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    9/11/13 “Springsteen se lucio con pinta lolein y cargado al solarium” NEWSPAPER-58
    9/13/13 “A El jefe se le perdio el escenario” NEWSPAPER-119
    8/84 “Truth, Justice, Fun. Springsteen’s America.”
  • L’UNITA (Italy)
    6/21/85 Three-page special section previews Milan (IT).  NEWSPAPER-119
    9/23/09 I sessant’ anni di Springsteen crocevia rock dell’ America.” NEWSPAPER-58
    11/2/10 “‘Bruce, Bruce, Bruce’ … Fan in delirio per Springsteen NEWSPAPER-119
    6/20/11 “Addio Clemons Big Man Il Boss perde il suo sassofonista.” NEWSPAPER-119
    3/3/12  “L’America Del Boss, Non Piu Terra Di Sogni.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    10/12/10 Prickly City characters debate the Greatest New Jerseyan ever.
    12/7/75 “A Show of Contrasts.” Springsteen profile.  NEWSPAPER-58
    8/3/85 “Springsteen really is ‘The Boss’ now.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    12/5/85 “Singers fight to keep factory open.” The fight to save Freehold’s 3M plant.  NEWSPAPER-58
    5/2/87 Interviews Dave Marsh at the release of Glory Days biography.  NEWSPAPER-58
    12/14/87 “Musicians jam for homeless children” reviews NY, NY (12/13/87).  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/20/88 “‘Boss’ promises surprises as tour begins in Worcester.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    1985 In Doonesbury, a record producer tries to line up talent for USA For Africa.
    1999 Daniel Charles Piraro editorial cartoon: is Bruce ready for the next Bruce Springsteen?
    7/13/04 Fox Trot’s Bill Amend references multiple Bruce Springsteen lyrics.
    1/30/09 Springsteen mentioned in a Tank McNamara syndicated comic strip.
    4/25/74 Photo from the April 20, 1974 concert at Ursinus College.
    5/2/74 “Springsteen’s Rock Rocks U.C. Campus” reviews Collegeville, PA (4/20/74).
  • U.S. 1 NEWSPAPER-58
    11/16/16 “Springsteen Photographer Puts Boss and Everything in Focus”
    5/6/99 “E Street Band celebrates 10-year-reunion by picking up where it left off.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    10/14/99 “Different Worlds.” Interview with Steve Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-58
    Also see USATODAY.COMInternet Articles
    6/29/84 “His 4 ½ hour shows are legendary.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    7/2/84 “Springsteen in concert: Red-hot rock” reviews his opening concert for Born in the USA tour. NEWSPAPER-58
    8/2/84 “Springsteen in concert: Red-hot rock” reviews St. Paul,  MN (6/29/84).  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/25/84 “When he rocks, the USA listens.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/26/84 “Springsteen: Beefed-up music, muscle.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/26/84 “The Boss on other rockers.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/27/84 “Springsteen’s fan-tastic shows.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/28/84 “Bruce: Unattached, but planting roots.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    10/2/84 On Bruce distancing himself from Reagan NEWSPAPER-58
    12/10/84 “Sizing up the appeal of rock’s kings of the road: Prince, Bruce and Michael.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    1/31/85 “A rock ‘n’ roll superteam” comes together for “We Are The World”  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/22/85 “The boss talks on ‘Friday Night Videos.'”  NEWSPAPER-119
    2/27/85 Report from the 27th annual Grammy awards. Springsteen wins his first.  NEWSPAPER-119
    3/6/85 “‘World’: Stunning benefit single released this week.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    3/8/85 “Blockbuster charity: ‘We Are the World.'”  NEWSPAPER-119
    5/14/85 “Bruce weds in midnight hour” NEWSPAPER-58
    7/22/85 “Springsteen is the hottest ticket in the USA.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    7/23/85 “Springsteen calls show who’s ‘the Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-58
    7/23/85 USA Snapshot: “The Boss of the charts.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    8/5/85 “Why Sen. Bill Bradley loves Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    8/6/85 “Springsteen scores in stadium debut” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85). NEWSPAPER-58
    8/7/85 News brief: “Born To Tour.” Cleveland next on BITUSA tour. NEWSPAPER-58
    8/8/85 News brief: “No Bruce Here.” Foxboro concert date nixed by city ordinance. NEWSPAPER-58
    8/12/85 News brief: “Boss in Boston?”  NEWSPAPER-58
    8/15/85 “Scalping: Springsteen concerts are a profiteer’s dream.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    9/27/85 “Guitarist Nils Lofgren works for a great Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    10/2/85 “Springsteen finishes tour de force.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    12/5/85 “Springsteen joins the fight to save a hometown factory.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/1986 “Rock stars sing to keep plants open.” NEWSPAPER-58
    2/1986 “Bruce sings of plight, gives cash.” NEWSPAPER-58
    11/7/86 “His five-disc concert set is born to sell.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    11/10/86 ” ‘Live’ thunders with the glory of Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    11/11/86 “Boss fever rocking the USA” as Live/1975-’85 is released.  NEWSPAPER-58
    11/12/86 First day of phone poll. “Who rules? The King or the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-58
    11/13/86 Day two of phone poll. “Elvis is ruling over Springsteen in phone poll.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    11/14/86 “Bruce is a different breed of star.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    11/14/86 “The winner and still King …”  NEWSPAPER-58
    4/8/87 “Straight from the Boss’ mouth” NEWSPAPER-58
    4/24/87 Excerpts from Dave Marsh’s Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-119
    4/28/87 “Glorying in the music of Bruce.” Dave Marsh interviewed.  NEWSPAPER-58
    10/5/87 “Love, despair meet head-on in Tunnel.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    10/9/87 Full page ad for Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-58
    12/15/87 “Bruce and buddies fire up Simon’s homeless benefit,” reviews (12/13/87).  NEWSPAPER-58
    12/17/87 Tunnel of Love is the year’s best album.  NEWSPAPER-58
    1/21/88 “McCartney snubs Hall of Fame bash” NEWSPAPER-58
    1/22/88 “Ticket orders pour in for the Boss’ tour.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    1/22/88 “Rockin’ till the break of dawn” at the Rock Hall induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/5/88 “Bruce’s ‘Tunnel’ tour picks up steam.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/25/88 “Live shows, lyrics inspire Bruce’s fans.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    2/29/88 “Bruce’s wild ride on the Express-way of Love.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    3/14/88 “A rare talk with Springsteen. Tunnel tour takes him on career detour.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    4/11/88 “Patti Scialfa, backing up Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    5/26/88 “Bruce: Divorcing or dad-to-be?” NEWSPAPER-58
    6/20/88 “It’s official: Bruce, wife no longer a duet.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    6/21/88 “Springsteen’s big split; Steel’s strong union” NEWSPAPER-58
    6/23/88 “Fans: Affair only proves he’s human.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    8/2/88 “Julianne upset by ‘US’ cover” NEWSPAPER-58
    8/23/88 “A folk revival by famed folks.” Also: “‘Vision’: Fresh insights.” NEWSPAPER-58
    9/1/88 “It’s the end of the road for Springsteens” NEWSPAPER-58
    9/2/88 “A cause to sing about” previews Amnesty tour opener in London (UK). NEWSPAPER-58
    9/19/88 Springsteen seventh among top moneymaking entertainers for 1987-88. NEWSPAPER-58
    11/14/88 ” Esquire attempts to demote the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    1/25/89 “He’s the Boss, even on video” NEWSPAPER-58
    9/20/89 “Springsteen springs eternal as rock’s big Boss turns 40.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    11/15/89 “Bruce’s solo act may be temporary.”  NEWSPAPER-58
    1/15/90 “Glory days for dad-to-be Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/8/91 Bruce, Patti stay late at a Rolling Stones party.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/30/91 “Bruce may wed his Jersey girl.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    6/14/91 Q&A about Bruce and Album work at the time NEWSPAPER-59
    1/24/92 “The Boss is back with two new albums.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/?/92 “Springsteen retains his classic ‘Touch'” music review of High Hopes Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5) and Better Days Rating: 3 stars (out of 5) NEWSPAPER-59
    3/30/92 “‘Touch’ of happiness. Two albums reveal a looser Bruce.” HT/LT review.  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/30/92 Front page corner blurb w small photo Springsteen satisfied as the Boss story 1D NEWSPAPER-59
    3/30/92 “Touch of Happiness, Two Albums reveal a looser Bruce” NEWSPAPER-119
    4/2/92 “Human Touch”/ “Lucky Town” in album race. NEWSPAPER-119
    5/8/92 “Springsteen tunes up for SNL gig.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/11/92 “Springsteen packs SNL” for his first Saturday Night Live appearance.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/12/92 “Springsteen will open tour in NJ” NEWSPAPER-59
    5/12/92 Front page corner blurb “Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey- Perfect Together story on 1D, small photo AP NEWSPAPER-59
    6/8/92 “The Boss still has touch for ticket sales.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/24/92 “‘Boss’ homecoming stirs up jitters.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/24/92 “Springsteen kicks off his concert tour” corner blurb and photo NEWSPAPER-59
    7/24/92 On Tour “Hometown fans herald The Boss” NEWSPAPER-59
    7/27/92 “Springsteen rocks his jitters away” (People) NEWSPAPER-59
    7/27/92 “Springsteen shows why he’s the Boss” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/27/92 “Springsteen rocks his jitters away.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    11/11/92 “A wired Springsteen” on MTV.  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/25/93 “Surprise!” Springsteen plays a surprise concert in Red Bank, NJ (3/23/93).  NEWSPAPER-59
    6/28/93 “The Boss can still take charge” reviews Letterman, benefits.  NEWSPAPER-59
    2/23/94 “Tapping the soul of Curtis Mayfield.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    1/16/95 Bruce, E Street Band together briefly. NEWSPAPER-59
    2/27/95 “Even new ‘Hits’ are classic Springsteen” reviews Greatest Hits.  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/2/95 Grammy Award for “Streets of Philadelphia”   NEWSPAPER-119
    3/10/95 “Springsteen won’t settle for past glory.”  NEWSPAPER-119
    9/1/95 “Cleveland gets Rockin’ and Stars jam the city for a concert salute” NEWSPAPER-119
    10/17/95 “Steinbeck a la Springsteen” discusses The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-119
    12/1/95 “In Joad‘ Springsteen answers ghost of his past.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/31/98 “Springsteen hints at boxed set, 1999 tour with E Street Band.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    11/10/98 Springsteen boxed set out today (photo) NEWSPAPER-59
    11/11/98 Lifeline; Rock’s class of ’99 goes back a few years NEWSPAPER-59
    3/5/99 “Orchestrating a Springsteen band reunion.” NEWSPAPER-119
    4/12/99 “Springsteen rekindles fire and fun” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/9-11/99).  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/28/99 “Setting the stage for summer.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/15/99 “Springsteen born to tour; rap’s reeling.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/19/99 “Boss, band at home on the road” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/31/00 “Boss cameo a musical coup.” NEWSPAPER-59
    6/14/00 “The Boss shows how its done” reviews NY, NY (6/12/00).  NEWSPAPER-59
    4/4/01 “The Boss re-Born to run” interview at time of Live in NYC, HBO.  NEWSPAPER-59
    4/4/01 “Strong reaction to words surprise Springsteen.” “41 Shots” story.  NEWSPAPER-119
    4/6/01 “Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band” full page ad for HBO’s premiere of Live in NYC. NEWSPAPER-119
    6/5/02 “Bruce Springsteen set to release album in July” NEWSPAPER-59
    7/9/02 “AOL still plans for premium services.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/15/02 “Springsteen’s Rising.” Album review.  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/29/02 “AOL Still Plans for Premium Services.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/30/02 “Springsteen’s Rising strikes the right post-9/11/ note.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/31/02 ” The Media Mix Springsteen: On Time, CBS NBC, cable…” Editorial Cartoon – Stahler NEWSPAPER-59
    8/8/02 “Springsteen opens tour” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/16/03 “Jersey son Springsteen hosts ‘the ultimate party.'”  NEWSPAPER-59
    9/4/03 “Red Sox away, so Springsteen to fill Fenway.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    10/4/04 “Tour is rocking the vote – gently” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/1/04). NEWSPAPER-59
    5/9/05 “Audiences plug in to acoustic Springsteen” on Devils & Dust tour.  NEWSPAPER-59
    Undated 2006 “Van Zandts poised to open Renegade Theatre” NEWSPAPER-59
    3/9/06 “Springsteen helps Big Easy overcome” previews New Orleans, LA.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/1/06 “New Orleans Jazz Fest is jumpin.'” NEWSPAPER-59
    6/7/06 “For Springsteen, ‘Seeger Sessions’ sends a message.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    10/2/07 Reviews Magic: “The Boss shows off his ‘Magic.'”  NEWSPAPER-59
    11/12/07 “Van Zandt rolls out plan for rock in schools” NEWSPAPER – 59
    2/27/08 “Rock legend Bruce Springsteen still plays to the audience.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    2/28/08 “Springsteen Still plays to audience” Cover, NEWSPAPER-119
    3/28/08 Springsteen tour question in the Who’s News column of USA Weekend. NEWSPAPER-59
    5/16/08 Asbury Park one of 10 top places for authentic American music.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/1/09 “Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday will be a selfless celebration” NEWSPAPER-59
    6/15/09 “Bonnaroo offers bonanza of beats.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    8/11/09 Refocusing the Dream: In Asbury Park, a rising is blocked by recession NEWSPAPER-59
    10/22/09 LA Dodgers manager Joe “Torre hears Bruce, boos on night off.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    10/26/09 “These stars are tops in packing ’em in.” Refocusing the Dream: In Asbury Park, NEWSPAPER-59
    9/16/10 “The Boss and the buzz, Springsteen talks up documentary about Darkness.” NEWSPAPER-59
    10/1/10 “The Boss explores a time of ‘Darkness.'”  NEWSPAPER-119
    11/22/11 “Musicians sing praises of those they call heroes.” Finale long on Stars, short on spontaneity” NEWSPAPER-59
    12/21/11 “Clarence Clemons keeps the holidays spirit alive” NEWSPAPER-59
    2/13/12 Coverage of the 54th Grammy Awards.  NEWSPAPER-119
    3/2/12 Three and one half stars (out of 4) for Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-59
    3/2/12 “Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball slams into these dire economic times” Life section Music Review 2018.187.852 NEWSPAPER-119
    3/16/12 “3,000 aspiring musicians are all ears for Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    4/30/12 Reviews New Orleans Jazz festival.  NEWSPAPER-59
    9/17/12 “‘The Boss’ is the head of his class.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    10/19/12 “Clinton, Springsteen stump for Obama” in Ohio.  NEWSPAPER-59
    12/13/12 “Rockers raise roof, funds for Sandy relief.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    12/13/12 “Hometown Heroes” NEWSPAPER-119
    1/16/13 “Van Zandt fine-tunes ’60s rock in ‘Not Fade Away.'”  NEWSPAPER-59
    7/18 “The Boss re-Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-59

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    9/12/84   “Every Fire Needs a Spark” reviews Hartford, CT (9/7/84).
    Also see VANCOUVERSUN.COM Internet Articles
    6/27/78 “Springsteen blows ’em out with superheated rock” reviews Vancouver  (CA) (6/26/78).
    10/16/92 “Once and future king of rock still rolling on” reviews Vancouver (CA)(10/15/92).
    4/12/03 “Springsteen shows why he’s boss” reviews Vancouver (CA) (4/11/03).
    8/15/05 “Springsteen’s low-key vibes keep them rocking” reviews Vancouver (CA) (8/13/05).
    3/31/08 “Bruce Springsteen fans share their concert memories.”
    4/1/08 “Bruce Springsteen takes charge of GM Place” reviews Vancouver (CA) (3/31/08).
    4/23/81 “Debut triunfal” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/21/81).  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/18/03  “Delirio en el Estadi” “Un romance con Barcelona”  NEWSPAPER-119      7/21/08 Photo, review of Barcelona (ES)  (7/19/08).  NEWSPAPER-119
    1980 Review of “The River” NEWSPAPER-119
    12/2/74 Preview of the Dec. 8, 1974 concert in Burlington, VT.
    11/9/78 “That Scrappy Punk From New Jersey Was Born to Rock” reviews Burlington (11/8/78).
  • VG (Norway)  NEWSPAPER-119
    Also see VG.NOInternet Articles
    7/28/88 “Tamt Og Trivelig” reviews Oslo (NO) (7/27/88).
    7/28/88 “Jubel-Bruce Fra 35 000.”
    7/28/88 “Polsesel Ger ‘Kupper’ n.”
    7/28/88 “Fellesskap for Bruce.”
    7/28/88 “– Her Kysset Bruce Meg.”
    7/28/88 “BERUCET.”
    7/28/88 “374 Trengende.”
    7/28/88 “Tusener utenfor.”
    7/28/88 “Trengsel til tusen.”
    7/28/88 “Fest Uten Bruce.”
    7/28/88 “De ventet forgjeves.”
    7/19/12 Reviews Dublin as a preview to Oslo (NO).
    7/21/12 “Her er ‘The Boss’ favorittene” previews Oslo (NO).
    7/22/12 Photos from Oslo memorial concert (7/22/12).
    7/23/12 Two-page photo at the Oslo memorial concert (7/22/12).
    7/24/12 “Hallaien Bergen!” reviews Bergen (NO) (7/23/12).
    7/24/12 Two-page Steven/Lilyhammer feature.
    Internet Articles
    3/25/71 Sunshine In ad: Allman Brothers, Bruce, and friendly enemies. NEWSPAPER-119
    1/10/74 Reviews The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle. NEWSPAPER-59
    8/8/74 “Getting what you need” reviews New York,NY (8/3/74). NEWSPAPER-59
    10/10/74 “Brightness blinding” reviews NY, NY (10/4/74). NEWSPAPER-59
    3/3/75 “A Springsteen Progress Report.” NEWSPAPER-59
    8/25/75  “Is Bruce Springsteen Worth the Hype?” NEWSPAPER-119
    9/8/75 Critics discuss the “State of Pop Music in New York.” NEWSPAPER-119
    9/22/75 Robert Christgau reviews Born to Run. Gives it an “A”. NEWSPAPER-119
    12/29/75 Pazz & Jop poll, and the year’s top 10 albums list. NEWSPAPER-119
    1/26/76 “Yes, There Is a Rock-Critic Establishment.” NEWSPAPER-119
    11/8/76 ”Springsteen Still Loves Rock and Roll.” NEWSPAPER-59
    6/9/78 “Reborn to Run” reviews Nassau Coliseum, NY (6/3/78). NEWSPAPER-59
    8/21/78 Full page advertisement for Madison Square Garden, Darkness. NEWSPAPER-59
    9/25/78 Full page advertisement for Darkness on the Edge of Town. NEWSPAPER-59
    10/29/80 “Bruce Springsteen: Of Time and The River.” NEWSPAPER-59
    2/4/81 The River is #2 in the annual Pazz and Jop Critics’ Poll. NEWSPAPER-119
    10/5/82 “Bruce Springsteen: Nowhere to Run” discusses Nebraska. NEWSPAPER-119
    6/19/84 “He Works Hard for Your Money.” NEWSPAPER-59
    6/26/84 Robert Christgau reviews Born in the U.S.A. NEWSPAPER-59
    8/21/84 Shares cover. Compares Bruce Springsteen/Michael Jackson. NEWSPAPER-119
    2/19/85 Shares cover. Bruce wins 1984 Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. NEWSPAPER-119
    7/9/85 Radio executive promotes burning albums. NEWSPAPER-59
    7/22/85 “Bruce Acts Out” on the Dancing in the Dark video. NEWSPAPER-59
    9/3/85 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85). NEWSPAPER-119
    9/24/85 “Springsteen: A Spark Starting a Fire.” NEWSPAPER-119
    12/9/86 “Blowin’ Away the Lies.” NEWSPAPER-59
    10/13/87 “The Boss Pulls Out.” NEWSPAPER-59
    12/1/87 Robert Christgau gives Tunnel of Love an “A”. NEWSPAPER-59
    11/28/95 “Springsteen : Underclass Hero” front page. ” The Great Depression” NEWSPAPER-119
    4/10/01 Reviews “My City of Ruins” and Live in New York City. NEWSPAPER-59
    11/7/73 “Springsteen Bursts Into Song” reviews Bryn Mawr, PA (10/30/73).
    4/17/74 Reviews Widener College, Chester, PA (4/5/74).
    9/25/74 “Springsteen Shines” reviews Bryn Mawr, PA (9/19/74).
    11/6/74 Reviews Upper Darby, PA (11/1/74).
    10/22/76 “Rock and Roll in Good Hands with Springsteen” reviews Williamsburg, VA (10/16/76).
    4/9/73 Springsteen opens for Beach Boys in Norfolk, VA (4/7/73).  NEWSPAPER-59
    1/6/85 “Bruce Springsteen shows fans who’s ‘Boss'” reviews Hampton, VA (1/4/85).  NEWSPAPER-119
    11/13/05 Reviews Norfolk, VA (11/11/05).  NEWSPAPER-59
    1/7/12 “Reliving The Glory Days – With Or Without Guests.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    1/7/12 “Clemons tribute comes full circle for family, friends, fans.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    1/11/12 “Drummer hurt in car crash on way home.”   NEWSPAPER-59
  • DE VOLKSKRANT (Netherlands)
    4/6/93 “Niet meer dan waxinelichtje” reviews Dortmund (DE) (4/4/93).  NEWSPAPER-59
    4/21/93 “Springsteen teert op oude naam” reviews Rotterdam (NE) (4/19/93).  NEWSPAPER-59
    2/27/96 “wat maakt die man indruk” reviews Rotterdam (NE) (2/25/96).  NEWSPAPER-59
    6/21/99 “Bruce is nog geen levende jukebox” reviews Arnhem (NE) (6/19/99).  NEWSPAPER-59
    10/23/02 “‘The Boss’ is weer terug in Ahoy,” front page photo from Rotterdam.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/8/03 “Springsteen is in de Kuip intiem en overrompelend.  NEWSPAPER-59
    5/8/03 “Ik geniet zo lang mogelijk,” an interview with Nils Lofgren.  NEWSPAPER-59
    8/11/04 “Songs tegen de macht” previews the Vote for Change tour.  NEWSPAPER-59
    6/2/09 “Het leukste feestje was Madness” reviews Landgraaf (NE)  (5/30/09).  NEWSPAPER-59
    2/18/12 “De nieuwste van Springsteen gaat over de crisis.”  NEWSPAPER-59
    2/28/12 “Springsteen op scherp.” Tremendous coverage.  NEWSPAPER-119
    1/12 Profile on Vini Lopez, E Street’s first drummer.
    5/16/03 “Es el Jefe” reviews Gijon, (ES) (5/15/03).
    5/16/03 “Tras los pasos del ‘Jefe’.”
    5/16/03 “Nuevo ‘tour’ de Bruce Springsteen,” a full page of photos.
  • HET VRIJE VOLK (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-59
    6/11/85 “Bruce voor douane ook maar ‘n mens…”

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