• BAGS
    2007 Rolling Stone cover Tote Bag 11/1/2007, Bruce w/guitar. TEXTILE 220
    2021 Springsteen on Broadway Tote Bag, Black and White Logo. TEXTILE 221
    2023 Canvas Bag Swag from Inaugural American Music Honors. TEXTILE 221
  • HATS
    1984 98Rock WKQQ FM Springsteen ’84 Welcome to Miller Time Dancin’ in the Dark TEXTILE 31
    2021 Navy Blue Baseball Hat- United States vs. Bruce Springsteen – TEXTILE 53
    Dice on front, baseball cap, black TEXTILE 203
    Tunnel of Love, embroidered boardwalk scene on back, prototype tour jacket, white, XL, “Drew”. TEXTILE 3
    “The Boss” black and white, nose and mouth, COVID-19 mask TEXTILE 31
  • MISC
    Towel, Greetings From Asbury Park, white TEXTILE 203

      1974 Born to Run era, Eric Meola classic silhouette, black, N/O. TEXTILE 11
      1978 Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live, black.TEXTILE 13
      1978 Darkness era, Tour ’78, image, black, LG, N/O. TEXTILE 13
      1978 Darkness era, US Tour, image f/b, black. TEXTILE 13
      1978 Darkness era, ’78 World Tour, black, N/O. TEXTILE 13
      1978 Darkness era, The Boss is Back, image, black, N/O. TEXTILE 13
      1978 Darkness era, On Tour, black, N/O. TEXTILE 13
      1979 Darkness era, Boss is Back in Concert. black,L, N/O. TEXTILE 13
      9/22/1979 MUSE No Nukes Shirt, Black, M. TEXTILE 13
      1980 River era, image, black, no/size, N/O. TEXTILE 21
      1980 River era, image, black/red, 3/4 sleeve, N/O. TEXTILE 21
      1980 River era, image on front & tour dates on back, tan L, TEXTILE 21
      1980 River era, image on front & tour dates on back, tan XL, TEXTILE 21
      1980-1 World Tour, black and grey, L TEXTILE 203
      1980-1 World Tour, dark blue and red, XL, TEXTILE-202
      1980-1 World Tour(longsleeve), grey and blue, XL, TEXTILE-202
      1984 Born in the USA, World Tour ’84-’85, image f/b, gray, LG. TEXTILE 31
      1984 Born in the USA, image f/b, black, XL. TEXTILE 31
      1984 Born in the USA, image f/b, gray/black, 3/4 sleeve, L. TEXTILE 31
      1984 Born in the USA, classic image f/b, white, sleeveless, XL. TEXTILE 31
      1984 Born in the USA, 84-85 tour shirt, Meadowlands, light blue, pink car on front TEXTILE-54
      1988 Tunnel of Love Express Tour MSG NYC May16,18,19,22,23 Not a Dark Ride TEXTILE-51
      1992 Lucky Town/ Human Touch Tour East Rutherford July/August white screenprint TEXTILE-51
      1992/93 Lucky Town/ Human Touch World Tour Sweatshirt – TEXTILE 51
      1992-3 World Tour TEXTILE-203
      1993 Concert to Fight Hunger, black, XL TEXTILE 203
      1995 Ghost of Tom Joad, title on f/b, green, XL TEXTILE 51
      1999 “I believe in the promised land” Ghost of Tom Joad Themed Sweatshirt TEXTILE 53
      1999 Reunion Tour Shirt, logo on front, black, XL TEXTILE 51
      1999 Tour, East Rutherford, NJ, Black XL TEXTILE-201
      2000 Reunion Tour Shirt, logo on front/back, olive, XL  TEXTILE 51
      12/17-18/2000 Bruce Springsteen and Special Guest Rocks, Asbury Park, NJ, long-sleeved, black and white, L t-shirt, TEXTILE 51
      2002 The Rising tour shirt, L TEXTILE 203
      2002 Bruce Springsteen: US Senate, L, navy blue, red text TEXTILE 54
      2003 summer tour light blue with date schedule on back (E Rutherford NJ) TEXTILE-52
      2003 Summer Tour 7/15/03 show #1 Black Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Giant Stadium) TEXTILE-52
      2003 Summer Tour 7/21/03 show#4 Gray Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Giant Stadium) TEXTILE-51
      2003 Shea Stadium Oct 1,3,4, 2003 Blue and Orange 2XL TEXTILE 51
      2009 Working on a Dream Tour E Rutherford May/21 & 23/2009 Black band photos front, schedule on back L TEXTILE-53
      2014 A Photographic Journey 1st Anniversary Woody Guthrie Center, Black, M, TEXTILE 202
      2016 Reunion Tour, title on front, image & USA tour locations on back, brown, XL TEXTILE 53
      2016 Reunion Tour, title on front, European tour locations on back, black, XL. TEXTILE 53
      2016 River Tour shirt, Meadowlands throwback graphic, teal, XL. TEXTILE 53
      1/12/2021 Saturday Night Live! Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band + Timothee Chalamet; black, large TEXTILE 53
      6-7/2021 Springsteen on Broadway Black and White Logo + St. James Theater-New York City; S, M ,L; TEXTILE 52
      Born to Run logo shirt(European). Light blue, size 52, 2020.265 TEXTILE-202
      7/23/23 t-shirt swag from Munich, Germany concert TEXTILE-202
      Backstreets: The Boss Magazine for Bruce Fans, Red
      Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tour 2003, Grey XL
    • DENIM
      2012-2013 Wrecking Ball era long sleeve denim, L
    E Street Fans We Take Care of Our Own HelpDan.com 2019.143.1 TEXTILE 199
    got bruce? no date or other info 2019.144.1 TEXTILE 199
    MUSE Concert, 1979, image w/dates and artists, N/O. TEXTILE 199
    Rock Exchange, Red Bank, NJ, BLK L. TEXTILE 199
    Springsteen Troubadour of the Highway exhibit, Wht, L. TEXTILE 199
    Stone Pony, horse-head image, blue, XL. TEXTILE 200
    Stone Pony, Memorial Day 2000, black, Med. TEXTILE 200
    Stone Pony, forever, 2001, black, LG. TEXTILE 200Stone Pony, Save the Stone Pony, 2002, image front and back, white, 2XL. TEXTILE 200
    Wave Gathering, Asbury Park, NJ, Wht. Med. TEXTILE 201
    2019 Blinded by the Light Film Premiere Tshirts 8/7/19 4-S/M 2019.105.1-4 L-2 2019.105.5-6 TEXTILE-201
    2019 Catsbury Park Bruce Tribute Shirt “Fleastreet Band” 2019.145.1 TEXTILE-201
    2002 Fragments of a Dream, Susan Tumblety TEXTILE-202
    2019-2020 Springsteen: His Hometown TEXTILE-202
    Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul shirt that says “Renegade Nation,” blue TEXTILE-202
    2022 Israeli artist Mia Gabrieli uses photo by Janet Macoska in 2022 edition for annual commemorative t-shirt to benefit a charity TEXTILE-202
    2023 T-shirt from Inaugural American Music Honors, brown/grey, S/XL TEXTILE-204
    Clearwater Pool, t-shirt reads “Clearwater Pool” with drawing of the pool, light blue TEXTILE-204
    Clearwater Pool, t-shirt reads “Keep Cool! Clearwater Pool”, medium blue TEXTILE-204