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    2/25/09 “Springsteen emboa forma.” Short review of Working on a Dream.
    1/22/11 “Obau Do Bruce” reviews The Promise.
    8/18/92 “Springsteen electrifies as he reconnects with his fans” Review of Palace at Auburn Shows
    8/16/02 “Springsteen plays Palace” reviews Auburn Hills, MI (8/15/02).
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    4/30/76 “Bruce Springsteen Rocks at the Opry” Nashville concert review
    10/28/80 “Bruce Springsteen needs no special effects” reviews Oakland, CA(10/27/80).
    10/28/95 “El jefe del rock & roll con nuevo disco” discusses The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    10/11/76 “BRUCE” reviews Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN (10/9/76).
    9/26/78 “Springsteen: The Return of the Native.”
    1/12/14 “Forty Years of Why the Boss was Born to Run,” reviews of each album.
    1/12/14 High Hopes Review.
  • THE OBSERVER (United Kingdom)
    (United Kingdom)
    6/7/81 “The master of stagecraft” reviews Wembley (UK) (6/4/81).  NEWSPAPER-40
    6/2/85 “The Boss is back.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    6/30/85 “Deep in the heart,” written by a self-proclaimed “unbeliever.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    7/7/85 “Springsteen rocks.” He earns a lot in the UK, and donates a lot to causes.  NEWSPAPER-40
    8/9/87 “Sucking up to the boss” reviews Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/05 MUSIC MONTHLY. Tease on cover. Four star review of Devils & Dust. Page 45.  NEWSPAPER-112
    7/05 MUSIC MONTHLY. Cover. “Who’s The Boss? Nick Hornby finally meets Bruce Springsteen.” Page 8.  NEWSPAPER-112
    1/07 E Street Band at Wembley (2002) is one of the “25 best gigs of all time.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    12/2/07 “Bruce is the word” reviews Madrid (ES) (11/25/07).  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/20/08 “The Boss picks his voice of America.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    Smr/08 Great lyricist, an all-Bruce pamphlet published jointly with The Guardian.  NEWSPAPER-40
    6/1/08 “Springsteen at fever pitch” in London (5/30-31/08). NEWSPAPER-40
    1/09 Cover. World exclusive interview: “Meet The New Boss.” Page 22.  NEWSPAPER-40
    6/24/12  Reviews Sunderland (UK) (6/21/12). NEWSPAPER-112
    11/29/15 Ad for The River Collection release 12/4/15 NEWSPAPER-112
    9/3/14 “The 10 best Backing Singers” mentions Bruce inducting Darlene Love into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  pg. 6 NEWSPAPER-112
    10/30/16 (The New Review) American Idol. 4 page spread. NEWSPAPER-112
    2/11/77 “Springsteen Brings Adventure Of Open Road to 5,500 in Area” reviews Utica, NY (2/10/77).
    1/23/09 Wire service photo of Bruce, Joe Grushecky, from 2004.
    5/9/92 “Europe loves ‘The Boss’ ” as HT/LT sales soar.
    6/19/92 “Springsteen still doing it his way” during HT/LT tour in Stockholm (SE).
    7/24/92 “‘The Boss’ starts tour in New Jersey” previews East Rutherford, NJ.
    7/25/92 “Tour begins ‘Better Days’ for the Boss” discusses East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).
    6/26/93 “Letterman bids farewell to NBC” reviews New York, NY (6/25/93).
    3/3/95 “Best of the ‘Boss’ ” discusses Greatest Hits.
    11/29/95 “Springsteen plays on his own terms” reviews Los Angeles. CA (11/19/95).
    1/12/02 Born to Run is No. 5 on VH1’s best rock songs list.
    6/5/02 “The Boss is back with E Street” for The Rising.
    8/16/84 “Springsteen, E Street Band rock Jersey. East Rutherford, NJ review (8/11/84).
    1/8/14 Song-Song Review High Hopes, 4 Stars, Page C8.
  • OGLOBO (Brazil)
    9/21/13 “Especial Rock in Rio” NEWSPAPER-112
    12/4/78 “The Boss.” reviews Norman, OK (12/1/78).
    9/14/75 “Clothes don’t make the singer” previews Oklahoma City, OK.
    12/3/78 “Prisoner of Rock ‘n’ Roll Releases Pure Joy in Norman” reviews Norman, OK (12/1/78).
    10/1/75 “1600 Are Witnesses To a Brightening Star” reviews Omaha, NE (9/30/75).
    6/15/78 “Intense Springsteen Turns It On, Takes Over Omaha Turf” reviews Omaha, NE (6/14/78).
    7/15/84 “With 14-month tour, Springsteen is Born to Run in the U.S.A.”
    10/25/84 “Springsteen Fans to Wait in Line 3 Days for Tickets.”
    9/15/11 Spoof: Springsteen Releases Sci-Fi album.
  • ON STAGE (Italy)  NEWSPAPER-112
    6/2/12 “Rockin’ All Over The World (30 anni con Bruce Springsteen.”
    2/29/12 “Ein wutender ‘Boss’ klagt an.”
    Also see OCREGISTER.COMInternet Articles
    9/27/85 “Mile High Bruce” reviews Denver, CO (9/24/85).  NEWSPAPER-40
    9/27/85 “Boss Quiz.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    10/4/87 Reviews Tunnel of Love, not so nicely.  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/17/88 Multi-feature Tunnel tour preview.  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/25/88 Six articles review Los Angeles, CA (4/22/88).  NEWSPAPER-112
    9/27/92 “Bruce’s new life colors return to stage” reviews LA, CA (9/24/92).  NEWSPAPER-40
    3/2/95 “Boss Isn’t Greedy, Tony Is Humble” at the Grammys.  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/28/95 “Springsteen plays it dark and quiet” reviews L.A, CA. (11/16/95).  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/12/99 “Freezeout thaws” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/8/99).  NEWSPAPER-112
    10/15/99 “Boss Memories.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    10/19/99 “Reborn to run.” The Reunion Tour “smacks of cash-in nostalgia.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    12/27/99 “Beyond the Bandana. Steve Van Zandt finds his career flourishing.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/23/00 “Sluggish start, rockin’ finish” reviews Anaheim, CA (5/21/00).  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/2/01 “57 Channels and The Boss Is On.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/4/08 “Max Weinberg provides an insider’s tour of life on E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/5/08 “O.C. fans’ greatest Springsteen moments.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/8/08 “Springsteen returns to O.C. with a vengeance” reviews Anaheim, CA (4/7/08).  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/9/08 “How was Springsteen on night 2 in Anaheim?” reviews Anaheim, CA (4/8/08).  NEWSPAPER-40
    10/27/75 “Springsteen Mostly Loud” reviews Portland, OR (10/25/75).
    12/20/78 “Springsteen concert ‘invents’ rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Portland, OR (12/19/78).
    Also see OREGONLIVE.COMInternet Articles
    10/26/75 “Show justifies Springsteen hype” reviews Portland, OR (10/25/75).
    10/27/80 “Springsteen comes to play” reviews Portland, OR (10/25/80).
    10/29/96 “Boss travels musically into the streets, alleys” reviews Portland , OR (10/28/96).
    8/12/05 “Understanding the Boss”
    3/26/08 “Live Music Preview: The Boss.”
    3/28/08 “Springsteen’s legacy.”
    3/11/10 “Trinity Cathedral plans Springsteen service.”
    3/8/77 “Springsteen master of hard rock” reviews Orlando, FL (3/5/77).  NEWSPAPER-40
    6/30/85 “A Sweat-Free Bruce Springsteen Still Has Power To Excite.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    9/7/90 Bruce donates $10,000 to help Motown singer fight health problems.  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/22/92 “Life with The Boss: Newcomer finds thrill in band.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/22/92 “The best of Bruce: A fan’s notes.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/25/92 Editorial: “Bruce can’t Boss around Garth.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/26/92 “The Boss puts in a full day’s work” reviews Orlando (11/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/15/94 “Bruce battling for control of ’70s outtakes.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    7/12/94 Dave Barry: “Booksellers and the Boss make for a rocking night.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    12/31/94 “Poll picks “Born to Run” as greatest pop song ever.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    2/23/95 Wire service photo of Bruce, Clarence at Tramps.  NEWSPAPER-40
    3/2/95 ” “Streets of Philadelphia” nets 3 Grammy Awards.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    3/5/00 “The Boss Gives Energetic Show” reviews Orlando (3/4/00).  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/21/02 “Old rockers. Radio isn’t interested in their new songs.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/22/02 “The Boss Keeps Glory Days Alive for the Legions Who Follow Him.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    11/22/02 “The Boss Balances High Voltage, Low Key” reviews Orlando , FL (11/21/02).  NEWSPAPER-40
    1/8/03 “Eminem, Springsteen battle for Grammy.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    10/9/04 “‘Vote for Change’ Adds Pop to Politics.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    10/12/04 Reviews Vote for Change in Orlando, FL (10/8/04).  NEWSPAPER-40
    4/23/08 “Springsteen, E Street Band: A time to dance” reviews Orlando, FL (4/23/08).  NEWSPAPER-40
    3/23/12  Previews the Wrecking Ball tour in Tampa, FL.   NEWSPAPER-112
    7/12/12 Twelve-page concert special issue.
    12/11/75 “Springsteen: For Those Who Missed the Dead in Frisco” previews Oswego, NY.
    12/11/75 “David Sancious Plays Oswego.”
    12/16/75 “Bruce Springsteen In Concert Tonight.”
    12/18/75 “Bruce Springsteen,” a large photo, small story reviewing Oswego, NY (12/16/75).
    12/19/75 Reviews Oswego, NY (12/16/75). Reviewer not awed.
    10/18/78 “Springsteen concert too expensive? Don’t buy tickets.”
    11/9/78 “Springsteen sublime” reviews Montreal (11/8/78).
    10/5/87 “Springsteen: bold step into new territory” discusses Tunnel of Love.
    9/23/88 “Superstar rock concerts boost business at Amnesty office.”
    11/17/95 “The Boss paints grim landscape of the hopeless, destitute” reviews Tom Joad.
    4/14/01 “Springsteen, E-Street Band set the standard for reunions” reviews Live in New York City.
    4/19/03 “The Boss Is Back. A blast of rock ‘n’ roll heaven” reviews Ottawa (CA) (4/18/03).
    4/19/03 “Die-hard Bruce fans came to sing, dance.”
    4/20/03 “Intense Springsteen melts away years since last visit” reviews Ottawa)(CA) (4/18/03).
    7/14/05 “The Boss still has intimate warmth” reviews Ottawa (CA) (7/13/05).
    7/15/05 Commentary: “Who made him the Boss?”
    10/15/07 “Empty seats don’t stop the Boss from taking charge” reviews Ottawa (CA) (10/14/07).
    4/19/03 Reviews Ottawa (CA) (4/18/03). “22 Years Later, Springsteen Shows He’s Still The Boss.”
  • OUEST-FRANCE (France)
    1/27/09 “Bruce Springsteen, Carhaix en revait.”  NEWSPAPER-40
    7/11/09 “La legende Springsteen attendue aux Vieilles Charrues.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    7/16/09 Front page photo and caption: “Vieilles Charrues: la jour J.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    7/17/09 “Peu importe l’attente, pourvu qu’ils aient Bruce…”  NEWSPAPER-112
    4/24/70 “Weekend concerts have Steel Mill, Dionne Warwick.” NEWSPAPER-40
    4/24/70 Advertisement for Steel Mill’s April 24 concert in the Monmouth College , NJ gymnasium.NEWSPAPER-40
    2/2/73 Bruce to headline Monmouth College “mini-concert” to help paper recycling drive.NEWSPAPER-40
    2/9/73 Springsteen photo used to remind students of upcoming “mini-concert.” NEWSPAPER-40
    9/26/92 “Born to perform” reviews Los Angeles (9/24/92). NEWSPAPER-40
    9/14/05 “Paying Homage to an American Legend” reports on Springsteen Symposium. NEWSPAPER-40
    10/4/17 “‘The Boss’ Comes to Pollak” NEWSPAPER-112
    11/14/18 “The Final Curtain Call” Springsteen on Broadway article NEWSPAPER-40
    9/12/18 “David Byrne Turning heads at Monmouth” “Blue Hawk Records album auditions” NEWSPAPER-112
    12/5/18 The Outlook Vol. 91 No. 11 NEWSPAPER-112
    1/30/19 “Springsteen’s Journey takes a stop at Monmouth” pg. 10 NEWSPAPER-112
    9/11/19 Vol. 92 No. 1 NEWSPAPER-40
    9/18/19 Vol. 92 No. 2 NEWSPAPER-40
    10/16/19 pg. 8 “Sarfraz Manzoor Shares Blinded by the Light at Monmouth” NEWSPAPER-112
    11/13/19 “Born to Study: New Bruce Springsteen class is ready to rock at Monmouth” NEWSPAPER-112
    11/13/19 “John Stewart and the Game Changers” NEWSPAPER-112
    3/9/22 pg. 2 “MU Music Students Visit GRAMMY Museum Experience” NEWSPAPER-112
    10/26/22 “Blue Hawk Records Hosts Alumni Industry Event” NEWSPAPER-112
    11/30/22 “Robert Santelli Named New Director of the Bruce Springsteen Archives” NEWSPAPER-40
    12/7/22 “There’s No One Place for Woody” NEWSPAPER-40
    3/1/23 “”Hip Hop in the Round’ Commemorating Years of Hip Hop” Vol.95 No.17 NEWSPAPER-40
    4/19/2023 “Springsteen Archives’ American Music Honors” pages 1 and 9 NEWSPAPER-40
    11/1/23 “BSACAM Holds Symposium to Celebrate Springsteen Album’s 50th Year” pages1 and 8 NEWSPAPER-40
    12/6/23 “Springsteen Glory Day’s at Monmouth” page 9 NEWSPAPER-40
  • EL PAIS (Spain)
    Also see ELPAIS.ES Internet Articles
    5/5/85 “Creo que mi musica es mejor que you mismo.” Page 7 of supplement.  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/10/88 Amnesty: “Los derechos humanos, protagionistas del recital de esta noche en el Camp Nou.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/6/93 “El magnetismo del ‘jefe'” reviews Madrid (ES) (5/5/93).  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/6/93 “Aqua del pozo.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/26/95 “Lo Que Diga el Jefe” NEWSPAPER-112
    11/17/95 “El Jefe Cambia de Rollo” NEWSPAPER-112
    4/28/96 “El sonido de la ira.” Page 22 of supplement.  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/3/96 Cover. “El Jefe cambia de marcha” NEWSPAPER-112
    5/9/96 “Springsteen conmueve al publico de Madrid” reviews Madrid (ES) (5/8/96).  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/9/96 “El dios de los perdedores.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/02 “Bruce Springsteen provoca el extasis colectivo” reviews Barcelona (ES) (10/16/02).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/02 “Los primeros de la cola.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/18/03 “Bruce Springsteen estremece a Barcelona” reviews Barcelona (ES) (5/17/03).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/19/06 “Un cantautor llamado Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/20/06 “Bruce y la belleza de lo simple” reviews Madrid (ES) (10/19/06).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/20/06 “El Boss nos lleva pordonde quiere.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/20/06 “Bruce y la belleza de lo simple.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/20/06 “El Boss nos lleva por donde quiere.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/26/07 “En mi pais las mentiras pare cen verdad” reviews Madrid (ES) (11/25/07).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/08 After the Debate … the Concert by Barbara Celis NEWSPAPER-41
    11/6/09 The Boss Tells Almost Everything by David Alandette NEWSPAPER-41
    11/15/10 “El jefe del rock,” lists 10 major Springsteen-related web sites.
    2/4/12 Bruce Springsteen en Espana by Daiego A. Manrique NEWSPAPER-41
    5/13/12 Bruce Springsteen Brings Life to the Hard Times of Crisis by Fernando Navarro NEWSPAPER-112
    5/14/12 “Springsteen ruge contra la crisis” NEWSPAPER-112
    6/2/12 The Boss Defeats the Crisis by I. Landa NEWSPAPER-41
    11/13/75 “I Have Seen the Future and It Is …” reviews Miami, FL (11/11/75).  NEWSPAPER-41
    2/20/81 “The Boss” previews Hollywood, FL.  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/13/05 “Clarence Clemons,” a revealing interview with The Big Man.  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/2/07 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Magic’ touch”. NEWSPAPER-41
    9/12/09 “The Big Man, “Clarence Clemons talks about his new book.  NEWSPAPER-112
    10/14/86 “All-Stars make magic for everybody” picture of Bruce and Neil Young on stage.
    9/20/88 “‘The Boss,’ Sting, star in Amnesty concert” NEWSPAPER-41
    10/88 Photos: “Ammistia Internacional uneix als millors en concert.”
    2/15/04 Personality column includes Q,A as to why Bruce keeps touring. Page 2.
    12/9/18 Personality page 2 “Born for Broadway.”
    6/19/88 “Springsteen: L’Épate A La Bruce!”
    6/19/88 “Le Boss Frappe Fort.”
    9/28/75 Columnist John Edmiston reviews Born to Run.
  • LE PARISIEN (France)  
    Also see LEPARISIEN.FRInternet Articles
    5/25/03 “Bruce Sprinsteeen a vaincu la pluie” briefly reviews Paris (FR) (5/24/03).   NEWSPAPER-41
    6/20/11 “Springsteen perd son saxophoniste.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/30/13 “C’est bien lui, le Boss!” reviews Paris (FR) (6/29/13).  NEWSPAPER-44
  • HET PAROOL (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/21/99 “Springsteen in donker galmhol” reviews Arnhem (NL) (6/20/99).
    8/20/08 “Why He’s Still the Boss” Hershey reviews Hershey, PA (8/19/08).
    5/16/09 “Great Fans, Great Rock” reviews Hershey, PA (5/15/09).
  • THE PEOPLE (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/12/88 “Springsteen Nude Romp Fury.”
    6/26/88 “Fighting Mars Springsteen Pop Concert.”
    10/30/88 Cover photo on Go colour section: “Why the Boss ditched Julianne.”
  • EL PERIODICO (Spain)
    EXIT (Spain)
    8/3/88 Previews Barcelona (ES). “Barcelona recibe al ‘jefe’ del rock.” NEWSPAPER-112
    8/3/88 “Cerca de 90.000 personas asistiran al concierto.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/3/88 “Retrato del roquero convertido en heroe.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/3/88 “Una ruptura matrimonial sin demasiados traumas.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/3/88 “El pensamiento de una estrella de la A a la Z.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/3/88 “Las letras de un ‘duro’ cargado de sentimiento.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/4/88 “El Camp Nou palpita con Springsteen” reviews Barcelona (ES) (8/3/88). NEWSPAPER-112
    8/4/88 “El camionero andante.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/4/88 “Una noche en el ‘templo.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/4/88 “Estoy impresionado de la respuesta de Barcelona.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    9/10/88 Special section previews the Human Rights Now! concert in Barcelona.(ES)  NEWSPAPER-112
    9/12/88 Reviews Amnesty International tour in Barcelona (ES) (9/10/88).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/02 “El ‘Boss’ reedita su pacto … ” reviews Barcelona (ES) (10/16/02).  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/02 “Dos segundos junto a Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/17/02 “El ultimo rockero de massa.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/16/03 “Vuel Ve El Hombre.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/16/03 “Un Regreso Gradual A Los Anos Felices En Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/16/03 “Demasiado Tarde Para Pararlo Ahora.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/16/03 “Barras Y Estrellas A La Carta.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/17/03 “El ‘Jefe’ reanuda su dialogo con el publico barcelones.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 An interview with Steve Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “Una larga y reciproca historia de amor.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “El ‘Jefe’ nos visita.” Set lists from four Bruce shows in Barcelona.  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “Una seleccion de favoritas” selected by fans.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “Un distinguido club de fans.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 ” ‘Light of day’, el primer disco de versiones concebido en Barcelona.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “Patti Scialfa se reincorpora a la dira de Springsteen en BCN.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/17/03 “Aquel baile con Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/19/03 “Springsteen: ‘El public de BCN es el millor.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/19/03 “El Boss es totna a rendir al public de Barcelona.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/19/03 Reviews Barcelona (ES) (5/17/03).  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/8/08 Cover of EXIT supplement. “Magic Tour 2008.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/18/12  Extensive coverage of Barcelona (ES) (5/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-112
    9/10/88 Amnesty special section includes Springsteen, Sting article.  NEWSPAPER-112
    9/11/88 Reviews Amnesty International tour in Barcelona (ES). (9/10/88).  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/96 “El Springsteen acustico.”  NEWSPAPER-112
    5/16/03 “Almas de Bruce” reviews Gijon (ES) (5/15/03).
    5/16/03 “Una larga espera con recompensa.”
    5/16/03 “El regreso de Bruce Springsteen a Gijon,” a full page of photos.
    6/28/92 “Llega el ‘Boss,” a nine-page article.
    9/11/92 “Springsteen: The Movie” as imagined by a.d. amorosi.  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/27/98 “Glory Days” reviews the lost art of the rock DJ.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    7/31/03 “Shore Footing” reviews the Rock & Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore book.  NEWSPAPER-41
    2/16/12 Springsteen among the Founding Fathers.  NEWSPAPER-41
    Also see PHILLY.COMInternet Articles
    1/4/80 “Musical Gold Mine Drys Up in ’70s” (but Bruce is a high point).  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/10/81 “Bruce’s ‘Big Man’ Is Rock Music’s Top Sax Symbol.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    7/15/81 “Bruce: The Cowboy Comes Out.” Country western influences on River tour.  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/8/82 Reviews Nebraska. “It all fits. It all works.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/19/84 “U.S.A./Beat Street” reviews BITUSA.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/2/84 “Springsteen Coming To Spectrum.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/11/84 “Boss Delivers More Than Spirit In The Night.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/12/84 Bruce: He’s A Saint In This City” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/11/84).  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/12/84 “Boss Guide To Asbury Pilgrimage.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/22/85 Bruce, Julianne in Susan Stewart’s People column.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/3/85 “‘Boss’ Mania: It’s Epidemic Now.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/8/85 Brief profile on Nils Lofgren.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/8/85 “Learning How Big Boss Is.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/9/85 “Live! This Week” profiles Nils Lofgren.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/13/85 “A Fever Born in Philadelphia”, backed by a double-page poster.  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/14/85 “A Dozen Years On The Springsteen Bandwagon” profiles DJ Ed Sciaky.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/14/85 “For 2 Days, Philly Has A New Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/15/85 “Bruce Cuts It Loose” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/14/85). Multiple articles  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/16/85 “$ a High Note for Charities.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/5/85 “Memo to Ron: Listen to the Music.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    1/1/86 Shawn Poole letter to the editor defends Bruce against columnist’s rantings.  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/11/86 “A New Album & Video From ‘The Boss’?”  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/11/86 “Bruce’s New Album A Hit At Stores” reviews the release of Live/1975-’85.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/26/87 “What Hath Bruce Wrought? His forthcoming album is still a bit mysterious.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/9/87 “Rock’s Main Event. Will the Boss KO His Hotness or will they both take a fall?”  NEWSPAPER-41
    10/5/87 “All We Still Need Is Love” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-41
    2/2/88 “Bar Owner Can’t Afford Boss’ Suit.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    2/25/88 “The Boss Has a Lot To Prove.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    2/26/88 Tunnel of Love Tour in Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/1/88 “Insurers Roll with Rockers. Few Firms Write Concert Coverage.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/7/88 First of four Glory Days excerpts.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/8/88 “Bruce,” before he was the Boss, he slept on DJ’s sofas in Philadelphia.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/8/88 Second of four Glory Days excerpts.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/9/88 ” ‘The Boss’ Shows Why” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/8/88).  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/9/88 “Bruce is Back” photo page.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/9/88 Third of four Glory Days excerpts.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/10/88 Fourth of four Glory Days excerpts.  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/2/88 “The Springsteens Are Not at Home.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/21/88 “Springsteens Now Playing In Splitsville”  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/21/88 “Now Playing at the Bottom Line.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/27/88 “When the Knot Starts to Bind.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/6/88 “Charity Concert Deja Vu.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/31/88 “It’s Over For Boss, Julianne.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/31/88 “These Songs are Your Songs” reviews Folkways: A Vision Shared.  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/3/88 “The Music Is the Message” on Amnesty tour.  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/7/88 “Amnesty tour plays Hungary” reviews Budapest (HU) (9/6/88).  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/19/88 “Tonight the Music Has a Message.” Pullout guide to Amnesty in Philly.  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/20/88 Extensive Amnesty coverage, including Philadelphia, PA review (9/19/88).  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Cause Celebrities.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “The Soliciting Started Outside.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Off Stage.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Concert Talk.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “The Concert’s Video Gem.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    1/31/89 “Springsteen on Video. ‘Boss’ Video Hits The Stores.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    9/27/89 “Birthday Boy Boss” with brief review of Sea Bright, NJ (9/23/89).  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/14/89 “Dead End on E Street” reports very briefly on the breakup of the band.  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/27/90 “Springsteen Offspring Born in Calif.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/10/90 “Stations Of The Boss,” touring Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-41
    1/27/92 “Double release by Bruce & friends.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/5/92 “BRUU-UUU-C-C-E-E” releases “Human Touch”, “Better Days” singles.  NEWSPAPER-41
    3/30/92 “The Boss deals a pair of aces” with Human Touch/Lucky Town. NEWSPAPER-41
    3/30/92 “Boss Plays Down Two-LP Comeback.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/7/92 “Vagaries of fame reignite the Boss’ human touch.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    5/11/92 Celebs turn out for Bruce’s appearance on Saturday Night Live.  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/1/92 “‘Ze Boss’ delivers rock’s healing power” reviews Paris (FR) (6/30/92).  NEWSPAPER-41
    7/28/92 Two Electric Factory articles.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/25/92 “Is Bruce losing his touch?”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/25/92 “No … he’s the Boss of change.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/26/92 “Oft-reticent Bruce talks.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/27/92 Bruce gives novelist Pete Dexter a Lucky Town credit.  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/28/92 “Bored in the U.S.A.? You won’t be.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/28/92 “Memories of Bruce’s top shows.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    8/29/92 “Brooooce… lights it up at the Spectrum” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/28/92).  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/11/92 “Springsteen on Screen. A night of the Boss from MTV.”  NEWSPAPER-41
    11/11/92 “E Street drummer has life after Bruce” profiles Max Weinberg.  NEWSPAPER-41
    12/9/92 “Big Boss Night.” Celebs at the Spectrum (12/7/92).  NEWSPAPER-41
    6/17/93 “Big footprints.” Columnist interviews Clarence Clemons.  NEWSPAPER-42
    1/4/94 “Track distills film’s anguish” reviews the Philadelphia sound track.  NEWSPAPER-42
    1/26/94 “Bruce’s gift,” $45,000 to Philly youth services organization.  NEWSPAPER-42
    1/31/94 “The ‘Philadelphia’ Sound” discusses the Philadelphia soundtrack.  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/16/94 “A city that inspires songs” includes “Streets of Philadelphia”.  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/22/94 Oscar coverage, includes “Streets of Philadelphia”.  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/23/94 Centerfold pays tribute to Bruce’s Oscar (Streets of Philadelphia).  NEWSPAPER-113
    4/7/94 “Bootlegging the Boss” discusses Prodigal Son.  NEWSPAPER-42
    1/13/95 Spoof lyrics, inspired by a cougar roaming West Philadelphia.  NEWSPAPER-42
    2/24/95 “Bruce reborn in the U.S.A.” reviews Greatest Hits.  NEWSPAPER-42
    2/28/95 “Bruce could hit it big at Grammys.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/2/95 “Grammys. Big night for The Boss and Boyz.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/2/95 Grammys show is a yawner, but Bruce got it off to a solid start.  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/2/95 “Album bootleggers are outperforming the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/9/95 “The Boss goes all out for Pittsburgh bar band buddy.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/13/95 “VH1 brings back the Boss and band” for five days of Bruce TV.  NEWSPAPER-42
    6/14/95 Melissa Etheridge: “A Year of Living Famously.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/19/95 “Max Came From E-asy Street” to Late Night on NBC.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/18/95 “The Buddy System: How Bruce Springsteen has helped pal Joe Grushecky.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/14/95 “The Boss takes a wrathful turn” reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/11/95 “Bruce plays serious musician” reports on Tower Theater (12/8/95).  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/2/96 GOP presidential candidate uses BITUSA at Philadelphia speech appearance.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/10/96 “‘The Boss’ says Dole did a number on him.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/21/96 “Boss is back on E Street” with the release of Blood Brothers video.  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/11/98 “‘The Boss’ & 9 others headed for rock’s Hall of Fame.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/27/98 “Music Boxes. Springsteen, Bacharach set the tune for holiday gift giving.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    2/11/99 Springsteen, Pony Express Records in legal battle over Before The Fame.  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/17/99 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies produce a lot of bad vibes.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    6/17/99 Tattle columnist offers ticket buying advice for Reunion tour.  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/17/99 “Bruce still Boss of rock” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/14/99 “Still Boss” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/13/99).  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/14/99 “To Springsteen fans, he’s more than a star.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/15/99 Full page “Keepsake Edition.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    6/30/00 “Springsteen is keeping us in the dark.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/22/01 “Starry Night” reviews “America, A Tribute To Heroes” (9/21/01).  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/29/02 “Boss rises again. On new album Springsteen turns tragedy into art.”
    12/5/02 “Bruce Arising” NEWSPAPER-42
    2/24/03 “Grammys offer substance and style.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/8/03 3 full page photos.  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/8/03 “In search of Bruce. Columnist wonders why he can’t meet the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/8/03 “For Bruce fans, some tips about the new venue.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/8/03 “Does This Rock or What? Springsteen. Timberlake. Aguilera. They’re All Here This Weekend.” NEWSPAPER-113
    8/11/03 A Night with the Boss Cover photos NEWSPAPER-113
    1/30/04 “Radio’s Ed Sciaky dies.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/23/04 “Bruce arrives late, misses implosion of Veterans Stadium.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/23/04 “Boss, Dylan part of Zevon tribute.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/5/04 “‘Change’ your plans for Oct. 1” previews Vote for Change in Philadelphia.  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/26/04 “Boss & the gang: Born to protest.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/2/04 “Rock ‘N’ Poll” previews Vote for Change tour in Philadelphia, PA.  NEWSPAPER-42
    2/17/05 “The Boss is Back.” Devils & Dust announcement. NEWSPAPER-42
    3/16/05 “U2, O’Jays headline 2005 Rock Hall induction.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    4/26/05 “Bruce goes DualDisk with Devils & Dust.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/6/05 “Tower-Theater-bound Springsteen tops charts.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/22/05 “30 Years a star, the Boss is still learning.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/30/05 Reviews the Anytown dance performance.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/19/05 “Street no Boss at U2 gig” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/17/05).  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/16/05 “In Jersey, a Boss idea for a license.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    6/16/06 “Are Bruce-A-holics tired of the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/9/06 Reviews the Greetings From E Street book.  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/19/07 History of the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/4/07 Auto parts in Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/11/07 On Magic, “The Boss sounds the alarm.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    1/27/09 Reviews Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/8/09  “N.J. Race: It’s the Boss vs. Bon Jovi.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/5/12 “Bruce sings for soldier.” NEWSPAPER-42                                                3/26/12 Max Weinberg profile. NEWSPAPER-42                                                    2/12/16 “Boss Nation- Ultimate guide for fans headed down to “The River” concert” NEWSPAPER-113
    TV WEEK (Philadelphia Inquirer)
    Also see PHILLY.COMInternet Articles
    9/24/74 “Touch of Greatness” reviews Philadelphia , PA(9/20/74).  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/4/74 “”Jungle Land”, Springsteen Style” reviews Upper Darby, PA (11/1/74).  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/21/75 “Is Springsteen A Superstar? He’s Not Sure.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/29/75 “Crowd Urges Springsteen to Soar” reviews Upper Darby, PA (12/27/75).  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/26/76 “Springsteen thrills the street crowd” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/25/76).  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/26/78 “Springsteen fans rejoice; he’s here, album’s coming.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/26/80 “‘Boss’ of the East on verge of being boss of the land” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/2/80  “When it comes to rock ‘n’ roll, he is the Boss.” NEWSPAPER-42
    12/7/80 Cover. “Straight-Up American Rock.” NEWSPAPER-113
    12/8/80 “The fans rejoice: Springsteen’s here” reviews Philadelphia, PA (12/6/80).  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/15/81 “A night of power” reviews Philadelphia, PA (7/13/81).
    9/3/81 “Inspired by Springsteen, Jon Landau is managing.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/3/82 “Bruce Springsteen’s new album sobering, passionate” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-42
    1984 “Music: Springsteen makes rock seem important again” performance review NEWSPAPER-42
    4/16/84 Bruce makes a surprise appearance at Clarence’s show in Philadelphia.  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/10/84 “In U.S.A., Springsteen’s vision has never been clearer.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/11/84 “The man behind The Boss’ guitar.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/12/84 “The Boss is back” previews six nights in Philadelphia, PA. NEWSPAPER-113
    9/13/84 “He gives stardom a deeper meaning” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/11/84). NEWSPAPER-42
    9/14/84 “His Bossness: He Was Born in the U.S.A.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/20/84 “Reagan touts Springsteen’s message.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/14/84 Tease on cover. Photo, inside back cover.  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/23/84 “Other bosses may knock The Boss’ songs out of movie.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    12/3/84 “Rock’s year: Best songs and artists.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    2/24/85 Making the Grammys respectable TV Week supplement NEWSPAPER-42
    5/16/85 “Doubts to the contrary, the Boss has a wife.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/17/85 “Neighbor gets a view of Bruce” and Julianne.  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/24/85 “Bodies: The Price You Pay.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    6/26/85 “A star marries, a dream dies, and so it goes.” NEWSPAPER-42
    8/14/85 “Proud to be the Boss’ turf” looks at Bruce territory.  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/15/85 “Born in the U.S.A. The Boss rocks Philadelphia.” Review (8/14/85). NEWSPAPER-42
    8/15/85 “Springsteen donates $30,000” to three Philadelphia organizations.  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/15/85 “he and the E Street band bring their tour to 50,000 at the Vet” NEWSPAPER-42
    8/16/85 “Springsteen: Beyond the music, a challenge to better the USA.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    8/18/85 “Music: Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/3/85 “Springsteen never played ball in school? Say it ain’t so, Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/13/85 “The Boss: Rage, Boss, rage.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/27/85 “Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-113
    10/28/85 “‘Born to Run’ lands in the fast lane” NEWSPAPER-113
    10/29/85 “Rising star discovers the dark side of fame.” NEWSPAPER-113
    10/30/85 “Renewed vitality marks a commitment to his fans.” NEWSPAPER – 42
    10/31/85 “Springsteen: a new album, a new image.” NEWSPAPER – 42
    1/4/86 “The Boss’ sax man is on his own.” NEWSPAPER – 42
    6/29/86 John Roman illustrates Bruce’s life story.  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/10/86 “Live offering by the Boss arrives today.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/12/1986 “Born to Sell.” NEWSPAPER – 42
    11/14/86 “Springsteen phone-in to benefit homeless.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/22/87 “A record of rock history that’s just rolling in detail.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    5/22/87 “Recapturing the rhythms of Asbury Park” at the Palace’s museum.  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/27/87 “A Surprise Guest on Guitar for the U2 Concert: The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/5/87 “Songs from the Boss’ soul” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-42
    11/20/87 “A Springsteen tour…to the area where the Boss grew up.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    12/??/87 “This was no tinsel tribute they threw for Roy Orbison.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    2/26/88 “Tunnel tour offers an intimate ride” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/6/88 “Glorying in the BOSS. A look back at his electric concert tours.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/6/88 Full page poster in the comics section.  NEWSPAPER-113
    3/7/88 The Scene columnist: “Bruce: Trying to explain.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/9/88 “Power and glory from Springsteen” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/8/88).  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/9/88 “Spectrum of Love” reports on fans at the Spectrum.  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/10/88 “Flip sides that could make up a mythical Springsteen album.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/10/88 “The Boss: Strength, subtlety” analyzes Tunnel tour in Philadelphia (3/8/88).  NEWSPAPER-42
    3/10/88 The Scene columnist: “Bruce: How does he do it?”  NEWSPAPER-42
    6/18/88 “It’s Splitsville for the Springsteens.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    7/4/88 “Phila. On tap in mammoth rock benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/3/88 “Rights Rockers” reviews London (UK) (9/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/17/88 “Showtime ode to Guthrie, Leadbelly mixes star styles.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/20/88 “Rights rockers at JFK.” 75,000 at Amnesty in Philadelphia, PA.  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Fans of the cause, too.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “The Rights Stuff.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “The Concert for Amnesty International” photos.  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “A dash of idealism, a touch of self-indulgence.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “The Amnesty Concert” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/19/88).  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Loud and clear through stadium, the call goes out for Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 “Veterans of rock shows make the scene.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    9/20/88 The Scene columnist: “The Amnesty Concert: Who will be a witness?”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/21/88 “Sting, Springsteen: A friendly rivalry.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/22/88 “Stars show at L.A. Amnesty concert.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/23/88 The Scene columnist: “Birthday: not bad, for an old man.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    9/30/88 “Amnesty rights tour fuels a furor in India.”  NEWSPAPER-42
    10/1/88 “Amnesty show draws thousands in India” reviews New Delhi (IN) (9/30/88).  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/17/88 “A rousing finale to Amnesty rights tour” reviews Buenos Aires (AR)(10/15/88).  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/25/88 “The Point: Esquire didn’t get it” refutes the Esquire magazine slam piece.  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/22/89 Bruce donates $15,000 to San Mateo, CA., hospital.  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/30/89 “Changing the face of a fabled rock-and-roll town on the shore.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/19/89 “Clemons looks beyond Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/19/90 “Boss fans prove it all night” reviews LA, CA (11/16/90).  NEWSPAPER-43
    1/24/92 “Springsteen to release a pair of new albums.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/29/92 “The sounds of a contented man” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/28/92 “‘Saturday Night Live’ lands a big gig – Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    5/8/92 “Can backup band save Springsteen from bland?”  NEWSPAPER-43
    5/12/92 “Springsteen at the Spectrum Aug. 28 and 29.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/8/92 “Who’s the Boss?” Critics wonder if Bruce is still relevant.  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/8/92 “Mixture of old and new: What fans will hear on the Boss’ tour.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/25/92 “Forget the rankings, ‘let’s rock,’ says the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/31/92 “N.J. cracks down on ticket-scalping firms.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/28/92 “Bruce: A new message.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/28/92 “On record with the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/28/92 Columnist: “A word to the wise: Let Bruce be Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/29/92 “Springsteen in charge at Spectrum” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/28/92).  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/30/92 Columnist: “One of the missing remembers E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/11/92 “MTV pours a double shot of Springsteen’s life, work.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/4/92 “The Boss comes back with his new band.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/9/92 “Springsteen tour returns to Spectrum” reviews Philadelphia, PA (12/7/92).  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/9/92 Recalling Bruce on the night John Lennon was assassinated.  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/25/93 “Clemons glad to be back at the Shore.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/13/93 “Songs From a Jersey Girl” reviews Patti’s Rumble Doll.  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/17/93 “Pop goes the icon.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/6/93 “The Boss due here to shoot a video.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/7/93 South Jersey section: “Singing with Springsteen on the Camden waterfront.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    1/4/94 “An intersection of note in map of ‘Philadelphia.'”  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/17/94 Freehold considers renaming Mechanic Street as Springsteen Boulevard.  NEWSPAPER-43
    1/6/95 “Grammy’s picks: Hints of hip, still mainly mainstream.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    2/26/95 Three star review for Greatest Hits.  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/2/95 “Big night for the Boss” at the Grammys.  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/5/95 “Born to run down, maybe” discusses Asbury Park scandals, grim prospects.  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/13/95 “Bruce Springsteen, changed man.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/25/95 Springsteen jams during unannounced appearance in Sea Bright (7/22/95).  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/4/95 “Rockin’ amid the relics” reviews opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/17/95 “Springsteen nods to Steinbeck with a new CD.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/19/95 “He needed a boost, so he called the boss.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/21/95 “Grushecky gets boost from Boss” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/19/95).  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/16/95 “Steinbeck a la Springsteen” previews The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/19/95 “Solemn soliloquy” reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/20/95 “Springsteen tickets are sold in a surprise lottery.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/8/95 Dan DeLuca briefly previews the two night Tom Joad stand at The Tower.  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/10/95 “Ever wrathful, ‘The Boss’ is back” reviews Philadelphia, PA (12/8/95).  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/11/95 “The Boss pumps iron in Fairmont.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/14/96 Bruce sang a few tunes at Toby Scott’s wedding reception.  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/13/96 “The woman who bussed the Boss at 15.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    5/14/97 Springsteen meets Czech President Vaclav Havel in Prague.  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/6/98 “66-song Springsteen boxed set headed for release.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/8/98 “Timeless Springsteen” calls Tracks a “secret treasure chest.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/8/98 “Will he tour, record? Can he be the Boss to new fans?”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/8/98 “CD cover shot at old Main Point.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    11/18/98 Springsteen to do TV interview with Charlie Rose.  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/17/99 “‘Sparks fly on E Street'” at Rock Hall induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/23/99 By demand, three Philadelphia shows added to Reunion tour.  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/16/99 “Springsteen ‘brings it’ to N.J.” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/19/99 “Amen – to rock priests – Springsteen, Dylan, Simon.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/9/99 “The Boss and me” by Dan DeLuca.  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/12/99 “Born to run, Boss is home.” NEWSPAPER -43
    9/14/99 “Springsteen, new band in charge at Spectrum.” NEWSPAPER-43
    9/15/99 “Fresh legs for the Boss’ warhorses” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/13/99).  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/25/99 “At 50, Springsteen shows us that rock can be ageless.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/27/99 “Day by day with Bruce” reviews the six night Philadelphia, PA stand.  NEWSPAPER-43
    1/13/00 “Singing Soprano.” Steven Van Zandt takes his place with The Sopranos.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/15/00 Dion DiMucci releases album, talks about Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/20/00 “A spirited Bruce at Asbury Park” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/18/00).  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/17/1999 “Sparks fly on E Street.” NEWSPAPER – 43
    4/3/01 “A double dose of the Springsteen concert experience.” Live in NYC, and HBO.  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/2/02 “Asbury Park needs Donald and the Boss to make it a lucky town.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/28/02 “Springsteen seeks to salve the wounds from 9/11” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/31/02 “Breakfast with the Boss” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/30/02).  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/8/02 “For region in recovery, Springsteen rocks.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/11/02 “‘The Boss’ still has it: 19,000 tickets in 30 minutes.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/24/02 “Vince-ripened Jersey Girls.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/4/02 “Springsteen Savvy: How well do you know the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/4/02 “Essential Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/6/02 “From concert memories, a sense of Springsteen” previews Philadelphia., PA  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/8/02 “Boss is unforgettable” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/6/02).  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/8/02 Columnist: Concert drew big name fans from far and wide.  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/28/2002 “Springsteen seeks to salve the wounds from 9/11.” NEWSPAPER – 43
    3/6/03 “With long-awaited Bruce show, A.C. is one lucky town.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    3/14/2003 “Final Area Concert of the World Tour.” NEWSPAPER – 43
    3/18/03 “The Boss’ seal of approval is a glory day for Boardwalk Hall.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/3/03 Commentary: “Born to run? Sure, but getting a bit tired.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    7/15/03 “Phil Ceccola, 48, rock photographer.” obituary w/1974 photo. NEWSPAPER-43
    8/7/03 Statistics on The Rising tour.  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/8/03 “Steve Van Zandt returns to Philly and he’s out to save rock-and-roll.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/10/03 “Springsteen shines at the Linc” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/8/03).  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/10/03 “The Boss delivers in show at the Linc.” NEWSPAPER-113
    8/10/03 “For thirty years, he’s been proving it all night.”  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/10/03 “Five to Remember: Legendary Area Springsteen Shows.”  NEWSPAPER-113
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    8/10/03 ” ‘Demanding accountability … is our job as citizens.'”  NEWSPAPER-113
    8/13/03 “Line’s upper deck is no ‘Thunder Road.'”  NEWSPAPER-43
    8/24/03 “Warren Zevon: Dead Man Singing.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/4/03 “Out of tune.” Born to Run is first on Zagat’s Top 10 album list.  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/25/03 “Stars’ aid may save N.Y.C. club,” the fight over the Bottom Line.  NEWSPAPER-43
    1/30/04 “Ed Sciaky, 55, influential disc jockey.” Obituary.  NEWSPAPER-43
    2/1/04 “Bruce on Sciaky,” as Bruce pays tribute to the late Ed Sciaky.  NEWSPAPER-43
    2/3/2004 “Friends and musicians he fostered pay tribute to Sciaky.” NEWSPAPER 43
    8/5/04 “Working in concert against Bush.” Vote for Change tour announced.  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/30/2004 “Springsteen accepts risks of partisanship.” NEWSPAPER – 43
    10/2/04 “Rockers arrive to get voters to raise voices.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    2/14/05 “Listing of winners in 47th Grammys” NEWSPAPER-43
    5/19/05 “Springsteen: Looking for the faith” reviews Philadelphia, PA (5/17/05).  NEWSPAPER-43
    6/7/05 Springsteen interacts with fans on Devils & Dust tour. NEWSPAPER-43
    6/22/05 “Concerted efforts; Pop stars have long made noise for a cause.”  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/7/05 Reviews the Anytown dance performance.  NEWSPAPER-43
    12/19/05 NJ legislators pass a Born to Run resolution.  NEWSPAPER-43
    5/7/06 “Top Albums in the Region.” Seeger Sessions at #1. NEWSPAPER-43
    5/21/06 “The protest song returns – but without backup. On The Antiwar Path.” NEWSPAPER-113
    6/22/06 “Springsteen’s rousing foray into folk” reviews Camden, NJ ((6/20/06).  NEWSPAPER-43
    9/3/06 “Springsteen aside, pop music mostly oblivious.”  NEWSPAPER-43
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    6/3/07 Reviews Live in Dublin (3 1/2 stars out of 4).  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/7/07 “The Boss comes through” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/5/07).  NEWSPAPER-43
    10/4/08 Preview of the Barack Obama rally in Philadelphia.  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/29/09 “No. 31 for Springsteen” at the Spectrum, reviews Philadelphia, PA (4/28/09).  NEWSPAPER-43
    4/30/09 “Anthems of hard times, hope” reviews Philadelphia, PA (4/29/09).  NEWSPAPER-43
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    10/2/11 Asbury Park heating up.”  NEWSPAPER-43
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    3/30/12 Dan DeLuca reviews Philadelphia. PA (3/28/12).  NEWSPAPER-43
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    2/12/16 Wknd. “The River REDUX” (photo) NEWSPAPER-113A
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    2/14/12 “Boss Under Glass” reviews the Philadelphia, PA exhibit. NEWSPAPER-113A
    2/16/12 “The meaning of Bruce, debated in a new forum.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    2/17/12 “Pilgrimage to Boss-Land.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    3/4/12 Dan DeLuca gives Wrecking Ball 3 stars.  NEWSPAPER-113A
    10/18/95 Reviews Joe Grushecky’s album American Babylon.
    7/31/02 “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” reviews The Rising.
    3/28/12 “Dissenting view on Saint Springsteen.”
    11/4/75 “Springsteen Rock Style Captures ASU Crowd” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/3/75).
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    7/10/78 “Springsteen’s ‘Hobby’ Pleases Phoenix Crowd” reviews Phoenix, AZ 7/8/78.
    11/6/80 “Springsteen: The Rock Force Goes Forward” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/5/80).
    11/9/84 “The Boss: Joyous rockin’ in the U.S.A.” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/8/84).
    3/17/88 “Portrait of the Artist As an Old Man” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/4/88).
    12/23/82 Interview with Steve Van Zandt.
    1/19-2/8/84 “Holiday HURRAH Rings Out the Caroling Season.”
    2/9/84 Interview with Nils Lofgren.
    3/1-21/84 Feature on Clarence Clemons, Stone Pony Anniversary show, and Beaver Brown’s Bruce influence.
    5/3-23/84 Blurb on Born in the U.S.A and upcoming tour.
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    6/28-7/11/84 Three Born in the U.S.A reviews.
    3/24-6/13/84 “Little Steven Radio Free Thought” interview with Steven Van Zandt.
    1/31-2/20/85 “JT Bower Interview by Chris Barry”
    9/19/73 Rambling pre-concert mood piece from Pittsburgh, PA.
    10/18/95 “A Little Help From The Boss.”
    10/25/95 Writer says Pittsburgh press missed the point at recent Brucefest.
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    1/12/96 “Don’t yell Broooce” during the Tom Joad tour.  NEWSPAPER-44
    9/17/96 “Despite downsizing, he’s still the Boss” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (9/16/96).  NEWSPAPER-44
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    3/4/98 “A ‘Boss’ blast” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (3/2/98).  NEWSPAPER-44
    7/17/99 “Springsteen soars” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-44
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    4/23/00 “Going on record about the Boss’ hits and near misses.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    4/26/00 “13-Year wait for ‘Bruuuuce’ worth it” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (4/25/00).  NEWSPAPER-113A
    7/31/02 “Who’s the Boss?” A showdown between Bruce and George Steinbrenner.  NEWSPAPER-44
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    1/30/2004 “Ed Sciaky, 55, influential disc jockey.” NEWSPAPER-44
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    11/4/10 “Knockin’ On Dylan’s Door.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
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    3/13/11 “Ballet steps out to Gershwin, The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-44
    3/7/12 “Boss swings through expectations with Wrecking Ball.” NEWSPAPER-44
    1/14/16 Weekend Magazine “Springsteen River Tour Kicks Off in the Burgh” Page 4 NEWSPAPER-113A
    4/16/76 “Bruce Springsteen – Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Next Idol?” reviews Pittsburgh, PA(4/5/76).
    8/29/78 “Bruce Springsteen Shows He’s Ready For Rock Greatness” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (8/28/78).
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    9/22/84 “I’m a rocker” surveys crowd reactions in Pittsburgh, PA (9/21/84).
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    8/12/85 “Glory Night” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (8/11/85).
    8/12/85 “Springsteen draws stadium” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (8/11/85).
    11/11/86 “Fans jam stores for Springsteen’s new 5-record album.”
    11/23/86 “Bruce Springsteen is worth the price of dynamic 1975-’85.”
    5/11/87 “”Glory Days” details Springsteen’s victory over ‘crisis of despair’.”
    10/11/87 “Bruce Springsteen shows different side on Tunnel of Love.”
    3/21/88 “Fans, excitement all part of the show.”
    3/21/88 “Springsteen shows passion and power” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (3/20/88).
    Date Unknown “Asbury Park won’t exploit The Boss” NEWSPAPER-44
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    12/3/04 “Flood Aid ’04 draws waves of support.”  NEWSPAPER-44
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    5/14-5/20/09 “Springsteen Kicks Off Summer Concert Season” NEWSPAPER-113A
    10/14/10 “Springsteen, Grushecky to rock Oakland.”  NEWSPAPER-44.
    11/4-11/10/10 “A Fine Bromance: Springsteen, Grushecky Friendship Goes Back 30 Years” NEWSPAPER-44

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    9/3/95 “Rockin’ the world.” Major coverage of Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame opening.  NEWSPAPER-113A
    9/3/95 “Concert spans the generations” reviews Cleveland, OH (9/2/95).  NEWSPAPER-113A
    9/3/95 “Stars shop, vendors sell, city shines.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
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    9/3/95 “Tales from a rockin’ weekend.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    9/3/95 “For some, ticket line wait ruins the big night.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    9/3/95 “House that rock build has visitors drop by.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    9/3/95 “Rock ‘n’ roll heaven.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
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    8/9/02 Cover “The Boss is Back at Work”; “The Boss is Back on the Job” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-44
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    1/25/87 “Charitable musicians still struggling; USA for Africa spent slowly.”
    2/2/87 “Bruce Springsteen pays a debt to a rock and roll founding father.”
  • LE POHER (France)
    1/28/09 “Le Boss aux Charrues: Bruce tout puissant!”  NEWSPAPER-44
    7/15/09 “Vieilles Charruse: Born in Poher.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    7/22/09 “Juedi, Bruce, carhaixment tout puissant.”  NEWSPAPER-113A
    11/15/78 “Bruce Springsteen: The magic of rock ‘n’ roll music” reviews Troy, NY (11/12/78).
    10/21/78 Full page ad for Montreal show (tickets $8.50).
    1/1/79 Reviews Portland, OR (12/19/78).
    12/26/78 “Springsteen: Thunder road in Portland” reviews Portland, OR (12/19/78).
    2/9/01 “From studio to Bay Club, busy ‘Boss’ born to run.”
    3/30/76 “Springsteen cruises into Athens” Ohio.
    4/1/76 “Cruisin’ with Bruce,” as he hits uptown Athens bars.
    4/1/76 “Concert sell-out expected.”
    4/2/76 Pro and con reviews of Athens, OH (4/1/76).
    4/2/76 Editorial: “50-50 concert.”
    4/5/76 “Mem. Aud. damage heavy from Springsteen concert,” putting future concerts in doubt.
    6/4/76 “Concerts: Brucie or bust” reviews the concert season at University of Ohio, Athens, OH.
    12/17/75 Reviews Greenvale, NY (12/12/75).  “Dynamic.”
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    11/13/96 Previews Tom Joad tour in Syracuse, NY.
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    5/17/12 “LM Producciones aplaza el Rock Cost al no cubrir gastos con Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-113A
    Vol. 3/No. 8 “Is Bruce Springsteen all he’s cracked up to be? Yes, he is (almost).”
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    3/2/95 “The Boss’ Night” at the Grammys.  NEWSPAPER-45
    9/4/95 “Whole lotta shakin’ as rock hall opens.”  NEWSPAPER-45
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    3/2/03 “Songs about the real New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/4/03 “Close encounters of the Boss kind. Readers describe lucky chance meetings.”  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/7/03 “BRUCE!” previews Atlantic City, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/7/03 “Newest band member Tyrell brings a little of southern N.J. to E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/7/03 “Bruce fans get in line.”  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/7/03 “Bruce shows why fans love him” reviews Atlantic City, NJ (3/7/03).  NEWSPAPER-45
    3/8/03 “He rocks ’em at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall” reviews Atlantic City, NJ(3/7/03).  NEWSPAPER-45
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    3/9/03 “Springsteen concert runs smoothly for A.C. venue.”  NEWSPAPER-45
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    10/1/89 Bruce Springsteen visits Matt’s Saloon in Prescott, AZ (9/29/89).
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    10/23/75 “Springsteen puts bounce in letharic rock and roll scene” reviews Los Angeles, CA (undated).
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  • DIE PRESSE (Austria)  NEWSPAPER-45
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    3/3/08 “Bruce Springsteen: l’art de seduire un public” reviews Montreal (CA) (3/2/08).
    2/22/89 “The Boss: A big hit during surprise visit” to McDonald’s in Manassas, VA.
    Internet Articles
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    1/25/09 “The Hyperactive Decade of Bruce Springsteen / Suffering From Woody Allen Syndrome” by Jesus Miguel Marcos NEWSPAPER-113A
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    4/22/?? Funky Winkerbean cartoon:  “Bruce flu” hits school.
    2/18/77 Springsteen, E Street Band to Rock Elliott Hall

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