Russert booked Springsteen college concert in 1974.
    2/1/12 Press release announcing the Apollo Theater concert.
    10/13/16 “Bruce Springsteen isn’t planning to retire at 67, are you?”
    6/12/20 “Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and the Beatles have always been “woke.” You just weren’t paying attention.” -55
    4/25/09 “Springsteen Pours on the Passion and Power” reviews Hartford, CT (4/24/09).
    3/4/12 ” Wrecking Ball has its hits, misses.”
    10/26/12 “Springsteen rocks XL Center” reviews Hartford, CT (10/15/12).
    2/18/14 “Ticket resellers show Bruce Springsteen fans who’s really The Boss.”
    9/19/14 Reviews Uncasville, CT (5-17-14) Nearly Every Era of Bruce Catalog Touched On.
    9/15/16 “Bruce Springsteen ignores Foxborough curfew with 4-hour concert at Gillette Stadium”
    11/4/16 “Forgotten Concerts: Bruce Springsteen plays for 30 fans at Springfield College on Feb. 2, 1974.”
    3/1/18 “Little Steven tour to hit Albany, NY and Ridgefield, CT”
    12/18 “Bruce Springsteen releases “No Nukes” concert for holiday season” -37
    5/20/20 “10 great non-guitar solos in rock ‘n’ roll” -54
    6/30/20 “Little Steven re-issue box set for July release” -55
    6/9/00 “Cop Group President Calls Springsteen ‘Dirtbag’ Over Song.”
    5/23/13 “E la notte di Springsteen.”
    5/23/13 “Springsteen, i fan napoletani.”
    5/30/13 Interview with Nils Lofgren in Padova (IT).
    11/4/16 “Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ a compelling piece of literature”
    9/8/16 “Review: Springsteen’s record-breaking Philly show is a tale of two concerts”
    11/2/20 “What happens when your favorite singer, say a, Bruce Springsteen, gets all wrapped up in politics?” -60
    11/27/07 “Why it matters that The Boss is coming to town.”
    4/12/96 “Quel Lungo Viaggio di Springsteen.”
    1995 “Disturbing Songs From An Old Friend.” Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    1996 Interview with Bruce during The Ghost of Tom Joad tour.
    1996 “Il Pensiero” surveys early albums.
    10/12/07 CNN correspondent says “Springsteen-loving” white men vote GOP.
    4/27/06 Three star review of We Shall Overcome.
    1/12/14 Reviews High Hopes; Song-by-Song in Italian.
    7/94 “The Springsteen American Top 32.”
    1/18/17 “8 Takeaways From Bruce Springsteen’s Interview With Marc Maron”
    4/9/24 “Jeremy Allen White Will Lead New Bruce Springsteen Biopic”
    4/11/24 “Jeremy Allen White Set to Star as Bruce Springsteen in ‘Deliver Me From Nowhere'”
    7/7/20 “Born in the U.S.A: Bruce Springsteen’s misunderstood protest song”-56
    Also see SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWSNewspaper Articles
    9/15/85 “Great! When Springsteen Performs, It’s Magic And Who Can Define Such Wizardry?”
    9/15/85 “BROOOCE! Texas Flips Out Over Springsteen.” Springsteen-mania, Texas style.
    9/16/85 “The Boss Puts His Money Where His Songs Are.”
    9/17/85 “From Bandannas to Boots.” Springsteen’s sartorial choices.
    5/3/88 “20,000 Fans Express Their Love” reviews Mountain View, CA (5/2/88).
    5/3/88 “Bruce’s Fans Can Look Forward To 4 Solid Hours of Rock Nirvana.”
    5/3/88 At Mountain View, “The Boss Tries Some New Tricks But Doesn’t Venture Far Enough.”
    3/20/92 “Springsteen Isn’t Moving On From His Glory Days” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.
    10/22/92 “The Boss Rekindles Power, Glory of Better Days” reviews Mountain View, CA (10/21/92).
    11/21/95 “The Boss Finds His Voice on Tom Joad’: reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    11/21/95 Journey To Nowhere: “Book on Poor Inspired Springsteen.”
    12/1/95 “Springsteen Casts Spell in Darkened Tones” reviews Berkeley, CA (11/30/95).
    10/25/96 Springsteen to play Steinbeck Center benefit.
    10/28/96 “Springsteen Unleashes His Wrath And Humor” reviews San Jose, CA (10/26/96).
    10/24/99 “Soul Man” previews Oakland,CA. Reviews Phoenix, AZ (10/15/99).
    5/2/98 Article on the death of Douglas Springsteen.
    8/28/02 “The Boss Pays A Visit.” Fans in San Jose, CA.
    8/29/02 “Springsteen, Born to Be Thoughtful and Tender” reviews San Jose, CA (8/27/02).
    4/11/03 “Springsteen: A Shade Off Perfect” reviews Sacramento, CA (4/9/03).
    8/18/03 “Bruce Almighty” reviews San Francisco, CA (8/16/03).
    5/5/05 “Bruce Without Juice” previews Oakland, CA.
    5/7/05 “Unplugged Springsteen electrifies crowd.” Reviews Oakland, CA (5/5/05)
    6/7/06 “What’s a poor boy to do, but to play in a ragtime band?” Concord, CA (6/6/06).
    6/7/06 “Springsteen and Seeger Sessions Band thrill Concord crowd.” (6/6/06).
    6/9/06 “Springsteen pays homage to Pete Seeger’s Songs.” Reviews Concord, CA (6/6/06).
    10/6/07 “Springsteen’s Magid ends with a political wallop.” Reviews Magic.
    10/26/07 Reviews Oakland, CA (10/25/07)
    10/27/07 “Potent Springsteen Set Showcases Magic” reviews Oakland, CA (10/25/07).
    4/6/08 “Bruce Springsteen revives ‘Glory Days’ in San Jose” reviews San Jose, CA (4/5/08).
    4/2/09 “Springsteen’s ‘Working‘ tour still needs work” reviews San Jose, CA (4/1/09).
    3/21/12 Wrecking Ball “captures raw emotional truth about America.”
    4/25/12 “Springsteen is in legendary form” reviews San Jose, CA (4/24/12).
    11/29/12 Wide-ranging interview with Nils Lofgren.
    12/1/12 “Bruce Springsteen wows fans in Oakland” (11/30/12).
    1/8/14 “Review: Bruce Springsteen’s New Album High Hopes is Solid but Not a Classic.”
    11/21/16 “Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt differ on ‘Hamilton’/Pence controversy”
    4/30/13 Coverage of Bruce Springsteen’s Oslo (NO) press conference. INTERNET-20
    7/12/13 Reviews Rome (IT) (7/12/13). “Maratona di musica.” INTERNET-21
    7/24/09 “L’urlo del Boss Springsteen ha infiammato I fans del Fruili” reviews Udine (IT) (7/23/09).
    7/24/09 “Tutti in coda per ore, poi il grande abbraccio al Boss.”
    7/24/09 “I sergreti del successo di Bruce Springsteen.”
    8/22/20 “Ex-Guns N’ Roses manager says Jon Bon Jovi wanted to competitive with Springsteen” -57
    8/4/20 “Members of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Hatebreed, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and My Chemical Romance cover the Misfits” -57
    Also see METRO (UK)Newspaper Articles
    3/1/07 “Music stars mourn concert promoter.”
    6/25/12 Bruce “unequivocally nailed it” at Isle of Wight, UK (6/24/12).
    6/6/16 “Bruce Springsteen danced with a dude dressed like Courtney Cox to Dancing in The Dark and it was epic”
    5/31/2017 “Bruce Springsteen’s father the star of documentary: Schneller”
    8/7/19 “Blinded By The Light review: 80s Britain never looked so angsty in Bruce Springsteen inspired comedy” -45
    6/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen brands Trump a ‘threat’ to democracy and celebrates president’s polls ‘crashing through the basement'” -55
    12/7/95 “Joad Ode Rings False.”
    3/6/20 “Staff pick Darkness on the Edge of Corktown: A Springsteen Tribute” -52
    1/24/14 “A South African’s discovery of Bruce Springsteen”
    2/5/14 Reviews Carlin’s Biography, BRUCE, Springsteen: A Lesson in Myth Making.
    Also see THE MIAMI HERALDNewspaper Articles
    5/1/06 Jazz Festival review “City in ruins finds its jazz.”
    1/9/08 “How Steven Van Zandt keeps on rockin’.”
    1/26/09 “Latest from the Boss is a fine piece of work.” 3 ½ stars for Working on a Dream.
    9/14/09 “Bruce Springsteen plays on into overtime.” Reviews Ft. Lauderdale, FL (9/13/09).
    3/5/12 “Springsteen frets for the nation’s soul.”
    5/17/15 Secrets Behind the Making of We Are the World Charity Hit. INTERNET-20
    2/2/17 “Bruce Springsteen mocks Trump’s Disastrous phone call with Australian PM by playing ‘Don’t Hang Up’ at Melbourne concert”
    5/26/24 “Bruce Springsteen, 74, cancels run of European stadium tour dates over health issue”
    9/12/11 “An Autograph From Bruce Springsteen.”
  • 5/31/18 “The Songs that Made Bruce Springsteen Famous”
    10/1/03 “Classic Tracks: Bruce Springsteen’s The River.”
    12/07 “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band”
    6/19/06 “Subtlety, spontaneity lost in bombast” reviews Detroit, MI (6/17/06).
    11/6/07 “Springsteen delivers more than just a concert” reviews Auburn Hills, MI (11/5/07).
    11/30/07 Reviews Magic: “adds new weight to an already formidable music legacy.”
    1/27/19 “How Bruce Springsteen Achieved a Net Worth of $460 Million”- 38
    Also see LE MONDE (France)
    Newspaper Articles
    7/5/12 “Springsteen joue les artificiers” reviews Paris (FR) (7/4/12).
    3/13/09 “Born in the USA turns 25.”
    11/95 Transcript of the Columbia Radio Hour interview by Bob Costas.
    11/95 Detroit Journal review of The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    11/22/95 “Springsteen begins tour at State Theatre.” Reviews New Brunswick, NJ(11/21/95).
    7/7/20 “Springsteen Archives checks in with Roy Brittan during ‘What’s Up on E Street?'” -56
    7/14/20 “Springsteen Archives talks with Max Weinberg during ‘What’s up on E Street?'” -56
    7/20/20 “Springsteen Archives catches up with Gary Tallent during ‘What’s Up on E Street?'” -56
    7/29/20 “Springsteen Archives speaks with Stevie Van Zandt during ‘What’s Up on E Street?'” -56
    9/23/20 “Springsteen Archives to release sneak preview of the Pelevante’s new album”-58
    10/21/20 “Springsteen Archives speaks with Tom Morello about his new book on Oct. 22” -59
    11/13/20 “Bruce Springsteen Archives adds two special programs Nov. 17 & Nov. 19”-60
    12/8/20 “Bruce Springsteen Archives talks with Rock Hall inductee Jon Landau Dec. 15” -61
    1/13/17 “Monmouth U. to be home to Springsteen archives”
    10/29/06 Truck, carrying Springsteen sound equipment, crashes, blocks Scandinavian bridge.
    4/27/06 Detroit Free Press review of We Shall Overcome.
    10/23/13 “Jake Clemons in his Uncle’s Footsteps and Beyond.”
    2/17 “Who’s The Boss Now?”
    Also see THE GAZETTE (Canada) – Newspaper Articles
    3/5/12 Four stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball. “Abandonment and courage.”
    1/11/14 Reviews “High Hopes; Podworthy: Heaven’s Wall.” Rating: three stars. (out of 5)
    1/14/14 “The Boss’s Mishmash Meets Modest Expectations.” Rating three stars (out of 5).
    6/23/08 “Wunschkonzert mt dem ‘Boss'” reviews Hamburg (DE) (6/21/08).
    4/3/20 “NJ Pandemic relief fund tops $10M in first week; Wentworth says much more is needed” -53
    11/15/13 “Steven Van Zandt Says E Street Band Will Continue”.
    4/4/18 “Column: Worried about U.S. tribalism? See Springsteen”
    3/25/13 For a first-timer, Melbourne (AU) was “The Greatest Night.” (3/24/13).
    12/29/19 “Most surprising films of 2019” -49
    4/30/20 “Recognizing the universal power of music in ‘Blinded By The Light'”-53
    10/26/07 “What the Boss can teach CEOs.”
    3/22/18 “Here’s Why Bruce Springsteen Decided to Extend His Broadway Run”
    10/3/96 “Springsteen pares music to basics.” Reviews Milwaukee, WI (10/2/96).
    12/7/98 “Growing up with Bruce Springsteen”
    11/2/99 “Turning 50 with the Boss.”
    4/22/05 On Devils & Dust, Bruce “continues to evolve as a story-teller.”
    4/23/05 “Still the Boss”
    4/19/06 Associated Press: “Springsteen gets folky for Seeger Sessions.”
    9/25/07 Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24/07).
    9/26/07 Countdown to Springsteen: Matt Lauer on Bruce.”
    8/14/02 “Bruce Springsteen’s Garden Party.” Reviews NY, NY (8/12/02).
    10/10/07 “Springsteen Clobbers Soulja Boy, J. Holiday for Eighth Career #1 Debut.”
    11/95 Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    Also see EL MUNDO (Spain)Newspaper Articles
    8/1/02 “El Boss se hace patriota.”
    6/2/05 “Un Springsteen pletorico reinventa el rock acustico” reviews Barcelona (ES) (6/1/05).
    6/3/05 “‘El Boss’ luce en Madrid sus galas mas intimas” reviews Madrid (ES) (6/2/05).
    5/15/06 “Bruce Springsteen triunra en Barcelona” reviews Barcelona (ES)(5/14/06).
    7/18/08 “Sprinsteen se tira al publico de Madrid” reviews Madrid (ES) (7/16/08).
    5/16/18 “Making the case for Bruce Springsteen’s decade away from E Street”
    6/12/19 “Bruce Springsteen tries to lose himself under the cinematic scope of Western Stars”
    1/23/17 “Bruce Springsteen – Perth Arena, Perth 22/01/17
    5/1/20 “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: May Day 2014 in Tampa”-54
    10/8/07 “The Boss proves that he’s still got superb storytelling chops.” Reviews Magic.
    8/13/12 Robert Christgau experiences the passion of the Euro tour.
    10/21/18 “Bruce Springsteen makes surprise appearance for three song set with Social Distortion”
    6/3/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen join Dropkick Murphys to play “Rose Tattoo” and “American Land” during Streaming Outta Fenway live stream concert” -55
    12/13/07 Brazilian website reviews Magic.
    7/18/19 “Bruce Springsteen exhibit in hometown to feature never-before-seen items”-44
    1/28/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars names as UK’s biggest American album of the past 12 months” -50
    4/16/20 “Bruce Springsteen announced star-studded benefit for The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund” -53
    10/2/20 “Jon Bon Jovi previewed new album to Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney
    12/12/20 “Tom Morello ‘learned 250 songs’ before his first tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” -61
    11/22/11 “Bruce Springsteen: tre date in Italia nel 2012.”
    8/13/20 “Review: Bon Iver collaborates with Bruce Springsteen on New Single AUATC” -57
    6/15/13 London (UK) (6/15/13) review by Daniel Paton.
    4/24/20 “5 Songs guitarists need to hear by Bruce Springsteen” -53
    1/19/15 Bruce Springsteen Performs Long Set at Light of Day Benefit in Asbury Park, Set list.
    12/12/19 “Bruce Springsteen ‘Western Stars’ Blu-ray detailed”
    1/5/17 “Springsteen’s top 2016’s highest-grossing tours list” INTERNET-20-A
    5/20/19 “‘We’re back to being a cult’: Stevie Van Zandt on the state of Rock n’ Roll”-42
    1/6/14 “Springsteen Gives New Urgency to Old Songs on High Hopes.” Three (out of 4) stars.
    3/7/18 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greatest Hits’ leads Jersey Record Store Day releases”
    4/5/18 “Bruce Springsteen on Broadway: The Boss of comedy REVIEW”
    5/3/18 “Bruce Springsteen on Broadway: Backstage with the Boss”
    9/2/18 “Bruce Springsteen Labor Day: Boss’ 7 best work songs”-34
    9/4/18 “Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band: A New York City Serenade and producer intrigue” – 34
    11/3/18 “Bruce Springsteen Stand Up for Heroes: funny Side of the Boss benefits vets”-36
    11/5/18 “‘White Album’ symposium at Monmouth U. takes on the Beatles’ imperfect masterstroke” -36
    8/5/19 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘His Hometown’ preview party: Bandiera, Grushecky to perform” -45
    10/22/19 “Bruce Springsteen talks Freehold, ‘Western Stars’ surprise, museum exhibit on ‘Kimmel'” -47
    7/3/20 “Bruce Springsteen: Why ‘4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)’ is a classic” -56
    7/13/20 “Springsteen, Upstage: Unlikely story of racial harmony in ‘Asbury Park’ now on Youtube” -56
    8/13/20 “Bruce Springsteen Archives to host Nils Lofgren, Boss takes nightbird shift on SiriusXM” -57
    8/20/20 “Rise Up: Asbury Park roots of Bruce Springsteen’s other songs at the Democratic Convention”-57

    1/14/19 “Bruce Springsteen eavesdrops on ‘Broadway’ audience at public screening” -38
    12/17/09 “Fans Buy Bruce Springsteen Home.”
  • MYMIX965.COM
    3/20/18 “The Boss is a Broadway smash”
    10/24/16 “Springsteen memoir reveals new details of Clemons’ death in West Palm”

    10/5/15 Born to rock: E Street Band guitarist’s life on the road.
    4/16/18 “Bruce Springsteen dances with his mom at a birthday celebration for her at a New Jersey bar”


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    2/12 German television reviews Wrecking Ball.
    6/20/11 Tom Moon: “Clarence Clemons: More Than a Showbiz Foil.”
    6/3/12 Steven Van Zandt interview; South America tour possible.
    12/19/96 “Meet the New Boss: Rockin’ at the Ryman.”
    4/17/14 “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Bridgestone Arena”
    4/18/14 Chill-inducing Moment 41 Shots and The Wall in Nashville,TN, (4/17/14).
    6/4/16 “Review: Bruce Springsteen, Ricoh Arena”
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    10/30/04 “Springsteen’s Political Poetry.”
    3/6/06 The Seeger Sessions is “the best entertainment news of the week.”
    6/18/11 Greg Mitchell: “Remembering Clarence Clemons – Early Days With ‘The Big Man.'”
    4/11/12 “Bruce Springsteen’s Political Voice.”
    1/28/14 “Celebrating Pete Seeger”
    12/10/14 How “Both Sides” Framing Undermines the Senate Torture Report.
    11/16/19 ” Things That Can Only Be Found in the Darkness on the Edge of Town: The Queerness of Bruce Springsteen”
    1/13/14 “Get Your Hopes Up for Bruce Springsteen’s New Album.”
    6/10/20 “Prince to Springsteen: Six of the greatest backing bands behind the stars”-55
    5/5/06 We Shall Overcome: “Joyous Roots Music Collection.”
    1/8/14 “Record of the Month Club: High Hopes by Bruce Springsteen.”
    10/4/16 “In Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen pulls up to the curb and invites you on a ride through his history, complete with girls, cars and angry fathers”
    7/29/02 “Come on Up for the Rising, the latest from the Boss.”
    8/14/02 “The Boss & His Boys,” on tour with the E Street Band.
    7/30/03 “Taking Springsteen Seriously. He’s not a knee-jerk celeb lib.”
    6/13/05 “Grand Successes and Grander Failures” on Devils & Dust.
    12/23/18 “‘I made it all up’: Bruce Springsteen versus the Cult of Authenticity” -37
    7/20/20 “Episode 81 Dan McLaughlin (Bruce Springsteen) [part 1]” -56
    8/4/20 “Episode 82 Dan McLaughlin / Bruce Springsteen [part 2]” -57
    10/28/20 “Stevie Nicks, Like Springsteen, preaches and preens” -59
    3/30/18 “Bruce Springsteen Guitarist’s Guitars Stolen in Dallas”
    5/7/20 “Bruce Springsteen to address Boston College students at fall convocation”-54
    12/11/20 “‘Tonight’: Bruce Springsteen reveals what song changed his life” -61
    12/13/20 “‘SNL’: Chalemet makes hosting debut, Springsteen returns” -61
    5/7/2018 “Bruce Springsteen Escorts Buddy, Bandmate Steven Van Zandt into New Jersey Hall of Fame”
    8/21/20 “The Bruce Outro is wearing thin” -57
    2/12/21 “Bruce Springsteen admitted to drinking two shots before DWI arrest, court document says” -63
    2/22/21 “Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen launch podcast on Spotify” -63
    5/26/24 “Bruce Springsteen postpones European shows due to ‘vocal issues'”
    2/12/21 “Springsteen wouldn’t take breath test during NJ arrest, court papers say” -63
    1/28/09 “NBC’s Super Bowl XLIII Pregame Show Presents A Full Day of Sports & Entertainment.”
    9/17/19 “Bruce Springsteen, an Aristotle for our times” -46
    1996 “State of the Union.” Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    12/7/95 “Acoustic Bruce.” Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    8/5/02 “Bruce Springsteen’s Non-Event.” Hoopla over The Rising “is, frankly, annoying.”
    3/3/20 “Born to Learn” Monmouth Class on Bruce Springsteen” -52
    9/21/15 Bruce Springsteen: A photographic journey- The Grammy Museum exhibit at Monmouth U.
    3/16/17 “’Just Before the Dawn” Documentary Tells The Story of The Upstage Club”
    7/17/19 “His Hometown” Exhibit to run at Monmouth County Historical Association”-44
    12/19 “David Sancious releases eyes wide open” -49
    2/23/20 “Virtual event calendar, Tue, May 19, 2020” -52
    3/07/23 “The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music announces the inaugural American Music Honors scheduled for April 15” – INTERNET-21
    6/1/20 “Dropkick Murphys, joined remotely by Bruce Springsteen, livestream: -55
    8/28/20 “Top Stories” -57
    9/21/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s NJ farmhouse to appear on cover of AARP The Magazine” -58
    7/19/08 Rod Tootell asks how well served Bruce Springsteen has been by official live recordings.
    8/25/20 “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day’: Springsteen song benefits Asbury Park” -57
    Undated “My Life as Bruce Springsteen.”
    5/3/08 “Not that young anymore” reviews Greensboro, NC (4/28/08).
    5/6/08 “Springsteen gives Lynchburg man time of his life.”
    7/28/20 “Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa’s nearly 30-year marriage- inside their love story” -56
    5/15/06 Commentator: Bruce has been “co-opted” by Leftist Hollywood stars.
    4/27/06 “Springsteen album captures the sound of America’s soul.”
    6/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen labels President Trump ‘anti-American, buffoonish and stupid’ and insists he is a threat to US democracy” -55
    5/4/06 We Shall Overcome review.
    7/1/06 “Now hear this, says the Boss.”
    1/19/07 “Reborn in the USA” recounts a visit to Asbury Park, NJ.
    3/25/13 “Born To Run Around Australia after Bruce Springsteen.”
    3/15/13 “Bruce Springsteen Brisbane concert review: Wrecking Ball tour”
    8/16/13 Bruce Springsteen to tour Australia in 2014.
    2/5/14 “Bruce Springsteen: Diehard fans flock to Perth Arena for WA’s first Boss concert”
    2/6/14 Reviews Transcendent Show in Perth, AU, (2/5/14).
    2/6/14 Bruce’s Oz Tour Makes 29 Million, The Boss by the Numbers.
    2/8/14 “Bruce Springsteen superfan dances with her hero at first Perth concert.”
    2/28/14 Brisbane, Au, Opens with Stayin Alive; Paid Respect to City’s Bee Gees. (2/26/14).
    1/23/17 “Bruce Springsteen says E Street Band’s ‘hearts and spirits’ with Donald Trump protesters”
    2/8/17 “The Boss Bruce Springsteen delivers hit-filled set list at Sydney concert”
    11/5/20 “Why a poem Bruce Springsteen read on the radio has gone viral” -60
    1/23/17 “US election to influence Bruce Springsteen’s Australian sets”
    5/24/24 “Paul McCartney takes jams at pal Bruce Springsteen during award ceremony”
    Also see NEWSDAYNewspaper Articles
    11/19/95 “Back to Basics.” Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    12/14/95 “Springsteen Strikes Again.” Reviews NY, NY (12/12/95).
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