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    11/22/74 Two photos, no review, of Nov. 16, 1974 concert at American University.
    11/?/78 Two reviews of Landover, MD (11/2/78).
    7/19/13 “The Boss Can Help My Career be Born in the USA.”
    1/22/81 “Springsteen reaches out to diehard fan.”
    10/19/92 “Boss needs ‘leap of faith'” reviews Edmonton (CA) (10/18/92).
    4/15/03 “Still the Boss” reviews Edmonton (CA) (4/14/03).
    Also see EKSTRABLADET.DKInternet Articles
    7/24/88 “Bossen Er Landet.”
    7/24/88 “Kaerlighedens Kobmand.”
    7/24/88 “Hand Er De Jlig Ra” reviews East Berlin (DE) (7/19/88).
    7/24/88 “560 mand og een Boss.”
    7/24/88 “E Streets Poesibog” profiles band members.
    7/24/88 “Sadan Kender VI Bossen.”
    7/25/88 Front page: Photo of Bruce, street musician John Magnusson in Copenhagen (DK).
    7/25/88 “Hjemlig Hygge,” covers Bruce, Patti in Copenhagen (DK).
    7/25/88 “Jeg Fik Den.”
    7/25/88 Two pages on Bruce, Jon Magnusson performing on a Copenhagen (DK) street.
    7/26/88 Six-page coverage of Tunnel tour in Copenhagen(DK) (7/25/88).
    7/27/88 “Bye Bruce Hey Bruce.”
    7/27/88 “Vor Tids Verdenssprog: Rock.”
    5/17/13 “Bossen spraengte Boxen” reviews Herning (DK) (5/16/13).
  • O ESTADO DE S. PAULO (Brazil)
    10/12/88 “O pop internacional no Show da Anistia” previews San Paulo (BS).  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/12/88 “Uma cruzada musical pelo respeito a vida.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/14/88 “Na festa do rock …” reviews San Paulo (BS) (10/12/88).  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/14/88 “A voz e a simplicidade de Springsteen ganham a noite.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/14/88 “Critica: A estetica se sobrepoe a mensagem.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    1/22/11 “Obau do Bruce” reviews the Promise NEWSPAPER-107
    3/3/12 “Vote Em Bruce” analyzes Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-107
    10/17/12 The big Rock in Rio announcement.  NEWSPAPER-20
    11/6/12 Photo of Bruce Springsteen, President Obama in Madison, WI.  NEWSPAPER-107
    11/6/12 Political coverage with Bruce Springsteen and President Obama.  NEWSPAPER-107
    8/24/13 Reviews Peter Ames Carlin Book Bruce. NEWSPAPER-107
    1/8/14 “‘High Hopes’ chega com o melhor do Boss” NEWSPAPER-107
    6/1/76 “Springsteen rocks crewcut middies” reviews Annapolis, MD (5/28/76).
  • EVENING CHRONICLE (United Kingdom)
    6/4/85 “He’s dancing in The Park” previews St. James’s Park (UK).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Fans long wait.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “St. James’s gets ready to rock.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Old Pals’ Act Is A Winner.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “With a little help from his friends.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Hat-trick of star acts.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “For the record.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Names for a close band.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “From Rags to Riches.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Failure turned into triumph..”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Musical Milestones.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Mishap halted flow of River.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/4/85 “Strike put The Boss in Work.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/5/85 Post-concert special section repeats most of the previous day articles.  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/5/85 “Bruce shows he’s the ‘boss’ ” reviews St. James’s Park (UK) (6/4/85).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/5/85 “In a League of his own” reviews Newcastle (UK) (6/3/85).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/5/85 “Let’s take it from the top!”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/5/85 “All we wanted – and more.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    1/22/87″Boss may be back.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    2/26/88 “Rock legend bares soul” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).
    2/26/88 “Gazette Notebook” on the Worcester concert scene.
    2/26/88 “They came, they saw, they were conquered.”
    2/26/88 “Press impressive in press of press.”
    2/26/88 “Three charged with robbing ticket holders.”
    2/25/88 “Arnie” comic strip with a Bruce theme.
  • EVENING HERALD (Ireland)
    5/8/06 Reviews Dublin (IR) (5/5/06): “…unlikely to witness a better gig this year.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/11/06 Reviews history of “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?”  NEWSPAPER-20
    11/27/07 “Promoters want fans to snap up coveted Springsteen tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/12/08 Profile of the band, The Hold Steady, and its links to Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/23/08 “First Night” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/27/08 “Bono and the Boss go down to the local.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/2/08 “Springsteen’s RDS Gig Could Be Heard As Far Away as Phibsboro.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    1/23/09 “Bruce Springsteen is coming to Dublin on new tour.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    1/30/09 Steven Van Zandt: “From E Street to Easy Street.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/9/09 “Return of Glory Days.” Plays a “masterclass” at Glastonbury (UK).  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/11/09 “Van Zandt hints at Sopranos, the movie.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/13/09 “Bruce Lights Up the RDS” reviews Dublin (IR) (7/11/09).  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/14/09 “BOD ‘moved to tears’ as the Boss tells him he was Born to Run.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/16/09 “In Those Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/24/09 Brief review of Clarence Clemons’ book; “This really is a great read…”  NEWSPAPER-20
    4/23/10 “Born in the USA …. Erm, sorry lads, but Bruce is actually Irish.””  NEWSPAPER-20
    11/25/11 Full page advertisement for Dublin, 2012.  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/16/12 “Fans Start Queing Outside RDS.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/17/12 Previews two nights in Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/17/12 “Will the Boss break curfew?”  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/18/12 “Brilliant Boss was Born to Run on…”   NEWSPAPER-107
    7/18/12 “Bruce shows who’s Boss”  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/18/12 Bruce throws a bowling party.  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/18/12 Editorial:  “Still the Boss for Irish fans.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/20/12 Bruce Springsteen visits a Dublin pub.  NEWSPAPER-20
    10/26/76 “Springsteen Returns to Home Turf” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/25/76).
    12/9/80 “Diminutive Springsteen is a rock ‘n’ roll giant, fans show” reviews Philadelphia, PA (12/6/80).
  • EVENING MAIL (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/22/88 “A solstice sizzler by The Boss” at Birmingham, plus front page photo.
    6/22/88 “It’s glory days for the fans” reviews Birmingham (UK) (6/21/88).
  • EVENING NEWS (Scotland)
    2/?/93 “He’s just fan-tastic.” Fans queued all night for tickets.  NEWSPAPER-20
    4/1/93 “The Boss is still the business” reviews Glasgow (UK) (3/31/93).  NEWSPAPER-20
    2/8/96 “Ticket touts are warned to run” NEWSPAPER-107
    3/1/96 “Bruce The Balladeer” previews Edinburgh (UK).  NEWSPAPER-107
    4/3/88 “‘Letters Home From Vietnam’ is a devastating documentary.”
    6/14/73 Reviews Binghamton, NY (6/13/73).
    3/16/77 “Bruce Brings Down the House” reviews Binghamton, NY (3/15/77).
    Also see THISISLONDON.CO.UK Internet Articles
    11/19/75 “New genius? More like a new folk hero” reviews Hammersmith Odeon (UK) (11/18/75).
    6/24/88 Front page photo and caption: “Boss and Boots.”
    12/10/98 “A very personal victory for The Boss” in the High Court battle over music rights.
    5/31/05 “Bruised Boss reborn to run” reviews Devils & Dust tour in London (UK)(5/28/05).
    7/1/13 Reviews London (UK) (6/30/13). “Nobody does it better.”
    6/6/16 “Springsteen shows who’s The Boss at Wembley” NEWSPAPER-107
    8/28/85 ” ‘The Boss’ Helps To Feed Hungry,” donates $34,000 to Toronto Food Bank.
    5/17/85 “Fitness now part of life for ‘Boss’.”
    5/29/03 Norwegian journalist recruits Allentown reporter to give him a Freehold tour.
  • EXPRESS & STAR (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/22/88 “The Boss delivers the goods” reviews Birmingham (UK) (6/21/88).
    6/22/88 “Crazy! 40,000 fans on the loose with Bruce.” Also, front page photo.
    6/28/02 “Flemington rocker is his own boss on jazz release” reviews Danny Federici’s first album.
    11/4/05 “Springsteen keeps looking for better days.”
  • EXPRESSEN (Sweden)

    Also see EXPRESSEN.SE
    Internet Articles
    4/8/81 “LYSANDE!” reviews Hamburg  (DE) (4/7/81).  NEWSPAPER-107
    4/20/81 “Bruce Springsteen Story” (Part 1).  NEWSPAPER-107
    4/21/81 “Bruce Springsteen Story” (Part 2).  NEWSPAPER-107
    4/22/81 “Bruce Springsteen Story” (Part 3).  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/2/81 “Det har ar mitt livs upplevelse.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    5/3/81 “Den Basta Rock Jag Nansin Hort” reviews Copenhagen (DK) (5/1/81). NEWSPAPER-20
    5/4/81 “Superstjarna Med Kanslor” reviews Goteborg (SE) (5/3/81). NEWSPAPER-107
    5/8/81 “Vilken Fantastisk Publik.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/9/81 “Svettigt Farwal.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    9/9/82 “Hans smarta krossar allt” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/5/84 “Springsteens nya LP – en lattviktare” reviews Born in the U.S.A. NEWSPAPER-20
    7/1/84 “Tillbaka” reviews BITUSA tour in St. Paul, MN (6/29/84).  NEWSPAPER-20
    12/16/84 Cover. “Kvallen da den blyge 15-aringen blev Bruce Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-107
    6/2/85 “65 000 Jublade At Springsteen” reviews Slane Castle (IR) (6/1/85). NEWSPAPER-20
    6/7/85 “En obeskrivlig naturkraft alskad av en hel varld.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Det borjade I en somnig hala I New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Spela I ett rockband – det enda han kan …”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Bruce haller for trycket.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “12 ar – 7 LP – 76 latar.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Oss fantiker emellan.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “The E Street Band” (band profiles).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Springsteens musik med andra artister.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 ” Visst ar han sig ratt sa lik?”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Att han bara kunde?!”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Fran drommen i en cheva till neonljusen slocknat.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Vadda snygg? Det ar val for musikens skull …”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Blekfet utan muskler?”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Little Steven Ut …Nisse Lofgren In.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Nar svenska Tina blev fru Clemons.” NEWSPAPER-107
    6/7/85 “Brucie Baby – Grabbarnas Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/9/85 “Mastaren!” Sixteen-page special reviews Goteborg (SE). (6/8/85).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/11/85 “Vi Ses, Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-20
    9/28/87 Song by song review of Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/3/88 “Vilken Kansla, Springsteen.” Nine pages on Stockholm (SE) (7/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/3/88 “Vilket Bett, Bruce” NEWSPAPER-107
    7/3/88 “…men han far hela publiken att kanna sig ung.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/3/88 ” Politik pa scenen I kvall.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/24/99 Nine pages in special section reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/23/99).  NEWSPAPER-107
    10/21/02 Thirty-two page all-Bruce special section.  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/21/03 All-Bruce special section, with a history of Bruce’s Swedish shows.  NEWSPAPER-20
    6/22/03 GT Edition. Fifteen-page, multi-article special section for Gotenborg (SE).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/23/03 GT Edition. Six-page special section reviews Goteborg (SE) (6/22/03). NEWSPAPER-107
    6/23/03 Multi-page coverage of Goteborg (6/22/03).  NEWSPAPER-107
    12/11/07 Multi-page coverage of Stockholm (12/10/07).  NEWSPAPER-107
    12/11/07 “Doris and Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/8/09 Eight pages covers and reviews Stockholm (SE) ( 6/7/09).  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/20/11 GT Edition. Major coverage of Clarence Clemons’ death.  NEWSPAPER-107
    6/27/11 GT Edition. ”Han kan inviga nya Ullevi.”  NEWSPAPER-107
    11/22/11 GT Edition. Speculation on 2012 tour dates.  NEWSPAPER-107
    11/25/11 GT Edition. Three-page report on 2012 Swedish tour dates. NEWSPAPER-107
    3/17/12 GT Edition. Preview of the start of the Wrecking Ball tour.  NEWSPAPER-107
    3/18/12 GT Edition. “Sa nar han ut genom Brucen” NEWSPAPER-107
    3/19/12 GT Edition. “Bruce Il Jant” NEWSPAPER-107
    6/30/12 GT Edition. Ticket contest for a Goteborg (SE) show.  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/16/12 GT Edition. “Springsteen och McCartneys superspelning stoppad.” NEWSPAPER-107
    7/22/12 GT Edition. Extensive coverage of Oslo (NO) (7/21/12). NEWSPAPER-107
    7/23/12 GT Edition. “Bruce Varen av oss” Reviews the Oslo mamorial Concert (7/22/12). NEWSPAPER-107
    7/24/12 GT Edition. “Har Kan Bruce oo som en boss” NEWSPAPER-107
    7/25/12 All-Bruce magazine, 98 pages.  NEWSPAPER-20
    7/25/12 GT Edition. Eight page review of Bergen (NO) (7/24/12).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/27/12 GT Edition. Twelve pages preview Goteborg (SE).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/27/12 GT Edition. Two-page poster, as a preview for Goteborg (SE).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/28/12 GT Edition. GT rates Goteborg (7/27/12) at 4 (out of 5).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/29/12 GT Edition. Fourteen pages review Goteborg (SE) (7/28/12).  NEWSPAPER-107
    7/30/12 GT Edition. Bruce leaves Sweden; four pages of coverage. NEWSPAPER-107
    7/31/12 GT Edition. “Bossens Edna Bildner” NEWSPAPER-107
    8/1/12 GT Edition. Reviews the longest show ever; Helsinki (FI).  NEWSPAPER-107
    11/12/12 GT Edition. “Springsteen- Under Huden” NEWSPAPER-107
    3/15/13 “Nu Brucer Fessen Up” NEWSPAPER-107
    4/28/13 “Jag ar stolt over att vara med i bandet” NEWSPAPER-107
    4/29/13 GT Edition. “Jag har nagra overaskningar” NEWSPAPER-107
    4/30/13 “Mr Bruce ar i stormform” NEWSPAPER-107
    5/1/13 Per Hågred reviews Oslo (NO) (4/30/13).  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/2/13 GT Edition. Bruce arrives; excitement in Stockholm.  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/3/13 Newspaper brings it on: 11 pages, pre-concert.  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/3/13 GT Edition. “Beratta det inte for nagon, det ar min hemliga superkraft” NEWSPAPER-107
    5/4/13 GT Edition. Eleven full pages review Solna (SE) (5/3/13).  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/5/13 GT Edition. Special section reviews Solna (SE) (5/4/13).  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/8/13 Song by song review of Turku (Fl) NEWSPAPER-107
    5/11/13 GT Edition. Multi-page preview of third Solna (SE) show.  NEWSPAPER-107
    5/12/13 GT Edition. Third night in Solna (SE) reviewed (5/11/13).  NEWSPAPER-107
    3/15/13 “Frackt, Bruce” NEWSPAPER-107
    5/15/13 Per Hågred reviews Copenhagen (DN) (5/14/13).  NEWSPAPER-107
    10/2/87 “Bruce I Bitar.”
  • EXPRESSO (Portugal)  NEWSPAPER-107A

    3/10/12 Coverage of the Paris press conference. Wrecking Ball:
    6/28/93 “Magic in the Night: Local Hero Springsteen finishes big and leaves fans wondering what’s next” NEWSPAPER-107
    11/25/1986 “Drum Roll, Please. Max Weinberg tells what it was like growing up on E Street.” NEWSPAPER 107
    6/24/88 “Still Rockin’ Down the Shore” NEWSPAPER-107

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    Also see ILFATTOQUOTIDIANO.ITInternet Articles
    11/3/10 “Il Boss & 10 Spaghetti e dita incrociate per Obama.”
  • LE FIGARO (France)  
    Also see LEFIGARO.FRInternet Articles
    6/20/11 “Mort de Clarence Clemons.”  NEWSPAPER-21
    6/24/13 Full page preview of Wrecking Ball tour in Paris (FR).  NEWSPAPER-107A
    Also see FT.COMInternet Articles
    11/21/75 “Bruce Springsteen” reviews London (UK) (11/18/75).
    1/23-29/20 “Looking Back: Woodstock 50 Years Ago”
    3/4/77 “Springsteen Sings Tonight, Helen Reddy on Sunday” previews Jacksonville.
    2/19/81 “Springsteen’s hype sings past slandering tongues” reviews Jacksonville, FL (2/18/81).
    2/28/03 “Keeping up with the Boss,” an interview with Steven Van Zandt.
    3/4/03 “Fans Like Us … Baby, we were born to follow the Boss.”
    3/5/03 “The Boss’s fans welcome him back” to Jacksonville.
    3/6/03 “The Boss gives his faithful fans reason to roar” reviews Jacksonville , FL(3/4/03).
    8/16/08 “The Boss Show”  NEWSPAPER-107A
    10/7/75 Tom Cunningham reviews Born To Run.
    9/18/13 Bruce Springsteen Does First Full Show in the Country in Sao Paulo. Page E3.
    1/8/14 Reviews High Hopes; Covers, Remakes and Songs Leftover from Other Albums, in Portuguese, Page E4.  NEWSPAPER-21
    11/7/99 “The Boss works the Fargodome” reviews Fargo, ND (11/6/99).
    9/30/02 “‘The Boss’ rocks, rolls Fargo” reviews Fargo, ND (9/29/02).
    6/20/87 The Tie That Blinds comic strip.
    4/19/99 “Die gerechten Fruchte des Zorns” reviews Munich 9DE) (4/13/99).
    10/22/02 “Der Boss der Genossen” reviews Berlin (DE) (10/20/02).
    4/15/81 “Stellvertretend satt” reviews Hamburg (DE) (4/7/81).  NEWSPAPER-21
    6/27/92 “Relikt begeht Delikt” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (6/25/92).  NEWSPAPER-21
    2/14/96 “Bruce Springsteen in der Alten Oper” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (2/12/96).  NEWSPAPER-21
    6/17/05 “Der Uberzeugungstater” reviews Frankfurt  (DE) (6/15/05).  NEWSPAPER-21
    5/19/06 “Politik & Spafs & Whisky” reviews Frankfurt (DE) (5/17/06).  NEWSPAPER-21
    9/23/09 “Der Rastlose.” Nick Hornby writes on Bruce at age 60.  NEWSPAPER-107A
    3/4/12 “Freiheit ist wie ein schmutziges Hemd.”  NEWSPAPER-21
    10/10/88 “Une croisade de sons et de couleurs.”
    10/11/88 Amnesty coverage: “50.000 spectateurs meduses” reviews Abidjan (IC)(10/9/88).
    2020 “MCHA Previewed ‘Springsteen: His Hometown’ Exhibit”
    4/15/27   Virginia Springsteen, five years, fatally injured on McLean Street.
    9/29/33   Douglas Springsteen narrowly escaped serious injury or death when he ran into car.
    5/30/57   Bruce receives his first holy communion held at Saint Rose Church.
    10/17/57 Bruce and sister attend birthday party for Bobby Duncan.
    4/07/60   Bruce receives cub scout Bear badge and enters Webelos den.
    6/30/60 Bruce scores in each of two wins by Colonial League baseball Phillies.
    7/28/60 Bruce is one of three right fielders used by Phillies in 14-0 win.
    5/11/61 Bruce’s Little League team, the Indians, open the season with a win.
    5/18/61 Bruce plays left field in team’s second win.
    5/25/61 Box score for the Indian’s third win (Bruce again in left field.)
    6/1/61 Indians remain undefeated.
    6/8/61 Two wins for the Indians, Bruce plays right and center fields.
    6/15/61 Indians remain undefeated; Bruce again in right field.
    6/22/61 Bruce plans third base in one-hit win over the Athletics.
    6/29/61 Indians win 10th straight.
    7/6/61 Bruce goes hitless in win over the Yankees.
    7/13/61 Bruce scores one run in a 6-0 win over Athletics.
    7/20/61 Indians run record to 17-0; Bruce gets a hit in rout of the White Sox.
    8/3/61 The Indians make it to Freehold’s Little League World Series.
    8/17/61 Cardinals end Indians’ win streak; go one game up in series.
    8/24/61 Cardinals win Freehold Little League World Series.
    3/29/62   Frederick H. Springsteen’s obituary, 61 years old, died on 3/28/62.
    5/16/63   Freehold Babe Ruth roster, Bruce listed under Intermediate League Giants.
    5/16/63   Giants cop first two. Springsteen AB-2, R-0, H-1, played short stop.
    5/16/63 Roster of players (Springsteen playing for Giants)
    5/16/63 Two games won (Springsteine)
    6/20/63   Giants spank White Sox 18-9. Springsteen 3 hits, robbed of an extra base hit, played center field.
    6/20/63 Giants win with special mention
    8/08/63   Babe Ruth game, Springsteen walks to force in run.
    8/8/63 Description of upcoming game with special mention
    8/15/63   White Sox win Babe Ruth League title, Bruce played 2nd base.
    8/15/63 Game description (lost)
    4/23/64  Babe Ruth League new roster shows Bruce listed as a member of the Braves.
    4/23/64 Roster of players (Springsteen switched to Braves)
    5/14/64  Bruce: AB-0, R-0, H-0 played left field.
    5/15/64 Description of game (no mention of Springsteen)
    7/09/64  Bruce: AB-2, R-0, H-0, played 3rd base.
    7/9/64 Description of game
    7/16/64  Three battle for Babe Ruth League Crown. Bruce: AB-3, R-0, H-0, played 3rd base.
    6/15/67 Bruce among 318 seniors to be graduated from Freehold Regional High School.
    9/14/67 Freehold’s teen center, The Left Foot, opens; future venue for the Castiles.
    10/26/67 Former Castiles drummer Bart Haynes killed in Vietnam.
    11/2/67 “Haynes Services Here Tomorrow.”
    12/28/67 Feature on The Left Foot; no Springsteen content, but insights into local venue.
    3/18/68 British rock star Lord Sutch opens Freehold’s Hullabaloo, soon to be venue for the Castiles.
    5/9/68 Advertisement for the Castiles (5/10/68) at the Freehold Hullabaloo.
    7/11/68 Advertisement for the Castiles (7/12/68) at the Freehold Hullabaloo.
    12/4/02 “Springsteen Rising” previews Columbia, SC.
    Also see FRESNOBEE.COMInternet Articles
    10/6/87 “Springsteen album arrives in Fresno.”
  • FREIE PRESSE (Germany)
    7/8/13 “Springsteen rockt Leipzig”  APER-21NEWSP
    7/9/13 “The ‘Boss’ in playful mood”  NEWSPAPER-107A
    1/10/14 ‘Rock Mit Ruckspiegel”   NEWSPAPER-107A
  • Fort Collin’s Forum
    10/9/03 “Springsteen: The problem that a performer as intense as Bruce Springsteen faces…” NEWSPAPER-107A
    1/15/04 “Bruce Springsteen-Invesco Field NEWSPAPER-107A

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