Fan Art

All Collection holdings are publicly accessible.  Box numbers, such as FAN-ART-1 identify the location of images in the Collection.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for details.

“Danny” by John Haritos – 2009 – Hand drawn picture of Danny Federici FAN-ART-1

Bruce Springsteen-two headshots and Bruce at mic by Patrick Carney FAN-ART-1

Framed charcoal/black ink sketch drawing of Bruce Springsteen; 16 x 13 FAN-ART-1

Hand drawn poster of Bruce as ‘The Boss’ playing a bagpipe; 20 1/4 x 23 1/4 FAN-ART-1

Detailed fan-art: 5 sides showcase songs (Dancing in the Dark, Cover Me, My Hometown, Born in the USA, Glory Days) with 5 pages of an original letter-format summary of her long-time support for Bruce; FAN-ART-1

B/w drawing of close-up of Bruce’s face; 19 3/4 x 23 3/4 FAN-ART-1

Framed fan black/white drawing of Springsteen; 16 3/4 X 12.5 FAN-ART-1

Black and white fan art recreation of the Born to Run cover of Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons; 16 1/2 x 14 FAN-ART-1

double-sided, round ceramic Christmas ornament with color photo one side and b/w on other of Bruce performing FAN-ART-1

6/30/20 Land of Hope and Dreams lyrics written onto a folded page with drawn picture of a train, with fan letter FAN-ART-1

9/1/22 hand-made sign with hand-drawn flowers for Bruce’s 73rd birthday; sign says Happy Birthday Bruce and was used for a social media post by the Springsteen Archives; 8.5 x 11 FAN-ART-1

9/1/22 hand-made sign with hand-drawn guitars for Bruce’s 73rd birthday; sign says “‘On this day, the Boss was Born to Run’ and ‘Greetings from The Springsteen Archives NJ’ and ‘Happy Birthday Bruce — Annalaan & Luke'”; 11X14 FAN-ART-1

9/1/22 hand-made sign with names of various Springsteen songs for Bruce’s 73rd birthday; produced by the student interns at the Springsteen Archives for social media; 17 x 11 FAN-ART-1