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    7/2/84 “The Selling of Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/10/84 “Rock: Michael’s Cool, ‘the Boss’ Sizzles.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    7/11/86 “It Doesn’t Disturb The Dead at All That Tapers Around.” Discusses bootlegs.  NEWSPAPER-60
    3/22/99 “Bruce Brings It All Back Home.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    4/11/01 “The Boss Comes to the Small Screen.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/11/2002 “Springsteen Fans Fight to Save Bar.” NEWSPAPER – 60
    7/30/02 “‘Rising’ to The Occasion” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/3/02 Letters to the Editor: “Why Bash Bruce? He Speaks for Millions.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/18/02 “In Europe, Uncle Sam Isn’t So Popular, But the Boss Rocks.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/5/04 “What’s Changed for Bruce Springsteen Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    5/4/05 “The Boss Goes Back to Basics” reviews Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/10/05 “Springsteen Looks Back on Born to Run.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/6/07 “Teaching My Son To Respect The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/9/07 “The Boss and His Gang Live and on CD.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/23/07 Letters to the Editor: “Springsteen Fans: Laudatory, Condemnatory.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/23/09 “Born to run – and promote.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/24/09 “The Hidden State of Culture” NEWSPAPER-120
    2/6/09 “Springsteen Slams Ticket-Vendor Merger.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    2/21/09 “Can a music powerhouse save rock ‘n’ roll?” NEWSPAPER-120
    5/26/10 “Boss or Bon Jovi?” when the Super Bowl comes to Giants Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/10/10 “A Cultural Conversation With Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    3/26/11 Profile of music mixer Bob Clearmountain. NEWSPAPER-120
    4/30/11 Profile of luthier Flip Scipio.  NEWSPAPER-120
    11/11/11 “Springsteen Gives Crowd a Charge” reviews NY, NY (11/9/11).  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/6/13 “Signs Taken From the ‘Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-61
    3/1/14 Tampa Bay baseball manager loves “Kitty’s Back.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    6/28/14   Dave Barry:  “The Glory of ‘G-L-O-R-I-A!’”  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/24/15 Playlist: Richard Ford: A Novelist’s Circus Story.  NEWSPAPER-60            1/21/16 “After Tax Break Dies, Angst Lives” “Springsteen, Impresario of His Own Image” NEWSPAPER-120
    10/28/19 “Springsteen Exhibit Rocks Town” NEWSPAPER-60
  • THE WAR CRY (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-60
    4/11/87 Front page article in Salvation Army newspaper.
  • WARREN WEEKLY (Michigan weekly) NEWSPAPER-60
    6/4/03 “In Accord Exhibit Springsteen Troubadour of the Highway”
    10/7/10 “HBO film captures key moments for Springsteen.”
    Also see WASHINGTONPOST.COM Internet Articles
    4/30/73 “Revisiting ’50s Rock” reviews College Park, MD (4/28/73).  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/12/74 “Springsteen’s Rock” reviews Gaithersburg, MD (10/11/74).  NEWSPAPER-60
    3/10/75 “A Weekend Medley” reviews Washington D.C. (3/8/75). NEWSPAPER-60
    7/29/75 “A Dynamic Futurism” reviews Washington D.C. (7/28/75).  NEWSPAPER-60
    12/6/75 “Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll” reviews Washington D.C. (12/5/75).  NEWSPAPER-60
    12/8/75 “Dancing Down ‘Thunder Road’ With Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/18/76 “Sparkling Springsteen” reviews Washington D.C. (10/17/76).  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/3/78 “Springsteen Rocks the Navy” briefly reviews Annapolis, MD (6/1/78).  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/9/78 “Springsteen’s Back ‘On the Edge of Town.'”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/13/78 “Bruuuuce! Bruuuuce! Springsteen’s on the Road.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/16/78 Reviews Landover, MD (8/15/78).  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/19/80 “Swept Up by Springsteen’s The River” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/24/80 “Springsteen Winds Up His Trilogy” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/24/80 “King of the Night” reviews Landover, MD (11/23/80).  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/26/80 “Bruuuce! Superstar At the Zenith.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/5/81 “Bruce Springsteen” reviews Landover, MD (8/4/81).  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/6/81 “Brooooooooooce!!! The Fans: Living the Ultimate Springsteen Fantasy.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/6/81 “The Boss At The Bayou” briefly reviews Washington D.C. (8/6/81).  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/24/82 “The Boss Big Man,” with a consistent misspelling of Clarence’s last name.  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/3/82 “Springsteen Hounded by the Blight.” Negative review of Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/10/84 Born in the U.S.A. review: “Springsteen’s Wrong Turn” is “deadly dull.'”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/24/84 “Springsteen: Rich Rock” previews Landover, MD.  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/27/84 “Springsteen’s Power Rock!” reviews Landover, MD (8/25/84).  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/13/84 George F. Will’s syndicated column.  NEWSPAPER-60
    7/7/85 “Bon Jour! U.S.A. On Tour.” Ambience at the Paris shows.  NEWSPAPER-60
    7/23/85 “Springsteen Fans Jam Phone Lines.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/4/85 Editorial: “Springsteen Summer.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/5/85 “It’s the Boss’ Night.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/6/85 “The Night Washington Rocked” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85).  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/6/85 “The Electricity of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/6/85 “Confessions of A Springsteen Fanatic.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/11/85 “Bruuuuuce! ‘Live’ and at His Best.” Reviews Live/1975-’85. NEWSPAPER-60
    1/21/86 Personalities column discusses benefit for 3M workers.  NEWSPAPER-60
    5/24/86 “The Romance of the Rock Dream.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    5/25/86 “Battle of The Bootlegs. The Pirates, the industry & the fans.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/10/86 “Bruuuuuce! ‘Live’ and at His Best.” Reviews Live/1975-’85.  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/28/87 Springsteen’s speech inducting Roy Orbison into the Rock Hall.  NEWSPAPER-60
    4/26/87 “Dave Marsh, Boswell to ‘The Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-120
    6/15/87 “O Bruce, The Beloved.” Book review of Dave Marsh’s Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/5/87 “From Bruce, With Love” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-60
    1/27/88 “Rock’s Induction Production.” Bruce’s inducts Bob Dylan into the Rock Hall.  NEWSPAPER-60
    3/29/92 “Springsteen’s Double Dose: A Passion For Reality” NEWSPAPER-60
    3/30/88 “Brooooooooooce! Getting Aboard the Tunnel of Love Express.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    4/6/88 “Springsteen’s Tunnel Tour de Force” reviews Landover, MD (4/4/88).  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/3/88 “Burned in the USA” on Asbury Park, Bruce places.  NEWSPAPER-120
    6/22/88 “Bruce: Born to Split?” The reverberations of an unsettling report.  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/23/89 Bruce’s guest appearance with Nils reviews Asbury Park, NJ (6/9/89).  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/25/92 “Seasoned Springsteen. He’s Older. Happier. But Is He Still the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/26/92 “Springsteen, Settling In” reviews Landover, MD (8/25/92).  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/30/92 “Glory Days?” NEWSPAPER-60
    12/5/95 “Steelworker’s Song. Springsteen Gives Voice to America’s New Homeless.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    12/6/95 “Springsteen, An Austere Power” reviews Washington D.C. (12/5/95).  NEWSPAPER-60
    12/8/97 “Five Stars at The Center of their Universe” reviews Washington D.C. (12/7/97).  NEWSPAPER-60
    11/15/98 “The Boss, Stopped in His ‘Tracks.'” Reviews Tracks.  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/1/99 “Bruce Springsteen, Proving It All Night” reviews Washington D.C. (8/31/99).  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/3/99 Reports on Bruce’s quip promoting Clarence for high public office.  NEWSPAPER-60
    7/21/02 “Who’s the Boss? Asbury Park.” Travel article by Helen Pike.  NEWSPAPER-60
    7/30/02 “Pop Painkiller” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/12/02 “Thanks, Boss” reviews Washington D.C. (8/10/02).  NEWSPAPER-60
    9/15/03 “The Boss, Walking the Line at FedEx” reviews Washington D.C. (9/13/03).  NEWSPAPER-60
    6/20/04 “Patti Scialfa’s Glory Days” reviews Lullaby.  NEWSPAPER-60
    8/5/04 “Singing for the Blues” previews Vote for Change tour.  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/2/04 “Rocking and Rolling Them to the Polls” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/1/04).  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/13/04 “Hail to the Boss: Springsteen Plays Politics” reviews DC (10/11/04).  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/13/04 “The After-Party: ‘Rockville’ and Other Riddles.”  NEWSPAPER-60
    10/29/04 “The Boss Makes a Pitch for Kerry” reviews Madison, WI rally (10/28/04).  NEWSPAPER-60
    4/26/05 “Springsteen’s Gritty Tales of the New West” reviews Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-60
    5/16/05 “The Boss Establishes Order” reviews Fairfax, VA (5/14/05).  NEWSPAPER-61
    7/17/05 “The Bard of Asbury Park” reviews recent Bruce books.  NEWSPAPER-61
    8/28/05 Cover. “Is Rock-And-Roll Still For Real? Memoirs of a Music Man.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    12/11/05 “The Boss– or the Teacher’s Pet?” at Princeton, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/13/06 “Wray’s ‘Rumble’ Still Reverberating” mentions Bruce’s tribute to Link Wray.  NEWSPAPER-61
    2/9/06 “U2 Plus Five Is No. 1” reviews 48th annual Grammys (2/8/06).  NEWSPAPER-61
    4/23/06 Media Mix section gives We Shall Overcome a C+ grade.  NEWSPAPER-61
    4/26/06 “Springsteen’s Seegerless Seeger Tribute.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    5/1/06 “In New Orleans, the Show Goes On.” Reviews Jazz Fest (4/30/06).  NEWSPAPER-61
    5/30/06 “Detour from E Street” reviews Bristow, VA (5/28/06).  NEWSPAPER-61
    2/12/07 “At the Grammys, Making Very Nice.” Bruce doesn’t attend, wins two.  NEWSPAPER-61
    9/30/07 Media Mix gives Magic a B+.  NEWSPAPER-61
    10/2/07 Album review: “Springsteen’s Magic Casts a Darker Spell.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/7/07 Childe Harold, DC saloon where Bruce played in 1973, closes.  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/13/07 “Working His Powerful Magic” reviews Washington D.C. (11/11/07).  NEWSPAPER-120
    12/17/07 “Top Musicians Are Composing Own Curricula.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    12/20/07 DC city officials use Verizon Center luxury box for the Bruce show.  NEWSPAPER-61
    5/11/08 “For The Stars, Mom Rules.” Nils Lofgren and his Mom on Mother’s Day.  NEWSPAPER-61
    6/28/08 “Boss of the Spirit.” An interview with author Jeffrey Symynkywicz.  NEWSPAPER-61
    7/29/08 “Magic Tour Highlights” discusses the four-song download.  NEWSPAPER-61
    10/25/08 Jessica Springsteen in horse jumping competition in DC.  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/13/09 “Stars of All Stripes Line Up for Concert At Lincoln Memorial.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/19/09 “Jamming on the Mall for Obama.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/19/09 “The Stars Align, with Egos in Check” reviews Washington D.C. (1/18/09).  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/20/09 Reviews ”Working on a Dream: The Boss and the Subordinate Lyrics.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/21/09 Bruce arrives, sees the hordes, skips an Inaugural party.  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/29/09 TV columnist previews the Super Bowl, including fan discontent.  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/30/09 “No Cheering in the Press Box, Except When It Comes to the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    2/1/09 Liz Clarke accuses Bruce of “pimping his music” to the Super Bowl.  NEWSPAPER-61
    2/21-22/09 “Can a Music Powerhouse Save Rock ‘n’ Roll?” NEWSPAPER-61
    5/14/09 “New Online Ticket Flap Thwarts Springsteen Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    5/18/09 “Nils Lofgren: Taking Memos From The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    5/20/09 Reviews Washington D.C. (5/18/09).  NEWSPAPER-61
    9/10/09 “From Springsteen to Brubeck: Kennedy Center Honorees.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    10/20/09 “Standout J. Springsteen has more than a name.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/4/09 “Springsteen, fans prove it all night” reviews Washington D.C. (11/2/09).  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/15/09 Writer argues against live performance of entire albums.  NEWSPAPER-120
    12/6/09 “The Honor Is Theirs.” Extensive preview of the Kennedy Center Honors.  NEWSPAPER-120
    12/6/09 “My music is a music for identity” NEWSPAPER-120
    12/7/09 “D.C.’s busiest intersection.” Coverage of the Kennedy Center Honors.  NEWSPAPER-120
    1/23/10 “Stars align to shine light” on Haitian earthquake relief.  NEWSPAPER-61
    2/1/10 Grammys: Bruce for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance.  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/14/10 “Seventies Springsteen comes charging back.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    6/19/11 Obituary: “Tenor saxophonist known as Springsteen band’s ‘Big Man.'”  NEWSPAPER-61
    12/20/11 Bruce’s introduction to “Someplace Like America.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    2/10/12 Obama playlist includes “We Take Care Of Our Own”.  NEWSPAPER-120
    2/13/12 Report on the 2012 Grammys.  NEWSPAPER-120
    2/13/12 The Promise wins a Grammy for packaging.  NEWSPAPER-120
    2/18/12 Nils Lofgren wrote a “kicky jingle.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    3/5/12 Reviewer says Bruce’s songwriting may be in decline.  NEWSPAPER-61
    3/28/12 O’Malley finds inspiration in the Boss.  NEWSPAPER-61
    3/31/12 Snarly attack on Bruce’s use of a teleprompter.  NEWSPAPER-61
    4/3/12 Reviews Washington D.C; (4/1/12).  NEWSPAPER-120
    6/24/12 Reviews Marc Dolan’s critical biography.  NEWSPAPER-120
    9/14/12 Multi-article preview of Washington D.C. (9/14/12).  NEWSPAPER-120
    9/15/12 “Worshiping the Tao of Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    10/14/12 “Springsteen will lend a hand to Obama” in Ohio.  NEWSPAPER-61
    1/8/14  High Hopes gives “misfit tunes a good home.”  NEWSPAPER-61                 2/1/16 Music Review “His ‘River’ isn’t deep, but it’s still Bruce” NEWSPAPER-120
    10/20/19 “The Boss as auteur” NEWSPAPER-120
    1/28/21 “The Boss turns the lights back on”  NEWSPAPER-120
    3/4/74 “Let’s Give Springsteen Some Time, Please” reviews Washington D.C. (3/3/74).  NEWSPAPER-61
    3/10/75 “Springsteen’s Cult is Growing” reviews Washington D.C. (3/8/75).  NEWSPAPER-61
    7/29/75 “Springsteen: Full House” reviews Washington D.C. (7/28/75).  NEWSPAPER-61
    12/8/75 “Ultimate Rock ‘n Roller” reviews Washington D.C. (12/5/75).  NEWSPAPER-61
    10/18/76 “Springsteen: Rock ‘n’ Roll Diety” reviews Washington D.C. (10/17/76).  NEWSPAPER-61
    6/4/78 “Born to Rock, Springsteens Back, Bringing Darkness and Magic” NEWSPAPER-120
    8/16/78 “Springsteen carries on for his fans” reviews Landover, MD (8/15/78).  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/3/78 “They All Scream For Springsteen.” Reviews Landover, MD (11/2/78).  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/21/80 “Bruce Springsteen: Rock’s Main Force.”  NEWSPAPER-61
    11/24/80 “Springsteen Mesmerizes” reviews Landover, MD (11/23/80).  NEWSPAPER-61
    8/6/81 “With Springsteen, you always have to be there” reviews Landover, MD(8/4/81).  NEWSPAPER-61
    1984 Special souvenir edition. “The Boss. Springsteen” Cover. NEWSPAPER-120
    1984 “The Springsteen tour commences” NEWSPAPER-120
    8/5/85 Four-page special section previews the Washington D.C. show that night. NEWSPAPER-120
    8/5/85 “He earned stardom the old way.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    8/6/85 Editorial:”Rockin’ all over the world.”  NEWSPAPER-62
    8/6/85 “55,000 fans glory in The Boss’ performance” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85).  NEWSPAPER-62
    8/?/85 “Special Souvenir Edition: The Boss – Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-120
    7/29/88 “Westwood to broadcast Human Rights Now!”  NEWSPAPER-62
    8/12/02 “Springsteen unwinds” reviews Washington D.C. (8/10/02).  NEWSPAPER-62
    10/2/07 “Springsteen’s ‘Magic’ Way.”  NEWSPAPER-62
    11/13/07 “Springsteen’s ‘Magic'” reviews Washington D.C. (11/11/07).  NEWSPAPER-62
    9/11/81 “Springsteen: A Fan’s Notes” reviews Landover, MD (8/4/81).
    Vol. 2/#1 “Springsteen Truce – 4th Album Soon.”
    2/26/88 “Bruce Springsteen: Fact and fantasy.”
    8/31/02 “Red, white & Bruce”. Interview.
    3/28/92 “The Boss is Back” with Human Touch/Lucky Town.
  • WEEKEND STAR (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-62
    7/20/85 “Springsteen proves he’s a hit, not just a myth” reviews London  (UK) (7/3/85).
    8/21/74 “Bruce Springsteen Smash” reviews Newark, DE (8/13/74).
    2/25/87 “Springsteen and the nadir of rock and roll.”
    2/25/87 ” Making a statement: Springsteen’s politics.”
  • DIE WELT (Germany)
    4/9/81 “Sprung auf die Boxen” reviews Hamburg (DE) (4/7/81).   NEWSPAPER-62
    2/26/12 “Und morgen fangen wir neu an.”  NEWSPAPER-120
    5/19/13 “Wer ist hier der Boss?”
    7/31/88 “Begeisterung bis zur Ohnmacht” reviews Bremen (DE) (7/30/88).
    7/31/88 “Fur Bruce ist Basti kein Weg zu weit.”
    6/18/99 “Der hat das ganze Stadion im Griff” reviews Bremen (DE) (6/17/99).
    9/23/09 “Der Boss wird 60.”
    7/26/78 “Springsteen affirms rock’s spirit; Meisner misses” reviews Darkness.
    8/9/78 “Springsteen – a rock ‘n’ roll phenomenon” reviews Kalamazoo, MI (8/7/78).
    4/5/93 “1000 Wunderkerzen fur den Boss der Rockmusik” reviews Dortmund (DE)(4/3/93).
    4/5/93 “WR-Leser feierten mit Borussen bein Konzert von Bruce Springsteen.”
    6/20/11 “Springsteen trauert um den ‘Big Man’ am Saxophon.”
    1/21/12 “Aufbruch war gestern – der Boss hat den Blues.”
    2/10/12 “Da kommt die Abrissbirne; Der Boss hat den Blues.”
    3/10/10 “Thank God: It’s A Bruce Springsteen Eucharist.”  NEWSPAPER-62
    11/7/12  Excerpt from Peter Ames Carlin’s Bruce in Oregon weekly.  NEWSPAPER-120
    10/15/75 Youthscene columnist Andy Mellen reviews Born to Run.
    3/4/73 Reviews Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. as “an intriguing mix.”
    3/5/88 “A New Boss” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3/88).
    Also see MADISON.COMInternet Articles
    6/10/78 “Springsteen rocks on and on” reviews Madison, WI (6/8/78).
    11/29/78 “Springsteen evokes essence of ‘rock'” reviews Madison, WI (11/28/78).
    2/3/81 “Springsteen ‘Proves It All Night'” reviews Madison, WI (2/2/81).
    9/17/87 “Janesville’s best man: Forget the bride, where’s the Boss?” Danny Federici’s wedding.
    11/5/92 “Springsteen Pulls Out A Winner” reviews Milwaukee, WI (11/3/92).
    9/29/02 “Springsteen Shows He’s Still The Boss” reviews Milwaukee, WI (9/27/02).
    9/29/02 “Typical, Tremendous Springsteen.”
    10/29/04 “‘The Boss’ Strikes A Serious Chord” reviews Madison, WI rally (10/28/04).
    8/9/05 “Fans Get Personal With The Boss” reviews Milwaukee, WI (8/7/05).
    10/16/05 “Springsteen Treats Fans With Eclectic Acoustic Set” reviews Madison, WI (10/15/05).
    10/16/05 “Wisconsin Fans Rhapsodize About The Boss.”
    6/5/73 “Bruce Springsteen.” Richard Harrington reviews Washington, D.C .(5/24/73).
    2/24/88 Cover “Big Boss Man”
    2/24/88 “Bossmania.”
    2/26/88 Time Out cover story: “First stop in the Tunnel of Love.”
    2/26/88 “That’s the Ticket!” reports on the scramble for tickets.
    Also see OMAHA.COMInternet Articles
    3/9/08 “What’s The Boss without the band?”
    3/10/08 “Five days of Bruce: Day 1.”
    3/11/08 “Five days of Bruce: Day 2.”
    3/12/08 “Five days of Bruce: Day 3.”
    3/13/08 “Five days of Bruce: Day 4.”
    3/13/08 “Acoustic vs. Electric: Springsteen’s fans take sides.”
    3/14/08 “Five days of Bruce: Day 5.”
    3/15/08 “A Bright idea from the Boss” reviews Omaha, NE (3/14/08).
    10/10/07 “Para ver a Bruce”
    2/27/09 “Gran expectacion para ver al ‘Boss'”

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    7/31/75 “Ooooh, it’s alright” reviews Lenox, MA (7/23/75).
    10/9/87 Preview of Tunnel of Love.
    10/14/87 Reviews Tunnel of Love.
    1/28/88  Full page photo.
    7/7/88 Israeli singers review London (UK) (6/25/88).
    7/14/88 “As Tears Go By,” a review of video clips.
    9/1/88 Bruce guests with Sting reviews NY, NY (8/24/88).
    12/29/88 Amnesty tour photo in year end review.
    1/26/89 Reviews the “Spare Parts” single.
    1/18/90 TV preview includes a Springsteen appearance.
    11/15/11 Will Springsteen perform in Israel in 2012?
    11/21/69 “Concerts Hit RMC.” Preview article mentions Child, coming to Randolph Macon College.
  • YORK DAILY RECORD NEWSPAPER-120                                                           9/15/95 “Halfway Hits” Top 25, Lucky Town #9
    11/12/95 “Album marks Springsteen’s return”
    7/1/85 All-Bruce special section previews Leeds (UK).  NEWSPAPER-120
    7/8/85 “Springsteen ” master of them all” reviews Leeds (UK) (7/7/85).  NEWSPAPER-62
  • YORKSHIRE POST (United Kingdom)                                                                     4/7/14 “Born to run… the world over to watch their hero” NEWSPAPER-120
    10/25/75 “Springsteen Phenomenon.”

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  • AD ZATERDAG (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-120
    6/8/85 “Met The Boss Naar Het Walhalla” reviews Slane Castle (IR) (6/1/85).
  • DIE ZEIT (Germany)  NEWSPAPER-120
    3/1/12 “Gottes Abrissbirne.”
    6/26/88 “Bruce Springsteen is terug” previews Rotterdam (NE).

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