• BAGS
    2007 Rolling Stone cover Tote Bag 11/1/2007, Bruce w/guitar. TEXTILE-1
    2014 High Hopes Tote Bag, Black and White. TEXTILE-1
    2021 Springsteen on Broadway Tote Bag, Black and White Logo. TEXTILE-2
    2023 Canvas Bag Swag from Inaugural American Music Honors. TEXTILE-2
    2012-2013 Wrecking Ball era long sleeve denim, L TEXTILE-11
  • HATS
    1984 98Rock WKQQ FM Springsteen  ’84 Welcome to Miller Time Dancin’ in the Dark TEXTILE-21
    7/6/2014, Hat for Hershey Convention ESN 2014. TEXTILE-64
    Date Unknown, Hat for Land of Hope and Dreams Why Hunger’s Artists Against Hunger & Poverty Program honors Springsteen as a founding member. Black hat with white lettering ‘Land of Hope and Dreams’. TEXTILE-64
    2021 Navy Blue Baseball Hat- United States vs. Bruce Springsteen – TEXTILE-21
    Dice on front, baseball cap, black TEXTILE-21
    Tunnel of Love, embroidered boardwalk scene on back, prototype tour jacket, white, XL, “Drew”. TEXTILE-31
    “The Boss” black and white, nose and mouth, COVID-19 mask TEXTILE-21
  • MISC
    Towel, Greetings From Asbury Park, white TEXTILE-41
    Backstreets: The Boss Magazine for Bruce Fans, Red TEXTILE-51
    Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tour 2003, Grey XL TEXTILE-51
    1992/93 Lucky Town/ Human Touch World Tour Sweatshirt – TEXTILE-52
    1999 “I believe in the promised land” Ghost of Tom Joad Themed Sweatshirt TEXTILE-52
    2012-2013, Gray hoodie with white and gray lettering; back has shaded photo of Bruce w/ guitar and denim jacket from back. TEXTILE-52
    11/1974 Born to Run era, Hollow Moon Concerts logo on front, Bruce’s name on back, green, L. TEXTILE-61
    1974 Born to Run era, Eric Meola classic silhouette, black, N/O. TEXTILE-61
    1978 Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band Live, black.TEXTILE-61
    1978 Darkness era, US ’78 Tour, image f/b, black. TEXTILE-61
    1978 Darkness era, ’78 World Tour, black, N/O. TEXTILE-61
    1978 Darkness era, Tour ’78, image, black, LG, N/O. TEXTILE-62
    1978 Darkness era, The Boss is Back, image, black, N/O. TEXTILE-62
    1978 Darkness era, On Tour, black, N/O. TEXTILE-62
    1979 Darkness era, Boss is Back in Concert. black,L, N/O. TEXTILE-62
    9/22/1979 MUSE No Nukes Shirt, Black, M. TEXTILE-62
    1979 MUSE Concert, image w/dates and artists, N/O. TEXTILE
    1980 River era, image, black, no/size, N/O. TEXTILE-63
    1980 River era, image, black/red, 3/4 sleeve, N/O. TEXTILE-63
    1980 River era, image on front & tour dates on back, tan L, TEXTILE-63
    1980 River era, image on front & tour dates on back, tan XL TEXTILE-63
    1980-1 World Tour (longsleeve), grey and blue, XL, TEXTILE-64
    1980-1 World Tour, black and grey, 3/4 sleeve L TEXTILE-64
    1980-1 World Tour, dark blue and red, XL, TEXTILE-64
    1984 Born in the USA, World Tour ’84-’85, image, tan XL, TEXTILE 
    1984 Born in the USA, World Tour ’84 – ’85, image f/b, gray, LG. TEXTILE-65
    1984 Born in the USA, image f/b, black, XL. TEXTILE-65
    1984 Born in the USA, image f/b, gray/black, 3/4 sleeve, L. TEXTILE-65
    1984 Born in the USA, classic image f/b, white, sleeveless, XL. TEXTILE-65
    1984 Born in the USA, 84-85 tour shirt, Meadowlands, light blue, pink car on front TEXTILE-65
    1984 Born in the USA, 84-85 tour shirt, June 1984, White, Sleeveless, L. TEXTILE-65
    1988 Tunnel of Love Express Tour MSG NYC May16,18,19,22,23 Not a Dark Ride TEXTILE-66
    1992 Lucky Town/ Human Touch Tour East Rutherford July/August white screenprint TEXTILE-66
    1992-3 World Tour, image on front, black, XL TEXTILE-66
    1993 Concert to Fight Hunger, black, XL TEXTILE-66
    1995 Ghost of Tom Joad, title on f/b, green, XL TEXTILE-67
    1999 Reunion Tour Shirt, logo on front, black, XL TEXTILE-67
    1999 Tour, East Rutherford, NJ, Black XL TEXTILE-67
    2000 Reunion Tour Shirt, logo on front/back, olive, XL  TEXTILE-67
    12/17-18/2000 Bruce Springsteen and Special Guest Rocks, Asbury Park, NJ, long-sleeved, black and white, L t-shirt, TEXTILE-68
    2002 The Rising tour shirt, L TEXTILE-68
    2003 summer tour light blue with date schedule on back (E Rutherford NJ) TEXTILE-68
    2003 Summer Tour 7/15/03 show #1 Black Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Giant Stadium) TEXTILE-68
    2003 Summer Tour 7/21/03 show#4 Gray Jersey Shore Boardwalk (Giant Stadium) TEXTILE-68
    2003 Shea Stadium Oct 1,3,4, 2003 Blue and Orange 2XL TEXTILE-69
    2009 Working on a Dream Tour E Rutherford May/21 & 23/2009 Black band photos front, schedule on back L TEXTILE-69
    2016 River Tour shirt, Meadowlands throwback graphic, teal, XL. TEXTILE-69
    2016 Reunion Tour, title on front, image & USA tour locations on back, brown, XL TEXTILE
    2016 Reunion Tour, title on front, European tour locations on back, black, XL. TEXTILE
    7/23/23 t-shirt swag from Munich, Germany concert TEXTILE
    2/1/24 White t-shirt with black logo honoring 1974-2024 for 50th anniversary of The Stone Pony; signed by 18-20+ individuals associated with the Pony’s history TEXTILE-69
    2002 Bruce Springsteen: US Senate, L, navy blue, red text TEXTILE-71
    2002 Springsteen Troubadour of the Highway exhibit, Wht, L. TEXTILE-71
    2014 A Photographic Journey 1st Anniversary Woody Guthrie Center, Black, M, TEXTILE-71
    2019-2020 Springsteen: His Hometown TEXTILE-71
    1/12/2020 Saturday Night Live! Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band + Timothee Chalamet; black, large TEXTILE-71
    6-7/2021 Springsteen on Broadway Black and White Logo + St. James Theater-New York City; S, M ,L; TEXTILE-72
    Born to Run logo shirt (Hebrew). Light blue, size 52, 2020.265 TEXTILE-72
    got bruce? no date or other info 2019.144.1 TEXTILE-72
    Land of Hope and Dreams, red, M TEXTILE-73
    Born in the USA, Gray, XL TEXTILE-73
    Stadium Breaker, Wrecking Ball Crew, blue, XL TEXTILE-73
    Stone Pony, horse-head image, blue, XL. TEXTILE-81
    2000 Stone Pony, Memorial Day, black, Med. TEXTILE-81
    2001 Stone Pony, forever, black, LG. TEXTILE-81
    2002 Stone Pony, Save the Stone Pony, image front and back, white, 2XL.TEXTILE-81
    7/30/2002 Stone Pony, The Rising, black, 2XL TEXTILE-81
    2002 Fragments of a Dream, Susan Tumblety TEXTILE-82
    2009 Wave Gathering, Asbury Park, NJ, Wht. Med. TEXTILE-82
    2009 Light of Day, Rockin’ Against Parkinson’s Disease, 10 Years, black, L TEXTILE-82
    2010 Light of Day, Goes to 11, black, L TEXTILE-82
    2013 E Street Fans We Take Care of Our Own HelpDan.com, black, M 2019.143.1 TEXTILE-82
    2019 Blinded by the Light Film Premiere Tshirts 8/7/19 4-S/M 2019.105.1-4 L-2 2019.105.5-6 TEXTILE-83
    2019 Catsbury Park Bruce Tribute Shirt “Fleastreet Band” 2019.145.1 TEXTILE-83
    2022 Israeli artist Mia Gabrieli uses photo by Janet Macoska in 2022 edition for annual commemorative t-shirt to benefit a charity TEXTILE
    2023 T-shirt from Inaugural American Music Honors, brown/grey, S/XL TEXTILE-84
    Backstreet Records, black, XL TEXTILE-84
    The Bottom Line, New York, white TEXTILE-85
    Clearwater Pool, image of pool, light blue TEXTILE-85
    Keep Cool! Clearwater Pool, medium blue TEXTILE-85
    Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul shirt that says “Renegade Nation,” blue TEXTILE-85
    Rock Exchange, Red Bank, NJ, BLK L. TEXTILE-85