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    1/12/20 “Lewis Capaldi, Sam Fender, Bruce Springsteen among the 2020 BRIT’ Award nominees” -50
    10/26/20 “Bruce Springsteen on his way to 12th UK number one album with Letter to You” -59
    2/29/12 Critic: Wrecking Ball lacks compelling characters.
    1/6/14 Reviews High Hopes “Stumbles in its Journey through the Past.”
    1/6/14 Reviews High Hopes “Stumbles in its Journey through the Past.”
    1/10/14 “Tom Morello on Touring and Recording with Bruce Springsteen.”
    1/17/14 “Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley Highlight Jackson Browne Tribute Album.”
    1/27/14 “Five Years Down the Road: Reviews Working on a Dream.”  
    2/4/14 “Springsteen vs. John Fogerty-Poll-Round 1 Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame.”
    4/10/14 Bruce and the E Street Band Perform Three Songs at Hall of Fame Induction.
    4/11/14 Full Text of Bruce Springsteen’s Speech E Street into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    4/14/14 “Top 10 Unreleased Bruce Springsteen Songs.”
    4/24/14 Reviews Nashville, TN, Bruce offers Thrills and Surprises, Set List, (4/17/14).
    6/4/14 The History of Born in the USA; Bruce Springsteen’s Transformation.
    6/08/15  15 years ago: Bruce Springsteen angers New York police department.    8/17/15   Max Weinberg misses Bruce Springsteen’s cue – real life Spinal Tap story.
    6/26/15 Identity of Woman on Hungry Heart Cover Revealed
    9/4/2016 “When Bruce Springsteen Performed with Clarence Clemons for the First Time”
    9/6/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Upcoming Solo Album Won’t Be Anything Like ‘Nebraska’”
    11/8/16 “Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform at Hillary Clinton’s Final 2016 Election Rally”
    11/11/16 “How Bruce Springsteen Survived the ‘80s”
    4/15/17 “Bruce Springsteen Releases Rarity-Filled Concert From 2008””
    11/5/17 “Watch Paul McCartney Join Steven Van Zandt at London Show”
    10/31/17 “Bruce Springsteen Looks Back in ‘Springsteen on Broadway’: Review”
    1/25/19 “The Best Song from every Bruce Springsteen Album” -38
    2/5/19 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Wings for Wheels’ an Early ‘Thunder Road'” -39
    2/18/19 “‘Blinded By The Light’ movie gets release date” -39
    5/11/19 “How to make the perfect LP from Bruce Springsteen’s recent albums” -42
    7/28/19 “Why Bruce Springsteen let ‘Blinded By The Light’ use his music” -44
    7/30/19 “The Story behind every Bruce Springsteen song in ‘Blinded By The Light'”-44
    10/23/19 “Bruce Springsteen recalls early gig going wrong” -47
    4/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi announce COVID-19 benefit TV show”-53
    5/5/20 “33 pre-fame bands of rock’s biggest artists” -54
    5/7/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s message of hope in pandemic” -54
    5/13/20 “How Bruce Springsteen humiliated Dave Grohl” -54
    5/17/20 “June 2020 New Music releases” -54
    6/4/20 “Which song has Bruce Springsteen played the most in concert?” -55
    8/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Bob Weir lead celebrity Joe Strummer tribute” -57
    8/22/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’: A track-by-track guide” -57
    8/23/20 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ cover photo ‘popped'” -57
    8/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen ‘Born to Run’ album cover copycats” -57
    9/20/20 “Bruce Springsteen wrote whole album on guitar gifted by a fan” -58
    12/14/20 “Why Bruce Springsteen hated ‘Born to Run’ when he first heard it” -61
    12/24/20 “April 2020: recap: John Prine, COVID rocks the music industry” -61
    1/15/21 “Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, John Legend & more to appear at Biden inauguration” -62
    1/21/21 “Katy Perry,Bruce Springsteen, J Lo and Garth Brooks go Gaga for America in Epic Day of Inaugural tunes” -62
    1/27/21 “Clive Davis unveils details about Saturday night’s pre-Grammy party featuring Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys and more” -62
    1/31/21 “Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart reminisce with Clive Davis at virtual pre-grammy Gala” -62
    3/2/20 “Tom Morello recalls joining Bruce Springsteen’s Band, talks how folk music can be heavier than metal” -52
    8/28/20 “Slipknot drummer recalls how Bruce Springsteen treated him when he played in his band as a teenager: ‘Completely Insane – I had just finished high school” -57
    12/24/20 “Max Weinberg recalls Bruce Springsteen telling him that his Slipknot- Drummer son was better in the E Street Band than him” -61
    7/7/11 “Clarence Clemons – Class of 1964.”
    5/31/11 “The book I just published for Bruce Springsteen and Nick Hornby.”
    2/6/15 What if Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel Had Been in the Same Band?
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    6/4/07 Four star review of Live In Dublin.
    5/31/08 Review of London (UK) (5/30/08) focuses on sound, lighting problems at Emirates Stadium.
    12/18/08 “Springsteen wrote “The Wrestler” after personal plea from Mickey Rourke.”
    2/6/14 “Good-Time Title, Somber Message.” Reviews High Hopes Rating 9 out of 10.
    11/4/16 “Keith Richards, Patti Smith, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen appear in Refugee Aid video”
    5/6/24 “Watch Bruce Springsteen debut “If I Was The Priest” live in Europe”
    10/9/07 “Nils Lofgren Agrees with Bruce Springsteen … Radio is Nowhere.”
    12/30/07 “Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen Buy a Seat At The Palias,” aid preservation efforts.
    3/2/12 Wrecking Ball: perfect score – 10 out of 10.
    8/12/12 Ryan Hilligoss on Elvis, Darkness, and The Promise.
    9/1/12 Born in the Promised Land: When Politics and Rock and Roll Collide.
    10/17/13 “Let it Rock!!! The Music of Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen”
    1/15/15 Hardcore Troubadours: the Music of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle.
    6/25/20 “Bruce Springsteen criticizes Donald Trump, Republicans for being ‘unchanged by history'” -55
    10/12/95 “I critici scelgono Conte e Springsteen.”
    9/4/96 “Springsteen, sussurri e grida dall’altra America.”
    11/12/05 “Congress should value patriotism over partisanship.”
    6/15/06 “Union workers protest Bruce Springsteen.”
    4/6/08 “Web site crashes during Springsteen sale” for the Harley-Davidson concert.
    9/7/2016 “Bruce Springsteen on depression: ‘It never leaves you’”
    10/22/19 “Bruce Springsteen surprised relative from 1800’s also played guitar” -47
    9/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen shares nostalgic ‘Ghosts’ music video” -58
    6/4/20 “Bruce Springsteen reflects on the United States and its legacy for SiriusXM”-55
    9/23/15   Why do so many people hate Bruce Springsteen? We think we know.          9/23/16 “Bruce Springsteen Got Me Through My Own Battle With Depression”
    11/22/16 “Barack Obama Explains Bruce Springsteen’s Legacy More Eloquently Than Anyone Ever Has”
    3/5/18 “The Celebration Rock Podcast Wraps Its Springsteen series With The Mountain Goats And Strand Of Oaks”
    10/22/19 “Bruce Springsteen interview: Talking about ‘Western Stars’ at his home”-47
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    5/12/07 “Former Castiles Member Robert Alfano Dies.”
    10/07 “Bruce Springsteen at MSG” reviews New York, NY (10/18/07).
    Also see USA TODAYNewspaper Articles
    10/17/96 “In Joad, Springsteen answers ghost of his past.”
    4/4/01 “Springsteen is still ‘Born to Run'” on Live in New York City.
    7/14/02 “Springsteen’s Rising.”
    8/7/02 “Springsteen opens tour in scintillating style.” Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/9/02).
    3/15/04 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame welcomes seven stars.” Reviews NY, NY (3/15/04).
    6/6/06 “For Springsteen, Seeger Sessions sends a message.”
    12/7/06 “Little Steven starts own record label.”
    9/24/07 “Springsteen ‘rehearsals’ an open secret.”
    9/25/07 “Springsteen gives fans preview of tour” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24/07).
    10/3/07 “Springsteen hits the road: ‘And so it begins’.” Reviews Hartford, CT (10/2/07).
    11/11/07 “Van Zandt rolls out plan for rock in schools.”
    1/25/09 “Springsteen’s Dream awakens a happier Boss.”
    8/19/09 “Asbury Park rising blocked by recession.”
    10/2/10 “Bruce Springsteen explores a time of Darkness.'”
    6/15/11 “Web lights up with well-wishes for Clarence Clemons.”
    3/2/12 Three and a half stars (out of 4) for Wrecking Ball.
    9/16/12 Third Symposium reviewed by Mary Beth Marklein.
    9/13/14 Why Bruce Springsteen Still Matters at 65.
    8/25/15   Bruce Springsteen is okay, I guess. by Chris Chase
    8/31/16 “Bruce Springsteen breaks U.S. show record again” -9
    9/26/16 “Springsteen proves he’s the Boss with intimate memoir”
    11/22/16 “Springsteen, Hanks, DeGeneres honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom”
    5/2/17 “Obie Dziedzic, more than Bruce Springsteen’s No. 1 fan, has died”
    12/5/18 “Sorry, Bruce Springsteen fans: The E Street Band Won’t Tour in 2019”-37
    1/14/19 “Bruce Springsteen into public ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ screening” -38
    3/27/20 “Bruce Springsteen on Coronavirus outbreak: ‘Stay Safe’ and ‘God Bless'”-52
    4/14/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Danny DeVito, Bon Jovi, more to play for coronavirus fundraiser” -53
    4/28/20 “Bruce Springsteen: Coronavirus shows American dream versus American reality” -53
    4/29/20 “Patti Scialfa gives shirtless Bruce Springsteen a quarantine haircut at home” -53
    6/4/20 “Bruce Springsteen mourns George Floyd during broadcast, calls for new civil rights movement” -55
    8/3/20 “Steven Van Zandt talks about life in lockdown for online series from Bruce Springsteen Archives” -57
    10/5/20 “Bruce Springsteen is dropping ‘Letter to You’ documentary on the same day as the new album” -59
    10/29/20 “‘Time for an exorcism in our nation’s capital’: Bruce Springsteen wants Trump voted out of office” -59
    2/9/21 “What Bruce Springsteen’s super bowl ad gets right about reuniting Americans in ‘the middle'”- 63
    5/27/24 “Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band postpone four European concerts amid ‘vocal issues'”
    10/11/07 “Springsteen’s sheer ‘Magic’.”
    Also see US NEWS & WORLD REPORTMagazines
    3/6/12 “Flawed Wrecking Ball Economics.”
    10/11/96 “Springsteen Brings Tom Joad’s Ghost to Abravanel Hall.”
    10/16/96 “The Boss Sings His Vision of America.” Reviews Salt Lake City, UT (10/15/96).

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    3/21/18 “5 takeaways form Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography ‘Born to Run’”
    11/11/07 “Town Called Heartbreak: Bruce Springsteen in Cleveland.”
    5/7/24 “Bruce Springsteen puts new tickets on sale in Madrid and Barcelona”
    8/1/02 “El renacer del Boss.”
    7/20/08 “El ‘Boss’: ‘Hola Barcelona. Como estais?'” reviews Barcelona (ES) (7/19/08).
    5/18/12 “Springsteen se indigna en su regreso” reviews Barcelona (ES) (5/17/12).
    Also see THE VANCOUVER SUN (Canada) Newspaper Articles  
    11/29/12 “Springsteen rocks like a boss”  Vancouver (CA) (11/26/12).
    2/19/14 “David Sancious: In the Shadows of the Greats.”
    1/6/14 “A Brief History of the Performing Duo of Springsteen and Fallon.”
    9/9/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Giving Tree”
    9/13/16 “Will Bruce Springsteen Ever Downsize to (Gulp) Mere Two-Hour Shows?”
    10/9/16 “Giants and Jesters”
    10/16 “Cover Story: The Book of Bruce Springsteen”
    1/30/17 “Bruce Springsteen Takes His Trump Protest Message on the Road”
    2/2/17 “Bruce Springsteen Found the Perfect Way to Troll Trump’s Disastrous Australia Call”
    4/14/17 “American Royalty Gathered in the South Pacific This Week”
    4/19/17 “Oprah ‘Can’t Talk About’ Her Yacht Trip with the Obamas”
    4/28/17 “Bruce Springsteen Remembers His Post-Born to Run Tax Troubles: ‘I Had About $20,000 to My Name’”
    10/14/17 “Does the Boss Get an Understudy”
    12/11/18 “Springsteen on Broadway is just the ticket”-37
    5/22/19 “In Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Bruce Springsteen goes home again” -42
    11/8/20 “Scoring a win: Mary J. Blige, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and more provide Biden-Harris victory music” -60
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    5/22/00 “Springsteen proved everything is still righteous on E Street.” Reviews Anaheim, CA (5/21/00).
    5/1/06 “New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.”
    10/30/07 Reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/29/07).
    4/2/14 TV Review: Bruce Springsteen’s High Hopes HBO Documentary, (4/14/14).
    11/9/16 “Donald Trump Victory Means Hollywood Lost the Culture War, Fox News Star Says”
    12/15/16 “About Donald Trump’s Reported Inauguration-Performer Woes, Idina Menzel Says ‘It’s Karma, Baby’”
    4/25/17 “Little Steven Van Zandt Talks New Album, Springsteen’s Trump-Bashing: ‘We’ve Reversed Roles'”
    4/28/17 “Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks Reflect on ‘Philadelphia,’ Jonathan Demme at Tribeca Film Festival”
    5/28/17 “Bruce Springsteen Joins Steven Van Zandt Onstage for Saturday Night Surprise”
    8/29/17 “Power Station, One of New York’s Last Iconic Recording Studios, Closes Its Doors; Will Berklee Re-Open them?”
    8/30/17 “Bruce Springsteen Extends Broadway Run by 10 Weeks”
    9/15/17 “Paul McCartney Brings Bruce Springsteen to the Stage at Madison Square Garden Concert”
    8/28/2017 “Bruce Springsteen to Perform at Canada’s Invictus Games”
    10/3/17 “Bruce Springsteen Talks Politics, Marriage and Why He Won’t Write an ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’”
    10/4/17 “Bruce Springsteen Takes Us on a Tour of His iTunes Playlist”
    10/4/17 “Revitalized Asbury Park Gets Its Groove Back as Music, Art Haven” Highlights the music history of Asbury Park
    10/5/17 “Will ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Be a Tony Contender?”
    2017 “Bruce Springsteen Talk Politics, Marriage and Why He Won’t Write an ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’”
    10/12/17 “Theater Review: ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Is an Intimate, Living Autobiography”
    10/25/17 “’Thank You for Your Service’ Director Talks New Bruce Springsteen Song Featured in Film”
    11/27/2017 “Bruce Springsteen Extends Broadway Run”
    2017 “Bruce Springsteen on Broadway His Next Album and Loving New Jersey”
    6/6/18 “Bruce Springsteen to Perform at Tony Awards”
    12/12/18 “Film Review: ‘Springsteen on Broadway'” -37
    4/28/19 “Bruce Springsteen shares memories in surprise interview at Asbury Park Film Festival- Variety” -41
    5/6/19 “Bruce Springsteen reveals he’s written a full album fo E Street Band” -42
    5/22/19 “‘Asbury Park’ Doc covers Bruce Springsteen, Urban Blight, Rock Bliss”-42
    8/8/19 “Bruce Springsteen makes an appearance at ‘Blinded by the Light’ Asbury Park premiere” -45
    8/16/19 “Bruce Springsteen Documentary ‘Western Stars’ sells to Warner Bros. (EXCLUSIVE)” -45
    9/13/19 “Toronto film review: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Western Stars'” -46
    9/16/19 “Emmy Music: ‘GoT’ scores again; McCartney, Springsteen specials share wins” -46
    10/20/19 “Bruce Springsteen returns to NJ hometown for surprise ‘Western Stars’ introduction” -47
    4/7/20 “Bruce Springsteen to guest-DJ on E Street radio Wednesday” -53
    4/14/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Chelsea Handler, Halsey among stars banding together for New Jersey benefit” -53
    5/9/20 “Law firm representing Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, others suffer major data breach” -54
    5/11/20 “Hacked law firm informs clients like Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen of data breach” -54
    6/1/20 “New Jersey to hold first drive-in concert during pandemic: Could Bruce Springsteen show down the shore?” -55
    6/19/20 “40 years ago: 1980 was full of ‘Bull,’ ‘Ordinary People’ and the ‘Empire'”-55
    8/18/20 “Joe Strummer tribute to gather songs, testimonials from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Weir, Lucinda William and more” -57
    11/4/20 “Luke Combs returns to No. 1 on album charts; Bruce Springsteen’ ‘Letter to You’ is top in sales'” -60
    11/20/20 “Best songs of this week: Bleachers and Bruce Springsteen, Kali Uchis, Julian Baker and more” -60
    11/30/20 “Inside Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart’s ‘Wear a Friggin Mask!’ billboard campaign” -60
    2/5/21 “Songs for Screens: Lil Nas X, Shaggy, Dolly Parton – and Bruce Springsteen? – Lead Booming year for super bowl music ads” -63
    2/8/21 Songs for Screens: Drake, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton lead super bpw; ads as brands lean into familiarity” -63
    2/11/21 “Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven, Joan Jett to appear virtually for New Jersey’s ‘Light of Day’ event” -62
    2/23/21 “Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama talk racism, Clarence Clemons, Protest songs and ‘Get Out’ for Spotify Podcast” -63
    5/8/24 “Jeremy Strong in Talks to Play Bruce Springsteen’s Manager Jon Landau in ‘Nebraska’ Movie Starring Jeremy Allen White (EXCLUSIVE)”
    5/14/24 “Bruce Springsteen Documentary About E Street Band World Tour Set at Disney+ and Hulu”
    5/20/24 “‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Emmy Submissions: Posthumous Bid for Richard Lewis and 15 Guest Actors Including Bruce Springsteen (EXCLUSIVE)”
    5/24/24 “Ivor Novello Awards 2024 Winner’s List: Raye Wins Songwriter of the Year, Paul McCartney Presents Fellowship to Bruce Springsteen”
    5/24/24 “Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey Star at U.K.’s Ivor Novello Awards”
    6/20/11 Stuart Levine: “My moment with Clarence.”
    10/20/20 “New music includes Bruce Springsteen’s first new record with the E Street Band since 2014” -59
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    2/25/95 Preview of Greatest Hits.
    11/15/95 Reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.
    11/28/95 Reviews Tom Joad tour in Los Angeles, CA (11/26/95).
    3/14/96 “Stiller Opp For Sine Venner.”
    7/10/08 “VG motte ‘The Boss’ I Vigelandsparken.”
    6/12/00 “Bruce Springsteen: Madison Square Garden, New York” reviews New York, NY.
    12/16/01 Transcript of “Homecoming: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.”
    3/2/18 “The Oscar Goes to… These 10 Celebs You Never Knew Won An Academy Award”
    5/23/19 “Steven Van Zandt is BFFs with Springsteen but a star in his own right” -42
    7/6/09 “‘The Boss’ in Wien” reviews Vienna (AT) (7/5/09).

    7/14/13 “Springsteen reste le boss” reviews Werchter (BE) (7/13/13).
    Also see THE VILLAGE VOICE – Newspapers
    12/9/98 “The Ghost of Bruce Springsteen” reviews Tracks.
    8/10/99 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/99).
    4/3/01 Reviews “My City of Ruins.”
    4/4/01 Critic reviews Live in New York City without first listening to it.
    5/21/02 Seven voters say if they’d vote for Bruce for Senator.
    8/6/02 Critic hates The Rising – “eternal vagueness,” “lyrical vacancy.”
    4/19/05 Devils & Dust is “a major letdown; long, boring and preachy.”
    4/25/05 “The Boss my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to preach to us and pornagraphize.”
    12/2/09 “A Springsteen Band mate Tells Stories, True or Imagined, Out of E Street.” Review of “Big Man.”
    3/6/12 Wrecking Ball: “Surprising, innovative, and vital.”
    10/12/16 “Bruce Springsteen Gives His Life Story the Boss Treatment”
    1/13/17 “B Street Band Says They’d Cancel Inaugural Ball Performance If Springsteen Asked”
    10/19/17 “Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway Solo Is a Joyously Overblown For-Diehards Confession”
    8/25/07 “Station causes stir with song’s airing.”
    11/1/07 “Still going strong, Springsteen, E Street Band have the ‘Magic’.”
    11/6/12 “Obama rocks with Springsteen in Columbus” OH (11/5/12).
    5/13/24 “Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to Shane MacGowan with Pogues cover in Ireland”
    4/26/19 “Even Bruce Springsteen has joined the Yeehaw Agenda” -41
    10-15-14 Latest Springsteen Release a Tribute to Born in the USA.
    9/13/20 “
    A fatherly Springsteen advises students during COVID” -58
    12/2/07 “Springsteen: Geen nostalgie, wel geestdrift” reviews Arnhem, (NL) (12/1/07).
    9/28/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Beautifully Dissects His Own Masculinity”
    10/12/17 “Review: Bruce Springsteen Comes to Broadway”
    4/22/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen, King of the Garden State perform in ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ benefit concert” -53
    12/23/20 “The Boomer rock renaissance 2020 never saw coming” -61
    1/15/21 “Of Course Bruce Springsteen is playing Biden’s inauguration special” -62
    2/24/21 “Bruce Springsteen pleads guilty to drinking in a National Park” -63
    3/6/14 Bruce Springsteen’s The Wall; Commentary on His Support of Vietnam Veterans.

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