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    Also see SACBEE.COMInternet Articles
    11/1/78 “Small But Wild Crowd For Springsteen” reviews Sacramento, CA (10/30/78).  NEWSPAPER-48
    5/1/88 “Springsteen keeps his mind on his heart.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/4/92 “Prove It All Night” previews Sacramento, CA.  NEWSPAPER-48
    3/30/08 “Springsteen, Then and Now.” Also: an interview with Roy Bittan.   NEWSPAPER-115
    11/1/75 “Springsteen’s ‘One Heck of a Star” reviews Sacramento, CA (10/30/75).
    9/29/75 “Bruce Springsteen, Rock Band Perform At The Ambassador” reviews St. Louis, MO (9/27/75).
    3/1/77 “Bruce Springsteen Performs At Fox” reviews St. Louis, MO (2/28/77).
    6/19/78 “Bruce Springsteen At Kiel Auditorium” reviews St. Louis, MO (6/17/78).
    10/18/80 “Springsteen Crowd Gets Money’s Worth” reviews St. Louis, MO (10/17/80).
    1/ 29/81 “Bruce Springsteen Rocks At The Checkerdome” reviews St. Louis, MO (1/ 28/81).
    11/17/84 “Springsteen: A Rock Concert of Monumental Proportions” reviews St. Louis, MO (11/15/84).
    4/6/87 “‘Boss’ Gives Thought For Food.”
    2/23/88 “Springsteen: Redefining His Own Life” on Tunnel of Love.
    4/17/88 “Bruce Springsteen: Still a Barroom Rocker” previews St. Louis, MO.
    4/19/88 “Springsteen Gives His Fans All They Want” reviews St. Louis, MO (4/17/88).
    12/5/92 “Springsteen Concert Was Worth Waiting For” reviews St. Louis, MO(12/3/92).
    1/ 20/96 “Springsteen: At Once Downbeat and Dynamite” reviews St. Louis, MO(1/18/96).
    4/10/00 “Springsteen, E Street Band Again Show Who’s The Boss” reviews St. Louis, MO (4/8/00).
    9/1/02 “The Boss Serves Up a Healthy Blast of Rock” reviews St. Louis, MO (8/30/02).
    8/8/05 “Springsteen enters new territory yet reaffirms his roots” reviews St. Louis, MO (8/6/05).
    Also see PIONEERPRESS.COMInternet Articles
    7/1/84 “Springsteen stakes claim to rock ‘n’ roll throne” reviews St. Paul, MN (6/29/84).
    10/25/92 “When it Looked Like the Death of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Bruce Springsteen Came Along,”
    11/10/98 “Tracks of a Legend. The Forgotten Songs…Shout, Moan and Whoop.”
    9/29/02 “The Rites of Springsteen … Concert Experience Like No Other.”
    10/1/02 “Springsteen Gives Voice to 9/11” reviews St. Paul, MN (9/30/02).
    10/6/02 “People Are Talking About … Springsteen’s Surprise Visit to The Weisman.”
    10/6/04 “Springsteen Leads Charge” reviews Vote for Change in St. Paul, MN (10/5/04).
    10/6/04 “Springsteen Tries To Hit The Right Note at Xcel.”
    5/11/05 “A Quiet, Cool Night With The Boss” reviews St. Paul, MN (5/10/05).
    6/12/06 “Heady Springsteen Tour Takes Folk Back to Roots” reviews St. Paul, MN(6/11/06).
    11/3/07 “Springsteen Fans Get The Old And The New” reviews St. Paul, MN (11/2/07).
    3/17/08 “Springsteen revs up and reconnects” reviews St. Paul, MN (3/16/08).
    6/27/84 “Springsteen: Born in and sweeping the U.S.A.”
    7/31/78 “100 Per Cent – And then Some” reviews St. Petersburg, FL (7/29/78).
    2/13/81 “The Boss Can Dispel Ticket Ill Will.”
    2/16/81 “Audience Participation With The Boss” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/15/81).
    Also see SPTIMES.COMInternet Articles
    11/12/75 “Bruce’s music shatters doubts” reviews Tampa, FL (11/9/75).  NEWSPAPER-48
    7/31/78 “‘Let it rock!'” reviews St. Petersburg, FL (7/29/78).  NEWSPAPER-48
    7/31/78 “Springsteen: His songs are the man.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    7/31/78 “Springsteen concert rundown,” song by song.  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/19/80 “Springsteen faces the realities of rock stardom.”  NEWSPAPER-48        1/24/81 “Waiting For Bruce” NEWSPAPER-48                                               1/30/81 “Ticket fiasco took its toll on Springsteen fans” NEWSPAPER-48
    2/15/81 “Born to run ahead of the pack” previews Lakeland, FL.  NEWSPAPER-48
    2/16/81 “Slightly subdued Springsteen still the best” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/15/81).  NEWSPAPER-48
    2/17/81 “After the music Springsteen gives a little more of himself.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    2/18/81 “Springsteen bounces back with ‘buoyancy'” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/16/81).  NEWSPAPER-48
    9/29/84 “‘Born down in a dead man’s town.'” NEWSPAPER-48
    12/17/84 ‘”Bruuuce’: One man’s obsession.” NEWSPAPER-48
    9/6/85 “Sorting out the Bruce barrage.” NEWSPAPER-48
    3/14/88 “He’s still the Boss” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/9/88).  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/18/90 “After 2-year hiatus, the Boss is back” reviews Los Angeles, CA (11/16/90).  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/25/02 “Rising to the occasion” reviews Tampa, FL (11/24/02).  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/7/04 “Voters, not rockers, are the real boss.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    2/2/09 “The Boss is in charge” reviews the Super Bowl halftime show (2/1/09).   NEWSPAPER-48
    9/10/09 “Bruce Almighty! Rocker of Ages.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    9/13/09 “Never too old to rock” reviews Tampa, FL (9/12/09).  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/27/75 Bob Greene, syndicated columnist (Chicago Sun-Times), tries but fails to understand BTR.
    10/16/96 “Springsteen Sings His Vision of America” reviews Salt Lake City, UT(10/15/96).
    5/26/00 “The Boss and his band still deliver for adoring fans.”
    5/30/00 “Born to Rock: A Hero’s Welcome.” Reviews Salt Lake City, UT (5/29/00).
    7/14/78 “Springsteen’s coming.”

    7/2/78 “Springsteen Sets San Diego Debut.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    9/4/81 “Ticket Gives Fan A Piece Of The Action” reviews San Diego, CA (9/2/81).   NEWSPAPER-48
    9/4/81 “Bruce: He’s Solid As A Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    6/6/84 Born in the U.S.A. review: “…moody, evocative and ultimately stirring.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/1/92 “Springsteen turns on energy” reviews San Diego, CA(9/29/96).  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/17/96 “A quiet night in the darkness.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/17/96 “Like a ‘River,’ the Boss runs through the emotional rapids of her life.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/17/96 “Bruce’s tour de force a chance to hear new tunes.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/24/96 “Concert takes listeners to new highs” reviews San Diego, CA(10/22/96).  NEWSPAPER-48
    6/16/00 “The Boss singing about social issues isn’t new.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    4/21/77 “Rock and Roll: maybe it is here to stay.”
    Also see SFGATE.COM Internet Articles
    11/3/75 “An Exciting Talent – An Ecstatic Crowd” reviews Oakland, CA (10/31/75).  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/3/75 “Springsteen And Halloween.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/4/76 “A High Energy Rock Concert” reviews Oakland, CA (10/2/76).  NEWSPAPER-48
    7/1/78 “Springsteen Fulfills a Legend” reviews San Jose, CA (6/29/78). NEWSPAPER-48
    12/18/78 “Springsteen Rips It Up” review San Francisco, CA (12/15/78).   NEWSPAPER-48
    6/17/81 “Bruce, U.S. Bonds: A Great Investment” reviews San Francisco, CA(6/15/81).  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/21/84 “Bruce Springsteen’s Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/22/84 “Springsteen’s Got the Ticket” reviews Oakland, CA (10/21/84). NEWSPAPER-48
    8/20/85 “These Are True Glory Days for Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    9/17/85 “A Look Back At Bay Gigs By The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    9/17/85 “Springsteen’s Record-Breaking Tour – What’s Behind It All.”   NEWSPAPER-48
    9/19/85 “Springsteen’s America” reviews Oakland, CA (9/18/85); “Springsteen Turns It On For 50,000”; Photo, caption “The Springsteen Concert / Page of Pictures.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/4/85 “Ratings: Guidance or Censorship?”  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/10/85 “Warning to Parents: Why These Lyrics May be Hazardous to Your Kids.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    1/12/86 “If Musicians Could Be Drafted Like Athletes.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/11/86 “‘Bruce Live’ Worth The Wait” on the release of Live 1975-’85. NEWSPAPER-48
    4/30/88 “Bruce Grows Up, Not Old.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    5/1/88 ” ‘Born to Run’ Springsteen Settles Down” on Tunnel tour.  NEWSPAPER-48
    5/3/88 “Springsteen Draws A Clean-Cut Crowd” to Mountain View, CA.  NEWSPAPER-48
    5/4/88 “‘Boss’ Reborn – Hero of the Heart” reviews Mountain View, CA (5/3/88). NEWSPAPER-48
    9/24/88 “Rights Show Packs Coliseum” reviews Amnesty in Oakland, CA (9/23/88).  NEWSPAPER-48
    4/24/89 “Springsteen Makes A Stand in Roadie Suit.”  NEWSPAPER-48
    10/30/95 “The Pied Piper of Rock” reviews The Bridge concert (10/28/95).  NEWSPAPER-48
    11/28/95 “Born Again In the U.S.A.” reviews Los Angeles, CA (11/26/95).  NEWSPAPER-48
    12/1/95 “Bruce Sits Down and Sings” reviews Berkeley, CA (11/29/95).  NEWSPAPER-48
    4/1/01 “The Boss and E Street Band: Reunited, and It Feels Good.” Live in NYC review.  NEWSPAPER-48
    Also see SFGATE.COM (Examiner)
    Internet Articles
    1/14/70 “A Memorable Night With The Steel Mill” reviews San Francisco, CA (1/13/70).  NEWSPAPER-49
    3/3/73 “Electric Guitarist a Blast” reviews Berkeley, CA (3/2/73).  NEWSPAPER-49
    11/1/75 “Springsteen’s lift-off to stratosphere” reviews Oakland, CA (10/31/75). NEWSPAPER-49
    10/4/76 “Born to run and loving every minute” reviews Oakland, CA (10/2/76). NEWSPAPER-49
    12/16/78 “Springsteen shock ’em” in San Francisco, CA(12/15/78).  NEWSPAPER-49
    6/16/81 “Gary Bonds’ guest wows ‘em” in San Francisco, CA (6/15/81).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/21/84 “Secret of Springsteen’s success is ‘Born In The U.S.A.'”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/22/84 “He was The Boss” reviews Oakland, CA (10/21/84) NEWSPAPER-115
    9/19/85 “Intimate with 50,000” reviews Oakland, CA (9/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-49
    9/19/85 “The Bruce Report” NEWSPAPER-49
    9/19/85 “He’s so American, everybody likes him” in Oakland, CA.  NEWSPAPER-49
    9/19/85 “The Boss strikes a variety of chords.” NEWSPAPER-49
    10/14/86 Reviews Bridge School benefit (10/13/86).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/5/87 “The Boss Is Back” reviews Tunnel of Live.  NEWSPAPER-49
    5/3/88 “Thinking man’s rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Mountain View, CA (5/2/88).   NEWSPAPER-49
    5/3/88 “Bruce’s fans are something special.”  NEWSPAPER-49
    1/31/89 “Springsteen video shows struggle to shape identity.”  NEWSPAPER-49
    3/9/92 Joyce Millman reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/22/92 “B-R-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-C-E” reviews Mountain View, CA (10/21/92).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/30/95 “Springsteen, Neil Young sensational” at Mountain View, CA (10/28/95).   NEWSPAPER-49
    10/28/96 “Springsteen Magic” reviews San Jose, CA (10/26/96).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/28/96 “Springsteen’s At Home With Just Plain Folk” on the Tom Joad Tour. NEWSPAPER-49
    10/26/99 “The Boss is still in charge” reviews Oakland, CA. NEWSPAPER-49
    3/4/79 “On The Outside, Looking In.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/26/80 “Springsteen’s Vision” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-115
    5/1/88 “Springsteen comes a-courtin.'” Previews Tunnel tour at Mountain View, CA. NEWSPAPER-49
    11/19/95 “Springsteen, the Storyteller.” Four star review of The Ghost Of Tom Joad. NEWSPAPER-49
    12/17/95 “Q & A with Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-49
    Also see MERCURYNEWS.COM Internet Articles
    7/1/78 “Standing ovations go on” reviews San Jose, CA (6/29/78).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/15/86 Reviews Bridge School benefit (10/13/86).  NEWSPAPER-49
    8/30/87 “What will the boss have to say this time?” previews Tunnel of Love. NEWSPAPER-49
    4/29/88 “A Rock ‘n’ Roll Bonanza” previews summer concert tours.  NEWSPAPER-49
    5/1/88 “Rock of America or just a clod?” Critics debate. “Remembrance.” NEWSPAPER-115
    5/1/88 “Remembrance of Bruce past.” Revisiting favorite shows.  NEWSPAPER-115
    5/3/88 “The Boss is Back.” Fans at Mountain View, CA.  NEWSPAPER-49
    5/3/88 “Springsteen moves ahead” reviews Mountain View, CA (5/2/88). NEWSPAPER-49
    10/30/95 “Springsteen shines for The Bridge” reviews Mountain View, CA (10/28/95). NEWSPAPER-49
    4/3/08 ” ‘Little Steven’ working hard for the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-49                      4/2/09 “Boss IS BACK” Working on a Dream Tour NEWSPAPER-49
    10/1/84 “The Springsteens are proud of ‘The Boss’.” Interview with Bruce’s parents.
    6/13 Twenty-two page special section.
    10/7/76 “Springsteen Pleases Crowd” reviews Santa Clara, CA (10/3/76).
    8/21/81 “The Boss is back” reviews Los Angeles, CA (8/20/81).
    Also see SARATOGIAN.COMInternet Articles
    7/27/84 “Springsteen crush expected” at Saratoga, NY concert.
    10/10/74 “Bruce Springsteen” reviews Clark University, Worcester, MA (10/6/74).
    9/19/75 Editorial cartoon entitled “The Springsteen invasions.” All cars head toward Grinnell, IA.
    9/19/75 Profile: “Springsteen grabs limelight.”
    10/3/75 “Springsteen reviewed.” Grinnell, IA (9/20/75).
    5/25/78 “Springsteen, Band Electric at Palace” reviews Albany (5/24/78).
    2/29/12 “Wut und Hip-Hop; neue Hymnen von Bruce.”
  • THE SCOTSMAN (Scotland)
    5/18/81 “Rock on, Springstreen” reviews Edinburgh (UK) (5/16/81).  NEWSPAPER-49
    3/4/96 Mixed review for Tom Joad tour in Edinburgh (UK) (3/3/96).  NEWSPAPER-49
    9/7/07 “The Boss woman.” Patti Scialfa interview.  NEWSPAPER-49
    2/7/09 “Bruce Springsteen on pop, patriotism, and singing for Barack Obama.” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/16/86 “Musical history of ‘The Boss’ traced on new live album.”
    10/28/75 “Springsteen – Real Rockin’ Monster” reviews Seattle, WA (10/26/75). NEWSPAPER-49
    6/27/78 “Springsteen’s Even Better Than All the Raves” reviews Seattle, WA (6/25/78).  NEWSPAPER-49
    12/22/78 “Good Time Music Returns” reviews Seattle, WA (12/20/78).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/24/80 Cover of entertainment section. “Bruce Springsteen, Like a Hot Rod In Heat.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/26/80 “‘Born to Run’ And Glad to Do It in Seattle” reviews Seattle, WA (10/24/80).  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/18/84 “Springsteen lives up to his legend” reviews Tacoma, WA (10/17/84). NEWSPAPER-49
    3/27/08 “Who’s the Boss? Springsteen is, and he’s still bringing his magic.” NEWSPAPER-49
    3/30/08 “Even in a somber mood, the Boss still rocks” reviews Seattle, WA (3/29/08).  NEWSPAPER-49
    Also see SEATTLETIMES.COMInternet Articles
    10/24/80 Cover of Tempo section. “Springsteen steams into town tonight.” NEWSPAPER-115
    10/26/80 “For 15 people or 15,000, Springsteen has integrity.” Seattle WA (10/24/80).  NEWSPAPER-49
    6/1985 “Mining for celebrity gold” USA Weekend NEWSPAPER-49
    5/6/88 “Tougher Than The Rest” reviews Tacoma, WA (5/5/88).  NEWSPAPER-49
    5/6/88 “Have love, will travel” Boss’s fans come from far and wide.”  NEWSPAPER-49
    10/24/96 “Springsteen at the Paramount: Serious folk.” Previews Seattle, WA. NEWSPAPER-49
    10/30/96 “Age gives the Boss new depth and edge” reviews Seattle, WA (10/29/96).  NEWSPAPER-49
    4/5/00 “Spirit in the night. When the boss comes to town, the faithful turn out.” NEWSPAPER-49
    8/12/05 “Quieter Boss goes it alone” reviews Seattle, WA (8/11/05).  NEWSPAPER-49
    3/23/08 “Springsteen in Seattle: 14 shows and countless memories.” NEWSPAPER-49
    3/30/08 ” ‘Magic’ at Key Arena” reviews Seattle, WA (3/29/08).  NEWSPAPER-49
    5/8/09 “Pete Seeger’s still singing all the verses.”  NEWSPAPER-49
    4/11/99 “Il Boss indica la strada” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/9/99).
    5/26/02 “Le Twin Towers del Boss sono un inno alla riscossa.”
  • LA SEGUNDA (Chile)   NEWSPAPER-115                                                              9/10/13 “Bruce Springsteen en Chile: “Nuestro show sera el mejor de los mejores”
    5/23/02 “Springsteen, Theiss help honor couple who cared”  NEWSPAPER-115
    11/1/12 “Springsteen photographer to present ‘Streets of Fire.'”  NEWSPAPER-49
    2/17/81 “Springsteen satisfies hungry hearts” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/15/81).
  • SE7E (Portugal)  NEWSPAPER-49
    3/11/87 “Bruce Springsteen a ‘estrada real’,” a discography.
    3/11/87 ” ‘Springsteens’ a postos par encher Loucuras.”
    3/11/87 “Os premios.”
    5/5/87 Syndicated comic strip circulated by Tribune Media Services.
    5/7/76 “Springsteen Leaves Audience Mesmerized” reviews Shreveport, LA (5/6/76).
    11/13/73 “Springsteen Stole Auger’s Show” reviews Trenton, NJ (11/11/73).
    9/22/88 “Human Rights Now!” reviews Montreal (CA) (9/17/88).
  • DE SLEUTEL (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/6/88 Reviews Rotterdam (NE) (6/28/88) : ‘Real great.’
    11/4/76 “Sniffing Out Springsteen.”
    10/4/79 Reports on the audience response to Bruce at the MUSE concerts.
  • LE SOIR (Belgium)  NEWSPAPER-49
    6/1/05 “Les reves d’espoir de Springsteen” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/30/05).
  • SOLIHULL NEWS (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-49
    8/9/85 “The Boss – By Chris.” Profile on author Chris Hunt.
    4/27/95 “In The Spirit.” Profile on Clarence Clemons.
    10/10/76 Columnist mentions Springsteen’s aversion to large auditoriums.
    9/11/78 “Born again with Springsteen” reviews South Bend, IN (9/9/78).
    1/ 27/81 “Springsteen show is rock’s epitome” reviews South Bend, IN (1/ 26/81).
    5/8/05 Reviews Devils & Dust. “Nothing short of a masterwork.”
    10/21/07 Reviews Magic: “a huge sound yet there’s often little to hear.”
    11/22/92 “Nothing has faded for this fan. Superstardom is not what Bruce is about.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/22/92 “From 2 Orange Bowl sellouts to 1 Miami Arena sellout. What happened?”  NEWSPAPER-50
    12/3/96 “A fine show – strings attached” reviews Miami, FL (12/2/96).  NEWSPAPER-50
    3/5/00 Clarence Clemons: “From E Street to West Palm Beach.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    3/5/00 “Clarence Clemons Casts a Huge Shadow over South Florida.”   NEWSPAPER-50
    3/10/00 “The Boss Enraptures a Rockin’ House” reviews Ft. Lauderdale, FL (3/9/00). NEWSPAPER-50
    3/13/00 “For Bruce and the E-Streeters: It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/22/02 Showtime section: “Rising to the occasion” previews Miami, FL.   NEWSPAPER-50
    11/24/02 “Springsteen Helps The Healing” reviews Miami, FL (11/23/02).  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/20/05 “Springsteen Delivers Solo With Intensity” reviews Hollywood, FL ((11/19/05).  NEWSPAPER-50
    5/3/08 “The Boss Still Has The Magic” NEWSPAPER-115
    10/2/08 “Springsteen To Sing For Obama.”
    9/13/07 Bruce Springsteen sells out his 45th Philadelphia show.
    9/27/07 “Springsteen is beyond masterful in concert.”
    4/24/08 Danny Federici:  “The man behind the man.”
    10/9/08 Preview of final shows at the Spectrum.
    10/1/09 “The final act” at the Spectrum.
    9/9/99 “Springsteen fever.”
    7/25/02 “The Boss works for Marah.”
    10/17/02 “The Boss is still in charge.”
    12/26/02 “On that note.”
    8/21/03 “Bruce broke it in.”
    12/11/03 “Gift boxes.”
    2/5/04 “Sciaky: Born to spin.”
    8/5/04 “Little Steven’s big venture.”
    9/2/04 “Brotherly love for city.”
    10/28/04 “Rockin’ the vote.”
    5/12/05 “Diary of a superband.”
    6/13/08 “I’m married to ‘The Boss’.”
  • SP!TS (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-50
    10/29/94 Reuters photo of Bruce campaigning for John Kerry.
    6/2/09 “Pinkpop bloeit in de schaduw van The Boss” reviews Landgraaf (NE)(5/30/09).
    11/4/76 “Bruce, Clarence & the Jersey crowd” reviews NY, NY(10/28/76).
    11/16/78 “Fans get rock with a punch” reviews Toronto (CA) (11/16/78).
    12/5/80 “Devastating Springsteen rocks crowd” reviews Buffalo, NY (12/4/80).
    7/24/84 “Springsteen lights up night” reviews Toronto (CA) (7/23/84).
    7/14/88 “Der Boss plays West Germany,” US ambassador is a “fan” but not a “groupie.”
    7/22/88 “The Boss is now ‘a friend'” reviews East Berlin (DE) (7/19/88).
    9/16/88 “Freedom music” reviews Toronto (CA) (9/15/88).
    9/17/88 “Boss boosting image?” Is there an ulterior motive to Amnesty appearances?
    12/31/92 “The Year In Rock… the Boss was humbled in ’92.”
    7/22/93 “Patti Scialfa’s first album ‘a kind of diary’.”
    2/18/77 “Springsteen actually lives up to his image” reviews Buffalo, NY (2/9/77).
    1981 June/July “The Boss Heats up the Summer” pg 3 Concerts July 13-19 Sold Out
    6/11/73 “Hot Chicago Gives Interviewers Cold Shoulder” reviews Springfield, IL(6/10/73).
    8/23/76 “Rock ‘n’ Roll’s ‘Future’ Cleans Up Image” reviews Springfield, IL (8/22/76).
    1/2/2013 “Music Summer is Hot!”
    6/17/71 Preview for Brookdale Community College, Lincroft NJ (7/10/71).
  • LA STAMPA (Italy)

    Also see LASTAMPA.ITInternet Articles
    6/88 “Bentornato Mr. Rock,” a 24-page special issue.  NEWSPAPER-115
    9/8/88 “Rock Per Un’Idea,” a 24-page Human Rights Tour special issue. NEWSPAPER-115
    8/7/04 Patti Scialfa profile; Page 60 of supplement.  NEWSPAPER-50
    10/3/06 “Springsteen & Torino la passione vive qui” reviews Torino (IT) (10/2/06). NEWSPAPER-50
    7/20/09 “Il Boss canta per l’Abruzzo” reviews Rome (IT) (7/19/09).  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/21/09 “La notte del Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/21/09 “Il Bruce che preferiamo e quello della storica Born in the U.S.A..”   NEWSPAPER-50
    7/22/09 “Monsu Springsteen” reviews Torino (IT) (7/21/09).  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/24/09 Little Steven: “Flash di Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/2/10 Bruce attends Rome screening of The Promise.  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/11 “Con Big Man se ne va l’anima nera di Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    2/17/12 “Springsteen un racconto horror della crisi USA.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    2/17/12 “Bruce e l’America dei tempi duri: la Spoon River delle inqiustizie” NEWSPAPER-115
    1/27/14 Article on the new recording bracelet. NEWSPAPER-114
    4/26/93 “Springsteen worstelt met zing roem” reviews Gent (BE) (4/24/93).
    4/11/99 “The Boss is back” reviews Barcelona  (ES) (4/9/99).
    5/14/03 “Op naar het beloofde land” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/12/03).
  • THE STAR (South Africa)  NEWSPAPER-115
    1/27/14 Cover page photo and article, “’The Boss’ praises Mandela”.
  • THE STAR (United Kingdom)
    7/4/85 “Bruce Who? Asks a Judge.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/5/85 “Tout’s Rocky Night.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/29/86 “Bruce Springsteen: Fire and passion” reviews Live 1975-‘85.  NEWSPAPER-50
    6/20/88 “Dancing in the park.” Photos from BITUSA tour.  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “Born to run – Bruce is Boss down to his roots.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “Promised land – the beat goes on with band after band.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “Saint in the city – The Boss does more than his bit to help.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “E Street shuffle – backing a winner every time.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “He’s the one – rock fan Peter Kay writes in praise of The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 Tracks, a discography.  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “Glory days – it’s the big time for Bruce as career hits the heights.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/20/88 “Tougher than the rest – what the papers say about Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/11/88 “Live at the Lane!” 15-page photo special from Sheffield (UK) (7/9-10/88). NEWSPAPER-115
    7/11/88 “Springsteen City” as 80,000 pour into South Yorkshire (UK).  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/11/88 “Review” reviews Sheffield (UK) (7/9-10/88).  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/28/92 “Springsteen’s wife broke up his band just like Yoko – claims best pal.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/29/07 “Boss Sounds Like A Broken Record” as ticket sales soar.  NEWSPAPER-50
    6/2/08 “Dublin Fury Over Bruce’s ‘Free’ Gig.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/10/09 “Still the Boss!” previews Dublin (IL).  NEWSPAPER-50
  • STAR BANNER   NEWSPAPER-50                                                                        11/29/95 “Springsteen plays on his own terms” “The  new Boss not the same as the old Boss”
    12/18/89 “The Boss and The Big Man” reviews Ventura, CA (12/17/89).
    12/18/89 “Clemons and pals play surprising concert” reviews Ventura, CA (12/17/89).
    10/16/75 Rock Scene columnist Michael Jensen reviews Born to Run.
    7/12/09 “Gig of the Week” reviews Dublin (IL).
    8/11/02 “Bruce Springsteen begins concert tour in his home state” reviews E. Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).
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    6/18/81 “Springsteen ticket sales defended” by promoter John Scher.  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/2/81 “It’s showtime tonight at the Meadows arena.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    7/3/81 “20,000 rock with Springsteen” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/2/81).  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/3/81 “Born to Run vaults a clear wall of sound.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/3/81 “Byrne’s name stands test.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/3/81 “Brand X T-shirts halted.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/5/81 “‘Boss’ Springsteen is a true showman.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/5/81 “Arena’s opening drawing ‘boffo’ reviews.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    9/11/83 “Johnny, ‘Eddie’ owe a lot to Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    11/12/83 Bruce makes his video debut in Clarence’s video.  NEWSPAPER-50
    2/6/84 “Week of concerts to make decade of rocking at Asbury Park club.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    6/17/84 “‘The Boss’ resigned to pessimism” on BITUSA.  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/7/84 “Springsteen delivers his musical message at Meadowlands” reviews (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-50
    8/16/84 “The making of a Bruce Springsteen guitar.”  NEWSPAPER-115
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    8/22/84 “Ten orderly days with Springsteen.”  NJ concert crowds were “best behaved.”  NEWSPAPER-50
    10/11/84 “A fat check from The Boss.” Bruce supports Pennsylvania Steelworkers.  NEWSPAPER-50
    1/31/85 USA for Africa: “Song aids the hungry.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/14/85 “‘The Boss’ ties the knot quietly.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    5/16/85 “Bruce, Julie dine ‘n’ dance in the dark” following their Oregon wedding. NEWSPAPER-51
    6/16/85 “Springsteen donates gift to aid Dutch homeless.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/20/85 “Springsteen fans swamp ticket outlets.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/23/85 “A ‘jam’ session for Bruce.” East Coast fans jam phone lines.  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/26/85 “Springsteen winds down his marathon world tour.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/27/85 “Somerset cop faces scalp charge.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/27/85 “Bell to suspend three for Springsteen ‘mania.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/2/85 “Bound Brook cop accused as scalper.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/3/85 “Lawmen mobilize to stop Springsteen scalpers.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/6/85 “Bell suspends seven for ‘dialing’ tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/7/85 “Bill Bradley cottons to Springsteen’s music.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/9/85 “Bound Brook fires cop accused as ticket-scalper.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/9/85 “Springsteen may add concerts.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/11/85 “Springsteen tickets go quickly.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/11/85 “Scalping law under fire.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/13/85 “Springsteen fans waiting for tickets find roving python.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/14/85 “Lawmen act to stop Springsteen ticket scalping.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/17/85 “Springsteen keeps searching for the elusive ‘it.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/18/85 “Excitement born as Springsteen opens stadium run.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/18/85 “The ‘Boss’ creating a legend in his own image.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    8/19/85 “60,000 cheer native son” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85). NEWSPAPER-115
    8/20/85 “Springsteen uses ‘Boss pulpit.’”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/20/85 “‘The boss’ hands over a $25,000 bonus’ to Newark-based food bank.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/29/85 “Springsteen fans left dancing in the dark as tickets remain impounded.”   NEWSPAPER-51
    8/31/85 “Thunderstorm washes out Springsteen concert.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/1/85 “The kids are all right, so why is Bruce blue?”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/2/85 “60,000 singing fans help Bruce end ‘homestand’ at Giants Stadium.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/3/85 “Springsteen exhorts stadium audiences to improve their ‘hometowns.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    1/24/86 “Bruce’s saxophonist hospitalized” in Freehold for a back strain.  NEWSPAPER-51
    4/1/87 “‘The Boss’ makes the book” – the 1987 World Book Encyclopedia.  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/5/87 “Showing ‘Em Who’s Boss,” an excerpt from Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/25/87 “Springsteen donates startup funds to state center for laid-off workers.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    1/15/88 History of and review of 10th Anniversary show – Cats on a Smooth Surface.  NEWSPAPER-115
    5/18/88 “Still the Boss, but some magic is missing” reviews NY, NY (5/16/88).  NEWSPAPER-51
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    1/2/1989 “There’s a possibility that rock will be losing its Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-51
    5/27/89 Holiday travel report includes news of the Flamingo in Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/29/89 “Tough Boss. Judge asks Springsteen fiscal records.”  NEWSPAPER-51
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    11/23/90 Review of Christic Institute Benefit (11/23/90).  NEWSPAPER-115
    6/10/91 “And then there’s…” NEWSPAPER-51
    6/13/91 “Rock star is folk hero to Bruce’s biggest fan.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/18/91 “TV crew seeks Springsteen fans” NEWSPAPER-51
    9/4/91 “Talks in suit against Springsteen fail to produce harmony”    NEWSPAPER-51
    9/6/91 “Springsteen settles with ex – ‘roadies,’ averts high – profile trial” NEWSPAPER – 51
    9/9/91 “The Boss has, uhhh, spoken” NEWSPAPER-51
    9/27/91 “Asbury night club rocks anew with song” NEWSPAPER-51
    10/5/91 “Stone Cold Pony. Bankruptcy closes legendary club over owner’s protests.” NEWSPAPER-51
    11/27/89 “E Street band jolted by Springsteen Exit” NEWSPAPER-51
    12/28/91 “Fans fear Boss has betrayed his Jersey roots” NEWSPAPER-51
    1/3/92 “Another labor of love for the ‘boss’ and patti” NEWSPAPER-51
    2/4/92 “Rock drummer sues over TV show idea.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    2/6/92 “Springsteen releasing 2 albums in the spring.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    3/26/92 “Bruce is out to show he’s still the boss with simultaneous release of new albums” NEWSPAPER-51
    3/30/92 “It may be better days for The Boss, but 2 albums have dark side.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/9/92 “‘SNL’ show a turn-on for Springsteen fans.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/12/92 “‘Boss’ Is Back. Springsteen to launch tour at arena.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/7/92 “Springsteen still boss as fans break Arena ticket sale record.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/9/92 “Springsteen silences at least some critics in dress rehearsal.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/19/92 “Fans wait to hear if Springsteen still has human touch.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    7/24/92 “Bruce is Back” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/25/92 “‘Glory Days’ dawn for Springsteen fans” reviews East Rutherford, NJ(7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/27/92 Part 1: “Has he passed some by in his glory days?”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/28/92 Part 2: “The Boss: Too Far From The Shore?”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/28/92 “Bruce fans are born to walk (the long way) at Sportsplex.  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/29/92 “Springsteen ticket sellers targeted in major state scalping crackdown.” NEWSPAPER-51
    7/30/92 “Judge bars ticket sales for 11 brokers accused as Springsteen scalpers.” NEWSPAPER-51
    8/1/92 “Sutcliffe delivered big for Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-51
    8/4/92 “Ticket brokers fight state in Springsteen probe.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/8/92 “‘Ban’ lifted against ticket outfits cited in Springsteen show scalping.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/11/92 “Bruce ends silent treatment, tells press Jersey stint ‘completes a circle.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/16/92 “Springsteen’s repertoire sheds light on his personal life.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/26/92 “Did You Know?” answers a question about Bruce’s writing talents.  NEWSPAPER-51
    11/6/92 “Simulcast plugs into Springsteen ‘World Tour.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    11/12/92 “‘E Street Revue’ reuniting Springsteen sidekicks” in Red Bank, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-51
    11/23/92 “E Street makes it nice and easy for stars to rock.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    3/28/93 “A Pair Who Care. ‘The Boss,’ Judd enlist in war on hunger.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/25/93 “Dark Side Of ‘The Boss'” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (6/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/25/93 “Saxophonist Clemons carries the day at Sands” reviews Clarence Clemons in Atlantic City, NJ. NEWSPAPER-51
    6/26/93 “The Boss, ex-staffers reunite” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (6/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-51
    6/26/93 “Boss helps Letterman end NBC ‘Glory Days.'”  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/22/94 “Fate still kicking sand in the face of down-at-heels Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/18/94 “The Boss visits his old haunt” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/16/94).  NEWSPAPER-51
    2/26/95 Reviews Greatest Hits: “Leaves most ardent fans gasping for more.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    3/2/95 “Springsteen hauls in four Grammy Awards for ‘Philadelphia'”. NEWSPAPER-115
    3/11/95 “Springsteen in Q&A shares some of life’s answers.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    5/7/95 Reviews greatest hits bootleg, “Another Side of Springsteen”. NEWSPAPER-115
    5/23/95 “Rock wedding of decade vows ’em in Malibu” reviews Malibu, CA (5/20/95).  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/24/95 “It was Boss night” reviews Sea Bright , NJ (7/22/95).  NEWSPAPER-51
    8/6/95 Shore Streets Echo with Glory Days of Rock and Roll.  NEWSPAPER-115
    9/3/95 “Rocking New Jersey for 20 Years.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/17/95 “Bruce Springsteen going solo in new album and concert tour.”  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/19/95 “Crowd knows who’s Boss,” reviews Asbury Park, NJ(10/17/95).  NEWSPAPER-115
    10/22/95 “A boost from The Boss” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (10/17/95).  NEWSPAPER-51
    10/31/95 Reviews Mountain View, CA (10/28/95).  NEWSPAPER-51
    11/18/95 “Hope Springs(teen) eternal as fans line up for coveted concert tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    11/19/95 “Three chords and few grim truths” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/19/95 “‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’: Break visions across the border” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/19/95 “Springsteen hits the books” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/22/95 “Acoustic Bruce strike a chord as his raucous fans are rendered silent” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/22/95 “Silent Devotion: Acoustic Bruce strikes chord with the fans” NEWSPAPER-115
    11/24/95 Dale Maharidge’s book inspired Springsteen’s writing on Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    1/21/96 Springsteen discusses his neighborhood with Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes. NEWSPAPER-115A
    2/25/96 Reviews San Remo Music festival – Italy (2/20/96).  NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/4/96 “Midlife minstrel. Aging Bruce manages to avoid trap of eternal youth worship.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/8/96 “A tour de Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/1/96 Kickoff concert for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame first anniversary.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    10/13/96 Reviews book Bruce Springsteen: The Rolling Stone Files. NEWSPAPER-51
    10/17/96 “The Voice of the Governor. The Voice of the Boss.” NEWSPAPER-51
    11/8/96 “His Hometown” previews St. Rose of Lima, Freehold, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/9/96 “Springsteen thrills ‘homies'” reviews Freehold, NJ (11/8/96).  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/10/96 “Freehold still singing the Boss’ praises.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/10/96 “Bruce talked the talk and sang the songs.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/19/96 “A glimpse of glory days” reviews Blood Brothers.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/24/96 “A musical tour of Asbury Park” NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/24/96 “Echoes in Asbury Park” NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/24/96 “Putting his money where his music is.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    11/26/96 “Springsteen brings it home” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/24/96).  NEWSPAPER-51
    3/10/97 “Wallflowers bloom with a little help from their friends” NEWSPAPER-115A
    5/6/97 “Springsteen brings home a Polar Prize” from Sweden.  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/23/97 Two articles review the One Step Up, Two Steps Back tribute album.  NEWSPAPER-51
    12/15/97 Bruce joins Joe Grushecky at Cheers in Long Branch (12/14/97).  NEWSPAPER-51
    12/15/97 Rockers pay tribute to DeeJay (Vin Scelsa) NEWSPAPER-51
    2/2/98 Reviews benefit for Police Sargeant Patrick King at the Count Basie)(1/31/980) NEWSPAPER – 51.
    2/8/98 Bruce joins Steve Earle at Tradewinds in Sea Bright (2/7/98).  NEWSPAPER-51
    4/7/98 “Springsteen serenades Steinbeck’s widow” reviews Sag Harbor, NY(4/4/98).  NEWSPAPER-115A
    5/1/98 “Douglas Springsteen, father of famed rocker.” NEWSPAPER-51
    6/7/98 “The ultimate New Jersey high school Yearbook.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/13/98 “Visit from The Boss – no, not George – has Yankees rockin.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/23/98 “E Street freeze-out. Boss solo nominee to Hall of Fame.”  NEWSPAPER-51
    9/29/98 “Sued in the USA: Boss accused of bullying.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/8/98 “He’s the Boss. A listeners guide to Tracks. Springsteen 4 CD set tracks riveting voice of a generation.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    12/9/98 “Summertime Bruce: An E Street Band tour in ’99.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/11/98 “The Boss beats back song pirates.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/30/98 “Music to our ears: The best of ’98” mentions ‘Tracks’ at number 9. NEWSPAPER-115A
    1/9/99 “Married to the mob” NEWSPAPER-52
    1/20/99 “Drumroll, please… Max returns to E Street” NEWSPAPER-52
    3/5/99 “Springsteen will tour Europe first.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/14/99 “New Jersey rocks” NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/14/99 “Paradise by the sea: Fans gather for E Street rehearsals.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/14/99 “Local hero,” two full pages of career highlights.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/16/99 “Hall of fame induction sets up reunion tour” NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/16/99 Cover. “E Street Band joins him on stage at induction” NEWSPAPER-115A
    3/17/99 “Bono’s tribute to the Boss” at the Rock Hall induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-52
    3/17/99 “Springsteen and band sell out open rehearsals.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    3/19/99 “Boss back home” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (3/18/99).  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/9/99 Ocean Township man keeps Bruce’s guitars in shape. NEWSPAPER-115A
    4/10/99 “Reborn in Barcelona. Spain says ole! to first E Street tour in 11 years.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    4/13/99 “Bruce is boss in Barcelona” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/11/99).  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/13/99 “Springsteen stays on track with delivery of The Promise” reviews 18 Tracks.  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/18/99 “Jersey Juice.” Dish. NEWSPAPER-115A
    6/20/99 Springsteen tickets selling for the Meadowlands shows.  NEWSPAPER-115A
    6/20/99 advertisement for Bruce coverage NEWSPAPER-115A
    6/20/99 “Springsteen in NJ: Yeah that’s the ticket NEWSPAPER-115A
    6/27/99 “The ultimate New Jersey high school Yearbook.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 Cover. “Blood Brothers” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “New Jersey nights: Ten classic E Street shows” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “Old favorites and some surprises” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “Roll call: the Boss on his band” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “Evolution on E Street: the making of an American band” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “Springsteen brings some thunder back to the Meadowlands” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/11/99 “The boys (and girl) in the band” profiles the E Street members. NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/15/99 “On E Street or at arena, he’s the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/16/99 “Born again in N.J.” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99)  NEWSPAPER-51
    7/18/99 Dish, “Bruce gets intimate.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/21/99 “After all these years, they still love The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/21/99 “To fans, Jersey is the promised land.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/25/99 “E Street alumni still feel the bond.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    7/30/99 “That’s the ticket. Big-league perks can really be boss.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/1/99 Cover. “Who’s the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/1/99 “All Bruced up” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/4/99 “‘Rosalita’ is MIA, but The Boss is getting the job done.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    8/8/99 “Hey Bruce, Maria Espinosa in in Howell.” NEWSPAPER-52
    8/11/99 “Springsteen’s life built on foundation of giving – quietly.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/12/99 Front cover “When All is Said and Sung” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/12/99 “Boss Inc.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/12/99 “Bruce by the numbers” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/12/99 “The next best thing to being there.” Full-page ad for NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/13/99 “Springsteen keeps fans on the edge” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/12/99). NEWSPAPER-52
    8/13/99 “It’s like opening night all over again” page 28 NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/14/99 “How a Jersey clothing store owner ended up onstage.”  NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/20/99 “All Bruce all the time” advertisement NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/22/99 “Separation of Bruce and State.” NEWSPAPER-115A
    8/22/99 “What about Bruce and the band?” NEWSPAPER-115A
    9/14/99 “WNEW-FM rocked until it dropped” NEWSPAPER-115A
    9/15/99 “Arena’s Springsteen banner up for bid” NEWSPAPER-52
    9/29/99 “Springsteen at 50: Still Making it Real” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/17/99 “Little BIG man” NEWSPAPER-115A
    10/22/99 “Born to Bid” NEWSPAPER-115A
    12/9/99 “Summertime Bruce: An E Street tour in 99” NEWSPAPER-52
    2/13/00 Reviews book Springsteen: All Access by Lynn Goldsmith. NEWSPAPER-115B
    3/1/00 “Home stretch” on The Reunion Tour.  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/2/00 Popspot “Summer’s near and the time is right…” NEWSPAPER-115B
    5/21/00 The Show Before the Show by Jay Lustig NEWSPAPER-52
    6/11/00 “Grande finale” NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 Commemorative Section: Grand Finale of the Reunion Tour.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “New York City Serenade.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Highlights of the E Street reunion tour.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “10 more nights to prove it.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “From small things” looks back at 1973 Garden show.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Incidents on 33rd Street.” Six memorable New York nights.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Set list roulette: Keeping track of the tracks.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Paradise by the sea: Fans gather for E Street rehearsals.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “A grand night on E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “The Boss says it feels good to be back home.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Reborn in Barcelona” reviews Barcelona (ES). (4/9/99).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Reviews second night in Barcelona (ES) (4/11/99).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Hello, New Jersey!” reviews East Rutherford, NJ. (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “To fans, New Jersey is the promised land.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “BRU-U-U-UCE. After all these years, they still love The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “One more chance to make it real.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “15-show stand ends in style” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/12/99).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Springsteen at 50” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/24-25/99).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Little big man.” Steven Van Zandt finds new home on The Sopranos.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 “Home stretch” reviews State College, PA. (2/28/00).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/12/00 Bruce’s “anti-cop” song hits the internet as bootleg. NEWSPAPER-115B 6/13/00 Reviews MSG show that debuts “American Skin (41 Shots)” (6/12/00).  NEWSPAPER-52
    6/13/00 “Springsteen’s concert series premieres without cop protest.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    6/29/00 “‘Boss’ wife takes reins at equestrian team benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    6/29/00 “Bruce, band look forward as tour ends.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/2/00 “Springsteen, E Street close tour at Garden.” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/19/00 “Asbury Park site a hit with more than Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/23/00 “Swing time! Weinberg and band step out on new CD.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/5/00 “Springsteen at the Stone Pony” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/3/00).  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/10/00 “It was Jersey’s Coney Island” NEWSPAPER-52
    12/13/00 “Greetings from Asbury Park: Boss will rock the house for 8 charities” NEWSPAPER-52
    12/17/00 “Further on up the road” previews Asbury Park, NJ holiday shows.  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/18/00 “The Boss comes to town for Christmas” reviews Asbury Park, NJ  (12/17/00).  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/31/00 “Rock in a hard place.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    2/27/01 “Springsteen packs plenty into new CD” reviews Live in New York City.  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/1/01 “From the coastline to the city: Live from New York” NEWSPAPER-115B
    4/7/01 A close up at the HBO special of the 1999-2000 Reunion Tour.  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/10/01 “Bruce: Born to Run Out of Ideas” NEWSPAPER-52
    7/27-7/28/01 Bon Jovi Cover NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/31/01 “The Big Man Returns to the Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/3/01 “New sounds and old friend spice Clemons’ Pony shows” NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/21/01 “Stars Come Together to raise funds and spirits”. NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/22/01 Description of Telethon for “Stand Up For Heroes”.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/01 Alliance of Neighbors concerts expected to raise more than $1M.-NEWSPAPER-52
    10/01 “Red Bank venue will rock for a cause.” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/20/01 “Shore salute” reviews Red Bank, NJ (10/18/01).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    11/4/01 Magic in The Night, Review of Live in New York.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    11/21/01 Bruce announces holiday shows at Convention Hall, Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    11/30/01 Asbury Park Christmas Show will be fund raisers for NJ charities. NEWSPAPER-52
    12/4/01 Reviews Asbury Park Christmas Show (12/3/01).  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/5/01 “Merry Christmas, baby” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/3/01).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    12/10/01 Reviews holiday benefits shows “Wild Nights in Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    5/19/02 “Springsteen dedicates park to first manager.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/22/02 “All rise for Bruce: New single and album reflect life after 9/11.” NEWSPAPER-52
    6/29/02 “Bruce, band look forward as tour ends.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    6/29/02 “Boss’ wife takes reins at equestrian team benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/10/02 “‘Rising’ insight.” NEWSPAPER-52
    7/25/02 “NBC and the Boss take a ride beyond the Palace.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/26/02 “A look at the 15 songs of The Rising.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/26/02 “Bruce kisses the past, embraces the future” reviews The Rising. NEWSPAPER-52
    7/26/02 “Songs of hope, seeds of healing” NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/27/02 “Springsteen revs up The Rising tour.”   NEWSPAPER-52
    7/29/02 “Asbury Park spruces up for big day with Bruce and ‘Today’ show crew.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/30/02 Concert Edition previews Today Show, concerts in Asbury Park, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/30/02 “Bruce’s fans rising to occasion.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/31/02 “Glory Day For Asbury Park” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/30/02).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/7/02 “Behind the scenes of Bruce’s blitz.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    8/8/02 “Serious Bruce moves packed area” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02). NEWSPAPER-52
    8/9/02 “Springsteen touches fans mixed emotions” expands on the 8/7/02 review. NEWSPAPER-52
    8/14/02 “In the shadow of 9/11, Bruce returns to New York” reviews NY, NY(8/12/02).  NEWSPAPER-52
    8/20/02 “Sentimental Springsteen.” Columnist puts down The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/4/02 “World tour? No problem.” reviews Sea Bright, NJ (11/2/02).  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/22/02 “They’ve got the fever.” Bruce fans travel.  NEWSPAPER-52
    1/14/03 “Want to see Bruce? You’ll have to be a high roller.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    2/23/03 Full page ad for the final World Tour concerts NEWSPAPER-115B
    3/9/03 “Shore leave” reviews Atlantic City, NJ(3/7/03).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/13/03 “Jersey giant” NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/16/03 “A singalong with The Boss” reviews East Rutherford (7/15/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/17/03 “Springsteen, SUPER-SIZED” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/24/03 “Instant magic. Just add water” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/21/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/29/03 “What the fans had to say” about shows at Giant Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-52
    7/29/03 “Seven nights to rock” NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/22/03 “Springsteen mavens lead fans on walking tours” in Asbury Park, Freehold.  NEWSPAPER-52
    9/2/03 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/30-31/03).  NEWSPAPER-52              9/11/03 “Paycheck for Springsteen concerts tops $36 million” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/6/03 “The Boss stops here” reviews Shea Stadium, Queens, NY (10/4/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/3/03 “Bruce sees ‘Light of Day’” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/1/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/9/03 Reviews The Essential Bruce Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-115B
    12/8/03 “Home for Christmas” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/5/03).  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/20/03 “Mardi Gras? No, Mulheren’s funeral.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    4/15/04 “On this project, SHE’S the boss” discusses Patti Scialfa’s Rumble Doll.  NEWSPAPER-52
    5/21/04 Ad for “Springsteen, Troubadour of the Highway” exhibit.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/11/04 “Newark and the Boss” ticket pullout section NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/13/04 “Patti Scialfa Returns with her first CD in 11 years” NEWSPAPER-52
    8/9/04 “Springsteen Troubadour of the Highway” NEWSPAPER-115B
    7/27/04 “Will Bruce rock the vote?” NEWSPAPER-52
    8/5/04 “Springsteen speaks: ‘The goal is very clear.'” Vote for Change interview.  NEWSPAPER-52
    8/8/04 Columnist takes on Bruce and politics: “Let the guitar do the talking,  Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    8/19/04 “The Boss Plays Politics and some fans aren’t happy.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/18/04 “Scialfa shines in her own spotlight” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/15/04).  NEWSPAPER-52                                                                        9/28/04 ” ‘Vote for Change’ tour will be a TV special” NEWSPAPER-52
    10/4/04 “The Boss shows some muscle” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/1/04).  NEWSPAPER-52
    10/15/04 “Springsteen rocks” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (10/13/04).  NEWSPAPER-52
    12/20/04 “Springsteen goes downtown” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/19/04).  NEWSPAPER-52
    2/17/05 “New Springsteen album arises from ‘Dust.'”  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/6/05 “VH1’s Storyteller series elicits interpretations” reviews Red Bank, NJ (4/4/05). NEWSPAPER-52
    4/7/05 “Springsteen to play scaled-down arena.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/22/05 “New Bruce more bitter than sweet” reviews Devils & Dust.   NEWSPAPER-52
    4/23/05 “The Boss unplugged” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (4/21/05).  NEWSPAPER-52
    4/27/05 “Bruce, unplugged and intimate” reviews Detroit, MI (4/25/05).  NEWSPAPER-52
    9/28/05 “Born to run again, 30 years down the road.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    10/6/05 “Boss’ happy guinea pigs” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (10/4/05).  NEWSPAPER-52
    11/11/05 Reviews the 30th anniversary Born to Run box set.  NEWSPAPER-52
    1/13/06 “Nebraska revisited” previews “The Nebraska Project” concert. NEWSPAPER-52
    3/3/06 “Bruce evokes another icon” previews release of We Shall Overcome. NEWSPAPER-52
    3/7/06 “The rising of Pete Seeger.” Jay Lustig interviews Pete Seeger. NEWSPAPER-52
    4/15/06 “Seeger Sessions to take first bow” previews tour rehearsal shows. NEWSPAPER-52
    4/18/06 “Bruce expands his tour” to include his first headlining concert in Holmdel, NJ. NEWSPAPER-52
    4/21/06 “‘Seeger Sessions’ a rock of ages” reviews We Shall Overcome. NEWSPAPER-52
    6/18/06 Feature on the performers in the Seeger Sessions Band. NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/26/06 “Just plain folks” reviews Holmdel,NJ (6/24/06).  NEWSPAPER-52
    10/1/06 Reviews three new books by Eric Meola, Dave Marsh and Robert Santelli.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/29/06 Monument unveiling and Stone Pony concert celebrate Asbury music scene (S.O.A.P.). NEWSPAPER-115B
    3/30/07 “Real and honest. That’s what Malin likes about The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-52
    6/2/07 Reviews Live in Dublin two CD set.  NEWSPAPER–52
    6/29/07 Bruce and Pete Seeger make music together.  NEWSPAPER–52
    7/29/07 “Cosmic surfer’s life comes in colorful waves”(about Carl “Tinker” West) NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/1/07 Obituary: “Terry Magovern, 67, key Springsteen aide.” NEWSPAPER-52
    9/2007 “Meadowlands ‘Magic’ as Springsteen, band return” NEWSPAPER-52
    9/26/07 “‘Magic’ in the Night” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24/07).  NEWSPAPER-52
    9/26/07 3 ½ star review of Magic.  NEWSPAPER-52
    9/30/07 “Top acts bypassing Prudential Center.”  NEWSPAPER-52
    10/4/07 “Cries from the heart” reviews Hartford, CT (10/2/07).  NEWSPAPER-52
    10/6/07 “A hurdle for Springsteen” reports on the horse deal lawsuit. NEWSPAPER-53
    10/11/07 Reviews Magic shows at Continental Airlines Arena and previews MSG show (10/10/07 and 10/18/07).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    11/22/07 Danny Federici takes leave of absence to fight cancer. NEWSPAPER-52
    3/1/08 Reviews Magic at Hartford, CT. (2/28/08).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    4/14/08 Reviews Sarfraz Manzoor’s Greetings From Bury Park.  NEWSPAPER-53
    4/19/08 “Losing a blood brother” NEWSPAPER-115B
    5/3/08 “Total recall. ‘Retro’ concert replays early Boss tunes.”  NEWSPAPER-53
    5/5/08 Bruce inducted into N.J. Hall of Fame. Reviews Newark, NJ (5/4/08). NEWSPAPER-53
    5/6/08 For Bruce, New Jersey is the “Beautiful Reward”.  NEWSPAPER – 115B
    5/9/08 Reviews Count Basie fundraiser.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/27/08 “More than ‘Magic’ in the Boss’ songs,” including a rich vein of spiritual motifs.  NEWSPAPER-53
    7/26/08 “Playing for family” previews three night stand in East Rutherford, NJ. NEWSPAPER-53
    7/27/08 “Still a lot of magic in the twilight” previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-53
    7/28/08 “Springsteen and band in top form” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/27/08). NEWSPAPER-53
    7/30/08 “E Street offspring join jubilation” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/28/08). NEWSPAPER-53
    8/2/08 “Spotlight – Last Stand” NEWSPAPER-53                                            8/28/08 “Nils Sings Neil.”  NEWSPAPER-53
    11/1/08 “Devil’s candy” discusses the recording of “A Night With the Jersey Devil”. NEWSPAPER-53
    11/1/08 Jessica “Springsteen is boss of Maclay event,” wins equitation event. NEWSPAPER-53                                                                                    11/14/08 “Boss helps out food bank in Hillside” NEWSPAPER-53
    11/16/08 Bruce’s full page advertisement in support of the New Jersey Food Bank. NEWSPAPER-53
    11/18/08 “The Boss is on a roll: New album in January” previews Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-53
    12/24/08 “Bruce, Bon Jovi and a lot of Hope” reviews Red Bank, NJ (12/22/08). NEWSPAPER-53
    3/25/09 Reviews rehearsal show for “Working on a Dream” NEWSPAPER-115B
    5/17/09 “Born to Drum” Jay Weinberg joins Max on stage at Meadowlands shows. NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/23/09 “Bruce leads all-star anniversary concerts.” NEWSPAPER-53
    10/5/09 Reviews Giants Stadium, final shows “Wrecking Ball Tour” NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/12/09 Reviews Giant Stadium show #5 (10/9/09) NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/09 “Springsteen rocks expiring spectrum for old times’ sake” Wachovia Spectrum 10/14/09 NEWSPAPER-53
    10/31/09 “Rock ‘n’ roll heaven” front page photo of Bruce performing with Billy Joel. NEWSPAPER-115B
    1/17/10 Springsteen joins Elvis Costello for “Spectacle Elvis Costello with ___” episodes. NEWSPAPER-115B
    2010 Drew Sheneman editorial cartoon: Ticketmaster/Live Nation as the devil. NEWSPAPER-53
    5/7/10 ” In Words And Music, Pure Jersey Magic”reviews Florham Park, NJ (5/6/10). NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/15/10 Bruce talks movies and memories at Toronto Film Festival. NEWSPAPER-53
    11/2/10 Reviews The Promise box set.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    11/11/10 Review screening of “The Promise: Darkness on the Edge of Town.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    1/11 Super fan article in Inside Jersey.  Page 40.  NEWSPAPER-53
    6/20/11 “Broken Hearts Stand, in Tribute.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/20/11 “In Asbury Park, teardrops in the city for Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/26/11 Tris McCall: “Reflecting on Clemons’ legacy.”  NEWSPAPER-53
    10/18/11 “Bruce collection gets bigger home.”   NEWSPAPER-53
    2/13/12 “The Boss is Grammy opening act.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    2/13/12 Report on the 2012 Grammy ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    2/24/12-3/1/12 Reviews Wrecking Ball. ‘The Boss Lashes Out”  NEWSPAPER-53
    3/16/12 “Speaking in song” reviews Austin, TX (3/15/12).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    3/16/12 Special: Star-Ledger Rock & Pop Hall of Fame.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    4/4/12 Tris McCall reviews East Rutherford, NJ (4/3/12).  NEWSPAPER-53
    4/6/12  “Back in business” reviews E. Rutherford, NJ (4/4/12).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    4/30/12 Clarence Clemons:  “Big man, big legend.”  NEWSPAPER-115B
    5/3/12 “The Boss rocks Newark” reviews Newark, NJ (5/2/12).  NEWSPAPER-53
    9/21/12 “Meadowlands Marathon” East Rutherford review (9/19/12).  NEWSPAPER-115B
    9/23/12 “For Bruce fans, Thunder prior to ‘Thunder Road’ by Tris McCall NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/12/12 “Steve of all trades.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    12/13/12 “World rocks to rescue storm-scarred states” Reviews the 12-12-12 concert in New York City, NY.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    12/16/12 “The Boss joins forces with the Stones on tour’s finale.” NEWSPAPER -115B
    1/20/15 Reviews Light of Day 2015, “Rockin’ All Night for a Cause” and Set List.  NEWSPAPER-53
    5/15 Supplement – Inside Jersey: A guide to Jersey Shore Music. Page 80.  NEWSPAPER-53
    10/13/17 Tales of old, Springsteen on Broadway is an anecdote studded evening.  NEWSPAPER-115B
    2018 “20 years ago, Springsteen reunited with the E Street Band and all was right with the world” NEWSPAPER-115B
    6/11/18 “‘Jersey Boy’ Springsteen Rocks Tonys” “Broadway gets boost from the Boss” pg 1-2 NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/11/19 “The Boss, the band and 15 crazy nights” Cover. NEWSPAPER-115B
    Unknown Date, “All the Bruce that’s fit to print.” NEWSPAPER-53
    1/15/20 “Bruce plays backup for son” Cover. NEWSPAPER-115B
    1/20/20 “Rockin’ All Night at Light of Day Parkinson’s Show.” NEWSPAPER-53
    2/23/20 “A college course in hopes and dreams.” NEWSPAPER-115B
    8/13/20 “Trini Lopez, 1960s Pop Singer, Dies of COVID-19.” NEWSPAPER-53
    10/16/20 “Springsteen recaptures the magic in ‘Letter to You.'” NEWSPAPER-53
    1/14/22 “When Ronnie Spector saved the E Street Band, as told by Steven Van Zandt” NEWSPAPER-115B
    1/19/22 “Why artists like Springsteen, Nicks and Legend are suddenly selling their catalogs” NEWSPAPER-115B
    1/21/22 “A memo for The Boss” NEWSPAPER-115B
    10/24/22 “The Boss in LA: New Bruce Springsteen Exhibit at Grammy Museum Chronicles 50 Years on Stage” NEWSPAPER-115B
    3/14/00 “The Boss turns in a night to remember” reviews Dallas, TX (3/13/00).
    11/4/02 “Who’s the boss? Still Springsteen” reviews Dallas, TX (11/3/02).
    4/22/05 “Bruce Almighty: The Boss takes charge with new CD, solo gig.”
    4/22/05 “Bare-Bones Boss.”
    4/29/05 “Bruce, down to the basics” reviews Grand Prairie, TX (4/28/05).
    Also see STARTRIBUNE.COMInternet Articles
    10/5/87 “`Tunnel of Love’ shows the Boss in transition” reviews Tunnel of Love.
    5/4/88 “Springsteen charmed one critic/fan with humanness.” Jon Bream, speaking personally.
    5/10/88 “Still the Boss of rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Bloomington, IL (5/9/88).
    5/13/88 “Springsteen changed program – for better” reviews Bloomington, IL (5/10/88).
    10/25/92 “Cool Rockin’ Daddy.” Springsteen interview previews HT/LT tour in Minneapolis.
    11/1/92 “The Boss may have mellowed but he’s still a winner” reviews Minneapolis (10/31/92).
    10/5/96 “Springsteen shows sellout crowd he’s still `the Boss'” reviews Minneapolis (10/3/96).
    11/28/99 “Hey, Rosalita, come out tonight.” Retrospective previews Reunion tour in Minneapolis.
    11/28/99 “Bosstown” NEWSPAPER-116
    11/29/99 “Born to rock, Springsteen only gets better” reviews Minneapolis, MN (11/28/99).
    9/29/02 “As Bruce Springsteen returns to Minnesota, we look back on his local shows.”
    9/29/02 “The Boss is Relishing Midwest Shows.”
    10/1/02 “Springsteen mixes it up, lots of new with the old” reviews St. Paul, MN (9/30/02).
    8/20/04 “In ‘Anytown,’ the women rule” previews the Anytown dance program.
    10/6/04 “Boss, friends rock fantastic for a cause” reviews St. Paul, MN (10/5/04).
    10/6/04 “A shot of star power for Kerry.” The Vote For Change tour reaches St. Paul.
    5/11/05 “All alone, troubadour gives life and voice to his tales” reviews St. Paul, MN (5/10/05).
    10/13/05 “The Boss takes his fans to the promised land” reviews Minneapolis, MN (10/12/05).
    9/30/07 Brief review of Magic.
    11/3/07 “Vintage Bruce” reviews St. Paul, MN (11/2/07).
    11/4/07 Magic commentary: “In dark times, Springsteen gives voice to uneasy feelings.”
    3/17/08 “More than 4 months separates Boss’ 2 shows” reviews St. Paul, MN (3/16/08).
    8/14/85 “Bruce really is ‘the Boss’ now.”
    1/14/85 “Bruce Springsteen gives fleeting, glorious concert” reviews Columbia, SC (1/13/85).
    12/6/96 “In Music, The Boss Stands Alone” reviews Columbia, SC (12/5/96).
    12/6/02 “A Brief History of Springsteen” in South Carolina.
    12/10/02 “Springsteen: A Fan’s Man” reviews Columbia, SC (12/9/02).
    11/5/75 “Gammage survives Springsteen” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/3/75).
    12/6/78 “Standing Ovation Is Given Springsteen Numbers Here” reviews Baton Rouge, LA (12/5/78).
    11/12/80 “Bruce Springsteen concert stirs audience’s adrenalin” reviews Baton Rouge, LA (11/11/80).
    9/13/75 “The Rites of Bruce Springsteen” by Chuck Bauerlein, reviews New Orleans, LA (9/6/75).
    12/?/75 “A Baker’s Dozen of the Best of ’75.” Born to Run is No. 1 for the year.
  • DE STEM (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/11/85 “Bruce Springsteen: het succes van een doodgewone jongen.”
    11/21/75 On the day of Bruce’s first Scandinavian concert, a huge, two-page feature.
    3/9/73 ‘Urban images wail & shout.” Kris DiLorenzo reviews Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
    1/17/74 Photo: “Springsteen in Springsfield?”
    1/24/74 “Winter Weekend Features Springsteen, Persuasions, Cabaret.”
    1/31/74 Student newspaper previews 2/2/74 show by reprinting a Boston Globe article.
    1/31/74 Ad for Feb. 2 Winter Weekend Festival concert at Springfield College.
    2/7/74 No review of 2/2/74, but letter writer chides students for low turnout.
    9/15/78 “Springsteen is still ‘The Boss’ in Cincinnati” reviews Cincinnati, OH (9/10/78).
    3/4/81 “Applause Builds, Crowd Rolls As Boss, E Street Band Bring Rock To Nashville” reviews Nashville, TN (2/26/81).
    7/19/88 “Drei Harmonien sind sehr viel Musik” reviews Munich (DE) (7/17/88).  NEWSPAPER-54
    5/18/93 “Rock – Arbeiter auf dem Rollfeld” reviews Munich (DE) (5/15/93).  NEWSPAPER-54
    2/17/96 “Weites, trauriges Land” reviews Munich (DE) (2/15/96).  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/12/03 “Auferstanden aus Ruinen” reviews Munich (DE) (6/10/03).  NEWSPAPER-54
    5/10/13 “Ich will ein extremes erlebnis”  NEWSPAPER-116
    7/20/13 “”Springsteen and I” film  NEWSPAPER-116
    1/10/14 High Hopes review.  NEWSPAPER-116
    9/27/16 Cover. “Ausgaben fur Arzneien so hoch wie nie” NEWSPAPER-116
    3/5/12 “Die Gitarre als Abrissbirne.”
    6/14/84 ” ‘U.S.A.’: Not the promised land” reviews BITUSA.
  • THE SUN (Ann Arbor)  NEWSPAPER-54
    10/1/75 “Bob Seger/Bruce Springsteen: Which Is The Real B.S.?”
  • THE SUN (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-54
    4/4/85 “Boss,” the fan scene and noise level at Melbourne.
  • THE SUN (Baltimore)  
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    10/6/80 “Bruce who? Fake Springsteen drinks and runs” from a Baltimore bar. NEWSPAPER-54
    3/6/81 “To like him, see Springsteen live” reviews Hampton, VA (3/2/81). NEWSPAPER-54
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    8/6/85 “Family affair at concert.” NEWSPAPER-54
    8/7/85 Columnist says: “Mini-miracles produce lots of Springsteen magic.” NEWSPAPER-54
    8/7/85 Editorial: “Bravo to the Boss.” NEWSPAPER-54
    4/1/88 “Springsteen ‘Growin’ Up” on tour.  NEWSPAPER-116
    3/2/89 “A passionate spokesman for rock.” Dave Marsh interviewed. NEWSPAPER-54
    2/28/95 “‘Hits’ Belies Bruce Springsteen’s Fading Star.” NEWSPAPER-54
    8/9/02 “Concert a tonic for troubles” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02). NEWSPAPER-54
    9/11/03 “The angry American music response to tragedy.” NEWSPAPER-54
    12/15/04 “Lucky Town. Bruce plays Santa to his much loved, if dumpy, Asbury Park.” NEWSPAPER-54
  • THE SUN (Canada)  NEWSPAPER-54
    10/16/84 “Springsteen, you were sensational” reviews Vancouver (CA) (10/15/84).
    10/16/84 “Fans agree: Bruce was a bargain.”
  • THE SUN (Lowell, MA)  NEWSPAPER-54
    10/6/87 “Honest look at love, life in Springsteen’s album” reviews Tunnel of Love.
  • THE SUN (New Jersey)  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/6/89 “Springsteen Surprises Fans … At Jackson Browne Show” reviews Atlantic City, NJ (6/30/89).
  • THE SUN (San Bernardino)  NEWSPAPER-54
    10/27/84 “Rock star donates money for steelworkers’ Thanksgiving.”
  • THE SUN (United Kingdom)
    Also see THESUN.CO.UKInternet Articles
    5/17/85 “Bruce Spring-Fever. Love for The Boss.”   NEWSPAPER-116
    5/30/85 “20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Boss.”   NEWSPAPER-54
    6/3/85 “A Royal rave-up for The Boss.”   NEWSPAPER-54
    7/3/85 An survey of the country-by-country economics of the Born in the USA tour . NEWSPAPER-54
    7/4/85 “The Boss Rules, OK” reviews Wembley (7/3/85).   NEWSPAPER-54
    7/4/85 “Super Springsteen stops the traffic.”   NEWSPAPER-54
    7/5/85 “Great Rock Rip-Off.” Turnstile operators discounted tickets, kept the cash.  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/5/85 “King Bruce faces a 1/4m bill.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    11/?/86 “Bonkers About The Boss!” NEWSPAPER-116
    11/?/86 “He Gives Millions.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/15/88 Photo, inside story: “Love pictures that will cost the Boss 75 million.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/15/88 “Bruce reveals his passion for Patti.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/20/88 “Meanie Boss Bruce In Fine Ol’ Row.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/30/88 “Boss gets shirty with pirates at pop shows.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/17/92 “Bruce is still The Boss” despite “nappy changes and bottle feeds.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/10/92 “Bruce just kicked me in the teeth.” Clarence interview.  NEWSPAPER-116
    3/?/93 “Springsteen Heads for Scotland.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/14/73 E Street Band opens for Chicago in Binghamton, NY (6/13/73).
    3/16/77 Concert photo, but no review, of Binghamton, NY (3/15/77).
  • THE SUN-HERALD (Australia)
    SUNDAY LIFE (Australia)
    8/??/84 Stuart Cope covers the BITUSA tour in East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/16/06 “Rewind 1975″ in Sunday supplement. Page 46.  NEWSPAPER-116
  • SUNDAY LIFE (Northern Ireland)  NEWSPAPER-116
    7/21/13 “It’s Bruce Almighty!” Belfast (UK).
    5/9/76 “Bruce Springsteen Music ‘Disquieting” reviews Baton Rouge, LA (5/8/76).
    11/19/06 Reviews Dublin (IR) (11/17/06) as “a triumph.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    10/7/07 Two star review of Magic. “Most of Magic‘s 12 tracks plod where they should stride.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/8/08 “Cheese a hit with the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    2/1/09 Three stars for Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/20/10 “Little Steven recalls moment in the Sun.” A look back at the Sun City project.  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/14/13  Profile by Andrew Lynch: “Born to play.”  NEWSPAPER-116                      4/17/16 “Standing Out from the pop pack” NEWSPAPER-54
    7/12/09 Cover of The Arts magazine. “The Brotherhood of Boss.” Page 4.
    9/6/92 “Fans Welcome Springsteen Return” at the start of the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour.
    6/2/85 “Bruce reigns in the sun” reviews Slane (6/1/85). NEWSPAPER-116
    8/24/14 “Bruce has a hungry heart in Marco’s” NEWSPAPER-54
    11/8/2020 “Springsteen’s Letter to a world making war with its better angels” NEWSPAPER-54
    7/25/21 “Jakob’s Songs a Shelter From the Storm”, feat. Bruce. NEWSPAPER-54
    12/26/21 “Bruce leaves the Badlands a long way behind him” NEWSPAPER-116
    5/16/2023 “Bruce at Slane the only good day in the 1980s” pg. 19 NEWSPAPER-116
    (7/21/13) “The Boss rocks Belfast-it’s Bruce Almighty!”
    8/30/81 “Springsteen” “Sam Goody and CBS Salute Bruce Springsteen With Goody’s “Marked Difference” Prices” NEWSPAPER-116
    6/23/13 Glasgow (UK) (6/18/13) is “Gig of the year, easy.”
  • THE SUNDAY POST (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/9/85 “A Hampden Roar – in Newcastle!” (6/4/85).
    9/9/84 “Springsteen Live!! Bruce is still ‘Boss.'” NEWSPAPER – 116
    10/7/84 “Springsteen’s Drummer Chronicles Heroes.” NEWSPAPER – 116
    7/5/95 “Greetings from Luckytown” NEWSPAPER-54
    8/18/1985 “Friends of friends of friends of Bruce.” NEWSPAPER – 54
    6/3/84 “New Springsteen album goes back to rock roots.” NEWSPAPER-54
    5/18/85 “To all the girls who have loved the Boss.”
    8/25/85 “Ticket agency probed in Springsteen scalping.”
  • THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (United Kingdom)
    SEVEN (United Kingdom)
    6/9/85 “Today’s Hero.” A profile following Newcastle (6/4-5/85).  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/3/88 “Screams and moans. Bruce Springsteen at Wembley Stadium.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    5/29/05 “Serious Bruce” reflects on the Devils & Dust tour.  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/8/08 “Rock Music Can Save Your Soul.” Five star review of London (UK) (5/31/08). NEWSPAPER-54
    6/30/13 Mark Nicholas profiles America’s “evangelical” rocker. NEWSPAPER-116
    10/30/16 “‘My dad just called me “weirdo misfit sissy boy”‘” article about Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-116
  • THE SUNDAY TIMES (Ireland)
    12/5/10 Bruce and Patti wear Dubarry boots, helping boost sales. NEWSPAPER-54
    1/10/14 Reviews High Hopes,  Three stars.  NEWSPAPER-116
    1/12/14 Review of High Hopes – “a curious ragbag of covers, outtakes and updates”.  NEWSPAPER-116
    1/29/14 “Folk Giant Pete Seeger, 94, dies”  NEWSPAPER-116
    1/29/14 “Pete Seeger” Obituary mentions Springsteen NEWSPAPER-116
    2/7/16 “Springsteen still a game-changer” Croke Park The River Tour Ad NEWSPAPER-116
    10/25/20 Review of “Letter to You” pg. 16. NEWSPAPER-54
  • THE SUNDAY TIMES (United Kingdom)
    CULTURE (United Kingdom)
    11/23/75 “A voice from the streets” reviews London (UK) (11/18/75).  NEWSPAPER-54
    5/31/81 “Bruce Springsteen: A responsible rocker.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    5/31/81 “The man who was born to run” reviews London (UK) (5/29/81).  NEWSPAPER-116
    5/26/85 “All-American dream-dealer.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/9/85 “Springsteen: scruff as superstar.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    7/7/85 “Born to be up and running.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    6/26/88 “Bruce’s rite of passage.” Overview of the Tunnel of Love Express tour.   NEWSPAPER-54
    8/28/88 “The aid brigade rocks around the globe.”  NEWSPAPER-54
    3/29/92 “From tunnel to double vision” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-54
    5/30/93 “Twinned with Main Street, USA.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    10/29/95 5 decades of rock photos includes Bruce, Clarence from 1981. Page 45.  NEWSPAPER-116
    5/25/03 There’s more to Steven Van Zandt than meets the eye.  NEWSPAPER-54
    9/30/07 “We Need to Talk About America.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/8/08 Midland farmer’s cheeses are a hit with Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-54
    1/25/09 4 stars for Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-54
    2/8/09 Bruce gives a “Quote of the Week” as to why he played the Super Bowl.  NEWSPAPER-54
    2/8/09 “Music merger hits all the wrong notes.” NEWSPAPER-54
    5/17/09 Guide to the top 100 summer music festivals of 2009. Page 4.  NEWSPAPER-116
    2/14/10 “Why the Boss means business” in The Sunday Times Magazine. Page 10.  NEWSPAPER-54
    11/21/10 Cover of the magazine. “I’m Just A Regular Multimillionaire.” Page 16. NEWSPAPER-54
    7/31/11 “The Boss for Governor,” or maybe some new songs.  NEWSPAPER-116
    3/11/12 “Singing Songs of Freedom.” NEWSPAPER-116
    9/10/12  Mumford & Sons reflected on a guest appearance.  NEWSPAPER-54
    11/11/12    Reviews the Peter Ames Carlin book Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-54
    12/4/16 “Rockin’ around the world: From Springsteen’s struggles to glam rock and grime, Louis Wise’s picks of the year”, Born to Run voted Music book of the year NEWSPAPER-54
    12/2/2018 Springsteen Cover: “I Don’t See Anyone Who Can Beat Trump” pg. 24 “Voice of the People” NEWSPAPER-54
    6/2/85 “Heat for sunsoaked thousands” reviews Slane Castle (UK) (6/1/85).  NEWSPAPER-116
    4/22/07 “Why Springsteen was born to run and run.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    10/7/07 Four star review of Magic; “metaphors of American life.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    10/7/07 Concert photo from Philadelphia, PA.  NEWSPAPER-55
    2/?/08 Even in Ireland, the rumor that Bruce is a curling fan makes news.  NEWSPAPER-55
    2/3/08 Springsteen included in coffee table book on American culture.  NEWSPAPER-55
    4/20/08 “Springsteen shows to go ahead despite death of band member.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/18/08 “Tickets for Springsteen’s Dublin concerts are still available.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/18/08 Cover story in Tribune Magazine section: “Who’s The Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/1/08 “Come on, feel the noise: Springsteen breaches sound limits.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    6/1/08 Springsteen included in “Aiken’s 1,000% profit surge.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    4/12/09 “Glory days over as Bruce loosen the ties that bind.”  NEWSPAPER-55
  • SUNDAY WORLD (Ireland)
    6/1/08 “Springsteen’s A Real Rock ‘n’ Bowl Star.”  NEWSPAPER 55
    1/25/09 “The Boss Men. Bruce celebrates as Barack is inaugurated.”  NEWSPAPER 55
    2/8/09 “He’s Bruce Almighty.”  NEWSPAPER 55
    7/22/12 Interview with Steven Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-116
    7/22/12 “Rocker shows how it should be done.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    7/21/13 “My heart went boom when I met The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-116                11/29/15 “I knew what I wanted to do, and if I didn’t get it I just didn’t sleep well at night. The Boss 2 page spread NEWSPAPER-116
    11/25/06 “Bruce and co. return to Slane” castle for a visit, 21 years later.
  • SUNDERLAND ECHO (United Kingdom)
    6/4/85 “Boss Bruce is a most unlikely star.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/4/85 “Honeymoon on tour.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    6/4/85 “Drink ban as concert kicks off.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    3/4/85 “Springsteen: The Heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”
    Also see SVD.SEInternet Articles
    5/8/81 “Braksucce for domptoren Bruce” reviews Stockholm (SE)(5/7/81).  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/8/81 “Springsteen ar mastaren.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/8/81 “Falska biljetter salda till galan.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/8/81 “Tidlost om flykt fran tristess.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    7/3/88 “Publiken brusar av fortjusning.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    7/3/88 “Springsteen pa basta humor” reviews Stockholm (SE) (7/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-55
    7/3/88 “Aggressiv Springsteen utan publikfrierier” reviews Stockholm (SE)   (7/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-55
    7/3/88 “Karneval Kring Springsteengalan.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    7/4/88 “Springsteen dragplaster I Amnesty rockturne.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    6/17/92 “Ojamn Bruce ringrostig men undehallande” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/15/92).  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/29/93 “Springsteen haller an” reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/28/93).  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/6/97 “Skarven jamkades ihop mellan kor och rock” reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/5/97).  NEWSPAPER-55
    6/24/99 “Svarflirtad publik par Stadion” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/23/99). NEWSPAPER-55
    10/25/02 “Springsteen ar tillbaka I sommar” reviews Stockholm (SE) (10/24/02).  NEWSPAPER-55
    10/25/02 “Bruce fick Globen att lyfta.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    6/26/05 “Holl hov med Helan gar” reviews Stockholm (SE) (6/25/05).  NEWSPAPER-55
    6/26/05 “Langa Koer vid ID – Kontrollen.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    12/12/07 “Springsteen skapar sagolik stamning” reviews Stockholm (SE)  (12/10/07).  NEWSPAPER-55
    5/3/13 Coverage of the Oslo (NO) press conference.  NEWSPAPER-116
    5/5/13 “Bruce far alla att trivas” in Solna (SE) (5/4/13). NEWSPAPER-116
    GOOD WEEKEND (Australia)
    Also see SMH.COM.AUInternet Articles
    4/26/81 “Springsteen – the best since Presley” reviews Paris (FR) (4/18-19/81). NEWSPAPER-55
    6/16/84 “Artist turns bleak vision of USA into a celebration.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    1/6/85 “The year of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    3/22/85 “Some pay $200 to see Bruce.” Fan scene in Sydney.  NEWSPAPER-55
    3/23/85 Springsteen “gathers more true believes” reviews Sydney (AU)(3/21/85). NEWSPAPER-55
    7/7/85 Writer says Springsteen is threatened by the “Springsteen cult.” NEWSPAPER-55
    8/17/85 “The Boss: a new hero for the workers.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    1/5/86 “The ‘Boss’ has spoken.” Transcription of a television interview. NEWSPAPER-55
    11/16/86 “Stand up, raise your fist for The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    11/16/86 “Rock idol from the working class.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    1/19/97 Cover. “Reborn in the USA.” Page 22.  NEWSPAPER-55
    2/7/97 Photo of Bruce arriving in Sydney for five solo concerts.  NEWSPAPER-116
    2/10/97 “Springsteen’s second coming” previews the Tom Joad tour in Australia. NEWSPAPER-55
    3/24/03 “Profit takes Bruce down a peg” reviews Sydney (AU) (3/23/03).  NEWSPAPER-55
    3/8/13 “Why Bruce Springsteen still rocks the world.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    3/18/13 “Dear Boss, greetings from Olumpic Park NSW.”  NEWSPAPER-55
    3/25/13 Steven Van Zandt and “the call of the mob.”  NEWSPAPER-116
    2/21/14 “Crowd as one with Springsteen and the gang” reviews Sydney, AU (2/19/14)  NEWSPAPER-55
    1/28-29/2017 “The Boss of me” NEWSPAPER-55
  • SYDSVENSKAN (Sweden)
    5/16/13 “Ett stort, varmt, vralande hjarta” reviews Copenhagen, DN (5/14/13) NEWSPAPER-116
    11/14/92 “Bruce no longer the ‘Boss’ in a mixed-bag concert” reviews Syracuse, NY (11/13/92).
    3/8/75 “Springsteen’s Poetic Lyrics Depict City.” Belated Wild/Innocent review.

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    5/16/93 “Auf dem Highway Richtung Sonne” reviews Berlin (DE) (5/14/93).
    7/10/95 “Von wegen Techno” reviews Berlin (DE) (7/9/95).
    4/21/96 “Schreie und Flustern” reviews Berlin (DE) (4/19/96).
    5/31/99 “Mitdonnerndem Galoop ins Land der Verheifsung” reviews Berlin (DE)(5/29/99).
    10/22/02 “Einer von uns, immer noch, einer von uns” reviews Berlin (DE)(10/20/02).
    10/22/02 “Die Wurzel aus Rock” reviews Berlin (DE) (10/20/02).
    5/3/92 Front page photo; no editorial content.
  • TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT NEWSPAPER-56                                                       11/21/86 “Born to be Boss”
    3/24/12 “An anthemic party” reviews Tampa Bay, FL (3/23/12)
    11/12/75 “Springsteen” reviews Tampa, FL (11/9/75).  NEWSPAPER-56
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    3/7/00 “Springsteen concerts: ‘It’s like a religion.'”  NEWSPAPER-56
    3/7/02 “E Street Band shows why rock is a shared experience” reviews Tampa, FL(3/6/02).  NEWSPAPER-56
    11/25/02 “Bucs Fan Roll To See Boss Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-56
    11/25/02 “Boss Rises To Occasion, Mixing Old And New” reviews Tampa, FL (11/24/02). NEWSPAPER-56
    11/5/05 “Springsteen Gives Crowd Reason To Believe” reviews Tampa FL (11/4/05).  NEWSPAPER-56
    4/17/08 “E Street ‘Magic’ Alive And Well.” An interview with Nils Lofgren.  NEWSPAPER-56
    4/23/08 “Springsteen, Band Find Tonic To Tragedy” reviews Tampa, FL (4/22/08).
    2/1/09 Advertisement for the Super Bowl halftime show.  NEWSPAPER-56
    3/24/12 “The Boss Rocks the Forum.”  NEWSPAPER-56
    4//25/14 Previews the High Hopes tour in Tampa.  NEWSPAPER-58
  • TEL AVIV (Israel) NEWSPAPER-117
    3/3/92 Full page article, charting the 10 words used most frequently by Bruce.
  • DE TELEGRAAF (Netherlands)
    6/11/85 “Springsteen’s Bruid Moest Kamer Uit …” NEWSPAPER-117
    6/11/85 “Ik Wil Echt Contact Met Mijn Fans.” NEWSPAPER-117
    1/16/88 “Levende Legende Van De Rock.” NEWSPAPER-117
    6/30/88 “Bruce brult Kuip plat” reviews Rotterdam (NE) (6/28/88). NEWSPAPER-56
    2/28/96 “Intense Springsteen” reviews Amsterdam (NE) (2/26/96). NEWSPAPER-56
    6/2/09 “Bruce, Jan, de massa en de zon” reviews Landgraaf(NE) (5/30/09). NEWSPAPER-56
  • LE TELEGRAMME (France)
    5/14/06 “Springsteen le resistant.” NEWSPAPER-56
    12/19/07 “Le Pere Noel est un rocker” reviews Paris (FR) (12/17/07). NEWSPAPER-56
    1/24/09 “Bruce Springsteen aux Vieilles Charrues?” NEWSPAPER-56
    1/27/09 “Le miracle carhaisien! Les Boss Aux Vieilles Charrues.” NEWSPAPER-56
    2/1/09 “Une semaine tres rock ‘n’ roll.” NEWSPAPER-56
    7/12/09 “Bruce Springsteen. Une vie americaine.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/12/09 “Le malentendu tenace de Born in the U.S.A..” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/15/09 “Springsteen a Carhaix. Trois freres, une passion.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Vieilles Charrues: Are You Ready?” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Bruce Springsteen Aux Vieilles Charruse.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 Interview: “Les rock? C’est le present eternel.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “La Langolinoise Brigitte Poupon. Fan un jour, fan pour toujours.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Antoine de Caunes. “Je reve de le faire jouer.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Born in the U.S.A. Pas un hymne patriotique.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Septieme art. Un cinephile engage.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “Logistique. 110 personnes comme a la masion.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/09 “A vos pancartes!” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/17/09 “Springsteen Embrase Carhaix.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/17/09 “Les fans et les enfants d’abord.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/17/09 Special 11-page comics section: “Bruce Springsteen & The E Strip Band.” NEWSPAPER-117
  • THE TELEGRAPH (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-117
    3/12/13 Report on the Brisbane (AU) Springsteen photo exhibit
    2/9/14 “There’s Only One Boss.”
    2/9/14 Brief biography of Jake Clemons.
    3/1/14 Reviews Brisbane, Australia show (3/1/14)
    9/22/77 “Bruce a big hit in court.”
    8/6-15/99 Bruce Need we say More? Greetings from Continental Airlines Arena
    6/16/88 “Amarcord di due concerti tenuti nei ‘suoi’ U.S.A.” reviews Rome (IT)(6/15/88).
    6/16/88 “Bruce e Patti hanno.”
    6/17/88 “Bruce, ma sei proprio un terremoto” reviews Rome (IT) (6/16/88).
    6/17/88 “Correre per vivere.”
    5/26/93 “L’energia rock di Springsteen incanta il Cupolone” reviews Rome (IT) (5/25/93).
    5/26/93 “E Patti Scialfa debutta da solista.”
    5/26/93 “Il Boss visto da vicino.”
    7/20/09 “Springsteen, il re del rock incanta Roma con la musica” reviews Rome (IT) (7/19/09).
    4/28/76 “Springsteen Not Familiar Face on Nashville Street.”
    4/30/76 “It’s True What They Say About Springsteen” reviews Nashville, TN (4/28/76).
    7/21/78 Article previews Nashville concert (with tickets at $6.50 and $7.50).
    2/27/81 “Bruce Springsteen Truly ‘The Boss'” reviews Nashville, TN (2/26/81).
    12/10/84 “Springsteen Fever Takes Audience To New Heights” reviews Murfreesboro, TN (12/9/84).
    12/12/84 “‘The Boss Leaves Memories & Money.”
    12/13/96 “Springsteen’s simple words probe deeply” reviews Nashville, TN (12/12/96).
    12/13/96 “Acoustic Boss woods audience with ‘fine wine.'”
    11/15/98 “Springsteen: Some glory days, revisited.”
    4/9/00 “The Boss brings his music to Music City.”
    4/13/00 “Springsteen’s Anthems Transform Even Guys” reviews Nashville, TN (4/12/00).
    7/1/00 “What’s next for the Boss?”
    7/15/02 “Lucky fans get an earful of Springsteen’s latest.”
    8/21/08 “Tallent loves life on E Street”; “Nashville’s Ties to The Boss.”
    8/23/08 “Springsteen’s intensity rocks audience” reviews Nashville, TN (8/21/08).
    7/26/09 Full-page ad for 9/10/09 concert at Sommet Center, “Bruce Springsteen and the Legendary E Street Band.”
    4/18/14 The Boss is Back; Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN.
  • LA TERCERA (Chile)                                                                                                 9/11/13 “Bruce Springsteen adelanta potennte y energico show en su primer ensayo local” NEWSPAPER-117                                                                             9/13/13 “Bruce Springsteen ofrece el mejor concierto del ano” NEWSPAPER-117  9/14/13 “Springsteen deja Santiago y recibe manuscritos de Victor Jara” NEWSPAPER-117
    3/1/12: Vol 3, Issue 5 – Newspaper that discusses Woody Guthrie
    7/7/09 “Bruce Allmachtig.”
    9/23/09 “Der Boss und die DDR.”
    9/23/09 “Der “Boss” wird 60 Jahre alt.”
  • THE TIMES (Beaver County, PA) NEWSPAPER-56
    8/23/92 “Decay marks humble journey to Springsteen’s forsaken roots”
    7/4/2000 “Boss, crew still working overtime.”
    12/5/02 “Come on, Rise Up!” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (12/4/02).
    8/8/03 “Greetings from PNC Park. The Boss Scores Easily With Hits in Left Centerfield.” 
  • THE TIMES (South Africa)  NEWSPAPER-117
    SUNDAY TIMES (South Africa)
    1/26/14 Cover Page photo.  “The Boss Born to be Downloaded.”
    1/31/14 “Play it Again, Boss” Interview with a group of journalists prior to the show.
  • THE TIMES (Trenton & Princeton)
    Also see NJ.COMInternet Articles
    8/7/84 “Bruce” covers the BITUSA tour in New Jersey. NEWSPAPER-117
    7/24/92 “The Boss gets warm welcome” reviews East Rutherford (7/23/92). NEWSPAPER-56
    7/25/92 “Bruce still the Boss- he’s just doing it his way now.” NEWSPAPER-56
    9/1/92 “Writing vital music is main concern for Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-117
    10/13/95 Springsteen to play the club circuit with Grushecky NEWSPAPER-56
    3/19/99 “The Boss rocks in New Jersey” NEWSPAPER-56
    7/11/99 “Reborn in the U.S.A.” front cover with E Street Quiz NEWSPAPER-117
    7/15/99 “Springsteen returns to N.J. with tour.” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/16/99 “Springsteen rocks arena” NEWSPAPER-117
    8/12/99 “The next best thing to being there.” NEWSPAPER-117
    8/13/99 “It’s like Opening Night all over again.” NEWSPAPER-56
    8/14/00 “Is it E Street Band? Or E Street Banned?” NEWSPAPER-117
    9/26/00 “Rockers take shots for charity” NEWSPAPER-56
    10/31/00 “Brilliant disguise for rockers’ visit.” NEWSPAPER-56
    12/18/00 “Boss plays Santa Claus to charities” reviews Asbury Park, NJ(12/17/00). NEWSPAPER-56
    4/1/01 “Boss and the E-Street Band ‘prove it all night’ in TV concert.” NEWSPAPER-56
    6/20/04 “The (pink) Cadillac of exhibits.” NEWSPAPER-56
    11/20/05 “The Boss is finally back in town.” NEWSPAPER-56
    11/22/05 “Springsteen reinventing own songs” reviews Trenton, NJ (11/21/05). NEWSPAPER-117
    11/22/05 “The Boss comes back.” Fans come from as far as Germany. NEWSPAPER-11      /                                                                                                 2/28/16 “Dance of a Lifetime” NEWSPAPER-117
    11/23/16 “Glory Day” Springsteen awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, front page. NEWSPAPER-117
  • THE TIMES (United Kingdom)
    THE KNOWLEDGE (United Kingdom)
    THE TIMES MAGAZINE (United Kingdom)
    Also see TIMESONLINE.CO.UKInternet Articles
    4/14/73 “Springsteen is special” reviews Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ. NEWSPAPER-56
    11/19/75 Reviews Hammersmith Odeon (11/18/75). NEWSPAPER-56
    5/15/81 “Rediscovering the heart of rock and roll” reviews Manchester (UK) (5/13/81). NEWSPAPER-56
    10/2/82 “Springsteen minus that doleful dignity” reviews Nebraska. NEWSPAPER-56
    6/3/85 “Perfect mastery of the beat” reviews Slane Castle, Dublin (IR) (6/1/85). NEWSPAPER-56
    6/10/85 “Springsteen – the reluctant hero.” NEWSPAPER-56
    7/5/85 “A promise fulfilled – but what’s next” reviews London (UK) (7/3/85). NEWSPAPER-56
    11/8/86 “Live seeds of time” reviews Live 1975-’85. NEWSPAPER-56
    10/6/87 “Simple gains” reviews Tunnel of Love. NEWSPAPER-56
    6/22/88 “The Boss powers his way back with a passion.” NEWSPAPER-56
    6/23/88 “Rock ‘n’ reality with the Boss” reviews Birmingham (UK)  (6/21/88). NEWSPAPER-56
    8/19/88 “Raise your consciousness” on the goals of the Amnesty tour. NEWSPAPER-56
    9/3/88 “The Boss steals the scene” reviews London (UK) (9/2/88). NEWSPAPER-56
    10/15/88 Reviews Amnesty tour in Harare (ZE) (10/7/88). NEWSPAPER-117
    2/24/96 The Times Magazine cover story: “Meet The New Boss.” NEWSPAPER-117
    3/1/96 “Cut to the bone, cut still the Boss.” Reviews Manchester (UK) (2/28/96). NEWSPAPER-56
    11/21/98 “Re-born in the USA” previews Tracks. NEWSPAPER-117
    5/3/99 “Welcome back to rock ‘n’ roll, Boss” reviews Manchester (UK) (5/1/99). NEWSPAPER-56
    6/23/99 “All Bruce all the Time” ad for NJ Springsteen radio NEWSPAPER-56
    6/25/99 “Win Springsteen Tickets” NEWSPAPER-56
    8/27/99 Ad for NJ online featuring Bruce Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-56
    7/27/02 Cover. “The Patriot,” Five-page interview. Page 16. NEWSPAPER-56
    10/28/02 “The Boss is born to run and run” reviews London (UK) (10/27/02). NEWSPAPER-56
    4/15/05 “The Boss goes back to his folk roots, again.” Reviews Devils & Dust. NEWSPAPER-56
    5/25/05 A look back at Wembley, 1985. NEWSPAPER-56
    5/26/05 Reviews The Point, Dublin (IR) (5/24/05). NEWSPAPER-56
    5/11/07 Bruce is one of the “Seven Ages of Rock” in The Knowledge section. Page 18. NEWSPAPER-56
    12/21/07 “Bruce at his magical best” reviews London (UK) (12/19/07). NEWSPAPER-56
    12/22/07 “Springsteen sleighs ’em” reviews London (UK)  (12/19/07). NEWSPAPER-56
    5/30/08 Four star review of Manchester (UK) (5/28/08). NEWSPAPER-56
    11/12/10 “Exile on Thunder Road.” Five star review (out of five) for The Promise. NEWSPAPER-117
    12/4/10 Preview of the BBC program ‘Imagine.” Page 40 of the Playlist section. NEWSPAPER-56
    6/25/11 “Let’s toast the Big Man, lost to The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-117
    8/28/11 “Back to Work” Bruce and Stevie in Phoenix. NEWSPAPER-56
    2/17/12 “Wake up, America! urges The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-56
    3/2/12 “The Boss v the bankers” reviews Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-56
    3/17/12  Rave review of Austin, TX (3/15/12). NEWSPAPER-56
    5/1/13 “The Boss at 63.”  NEWSPAPER-117
    6/17/13 Five star (highest rating) review of London (UK) (6/15/13).  NEWSPAPER-56                                                                                                                                3/12/16 “LA’s fond farewell to ‘the dump that jumps” NEWSPAPER-56
    9/19/16 Times 2 “Why Bruce Springsteen finally wrote the story of his life” front page. NEWSPAPER-117
    11/14/74 “Springsteen Gives Proof Rock Can’t Be Forgotten” reviews Upper Darby, PA (11/2/74).

    9/8/75 Uses a Rolling Stone excerpt to review Born to Run. NEWSPAPER-56
    5/15/76 “Street-Punk Theater Lives Up to Hype” reviews New Orleans. LA (5/13/76). NEWSPAPER-56
    1/ 24/96 “Springsteen’s Music Bleak, Mesmerizing.” New Orleans, LA (1/ 22/96). NEWSPAPER-56
    3/17/00 “Born to Run, Again” previews The Reunion Tour in New Orleans, LA. NEWSPAPER-56
    3/17/00 A look back at a 1988 club date. NEWSPAPER-56
    3/21/00 “No Sin To Be Glad You’re Alive” reviews New Orleans, LA (3/19/00). NEWSPAPER-56
    11/10/02 “Tramps like us.” A two-city road trip in search of Springsteen – and lost youth. NEWSPAPER-56
    11/22/02 “Full-bore Springsteen still the Boss” reviews Birmingham, AL (11/19/02). NEWSPAPER-56
    4/28/06 Cover. We Shall Overcome review in Jazzfest section. Page 10. NEWSPAPER-117
    4/29/06 “Springsteen pens lyrics for N.O.” NEWSPAPER-56
  • THE TIMES-UNION (Albany)
    Also see TIMESUNION.COMInternet Articles
    12/3/80 “The Boss takes charge” reviews Rochester, NY (12/2/80). NEWSPAPER-117
    12/12/02 “Glory Days” reviews Bruce’s history in Albany, NY. NEWSPAPER-117
    12/12/02 “An accommodating guy” profiles Nils Lofgren. NEWSPAPER-117
    12/14/02 “At the Pepsi, it’s positively E Street” reviews Albany, NY (12/13/02). NEWSPAPER-57
    3/5/03 “The Boss’s fans welome him back” NEWSPAPER-117
    7/17/05 “The Boss, and only the Boss” reviews Albany, NY (7/16/05). NEWSPAPER-57
    11/15/07 Cover of the Preview section. Two-page quiz on his music and life. NEWSPAPER-117
    8/26/09 “Boss is Magic in the Night” reviews Saratoga, NY (8/25/09). NEWSPAPER-57
  • TODAY (United Kingdom) NEWSPAPER-57
    11/5/75 “Freehold grad moves to the top of his class” NEWSPAPER-117
    6/22/88 “The Boss takes charge” in Birmingham (UK).
    9/3/88 “The Boss takes charge of rock for rights.” Photo and caption.
    7/?/17 A Local Hero: Calling Bruce Springsteen by Dr. Raj Gupta
    11/14/80 Interview: “Springsteen Rolls.”
    7/17/09 “The Boss sempre mito. Springsteen all’Olimpico.”
    7/17/09 “60 Anni, Ma Spirto Da Ragazzo.”
    9/11/03 Shares cover. Photo from Sky Dome (9/10/03). Page 1.
    Also see THESTAR.COMInternet Articles
    12/22/75 “Springsteen: Perfect high school concert” reviews Toronto (CA)  (12/21/75).  NEWSPAPER-57
    2/14/77 “Singer brings together the best of rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Toronto (CA)  (2/13/77).  NEWSPAPER-57
    12/5/80 “Springsteen fan follow ‘The Boss’ ” reviews Buffalo, NY (12/4/80).  NEWSPAPER-57
    1/20/81 ” ‘The Boss’ flies in and not a fan in sight.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    1/21/81 “Sombre Springsteen almost too serious” reviews Toronto (CA) (1/ 20/81).  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/18/82 Columnist discusses Nebraska as the work of an “old fashioned lefty.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    11/12/83 “Saxophonist escapes Springsteen’s shadow.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    5/30/84 “Hot stuff from Springsteen as he trades escape for sex” on Born in the U.S.A..  NEWSPAPER-57
    6/30/84 “Springsteen loses innocence,” from Born to Run to Born to Worry.  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/24/84 “Springsteen hustles happiness” reviews Toronto (CA) (7/23/84).  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/24/84 “He writes for the working class.” Interviews with Toronto fans.  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/25/84 “Springsteen’s remarkable magic worth every penny.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/25/84 “Springsteen hustles happiness” reviews Toronto (CA) 7/23/84). NEWSPAPER-57
    1/31/85 “Canadians organizing benefit project” reports on USA For Africa.  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/27/85 “Police help needed to control 8,000 fans in CNE ticket line.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    8/24/85 “Springsteen scalpers reap bonanza.” NEWSPAPER-57
    8/27/85 “Springsteen shows why he’s The Boss” reviews Toronto (CA) (8/26/85).  NEWSPAPER-57
    8/27/85 “The Boss is back” photo page. NEWSPAPER-57
    8/27/85 “Springsteen shows why he’s rock’s sexiest minstrel.” NEWSPAPER-57
    8/28/85 “Springsteen’s fans true blue even when The Boss is a blur.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    8/28/85 “Springsteen gives Metro food bank $34,000.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/26/85 “Board got 6,000 Springsteen tickets, Ex man says.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    10/23/85 “Politicians and CNE officials got 596 free Springsteen tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    10/26/85 “Tell who got concert tickets Flynn is urged.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    10/2/87 “Dear Bruce Springsteen, one author’s fan letter” reviews Kevin Major book. NEWSPAPER-57
    10/2/87 “Springsteen’s new disc dated,” Tunnel due in stores.  NEWSPAPER-57
    8/18/88 “Springsteen, Sting concert now Sept. 15.” Date change for Amnesty concert.  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/16/88 “Sensational Six go reggae for Amnesty” reviews Toronto (CA) (9/15/88).  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/18/88 “Rock aid concerts: Social conscience or smug exploitation?”  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/30/88 “Rock stars condemn India’s alleged human rights abuses.” NEWSPAPER-57
    3/29/89 “Little of the real Bruce sneaks into anthology” reviews video anthology.  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/25/89 “Bruce springs into town.” Photo from second night in Toronto (CA).  NEWSPAPER-57
    2/27/92 “The Boss is back, Expect Gardens gig May 20-21.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    5/10/92 “Live from New York, The Boss is back” reviews Saturday Night Live (5/9/92).  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/25/92 “End of glory days for the Boss?” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/29/92 “Springsteen puts family before illusion of youth.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/30/92 “Springsteen in L.A. great news for T.O.” reviews Los Angeles, CA (9/28/92).  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/3/95 “Rock rolls out its great hits” reviews Rock Hall opening (9/2/95). NEWSPAPER-57
    1/10/96 “Springsteen says it’s time to take risks, even if he fails.” NEWSPAPER-57
    10/22/02 “Addicted to The Boss: Super fans can’t get enough.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    12/6/02 “Bruce is still the Boss” reviews Toronto (CA) (12/5/02).  NEWSPAPER-57
    9/11/03 “Boss under a night sky” reviews Toronto (CA) (9/10/03).  NEWSPAPER-57
    7/15/05 “The Boss knows best, rules and all” reviews Toronto (CA) (7/14/05).  NEWSPAPER-57
    10/16/07 “Vintage music and political message” reviews Toronto (CA) (10/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-57
    5/8/09 “Ticketmaster fights back.”  NEWSPAPER-57
    5/8/09 “He’s the one: Boss shakes ACC” reviews Toronto (CA) (5/7/09). NEWSPAPER-57
    9/14/10 Review The Promise documentary. NEWSPAPER-117
    9/15/10 “Fest swoons, his kids shrug.”  NEWSPAPER-117
  • THE TORONTO SUN (Canada)
    THE SUNDAY SUN (Canada)
    Also see TORONTOSUN.COMInternet Articles
    11/16/78 “Drive and skill uping the psychic voltage” reviews Toronto (CA) (11/16/78). NEWSPAPER-57
    10/10/80 “Rock ‘n’ rollin’ on The River.” Album review. NEWSPAPER-57
    12/7/80 “Brewwwwce!” reviews Buffalo, NY (12/4/80). NEWSPAPER-57
    1/21/81 “The rocker who gives everything.” NEWSPAPER-57
    5/30/84 “Bruce at his best” reviews Born In The USA. NEWSPAPER-57
    7/1/84 “Living up to legend” reviews St. Paul, MN (6/29/84). NEWSPAPER-57
    7/20/84 “Springsteen philosophy: All pals together.” NEWSPAPER-57
    7/24/84 “The Boss at his best” reviews Toronto (CA) (7/23/84). NEWSPAPER-117
    7/28/85 “Boss lady’s a beaut!” NEWSPAPER-57
    10/4/85 “Boss brings tour to finale with a kiss for bride” discusses LA (10/2/85). NEWSPAPER-57
    12/29/85 “The Best of 1985.” Pages 4 and 11 of SHOWCASE. NEWSPAPER-117
    9/28/87 “Bruce stood by Bono,” guests with U2. Reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/25/87). NEWSPAPER-57
    10/5/87 “Brave new Bruce” reviews Tunnel of Love. NEWSPAPER-57
    6/19/88 “Springsteen’s Split Up.” NEWSPAPER-57
    2/26/89 “Julianne: The lady is her own Boss now.” NEWSPAPER-57
    11/6/91 “So where’s the Boss?” No new album for 4th straight year. NEWSPAPER-57
    3/5/92 “The Boss is back!” reviews “Human Touch”/”Better Days” single. NEWSPAPER-57
    3/17/92 “Our big Boss contest!” NEWSPAPER-57
    3/28/92 Reviews Lucky Town (4 suns), Human Touch (2 suns). NEWSPAPER-57
    7/25/92 “The Boss brings it all home” discusses East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92). NEWSPAPER-57
    10/25/92 “Still the Boss” previews Toronto (CA). Page 12 of SHOWCASE. NEWSPAPER-117
    11/6/92 “Bruce rocks SkyDome” reviews Toronto (CA) (11/5/92). NEWSPAPER-57
    1/10/96 “Backstage With The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-57
    11/20/99 “The Boss of Buffalo” reviews Buffalo, NY (11/19/99). NEWSPAPER-57
    12/5/02 “Which Springsteen Classics Will Be Played Tonight?” NEWSPAPER-57
    5/9/09 “Boss working overtime” reviews Toronto (CA) (5/7/09). NEWSPAPER-57
    3/4/12 Traces Bruce Springsteen’s evolution.  NEWSPAPER-117
    3/18/77 “Towson Center rocks as TSU hosts Springsteen” reviews Towson, MD (3/13/77).
    9/88 “Human Rights Now!” previews tour.
    9/88 “Who’s on First?”
    9/88 “Bruce or Def Leppard?”
    Also see TRENTONIAN.COM Internet Articles
    10/2/89 “Boss drops in for a beer, stays for jam” reviews Prescott, AZ (9/29/89).
    3/5/99 “Bruce rehearsing with ex-band.”
    4/15/1999 “The Boss is Back, Springsteen jump-starts tour with New Jersey Shows.”
    7/16/1999 “Bruce! Bruce has ’em dancin’ in the dark.”
    8/12/99 “Charity at Home for Springsteen”
    10/6/01 “Bruce’s Tribute to Our Hero”
    7/30/02 “Boss Salutes 9/11. Springsteen’s Tribute To Tragedy Out Today.”
    7/30/02 “Springsteen tries to ease nation’s pain.”
    11/22/05 Cover. “BRUCE: The Boss Rocks Trenton, Caps Tour Tonight With 2nd Show”
    10/11/09 Giants moment: Last Boss show.
    11/15/09 Clarence Clemons keeps rockin with raw willpower.
    9/15/12 E Street Band-themed word Jumble.
    11/4/04 “Don’t call it The Rising!” Bruce letter to the editor about Asbury Park high rise. NEWSPAPER-57
    10/20/07 Muck raker calls Steven Van Zandt “dumb” “jerk-off.” NEWSPAPER-57
    4/1/10 “Grassroots effort underway to Save the Upstage” NEWSPAPER-118
    4/5/12 Muck racker takes a Bruce-related slap at Gov. Christie. NEWSPAPER-57
    6/7/18 “Pivot Point- Bruce Springsteen, Danny Clinch, Asbury Lanes, and the future of a city” NEWSPAPER-118
    6/21/18 “Springsteen, Asbury Lanes and ISTAR.” NEWSPAPER-118
    10/4/18 “Danny and Tim’s Excellent Adventure”NEWSPAPER-118
    4/25/19 Picture pg 52, Blurb about APMFF Archive presentation NEWSPAPER-118
    7/11/19 “The Borders will melt Away” Story Re; Danny Clinch NEWSPAPER-118
    10/3/19 Monmouth University advertisement for An Evening with Tone (October 6) and an Evening with Sarfaz Manzoor (October 8) Pg.41 NEWSPAPER-118
    2/20/20 “Asbury Park Women’s Convention Among Key Events in City” NEWSPAPER-118
    9/10/20 “Ballsy Move in Red Bank in the Face of COVID.” NEWSPAPER-118
    2/11/21 Advertisement for Danny Clinch and the Transparent Clinch Gallery pg. 40 NEWSPAPER-118
    1/5/23 Cover. “Bruuuuce! I’m finally a fan. It only took 42 years.” NEWSPAPER-118
    12/29/16 Magic in the Light (from the Princeton Packet). NEWSPAPER-118
    10/22/84 “‘Boss’ Springsteen calls the tune, and it’s tops.”
    9/19/85 “The Boss of rock takes Oakland” reviews Oakland, CA (9/18/85).
    9/19/85 “Springsteen taps populism in rock success.”
    11/19/85 ” ‘Sun City’ album turns heat on apartheid.”
    5/3/88 “Springsteen reflects a new life and time” reviews Mountain View, CA(5/2/88).
    12/31/00 Best of 2000: Bruce Springsteen’s April shows in Pittsburgh, PA.
    6/12/12 “Il rock di Springsteen sfida anche la pioggia.”
    6/12/12 “Spera di trovare ottima grappa in riva al mare.”
    6/12/12 “E in citta c’egia chi gongola: ‘Ci vogliono piu eventi cosi'”
    6/12/12 “Carissimo Bruce io ti scrivo perche sei un vero amico.”
    6/12/12 “Il futuro della musica e sui social network” mentions “Greetings from the E-Street” Springsteen dedication.
    5/23/02 “Springsteen, Theiss help honor couple who cared.”
    6/23/11 Editorial cartoon remembering Clarence Clemons.
    2/2/12 “Exhibit in Philadelphia will trace Springsteen’s career.”
    1/3/13 “‘Big’ Man to get special day in N.J.”
  • TROUW (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-57
    4/21/93 “Een herboren Bruce Springsteen” reviews Rotterdam (NE) (4/19/93).
    2/27/96 “Springsteen is samen met zijn fans bedaage geworden” reviews Rotterdam (NE) (2/25/96).
    6/21/99 “The Boss heeft meer last van transpiratie dan inspiratie” reviews Arnhem (NE)  (6/19/99).
    6/2/09 “‘The Boss’ weergaloos” reviews Landgraaf (NE) (5/30/09).
    9/30/75 Reviewer says that on Born to Run, Springsteen is “too big city.”
    4/8/09 “Worth the wait” reviews Tulsa, OK  (4/7/09).
    11/2/04 “Turkulaismies joutuu maksamaan tekijanoikeuskorvauksia tahdille.”
    5/21/05 “Springsteen-albumi USA:ssa hybridilevyna.”
    10/22/80 “Springsteen: The Boss Grows Up.” Laura Fissinger reviews The River.
    3/31/93 “Thanks, Bruce.” Reviews Red Bank, NJ (3/23/93). NEWSPAPER-118
    11/30/95 Cover “A Sexagenarian Springsteen Fan Says The Boss Has Changed Her Life.” NEWSPAPER-57
    10/9/98 “The Pony’s Last Ride” NEWSPAPER-118
    10/27/00 “Star Studded Night for Spur Benefit” NEWSPAPER-118
    3/01 Midnight Special at Jack’s Music  NEWSPAPER-57
    8/24/01 Coverage of Bruce’s appearance at the Clearwater Festival (8/18/01). NEWSPAPER-118
    8/26/05 “Troubadour Of The Highway” reviews touring museum show. NEWSPAPER-57
    8/26/05 ” ‘The Boss’ Focus of University Symposium.” NEWSPAPER-57
    12/22/06 “Bandiera, Bon Jovi And the Boss” reviews Red Bank, NJ (12/12/06). NEWSPAPER-57
    8/3/07 “Remembering Terry Magovern.” NEWSPAPER-57
    10/12/07 “Bruce Makes Some Magic” reviews E. Rutherford, NJ (10/9/07). NEWSPAPER-57
    10/26/07 Photos of Bruce, Max, others at SPCA fundraiser at Max’ home. NEWSPAPER-118
    3/7/08 “It’s Bruce At The Basie!” previews benefit.  NEWSPAPER-58
    5/2/08 “War Veterans To Be VIP Guests At Springsteen Benefit For Basie.” NEWSPAPER-57
    5/16/08 “Music To Their Ears” reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/7/08).  NEWSPAPER-57
    3/27/09 Photos from the Ranney School gala in Long Branch.  NEWSPAPER-57
    4/3/09 “More From The Roaring 20’s Ranney School Panther Ball” (photos) NEWSPAPER-57
    3/11/11 “Asbury Park Celebrates Its Musical Heritage.” NEWSPAPER-118
    6/24/11 “Until The Day You Die. Friends remember the Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-118
    1/20/12 Front page Light of Day photo.  NEWSPAPER-57
    1/27/12 Two pages of Light of Day concert series photos.  NEWSPAPER-118
    7/11/14 The Boss: 101.  NEWSPAPER-57                                                                 8/29/14 “Monmouth U Gallery Exhibit Features Images of Young Rockers” NEWSPAPER-57
    12/19-12/26/14 ‘Hope’ Continues to Rock at the Basie This Season on 12-22-14.  NEWSPAPER-57
    1/31/14 Article regarding Light of Day – mostly photos.  NEWSPAPER-118
    1/2-1/9/15 Outlaw Pete: Rock Ballad Turned Children’s Book by Cartoonist. NEWSPAPER-58                                                                                                        9/3/15″ A new look at the Boss” NEWSPAPER-118                                                  10/1/15 ” Springsteen Makes Surprise Count Basie Appearance” NEWSPAPER-118
    04/20-04/26/2023 “Monmouth University Hosted American Music Honors Inaugural Event to Benefit Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music” page 26 and 27 NEWSPAPER-118
  • TZ (Germany)
    5/25/13 “Bruce Springsteen reads the riot act to the society” NEWSPAPER-118
    5/26/13 “Der Boss rockt das Stadion” NEWSPAPER-57

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