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    12/?/07 They Call Him Boss For a Reason NEWSPAPER-104
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    4/14/03 “Springsteen proves he’s an incredible Boss” reviews Calgary (CA) (4/13/03).
    4/13/76 “Springsteen rises to the top of rock” previews Meadville, PA.
    4/20/76 “Concert alive but lacks expertise” reviews Meadville, PA (4/16/76).
    4/20/76 “Springsteen performer, but not a musician when here.”
    10/12/16 Cover. “Toi bomber le torse, moi bomber Alep!”
    11/?/76  Steven Smith’s review of Philadelphia, PA (10/25/76).
  • CANARIAS7 (Spain)   NEWSPAPER-104
    5/7/12 “Todos sobre Bruce, el sabado en ‘C7′”
    5/11/12 “Springsteen elige Maspaloms”
    5/12/12 “La Intendencia De el ‘Boss'”
    5/13/12 “Bruce hara historia en Gran Canaria El Desafio”
    5/15/12 “Springsteen Y La Leyenda” 7 page spread (photos)
    5/16/12 “UN GIGANTE Springsteen se entrego” Giant photos special section 5/16/12 ” Gracias, Springsteen” 10 page spread with photos
    4/29/93 “Boss Rock: Bruce Para Vibrar” pg 69-72
    11/10/99 “Springsteen Conjures Up A Storm” reviews Milwaukee, WI (11/3/99).
    9/28/02 “Boss Gives Milwaukee Crowd A Reason To Believe” reviews Milwaukee, WI (9/27/02).
    10/29/04 “West Wash Tenants Get Bruce For Brews” prior to the John Kerry rally.
    10/29/04 Editorial: “The Boss Is Boss.”
    10/17/05 “Springsteen Shows Us What We’ve Missed” reviews Madison, WI (10/15/05).
    3/18/08 “Springsteen proves it all night in Milwaukee ” reviews Milwaukee, WI (3/17/08).
    3/20/08 “Springsteen ‘in awe’ of UW’s Davis” – bass player Richard Davis.
    2/7/75 “Springsteen Brings E. Street to Carroll” previews University Heights, OH.
    2/21/75 “Springsteen Plays to Full House” reviews University Heights, OH (2/18/75).
    3/2/95 “Springsteen show in Carroll gymnasium” by Margaret Znidarsic
    10/11/02 “Jesuit magazine finds redemption theme in latest Springsteen album.”
    11/19/74 “Balladeer Keeps The Band Cookin’ reviews Charlottesville, VA (11/17/74).
    9/8/75 “Bruce Springsteen bound for stardom” reviews Born to Run.
    11/6/78 “Springsteen: ‘just a prisoner of rock and roll'” reviews Landover, MD (11/2/78).
    7/18/94 “N.J. bar gets star treatment” NEWSPAPER-10
    1/17/95 “The Boss is back” NEWSPAPER-10
    3/2/95 “The Boss, Crow win Grammys” NEWSPAPER-10
    1/28/96 “Springsteen’s journey ends in Youngstown” NEWSPAPER-10
    1/26/00 “‘The Boss’ to rock Jordan Center” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/2/00 “Springsteen concert tickets to go on sale” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/3/00 “Springsteen opener stuns center into glory daze” NEWPAPER-104
    2/4/00 “Springsteen ticket rules aimed at scalpers” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/4/00 “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Monday, February 28” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/6/00 “‘Boss’ fans line up inside to buy tickets” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/25/00 “Boss’ fans recall ‘Glory Days’.” Previews State College, PA.  NEWSPAPER-104
    2/28/00 “‘Boss’ fans expecting to be dazzled at show” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/29/00 “‘Boss’ and band jam at Bryce Jordan Center” NEWSPAPER-104
    2/29/00 “Springsteen brings 16,000 fans to life” NEWSPAPER-104
    3/4/00 “We weren’t all born to run” NEWSPAPER-104
    6/15/00 “Springsteen’s ‘Skin’ won’t be bruised by angry cops” NEWSPAPER-104
    9/19/00 “Pearl jam is Boss of today’s music scene” NEWSPAPER-104
    11/14/00 “Badlands: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’ various artists” NEWSPAPER-104
    1/28/01 “Music to their ears” NEWSPAPER-104
    4/4/01 “‘Boss’ CD too much of a good thing” NEWSPAPER-104
    10/7/01 “People Watch: Tribute from the Boss” NEWSPAPER-104
    4/5/02 “The Boss in the flesh” NEWSPAPER-104
    5/22/02 “Boss dedicates park” NEWSPAPER-104
    06/24/02 “Boss to play ‘Today’ in July” NEWSPAPER-104
    06/30/02 “‘Boss’ hits a homerun with 1st new single” NEWSPAPER-104
    06/30/02 “Springsteen rises to the task on newest album” NEWSPAPER-104
    08/18/02 “From rock to ruin: ’80s music doesn’t hold up” NEWSPAPER-104
    07/15/03 “Springsteen shows pay off for N.J.” NEWSPAPER-104
    08/23/03 “Terminally ill Zevon gives a lesson with his swan song” NEWSPAPER-104
    5/9/09 “The Boss Rocks The BJC.” Front page photos from University Park, PA.  NEWSPAPER-104
    9/22/01 “Stars turn out in televised pitch for terrorist attack victims” NEWSPAPER-104
    3/4/88 “Serious, comic ‘Boss’ performs” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3/88).
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    3/30/76 “Bruce Springsteen Wows Crowd With Explosive Show” reviews Charlotte, NC (3/29/76).
    8/3/78 Columnist reviews Charlotte NC (8/2/78).
    1/17/85 “Springsteen Concerts Provide 2 Nights of Magic at Coliseum” reviews Charlotte, NC (1/15/85).
    3/3/88 “A Date With Bruce” previews Tunnel tour in Chapel Hill, NC.
    3/4/88 “Springsteen Becomes Human Again” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3-4/88).
    11/19/92 “Springsteen rocks 20,000 for 3 hours” reviews Charlotte, NC (11/18/92).
    12/15/96 “Even acoustic Springsteen can burn, but subtly” reviews Charlotte, NC (12/14/96).
    4/21/00 “What makes Springsteen special?”
    4/22/00 “Another Glory Day” reviews Charlotte, NC ( 4/21/00). NEWSPAPER-104
    4/22/00 “Springsteen fans unite to toast man, his music” NEWSPAPER-104
    12/9/02 “He had us Dancing In The Dark” reviews Charlotte, NC (12/8/02).
    7/25/05 “Boss shows he can sizzle solo” reviews Charlotte, NC (7/24/05).
    9/20/75 “Bruce Springsteen, born to run.”
    9/19/75 “Bruce Springsteen: the boy prophet walks handsome and hot” reviews Houston, TX (9/13/75).
    4/9/92 “Double drivel.”
    Also see SUNTIMES.COM Internet Articles
    10/11/80 “Fans keep faith in The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-10
    11/2/80 “Springsteen’s rolling on the rocky road of pop stardom.” NEWSPAPER-10
    7/17/84 “Springsteen masters hard rock for adults” reviews Chicago, IL (7/15/84). NEWSPAPER-10
    7/31/85  “How to cool ‘Boss’ fever.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    4/3/88 “Separating the man from the myth.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    9/4/92 “Sorry, Boss, You’re Past the Glory Days” reviews Chicago, IL (9/2/92).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/28/99  “Springsteen proves who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    9/28/99   “Preachy Boss” reviews Chicago, IL (9/27/99).  NEWSPAPER-104
    9/28/99   “Springsteen’s Church.” Chicago, song by song, (9/27/99).  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/14/03  “Aging fans love Bruce, but they’re born to amble.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    6/13/06 “Seeger Says: Save The ‘Spirit of Voice.'”  NEWSPAPER-10
    10/23/07 “Making ‘Magic,’ not nostalgia” reviews Chicago, IL (10/21/07).  NEWSPAPER-10
    5/14/09 “Springsteen show reflects on America” reviews Chicago, IL (5/12/09).  NEWSPAPER-10
    Also see CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM Internet Articles
    1/26/73 Springsteen opens for The Persuasions. Reviews Chicago, IL (1/ 24/73).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/26/75 “Springsteen – that’s the label for Bruce” reviews Chicago, IL (9/25/75).  NEWSPAPER-10
    2/24/77 “No savior, but Springsteen classy” reviews Chicago, IL (2/23/77).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/7/78 “…Caught up in his vision” reviews Chicago, IL (9/6/78).  NEWSPAPER-10
    10/13/80 “Springsteen still runs and rocks.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    11/2/80 “Springsteen: The essence of American rock.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    11/21/80 “Springsteen returns to delight his fans” reviews Chicago, IL (11/20/80).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/9/81 “Living up to Springsteen’s great reputation” reviews Chicago, IL (9/8/81).  NEWSPAPER-10
    1/30/83 “Miami Steve: The Gypsy steps out from Springsteen’s shadow.” NEWSPAPER-10
    7/15/84 “‘The Boss’ is back” reviews East Troy, WI (7/12/84).  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/17/84 “Springsteen show rocks with magic” reviews Chicago, IL (7/15/84).  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/25/85 “Springsteen Fans Get Lesson On Life Out In The Street.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/26/85 “‘Boss’ Fans See Ticket to Disaster.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/27/85 “Bruce’s Soldier Field sellout hits only a few sour notes.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    8/4/85 “The Boss: Springsteen in Chicago” “What’s all the shouting about?” Also, “King of rockers.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/9/85 “The Boss report,” cover story in Friday section as a Soldier Field preview.  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/10/85 “Springsteen shows 70,000 who’s Boss.” The crowd scene at Soldier Field.  NEWSPAPER-10
    8/11/85 “A night of mind-boggling magic” reviews Chicago, il (8/9/85).  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/11/85 “A superstar on a road to greater glory.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    3/11/88 “A brief look at the world of ‘The Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-104
    3/13/88 “From rags to roses” discusses the “new Gentleman Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    3/18/88 “Springsteen takes fans through a thrilling ‘Tunnel.’” Chicago, il (3/16/88).  NEWSPAPER-10
    3/5/92 “Springsteen singles out 2 songs to tease his fans.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    3/29/92 “The Boss and U2.” Also, “Still searching for love.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/23/92 “Does Bruce still have the juice? On the road with Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/3/92 “Springsteen bolts between old, new” reviews Tinley Park, IL (9/2/92).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/4/92 “Springsteen bolts between old, new” reviews Chicago, IL (9/2/92).  NEWSPAPER-10
    2/26/95 “Born Again Springsteen Re-emerges with Greatest Hits.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    10/25/95 “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s star time…” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (10/20/95).  NEWSPAPER-10
    12/4/95 “Haunting tour” reviews Tom Joad tour in Chicago, IL (12/3/95).  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/19/99 “The E Street rEshuffle.” NEWSPAPER-10
    9/29/99 “Fans agree Springsteen still the boss” reviews Chicago, IL (9/27/99).  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/28/02 “Working class heroes” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-104
    7/30/02 “Hope wins out in Rising.” Robert Hilburn on Bruce and 9/11.  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/9/02 “Springsteen takes it down a notch” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).  NEWSPAPER-10
    8/15/03 “Boss soundly delivers his part of pact” reviews Chicago, IL (8/13/03).  NEWSPAPER-10
    5/13/05 “Springsteen flies solo – and the artist soars” reviews Chicago, IL (5/11/05).  NEWSPAPER-10
    8/14/05 “Springsteen reborn in smaller venues.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/21/05 “Bruce is The Boss of the road and our dreams.”  NEWSPAPER-10 11/13/05 “After 30 years, Springsteen’s Run is music to live for.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    6/16/06 “The Boss pulls off celebrating Seeger” reviews Tinley Park, IL (6/13/06).  NEWSPAPER-10
    9/2/07 “Name that Tutone tune. Did Bruce Springsteen crib from Tommy Tutone?”  NEWSPAPER-10
    10/23/07 “All business and back to basics” reviews Chicago, IL (10/21/07).  NEWSPAPER-10
    1/25/09 “Springsteen’s latest effort a ‘Dream’ deflated.” NEWSPAPER-10
    5/14/09 “2nd generation of the E Street Band?” reviews Chicago, IL  (5/12/09).  NEWSPAPER-104
    5/14/09 “Springsteen’s show: A 6-part epic.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    9/18/09 “Test your knowledge of the testy Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-10
    9/22/09 “Springsteen at full speed for BTR concert.” Chicago (9/20/09).  NEWSPAPER-104
    5/16/10 Bruce’s advice to writers quoted in a Tribune book review.  NEWSPAPER-104
    7/4/10 “Oh say, can you sing?” includes Born in the USA references.  NEWSPAPER-104
    10/7/10 “Young Springsteen works hard to make his mark.” Review of The Promise.  NEWSPAPER-10
    11/11/10 “‘Darkness’ that might have been.” Four stars (out of 4) for The Promise.  NEWSPAPER-104
    3/1/12 Greg Kot: Wrecking Ball not gritty enough. NEWSPAPER-10
    3/5/12 “The Boss defies the Man but misses with the people” NEWSPAPER-10
    3/16/12 “Boss rocks history lesson” in Austin.  NEWSPAPER-104
    3/17/12 “Springsteen kicks off new era.”  NEWSPAPER-10
    3/22/12 Commentator Leonard Pitts on Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-10
    7/9/13 “Springsteen challenges band with tour requests” NEWSPAPER-10
    1/14/14 Reviewer Greg Kot slams High Hopes.  NEWSPAPER-10
    Also see CSMONITOR.COM Internet Articles
    6/12/84 BITUSA review. “Springsteen’s lyrics resound with memories of Vietnam, recession.”
    10/8/85 “He was ‘Born in the U.S.A.’; now he’s grown up.”
    12/27/95 “Bruce pares down to acoustic guitar” reviews Beacon Theatre, NY, NY (12/12/95).
    11/7/96 “A More Secure and Serene Bruce is Boss of Acoustic Tour.”
    7/23/99 “Springsteen and E Street Band ‘Born To Run’ Again.”
    8/23/99 “Asbury Park, My Hometown.”
    9/3/99 “Do you want to see Springsteen?”
    7/26/02 “New album has fans dancing in the dark” reviews The Rising.
    3/24/76 “A surprising non-sell-out. Springsteen at Duke” previews Durham, NC.
    3/31/76 “Springsteen at Duke.” Three concert photos.
    4/9/76 “The Springsteen Spell” reviews Duke University, Durham, NC (3/28/76).
    1/21/85 “Springsteen showcases Born to Run in Greensboro” reviews Greensboro, NC (1/18/85).
    10/23/85 “Don’t confuse Springsteen with Reagan, Rambo.”
    8/27/75 “Springsteen’s back! With new tunes, new views.”
    7/8/84 “Springsteen shows why he’s the ‘Boss'” reviews Cleveland, OH (7/8/84).
    2/7/23 Italian language, p 19 article “And now the fans leave Springsteen” addresses the Backstreets action to 2023 tour’s dynamic ticket pricing and says that they are moving on from Bruce NEWSPAPER-11
    Also see ENQUIRER.COMInternet Articles
    3/1/77 “Springsteen Freshens Old Music” reviews Cincinnati, OH (2/27/77).
    10/6/80 “Springsteen Is A Master At Meshing Music, Art” reviews Cincinnati, OH (10/4/80).
    8/12/81 Focus on People- Springsteen helping AP YMCA
    9/14/81 “Seeing The Springsteen Surge” reviews Cincinnati, OH (9/13/81).
    9/14/81 “Springsteen Fans Believe In The Promised Band.”
    9/17/81 “Bruce Goes It Alone.”
    6/10/84 “Springsteen Soars Through Low Lyrics.”
    7/5/84 “Bruce Springsteen: Exalting The Ordinary.”
    7/6/84 “Bruce Springsteen Creates Fluid Imagery” reviews Cincinnati, OH (7/5/84).
    1984-1985 “These glory days make Springsteen something more than a rock superstar.” (missing first page of story).
    1985 comic of divers finding Springsteen Tickets under the sea yelling “Bruce Springsteen Tickets!!”
    6/2/85 “Springsteen Launches European Concert Tour”
    7/23/85 “‘Boss’ Fans Lock Up Capital’s Phone System.”
    8/8/85 “Gutsiest Man In Rock And Roll.”
    8/11/85 “Cruisin’ in the fast lane” reviews Cleveland, OH (8/7/85)
    12/29/86 “Springsteen’s appeal crosses age lines.”
    9/3/95 “Rock of all ages.”
    12/8/96 “Paying the cost to be BOSS.”
    12/12/96 “Springsteen rocks the faithful” reviews Cincinnati, OH (12/10/96).
    3/17/99 “Rock hall induction jammed with emotion.”
    11/13/99 “Listeners pan sound at Springsteen gig.”
    11/19/99 “The Boss: How rock is done.”
    4/28/00 “I come here tonight to bring you the majesty…the mystery…the MINISTRY…”
    5/2/00 “The Boss bonds with his audience” reviews Cincinnati, OH (4/30/00).
    5/30/00 “Springsteen mum on future as tour ends.”
    12/5/00 “‘The Boss’ honored.”
    6/23/02 “‘Today’ meets Springsteen on his old stomping ground.”
    7/28/02 “Springsteen tempers loss with sense of hope.”
    7/30/02 “For ‘The Boss,’ 9-11 demanded response, reflection.”
    8/7/02 “Festival seating back for Springsteen concert.”
    11/10/02 “The Who tragedy: Can it Happen Again?”
    11/13/02 “For Springsteen fans, return of festival seating is no problem.”
    11/14/02 “Business as usual for Springsteen” reviews Cincinnati, OH (11/12/02).
    2/24/03 “It’s Norah Jones’ night at Grammys.”
    3/21/03 “Doc calls on the Boss to save ailing magazine.”
    8/2/05 “Springsteen hushes crowd with solo act” reviews Cincinnati, OH (8/1/05).
    11/15/05 Born to Run set recaptures Springsteen’s breakthrough.”
    3/23/08 “Springsteen’s Magic” reviews Cincinnati, OH (3/22/08).
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    10/6/80 “Springsteen – Rocker shows why he’s ‘The Boss.”
    9/14/81 “The Boss leads rock to maturity.”
    5/26/84 “WSKS coup fans fever for Bruce Springsteen.”
    5/31/84 “Springsteen’s new album his hardest-rocking yet.”
    7/6/84 “Springsteen’s marathon rocks.”
    7/10/84 “Attendance for biggest concert week tops 70,000.”
    8/8/85 “The Boss – Cleveland isn’t intimate, but Bruce wows 71,000.”
    11/10/86 “Bootlegging the Boss.”
    3/14/88 “Springsteen, fans maturing – and his music reflects it.”
    12/11/96 “Springsteen holds audience with serious music message.”
    8/16/99 “Big bucks for Boss and vendors.”
    5/1/00 “Springsteen and pals show fans what rock’s all about” reviews Cincinnati, OH (4/31/00).
    6/12/00 “N.Y. police may boycott Springsteen.”
    4/3/01 “Cable special captures Springsteen’s spirit.”
    7/30/02 “The Boss is Back”
    7/31/02 “Glory Days, indeed”; “The Boss on the Boss”
    11/12/02 “Boycott backers: Bruce is hypocrite.”
    2/21/03 “The Grammys: Who’ll win – and who should win”
    2/24/03 “The big winners”; “List of 2003 Grammy Award winners” – 3 awards for “The Rising”
    8/2/05 “The Boss”; “An evening with the Boss”
    5/1/06 “Hurricane Springsteen”
    12/22/75 “Bruce Springsteen more exciting than Dylan” reviews Ottawa (CA)(12/20/75).
    2/14/77 “Springsteen powerful, brilliant” reviews Ottawa (CA) (2/12/77).
    1/23/81 “Springsteen: his year at last.”
    1/23/81 “Entourage of 38 brings own stage.”
    1/26/81 “Springsteen hands fans experience of lifetime” reviews Ottawa (CA) (1/ 24/81).
    10/30/80 “Springsteen, The Concert” reviews Oakland, CA(10/27/80).
    5/5/76 “Springsteen: Basic Hard Rock In The Macho Street Style” reviews Jackson, MS (5/4/76).
    7/19/78 “Springsteen Concert – Ads Were Right” reviews Jackson, MS (7/18/78).
    11/3/99 Michael Grant Jaffe: “Born to Write.”
    11/3/99 Jimi Izrael: “He Ain’t The Boss a’ Me.”
    11/3/99 Reexamination of The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle.”
    8/31/78 Reviews Cleveland, OH (8/30/78.) Page 18 of SHOWTIME.  NEWSPAPER-104
    10/7/80 “Bruce Springsteen performs 3 hours” reviews Cleveland, OH (10/6/80).  NEWSPAPER-11
    7/30/81 Aerial photograph of traffic headed for the Coliseum.  NEWSPAPER-11
    7/30/81 “Rock show long, great” reviews Cleveland, OH (7/29/81).  NEWSPAPER-11
  • CLIP (Israel)  NEWSPAPER-104
    11/11/11 Translation of “Wrecking Ball”.
    12/1/14 Bruce Fills in for Bono at U2 World Aids Day Show in NYC.
    6/8 – 6/22/89 “Town Talk” NEWSPAPER-104
    1/17/91 “Benefit For Local Musician Sunday in Sea Bright” NEWSPAPER-104
    11/17/94 “Night Notes” NEWSPAPER-104
    12/14/00 “Bruce is Back. Bruce Springsteen To Play Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    12/14/00 “Palace Makes National List” NEWSPAPER-11
    12/21/00 Editorial: “Bruce the Beneficent.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/23/01 “His City of ‘Hopes and Dreams’” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (8/18/01).  NEWSPAPER-11
    12/20/01 “Springsteen Collection Dedicated at Library.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    12/20/01 Six letters to the editor discuss holiday shows in Asbury Park, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-104
    7/25/02 “Springsteen Fever” previews Today Show, beach party.  NEWSPAPER-104
    7/25/02 “Local Residents Publishing Rock ‘n’ Roll Guidebook.”  NEWSPAPER-104
    8/1/02 “Bravo, Bruce.” Front page photos from Today show.  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/1/02 Editorial: “All Bruce, All The Time.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/1/02 “Bruce Week Coming to End in Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/1/02 “Bradley Beach Man Recalls Hiring Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/1/02 Photo: “Madame Marie Returns.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/1/02 Full page of beach party photos.  NEWSPAPER-11
    7/24/03 “City Contest Offers Springsteen Prizes” NEWSPAPER – 11
    6/10/04 “Bruce Book-Signing in City.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    6/10/04 Merchants Guild ad for the Songs book signing.  NEWSPAPER-11
    7/1/04 “Springsteen Greets Fans, Signs Books.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    11/11/04 “Developer Changes Name of The Rising high-rise.  NEWSPAPER-11
    12/2/04 “Springsteen to Perform at Harry’s” previews holiday show.  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/18/05 “Stone Pony Concerts Part of Monmouth University’s Springsteen Symposium.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    9/21/06 “Bruce Springsteen Donates Equipment” to Civil War reenacters.  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/2/07 “Springsteen’s ‘Right-Hand-Man’ Dies in Sleep.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    9/27/07 “Singer in the City.” Two photos at a boardwalk photo shoot.  NEWSPAPER-11
    9/27/07 “Wonder Bar’s Closing Party.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    9/27/07 “Bruce Magic in Asbury Park” includes a full page of photos.  NEWSPAPER-11
    6/5/08 Revised Rock & Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore is published.  NEWSPAPER-11
    8/13/09 “Plan For Upstage Club Discussed.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    4/8/10 “Petition Drive Seeks to Save Upstage Club in Asbury Park.” NEWSPAPER-11
    11/17/11  “The Soul of Asbury Park Concert.” NEWSPAPER-104
    3/8/12 “Fans Turn Out for Listening Party.”  NEWSPAPER-11
    9/20/12 “E Streeters among Asbury Angels.” NEWSPAPER-104
    9/20/12 “Honoring Angels. Plaques will honor Asbury Angels; musicians, technicians, club owners.” NEWSPAPER-104
    9/27/12 Photos from East Rutherford, NJ (9/21/12).  NEWSPAPER-104
    1/16/13 “Grand Opening Planned for Musical Heritage Foundation Space on Cookman Avenue”  NEWSPAPER-104
    7/11/13 “Fastlane Demolition planned but the memories will remain.” NEWSPAPER-11
    1/16/14 “Springsteen Photo Exhibit Opens.” NEWSPAPER-11
    5/8/14 “Whatever Happened to Asbury Park’s Smile-A-While Inn?” NEWSPAPER-11
    4/27/17 The Stars were out for city Music Festival NEWSPAPER-11
    10/12/17 In Asbury Park- Walking to School for your health NEWSPAPER-104
    11/16/17 Lucinda Williams in Concert (hosted by Steve Van Zandt) NEWSPAPER-104
    11/22/17 Springsteen Broadway Tickets Up For Auction NEWSPAPER-11
    5/10/18 NJ Hall of Fame Induction photos NEWSPAPER-104
    6/7/18 “Bruce Springsteen will be special guest at Asbury Lanes” NEWSPAPER-104
    6/21/18 A Reopening- Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, performance by Bruce NEWSPAPER-104
    10/4/18 “They Came, Saw, Heard At the Beach cover story” NEWSPAPER-104
    10/11/18 “photo Just Another Day in Asbury Park (Bruce at Wonder Bar)” NEWSPAPER-104
    12/20/18-1/2/19 “Museum Will Feature Stars from Present, Past” NEWSPAPER-104
    1/3/19 “Bruce Springsteen Exhibit to Debut at Historical Association. Picture- Souled out Christmas- Little Steven and Darlene Love.” NEWSPAPER-104A
    1/30/19 “Springsteen’s ‘Journey’ Takes a Stop at Monmouth.” NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/21/19 “Bruce Springsteen Archives at Music and Film Festival” Entire Issue NEWSPAPER-104A
    4/25/19 Entire Issue page 32 APMFF Bruce Mentions NEWSPAPER-104A
    5/2/19 Cover. “Springsteen Featured in Updated Film” NEWSPAPER-104A
    5/16/19 “Longtime friends” page 12 NEWSPAPER-104A
    7/11/19 “Summer Stage Surprise” NEWSPAPER-104A
    10/3/19 “Screenwriter for ‘Blinded By the Light’ to Discuss Film at University” page 25 cutout. NEWSPAPER-104A
    10/31/19 “New Jersey Hall of Fame and Induction Ceremony October 27, 2019” NEWSPAPER-104A
    11/27/19  “Asbury Park City Councilwoman Visits Liverpool to Discuss Sister City Relationship” NEWSPAPER-104A
    1/23/20 “Springsteen Archives Film at Festival” NEWSPAPER-104A
    2/20/20 “6th Annual Film Festival Arrives in City April 23rd” NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/3/20 “Asbury Park City Council honored Pam and Charlie Horner on the release of their book ‘Springwood Avenue Harmony'” NEWSPAPER-104A
    7/2/20 “Springsteen Archives Launches Soundstage” NEWSPAPER-104A
    9/30/20 “Bruce Springsteen Helps Musician with Lyrics” NEWSPAPER-104A
    2/11/21 “Springsteen to Perform as Special Guest at Light of Day Festival” front cover NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/3/21 “DWI Charge Dismissed Against Springsteen: Pleads guilty to a lesser charge” NEWSPAPER-104A
    5/6/21 “Springsteen to Receive Guthrie Prize” NEWSPAPER 104A
    6/24/21 “Springsteen Exhibit Reopens At County Historical Association” pg. 12 NEWSPAPER-104A
    6/16/21 Vol. 38 No. 50,”In Asbury Park”NEWSPAPER-104A
    7/1/21 “Asbury Park History: a 150 year Time Line” pg. 28, 29 NEWSPAPER- 104A
    1/6/22 “Remembering Asbury Park…” NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/2/23 “Cherish the Ladies…” performing at Monmouth University’s Pollak Theatre March 4th NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/2/23 Obituary for Rita Goldstein pg. 26 NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/3-3/9/22 Vol. 39 No. 36 NEWSPAPER-104A
    3/10/22 “New Exhibit Celebrates Life of Springsteen” NEWSPAPER – 104A
    5/4/2017 “Wall Intermediate student sings with The Boss;” “Photographer pays tribute to her musician husband” NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/19/23 “E Street band members return to Belmar to revisit glory days” NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/7/76 “From Asbury Park To Hamilton, N.Y.”
    4/13/76 “Star Springsteen Wows Colgate Crowd.” Reviews Hamilton, NY (4/9/76).
    6/19/78 “Springsteen: Stand aside, superstars” reviews Kansas City, MO (6/16/78).
    10/23/70 ” ‘Steel Mill’ Will Perform” at the University of Richmond
    10/15/71 “Homecoming Concert Vies With Frat Parties.”
    10/22/71 Letter to the editor urges student to attend 10/22/71 show in Richmond.
    2/3/73 “Rotations” columnist reviews Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
    2/22/73 “Springsteen Appears At VCU” reviews Richmond, VA (2/14/73).
    12/4/80 “Springsteen at UR: It Was Not to Be.”
    2/15/74 “Springsteen cancels, tickets, money stolen.”
    4/27/76 “It’s Hard To Be A Saint At Va Tech” reviews Blacksburg, VA (4/22/76).
    7/20/85 “The Boss beckons, and fans camp out.”
    8/8/85 “The Boss delivers for fans” reviews Cleveland, OH (8/7/85).
    Also see DISPATCH.COMInternet Articles
    5/12/73 Springsteen opens for Richie Havens. Review of Columbus, OH (5/11/73).
    4/6/76 “Bruce Springsteen Stunning in Concert” reviews Columbus, OH (4/5/76).
    2/17/77 “Bruce ‘Destroys’ Big Crowd” reviews Columbus, OH (2/16/77).
    9/6/78 “Springsteen Brings Perfect Rock To Huge Crowd” reviews Columbus, OH (9/5/78).
    7/21/85 “No Springsteen tickets? Blame the computer.”
    12/20/85 “Clemons pushing his ‘Hero’.”
    11/11/86 “‘Boss’ fans flock to buy album.”
    11/30/86 “Springsteen boss of live album sets.”
    12/31/87 “Orbison tribute top-notch.”
    3/15/88 “Springsteen turns somber” reviews Cleveland, OH (3/13/88).
    9/19/88 “Speculation surrounds a crusading Springsteen.”
    10/8/89 “‘Mr. C’ voices pleasure at comeback effort.”
    11/18/89 “Bruce on the loose” NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/12/92 “Fans Feel A Song Coming On.” New album in the works.
    7/25/92 “Springsteen packs ’em in, but some miss old Boss” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).
    6/18/95 “Thinks looking up for saxophonist Clemons.”
    12/12/96 “As Springsteen Grows Up, So Do His Concerts” reviews Columbus, OH (12/11/96).
    12/1998 “Springsteen, E Street Band to tour again”
    11/14/99 “The Boss is back” previews Columbus, OH. NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/18/99 “Bruce On The Loose” reviews Columbus, OH (11/17/99). NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/3/00 “An earful of the best.” Annual music review.
    1/4/00 “Ace drummer Weinberg can hardly believe his luck.”
    8/8/00 “Fans wonder what is next for Bruce and E Street Band.”
    7/29/02 “Springsteen responds” to the 9/11 tragedy. NEWSPAPER-104B
    8/16/02 “Victim’s kin wants ban on festival seating kept.”
    12/15/02 “Springsteen Rising,” but sometimes he’s “too subtle” for the masses.
    12/17/02 “Boss preaches gospel of rock” reviews Columbus, OH (12/16/02).
    6/15/04 “Springsteen’s road to success paved with auto images”
    10/29/04 “Boss’ Music Sets Tone For Kerry” reviews rally in Columbus, OH (10/28/04).
    4/25/05 “Springsteen poetic in powerful solo tracks.”
    8/2/05 “Boss Delivers in Solo Concert” reviews Columbus, OH (7/31/05).
    5/30/06 “His Own Boss.” Springsteen’s fans remain loyal.
    6/1/06 “Concert extols traditional styles” reviews Columbus, OH (5/30/06).
    3/25/08 “Hard-driving performance puts music first” reviews Columbus, OH (3/25/08).
    3/25/08 “Big night on campus” photo of Bruce at Value City Arena. NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/16/14 “Boss Provides His Customary Adrenaline Rush,” (4/15/14).  NEWSPAPER-11
  • EL COMERCIO (Spain)
    5/15/03 Interview: “Nunca me fiaria del exito como para sentirme realmente comodo.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “Gijon recibe a los primeros fans que hoy llenaran El Molinon.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “Ladies and gentlemen, mister Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “E Street Band” profiles band members.  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “La libertad del hijo de un obrero.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “30 anos de rock.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “El ultimo” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “60 noches 60.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “Hablan los musicos.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “Las frases de Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 Interview with Elliot Murphy: “Cuando le hablas, te escucha de verdad.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “Voy como quien va a la opera.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/15/03 “1993, Dies anos una semana y un dia.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Springsteen y 40.000 fieles … ” reviews Gijon (ES) (5/15/03).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Rendidos al dios del rock.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Musica para unir colores y edades.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Siete horas con ida y vuelta.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Penitencia y devocion.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Los ‘born in the USA’.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “La ‘zona cero’ de Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “El ‘Boss’ manda en todo Gijon.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/16/03 “Llego, toco y colapso.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
  • EL CORREO (Spain)
    10/5/07 “Bruce Springsteen Demanded Reasonable Ticket Prices and No Invitations” NEWSPAPER-12
    11/24/07 “320 Euros to See Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-12
    11/25/07 “Nos vemos mañana” NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/26/07 “Springsteen aterriza en Euskadi” NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/27/07 “Interior inicia los tests de drogas sin los apartatos para verificar los resultados” NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/28/07 “Todos hablan bien del Jefe” NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/26/08 “El rock ya no protesta” NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/2/09 “El Jefe no coge vacaciones” NEWSPAPER-104B
    2/17/09 ‘Garzon ha descubierto mas de 10 milliones de euros de Correa en paraisos fiscales” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/18/09 “Rock amargo en tiempos” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/25/09 “The “Boss” is Here to Stay” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/26/09 “‘The Boss’ Prepares For Bilbao” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/27/09 “Bruce Made the Cathedral Roar” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/28/09 “The Boss Does a Three-Hour Marathon in San Mames” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/29/09 “Seduced by Donosti” NEWSPAPER-104B
    8/4/09 “The Boss Sneaks Into the Concert” NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/21/10 “Springsteen’s Promise Kept” NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/20/12 “The most acidic Springsteen returns with ‘Wrecking Ball'” NEWSPAPER-12
    3/5/12 “Springsteen’s New Crusade” NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/31/12 “Two Days Left Before the Boss’s Harangue” NEWSPAPER-104B
    6/3/12 “62 Years of Pure Rock” NEWSPAPER-104B
    6/19/12 “El corazion del Boss” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/16/12 “Paul and Bruce Unplugged” NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/19/12 “The Boss’s Heart” NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/13/16 “The Rise of ‘The River'” NEWSPAPER-12
    5/16/16 “Springsteen’s River Flows Into Basque Country / Yesterday I Greeted the Boss Upon His Arrival” NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/18/16 “A ‘Boss’ With Rock in His Veins” NEWSPAPER-104B
    5/19/16 “I Felt Like I Was in a Video Game” NEWSPAPER-12
    12/14/84 “Bruce Springsteen rocks Memphians with delight” reviews Memphis, TN (12/13/84).
    7/20/78 “Raw Honesty Of Springsteen Is Electrifying” reviews Memphis, TN (7/19/78).  NEWSPAPER-12
    2/26/81 “Springsteen Performs Rock Miracles” reviews Memphis, TN (2/25/81).  NEWSPAPER-12
    12/14/84 “The Boss Bruce Springsteen rocks Memphians with delight” reviews Memphis, TN (12/13/84).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/21/96 “The Boss Sings, People Listen” reviews Memphis, TN (11/19/96).  NEWSPAPER-12
    3/17/00 “Live, with old E Street gang” previews Memphis, TN.  NEWSPAPER-12
    3/19/00 “Springsteen Proves The Good Stuff Timeless” reviews Memphis, TN(3/18/00).  NEWSPAPER-12
    9/17/09 “Springsteen connection: House with rock history for sale”
  • CONCERT ’81 (Germany)  NEWSPAPER-12
    #9 “Die Rock-Legende kommt erstmals in die Bundesrepublik.”
    10/23/74 “Springsteen: One View”
    10/23/74 “Springsteen: Another View”
    11/11/75 “The Punk”
    5/4/88 “The Boss gets back to basics in second set” reviews Mountain View, CA (5/2/88).
    10/16/78 “Bruce Springsteen To Appear in Barton.”
    10/19/78 “Springsteen Tix Sales Begin On Saturday.”
    10/23/78 “Change in Sales For Springteen Incenses Fans.”
    10/24/78 Advertisement for Cornell concert.
    11/6/78 “Security Tight for Springsteen Concert.”
    11/7/78 “Springsteen Still On” despite notices posted by pranksters.
    11/9/78 “A Fanatic Is Left in Utter Ecstasy” reviews Ithaca, NY (11/7/78).
    11/9/78 “Skeptics Can Be Made Believers” reviews Ithaca, NY (11/17/78).
    2/28/17 Copy of “Bruce Springsteen, Chris Christie and Unrequited Love”
    11/7/74 “Springsteen concert gets big buildup.”
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    10/17/87 “IL BOSS non è più solo.”  Page 66 of SETTE.  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/22/92 “Bruce: in ogni squadra vince” reviews Milan (IT) (6/20/92).  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/22/92 “I fan gli concedono anche I duetti al miele.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/24/92 Cover of VIVIMILANO supplement. “All ‘ultimo grido.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    6/24/92 “C’e Bruce Springsteen Mister Rock” NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/2/93 “Salvate il Boss del sonno del rock” NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/11/99 “Springsteen in Spagna” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/9/99).  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/25/02 “Springsteen canta la tragedia delle Torri.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/12/02 “In America 30 milioni di poveri ma tutti fingono di no vederli.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/18/02 “E’ gia assedio dei fan a Springsteen.” Bruce arrives in Bologna.  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/19/02 “Springsteen sul palco” reviews Bologna (IT) (10/18/02).  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/19/02 “Eros Ramazzotti: gli invidio l’intesa con la moglie Patti.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/19/02 “Fan in coda per 19 ore: ‘Benenuto a casa.'”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/9/03 “Torna il Boss, 40 mila fan al ‘rito’ di Firenze.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/9/03 “Dall’84 non me lo sono mai perso.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/29/03 “Il Boss infiamma San Siro …” reviews Milan (IT) (6/28/03).  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/29/03 “Springsteen a San Siro” reviews Milan (IT) (6/28/03).  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/29/03 “Natalie e Riccardo, prima notte di nozze in compagnia di Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/29/03 “Springsteen sfida la pioggia: il rock si scatena a San Siro.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/29/03 “Fortis: lo seguo nei suoi show, e un poeta come Dylan.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/5/05 “Springsteen, rigore rock ‘Aiutatemi con il silenzio” reviews Bologna (IT) (6/4/05).  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/5/05 “Il quotidiano di An” il Boss? Un patriota, mito anche per noi.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/5/05 “Lo seguo in tutti i suoi show ma la Lazio non mi capisce.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    5/3/06 “Springsteen, preghiera per ‘lAmerica ‘Rialzati in piedi, nel nome di Seeger’.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    5/11/06 “Questa volta si balla Il Boss non e piu solo.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    5/13/06 “Poesie del Boss, rock in panchina.” Reviews Milan (IT) (5/12/06).  NEWSPAPER-12
    9/5/06 Full page ad for Seeger Sessions Band fall tour dates in Italy.  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/2/06 “Bruce. Musica di lotta e speranza” reviews Bologna (IT) (10/1/06).  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/2/06 “Ecco le immagini perdute di Born to Run.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/5/06 “E I politici si riscoprono fan.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    10/5/06 “Tutti pazzi per il Boss, dagli under 18 alle mamme”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    10/5/06 “Grande Bruce: ‘Grazie Udine,’ vi amo” reviews Udine (IT) (10/4/06).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    10/5/06 “In libreria arriva la biografia.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/23/07 Ad saying Bruce Springsteen’s 11/28/07 Milan show is sold out NEWSPAPER-12
    6/1/09 “Ritmo, sudore e gag Bruce torna in Europa e apre l’estate rock.”   NEWSPAPER-12
    6/11/09 Summer concert review: “La Lunga Estate Calda Dei Concerti.” Page 42.  NEWSPAPER-12
    7/20/09 “Springsteen parla in italiano: io porto il rock, voi fate rumore.”   NEWSPAPER-12
    7/20/09 “Patti Scialfa assente C’e la mamma del Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/1/09 “Sessanta e lode.” Page 26.  NEWSPAPER-12
    11/2/10 “Il tappeto rosso e di Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    6/20/11 “‘Big Man’ Clemons il sax di Springsteen che has unito l’America.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/29/12 Leonardo Colombati’s “La strada rock d’America.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    4/12/12 Cover of the Sette supplement. Article at Page 22.  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/4/13 “Springsteen a San Siro fa ballare 50.000 fan ‘Siete nel mio cuore.’”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    6/4/13 “Il mito che viaggia in treno e unisce, tre generazioni.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    1/27/14 Review of first show with mention of new recording bracelet. NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/4/16 “Bruce, energia rock (e un giallo) NEWSPAPER-12
    10/2/06 “Il ritorno del Boss” leads off a 24-page special supplement.
    10/2/06 “Il Boss rende omaggio al re del folk?”
    10/2/06 “Il segreto? Una superband.”
    10/2/06 “Tutti a casa Springsteen.”
    10/2/06 “John Henry e le altre: la lotta e musica.”
    10/2/06 “Ho scavato in me stesso.”
    10/2/06 “Pete Seeger, l’ultimo menestrello.”
    10/2/06 “L’inno di un’epoca nuova.”
    10/2/06 “Bob Dylan, fratello maggiore del Boss.”
    10/2/06 “A lezionde da Woody Guthrie.”
    10/2/06 “Il lento contagio del folk.”
    10/2/06 “I Boss canta I maestri.”
    10/2/06 “Lo spirito dell’eroe di Steinbeck. Tom Joad vive ancora.”
    10/2/06 “La svolta di Nebraska.”
    10/2/06 “Il Boss Politico. Una voce progressista. Quando Reagan amava Bruce.”
    10/2/06 “38 concerti contro Bush.”
    10/2/06 “L’Altra America. Le persone cantate da Springsteen. L’elogio della classe operaia.”
    10/2/06 “Adamo e Caino.”
    10/2/06 “Oscar per il Boss.”
    10/2/06 “L’Altra America. L luoghi cantatti da Springsteen.”
    10/2/06 “Il mito del Boss si forma sul palco.”
    10/2/06 “La scintilla di Elvis.”
    10/2/06 “La Band Storica. Formidabili musicisti e grandi amici. E Street, l’indirizzo del rock.”
    10/2/06 “Il Boss e la Chitarra. Sei corde di liberta.”
    10/2/06 “Born to Run. Cosi nasce una stella della musica.”
    10/2/06 “I Fan. Dan Nick Hornby a Tony Blair. Un rapporto a ‘Alta Fedelta’.”
    10/2/06 “Born in the USA, il primo degli inni rock.”
    10/2/06 “The Rising. Il Boss canta la rinascita dell’America.”
    10/2/06 “”American Skin”. La canzone delle polemiche. 41 colpi al razzismo.”
    10/2/06 “Tutto l’essenziale sul Boss in 26 voci. Springsteen dalla ‘A’ alla ‘A’.”
    9/??/84 Columnist says Bruce will “sail off the scene as sure as Frankie Avalon has wrinkles.”
    9/17/70 “Rock concert rocks community.” “Few hard facts” about the Middletown “riot.”
    3/25/93 “Springsteen performs benefit for Count Basic Theater” reviews Red Bank, NJ (3/23/93).
    Also see COURIER-JOURNAL.COMInternet Articles
    8/6/78 “Bruce Springsteen ‘cooks’ in concert” reviews Louisville, KY (8/5/78).
    1/11/85 “Bruce Springsteen performs at Louisville’s Freedom Hall” reviews Louisville, KY (1/10/85); “Arrests break big Springsteen scalping setup.”
    11/21/96 “The Boss takes search to Palace” reviews Louisville, KY (11/20/96).
    4/17/00 “The Boss delivers E-Street history” reviews Louisville, KY (4/15/00).
  • COURIER-MAIL (Australia)
    4/1/85 “‘Boss’ blows away the blues” reviews Brisbane (AU) (3/31/85).  NEWSPAPER-12
    4/2/85 ” ‘Boss’ leaves a little something,” a $14,000 donation for liver transplants.  NEWSPAPER-12
    2/6/97 “In touch with The Boss” reviews Brisbane (AU) (2/4/97).  NEWSPAPER-12
    3/27/03 Review of Brisbane (AU) (3/25/03). “The beauty was in the details.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    11/6/10 Cover of the “etc” section. “The Boss is back.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    3/15/13 “Bruce burns it up” reviews Brisbane (AU) (3/15/13).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    3/16/13 “Boss can still start a fire.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/23/78 “The future of rock ‘n’ roll proud to call New Jersey his home.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/3/81 “Springsteen’s more polished but still rocking.” East Rutherford, NJ (7/2/81).  NEWSPAPER-12
    7/3/81 “Bryne Arena wins audience praise in debut.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    8/2/84 “Springsteen tour: Behind the scenes.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    8/6/84 “Springsteen shows who’s Boss” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-12
    4/27/85 USA For Africa cover story in TV listing guide.  NEWSPAPER-12
    8/10/85 “Two more Springsteen concerts go ‘on line.'”  NEWSPAPER-12
    8/15/85 “Singer thrills 56,000” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/14/85).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    8/15/85 “Fans show love for Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    8/19/85 Reviewer wasn’t happy with East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/8/86 “Springsteen is back, and record stores are ready.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    11/15/86 “Live album is great way to tune in to Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    8/6/87 “Employees sing a sad tune about their Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    4/2/88 “New procedures would ease the mad rush for Springsteen seats.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    12/16/88 “March divorce is granted to the Boss and his Lady” PEOPLE column NEWSPAPER-12
    3/29/92 “New tunes from Bruce are on the loose.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    5/17/92 “For Springsteen, even die-hard fans prove fickle.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    7/24/92 “Springsteen fans are graying a bit.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    7/24/92 “Springsteen rocks with new band” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-12
    9/27/92 “Springsteen outdoes himself on MTV’s ‘Unplugged.'”  NEWSPAPER-12
    10/12/95 “Everyday Joe rockin’ with ‘The Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-12
    11/25/96 “The Boss takes stage in Asbury” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/24/96).  NEWSPAPER-12
    11/25/96 “The boss returns to roots in Asbury.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    3/14/99 SUNDAY “Springsteen pals recall Hall of Fame-bound rocker Glory Days” NEWSPAPER-104B
    3/14/99 SUNDAY “Springsteen (and NJ) headed for rock music’s hall of fame” NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/16/99 “Welcome home, Bruce. Legions of fans await the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-104B
    7/15/99 “Springsteen to rock state.” NEWSPAPER-12
    8/1/99 Celeb, “Ties that bind II.” NEWSPAPER-12
    12/18/00 “Asbury Park greets Bruce” previews holiday shows.  NEWSPAPER-12
    6/13/04 “Newark Museum straps its hands cross Springsteen’s engines.” NEWSPAPER-12
    6/17/04 “A prodigal minstrel returns. Springsteen exhibit opens at the Newark Museum.” NEWSPAPER-12
    11/13/05 “After 30 years, the Boss still Born to Run.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    4/23/06 “Springsteen pays tribute to folk legend Pete Seeger.”  NEWSPAPER-12
    Also see COURIERPOSTONLINE.COMInternet Articles
    12/21/73 Ad for the Dec. 22, 1973 concert at Uncle Al’s Erlton Theatre Lounge, Cherry Hill, NJ.
    4/5/81 Rock’s Bruce Springsteen: Poet of the Mean Streets. Cover, Pages 5, 6.
    7/14/81 “Springsteen plays, loyal fans pay, pay, pay.”
    9/12/84 “The Boss has his fans dancing in the dark” reviews Philadelphia, PA ((9/11/84). NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/12/84 “Patriotic exuberance rocks arena” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/11/84).  NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/12/84 “The Boss photo” NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/12/84 “The Boss has his fans Dancing in the Dark” NEWSPAPER-104B
    9/12/84 “The Boss is Back full page photo spread” reviews Phila. PA NEWSPAPER-104B
    11/16/84 “The wild success of Bruce Springsteen, an American hero.”
    8/16/85 “Springsteen finale enthralls 56,000 fans” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/15/85).
    10/7/87 “Springsteen’s latest selling well among South Jersey fans.”
    11/15/87 “The Boss Talks” about Tunnel of Love.
    3/7/88 “The Boss is back” reviews Bruce’s early history in the Delaware Valley.
    3/8/88 “Bruce whips up a potpourri” as Tunnel tour heads to Philadelphia.
    3/9/88 “Springsteen’s fire still smolders in opening night” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/8/88).
    3/9/88 “He’s singing about a part of me.”
    3/10/88 “Springsteen puts fun into 2nd show” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/9/88).
    5/11/88 “Springsteen learns of love.”
    5/12/88 “Keeping the faith alive.”
    7/15/88 “Springsteen showing E Street Band the exit.”
    9/18/88 “Music extravaganza for human rights.”
    9/18/88 ” ‘Average’ season for pop music.”
    9/20/88 “Varied audience embraces music, human rights” reviews Philadelphia,  PA (9/19/88).
    9/20/88 “Boss returns as king of rock” during Amnesty tour.
    9/20/88 “Before the singing began: The press conference.”
    9/20/88 “Stars came to watch.”
    9/20/88 “Springsteen: Accept challenge.”
    9/23/89 “The Boss may be turning 40, but he hasn’t missed a beat.”
    12/??/89 “Realtor touts house where the Boss slept.”
    7/18/91 “That ‘Boss’ Feeling. Rumor: Springsteen ready with new album.”
    3/11/92 “Springsteen’s video is dark and uninspired” reviews the Human Touch video.
    5/7/92 “First live television shot for Springsteen.”
    8/26/92 Text of winning essay in ticket contest.
    8/28/92 “When The Boss played Cherry Hill.”
    8/29/92 “Expectations baffle ‘The Boss’.”
    12/3/92 “Who could predict Springsteen wouldn’t sell out?” Spectrum tickets still available.
    3/5/95 “40 years of Rock & Roll” on a 10 hour TV documentary.
    10/21/95 “Springsteen steals the show” reviews Philadelphia (10/19/95).
    3/15/99 “N.J. town reflected in songs of a rock ‘n’ roll native son.”
    3/19/99 “Faithful ‘Boss’ fans left out in the cold” during Reunion tour rehearsal show.
    9/12/99 “The Boss is back; Bruce Springsteen was once Philly’s little secret.”
    9/14/99 “Springsteen thrills Philly faithful” reviews Philadelphia (9/13/99).
    12/15/99 “Robbin Thompson recalls the time before Bruce Springsteen was ‘The Boss’.”
    7/23/02 “The Rising. Springsteen’s new CD focuses on transcendence over cruelty, suffering.”
    7/31/02 “Today show highlights renewal of Asbury Park and Springsteen.”
    10/7/02 “Boss keeps fans on their feet” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/6/02).
    3/7/03 “Springsteen’s first A.C. show will bury myth.”
    3/8/03 “Springsteen, fans meet at night in Atlantic City reviews Atlantic City, NJ(3/7/03).
    8/8/03 “Linc’s first concert stars Bruce in The Rising.”
    8/9/03 “The Linc rocks to Springsteen.”
    2/17/05 “Springsteen album due in April; tour to follow.”
    7/22/05 “Springsteen learns as tour proceeds.” Associated Press article on Devils & Dust tour.
    11/15/05 “Tramps Like Us.” Fans still identify with and adore Born To Run.
    11/15/05 “Springsteen reflects on breakthrough album.” Associated Press article.
    10/6/07 Reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/5/07).
  •  CREATIVE LOAFING  NEWSPAPER-13                                                                   3/7/81 “The Boss Proves It All Night”
    8/28/02 “Why We Need Both Springsteen and Steve Earle.”
  • LA CROIX (France)  NEWSPAPER-13
    6/20/11 “Clarence Clemons est mort.”

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  • DAGBLADET (Norway) 
    Also see DAGLBADET.NOInternet Articles
    7/23/88 Front page photo: “Hjemme i Bruce Springsteen bardomsland.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/23/88 Front page of Lordags Bagbladet section: “Pa Sporet Av Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/23/88 “Bruce Springsteens Barndomsland” discusses Freehold.
    7/23/88 “Forfall I Rockens Mekka” discusses Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/26/88 “Her Er Sjefen” reviews Copenhagen (DK) (7/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/26/88 “Bruce-Hysteriet PA Vei Til Norge.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/26/88 “Bruce-‘gaerningene er pa plass’.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/26/88 “Patti pa joggetur.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Bruce,” an editorial.  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Beruset Av Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-105
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    7/28/88 “Full Tenning.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Men Charlotte Fikk Dansen…”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Polse I Brod Og Fire Foran ‘Kuppen’n’.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Sjefens hoyre hand” profiles Clarence.  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Oslo Splite Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Sjefs Suiten” at the Grand Hotel.  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/28/88 “Tilbakelent oppladning.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/29/88 “Kongelig Farvel” as Bruce leaves Oslo (NO).  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/19/12 Three-page preview of Oslo (NO).  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/24/12 Two-page photo, and review of Bergen (NO) (7/23/12).  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/20/12  “På fornavn med Bruce.”
    12/12/07 “Reko Boss i stan”reviews Stockholm (SE) (12/10/07).  NEWSPAPER-13
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    10/20/75 Two reviews of Los Angeles, CA (10/17/75).
    2/?/75 Advertisement for the Feb. 19 University Park, PA., concert
    2/20/75 “Springsteen: Lyrics of the street” reviews University Park, PA (2/19/75).
    4/14/76 “Springsteen pure energy” reviews University Park, PA (4/13/76).
    4/14/76 The crowd scene in University Park, PA.
    4/14/76 “Springsteen aide to face charges” stemming from disputes at Rec Hall.
    4/15/76 “Springsteen aid (sic) released.”
    1/26/00 “Bruce Springsteen to Perform at Bryce Jordan Center”
    2/28/00 “Springsteen and E Street Band to play full house”
    2/29/00 “Rock-icon Springsteen invigorates local crowd”
    3/16/01 “Springsteen in studio to record with E Street Band”
    7/31/02 “Springsteen surprised by Bush Decisions”
    11/2/78 Six advertisements for the Darkness tour in Carbondale, IL.
    12/5/78  “Springsteen’s glad prisoner of rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Carbondale, IL (12/3/78).
    1/21/81 Four advertisement for The River tour in Carbondale, IL.
    1/29/81  Photo in Entertainment Guide previewing The River tour in Carbondale, IL.
    2/6/81 “Springsteen concert captures the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.” Carbondale, IL (2/4/81).
  • DAILY EXPRESS (United Kingdom)
    THE SUNDAY EXPRESS (United Kingdom)
    11/19/75 “Not quite a back-street Byron” reviews Hammersmith Odeon (UK) (11/18/75).  NEWSPAPER-13
    5/11/85 “Bride for ‘The Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    6/2/85 “100,000 flock to rock under the sun, but so-shy Bruce hits a low key.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    6/3/85 Coverage of Slane Castle (IR) (6/1/85). Multiple short articles.  NEWSPAPER-105
    6/5/85 “Salute Bruce Spring-Tyne.” Bruce creates a one-man economic boom.  NEWSPAPER-13
    6/10/85 “MP attacks rock star’s cash for pit strikers.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    7/3/85 “SNAP! It’s The Boss and bride” NEWSPAPER-13
    7/4/85 “Spring heeled Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    7/5/85 “The Boss… proves he’s a hit, not just a myth.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    12/7/85 “As rock stars sound off over South Africa … the city that divides a nation.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    9/3/88 “Tears as Bruce leads Wembley cry for freedom.”  NEWSPAPER-13
    9/19/91 Marc Eliot’s book says “Rock star ‘beaten by father.'”  NEWSPAPER-13
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    4/29/88 “Glitter of stardom will never be gold for America’s reflective rock hero.”
    4/??/92 “Has Springsteen lost his ‘Human Touch?'” Editor says HT/LT are “boring stories.”
    8/28/92 “Bashing The Boss.”
    10/26/95 “‘Boss’ pairs up with pal Gruskecky” reviews Chicago, IL (10/24/95).
    9/26/02 “Springsteen mixes solemn with favorites” reviews Chicago, IL (9/25/02).
    11/28/78 “Springsteen – man or superman.” Retrospective serves as review. Champaign, IL (11/20/78).
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    2/10/81 “Springsteen concert a success; Elvis still leads in attendance.”
    6/14/78 “Springsteen’s music: Loud and hard in Hancher concert” reviews Iowa City, IO (6/13/78).
    12/11/75 “Springsteen: welcome musical reward” reviews Lewisburg, PA (12/10/75).
    11/6/78 “‘Bootleg’ suit initiated by rock star Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    5/15/80 “‘Born to Run’ in running to become state’s song.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    12/30/80 “Springsteen wins bootleg restraint.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/3/81 “Springsteen’s fans pack arena on opening night.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/27/81 “Springsteen boon to Y fund drive” in Asbury Park, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-14
    6/20/84 “Springsteen tickets bring out his fans.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/10/84 “Bruce seems to rev up on his audience’s energy.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    12/13/84 Bruce helps blues-rock guitarist Maison Ruffner pack-up in New Orleans, LA.  NEWSPAPER-14
    12/14/84 “So you collect records, huh? Check this out.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    5/15/85 “Springsteen fans upset over his out-of-state wife.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/19/85 “Springsteen ‘mystery’ draws a crowd” as fans wait for word on ticket sales.  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/20/85 “Fans camp out overnight to see ‘The Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/24/85 “Did police scalp ‘Boss’ tickets?”  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/24/85 “Springsteen’s aftermath: lots of council complaints.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/25/85 “Springsteen tickets gone, Ticketron’s end is here.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/6/85 News brief: “‘Born in the USA’ returns to the USA” for show in Washington D.C.  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/20/85 “Giving up your blood to see The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/20/85 “Now, about those ‘Boss’ tickets …”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/23/85 “Welcoming the Boss back home.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/29/85 “Brucemania an epidemic of adoration in star’s home state.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    10/11/85 Editorial cartoon with Ronald Reagan singing “Made In The USA.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    11/11/86 “Bruce’s new album singing a money tune.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    3/27/87 “The Boss for guv? Crazy, man.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    4/1/87 Bruce added to the World Book Encyclopedia.  NEWSPAPER-14
    5/4/87 “New Jersey breeds talent.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    8/26/87 “Bruce may present a challenge to fans” on Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-14
    10/5/87 “Tunnel bares a ‘new’ Bruce. Trades arena pomp for sensitivity.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    10/9/87 “Springsteen sings about adult love” on Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-14
    2/22/88 100 fans in a ticketline encounter a holdup hoax, scatter.  NEWSPAPER-14
    3/1/88 “Bruce brings out the blues” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-14
    3/4/88 21,000 fans sign “Pink Cadillac” petition drive for a concert in Rockford, IL.  NEWSPAPER-14
    1/10/74 Advertisement for the 1/19/74 show, headlined by Black Oak Arkansas.
    1/22/74 Reviewer liked Bruce better than BOA, but not by much. Reviews Kent, OH (1/19/74).
    5/24/74 Advertisement for the 6/1/74 show, this time with the E Street Band headlining.
    5/31/74 “Springsteen in ACPB Concert.” Article says there are no “big names” in the concert.
    6/4/74 “Equally a poet and rock & roller” reviews Kent, OH (6/1/74).
  • DAILY MAIL (United Kingdom)
    Also see DAILYMAIL.CO.UKInternet Articles
    5/29/81 “Smart people’s hero” reviews Brighton (UK) (5/26/81).  NEWSPAPER-14
    6/3/85 “The king of the castle” covers Slane Castle (IR) (6/1/85).  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/4/85 “The Boss’s big night” reviews Wembley (UK) (7/3/85).  NEWSPAPER-105
    9/1/88 Front page photo and story: “The Boss’s Marriage is Finished.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    5/30/91 “The Boss Names The Day.” Front page photo with Patti Scialfa.  NEWSPAPER-14
    7/7/92 “Bruce has seen better days” reviews the HT/LT tour in London (7/6/92).  NEWSPAPER-14
    10/9/98 “When the Boss was broke in the U.S.A.” Report on High Court testimony.  NEWSPAPER-14
    4/22/05 “Will fans follow Bruce out West?” reviews Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-14
    6/3/05 “Bare-bones Boss is best” reviews London (UK) (5/27/05).  NEWSPAPER-14
    11/29/07 “Tickets born to run out.”  NEWSPAPER-14
    11/12/10 Five star review for The Promise (out of 5).  NEWSPAPER-105
  • DAILY MIRROR (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-14
    5/30/81 “The reluctant millionaire.”
    11/16/82 “Bruce plans a rich return…”
    6/20/88 “Birth of the Boss – Dunce who grew into a legend.”
    6/21/88 “Life on the Run.”
    6/22/88 “A Nice Guy, But Mean.”
    6/22/88 “Shorn in the U$A.”
    12/4/10 “Rocky Road” previews the BBC program. Page 11 of the “We love telly” section.
  • DAILY NEWS (Los Angeles)  NEWSPAPER-14
    Also see DAILYNEWS.COMInternet Articles
    9/27/85 “This listener is left bored in the USA.” Calls Bruce a “non-talent.”
    9/27/85 “The Glory Days of Bruce Springsteen.”
    9/28/85 “‘The Boss’ becomes a bargain; Scalpers frustrated at concert opener.”
    10/15/86  Springsteen tops all-star benefit-Bridge School.
    10/4/87 L.A. Life “Bruce Springsteen proves to be Boss of musical modern romance, too.”
    3/2/95 Grammy Boss front page photo& LA Life Grammys age gracefully NEWSPAPER-105
    5/4/05 “He Is His Own Boss” reviews Los Angeles, CA (5/2/05).
    2/9/06 At the Grammy’s, Springsteen delivers a message. Reviews Los Angeles, CA (2/8/06).
  • DAILY NEWS (New York)
    Also see NYDAILYNEWS.COMInternet Articles
    Undated Two illustrated posters by Harry Pincus and David Palladini NEWSPAPER-105
    11/9/75 “The man of the hour in a 15 minute world.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    6/26/77 Photo of Bruce at the party after the opening of New York, New York.  NEWSPAPER-15
    6/2/78 “Here he comes again” discusses Darkness, start of Darkness tour.  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/15/79 “Drive, They Said.” Dave Marsh on the mystique and symbolism of cars.  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/24/79 “Bruce star of anti nuke concert” NEWSPAPER-15                            11/18/79 “Springsteen: the full story” reviews Dave Marsh’s book Born to Run.  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/18/80 Review of the No Nukes album. “Springsteen steals ‘No Nukes.'”  NEWSPAPER-105
    10/12/80 “The Boss Is Back!” Dave Marsh reviews The River, Ann Arbor MI. (10/3/80).  NEWSPAPER-15
    11/23/80 Cover. “The Boss Brings it Home” NEWSPAPER-105
    11/23/80 “The Boss”  Springsteen plays MSG. NEWSPAPER-105
    11/25/80 “Springsteen tix fix probed” NEWSPAPER-15
    11/28/80 “Younger than Springsteen is her love.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/7/80 “Is there life after The River?” Reviewer thinks Bruce is trying too hard.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/10/81 “Springsteen aids the Y” in Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/30/81 Double page color poster from the Sunday News Magazine.  NEWSPAPER-105
    6/13/82 “Protest is their weapon” at anti-nuke rally in Central Park (6/12/82).  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/22/82 “A Springsteen Summer” follows three fans thru Europe.  NEWSPAPER-105
    9/26/82 “Alone” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-105
    6/10/84 “The Boss…and his restless new songs of the night” reviews BITUSA. NEWSPAPER-15
    6/20/84 “Spruce up for Bruce; On the hot line for concert tix.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/4/84 “U.S. rock goes patriotic,” but not the flag-waving variety.  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/13/84 “What price artistic integrity?” BITUSA succeeds without sacrificing integrity.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/1/84 “Springsteen fans feeling let down” in lawn seats at Saratoga, NY.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/5/84 “Bruce on the loose” previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/7/84 “‘The Big Beat’ a paean to rock drummers.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/7/84 “Springsteen in overdrive” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84). NEWSPAPER-15
    8/84 “‘Lucky Town’ for vendors.” NEWSPAPER-15
    9/5/84 “Bruce Springsteen Delivers Powerful Concert to 14,000” NEWSPAPER-105
    10/14/84 Little Steven is “putting politics back in rock ‘n’ roll.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/16/84 “The Boss puts his state on the video map.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/24/84 “Movies are made in …”  NEWSPAPER-15
    1985 “Springsteen: A Fever Born in Philadelphia” with souvenir. NEWSPAPER-105
    4/2/85 “Bruce leads the ‘World'” reports on USA For Africa.  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/10/85 “‘Boss’ Of Rock To Wed Actress.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    5/14/85 “Bruce Hitched” NEWSPAPER-15
    6/12/85 “Boss’ ‘Glory'” reports on the upcoming release of Glory Days video. NEWSPAPER-15
    6/16/85 “The Brides of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/6/85 Bruce throws a party at London’s Hard Rock Cafe.  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/21/85 “Fans flock ’round clock for Springsteen tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/23/85 “Springsteen Rocks Fone Co. It’s gridlock amid calls for tix.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/23/85 “Cops in lineup on Boss tix.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    7/31/85 “NYPD probes Springsteen tix.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/4/85 “Springsteen at the Meadowlands: Bruce is Back!” NEWSPAPER-105
    8/6/85 “Hail to The Boss in D.C.” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85). NEWSPAPER-105
    8/6/85 “Bruce tix get phone workers cut off.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/7/85 “Glory Days. Nobody, but nobody, rocks a stadium like the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/8/85 “Everyone is singing “Glory Days”,” even striking baseball player.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/10/85 “Tragedy mars concert.” Seven teens killed en route to Chicago concert.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/11/85 “Spring for tix.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/11/85 “Why Now?” first of five part series, “The Boss” by David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/12/85 “Non-Glory Days” second of five part series, “The Boss” by David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/13/85 “The Hype” third of five part series, “The Boss” by David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/14/85 “Pizza and Privacy” fourth of five part series, “The Boss” by David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/14/85 Photo of participants in a Bruce Springsteen look-alike contest. NEWSPAPER-105
    8/14/85 “Blood for the Boss.” Tickets lure blood donors to New Jersey hospital. NEWSPAPER-105
    8/15/85 “The Price of Fame” last of five part series, “The Boss” by David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/18/85 “Born in the U.S.A.” previews six night stand at Giant Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/18/85 “Some sit out the Brucehaha”  NEWSPAPER-105
    8/19/85 “The Boss comes home.” NEWSPAPER-105
    8/19/85 “The E Street Shuffle” NEWSPAPER-105
    8/20/85 “Hail to the Red, White and Bruce” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/13/85 “They’re Calling My Name.” Reporter named Bruce says it is a “wimpy” name.  NEWSPAPER-15
    11/14/85 “Bruce springs for kids,” NEWSPAPER-15
    12/6/85 Personnel company offers free counseling to EM workers. NEWSPAPER-15
    12/8/85 “Boss Dinner” with labor leader in Freehold.  NEWSPAPER-15
    ?/?/85 (missing title) – 2 small narrative boxes and 2 double-page illustration posters  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/21/86 “Boss aids workers” at the EM benefit at The Stone Pony.  NEWSPAPER-15
    2/2/86 “‘Mrs. Boss’ steals the show at AIDS benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    3/23/86 “How Much Would You Pay…” discusses bootleg releases.  NEWSPAPER-105
    3/30/86 “All Together Now – ‘This Land is Your Land, This…'”  NEWSPAPER-105
    11/9/86 “Only one can be Boss.” Springsteen’s live “disc raises hell.” NEWSPAPER-105
    11/9/86 “Look for Bruce under spruce.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    11/9/86 “Get on line! The Boss’ live set hits stores tomorrow.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    12/14/86 In feedback column, fan asks: “Hey Bruce, Where’s the Juice?”  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/28/86 Live 1975-’85 was one of the years few musical high notes.  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/22/87 “It Will Never Die” reviews Rock Hall induction (1/ 21/87).  NEWSPAPER-105
    2/8/87 Brief review of the “Fire” video.  NEWSPAPER-15
    3/1/87 Concert promoter John Scher takes swipes at Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-105
    3/19/87 “Bruce’s record album takes a nose-dive.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/10/87 “Glory Days part one: magic in the night” MEWSPAPER-105
    5/11/87 “Glory Days part two: we are the world” NEWSPAPER-105
    5/12/87 “Glory Days part three: Bruce and the band go live” NEWSPAPER-105
    5/13/87 “Glory Days part four: champion of causes” NEWSPAPER-105
    5/14/87 “Glory Days part five: A rocker’s roots” NEWSPAPER-105
    7/23/87 “Wrecking Ball Blues” threaten The Stone Pony.  NEWSPAPER-15
    8/27/87 “Boss makes a Sayles pitch,” attends opening of Matawan.  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/17/87 “Born to Be Number One” predicts “Brilliant Disguise” will top charts.  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/4/87 “The New Bruce” reviews Tunnel of Love: from growin’ up to grownup.  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/4/87 “Bruce Springsteen proves to be Boss of musical modern romance, too.” NEWSPAPER-15                                                                                            10/5/87 “Bruce Busts Loose” as Tunnel of Love heads for the stores.  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/11/87 Bruce joins Little Steven at the Ritz. Reviews NY, NY(10/8/87).  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/9/87 “They’re Just Wild for Harry” at the Chapin tribute, reviews (12/7/87).  NEWSPAPER-15
    12/15/87 “Tasty Time at the Garden,” reviews Homeless benefit (12/13/87).  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/7/88 “Bruce taking Tunnel of Love on Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/22/88 “The Boss at work” donating $50,000 of New Jersey Community Food Bank.  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/24/88 “Rock of Aged” photo of Bruce, George Harrison, Mick Jagger.  NEWSPAPER-15
    2/5/88 “Bruce Hits the Road” in support of Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-15
    2/19/88 “The Boss turns into old man in video.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    2/26/88 “Mass Appeal; Bruce deals the whole deck to Worcester fans.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    3/3/88 “Four Aces and One Queen” reviews the Grammy ceremonies.  NEWSPAPER-15
    3/17/88 “A Ticket! A Ticket! My Stereo For a Ticket.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    3/27/88 “The Boss Stops Here” previews Tunnel tour on Long Island.  NEWSPAPER-105
    3/27/88 “Portrait of a Rocker” photo exhibit in Brooklyn Heights.  NEWSPAPER-105
    3/27/88 “Talk of the Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    3/28/88 “Win Free Tickets! Springsteen at the Nassau Coliseum – Full Page Ad. NEWSPAPER-15
    4/2/88 “Bruce is tough but smooth” reviews Nassau Coliseum, NY (4/1/88).  NEWSPAPER-15
    4/24/88 “Their Hearts Belong To Caddy” inspired by “Pink Cadillac”.  NEWSPAPER-15
    4/24/88 “Cashing In: These Wheels Really Work, Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/15/88 “Bruce, some of your fans are wondering” about Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-105
    5/??/88 “One is a Lonely Number” refutes the “some fans are wondering” article. NEWSPAPER-15
    5/17/88 “A Connection Home” reviews NY, NY (5/16/88).  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/17/88 “Born to Come Home.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/26/88 “Okay, who’s really the Boss now?”  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/26/88 “Born to Run around?”  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/29/88 “Out There With Roy Orbison” as Black And White Night video is released.  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/??/88 “Bruce, When Will The Saga End?”  NEWSPAPER-15
    6/19/88 “New harmony for Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    6/20/88 “Patti altered his chemistry.”  NEWSPAPER-105
    7/3/88 “1 Step Up, 2 Steps Back” in ticket line.  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/1/88 “Bruce Makes It a Happening” reviews Amnesty tour.  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/20/88 “Let Freedom Rock” reviews Amnesty tour in Philadelphia, PA (9/19/88).  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/21/88 “Bad Production – Good Product” on Amnesty tour.  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/21/88 “Rock ‘n’ Roll Makes Strange Bedfellows.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    9/25/88 “Ex Marks Her Spot.”.  NEWSPAPER-105
    10/12/88 Photo of Bruce on Madison Avenue: “Just A Face In The Crowd.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/17/88 “Amnesty On the Air: Talk Radio.” Buenos Aires concert more talk than music.  NEWSPAPER-15
    10/21/88 “Just a Face in the Crowd” NEWSPAPER-15
    12/5/88 “Suitable For Press Bashing” on the Esquire slam piece.  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/3/89 “In the end, it’s the magic, not the image.”  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/30/89 “Anatomy of a Rock Climber” reviews Video Anthology 1978-’88.  NEWSPAPER-15
    5/??/89 “What Does The Boss Owe His Employees?”  NEWSPAPER-15
    6/14/89 “Bruce is loose once again at the Stone Pony” reviews Asbury Park, NJ(6/2/89).  NEWSPAPER-15
    6/16/89 Brief review of Bruce’s guest appearance at Jones Beach, NY (6/14/89).  NEWSPAPER-15
    1/16/90 “Baby Boss is due.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    3/8/90 “For a little friend.” NEWSPAPER-16
    6/10/91 “Boss reborn in USA… wed in La-La Land.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/7/91 Photo: “Papa Boss.” Bruce and Patti with Evan James along Central Park West.  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/20/91 “Bruce bio tells of man on fire.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/24/91 Bette Midler says Bruce wouldn’t give her “Pink Cadillac”.  NEWSPAPER-16
    1/27/92 “2 albums, 2 books – the Boss doubles back.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/5/92 “Now, Who’s The Boss?  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/5/92 “The hidden album.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/5/92 “DJ’s reasons to believe.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/5/92 “Tour: Better Days.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    5/8/92 “Bruce is Back. New Band Rocks Village Club.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    5/10/92 “Bruce, live from New York” on Saturday Night Live.  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/15/92 “Spring-steam tour” previews the start of the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour.  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/16/92 “Taking Stockholm” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/15/92).  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/16/92 “Stockholm a Lucky Town. First to feel Touch of Springsteen’s new band.” NEWSPAPER-16
    6/17/92 “Bjorn to run: Stockholm notes.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/12/92 Letter writers: “Springsteamed over ticket inflation.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/19/92 “Rocker in a Hard Place.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/19/92 “‘Soft’ ticket hard to get.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/19/92 “Bruce likely to favor ‘Lucky’ new songs.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/24/92 “Boss’ ‘Human Touch'” reviews Meadowlands, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/24/92 “Local Hero Wows ’em.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/26/92 Bill Gallo cartoons, Bruce as “Boss!” and George “Steingrabber” as “Boss!.” NEWSPAPER-16
    7/27/92 ” One night of Bruce and you’re… Reborn in the USA.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    8/9/92 “Souls of the Departed.” Bruce makes a dedication to drummer Jeff Porcaro.  NEWSPAPER-16
    8/16/92 “Hometown Boy. Bruce & his playlist back in familiar territory.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    8/21/92 “Bruce Springsteen 57 channels and nothing’s on award.” NEWSPAPER-16
    9/18/92 “Born to Tour,” syndicated article by Daily News columnist David Hinckley.  NEWSPAPER-16
    9/27/92 “Springsteen Speaks” out against Bush, Perot.  NEWSPAPER-16
    1/14/93 “Kickin’ Out The Jams” reviews Rock Hall induction dinner in LA (1/12/93).  NEWSPAPER-16
    1/14/93 “Quotes that rock ‘n’ roll off the tongue.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    3/25/93 “Showing them who’s Boss” reviews Red Bank, NJ (3/23/93).  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/26/93 “Glory Day for Letterman” reviews New York, NY (6/15/93).  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/26/93 “The Boss’ Soft Side.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/28/93 “Magic in the Night: Local Hero Springsteen finishes big and leaves fans wondering what’s next.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/30/93 “He’s the Boss” NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/1/93 “Bruce fans turn D’Arby into roast beef.” NEWSPAPER-16
    7/12/93 Interview with Patti Scialfa about Rumble Doll. NEWSPAPER-105A
    1/2/94 Reviews the Philadelphia soundtrack CD.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    2/20/94 “Stars pay a Curtis-y call” reviews Curtis Mayfield tribute. NEWSPAPER-16
    1/19/95 “Bruce Backtracks to E Street” NEWSPAPER-105A
    2/23/95 Reviews about shoot for Greatest Hits (2/21/95) NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/2/95 “Grammy boss is Bruce.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/2/95 “Bruce a Max-imum Thrill.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    4/14/95 “All-Star Concert Rains Supreme” mentions Springsteen as part of lineup. NEWSPAPER-16
    10/17/95 “All-New Boss Album Due Next Month.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/18/95 “A Big Boost From Bruce” for Joe Grushecky.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/20/95 “Bruce’s Pittsburgh Guy” reviews New York, NY (10/28/95).  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/22/95 “Bruce Is Back – Listen Closely” reviews New Brunswick, NJ (11/21/95).  NEWSPAPER-16
    12/14/95 “Bruce Proves It All Night” reviews New York, NY (12/12/95); NEWSPAPER-16
    11/25/96 “Reflections from Asbury Park” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/24/96).  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/26/96 “Great Things From Asbury Park” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/24/96).  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/26/96 “Bruce Follows His Hungry Heart.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    5/3/98 “Greetings from… Caddyshack; After E Street, life on the links” NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/23/98 “Back to the Rock File.” NEWSPAPER-16
    11/10/98 “It’s Glory Days As Boss Makes Career ‘Tracks.'”  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/27/98 “What’s eating Bruce & Patti?” NEWSPAPER-105A
    12/10/98 “U-Turn to EStreet.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    1/26/99 “Songwriters Salute The Boss & Bobby Darin.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    2/16/99 “Bottom Line turns 25.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/15/99 “Rock On!” NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/15/99 “Rock The House” NEWSPAPER-105A
    5/23/99 “Boss’ fans have their glory day” NEWSPAPER-105A
    5/27/99 “The Boss forecast” NEWSPAPER-105A
    5/28/99 “Old favorites ready to let ‘er riff!” NEWSPAPER-16
    7/11/99 “Borne in the USA” reviews Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/14/99 “Back In the USA” as the Reunion Tour returns from Europe.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/16/99 “Boss rocks reunion concert” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/16/99 “Rocker’s N.J. run is rolling.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/24/99 “Live concerts can be a rocky road for deejays.” NEWSPAPER-16
    8/13/99 “Bruce’s Dilemma: Playing Favorites vs. Movies On” NEWSPAPER-16
    8/17/99 “How To Please Boss’ Fans: Give’em Tunes For The Road.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/23/99 “The Boss’ tour never flagged” reviews Albany, NY (11/21/99).  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/30/99  “E Streeter is his own boss.” NEWSPAPER-16
    6/11/00 “The Boss’ last stand?” NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/13/00 “In The Boss’ Corner” cover the “American Skin” controversy.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/13/00 “Garden gig more than a rehash of Glory Days” reviews NY, NY (6/12/00).  NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/13/00 Reviews American Skin, Madison Square Garden(6/11/00). NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/14/00 “Springsteen packs a wallop” reviews New York, NY (6/12/00).  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/14/00 “Diallo dad hugged Boss at concert” NEWSPAPER-16
    6/21/00 “Bruce gets bashed: Angry radio host selling his concert tix.” NEWSPAPER-16
    6/25/00 “More Than ‘Skin’ Deep” NEWSPAPER-16
    7/3/00 “Bruce brings in on home.” Fans also salute band as tour ends. NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/10/00 “Sweating: The details” Sultans of sweat NEWSPAPER-16
    11/7/00 “‘Badlands’ profits in Bruce country” NEWSPAPER-16
    3/21/01 “Costas’ Glory Days.” Springsteen interviewed on HBO.  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/1/01 “The Boss is Back: Bruce Springsteen speaks his mind.” Interview by David Hinckley, plus a review of Live in NY.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    4/4/01 “Bruce springs Late Night surprise” NEWSPAPER-16
    4/6/01 “The Boss set to rock HBO” “Bruce, fuel-injected” pg. 138, full page ad for the HBO special. NEWSPAPER-105A
    12/6/01 Reviews the start of the holiday shows in Asbury Park, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/31/02 Cover. “Springstock!” NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/31/02 “Early tastes of Bruce’s ‘Rising.'” Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/30/02). NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/31/02 “Born to run through old hits? Not quite.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    8/1/02 “A beachball bounce for ratings for ‘Today.'”  NEWSPAPER-16
    8/1/02 “Bruce’s CD is ‘Rising’ above 9/11 vengeance” reviews The Rising. NEWSPAPER-16
    8/5/02 “Bruce getting a gray goose back to the top of album chart.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    8/8/02 “Bruce is Off & Rocking” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).  NEWSPAPER-16
    8/12/02 “BRUCE” Cover. NEWSPAPER-105A
    12/18/02 “Bruce Keeps 9/11 at Center Stage” reviews Albany, NY (12/13/02). NEWSPAPER-16
    2/28/03 Reviews the Live In Barcelona network television special.  NEWSPAPER-16
    3/10/03 “Clarence Clemons’ Regimen To Survive A Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/16/03 “Bruce hits Jersey for victory lap” previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/17/03 “The Ties That Bind Also Set Boss Free” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/03). NEWSPAPER-16
    10/1/03 “The Boss Plays Shea” previews final shows of The Rising tour.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/2/03 “Bruce Rises in Shea home opener” reviews Flushing, NY (10/1/03).  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/2/03 “Bruce still a surefire hit.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/9/03 NYPD retaliates over “American Skin (41 Shots)”.  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/24/03 “Springsteen to help club’s Bottom Line.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    12/23/03 Photo of Bruce, Patti, shopping in New York City.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/2/04 “Kerry On!” reviews Vote for Change in Philadelphia, PA (10/1/04).  NEWSPAPER-16
    3/16/05 “When movies got ‘Clock’-ed” NEWSPAPER-16
    3/29/05 “Bruce Offers Sneak Peek” of Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    4/22/05 “Springsteen’s VH1 ‘Story.'”  NEWSPAPER-16
    5/8/05 “Bruce’s tough love” reviews Devils & Dust tour (with Storytellers photo).  NEWSPAPER-16
    5/31/05 “Confirming Springsteen, 1975” looks back at The Bottom Line shows.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    7/13/05 “What It’s Like To Be the Boss” reprinted from Esquire.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    12/16/05 “Who’s the Boss? At least one Sein points to Jerry.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/23/06 We Shall Overcome is “The Next Chapter.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    9/27/07 “Bruce will Jolt The Rock Scene” previews The Today Show.  NEWSPAPER-16
    9/29/07 “He’s Bruce Almighty” NEWSPAPER-16
    10/2/07 “Rockin’ Bruce makes a powerful case to believe in ‘Magic'” reviews Magic.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/5/07 “Torture & spying are not American, says Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/10/07 “Meadowlands Magic” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (10/9/07).  NEWSPAPER-16
    10/18/07 Concert photo from Madison Square Garden, NY (10/17/07).  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/28/08 “Bruce lets loose with ‘Magic’ act” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/27/08).  NEWSPAPER-16
    4/10/09 “Bruce Wasn’t Fast and Loose.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/29/09 Cover of VUE television guide. “Rock royalty’s Garden party.” Page 5.  NEWSPAPER-16
    1/27/10 “Bruce juice powers Elvis (Costello’s) finale.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    6/18/10 “No Sopranos Movie but Van Zandt is Upbeat” NEWSPAPER-16
    10/3/10 Vue section: “‘Promise’ kept. HBO film explores a Bruce masterpiece.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    6/19/11 “Sax Icon Clemons Dead.”  NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/28/12 “As Boss, Bruce was born to stun.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    7/25/12 “Dispirit in the Night” NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/21/12 Excerpt from Peter Ames Carlin’s book Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-16
    11/3/12 “Rockin’ the recovery” – Hurricane Sandy telethon.   NEWSPAPER-16
    12/13/12 Reviews New York City, NY (12/12/12).  NEWSPAPER-105A
    1/14/14 “Born to Rerun; Bruce Serves Leftovers on High Hopes.”  NEWSPAPER-16
    1/26/14 Bruce Springsteen Biographic Comic by Steve McGarry.  NEWSPAPER-16
    12/2014 Bruce Proves it all night NEWSPAPER-16
    10/13/17 Bruce soars as he retells life’s journey on Broadway.  NEWSPAPER-105A
    3/24/19 “Decoding the Boss, Lyrics to his classic songs are often a mystery- even to Bruce himself.” NEWSPAPER-16
    10/18/19 ” ‘Stars’ comes out for the Boss and family.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/6/20 ” ‘Heaven’ sent Zeppelin wins ‘Stairway’ copyright fight.” NEWSPAPER-105A
    10/22/87 “It’s Not ‘Thunder Road,’ It’s Not Close.” Tunnel review.
    11/17/78 “The Boss is Back!” previews (11/21/78) Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
    11/28/78 Six photos, one caption, but no review of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (11/21/78).
    9/6/78 Advertisement for Syracuse concert
    9/14/78 “Springsteen brings high to War Memorial” reviews Syracuse, NY (9/12/78).
    1/25/85 “Bruce plans to show Dome fans who’s boss.”
    1/25/85 “Springsteen creates unity with plight of common man.”
    1/25/85 “Springsteen can’t start a fire in some SU students’ hearts.”
    10/14/74 “Springsteen boffo!” reviews Princeton, NJ (10/12/74).
    11/7/78 “Springsteen proves it all night” reviews Princeton, NJ (11/1/78).
    11/7/78 “Springsteen concert crowds damage basketball, track surfaces in Jadwin” gymnasium.
    9/?/79 Reviews No Nukes concert (9/22/79) in New York City, NY.
    5/1/08 “Springsteen electrifies JPJ audience” reviews Charlottesville, VA (4/30/08).
  • DAILY RECORD (New Jersey)
    4/15/10 “Boss to headline ‘Jersey Rain’ at FDU.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    5/7/10 “Springsteen Plays At FDU” reviews Florham Park, NJ (5/6/10).  NEWSPAPER-106
    4/4/11 “Springsteen back where it all began” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (4/2/11).  NEWSPAPER-17
    5/6/11 Nils Lofgren: “Back to where it all began.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    5/6/11 Short article on the Morris Museum’s “Jersey Rocks” exhibit.  NEWSPAPER-17
    6/17/11 Margulies editorial cartoon: Yellow Ribbon for Clarence Clemons.  NEWSPAPER-17
    9/11/11 “Christie unveils Empty Sky memorial”.  NEWSPAPER-106
    1/20/12 “Thundering sound from Bruce Springsteen’s new single”,  NEWSPAPER-17
    2/10/12 “Clemons’ nephew to play on Boss’ tour.”  NEWSPAPER-17
  • DAILY RECORD (Scotland)
    6/25/88 “Bossy Ladies. Bruce is upstaging Julianne with his new love.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    6/25/88 “Scots pilgrims will see a superb show.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    7/15/92 “Bruce Was Born To Be A Dad.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    3/1/93 “Jock And Roll. Springsteen Heads For Scotland.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    4/1/93 “Rocking The Roof Off” reviews Glasgow (UK) (3/31/93).  NEWSPAPER-17
    2/29/96 “The Other Bruce” previews Edinburgh (UK).  NEWSPAPER-106
    6/19/13 “Incredible” show in Glasgow (UK). Reviews (6/18/13).  NEWSPAPER-106
    6/19/13 “Sorry Boys..The Boss Gets His Own Plane.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    1/2/14 “Superfan Craig pens book on idol” NEWSPAPER-106
  • DAILY RECORD (United Kingdom) NEWSPAPER-17
    5/30/81 “Bruce knows when to stop all his running”
    8/18/85 “Bruce Springsteen: The Triumph of a Classic Rocker” Special edition on Springsteen
    6/17/84 “Bruce gives surprise tour preview at Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-17
    8/6/84 “Bruce: A rousing return” NEWSPAPER-106
  • DAILY STAR (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-17
    6/3/85 “I’ll never forget Bruce Whatsisname.” The scene, overall, at Slane Castle, (IR).
    4/26/06 “Chasing Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-17
    2/8/97 “Bruce As God,” a backstage interview during the Tom Joad tour.
    2/22/03 “The Boss is back – Boss is on easy street again.” Interview.
    2/7/17 “No luck on a  Bruce and Ed show” Sheeran and Springsteen unable to join up on tour.
  • THE DAILY TELEGRAPH (United Kingdom)
    Also see TELEGRAPH.CO.UKInternet Articles
    10/9/98 “When The Boss was broke in the USA.” Bruce testifies in UK court case.  NEWSPAPER-17
    12/11/98 “Springsteen wins fight for his old songs.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    10/30/04  “Curtain up on star-spangled campaign.”   NEWSPAPER-106
    3/24/05 Perfect playlist of 10 songs.  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/9/06 “Why we all love the Boss.” Famous fans define his appeal.  NEWSPAPER-17
    1/24/09 Reviews Working On A Dream.  NEWSPAPER-106
    11/6/10 “We Stumbled Our Way To Those 10 Songs.” Springsteen interview.  NEWSPAPER-106
    2/17/12 “I enjoy artists who take on the world.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    2/25/12 “How Bruce Springsteen Changed My Life.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    6/17/13 Sarfraz Manzoor reviews London (UK) (6/15/13).  NEWSPAPER-17
    7/2/13 Five stars (top rating) for London (UK) (6/30/13).  NEWSPAPER-17
    7/22/13 Three stars (out of 5) for the Springsteen & I movie.  NEWSPAPER-20
    1/11/14 Reviews “High Hopes” NEWSPAPER-106
    2/1/14 Reviews Bruce touring South Africa. NEWSPAPER-106
    Also see DALLASNEWS.COMInternet Articles
    9/21/75 “Springsteen delivers evocative pop essay” reviews Dallas, TX (9/16/75).  NEWSPAPER-17
    10/4/75 Born to Run reviewed.  NEWSPAPER-17
    12/11/78 “At His Worst, Springsteen Still Best” reviews Dallas, TX (12/9/78).  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/10/80 “Springsteen is energetic poet” reviews Dallas, TX (11/8/80).  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/27/84 “Even the Boss isn’t perfect” reviews Dallas, TX (11/25/84).  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/9/92 “Showing who’s Boss” reviews MTV Unplugged.  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/9/92 “Born to run after kids – and fickle audiences.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/27/92 “10 Reasons why Bruce still matters.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/29/92 “After the Glory; Is there a place in the ’90s for a chipped rock icon?”  NEWSPAPER-106
    11/29/92 “A look at the new lineup backing Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    11/29/92 “What Springsteen plays now.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    12/3/92 “The Big Muddy” reviews Dallas,TX (12/2/92).  NEWSPAPER-17
    1/27/96 “Lone Star” reviews Dallas, TX(1/ 26/96).  NEWSPAPER-17
    3/12/00 “BRUUUUUUCE! Springsteen Followers Put The Fan In Fantastic.”  NEWSPAPER-17
    8/4/02 “Inspired by terror” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/4/02 “Loose Bruce” reviews Dallas, TX (11/3/02).  NEWSPAPER-17
    4/29/05 “Subject matter familiar, songs not” reviews Dallas, TX (4/28/05).  NEWSPAPER-17
    4/14/08 Full page souvenir poster.  NEWSPAPER-106
    4/14/08 “Bruce Springsteen still commands the spotlight” reviews Dallas, TX (4/13/08).  NEWSPAPER-106
    3/20/74 small photo documenting Bruce’s first shows in Dallas, TX.  NEWSPAPER-17
    7/13/78 “A workin’ man has it all together on stage” reviews Dallas, TX (7/12/78).  NEWSPAPER-17
    11/10/80 “Springsteen has them dancing in aisles” reviews Dallas, TX (11/8/80).  NEWSPAPER-17
    9/14/85 “Springsteen rocks Dallas” reviews Dallas, TX (9/13/85).  NEWSPAPER-106
    9/14/85 “Ticket glut skins scalpers.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    10/23/74 E Street Band photo (with Tillie) previews “street punk Jersey style” concert.
    10/24/74 Advertisement for “two concerts Friday night” at Dartmouth College.
    10/28/74 “Springsteen: An Unusual Concert” reviews Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (10/25/74).
    1/12/86 “If Musicians Could Be Drafted Like Athletes”
    11/4/04 Mike Peters editorial cartoon: voters can’t find Bruce Springsteen’s name on the ballot.
    3/21/08 “Springsteen fans remember their glory days at concerts.”
    3/21/08 “Springsteen A to Z.”
    7/27/09 “Urkullu denuncia un cambio politico ‘amanadi’ que no gusta en Ekuskadi” NEWSPAPER-106
    7/27/09 “Bilbao is at Bruce’s Feet” NEWSPAPER-106
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  • DESTAK JORNAL (Brazil)
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    7/28/04 “Its Souls in Detroit, but the show’s in NY” NEWSPAPER-19
    8/4/04 “Details due on political concerts” NEWSPAPER-19
    8/5/04 “Rockers reconnect to roots, voter tour shows that musicians have found political voice” NEWSPAPER-19
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    8/8/04 “Springsteen enters race for change” NEWSPAPER-19
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    10/4/04 “Concerts are pro-Kerry, but many go for the music” reviews Detroit, MI (10/3/04).NEWSPAPER-106
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    4/18/06 Local Concert News- Bruce @DTE Energy. NEWSPAPER-19
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    11/12/09 “Born to Re-Run” DFP Play Insert NEWSPAPER-106
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    6/19/11 Obituaries “Clarence Clemons, 69: E Street Band sax man dies following stroke.” NEWSPAPER-19
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    11/3/12 Frustration Grows as Sandy Cleanup slogs on. (photo of NBC Telethon – Bruce). NEWSPAPER-106
    7/10/14 “Names & Faces Bruce Springsteen Releases short film” NEWSPAPER-106
    10/23/15 “Names &Faces A&E concert shines light on race relations.” NEWSPAPER-19
    2/12/16 Names & Faces Springsteen to tell Story in new book.         NEWSPAPER-19
    4/14/16 “River Days” NEWSPAPER-106
    10/2/16 “Springsteen dad haunts “Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-106
    9/17 “Names & Faces- Springsteen to hit Broadway in solo show run” NEWSPAPER-19
    2/16/77 “Springsteen gives a talented show” reviews Detroit, MI (2/15/77).  NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/1/85 “Bruuuuce! The magic all began with an $18 guitar.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    9/1/85 “So call him The Boss – he’s earned it.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    9/1/85 “Can you name Bruce’s greatest impacts?”  NEWSPAPER-106
    9/1/85 “The rock ‘n’ roll career that was made in heaven.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    11/3/85 “Sizzling “Sun City” deserves a better break” NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/2/86 Clarence photo and caption re; album “Hero” and acting NEWSPAPER-19A
    12/28/86 “The Year in the Arts; Pop Music; Springsteen salvages an industry under siege” NEWSPAPER-106
    3/28/87 Celebs; Bruce won’t run: NEWSPAPER-19A
    4/24/87 “Bruce Springsteen, The struggle to be his own Boss. Glory Days- Dave Marsh” Cover Story pg 4 USA Weekend NEWSPAPER-106
    5/17/87 “Glory Days, and The Boss gets his show on the road” NEWSPAPER-106
    7/16/87 “Little Steven Van Zandt finds an audience for his politics”NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/24/87 “Clarence Clemons carries a torch for Detroit” NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/27/88 “Tunnel Vision, A mature Bruce Springsteen still knows how to rock” NEWSPAPER-106
    3/29/88 “It’s rock ‘n’ holy roll” reviews Detroit, MI (3/28/88).  NEWSPAPER-106
    3/29/88 “The Boss throws a bash” NEWSPAPER-106
    3/30/88 “Bruce in Detroit: A night to howl” NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/31/88 “Yours Truly” A night out with the Boss NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/14/88 No more running: NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/3/88 “Amnesty throws rock:” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/10/88 Funky Winkerbean comic strip NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/18/88 PAGE TWO The Boss is back: NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/4/88 Rocking for human rights photo and caption NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/19/88 Page Two Newsmakers Mission of the Heart NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/19/89 Legends of Rock honored NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/30/89 Video boss: Video Anthology 1978-88 NEWSPAPER-19A
    5/28/89 “Warhol; The artist spies on private lives. Wed, August 23, 1978” NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/21/89 Page Two “Starr back in orbit” Clarence and Nils in All Star Band Tour NEWSPAPER-19A
    10/2/89 Page Two “Surprise Visitor” NEWSPAPER-19A
    11/13/89 Springsteen dumps the E Street Band NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/31/90 Concert Notes: Clarence Clemons NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/14/90 Page Two Newsmakers: Crooning for Dollars: NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/22/90 “Clarence Clemons is tooting his own horn” NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/23/90 On Top of It “Orbison tribute to aid homeless” NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/27/90 Page Two; New Boss? NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/24/90 Weather Report/Song Remakes WARM- Viva Las Vegas NEWSPAPER-19A
    11/15/90 NEWSMAKERS “The Boss is back” NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/10/91 Newsmakers; Mrs. Boss: NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/9/91 Newsmakers; Off Key NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/19/91 “Boss is boss with street sign thieves” NEWSPAPER-19A
    12/25/91 “Stars and Bars” 2018.187.848 NEWSPAPER-106
    1/25/92 “Bruce doubles usual album hype” NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/25/92 “With two albums set to roll, is Springsteen born to run again?” NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/28/92 Newsmakers “Born to Tour” NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/3/92 “Radio does a double-take on the Boss with twin spins” NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/9/92 “MTV debuts Springsteen’s “Human Touch” tonight at 9″NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/24/92 ” Sony hopes Springsteen will be reborn in the USA” NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/28/92 “Big Daddy Bruce still can rock n roll” NEWSPAPER-106
    4/28/92 “With 2 albums getting air time, The Boss will try networking” NEWSPAPER-19A
    4/28/92 Newsmakers “Short takes” Saturday Night Live May 9 NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/3/92 “Bring a blanket: Tickets for the Boss go on sale Saturday” NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/4/92 “Springsteen concert will be all over the dial” NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/5/92 Hot Seats Bruce Springsteen 8/17/and/8/18 Palace of Auburn Hills NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/16/92 “It’s Better Days for Springsteen on new tour” NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/2/92 Essentials 57 Channels video premieres on MTV NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/16/92 “Fickle Bruce” clip NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/21/92 Confession Time: NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/24/92 “Boss fans long for early Bruce” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/4/92 “It’s not the same old song and dance for Bruce” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/5/92 “by getting canned, Bo joins some high-powered company” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/8/92 “Driving Bruce: A Heap of Memories.”  NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/8/92 “Reborn to Run, Driving Bruce; a heap of Memories” NEWSPAPER-106
    8/15/92 “The Boss will ride a rollicking thunder road into Motor City” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/18/92 “Springsteen’s music still has ‘Human Touch’ ” discusses Detroit (8/17/92).  NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/18/92 “After 20 years at full tilt, the Boss still runs the show” Review NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/20/92 “The Boss was just fine the second time around”NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/27/92 Far Out Rockin’:NEWSPAPER-19A
    10/15/92-10/23/92 Comic strip series of Fox Trot by Bill Amend 10 strips NEWSPAPER-19A
    11/11/92 Get with the Program T Kiska “The Boss, Bonds and Vietnam era ballads fill tonight’s bill NEWSPAPER-19A
    5/28/93 USA Weekend Who’s News Bruce and Family Life NEWSPAPER-19A
    6/30/93 Newsmakers Short Takes expecting 3rd child NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/3/93 “In the hunt for solo stardom, Patti Scialfa is her own boss” NEWSPAPER-19A
    4/22/94 USA Weekend Who’s News Bruce’s homes in Jersey and California NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/18/94 Newsmakers “The Boss is back” Stone Pony 20th Anniversary” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/23/94 “The Boss jams in Jersey” Long Branch NJ/ Joe Grushecky NEWSPAPER-19A
    12/20/94 Tuesday Newsmakers. The Boss prevails. NEWSPAPER-19A
    1/4/94 Record Review. Songs of “Philadelphia” echo the pain of AIDS. NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/25/95 Springsteen Collection recalls only some of his glory days. NEWSPAPER-19A
    2/27/95 Section E Accent “Strike Up the Bland” NEWSPAPER-106
    3/2/95 Newsmakers Thursday. The Grammy’s- That’s entertainment. Springsteen, Crow are top honorees, but sidelights steal show.NEWSPAPER-19A
    3/7/95 Tuesday Newsmakers; Short takes; Bruce Springsteen NEWSPAPER-19A
    4/7/95 Neal Rubin’s Names & Faces. Springsteen Up Late. NEWSPAPER-19A
    5/9/95 A little help from a fan. Tuesday Newsmakers. NEWSPAPER-19A
    5/23/95 Tuesday Newsmakers. Did they play polkas? NEWSPAPER-19A
    7/4/95 “Hall of Fame megaconcert has few great balls of fire” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/28/95 “Cleveland’s all shook up for Rock n Roll Hall opening” NEWSPAPER-19A
    8/31/95 “Rock hall finally rolls” “Museum opens with medley from the past” NEWSPAPER-106
    8/31/95 “Ready or not, Cleveland’s Hall of Fame concert will shake, rattle and roll” NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/3/95 “Rock n roll is here to stay; Cleveland cheers the opening of the Hall of Fame” NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/3/95 “Sunday Newsmakers- The Boss’ plans album” NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/4/95 Hip, high tech scenery gives the rock hall an upbeat feel NEWSPAPER-19A
    9/10/95 “Bit part isn’t bad at rock ceremonies” NEWSPAPER-19A
    10/10/96 “The Boss is no Republican” NEWSPAPER-19A
    11/10/96 “Boss back in his hometown” NEWSPAPER-19A
    11/17/95 Friday News-makers Springsteen tours Solo NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/18/95 “The Boss laces working poor tribute with much wrath” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/15/95 “The best of Brruce” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/28/95 “Springsteen to bring stark Ghost to town” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/29/95 “Springsteen tickets to go on sale today” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/6/96 “A bleaker but socially bolder Springsteen hits the concert trail” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/13/96 “The Boss hires nonunion shop for his T-shirts” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/17/96 Newsmakers “Boss: Not everyone makes it” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/29/96 “Visitors flock to the Rock: 356,000 so far in Cleveland” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/9/96 “Boss plans Ann Arbor stop” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/19/96 “names&faces Maybe all that dour…” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/13/96 “Newsmakers Wednesday- Springsteen kisses and tells”NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/16/97 “Newsmakers- Springsteen one cool musician” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/16/97 “The Boss’ newfound wisdom is in the pages of Life’s “Unseen Springsteen”NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/30/97 “Names&Faces- Meanwhile , the next Dylan” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/29/97 “Newsmakers- Many artists to contribute on charity album for Diana” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/15/98 “Short Takes- Bruce Springsteen, Jon BonJovi King Benefit” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/16/98 “USA Weekend Who’s News (Springsteen family news) NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/23/98 NEWSMAKERS “Bruce, Paul, Billy rock hall nominees” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/7/98 Newsmakers; Springsteen battles release of old songs NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/9/98 Whats New- Music”Springsteen CD out Tuesday” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/10/98 Newsmakers “Short Take” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/11/98 “Springsteens new CD set and book are boss for stores” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/12/98 “Newsmakers- Paul, Bruce, Billy head for Rock Hall” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/10/98 “Newsmakers- Springsteen tour slated for summer” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/11/98 “Newsmakers- Firm can’t release Springsteen oldies”NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/5/99 “The Boss and Band reunite in Europe.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/16/99 ” Rock Legends enter Hall of Fame.” “You can’t rock if you can’t walk.””Springsteen McCartney in hall of fame.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/17/99 “The Boss heads home before hitting the road.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/31/99 “Detroiters song on The Sopranos” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/8/99 “Cash is back singing the blues” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/16/99 “Johnny Cash draws energy from a concert tribute.” Bruce- “Give my love to Rose”. NEWSPAPER-19B
    5/24/99 “Firefighters cut in for Boss tickets.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/9/99 Newsmakers; The Boss brings E Street Band to Palace in August NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/9/99 Concert announcement; Springsteen will rock the Palace on Aug. 16 NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/18/99 Newsmakers; Short Take; Bruce… NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/15/99 What’s New Music See Bruce live from the couch NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/16/99 “The Boss lets music do talking in Jersey” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/12/99 “Newsmakers- Springsteen helps poor fix homes” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/13/99 “Celebrity Groupies know who’s Boss” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/4/99 Features Section C “He’s still their Boss” NEWSPAPER-106
    9/8/99 “Bruce Springsteen brings his E Street Band to the Palace of Auburn Hills” pg 2H and 6H NEWSPAPER-106
    9/9/1999 “Springsteen dazzles fans with blazing 3-hour show” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/20/99 “Steve Van Zandt was born to run” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/29/99 Rolling Stones top money maker list. NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/7/00 “Satisfaction tops best rock song list.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/26/00 “Clear your calendar the Boss is back” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/13/00 “Cops ask boycott of “Boss” opener.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/3/00 “Bruce Springsteen ends world tour” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/20/00 “Springsteen link immortalizes park” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/27/00 “Jon Bon Jovi finds time to help others” mentions Bruce  NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/5/00 “NAACP honors Bruce Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/5/01 “Springsteen visits fans at music store” Newsmakers NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/7/01 “Springsteen concert shows he’s still the Boss of rock” NEWSPAPER-19B
    5/30/01 “Club surprised by Springsteen” Newsmakers NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/20/01 “Stars Unite to help victims” NEWSPAPER- 106
    9/22/01 “Stars Shine at Benefit” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/23/01 “Celebrities raise money for victims of attacks” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/25/02 “What’s New Music; Listen to the Boss’ new songs online” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/12/02 Newsmakers; “Springsteen releases album, plans 46 city tour” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/14/02 “Newsmakers: Conan’s bandleader tours with Bruce” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/16/02 “Springsteen Rises again” NEWSPAPER-106
    7/28/02 “Newsmakers: Springsteen’s hometown readies for TV concert” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/30/02 “Newsmakers- Boss’s newest CD touches on 9-11” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/31/02 “Bruce and the E Street Band march up America’s Main Street” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/2002 “Newsmakers: Bush Handled war well, says rocker” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/2002 “Rock: Get bossed around, Rising Tour at Auburn Hills” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/2002 “Music: Bruce Springsteen rises to album chart’s top spot. Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” stays at No. 1″ (no dates on articles) NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/10/02 “Planning Ahead Calendar- Springsteen at Palace of Auburn” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/16/02 ” Post 9-11, Springsteen’s reborn voice rocks Palace” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/18/02 “Granholm was Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/19/02 “The Boss, Bon Jovi sue Pennsylvania bat owner” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/30/02 Newsmakers- “Bruce join MTV awards roster”(VMA performance lineup) NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/30/02 “The Last Blast of Summer” NEWSPAPER-106
    8/31/02 “Names & Faces Shania hires a New Manager” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/28/02 “For veteran musicians, television turns into best place to push new recordings.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    2003? “Whats New Radio Little Steven is a big draw at WCSX-FM” NEWSPAPER-19B
    5/20/03 Newsmakers ; “New Jersey hopes for Rock Stars help”NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/2/03 “Galleries go Classic to POP” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/6/03 Who’s News by Lorrie Lynch Question about Little Steven
    6/7/03 “Ad for Troubadour of the Highway exhibit” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/9/03 “What’s New Art Pamela Springsteen puts big brother Bruce on display” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/9/03 ” Adopted Son, Jersey Boy Springsteen’s love for cars intersects with Detroits in rocking exhibit at Cranbrook” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/12/03 “Dave Marsh lends Springsteen expertise to Cranbrook Exhibit” NEWSPAPER-106
    6/23/03 “Bruce Rocks Cranbrook” NEWSPAPER-106
    6/25/03 “Concert Update: The Boss at Comerica.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/25/03 “Music- Springsteen adds Detroit to Tour” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/1/03 “Ad for Comerica ticket sales” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/19/03 “Springsteen still has “Glory Days” in him” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/22/03 “… a music lover’s dream” reviews Detroit, MI (9/21/03).  NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/21/04 “Chords with Discord” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/21/04 “Whats New- Concerts, Vote for Change tickets go on sale Saturday” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/29/04 “Fired Up musicians play Politics” NEWSPAPER-106
    10/1/04 “Dave Marsh Hits airwaves with new show” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/4/04 “Political Shows rock stages across Michigan” NEWSPAPER-106
    10/5/04 “Music; Vote for Change Tour” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/5/04 “Springsteen boosts NJ town’s retailers” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/7/05 Features “The Boss to launch solo tour in Detroit.” NEWSPAPER-106
    4/22/05 “Springsteen will bring his Devils/Dust sound to Fox” NEWSPAPER-106
    4/22/05 “Bruce Springsteen is back ” NEWSPAPER-106
    4/26/05 “Solo Springsteen rocks Fox.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/27/05 “Neal Rubin; Work can’t keep DJ away from real Boss” NEWSPAPER-19B
    5/2005 “Music:Boss adds Van Andel date” NEWSPAPER-19B
    7/3/05 “Newsmakers: Springsteen performs at Iceland airport” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/8/05 “Boss 101” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/6/05 “Newsmakers; Boss Back on Tour- But No Detroit Date” NEWSPAPER-19B
    9/28/05 “Brilliantly remastered 3 disc “Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/01/05 “Briefly: Sirius launches E Street Radio” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/19/05 “NEWSMAKERS; Also… Born to Run License Plates” NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/23/2005 “Newsmakers; Cold Case TV show will feature 9 Springsteen songs in Jan 8th episode” NEWSPAPER-19
    1/27/06 Newsmakers Also… Bruce at Grammy’s. NEWSPAPER-19B
    2/27/06 “Springsteen readies album of Seeger tunes.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/3/06 NEWSMAKERS; Also.. release of “we Shall Overcome-  The Seeger Sessions NEWSPAPER-19B
    3/9/06 Newsmakers; “Also…Seeger Sessions at NOLA jazz festival” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/18/06 Springsteen will stop at DTE on tour pushing new album. NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/23/06 “sound judgement. For Pete’s Sake.” NEWSPAPER-106
    5/3/06 “Rolling Stone Magazine Celebrates a Milestone” NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/2006 Local Concert News  DTE Show on 6/17/06 NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/2006 Springsteen jam sessions spark tour. NEWSPAPER-19B
    6/19/06 “Energetic Boss plays brassy, bluesy, show.”NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/28/06 Newsmakers; “New Red Headed Woman for Boss or just big flirting?” NEWSPAPER-19B
    8/30/06 Newsmakers; “Meanwhile BS…” NEWSPAPER-19B
    10/2006 “New in Detroit- Bob Seeger and Bruce Springsteen TShirt” NEWSPAPER-19B
    11/1/07 Section M Insert “Red White and Bruce; Rockin the Soapbox” NEWSPAPER-106
    11/6/07 “Springsteen brings special ‘Magic’” reviews Auburn Hills, MI (11/5/07).  NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/20/12 Art & Style “Bruce Springsteen releases digital single.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    5/3/14 Bruce Springsteen on prowl at N’Orleans festival. NEWSPAPER-19B
    1/7/96 “Springsteen Takes a Walk on the Dark Side” NEWSPAPER-106
    1/14/96 Entertainment “Springsteen’s quietest moments spoke loudest.” NEWSPAPER-19B
    2/4/96 Life & Times On the musical front ( Bruce gets a massage) NEWSPAPER-19B
    12/29/96 “Rock Music Cheers” NEWSPAPER-19B
    4/23/73 Advertisement in the University of Maryland student newspaper for the April 28 concert.
    5/7/73 “Berry Lee Lewisteen” reviews College Park, MD (4/28/73).  10/21/80 “The boss man cometh- and he’s got some new material” NEWSPAPER-20
    10/23/80 “The Boss will never fade” NEWSPAPER-20
    1/28/04 “The Big Man Cometh” NEWSPAPER-20
    8/3/88 “Quan el riu creix.” Special section previews Barcelona (ES).
    8/3/88 “El tren del rock entra al tunel de l’amor.”
    8/3/88 “L’exit te un preu que no es paga amb diners.”
    8/3/88 “Equip, escenari, so, llum, homes, dona, cancons.”
    8/3/88 “Dos milions de persones, 6.000 millions de pessetes.”
    8/3/88 “Hem nascut per correr.”
    8/4/88 “El millor concert de l’any: Springsteen” reviews Barcelona (ES) (8/3/88).
    8/4/88 “Una gran festa abans, durant I despres del concert”
    8/4/88 “Un idol que es comporta com un turista mes.”
    8/4/88 Un public “cismatic” que van a viure I no a veure.”
    9/10/88 Amnesty special includes “Amnesty fa que el mon no sigui tan depriment.”
    5/2/93 “Springsteen para 35 mil.”
    5/3/93 “O tempo nao volta atras” reviews Lisbon (PT) (5/1/93).
  • DIARIO 16 (Spain)
    8/2/88 “Madrid recibe a Bruce” front page photo, caption.  NEWSPAPER-20
    8/2/88 “Letras y filosofia de Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    8/2/88 “Springsteen actua por primera vez en la capital, con las entradas agotadas.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    8/3/88 “The Boss triunfo sin compasion. Special section reviews Madrid (ES) (8/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “Sprigsteen, siempre Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “El triunfo de las tablas.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “A traves del espejo.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 ” La E. Street Band, una maquina de hacer rock.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “Bach en la Corte del Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “Estoy que ardo nena, protegeme.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “Fin de milenio.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “… y Bruce dijo: ‘Hagase el rock.'”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “De nuevo la chispa.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    8/3/88 “Ha sido un espectaculo inenarrable, de ensueno.”  NEWSPAPER-106
    5/7/93 “Bruce Springsteen abrio el cielo de Madrid” reviews Madrid (ES) (5/5/93).  NEWSPAPER-19
    5/7/93 “El superheroe del rock.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/10/96 “El poder de los idolos” reviews Madrid (ES) (5/8/96).  NEWSPAPER-20
    Undated “Bruce Springs teen el numero uno lejos” from the newspaper’s Sabaro Show section.
    Undated “Shows En Vivo: Ocho Hitos,” also from the Sabaro Show section.
    10/25/74 “Springsteen and Company: A Perfectly Tight Shuffle” reviews Carlisle, PA (10/20/74).
    7/3/12 “Le Boss A Bercy.”
    7/9/12 Brief item on the MusiCares 2013 announcement.
    1/13/14 High Hopes review.
    4/11/74 “Springsteen and McIlwaine ‘Play to Packed House'” reviews Chester, PA (4/5/74).
    2/13/75 “He Came for You…” reviews Widener College, Chester PA (2/6/75).
    6/15/85 “Arriva il profeta del popolo in jeans.” Page 76.
    8/31/85 Included in “Il rock non si sente, si guarda.” Page 44.
  • El DIARO VASCO (Spain)
    6/24/13 Springsteen is Resting in Donostia by Teresa Flano NEWSPAPER-106
    6/25/13 The Boss’s Signature is the Great Treasure of Asier by T. Flano/E. Mingo NEWSPAPER-106
    8/20/95 Cover. Eight-page feature. Page 8.
    5/5/96 Tease on cover. “Tema de la Semana.” Page 10.
    12/15/96 Tease on cover. “Edita un Video Documental.” Page 38.
    11/8/98 “Saca la banda sonora de su vida,” an eight-page feature. Page 53.
    4/4/99 Cover.Ten-page feature. Page 12.
    2/29/12 Wrecking Ball preview.
    12/16/18 “Bruce Almighty” “TV on Demand- Best of 2018 Springsteen on Broadway”
    3/4/88 “The Boss Takes Control” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3/88).
    3/4/88 “‘The Boss’ is back, and still hot” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3/88).
  • DZIENNIK (Poland)  NEWSPAPER-106
    7/30/10 Four star review of London Calling: Live in Hyde Park. Page 6 of kultura section.

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