Oral Histories

Video versions of the Oral Histories are available for viewing at the Archives. Narrative summaries are also available thanks to the efforts of Professor Melissa Ziobro and the Monmouth University Public History Class

  • Alexander, William “Billy”
    Roadie and poster designer for early Springsteen bands OH-1
  • Appel, Mike
    Springsteen manager 1971-1976 OH-1
  • Bazely, John
    Monmouth University student working in the archives OH-1
  • Carboy, Gerry
    Bass player, Tone bassist OH-1
  • Carter, Ernest “Boom”
    Drummer, Born to Run, Tone OH-1
  • Hood, Mel
    Owner Jason’s Jazz & Blues Club in Belmar, Singer OH-2
  • Layton, Kerry
    Shore area music fan and ambassador OH-2
  • Lopez, Vini “Mad Dog”
    Drummer in many early Springsteen bands & first two albums OH-2
  • Lowell, Lisa
    Vocalist, songwriter, guitarist OH-2
  • Mrowicki, Lee
    Stone Pony DJ & manager OH-2
  • Sancious, David
    Keyboard player early Springsteen bands, Tone, others OH-3
  • Scelsa, Vin
    Radio Host, pop culture historian, Freeform DJ New York Radio OH-3
  • Schneier, Barry
    Photographer OH-3
  • Skelly, Richard
    Journalist, radio host, blues historian OH-3
  • Stefanko, Frank
    Photographer OH-3
  • Stine, Don
    Local journalist and historian OH-3
  • West, Carl “Tinker”
    Manager for early Springsteen bands, audio guru, surfboards OH-3
  • Yaccarino, Judi
    From family-owned nightclub, the Green Parrot OH-3