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    12/2/09 “The Worst Album Covers of 2009” includes Working on a Dream.
    3/7/12 Review: Wrecking Ball has problems, especially production.
    1/13/14 High Hopes album review rating 4 (out of 10).
    12/18/16 “Bruce Springsteen Talks Life-Changing Music on ‘Desert Island Discs’: Listen”
    3/1/18 “These Are the 8 Best Bruce Springsteen Books”
    5/19/18 “The seven albums after Bruce Springsteen’s commercial peak tell a story of lost faith and self-doubt”
    12/14/18 “‘Springsteen on Broadway'”
    2/24/20 “Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band” -51
    10/3/07 Reviews Magic (rating: 6.8).
    10/19/07 Commentary on Bruce’s career.
    7/18/18 “Bruce Springsteen / The E Street Band, The Roxy July 7, 1987”- 32
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    12/6/84 “The Rolling Stone Interview: Bruce Springsteen on ‘Born in the U.S.A.”
    1/14/00 “The Week in Weird” Blurb on Bruce Springsteen Oxford course.
    1/25/00 “Springsteen to Tour U.S. in Spring.”
    10/16/01 “Bruce, Bon Jovi Lead NJ Show.”
    12/10/01 “Springsteen Shines in Jersey.”
    3/17/08 “Q&A: Steve Van Zandt,” who talks about touring, his favorite song, etc.
    5/29/08 Bruce Springsteen re-creates Born to Run in New Jersey.
    1/21/09 “The Band on Bruce: Their Springsteen.” Interviews with members of the E Street Band.
    1/29/09 “Rolling Stone Accidentally Kills Off Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Betting.”
    2/23/09 “E Street’s Steve Van Zandt on Max Weinberg’s Busy Dance Card.”
    12/22/09 “Springsteen’s Epic Decade: Bruce on The Rising to Working on a Dream.
    6/10/10 “Max Weinberg on His Future With Conan and Bruce.”
    9/15/10 “Inside Springsteen’s Darkness Documentary, Box Set.”
    2/18/11 “How E Street Band Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Ended Up on Lady Gaga’s New Album.”
    10/2/11 Sting’s 60th birthday concert. Reviews NY, NY (10/1/11).
    12/2/11 “Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger” reviews NY, NY (12/1/11).
    2/13/12 Interview with Steve Van Zandt.
    2/17/12 “Bruce Springsteen Explains His Experimental New Album.”
    2/26/12 “Springsteen Makes a Surprise Appearance at NJ Fundraiser.”
    3/25/12 “Van Zandt, Lofgren Open Up About the New E Street Band.”
    7/19/12 “Nils Lofgren: ‘I Don’t Know If Americans Can Handle a Three-and-a-Half Hour Show.”
    2/9/13 Reviews the MusiCares ceremony in Los Angeles (2/8/13).
    3/26/13 Tom Morello: Australian tour has “been a really fun challenge.”
    6/24/13 Bruce Springsteen Working on Wrecking Ball Follow-Up.”
    11/11/13 “Jake Clemons on Clarence: ‘He’s on That Stage Every Night.’”
    12/17/13 “Bruce Springsteen on ‘Anomaly’ of New Album High Hopes.
    12/30/13 “Ron Aniello (Producer) Breaks Down High Hopes.
    1/6/14 David Fricke Reviews High Hopes.
    1/9/14 “A 54-Minute Conversation with Bruce Springsteen.”
    1/17/14 “Bruce Springsteen Formalizes Plans for Instant Live Bootlegs.”
    1/22/14 “On the Charts: Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Hopes’ Debuts High but Sales are Modest.”
    1/22/14 “Bruce Springsteen’s Instant Bootleg Series: New Details Revealed.”
    1/27/14 ”Kicks off 2014 High Hopes Tour in South Africa; Opens with “Free Nelson Mandela”.”
    1/29/14 “Bruce Springsteen Honors Pete Seeger; Stirring We Shall Overcome.” (1/28/14).
    2/7/14 “The Inside Story of Bruce Springsteen’s Official Live Downloads.”
    2/24/14 “Bruce Springsteen Releasing 4 New Songs on Record Store Day EP,”(4/19/14).
    3/11/14 Bruce Springsteen Q & A: On Top Down Under.
    4/4/14 “Nils Lofgren Recalls Touring with Bruce, Writing with Lou Reed.” INTERNET-28
    4/11/14 Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Induction Speech
    5/12/14 300 Bruce Springsteen Artifacts Coming to Online Museum.
    7/2/14 Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires Talk About Forthcoming Springsteen Tribute Album.
    1/18/15 The 10 Best Moments from Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Surprise’ Charity Concert.
    7/8/15 34 Artists Who Fought Politicians Over their Music
    8/21/15 Darlene Love on new solo LP and working with Springsteen, Steve Van Zandt.
    8/25/15 Bruce Springsteen on making Born to Run: we went to extremes.
    10/19/15 Bruce Springsteen’s video archivist breaks down huge new River box set.
    9/6/16 “Bruce Springsteen Talks Throat Surgery, Depression, New Music”
    9/12/16 “Bruce Springsteen Plans Special ‘Born to Run’ Book Tour Appearances”
    9/18/16 “Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Revealing Interview With ‘CBS Sunday Morning’”
    9/23/16 “Bruce Springsteen Calls Donald Trump a ‘Moron’”
    9/23/16 “Review: Bruce Springsteen’s Revelatory ‘Chapter and Verse’ Book Soundtrack”
    9/24/16 “Watch Bruce Springsteen Name His Five Favorite Springsteen Songs”
    9/27/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Enthralling New Memoir: 10 Things We Learned”
    10/5/16 “True Bruce: Springsteen Goes Deep, From Early Trauma to Future of E Street”
    10/13/16 “Bruce Springsteen’s Favorite Guitar: The Story Behind One-of-a-Kind Fender”
    10/17/16 “Bruce Springsteen Talks Steel Mill, ‘Human Touch,’ What Prince Taught Him”
    11/2/16 “Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart and More: 8 Stand Up for Heroes Highlights”
    11/7/16 “See Bruce Springsteen Perform Solo Set, Rip Trump at Clinton Rally”
    11/9/16 “Jake Clemons on ‘Historical’ Bruce Springsteen Gigs, Emotional New Solo LP”
    11/16/16 “Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro, Lorne Michaels Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom”
    11/22/16 “Watch President Obama Award Bruce Springsteen Medal of Freedom”
    12/15/16 “Watch Bruce Springsteen Play Funky ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ at Sting Benefit”
    1/2/16 “Bruce Springsteen Questions Donald Trump’s Competency on ‘WTF’”
    1/30/17 “Bruce Springsteen Slams Trump: ‘America Is a Nation of Immigrants’”
    1/18/17 “Bruce Springsteen Played Secret White House Concert for Obama Staffers”
    2/2/17 “Watch Bruce Springsteen Taunt Trump With ‘Don’t Hang Up’ in Australia”
    2/10/17 “Hear Bruce Springsteen’s Unreleased ‘Harry Potter’ Song”
    3/7/17 “Max Weinberg Talks 43 Years With Bruce Springsteen, Health Scares”
    3/18/17 “Flashback: Chuck Berry, Bruce Springsteen Play Spirited ‘Johnny B. Goode’”
    3/20/17 “Tom Hanks to Interview Bruce Springsteen for Tribeca Fest Talks”
    4/28/2017 “Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks’ Tribeca Film Fest Talk: 9 Things We Learned”
    5/9/17 “Hear Steven Van Zandt Revive 1977 Song Written With Bruce Springsteen”
    5/22/17 “Steven Van Zandt Talks ‘Soulfire’ LP, Activism, Life With the E Street Band”
    8/3/17 “Bruce Springsteen’s Live Vaults Set to Add 25 New Recordings”
    9/11/17 “Inside Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift’s War on Scalpers, Ticket Bots”
    10/4/17 “Bruce Springsteen Opens Broadway Run With Tom Petty Dedication.”
    10/9/17 “Rolling Stone at 50: Inside Bruce Springsteen’s Long History With the Magazine”
    10/13/17 “Review: Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show is an intimate triumph.”
    9/27/17 “Bruce Springsteen: Intimate White House Gig Inspired New Broadway Run.”
    1/8/18 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know”
    3/6/18 “U2, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen Prep Record Store Day Releases”
    3/29/18 “Bruce Springsteen Plots New Box Set With ‘Tunnel of Love,’ ‘Human Touch
    5/23/18 “Bruce Springsteen: See Intimate Eighties and Nineties Portraits From New Gallery Show”
    6/2/18 “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know”
    7/11/18 “Flashback: Bruce Springsteen Debuts ‘Tom Joad’ on Leno” -32
    10/1/18 “Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Surprise three-songs set with Social Distortion”-35
    10/5/18 “Bruce Springsteen releases Helsinki 2003 Live Album”-35
    12/4/18 “Bruce Springsteen Dismisses 2019 Tour Rumors”-37
    12/16/18 “Bruce Springsteen Releases complete ‘No Nukes 1979’ concerts”-37
    2/1/19 “Flashback: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rock the Super Bowl”-39
    2/1/19 “Hear an Emotional ‘Growin’ Up’ From Bruce Springsteen New Live Album”
    3/4/19 “Bruce Springsteen releases 2005 New Jersey concert packed with extreme rarities” -40
    3/8/19 “Steven Van Zandt dials back on the politics on nostalgic new concert album”-40
    3/24/19 “Exclusive: How Bruce Springsteen wrote and recorded ‘Born In The U.S.A.'” -40
    4/29/19 “Bruce Springsteen Surprises Asbury Park Film Screening” -41
    4/29/19 “Songs you need to know: Bruce Springsteen, ‘Hello Sunshine'”-41
    5/16/19 “Bruce Springsteen releases lush new song ‘There Goes My Miracle'”-42
    5/2/19 “‘Blinded By The Light’: British-Pakistani teen finds hope in Springsteen in new trailer” -42
    5/5/19 “Bruce Springsteen writes new E Street Band Album, plots tour” -42
    5/6/19 “See Bruce Springsteen play surprise set with Steven Van Zandt’s band at L.A. Concert” -42
    7/5/19 “Hear ‘Badlands’ from Bruce Springsteen’s New Nassau Coliseum 1980 Live Album” -44
    7/17/19 “Bruce Springsteen’s Jersey Hometown plans career-spanning exhibit” -44
    8/9/19 “Bruce Springsteen releases 1986 Bridge School Live Album” -45
    8/13/19 “The Night Bruce Springsteen became ‘Rock and Roll Future'” -45
    9/23/19 “Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen: 70 years of proving it all night” -46
    9/29/19 “See Bruce Springsteen’s surprise ‘Light of Day’ at exhibit opening Gala”-46
    10/22/19 “Watch Bruce Springsteen talk family, roots and keep your kids grounded”-47
    10/31/19 “Watch the short film Bruce Springsteen co-directed before ‘Western Stars'” -47
    1/21/20 “Bruce Springsteen opening his vault for Asbury Park Music + Film Fest”-50
    1/28/20 “70 Most anticipated albums of 2020” -50
    2/11/20 “Steven Van Zandt rereleases 1985 ‘Sun City’ protest LP by Artists United Against Apartheid” -51
    3/6/20 “Hear Bruce Springsteen perform ‘Walk Like A Man’ from new 1988 live LP”-52
    3/26/20 “The Price of Greed” -52
    4/2/20 “Steven Van Zandt to debut ‘Qooliest Quarantine Collection’ on radio show”-53
    4/6/20 “Hear Bruce Springsteen perform ‘Where the Bands Are’ from new 2012 live album” -53
    4/10/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen, John Stamos and John Fogerty’s secret 1995 living room jam” -53
    4/14/20 “Bruce Springsteen and more stars from New Jersey will be performing to benefit the state’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic” -53
    4/24/20 “Dion enlists Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Jeff Beck for new blues LP”-53
    5/1/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa guest on Dion’s ‘Hymn to Him'” -54
    5/1/20 “Bruce Springsteen releases 1981 New Jersey concert for COVID-19 relief”-54
    5/8/20 “Dion recruits ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons for ‘Bam Bang Boom’ video” -54
    5/12/20 “Law firm for Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen confirms cyber attack” -54
    5/15/20 “Music at Home: 10 songs from music’s greatest month” -54
    5/20/20 “Bruce Springsteen on lockdown life, the legacy of Little Richard” -54
    5/29/20 “Rock’s greatest sideman on what Springsteen taught her, why Billy Joel is the perfect Boss” -54
    5/30/20 “Watch Bruce Springsteen’s return to live rock with Dropkick Murphys” -54
    6/17/20 “Bruce Springsteen prays for a greif-stricken America, blasts Donal Trump”-55
    6/12/20 “Hear Bruce Springsteen perform ‘Reason to Believe’ on New Stockholm 2005 live album” -55
    7/6/20 Bruce Springsteen drops Philadelphia 1999 live album” -56
    7/16/20 “Steven Van Zandt’s plan to save music education during the pandemic”-56
    7/23/20 “Flashback: Bruce Springsteen resurrects ‘Blinded by the Light’ in 1999”-56
    8/10/20 “David Sancious on his journey from the E Street Band to tours with Sting, Peter Gabriel” -57
    8/18/20 “Bruce Springsteen, Bob Weir, Lucinda Williams set for Joe Strummer tribute livestream” -57
    8/22/20 “See Tom Morello, Bob Weir, Springsteen pay tribute to Joe Strummer”-57
    9/10/20 “Bruce Springsteen announces ‘Letter to You’, new rock album with the E Street shuffle” -58
    9/21/20 “‘The First Time’ with Bruce Springsteen” -58
    9/30/20 “Songs you need to know: Joe Grushecky with Bruce Springsteen, ‘That’s what makes us great'” -58

      11/3/16 “Bruce Springsteen Expands 2017 Oceania Tour”
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      10/07 Four star review for Magic.
      1/16/12 “Secret Gig in New Jersey und Details zum Album.”
      1/19/12 “So lingt “We Take Care Of Our Own” vom Album Wrecking Ball.”
    1/22/09 On Dream, “The Boss finally gets what he wants, but what about us?”
    1/30/09 “Why Springsteen’s Super Bowl Show Will Rock.”
    6/14/09 “Bruce Springsteen Triumphs at Bonnaroo” reviews Manchester, TN (6/13/09).
    6/21/19 “The softer side of Springsteen: 10 songs that paved the way to Western Stars”-43
    9/15/19 “Springsteen on Broadway wins Emmy award for outstanding directing for a variety special” -46
    6/17/20 “Bruce Springsteen calls out Donald Trump on COVID-19 response: “Put on a fucking mask”” -55
    6/23/20 “Bruce Springsteen on America’s future: ‘I have a feeling of optimism about the next election'” -55
    9/16/20 “DMC, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and more appear in Harry Chapin Documentary trailer” -58