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    3/6/18 “AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and More Releasing Albums for Record Store Day”
    5/27/18 “Bruce Springsteen Inspired a Plot Point in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’”
    2/25/18 “Oscar Performances Worth Revisiting”
    8/21/15 Born to Run at 40 by Tom Cunningham INTERNET-1
    2/28/18 “Inside Bruce Springsteen’s 26-year marriage”
    3/20/19 “Bruce Springsteen Archival film footage added to Asbury Park Music & Film Festival” -40
    3/7/2023 “Bruce Springsteen  Archives to Present ‘American Music Honors’ Show at Monmouth University Honoring Steve Van Zandt, Darlene Love and Sam Moore”-40
    3/27/18 “Howard Stern Tongue-Tied in Exclusive Bruce Springsteen Interview”
    11/30/16 “Bruce Springsteen Visits Denver’s Tattered Cover”
    5/6/20 “Iconic Asbury Park music venue The Stone Pony hosting livestream concerts”- 54
    5/29.20 “Get an exclusive Bruce Springsteen Quarantine t-shirt” -54
  • 947W/S.COM
    12/21/18 “Upcoming Bruce Springsteen book promises ‘The stories behind the songs'” – 37
     12/4/18 “Bruce Springsteen Reveals 2019 Plans: New Album; E Street Tour”-37
    12/30/18 “25 Years Ago: How Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young Completed ‘Philadelphia'” – 37
  • 963KKLZ.COM
    4/1/19 “Bruce Springsteen voted best road trip artist”-41
    7/31/20 “Taylor Swift is dubbed ‘The Millennial Bruce Springsteen,’ twitter reacts”-56
    8/31/20 “Bruce Springsteen: Is he reactivating the E Street Band?” -57
    12/17/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne added to ‘Stand with Teachers’ livestream fundraiser” -61
    3/21/19 “Rare Bruce Springsteen footage to be screened at Asbury Park Music & Film Festival next month” -40
    3/19 “ABC- Classic Rock News” -40
    7/17/19 “His Hometown: Exhibit of Bruce Springsteen artifacts opening this September in Freehold, New Jersey” -44
    11/16/10 “Bruce Springsteen: Darkness Returns.”
    3/5/12 “La nueva cruzada de Springsteen.”
    2/5/14 “Fans flock to Perth for WA’s first Springsteen concert”
    2/12/14 “Springsteen still kicks it on the latest album ‘High Hopes'”
    2/14/14 “How to be an elite Bruce Springsteen fan.”
    2/25/14 “Busting out of a Three-Lane Life with the Boss (1975 to present).
    11/28/16 “Bruce Springsteen fans line up to get book signed by ‘The Boss’”
    11/3/18 “‘Springsteen on Broadway’ coming to Netflix in December”-36
    3/27/20 “Movies missed: Sandy Kenyon reviews ‘Blinded By The Light'” -52
    8/4/04 “The Boss vs. Bush.” Excerpts from an interview conducted by Ted Koppel.
    4/24/06 “What’s Next for Bruce Springsteen.”
    12/2/07 “E Street Band’s Van Zandt Launches Music Education Program.”
    12/20/07 “Mom, muse and musician.” Patti Scialfa interview.
    8/15/09 “Was Dylan Searching for the Home Where Springsteen Penned “Born to Run”?”
    10/19/11 “World’s Largest Bruce Springsteen Archive?”
    2/7/17 “From Bruce Springsteen to Amy Winehouse: The anatomy of a hit song”
    8/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen trends on twitter and more unique moments from the first virtual DNC”-57
    2/24/21 “Bruce Springsteen pleads guilty to consuming alcohol in a closed area”-63
    4/24/20 “Dion releasing new blues album featuring Springsteen, Paul Simon, Van Morrison & many other stars” -53
    5/14/20 “‘Broken Poet,’ new film featuring Bruce Springsteen cameo, coming May 15” -54
    5/22/20 “Tramps like us: The Airborne Toxic event fuses with Bruce & ‘The violent world of children” with ‘Hollywood Park'” -54
    6/3/20 “Dropkick Murphys raise $700K with Streaming Outta Fenway concert featuring Bruce Springsteen” -55
    7/9/20 “Hear Heart’s Nancy Wilson cover Springsteen’s “The Rising” for new side project, The Lab” -56
    7/9/20 “Nils Lofgren says Springsteen and the E Street Band have been recording a great new album” -56
    7/20/20 “New Bruce Springsteen digital compilation features acoustic live performances from the 1980’s to the 2000’s” -56
    7/20/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen, Billy Gibbons & Paul Simon wish Dion a happy 81st Birthday” -56
    7/23/20 “Eddie Vedder reveals “gem of advice” Bruce Springsteen gave him” -56
    8/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Bob Weir among stars to be featured in virtual Joe Strummer tribute event Friday” -57
    12/2/20 “Ringo Starr, Bruce Springsteen to make special appearances on ‘Play On’ charity concert special this month” -61
    1/15/21 “Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen performing during Biden Inauguration Day Concert” -62
    3/8/21 “Bruce Springsteen releases second digital compilation featuring liver versions of cover tunes” -64
    3/31/21 “Bruce Springsteen nominated for international male solo artist honor at 2021 Brit Awards” -64
    9/28/07 Bruce’s introduction to “Livin’ In The Future” on The Today Show (9/28/07).
    7/20/2018 “Bruce Springsteen Makes a Surprise Appearance at Billy Joel Concert”
    3/3/21 “Bruce Springsteen, Russell Crowe and more pay tribute to the late music producer Michael Gudinski” -64
    3/27/21 “Bruce Springsteen scales back touring for fears of poisoning his ‘beautiful’ family life” -64
    6/20/05 “Springsteen als meester van het subtiele geluid” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (6/19/05).
    4/4/20 “Jason Isbell’s hang outs with Lady Gaga, Springsteen, Bradley Cooper”-53
    10/1/12 What Bruce Springsteen can teach about building a brand.
    2/4/21 “Will Bruce Springsteen be in Jeep’s superbowl ad?”- 63
    9/23/06 On Bruce’s 57th birthday, an interview with Backstreets‘ Christopher Phillips.
    2/24/95 “The Boss Who Would Be King.” Reviews Greatest Hits.
    10/21/95 “Boss & “Joe Grushecky Devastate Philly. Reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/19/95).
    1/31/17 “Review: Bruce Springsteen at Adelaide Entertainment Centre”
    10/19/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography calls his 2006 Jazz Fest show ‘one of the most meaningful’”
    4/30/19 “Will Bruce Springsteen release footage of his 2006 post-Katrina Jazz Fest Show?” -41
    10/4/07 “Springsteen brushes off ‘unpatriotic’ label during filming of 60 Minutes.
    9/13/13 Springsteen honors Chilean singer, Victor Jara. INTERNET-1
    Also see AFTENPOSTEN (Norway) – Newspaper Articles
    12/4/07 “‘The Boss’ is back” in Oslo, greeted by fans.
    12/5/07 “Enda mer Springsteen!”
    12/5/07 “Bruce rocket Oslo-natta” reviews Oslo (NO) (12/4/07).
    7/8/08 “Springsteen warmed up Oslo” reviews Oslo (NO) (7/7/08).
    2/23/12 Wrecking Ball review: 5 out of 6.
    6/5/09 “Bossen het trots kylan” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/4/09).
    6/6/09 “Bruce Vill bara ka kul” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/5/09).
    6/8/09 “Makalost bra Bruce” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/7/09).
    3/3/12 Three stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball.
    7/28/12 Reviews Gothenburg (SE) (7/27/12).
    7/29/12 “Knockout”: Reviews Gothenburg (SE) (7/28/12).
    12/13/13 An “Archival” Review of High Hopes.
    3/31/13 Michael Dwyer reviews Macedon, Victoria (AU) (3/30/13).
    2/14/14 “Making a decent living music to most performers’ ears.”
    2/4/17 “E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt joins Hoodoo Gurus on stage in Melbourne”
    5/24/19 “I’m Bruce Springsteen, and I approved this message” -42
    5/2/13 Graeme Johannessen reviews Oslo (NO) (4/30/13).
    Also see THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTIONNewspaper Articles
    5/27/00 “His Hometown.” A fan visits Freehold.
    5/28/00 “Springsteen’s New Jersey,” surveys the famous sites.
    6/4/00 “Springsteen uses guitar to conquer Atlanta.” Reviews Atlanta, GA (6/3/00).
    11/28/00 ”Springsteen’s New Jersey – Where carnival lights still glow brightly.”
    11/28/00 “The Boss’ two sold out shows at Philips Arena are just a week away.”
    12/11/02 “Gwinnett venue lands ‘the Boss'”
    6/22/07 Bruce attends performance by The Nightwatchman.
    4/24/08 “Springsteen not a big radio draw.”
    4/26/08 “Stalking Springsteen: A man’s quest to meet the Boss.”
    4/26/08 “The Boss at Philips Arena: 10 moments” reviews Atlanta, GA (4/25/08).
    4/27/09 “Springsteen can’t be 60 when he rocks like this” reviews Atlanta, GA(4/26/09).
    3/19/12 “Springsteen triumphs” reviews Atlanta, GA (3/18/12).
    4/21/14 Lofgren on the E Street Band’s Boss: Nobody is Better.
    5/11/20 “Little Steven Van Zandt tweaks radio show” -54
    3/13/21 “In upcoming podcast, Barack Obama credits mother for his path” -64
    1/22/19 “What “Springsteen on Broadway” says about fathers, forgiveness, and how a generation says goodbye” -38
  • AL.COM
    1/17/21 “Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen among stars set for Biden inauguration events” -62
    11/2/07 “Tramps Like Us” reviews Oakland, CA (10/25/07).
    6/04/18 “Bruce Springsteen sings of Mary’s loss in “Jesus Was an Only Son”

    3/5/18 “Tom Cunningham Joins All Access As Hot AC Editor”
    1/6/14 “ Kenya: Uhuru’s Cousin Features in Bruce Springsteen’s Rock Album”.
    10/10/07 Three star review of Magic.
    11/8/20 “Bruce Springsteen brings Jon Landau into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”-60
    Undated 1996 Extensive retrospective by William Ruhlmann
    2/26/14 Memo to Rich Conservatives: Bruce Springsteen Doesn’t Love You Back. (6/27/12).
    6/15/20 “Hear Black Veil Brides cover Bruce Springsteen in support of BLM” -55
    10/13/17 Springsteen on Broadway creates new Performance Template
    9/19/04 “USA Weekend publishes request of woman in Groom asking for Springsteen’s address.”
    8/26/20 “Tramps like us: 45 Years of Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run” -57
    2/10/03 “The Rising” of Bruce Springsteen.
    9/12/11 “A Dream of Life: Revisiting Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising.”
    4/18/18 “The Enduring Catholic Imagination of Bruce Springsteen”
    3/29/21 “Dear Barack and Bruce: I’m a fan. But your new podcast is cringeworthy” -64
    9/1/06 “The Boss, Rooted” reviews We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.
    3/5/12 Four-and-one-half stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball. INTERNET-1
    7/7/13 Jim Bevigilia’s “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)” story. INTERNET-2
    4/10/14 Reviews Cincinnati, OH (4-18-14); Bruce Raises the Roof in Cincinnati. INTERNET-2
    5/16/17 “Little Steven: Soulfire”
    10/16/17 “On Broadway, Bruce Springsteen Reboots The Narrative”
    4/16/18 “Bruce Springsteen, “Highway Patrolman”
    7/3/18 “Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2 1987-1996” – 32
    10/22/19 “Behind the song: Bruce Springsteen, “Atlantic City”” -47
    3/9/20 “Behind the song: “Because The Night” by Patti Smith & Bruce Springsteen”-52
    5/19/20 “Watch never-before seen footage of John Wesley Harding and Bruce Springsteen performing “Wreck on the Highway”” -54
    6/13/20 “Bruce Springsteen discusses Dion, the saxophone, his wife. Patti’s vocal production and playing guitar on Dion’s ‘Blues with Friends'” -55
    6/29/20 “Rock and Roll hall of fame drops previously unseen Bruce Springsteen performances” -55
    7/1/20 “Bruce Springsteen relives the magical, classic sounds of Asbury Park on SiriusXM episode” -56
    7/2/20 “Parade Magazine names America’s favorite patriotic songs” -56
    7/11/20 “Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock & Roll streaming free on Youtube”-56
    7/15/20 “Behind the Song: “That’s What Makes Us Great” by Joe Grushecky (Featuring Bruce Springsteen)” -56
    7/30/20 “Patti Scialfa receives birthday musical tribute from husband Bruce Springsteen on latest SiriusXM show” -56
    9/23/20 “Springsteen’s birthday today, new song “Ghosts” premiers tomorrow”-5812/2/20 “Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen added to Steven Van Zandt’s ‘Stand with Teachers’ benefit” -61
    2/10/21 “Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers with special guest Bruce Springsteen added to this weekend’s Light of Day festival” -63
    9/11/03 In “That same unbelievable blue,” Toby Sullivan discusses 9/11, The Rising.
    3/11/22 Bruce Springsteen riceve l’opera di Paola Lomuscio: Oh wow, sono io! Lo adoro! INTERNET-1
    11/7/14 “The Circuit” Asbury Park, NJ.
    5/27/14 “Bruce Springsteen Month: Born in the U.S.A”
    3/2/18 “Steven Van Zandt Announces Very Special Tour”
    4/22/18 “Bruce Springsteen Release Preview Video For Box Set”
    6/04/18 “Bruce Springsteen Streams Full Classic Album Performance For Anniversary”
    5/10/19 “Bruce Springsteen performs with Little Steven in Asbury Park” -42
    4/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen does acoustic jam for pandemic relief” -53
    5/31/20 “Bruce Springsteen does remote jam with Dropkick Murphys” -54
    11/28/20 “Bruce Springsteen shares ‘Power of Prayer’ lyric video” -60
    12/28/20 “Eddie Vedder streams acoustic cover of Bruce Springsteen classic” -61
    7/9/09 Setlist, brief review of Herning (DK) (7/8/09).
    7/9/09 “Musik, ol og hygge I Ostergade eften koncerten.”
    7/9/09 “Politiet havde en rolig aften ved Bruce Springsteen-koncerten.”
    Also see THE ASSOCIATED PRESSNewspaper Articles
    10/9/96 “Springsteen sets record straight” – he doesn’t support Dole.
    6/8/00 “New Springsteen song references Diallo case.”
    8/16/04 “NY Senate candidate calls for boycott of Bruce Springsteen over anti-Bush campaign.”
    2/16/05 “New Springsteen album due in April; tour to follow.” Bruce interviewed.
    4/22/05 “Boss shares his songs and stories” on VH1’s Storytellers.
    7/21/05 “Springsteen’s musical education continues on tour.” Interview article.
    7/13/06 “Springsteen’s son pulled from NY lake after kayak overturns.”
    5/10/10 “E Street’s Clemons: Pain will make me stronger.”
    9/14/10 “Springsteen Talks Darkness With Festival Doc.”
    9/15/10 “Springsteen Says Darkness Marked Dawn of Career.”
    10/4/10 “HBO film captures key moments for Springsteen.”
    3/5/12 David Bauder reviews Wrecking Ball.
    Also see ASBURY PARK PRESSNewspaper Articles
    11/10/96 “Bruce makes musical mischief” reviews Freehold, NJ (11/8/96). INTERNET-3
    11/24/96 “Music clubs helped make Asbury Park scene.” INTERNET-3
    11/25/96 “The Boss rules the boardwalk once again.” INTERNET-3
    11/25/96 “3 Springsteen concerts in Asbury Park sell out rapidly.” INTERNET-3
    11/29/1996 “Springsteen redefined a signature song in latest shows.” INTERNET-3
    12/1/96 “After hours with the Boss.” INTERNET-3
    12/15/97 “Springsteen jams at Long Branch bar” reviews Long Branch, NJ (12/13/97). INTERNET-3
    12/1/98 “Concert raises $112,000 for slain officer’s family” in Red Bank, NJ (1/31/98). INTERNET-3
    12/4/00 “NAACP cites 12 leaders, including Springsteen.” INTERNET-3
    7/13/04 “Fortune teller returns to Asbury Park boardwalk.” INTERNET-3
    9/16/04 “NPR to broadcast early Springsteen recording.” INTERNET-3
    10/31/04 “A report from the road” as the Vote For Change tour comes to an end. INTERNET-3
    3/20/05 “A question of faith” as good and evil square off on Devils & Dust. INTERNET-3
    4/5/05 “Boss performs in Red Bank” at taping of VH1’s Storytellers. INTERNET-3
    4/6/05 “Sneak peek of Boss’ CD wows crowd.” INTERNET-3
    12/11/05 “Family bonding and The Boss.” INTERNET-3
    4/30/06 “The Curious Apocalypse of Bruce Springsteen.” INTERNET-3
    6/26/06 “Fans soak in Bruce Springsteen’s folk tour.” Reviews Holmdel, NJ (6/24/06). INTERNET-3
    9/21/06 “Springsteen fans listen at stage door” during rehearsals. INTERNET-3
    9/22/06 Steven Van Zandt interview: “Not Ready To Fuhgeddaboutit.” INTERNET-3
    9/29/06 “A Random Act of Kindness” as fans listen to rehearsals. INTERNET-3
    10/2/06 “Author brings fans back to Asbury.” Robert Santelli at the Library. INTERNET-3
    10/7/06 “Grushecky leads ‘Life’ of a rocker, educator.” INTERNET-3
    12/8/06 “Asbury’s rock legends reunite and reminisce.” INTERNET-3
    12/11/06 “Boss just part of the crowd at Asbury Lanes.” INTERNET-3
    2/9/07 “E Street members give thumbs up to tribute act.” INTERNET-3
    3/30/07 “Worshiping at the Altar of Bruce…at Carnegie Hall.” INTERNET-3
    4/27/07 “Bobby Bandiera recalls Shore scene of yore.” INTERNET-3
    6/5/07 “Boss shows brilliance on Live In Dublin.” INTERNET-3
    6/8/07 “Not Dead Yet. Van Zandt is coy about series finale.” INTERNET-3
    6/26/07 “‘Mad Dog’ on a musical mission.” Vini Lopez pushes Steel Mill CD . INTERNET-3
    7/31/07 “Jersey Shore music veteran Terry Magovern dies.” INTERNET-3
    8/1/07 Obituary, Frank “Terry” Magovern, of Rumson. INTERNET-3
    8/26/07 “Filmmaker Focuses on The Pony.” INTERNET-3
    9/11/07 “Magic was missing at Springsteen rehearsal.” INTERNET-3
    9/28/07 “Springsteen, E Street Band rock Today show.” Reviews NY, NY (9/28/07). INTERNET-3
    10/1/07 Comment: “Boss’ rehearsal handled badly.” INTERNET-3
    10/5/07 “Springsteen brushes off unpatriotic label during filming of 60 minutes interview.” INTERNET-3
    10/15/07 “Benefit for SPCA held Saturday” reviews Middletown, NJ (10/13/07). INTERNET-3
    10/15/07 Letter to the editor: “Littlest fans get respect.” INTERNET-3
    3/7/08 “Boss booked for Basie Theatre benefit.” INTERNET-3
    3/9/08 “Vaughn snags Springsteen for documentary.” INTERNET-3
    3/20/08 “Ticket auction for Boss’ Basie benefit begins today.” INTERNET-3
    3/25/08 “Signed Boss guitar to be raffled for charity.” INTERNET-3
    5/4/08 “Asbury’s Temple of Knowledge survives.” INTERNET-3
    5/8/08 “A trip down Memory Lane” reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/7/08). INTERNET-3
    7/1/08 “Boardwalk fortune teller Madam Marie dies.” INTERNET-3
    10/18/08 “Springsteen donates, celebrates Asbury Park HS football team. INTERNET-3
    12/22/08 “Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Southside play benefit” in Red Bank, NJ (12/22/08). INTERNET-3
    1/25/09 “Springsteen counts his blessings” reviews Working on a Dream. INTERNET-3
    1/27/09 Michael Riley: “Springsteen’s Dream: Cherish every minute.” INTERNET-3
    2/2/09 Super Bowl: “Short show has The Boss in top form” reviews Tampa, FL (2/1/09). INTERNET-3
    9/1/09 Long Branch house where Bruce wrote “Born to Run” is for sale. INTERNET-3
    9/30/09 Springsteen’s good-bye to Giants Stadium; reviews East Rutherford, NJ (9/30/09). INTERNET-3
    5/7/10 “Springsteen, Pinsky talk songs, poetry” reviews Florham Park, NY (5/6/10). INTERNET-4
    8/16/10 “A Master Guitar Craftsman Passes.” Phil Petillo had a Boss client. INTERNET-4
    1/16/11 “Springsteen highlights ‘Light of Day’ show” in Asbury Park, NJ (1/15/11). INTERNET-4
    3/30/11 Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to the Editor on poverty and aid cuts. INTERNET-4
    6/16/11 “Clarence Clemons’ condition still serious.” INTERNET-4
    8/6/11 Marion Vinyard “recalls how a young Springsteen practiced in her home.” INTERNET-4
    12/21/11 Obituary:Castiles drummer Vincent Manniello. INTERNET-4
    1/11/12 “E Street Band’s Nils Lofgren: ‘Life is grand.'” INTERNET-4
    3/5/12 “Boss fights the good fight” on Wrecking Ball. INTERNET-4
    3/11/12 Vinne Roslin fundraiser draws a crowd. INTERNET-4
    3/14/12 Bruce’s 10th No. 1 record ties Elvis. INTERNET-4
    4/26/12 Bruce’s aunt, Dora Kirby, dies at 92. INTERNET-4
    8/17/12 Baby Bruce look-alike contest in Freehold. INTERNET-4
    9/20/12 “Springsteen rocks MetLife,” East Rutherford, NJ (9/19/12). INTERNET-4
    9/23/12 “Bruce-sized birthday party” at East Rutherford, NJ (9/22/12). INTERNET-4
    8/30/13 “Jake Clemons shines at the Wonder Bar” Asbury Park, NJ (8/22/13) INTERNET-4
    9/16/13 “A Springsteen birthday party”. INTERNET-4
    11/9/13 Bruce Springsteen: Who’s the Girl on the Phone? By Chris Jordan INTERNET-4
    11/19/13 High Hopes to Release, Album or First Single from Upcoming Album? INTERNET-4
    1/8/14 “Springsteen to Appear on Jimmy Fallon’s Show. INTERNET-4
    1/9/14 “High Praise for Springsteen’s HIGH HOPES; A Star Growing, Not Diminishing.” INTERNET-4
    1/9/14 “Michelle Moore ‘Blessed’ to be with the E Street Band.” INTERNET-4
    1/10/14 “New Jersey Marks First Annual Clarence Clemons Day.” INTERNET-4
    1/17/14 ”Robert Santelli Takes Part in Monmouth University Commencement.” INTERNET-4
    1/22/14 “Springsteen Son, Sam, Graduates from Monmouth County Fire Academy.” INTERNET-4
    1/25/14 The Boss to Release 12-inch Vinyl EP American Beauty to Mark Record Store Day 4/19/14 INTERNET-4
    4/6/14 E Street Band Entering Rock Hall of Fame, 15 Years after Bruce Springsteen. INTERNET-4
    5/8/14 Obama Hangs with Spielberg, Springsteen at Shoah Benefit Gala, (5/7/14). INTERNET-4
    5/8/14 “Springsteen’s Original Born to Run Lyrics on Display at Duke.” INTERNET-4
    6/18/14 E Street to 18th Green; Vini Lopez Knows the Big Stages. INTERNET-4
    6/25/14 Tillie, the Springsteen Icon; In Good Shape. INTERNET-4
    7/10/14 Eddie Manion on McCartney, Springsteen and the Spotlight. INTERNET-4
    7/16/14 Portions of Hunter of Invisible Game movie films at Sandy Hook, NJ. INTERNET-4
    8/15/14 The Robin Williams-Bruce Springsteen Connection. INTERNET-4
    8/19/14 Springsteen Honors Musical Role Model. INTERNET-4
    9/6/14 The Night Janis Joplin Met Bruce Springsteen. INTERNET-4
    9/13/14 Why Bruce Springsteen Still Matters at 65. INTERNET-4
    9/20/14 Bruce Springsteen, Steel Mill and the swim club melee INTERNET-4
    9/20/14 Bruce Springsteen Forum Celebrates His Life, Music. INTERNET-4
    9/22/14 Monmouth University Poll: For New Jerseyans, Springsteen Still Rocks. INTERNET-4
    10/5/14 Remembering Clarence Clemons’ Club, Big Man’s West. INTERNET-4
    10/24/14 Max Weinberg Talks Jazz, Family and E Street Band. INTERNET-4
    10/25/14 Online Auction of Barry Schneier Iconic 20 X 30 Photo. INTERNET-4
    11/14/14 Springsteen Inducts Brian Williams into NJ Hall of Fame. INTERNET-4
    11/18/14 New Website Feature Live Bruce Springsteen. INTERNET-4
    12/17/14 Federici’s, Windmill Restaurants Hold Special Spots on Bruce’s Plate. INTERNET-4
    12/17/14 Bobby Bandiera and the Bon Jovi, Springsteen Connection—Hope Concert VII. INTERNET-4
    12/17/14 Joe Rapolla: Monmouth University’s Music Man; Not Your Average Professor. INTERNET-4
    1/7/15 Light of Day: Bob Benjamin and the Springsteen Factor. INTERNET-4
    1/11/15 A Big Man-Sized Party for the Late Clarence Clemons at Bar Anticipation, Belmar, NJ. INTERNET-4
    1/17/15 The Boss Shines at Light of Day 2015. INTERNET-4
    1/18/15 Interview: Bruce Springsteen Talks Light of Day. INTERNET-4
    2/18/15 Southside Johnny on Springsteen and the Pony Music Fan. By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    3/21/15 Jessica Springsteen Saddles Up for Tour. INTERNET-4
    4/4/15 Reviews The Night Bruce Springsteen Played Achy Breaky Heart, (3/23/93). INTERNET-4
    4/7/15 Contest Winners Tour Asbury’s Legendary Upstage Club . By Jean Mickle. INTERNET-4
    5/26/15 The Top Seven Bruce Springsteen Summer Songs by Chris Jordan. INTERNET 4
    6/9/15 Melissa Etheridge on tour, speaks about Springsteen’s influence INTERNET-4
    6/26/15 Upstage Club Sold. By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    6/28/15 Kip Moore: Bruce Springsteen helped me battle my demons. By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    8/16/15 Bon Jovi: I’m Not In “Competition” with Bruce Springsteen. INTERNET-4
    8/24/15 Born to Run in Black and White. By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    8/25/15 Boss way to celebrate Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Day. INTERNET-4
    8/31/15 Granddaughters Run Historic Asbury Park Fortune-telling Shop. INTERNET-4
    9/23/15 A Bruce Springsteen Birthday Surprise at the Basie. By Chris Jordan. 10/4/15 John Fogerty on Fortunate Son Memoir. INTERNET-4
    10/11/15 Robbin Thompson, Bruce Springsteen bandmate, dies . By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    10/14/15 The Night Springsteen Played the Barn at Rutgers. INTERNET-4
    11/11/15 The Pasta Power of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. By Chris Jordan. INTERNET-4
    11/13/15 Piano Mystery at Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run house. INTERNET-4
    4/10/16 “Why Greensboro Matters: A Brief History of Springsteen Cancellations” INTERNET-4
    8/26/16 “Bruce Springsteen sets own U.S. record for longest show” -9
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    7/18/11 “A Sensational Night at the Wonder Bar” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/17/11). INTERNET-5
    9/3/11 “Somewhere Across The Border.” An interview with busker David Gonalez. INTERNET-5
    10/2/11 “We’ll Sleep in the Fields of Gold” reviews NY, NY (10/1/11). INTERNET-5
    10/24/11 Reviews Boston College benefit, Asbury Park, NJ (10/22/11). INTERNET-5
    11/4/11 “Working for your love” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (11/3/11). INTERNET-5
    11/5/11 “Incident on Fifth Avenue” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (11/4/11). INTERNET-5
    11/10/11 “Stand and deliver” reviews NY, NY (11/9/11). INTERNET-5
    11/21/11 Eric Meola’s book reimagined on a grand scale. INTERNET-5
    1/8-9/12 “Asbury via Norfolk” reviews the Clarence Clemons tribute concerts. INTERNET-5
    1/19/12 Christopher Phillips analyzes “We Take Care Of Our Own”. INTERNET-5
    2/9/12 “How to ‘Replace’ Clarence Clemons? With An Army.” INTERNET-5
    2/12/12 Vinnie Roslin, R.I.P. INTERNET-5
    2/13/12 Stuart Levine reviews Bruce at the Grammys in LA (2/12/12). INTERNET-5
    2/14/12 “NJ Hall of Fame Welcomes E Street Band.” INTERNET-5
    2/27/12 Reviews the E Street Band on NBC, NY, NY (2/27/12). INTERNET-5
    3/2/12 Full text of the Feb. 15, 2012 Paris interview. INTERNET-5
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    3/10/12 “Live from ‘The True Temple of Soul'” reviews NY, NY (3/9/12). INTERNET-5
    3/15/12 “Bruce Jams” at SXSW. Reviews Austin, TX (3/14/12). INTERNET-5
    3/15/12 Highlights from Bruce’s keynote to SXSW. INTERNET-5
    3/16/12 “Meet me at the Wrecking Ball” reviews Austin, TX (3/15/12). INTERNET-5
    3/19/12 “Let me see what you’ve got” reviews Atlanta, GA (3/18/12). INTERNET-5
    3/20/12 Greensboro, SC review (3/19/12). INTERNET-5
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    5/18/12 “For This Man, Over Here” reviews Barcelona (ES) (5/17/12). INTERNET-5.A
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    5/27/12 “Raising A Fuss in Frankfurt” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (5/25/12). INTERNET-5.A
    5/28/12 “Wigging Out In Cologne” reviews Cologne (FR) (5/27/12). INTERNET-5.A
    5/31/12 “When I Leave Berlin” reviews Berlin (DE) (5/30/12). INTERNET-5.A
    6/3/12 Salvador Trepat reviews San Sebastian (ES) (6/2/12). INTERNET 5-A
    6/4/12 “Twisting & Shouting” reviews Lisbon (PT) (6/3/12). INTERNET-5.A
    6/8/12 Review of Milan (IT) (6/7/12). INTERNET 5-A
    6/11/12 Guglielmo Latini reviews Florence (IT) (6/10/12). INTERNET-5.A
    6/12/12 Mauro Regis reviews Trieste (ES) (6/11/12). INTERNET-5.A
    6/18/12 Historically long show in Madrid (ES) (6/17/12). INTERNET-5.A
    6/19/12 Reviews Montpellier (FR) (6/18/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/5/12 Reviews Paris (FR) (7/4/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/6/12 Caryn Rose, Glen Radecki review Paris (FR) (7/5/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/8/12 Dirk Jungmann reviews Roskilde (DE) (7/7/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/10/12 Michael Stutts reviews Zurich (CH) (7/9/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/12/12 Rare show in Prague (CZ) (7/11/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/13/12 Reviews Vienna (AT) (7/12/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/15/12 Paul McCartney joins the show; London (UK) (7/14/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/16/12 The curfew fiasco, revisited. INTERNET-5.A
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    7/18/12 Night 2 in Dublin (IR) (7/18/12). INTERNET-5.A
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    7/22/12 Reviews the Oslo (NO) memorial concert. (7/22/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/23/12 Ivan Noer reviews Bergen (NO) (7/23/12). INTERNET-5.A
    7/24/12 Bergen (NO) Night 2, with major set changes. (7/24/12). INTERNET 5-A.
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    8/16/12 Night 2 in Boston, MA (8/15/12): grand slam! INTERNET-5.A
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    8/25/12 Christy Osoling reviews Toronto (CA) (8/24/12). INTERNET-5.A
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    12/13/12 E Street Band at the Hurricane Sandy benefit in NY, NY (12/12/12). INTERNET 5.A
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    1/17/13 Tom Morello will join ESB for Australian tour. INTERNET-5.A
    2/10/13 Bruce Springsteen: MusiCares’ Person Of The Year. INTERNET-5.A
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    3/17/13 “High Hopes” kicks-off Brisbane (AU) (3/16/13). INTERNET-5.A
    3/19/13 First night in Sydney (AU) (3/18/13). INTERNET-5.A
    3/21/13 Reviews Sydney (AU) (3/20/13). “No pattern to tour.” INTERNET-5.A
    3/23/13 Third night in Sydney (AU) (3/22/13). INTERNET-5.A
    3/25/13 Desiree Koh reviews Melbourne (AU) (3/24/13). INTERNET-5.A
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    3/28/13 Third night in Melbourne (AU) (3/27/13). INTERNET-5.A
    3/31/13 Reviews Macedon, Victoria (AU) (3/30/13). INTERNET-5.A
    4/1/13 Spectacular finale at Hanging Rock (AU) (3/31/13). INTERNET-5.A
    4/30/13 Ivan Noer reviews Oslo (NO) (4/29/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/1/13 Night two in Oslo (NO) (4/30/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/4/13 Glenn Radecki reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/3/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/5/13 Night two in Stockholm (SE) (5/4/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/8/13 “Supermarket” surprise in Turku (FI) (5/7/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/9/13 Die-hard’s dream set in Turku (FI) (5/8/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/12/13 Complete BITUSA in Stockholm (SE) (5/11/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/13/13 Bruce Springsteen’s “thank you” note to Sweden. INTERNET-5.B
    5/15/13 Connor Kirkpatrick reviews Copenhagen (DN) (5/14/13). INTERNET-5.A
    5/17/13 Søren Juhl reviews Herning (DK) (5/16/13). INTERNET-5.B
    5/24/13 Gianni Sibilla reviews Napoli (IT) (5/23/13). INTERNET-5.B
    5/26/13 Dirk Jugmann reviews Munich (DE) (5/26/13). INTERNET-5.B
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    6/21/13 Spectacular, note-perfect show in Coventry (UK) (6/20/13). INTERNET-5.B
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    6/26/13 Glenn Radecki reviews Gijon (ES) (6/26/13). INTERNET 5-B
    6/30/13 Surprise requests, granted, in Paris (FR) (6/29/13). INTERNET-5.B
    7/1/13 The band returns to Hard Rock Calling, London (UK) (6/30/13). INTERNET-5.B
    7/4/12 “Wonderful show” in Geneva (CH) (7/3/13). INTERNET-5.B
    7/6/13 “Incredible request-fest” in Monchengladbach (DE) (7/5/13). INTERNET 5-B
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    7/12/13 Rome (IT) (7/11/13): “Superb, highly unusual set.” INTERNET 5-B
    7/14/13 Werchter (BE) (7/13/13): Not epic, just fantastic. INTERNET 5-B
    7/17/13 “Beautiful night” in Limerick (IR) (7/16/13). INTERNET 5-B
    7/19/13 “The greatest show on earth” in Cork (IR) (7/18/13). INTERNET 5-B
    7/21/13 Brenda VanHorn reviews Belfast (UK) (7/20/13). INTERNET 5-B
    7/24/13 Cardiff (UK): “An amazing 33 songs” (7/23/13). INTERNET 5-B
    7/25/13 “Rock ‘n’ roll baptism” in Leeds (UK) (7/24/13). INTERNET 5-B
    7/28/13 High expectations go clank in Kilkenny (IR) (7/27/13). INTERNET 5-B
    9/18/13 “Sao Paolo Brazil: Ole Ole Ole” reviews Sao Paolo (BR). INTERNET-5B
    10/30/13 DVD and CD Release ‘The Human Rights’ Concerts-1986-1998. INTERNET – 5B
    11/07/13 Reviews ‘Stand Up For Heroes, 2013’ Guitar Auction Nets $250,000. INTERNET-5B
    11/25/13 New Album High Hopes Releases January 14, 2014 and Liner Notes. INTERNET-5B
    1/9/14 “Bruce’s Latest SiriusXM High Hopes Interview.” (1-10-14). INTERNET-5B
    2/4/14 Reviews Four Shows in Australia and New Zealand-“Ready to Grow Young Again.” INTERNET-5B
    2/8/14 “Perth “3” Mutha-Flippin Highway To Hell”; Reviews Perth (AU) (2/8/14). INTERNET-5B
    2/11/14” Adelaide (AU) Starts with Encore First!” Review and Set List (2/11/14). INTERNET-5B
    2/12/14 Reviews Adelaide (AU) World Premier of “Hunter of Invisible Game’ (2/12/14). INTERNET-5B
    2/17/14 Reviews Sydney, AU; ” Ed Manion Fills in for Jake Clemons” (2/19/14) and Set list. INTERNET-5B
    2/22/14 Reviews Hunter Valley, AU; “The Wish” was “Wow Moment” and Set List (2/22/14). INTERNET-5B
    2/26/14 Reviews Brisbane (AU) The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle (2/26/14). INTERNET-5B
    3/1/14 Reviews Night #1 Auckland, NZ Complete Born in the USA & Set list (3/1/14). INTERNET-5B
    3/3/14 Reviews Auckland, NZ My City of Ruins for “Friends from Christchurch” (3/2/14). INTERNET-5B
    4/6/14 Reviews Dallas, TX 2014 NCAA March Madness Music Festival, (4/6/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/8/14 Reviews Cincinnati, OH; High Hopes U.S. Tour Opener and Set List, (4/8/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/12/14 Reviews Virginia Beach, VA; Beach Music-No Steve, Yes Patti. (4/12/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/15/14 Reviews Columbus, OH; Mostly songs Latter Half of Springsteen Career, (4/15/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/17/14 Reviews Nashville, TN, Encore Springsteen Storyteller at His Best and Set List, (4/17/14). INTERNET- 5-B
    4/19/14 Mustang Sally Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mustang; Charlotte, NC and Set List, (4/19/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/22/14 Reviews Pittsburgh, PA; Hard Core Fan’s Dream, Joe G and Family Join Encore, (4/22/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/24/14 Reviews Raleigh, NC, Take Your Daughter to Work Day, Set List, (4/24/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/26/14 Reviews Atlanta, GA; A Rare River Night, Best Ever “Drive All Night“, (4/26/14). INTERNET-5-B
    4/29/14 Reviews Sunrise, FL; World Premiere of “Linda Let Me Be the One, (4/29/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/1/14 “We Gotta Tune up for Jazz Fest,” Reviews Tampa, Fl and Set List, (5/1/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/3/14 Reviews New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, John Fogerty Guests, Set list, (5/3/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/3/14 “Right Place, Right Time: Bruce Twice in NOLA,” Duo with Dr. John, (5/3/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/6/14 Reviews Houston, TX, Joe Ely Joins for “Great Ball of Fire& “Lucille“,(5/6/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/13/14 Reviews Albany, NY, Debuts “Kingdom of Days as Request, Set list (5/13/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/14/14 Reviews Hershey, PA, From “Clampdownto “Be True” Crowd Shares Alchemy, (5/14/14). INTERNET-5-B.
    5/17/14 Uncasville, CT Big Winner “Racing in the Streets” (78), Steve returns (5/17/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/18/14 Reviews Uncasville, CT, Last Dance brings Soulful “Jungleland”and
    “Dream Baby Dream” to End Tour, (5/18/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/22/14 Reviews Pittsburgh, Pa; (Bruce and Joe G.) Exquisite Solo “Incident on 57th Street.” INTERNET-5-B
    5/23/14 Night Two Revisits Human Touch & Lucky Town songs, Concludes Pittsburgh, Pa with “Jersey Girlfrom New Jersey to Pittsburg & Set list, (5/23/14). INTERNET-5-B
    5/30/14 Bruce Rocks in Rio; with Rolling Stones Tumbling Dice in Lisbon (PT). NTERNET-5-B
    6/29/14 30 Years Ago Today the BITUSA Tour Began, Anniversary Tribute, (6/29/14). INTERNET-5-B
    9/5/14 Bruce to Guest (as a Mortician) on Next Season of Lilyhammer. INTERNET-5-B
    9/23/14 Happy 65th Birthday Bruce Springsteen! INTERNET-5-B
    9/23/14 Authors Scholars, Fans Discuss, Debate Fifty Years of Makin’ this Guitar Talk. INTERNET-5-B
    9/24/14 Lucky Seven: Re-masters of Springsteen’s ’73-’84 Albums Due 11/7/14. INTERNET- 5-B
    9/29/14 An Evening With Thom Zimny” Brings Rare Boss Footage to Big Screen. INTERNET- 5-B
    9/30/14 Springsteen’s Foreword in Danny Clinch’s book Still Moving. INTERNET- 5-B
    10/6/14 Author Ryan White Talks on Genesis of his book, Springsteen: Album By Album. INTERNET-5-B
    10/21/14 Book Release Party for Danny Clinch’s Still Moving, Stone Pony (10/19/14). INTERNET-5-B
    11/7/14 Stand up for Heroes Benefit-Bruce Springsteen raises $600,000 – Promises Lasagna. INTERNET-5-B
    11/17/14 Official Website Add High-Res, Digital Release and Live Concert Recordings. INTERNET 5-B
    11/19/14 Forever Friends, on the Box Set Until the End – Special Collection board members on E Street Radio and the Box Set
    11/21/14 Springsteen Special Collection’s Friends Guest DJ’s on E Street Radio. INTERNET-5-B
    12/2/14 U2 Minus One Plus Bruce For World Aids Day. INTERNET-5-B
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    1/18/15 Reviews Light of Day 15, A Night of Rarities at the Paramount Theater (1-17-15). INTERNET-5-B
    2/8/15 Springsteen Plays Tribute to Dylan at Musicares 2015 Event. INTERNET-5-B
    3/2/15 Southside Johnny and the Jukes Prove It All Night at the Stone Pony (2-28-15). INTERNET-5-B
    5/4/15 Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Ben E. King Dies (4/30/15). INTERNET-5-B
    5/18/15 Mini Seeger Sessions Band performs at 22nd Kristen Ann Carr Fund Benefit. INTERNET-5-B
    9/28/15 Looking through some Photographs: Grammy Museum exhibit at Monmouth University Opening by Kevin Farrell with photographs by Mark Krajnak. INTERNET 5-B
    10/2/15 Pictures of Our Hero on the Walls – Grammy Museum exhibit at Monmouth University. INTERNET 5-B
    10/13/15 Robbin Thompson, 1949-2015. INTERNET 5-B
    10/16/15 Let It Roll: Seven Disc Box Set to Plumb the Depths of The River. INTERNET 5-B
    11/15/15 Presenting John Scher: The Backstreets Interview by Jay Lustig. INTERNET 5-B
    2/3/23 For a Little While Sir We Had Us Some Fun: A note from Christopher Phillips INTERNET-5B
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