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  • LA GACETA (Spain)  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/11/10 “El nino solitario que hizo de la guitarra su mejor companio.”
    12/8/84 “Springsteen, the power and the glory” reviews Tallahassee, FL (12/7/84).
    8/5/85 “Staid old D.C. goes nuts over Springsteen.”
    9/2/85 “Springsteen’s ‘cult’ solidifies with superstar status.”
    9/26/85 “Girl with cancer sees the Boss.”
    1/2/86 “Will they recognize Clarence Clemons without his sax?”
    11/9/86 “Springsteen’s new ‘Live-1975-85’ is loaded with history.”
    11/9/86 “Max Weinberg tells tales of E Street in UF ACCENT show.”
    1/7/87 Poll: 27% of US adults are Springsteen fans.
    4/2/87 “Springsteen won’t run” for governor in New Jersey.
    6/7/87 Reviews Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days.
    8/29/87 Colorado governor is a Bruce fan; tapes Bruce Juice spot for WNEW-FM.
    10/5/87 “Springsteen chases a dream in Tunnel of Love.”
    11/20/87 “Bruce shoots mystery video.”
    1/2/87 “And they thought Bruce was a folkie.”
    12/18/87 “Holiday songs are sung in all styles of popular music.”
    2/26/88 “Goose Eggs From Grammy.” Tunnel of Love passed over.
    2/29/88 “Strange twists in Tunnel of Love.” Reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).
    3/4/88 “21,000 fans sign car” petitioning Bruce to perform in Rockford, Il.
    7/1/88 “Art Injuries Open New Medical Fields” Max Weinberg needing surgery.
    1/28/89 “Pop stars channeling divine grade, priest says.”
    2/2/96 “Performances make ‘Dead Man’ come alive.”
    8/3/78 “Springsteen’s concert attracts enthusiastic audience” reviews Columbia, SC (7/31/78).
    9/06 “Last Man Standing” reviews the Jerry Lee Lewis CD.
    11/13/07 “Steve Van Zandt rolls out his plan for rock in schools.”                    3/3/08 “Bruce Springsteen still works ‘Magic’ with audience.”                                    3/27/16 Special Edition: The Music Issue The Jersey Sound “Finding America At The Jersey Shore. How Bruce S tells the story…” NEWSPAPER-108
    8/19/85 “Bruce books” reviews books by Marsh, Gambaccini, Goddard, Stewart, Lynch, others.
    6/20/11 Clarence Clemons tribute by syndicated cartoonist Jack Licar.
    4/26/93 “Marathonconcert van The Boss …” reviews Gent (BE) (4/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-22
    4/22/96 “Springsteen is geen saaie folkie” reviews Antwerp (BE) (4/20/96).  NEWSPAPER-22
    5/13/03 “The Boss pakt Heizel in,” a front page photo.  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/13/03 ” ‘Dit is geen Broadway-show’ ” reviews Brussels  (BE) (5/12/03).  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/14/03 “Bruce heerst.”  NEWSPAPER-22
  • THE GAZETTE (Canada)
    Also see MONTREALGAZETTE.COMInternet Articles
    12/22/75 “Show goes off like clockwork” reviews Montreal (CA) (12/19/75).  NEWSPAPER-22
    11/8/78 “Superstar Springsteen must live up to the hype.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    10/16/80 “Springsteen has winner in’River.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    10/16/80 “Springsteen: His dream is alive.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    1/24/81 “His great heart still pounds” reviews Montreal (CA)(1/23/81).  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/24/82 “Boss’s latest a bleak vision” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/23/84 “The Boss lights up Forum with spirit of rock” reviews Montreal (CA) (7/21/84).  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/11/88 “The stage is set” previews the Human Rights, Now! tour in Montreal (CA).  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/17/88 “Human Rights Now!” reports on the pre-show press conference.  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/18/88 “Amnesty sounds great to 60,000 rock fans” reviews Montreal (CA)(9/17/88).  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/18/88 “Getting to the Big O was a problem for many using Metro.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/18/88 “How the Amnesty show gets its act together.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/18/88 “Rock and roll’s ‘Group of 7’ breaks down the barriers.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    11/28/91 “New Springsteen album terrific – but a fake.” Music critic perpetrates a hoax.  NEWSPAPER-22
    3/4/95 “Boss banks his hits, leaves old days behind” reviews Greatest Hits.  NEWSPAPER-22
    1/8/96 “Darkness in the heart of town” reviews Montreal (CA) (1/7/96).  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/30/02 “Intimacy and anguish on Springsteen’s new CD” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-22
    4/19/03 “Playing hard to Get.” Springsteen’s limited appeal in the francophone world.  NEWSPAPER-22
    4/21/03 “Boss’s glory days far from over” reviews Montreal (CA) (4/19/03).  NEWSPAPER-22
    3/3/08 “The Boss charms his audience” reviews Montreal (CA) (3/2/08).  NEWSPAPER-22
    6/9/78 “A mature Springsteen breaks loose” reviews Darkness on the Edge of Town.
    7/21/09 “Le ‘sorprese’ di Springsteen” reviews Rome (IT) (7/19/09).  NEWSPAPER-22
    6/20/11 “Si spegne il sax di Springsteen: per I fan sara sempre ‘Big Man.'”  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/31/13 “Disposti a tutto per Springsteen.”
    5/31/13 “Padovani con presenze da record, fino a 70 concerti in giro per il mondo.”
    5/31/13 “In totale, 150 mila spettatori, prossime tappe Milano e Roma.”
  • GEELONG ADVERTISER (Australia) NEWSPAPER-110                                           8/29/15 “Bruce’s Anthem Still wins my ear”
    10/?/74 “Springsteen: Dazzling” reviews Reading, PA (10/5/74).
  • IL GIORNALE (Italy)
    6/22/92 “Springsteen fa il bis e ci mette piu grinta” reviews Milan (IT) (6/20/92).  NEWSPAPER-108
    4/13/93 Springsteen, nato in Italia NEWSPAPER-22
    7/20/09 “Un Olimpico infiammato” reviews Rome (IT) (7/19/09).  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/20/11 “Addio Clemons sassofonista di Springsteen (e di tanti altri).”  NEWSPAPER-22
  • IL GIORNO (Italy)
    6/2/85 “Ecco Il Verbo Del Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/2/85 ‘Nato per correre sulle strade del Mito Usa.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/2/85 “Uno show lungo 3 ore.'”  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/2/85 ‘Vivere rock ‘n’ roll.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/2/85 “Ama le donne, il cinema e I motori.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/20/09 “Una folla in delirio per il Boss Springsteen infiamma L’Olimpico.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/21/09 “A lezione di sogni dal signor Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    Also see GLOBEANDMAIL.COMInternet Articles
    2/14/77 “Bruce Springsteen ‘electric,” but no messiah” reviews Toronto (CA) (2/13/77).  NEWSPAPER-22
    1/25/81 “The Boss does the job” reviews Toronto (CA) (1/21/81).  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/24/84 “Obsession fuels solid rock marathon” reviews Toronto (CA)(7/23/84).  NEWSPAPER-108
    8/27/85 “Springsteen leaves some fans dreaming” reviews Toronto (CA) (8/26/85).  NEWSPAPER-22
    8/28/85 “Bruce makes fans happy to be alive” reviews Toronto (CA) (8/26/85).  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/3/88 “Huge, happy crowd greets launch of Amnesty tour” in London (UK)(9/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-22
    5/3/00 “As If.” Essay on Bruce lyrics and sexual politics.  NEWSPAPER-22
    5/4/00 “Strutting, sweaty Springsteen delivers the goods” reviews Toronto (CA)(5/3/00).  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/27/02 Bruce Springsteen embarks on an emotional post-9/11 journey.  NEWSPAPER-22
    12/7/02 “Springsteen rises to occasion” reviews Toronto (CA) (12/5/02).  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/8/05 “The Boss in books.” Meeting Across The River and 4th of July, Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/27/07 “Sweaty and full of rage” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24/07).  NEWSPAPER-22
    10/16/07 “The Boss is still boss.” Reviews Ottawa (CA) (10/14/07).  NEWSPAPER-22
    10/17/07 “Another bashing, sweat-soaked revival.”  NEWSPAPER-22
  • EL GLOBO (Mexico)  NEWSPAPER-22
    10/9/87 “Vuelve enamorado” reviews Tunnel of Love.
  • O GLOBO (Brazil)  NEWSPAPER-120
    9/21/13 Rock in Rio Especial Rock in Rio. Page 4.
    2/23/86 “Bootlegs: Putting a bite on the record industry”.
    11/11/86 ” ‘Boss’ gives CBS Records a reprieve”.
    9/20/88 “Rock for rights” reviews Amnesty tour in Philadelphia, PA (9/19/88).
    7/29/02 “Fans of the ‘Boss’ eager for new CD” previews The Rising.
    2/17/17 “Bruce born to tour”
    3/21/73 “Sha Na Na at Keaney” with Springsteen opening, reviews Kingston, RI (3/18/73).
    6/20/78 “Springsteen raises Cain at Nassau” reviews Uniondale, NY (6/3/78).
    11/ 4 – 17/ 1980 “Springsteen: ‘The River’ Breaks New Barriers for the Jersey Giant.”
    4/26/88 Review of Bruce’s performance at the Nassau Coliseum on the Tunnel of Love tour.
    Also see GP.SEInternet Articles
    5/??/81 “Valkommen Bruce!”  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/10/85 Four-page special section includes review of Goteborg (6/8/85).  NEWSPAPER-22
    2003 Incredible 23-page multi-article preview of Gotenborg (SE).  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/22/03 “Folkfesten.” Ten-page multi-article review of Gotenborg (SE) (6/21/03).  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/23/03 Four pages, with mutiple articles, reviews Goteborg (SE) (6/22/03).  NEWSPAPER-22
    12/11/07 “Springsteen skapar eufori” reviews Stockholm (SE) (12/10/07).  NEWSPAPER-22
    8/4/05 “Rising to the occasion; so many years, sentiments” reviews Grand Rapids, MI (8/3/05).
    5/11/07 “‘Sopranos‘ star touts garage rock.”
    9/10/09 “Young drummer keeps the beat for E Street.” Jay Weinberg interview.
    3-4/09 “BOK Awaits Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.”
    3/1/81 “Springsteen: Master Mechanic At Work” reviews Greensboro, NC (2/28/81).
    1/19/85 “Music review” reviews Greensboro, NC (1/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-108
    1/19/85 “His popularity lies in blue-collar roots.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    1/19/85 “Boss delights a surprised Rhinoceros” reviews Greensboro, NC (1/17/85).  NEWSPAPER-108
    1/19/85 “Bruce, is that really you? Look alike contest for tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    4/27/00 “The Boss Convenes A Communal Gathering At His Charlotte Concert.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    11/18/02 “The Boss’ Reckless Courage” reviews Greensboro, NC (11/16/02).  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/28/05 “Boss’ Words Rise Above Music” reviews Greensboro, NC (7/28/05).  NEWSPAPER-22                                                                                                         3/19/12 “Wrecking Ball: A quick turnaround from NCAA to rockin” NEWSPAPER-22
  • GT  NEWSPAPER – 22
    3/3/81 “Han ger ALLT for sin publik.”
    3/3/81 “Bandet bakom Springsteen.”
  • THE GUARDIAN (United Kingdom)
    (United Kingdom)
    G2 (United Kingdom)
    WEEKEND (United Kingdom)
    Also see GUARDIAN.CO.UKInternet Articles
    11/19/75 Reviews Hammersmith Odeon (UK) (11/18/75).  NEWSPAPER-22
    11/14/86 “The Boss goes for track record” reviews Live 1975-’85.  NEWSPAPER-22
    6/23/88 “Running bare” reviews Birmingham (UK) (6/21/88).  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/2/88 “High price of Amnesty concert bill.”  NEWSPAPER-22
    9/3/88 Front page photo, story on Human Rights tour opener at Wembley (UK).  NEWSPAPER-22
    8/7/02 G2 section. “Bruce Springsteen changed my life” by Sarfraz Manzoor.  NEWSPAPER-108
    10/8/04 “Can music swing the US election? Backstage on the Vote for Change tour.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    2/1/07 “Bruce blew my cover.” Report and interview with Pete Seeger.  NEWSPAPER-22
    6/26/09 Cover of G2 section.”Bruce Reborn.”  Page 5.  NEWSPAPER-22
    7/4/09 A fictional “Peek at the diary of Bruce Springsteen.” Weekend section.  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/24/10 “People thought we were gone. Finished.” Springsteen interview.  NEWSPAPER-108
    11/12/10 “Forlorn in the USA.” Five star review (out of 5) for The Promise.  NEWSPAPER-108
    11/20/10 “Why there’ll never be another Bruce.” Page 25 of The Guide section.  NEWSPAPER-22
    12/16/10 “Bruce’s front-row invasion.” Page 20 of the G2 section.  NEWSPAPER-22
    6/17/13 Rave review for London (UK) (6/15/13).  NEWSPAPER-22
    1/10/14 High Hopes review . Three stars (out of five).  NEWPAPER-110
    1/29/14 Long review of the life of Pete Seeger with mention of Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-110
    1/29/14 Obituary of Pete Seeger with mention of Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-110   8/815 “John Stewart’s last Daily Show was a humble affair-like the man himself” NEWSPAPER-110                                                                                                      11/12/15 REVIEWS The Ties That Bind-The River Collection NEWSPAPER-22 2/12/16 ” United States- Springsteen’s memoir to be published in autumn” NEWSPAPER-22
    9/24/16 “‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen” book review. Pg. 6. NEWSPAPER-22

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  • HALIFAX COURIER (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/26/81 “Dylan ‘look-alike’ who became a rock star” reviews Dave Marsh’s Born To Run.
    4/9/81 “Wechselbad in Liebe” reviews Hamburg (DE) (4/7/81).
    2/17/96 Photo, short article previews “Mega-Star Bruce Springsteen” in Hamburg.
    2/19/96 “Der ‘Boss’ als Geschichtenerzahler” reviews Hamburg (DE) (2/17/96).
    6/28/05 Photo, brief comments on Hamburg.
    6/29/05 “Wer will da noch wissen, wie viele Songs er spielte” reviews Hamburg (DE) (6/27/05).
    7/21/88 Front page: “Der BOSS macht DDR total verrockt!” Coverage of East Berlin.
    6/13/03 “Der Boss rockt, das Stadion tobt” reviews Hamburg (DE) (6/12/03).
    6/28/05 ‘Der amerikanische Traum in Albdrucken” reviews Hamburg (DE) (6/27/05).
    10/13/06 “Ein ‘Boss’ aud fremden Pfaden” reviews Hamburg (DE) (10/12/06).
    1/ 21/81 “Springsteen wrings out rock marathon” reviews Toronto (CA) (1/ 20/81).
    3/4/08 “Glory Days: Springsteen Doesn’t Disappoint” reviews Hamilton, Ontario  (CA) (3/3/08).
    9/28/73 Writer of letter to the editor urges attendance at Hampden Sydney (AU) (9/28/73).
    5/28/13 “Der gute Mensch von Amerika”
  • HAPPYTIMES NEWSPAPER-23                                                                                11/3/76 “Front Row Center/ Review” Spectrum 10/25 and 10/27
    8/5/87 “Springsteen Taken To Task in NME Article.” Page 5, “Springsteen Rocks the Pony.” Page 6
    May 1990 “Bruce Gives $$$$ to the Unemployed”
    10/9/91 “The shoes are shiny, but the collar’s still blue”
    12/10/75 “The Continent Between Fans Of Rock Music.”
    5/26/82 “The Boss And Bubba G.”
    9/12/84 “Every Fire Needs A Spark” reviews Hartford, CT (9/7/84).
    9/12/84 “Blastin’ Through Bedrock.”
    8/28/85 “Boss Mania. A working class hero is something to be.”
    11/24/86 “Who’s the Boss? And just how good is the much-anticipated Bruce Box?”
    3/7/88 “Spirit in the Night” reviews the start of the Tunnel tour.
    4/9/92 “The Disc Bin” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.
    Also see COURANT.COMInternet Articles
    4/14/73 Brief mention. Called “a wordy new singer-songwriter.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    4/21/73 Mentioned as “being hailed as the new Dylan.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    4/22/73 Advertisement (but later, no review) of Springsteen opening for Richie Havens.  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/23/76 “Wonder Boy Springs Back” reviews Waterbury, CT (8/21/76).  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/20/77 “Springsteen Fire Ignites Audience” reviews New Haven, CT (3/18/77).  NEWSPAPER-23
    12/14/80 “Springsteen Delivers” reviews Hartford, CT (12/12/80).  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/3/82 Reviews Nebraska: “proves his imagery is not restricted to New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/6/84 “Born and Bred in Jersey: The Boss’s Beginnings.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/8/84 “‘The Boss’ Gives Solid Blast of Rock ‘n’ Roll” reviews Hartford, CT (9/7/84).  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/9/84 “Police Videotape Ticket Scalpers.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/11/85 “‘The Boss’ Stands Firm With VIP’s” as DC politicians scramble for tickets.  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/11/86 “Area Fans Are Scooping Up Live ‘Boss’ Album.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/18/86 “Glory Years. Five-Record Set Captures A Decade of Excitement.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    1/23/87 “Tender tribute stirs rock ‘n’ roll memories” reviews Rock Hall (1/2/87).  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/6/87 “Love, fear and the Boss” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-23
    2/24/88 “Hungry fans take heart,” and “Everything a Springsteen novice needs to know.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/3/88 “Seen and heard at the Bruce Springsteen concert.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/6/88 “Springsteen shifts gears in new tour.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/24/88 “Separate priorities bring Springsteens’ tunnel of love ride to an end.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/30/92 “The Boss shows his bright side” on Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/9/92 “Springsteen: new and vintage” on the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour.  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/14/92 “Bruce is not ‘boss’ he used to be, but he’s still at the top.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/14/92 “Springsteen triumphs” reviews Worcester, MA (8/13/92).  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/12/92 “Springsteen settles down. Midlife becomes him.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/15/92 “Bobby King: Springsteen’s new big man.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/16/92 “Springsteen still shows who’s Boss” reviews Hartford, CT (11/15/92).  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/25/93 “Springsteen’s reunion a raucous good time.” East Rutherford, NJ (6/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-23
    3/10/95 “Springsteen balances family and rock ‘n’ roll.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    12/18/95 “In an acoustic shift, Springsteen is riveting” reviews Boston, MA (12/15/95).  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/12/96 “Springsteen lean. A spare, deconstructed ‘Boss'” on Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/18/96 “Faces of the forsaken” on the book that shaped The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/19/96 “Springsteen Intense. Surprising” reviews Wallingford, CT (9/18/96).  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/22/96 “The Boss Still Signs Against the Grain.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    7/17/99 “A Turbo Charged Rock Revival” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/4/00 “The E Street Band is Back with The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/5/00 “Capturing the Boss’ Spirit of ’78.” Interview with Lynn Goldsmith.  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/6/00 “Graphic Designers Give Albums a Connecticut Touch.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/6/00 “Springsteen’s Played Few But Memorable Concerts In State.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/7/00 “Boss Behavior 1984 …1992 … 2000.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/7/00 “Springsteen Still Speaks Primarily to Generation That’s Grown With Him.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/8/00 “Born to Run the Boss’ Career.” Jon Landau interview.  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/8/00 “The Boss Delivers in Hartford” reviews Hartford, CT (5/7/00).  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/9/00 “Boss Shows Teens How It’s Done.” Teenager reviews Hartford, CT (5/7/00).  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/9/00 “A Mention by Bruce, and Charity to End Hunger Gains $13,400.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    5/9/00 Bruce, E Street Band “Just Keep Getting Better.” Hartford, CT (5/8/00).  NEWSPAPER-23
    1/15/02 “Surprise Visit By Boss” reviews Mashantucket, CT (1/11/02).  NEWSPAPER-23
    7/30/02 “His City Of Ruins Is Rising” previews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/3/02 “Springsteen Springs Up All Over” with new album, media darling status.  NEWSPAPER-23
    8/11/02 “The Boss waves the flag but shows us the tatters.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/7/03 “Bruce Almighty.” Profile of concert promoter Jim Koplik.  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/11/03 “The Boss of Relevance: Ever Rising To The Occasion.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/11/03 “Fenway loves Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    9/16/03 “Just Dancing In The Rain? A FAQ On Springsteen Shows.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/17/03 “The Boss Takes The Field” for first ever concert at new Rentschler Field.  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/17/03 “Springsteen’s Spirit Rises” reviews East Hartford, CT (9/16/03).  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/18/03 “Boss’ Boom Travels Far. Concert Prompts Noise Complaints.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/19/03 “You Paid $80 For Boss Tickets? Ha!”  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/19/03 “Silver Lane No Thunder Road This Time.” Few sound complaints.  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/19/03 “Springsteen Electrifies” reviews East Hartford, CT (9/18/03).  NEWSPAPER-23
    9/19/03 Bruce visits the Mark Twain House.  NEWSPAPER-23
    1/7/04 Review of the best concerts of 2003 includes Bruce in East Hartford, CT.  NEWSPAPER-23
    7/22/05 “Bruce Gets Down to Business” reviews Bridgeport, CT (7/20/05).  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/9/05 “Bruce’s Selections Resonate” reviews Hartford, CT (10/7/05).  NEWSPAPER-23
    11/15/05 “Born to Run is Still a Wild Ride with Mary, Terry, Wendy…”  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/3/07 Reviews Hartford, CT (10/2/07).  NEWSPAPER-23
    2/29/08 “A Somber Edge, With Moments of Abandon” reviews Hartford, CT (2/28/08).  NEWSPAPER-23
    4/25/09 “Springsteen Sounds Hopeful Notes” reviews Hartford, CT (4/24/09).  NEWSPAPER-23
    4/17/74 Student newspaper previews (but did not review) Springsteen at Hartford, CT.
    4/24/74 Advertisement for the Hartford Spring Weekend Concert
    12/6/75 “After The Hype” reviews Boston, MA (12/3/75).
    Also see HS.FI (Finland)Internet Articles
    6/17/03 “Stadion tayttyi rokkaavista aikuisista.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/18/03 “Kolme tuntia pomon vietavana” reviews Helsinki (FI) (6/16/03).  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/18/03 “Ulpea vanha hippi.”  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/4/09 “Pomo korosti mustia juuriaan” reviews Tampere (FI) (6/2/09).  NEWSPAPER-23
    2/18/12 “Vihainen patriootti.”  Major Wrecking Ball coverage.  NEWSPAPER-120
    8/1/12 Reviews the fabulous Helsinki show (7/31/12).   NEWSPAPER-120
    8/1/12 Little Steven: “Uran koskettavin kiertue.”   NEWSPAPER-120
    5/1/13 Amerikan ääni ei sammu” previews Turku (FI).  NEWSPAPER-120
    5/9/13 Mikko Aaltonen reviews Turku (FI) (5/7/13).  NEWSPAPER-120
    10/1/82 “Poignant lessons.” Reviews Nebraska.
    12/3/96 “Simpler Springsteen act full of passion, humor” reviews Miami, FL (12/2/96).
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    3/11/00 “Die-hard Springsteen fans hang on every note from their Boss”
  • THE HERALD (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/15/87 “Bruce’s Brilliant Disguise” reviews Tunnel of Love.
  • THE HERALD (Hobart College)  NEWSPAPER-23
    10/13/73 “Springsteen, Montgomery To Play Fall Weekend.”
    11/2/73 “Springsteen-Montgomery Review” reviews Geneva, NY (10/26/73).
    12/13/74 “Springsteen Rocks Geneva” reviews Geneva, NY (12/7/74).
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    7/17/13 “Still The Boss” reviews Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).
  • THE HERALD (Scotland)  NEWSPAPER-23
    6/19/13 Front page photo from Glasgow (UK) (6/18/13).
  • THE HERALD (Zimbabwe)  NEWSPAPER-24
    10/7/88 Amnesty tour preview: “All set for the big night.”
    10/8/88 “72000 fans jam human rights now show” reviews Harare (ZW) (10/7/88).
    10/8/88 Funny cartoon, a play on mistaken identity.
    10/11/88 “Human Rights Now! concert raises over $700000.”
  • HERALD A.M. (Ireland)
    9/28/07 Previews Magic as “flab-free and immensely entertaining.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    10/10/07 Four star review of Magic: “a little masterpiece that’s long overdue.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    12/17/07 Concert photo from Belfast (UK) (12/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-24
    12/18/07 Says Belfast (UK) (12/15/07) was “Christmas come early.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    8/27/78 “Bruce and Buddy Holly.”
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    5/16/08 “New habitat house gets the female touch” from Patti Scialfa, Habitat for Humanity.
    11/13/92 “Fans adjust to a mellower Bruce.”
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    SUNDAY (Australia)
    2/22/97 “Born To Get Mellow” analyzes three shows in Melbourne (AU). NEWSPAPER-24
    1/17/99 “Never Mind The Ballads.” Page 8 of SUNDAY supplement.  NEWSPAPER-108
    3/21/03 “Boss torn over USA” reviews Melbourne (AU) (3/20/03).  NEWSPAPER-24
  • HERALD SUN (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-24
    2/22/97 “Born To Get Mellow” analyzes three shows in Melbourne (AU).
    3/21/03 “Boss torn over USA” reviews Melbourne (AU) (3/20/03).
    7/15/84 “La genialidad en pantalones vaqueros.”
    4/14/85 “La fidelidad a los origenes.”
    7/14/85 “Bruce Springsteen en Montpellier” (6/23/85)
    12/7/86 “Bruce Springsteen, desde el escenario.”
    6/6/99 “Bruce Springsteen En Zaragoza.” Three articles review Zaragosa (ES) (6/5/99).
    10/15/78 Full front page of the Espectaculos supplement. “Esperanza Del Rock.”
    4/23/08 “Style, simile and … Springsteen?” Middle school trip to concert.

    4/5/81 “Rock’s Bruce Springsteen. Poet of the Mean Streets.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/3/81 “Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen opens Meadowlands’ new arena.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    6/3/82  “‘Big Man’ on Edison campus” previews a concert.  NEWSPAPER-24
    1/18/84 “Springsteen takes Patrix by surprise” reviews New Brunswick, NJ (1/14/84).  NEWSPAPER-24
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    4/1/92 “‘The Boss’ lures ’em with music.” Sam Goody opens early to sell new albums.  NEWSPAPER-24
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    10/13/96 Editorial cartoon: “Springsteen Songs for the Campaigns.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    11/27/96 “Springsteen’s still in touch with New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    2/8/98 Piece on Patrick King benefit show NEWSPAPER-24
    11/98 “The Boss is Back” NEWSPAPER-24
    11/8/98 “Bruce Looks Back” NEWSPAPER-108
    11/22/98 “Springsteen speaks” NEWSPAPER- 24
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    1/10/99 “From E Street to Mean Streets: HBO makes Springsteen guitarist an offer he can’t refuse” NEWSPAPER-24
    2/11/99 “Springsteen calls music copyrights fraudulent.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    3/5/99 “The Boss sets start of tour.” continued on back. NEWSPAPER-24
    3/14/99 “New Brunswick had role in Springsteen’s rise.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    3/16/99 “Springsteen brings Shore sound to Waldorf” NEWSPAPER-108
    3/17/99 Editorial cartoon of Bruce Springsteen playing New Jersey shaped guitar NEWSPAPER-24
    3/19/1999 “Boss, band back in town.” NEWSPAPER – 108
    3/21/99 “Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.” NEWSPAPEER-24
    4/16/99 “It’s SONY Week at the WIZ!” NEWSPAPER-108
    6/4/99 “Southside Johnny may have gone country, but his heart and sound are pure New Jersey” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/11/99 “Summer of Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/11/99 “Ties That Bind” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/15/1999 “Here come The Boss, here come The Boss.” NEWSPAPER – 108
    7/16/99 “E Streeters Crank it Up at Meadowlands” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/99 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/99 “Boss and band bring it back home.” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/1999 “The Boss is Back! Review.” NEWSPAPER – 108
    7/17/1999 “A really Boss act.” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/25/99 “It’s All Set for Springsteen Fans” NEWSPAPER-24
    8/1/99 Summer of Springsteen – “So, how’d you like the show?” “Little girl I wanna you,” “All dolled up,” “At a Bruce concert with a non-fan” NEWSPAPER 108
    8/4/99 “Springsteen spices up show’s set list as Jersey run heads into homestretch.” NEWSPAPER-24
    8/12/99 “The Boss as benefactor.” NEWSPAPER- 24
    8/12/99 “The clothes on his back.” NEWSPAPER-24
    8/13/99  “The Boss packs up after 15 rockin’ shows.” continued on back NEWSPAPER-108
    8/15/99 “Springsteen and E Streeters leave New Jersey satisfied.” NEWSPAPER-108
    8/15/99 “In your towns.” NEWSPAPER-108
    9/12/99 “Streets of Philadelphia” NEWSPAPER-108
    11/7/99 “Choosing his religion: Little Steven questions the role of faith on new solo album” NEWSPAPER-108
    12/31/99 “A Century of Jersey Talent” NEWSPAPER-108
    8/4/2000 “They write the songs that have us scratching our heads.” NEWSPAPER – 108
    12/18/00 “Fans brave rain, cold for Springsteen show.” Scene outside Convention Hall.  NEWSPAPER-24
    4/1/01 “He will not let you down” NEWSPAPER-108
    3/10/2006 “Dante’s Inferno, Steven Van Zandt strikes while ‘The Sopranos’ are hot.” NEWSPAPER – 24
    4/23/06 “Springsteen goes eclectic” on We Shall Overcome.  NEWSPAPER-24
    3/30/2007 “Paying tribute to the boss: Musicians honor Bruce at Carnegie Hall show.” NEWSPAPER – 24
    4/19/08 “Bandmates, friends remember Flemington’s Federici” NEWSPAPER-24
    7/28/08  Partial review of East Rutherford, NJ (7/27/08).  NEWSPAPER-24
    8/17/12 “Tiny tot Springsteen look-alikes are boss of day.”  NEWSPAPER-24          6/19/14 “Riding from E Street to 18th Green” NEWSPAPER-108
    4/24/08 Cover story: 11 pages, multiple articles, Robbin Thompson interview.
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    3/9/74 “Springsteen is Dynamic” reviews Houston, TX (3/4/74).  NEWSPAPER-24
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    1/24/96 “Rich man, poor man: Bruce is still the Boss” reviews Houston, TX (1/ 23/96).  NEWSPAPER-24
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    4/20/00 “Springsteen’s glory days live on” reviews Houston, TX (4/18/00).  NEWSPAPER-24
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    4/29/05 “Springsteen hits a dusty spell again” previews Devils & Dust tour.  NEWSPAPER-108
    3/8/74 “Springsteen  a dynamo of talent.” Reviews first Housto, TX show (3/7/74).  NEWSPAPER-24
    3/9/74 An interview conducted by Bob Claypool.  NEWSPAPER-24
    5/26/74 “Another visit with Bruce” as his career picks up steam.  NEWSPAPER-24
    11/10/74 “Springsteen bares his soul” reviews Houston, TX (11/9/74).  NEWSPAPER-24
    7/14/78 “Critic’s choice: Rock ‘n’ roll with Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-24
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    12/15/78 “Quite simply the greatest.” Reviews Houston, TX (12/8/78).  NEWSPAPER-24
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    11/30/84 “…the electricity is missing” reviews Houston, TX (11/29/84).  NEWSPAPER-24
    11/30/84 “Memories and lure of pure rock draw throngs to THE concert.”  NEWSPAPER-24
    12/23/87 Tunnel of Love is the year’s second best album.  NEWSPAPER-24
    4/13/88 “The Boss works up a sweat in Summit” reviews Houston, TX (4/12/88).  NEWSPAPER-24
    2/22/74 Georgetown University student newspaper advertisement for March 3, 1974.
    11/7/75 Rant. “Springsteen’s Born to Lose” calls him an “inexplicable phenomenon.”
    11/14/75 Two letters to the editor, denouncing the anti-Springsteen rant of Nov. 7, 1975.
    12/5/75 “Springsteen Ain’t No Hero,” especially to a Georgetown University columnist.
    10/29/76 “Who Towels Off Bruce Springsteen?” Review of a contract instead of a concert.
    4/6/01 “Springsteen doesn’t disappoint diehard fans” at Jack’s Music Store.
    7/16/04 “Springsteen delivers on promise to artist,” visits Red Bank home.
    11/3/11 Springsteen Collection moves to Monmouth U.
    5/10/62 Danny Federici at 12: “12-Year-Old Boy Organizes Band” called The Jolly Crickets.
    9/27/62 Photo, news brief previewing Danny Federici’s scheduled TV appearance in Philadelphia.
    6/18/64 Photo of 3 Flemington youths, including Danny Federici, preparing for the World’s Fair.
    1/4/96 Obituary of Danny Federici’s adoptive father, Daniel A. Federici.
    5/15/97 Obituary of Jean Federici, Danny Federici’s adoptive mother.
    4/24/08 “Neighbors here recall young Danny Federici.”
    11/?/75 “Springsteen Captures Crowd” in Miami, FL (11/11/75).

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