All Collection holdings are publicly accessible.  Box numbers, such as CD-BOOT 1970-73-1, identify the location of CDs in the Collection.   Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further details.




    1/13 San Francisco, CA; (Steel Mill at The Matrix).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    2/12 San Francisco, CA; (Steel Mill at The Matrix).  CD-BOOT MP-20
    ?/? New Jersey; (Steel Mill, unknown location).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    ?/? Asbury Park, NJ; (Steel Mill, unknown location).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    4/? Probably West Long Branch, NJ; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT MP-59
    5/10 West Long Branch, NJ; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT MP-108
    5/23 Richmond, VA; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT MP-62
    8/14 Richmond, VA; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    10/11 Richmond, VA; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT MP-81
    11/27 Asbury Park, NJ; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    1/18 South Amboy, NJ; (Steel Mill).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1; CD-BOOT MP-5
    7/10 Lincroft, NJ; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    7/23 DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, The Bruce Springsteen Band; New York City, NY; E. ST.Records.  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    12/17 New Brunswick, NJ; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1; CD-BOOT MP-54
    ?/? Asbury Park, NJ; (The Bruce Springsteen Band at The Sunshine In).  CD-BOOT MP 72
    ?/? Asbury Park, NJ; (The Bruce Springsteen Band at The Student Prince).  CD-BOOT MP-14
    ?/? Asbury Park, NJ; (The Bruce Springsteen Band at The Student Prince).  CD-BOOT MP-59
    2/5 Richmond, VA; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT MP-5
    2/6 Richmond, VA; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT MP-59
    8/30 New York City, NY; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    ?/? Richmond, VA; (The Bruce Springsteen Band).  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    1/31 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    3/2 Berkeley, CA.  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    5/1 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    5/31 Richmond, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-21
    6/13 Binghamton, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-29A
    7/18 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-101
    7/23 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-109
    7/31 MY FATHER’S PLACE; Roslyn, NY; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1970-73-1
    10/31 Bryn Mawr, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-42.
    1/5 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-41
    1/6 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1974-1
    1/12 Parsippany, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-216
    1/19 “YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME”; Kent, OH; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1974-1
    1/25 Richmond, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-80
    2/1 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT 1974-1
    2/18 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-225
    3/3 Washington, DC; (late show).  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-B00T MP-5
    3/9 Houston, TX; (late show).  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT MP-6
    3/10 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-61
    4/11 Cambridge, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-277
    5/9 Cambridge, MA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-23
    5/9 Cambridge, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-11
    6/3 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-80
    7/12 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-277
    7/13 New York City, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT-210
    7/14 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-63
    10/4 New York City, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT MP-100
    10/12 Princeton, NJ; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT MP-224
    10/18 Passaic, NJ; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT MO-100
    10/19 Schenectady, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/29 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1974-1 CD-BOOT MP-72
    11/23 Salem, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-72
    11/29 Trenton, NJ; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1
    12/6 New Brunswick, NJ; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1974-1; CD-BOOT MP-224
    12/8 Burlington, VT.  CD-BOOT MP-269″
    2/2 “THE SAINT”,”THE INCIDENT & THE MAIN POINT SHUFFLE”; Bryn Mawr, PA; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    2/6 West Chester, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-7
    2/18 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    2/23 Westbury, NY; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-190
    2/23 Westbury, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-64
    3/7 Owings Mill, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-90
    3/8 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-16
    7/20 Providence, RI.  CD-BOOT MP-194
    722 Geneva, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-229
    7/23 Lenox, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    7/25 Kutztown, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    7/26 Kutztown, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-232
    7/28 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-40
    7/29 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-12
    8/1 Richmond, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-274
    8/2 Norfolk, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-226
    8/8 Akron, OH.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-7
    8/10 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-230
    8/14 New York City, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-69
    8/15 THE WAY IT WAS; New York City, NY; Scoper.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    8/16 New York City, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-72
    8/17 New York City, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-16
    8/21 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-31
    8/22 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-23
    8/23 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-88
    9/6 New Orleans, LA.  CD-BOOT MP-63
    9/12 Austin, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-103
    9/13 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-157
    9/14 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-101
    9/16 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-4
    9/21 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-73
    9/23 Ann Arbor, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-41
    9/26 Iowa City, IA.  CD-BOOT MP-141
    10/2 Mikwaukee, WI; (pre-bomb scare).  CD-BOOT MP-23
    10/2 Milwaukee, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-11
    10/4 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT 1975-1 CD-BOOT MP-11
    10/11 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-238
    10/17 THE ROXY THEATRE NIGHT; Los Angeles, CA; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    10/17 Los Angeles, CA; (early show).  CD-BOOT MP-18
    10/17 Los Angeles, CA; (late show).  CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/18 Los Angeles, CA; (early show).  CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/18 Los Angeles, CA; (late show).  CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/19 Los Angeles, CA; (late show).  CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/26 Seattle, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-64
    11/1 Santa Barbara, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-64
    11/6 Tempe, AZ.  CD-BOOT MP-46
    11/10 Tampa, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-227
    11/11 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-61
    11/18 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-76
    11/21 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT MP-76
    11/23 Amsterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-42
    11/24 LONDON CALLING; London (United Kingdom); Parrot Records.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    12/2 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-64
    12/5 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-78
    12/6 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-75
    12/11 South Orange, NJ; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    12/12 Greenvale, NY; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-65
    12/12 Greenvale, NY; Kivak Master Series.  CD-BOOT 1975-1
    12/16 Oswego, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-28
    12/27 Upper Darby, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-41
    12/28 Upper Darby, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-229.
    12/30 Upper Darby, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-30
    12/31 Upper Darby, PA.  CD-BOOT 1975-1; CD-BOOT MP-7
    3/28 RUN SOUTH, YOUNG MAN; Durham, NC The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 1976-1
    4/4 East Lansing, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-7
    4/7 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-5
    4/8 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-78
    4/9 Hamilton, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-77
    4/10 Wallingford, CT.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-205
    4/13 University Park, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-60
    4/22 Blacksburg, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-189
    4/29 Memphis, TN.  CD-BOOT 1976-1
    5/10 Mobile, AL.  CD-BOOT MP-49
    5/11 Auburn, AL.  CD-BOOT MP-139
    5/13 New Orleans, LA.  CD-BOOT MP-71
    5/27 West Point, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-46
    5/30 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-87
    8/1 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1976-1 CD-BOOT MP-53
    8/2 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1976-1 CD-BOOT MP-16
    8/3 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1976-1 CD-BOOT MP-102
    8/5 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-103
    8/6 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-96
    8/7 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-60
    8/21 Waterbury, CT.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-62
    8/22 Springfield, MA.  CD-BOOT 1976-1
    9/4 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-120
    9/26 Phoenix, AZ.  CD-BOOT MP-42
    9/29 Santa Monica, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-69
    9/30 Santa Monica, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-206
    10/2 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-101
    10/5 Santa Barbara, CA.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-40
    10/9 South Bend, IN.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-102
    10/10 Oxford, OH.   CD-BOOT MP-267
    10/12 New Brunswick, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    10/13 Union, NJ; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    10/13 Union, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    10/16 Williamsburg, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-72
    10/17 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-73
    10/18 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-78
    10/25 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-18
    10/27 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-73
    10/28 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-78
    10/29 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1976-1; CD-BOOT MP-31A
    10/30 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-23
    11/2 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-25
    11/3 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-76
    11/4 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-79
    11/26 New York City, NY; (with Patti Smith).  CD-BOOT MP-199
    2/8 Rochester, NY; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-31
    2/8 Rochester, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-104
    2/13 SOUL CRUSADERS; Toronto (Canada); E ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1977-1
    2/15 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT 1977-1 CD-BOOT MP-31A
    2/17 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-20
    2/19 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT 1977-1; CD-BOOT MP-20
    2/22 Milwaukee, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-71
    2/23 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-57
    2/26  Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-276
    2/28 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-104
    3/4 Jacksonville, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-205
    3/5 Orlando, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-281
    3/6 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-219
    3/10 Toledo, OH.  CD-BOOT 1977-1; CD-BOOT MP-73
    3/11 Latrobe, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-79
    3/13 Towson, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-8
    3/14 Poughkeepsie, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-7
    3/15 Binghamton, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-226
    3/22 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-20
    3/23 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-71
    3/24 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-73
    3/25 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1977-1; CD-BOOT MP-3
    4/17 Asbury Park, NY; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-17
    5/12 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1977-1; CD-BOOT MP-215
    5/13 Red Bank, NJ; (early show).  CD-BOOT MP-228
    5/13 Red Bank, NJ; (late show).  CD-BOOT MP-8
    7/31 JACKSONVILLE; Jacksonville, FL; Midnight Beat.  CD-BOOT 1977-1
    9/4 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Shots).  CD-BOOT MP-42
    9/13 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT 1977-1; CD-BOOT MP-12
    10/13 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-12
    12/2 New York City, NY; (with Robert Gordon).  CD-BOOT MP-187
    12/30 New York City, NY; (with Patti Smith).  CD-BOOT MP-267
    12/31 Passaic, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-41
    5/19 Asbury Park, NJ; (rehearsal, partial).  CD-BOOT 1978-1; MP-4
    5/23 Buffalo, NY; (soundcheck) . CD-BOOT MP-30
    5/23 Buffalo, NY . CD-BOOT MP-23
    5/24 Albany, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-202
    5/26 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-52
    5/27 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-108
    5/29 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-228
    5/30 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-11
    5/31 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-142
    6/3 Uniondale, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-66
    6/5 Toledo, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-111
    6/8 Madison, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    6/9 Milwaukee, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-80
    6/10 Bloomington, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-279
    6/14 Omaha, NE.  CD-BOOT MP-92
    6/16 Kansas City, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-91
    6/17 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-228
    6/20 Morrison, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-197
    6/24 Portland, OR.  CD-BOOT MP-48
    6/25 Seattle, WA; (second half).  CD-BOOT MP-229
    6/29 San Jose, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-285
    6/30 Berkeley, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-48
    7/1 Berkeley, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-187
    7/5 Inglewood, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-30
    7/7 West Hollywood, CA.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-8
    7/9 San Diego, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-8
    7/12 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-52
    7/14 San Antonia,  TX. CD-BOOT MP-199
    7/15 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-204
    7/16 New Orleans, LA.  CD-BOOT 1978-1
    7/18 Jackson, MS.  CD-BOOT MP-200
    7/21 Nashville, TN.  CD-BOOT MP-191
    7/28 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-196
    7/29 St. Petersburg, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-200
    8/4 Charleston, WV.  CD-BOOT MP-19
    8/9 SUMMERTIME BRUCE, LIVE AT THE AGORA; Cleveland, OH; E. ST. Records. CD-BOOT 1978-1
    8/10 Rochester, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-91
    8/14 Hampton, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-92
    8/15 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-18
    8/18 Philadelphia, PA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-80
    8/19 Philadelphia, PA. CD-BOOT 1978-1;  CD-BOOT MP-278
    8/21 HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT; New York City, NY; The Godfatherecords . CD-BOOT 1978-1
    8/22 HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT; New York City, NY; The Godfatherecords . CD-BOOT 1978-1
    8/23 HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT; New York City, NY; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 1978-1
    8/25 New Haven, CT.  CD-BOOT MP-34B
    8/26 Providence, RI.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-57
    8/29 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-192
    8/31 Cleveland, OH; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-73
    9/1 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    9/3 Saginaw, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-20
    9/5 Columbus, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-195
    9/6 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-284
    9/9 South Bend, IN.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-60
    9/10 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-77
    9/13 Springfield, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-265
    9/15 New York City, NY. CD-BOOT MP-272
    9/16 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-239
    9/17 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-47
    9/19 PIECE DE RESISTANCE; Passaic, NJ; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1978-2
    9/20 Passaic, NJ; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-70
    9/20 Passaic, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-48
    9/21 Passaic, NJ; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-56
    9/21 Passaic, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1978-1; CD-BOOT MP-3
    9/29 Birmingham, AL.  CD-BOOT MP-279
    9/30 EVERYBODY’S ROCKIN’ TONIGHT; Atlanta, GA; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 1978- 2
    10/1 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-46
    10/17 West Hollywood, CA; (with The Knack).  CD-BOOT 1978-2
    11/1 Princeton, NJ; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-80
    11/1 Princeton, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-82
    11/2 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT 1978-2; CD-BOOT MP-18
    11/7 Ithaca, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-232
    11/8 Montreal (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-43
    11/10 Olean, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-271
    11/12 Troy, NY; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-79
    11/12 Troy, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-237
    11/14 Utica, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-237
    11/16 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-43
    11/20 Champaign, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-185
    11/21 Evanston, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-278
    11/25 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-230
    11/27 Milwaukee, WI.   CD-BOOT MP-220
    11/28 Madison, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-259
    11/29 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-275
    12/1 Norman, OK.  CD-BOOT MP-82
    12/3 Carbondale, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-207
    12/7 Austin, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-279
    12/8 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-213
    12/13 Tucson, AZ.   CD-BOOT MP-218
    12/15 LIVE IN THE PROMISED LAND; San Francisco, CA; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1978-2
    12/16 San Francisco, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-66
    12/19 PARAMOUNT NIGHT, Portland, OR; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1978-2
    12/20 PRETTY FLAMINGO, Seattle, WA; BMCD.  CD-BOOT 1978-2
    12/28 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-201
    12/30 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-26
    12/31 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-7; CD-BOOT MP-141
    1/1 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-4
    5/27 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Robert Gordon).  CD-BOOT MP-60
    9/21 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1979-1
    9/22 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1979-1
    10/6 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Ellen Shipley).  CD-BOOT MP-89
    10/3 Ann Arbor, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-18
    10/6 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-208
    10/7 Richfield, OH; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    10/7 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-98
    10/9 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-20
    10/10 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-197
    10/11 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-37A
    10/13 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-43
    10/14 Milwaukee, WI . CD-BOOT MP-120
    10/17 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-87
    10/18 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-120
    10/24 Seattle, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-97
    10/27 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-98
    10/28 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-37B
    10/31 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-220
    11/1 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-267
    11/14 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-220
    11/3 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-212
    11/5 HEART AND SOUL; Tempe, AZ; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1980-1
    11/8 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-88
    11/9 Austin, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-96
    11/11 Baton Rouge, LA.  CD-BOOT MP-111
    11/14 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-220
    11/15 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-43
    11/20 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-4; CD-BOOT MP-156
    11/23 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-15
    11/24 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-29B
    11/27 THANKSGIVING NIGHT; New York City, NY; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 1980-1
    11/28 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1980-1; CD-BOOT MP-35B
    11/30 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-184
    12/1 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-89
    12/2 Rochester, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-19
    12/4 Rochester, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-104
    12/6 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-201
    12/8 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-4
    12/9 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-29B
    12/11 Providence, RI.  CD-BOOT MP-37B
    12/12 Hartford, CT.  CD-BOOT MP-105
    12/16 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-41
    12/18 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1980-1; CD-BOOT MP-15
    12/19 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1980-1; CD-BOOT MP-89
    12/28 Uniondale, NY.  CD-BOOT 1980-1; CD-BOOT MP-24
    12/29 COLISEUM NIGHT; Uniondale, NY; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1980-1
    12/31 Uniondale, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-3
    1/20 Toronto (Canada). CD-BOOT MP-28
    1/23 Montreal (Canada). CD-BOOT MP-26
    1/24 Ottawa (Canada). CD-BOOT MP-44
    1/26 South Bend, IN. CD-BOOT 1981-1;  CD-BOOT MP-26
    1/28 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-194
    2/1 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-270
    2/2 Madison, WI.  CD-BOOT MP-51
    2/5 Kansas City, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-272
    2/7 Champaign, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-9
    2/12 Mobile, AL.  CD-BOOT MP-221
    2/13 Starksville, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-280
    2/15 Lakeland, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-100
    2/16 Lakeland, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-221
    2/18 Jacksonville, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-194
    2/20 Hollywood, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-192
    2/22 Columbia, SC.  CD-BOOT MP-37
    2/23 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-49
    2/26 Nashville, TN.  CD-BOOT MP-274
    2/28 Greensboro, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-273
    3/2 Hampton, VA.  CD-BOOT 1981-1; CD-BOOT MP-19
    3/4 Lexington, KY.  CD-BOOT MP-80
    3/5 Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-11
    4/7 Hamburg (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-22
    4/11 Zurich (Switzerland).  CD-BOOT MP-217
    4/14 Frankfurt (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-217
    4/16 Munich (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-88
    4/18 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    4/19 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    4/21 Barcelona (Spain).  CD-BOOT MP-278
    4/24 Lyon (France).  CD-BOOT MP-206
    4/26 Belgium (Brussels).  CD-BOOT MP-216
    4/28 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-27
    4/29 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-20
    5/1 Copenhagen (Denmark); (with Malrut).  CD-BOOT MP-89
    5/2 Copenhagen (Denmark).  CD-BOOT MP-193
    5/3 Gothenburg (Sweden).  CD-BOOT MP-280
    5/5 Drammen (Norway).  CD-BOOT MP-276
    5/7 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT MP-81
    5/8 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 1981-1
    5/11 Newcastle (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-270-
    5/13 Manchester (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-219
    5/14 Manchester (United Kingdom);  CD-BOOT MP-227
    5/16 Edinburg (Scotland).  CD-BOOT MP-219
    5/17 Edinburgh (Scotland).  CD-BOOT MP-206
    5/20 Stafford (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-217
    5/26 Brighton (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-216
    5/27 Brighton (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-222
    5/29 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-257
    5/30 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-82
    6/1 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-207
    6/2 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-257
    6/4 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-240
    6/5 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 1981-1
    6/7 Binghamton (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-275
    6/8 Birmingham (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-234
    6/14 Los Angeles, CA; (with Jackson Browne, others).  CD-BOOT MP-59
    6/15 San Francisco, CA (with Gary U.S. Bonds).  CD-BOOT MP-261
    7/2 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-238
    7/3 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-232
    7/5 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-70
    7/8 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1981-1; CD-BOOT MP-49
    7/9 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-233
    7/11 Red Bank, NJ; (with Clarence Clemons).  CD-BOOT MP-28
    7/13 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-257
    7/15 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-68
    7/16 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-222
    7/18 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-223
    7/29 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-30
    7/30 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-23
    8/4 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT 1981-1
    8/5 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    8/6 Washington DC; (with Robbin Thompson).  CD-BOOT MP-12
    8/7 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-19
    8/11 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-31B
    8/12 Detroit, MI. CD-BOOT MP-27
    8/16 Morrison, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-61
    8/17 Morrison, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-52
    8/20 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1981-1; CD-BOOT MP-57
    8/23 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-224
    8/24 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN; Los Angeles, CA; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1981-1
    8/28 Los Angeles, CA. CD-BOOT 1981-1;  CD-BOOT MP-225
    9/2 San Diego, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-236
    9/5 Pasadena, CA; (with The Pretenders).  CD-BOOT MP-16
    9/8 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-9
    9/10 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-239
    9/11 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-263
    9/13 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-204
    9/14 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-83
    1/12 New Brunswick, NJ; (with Nils Lofgren).  CD-BOOT MP-12
    2/20 Red Band, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-28
    4/9 Red Bank, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-42
    4/10 Red Bank, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-90
    4/11 Red Bank, NJ; (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT MP-30
    5/2 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-89
    5/8 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-28
    5/29 Red Bank, NJ; (with Nils Lofgren).  CD-BOOT MP-19
    6/12 RALLY FOR DISARMAMENT; New York City, NY; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1982- 83-1
    6/26 Red Bank, NJ; (with Bill Chinook).  CD-BOOT MP-30
    7/17 Red Bank, NJ; (with The Iron City Houserockers).  CD-BOOT MP-23
    7/23 Asbury Park, NJ; (with The Stray Cats).  CD-BOOT 1982-83-1; CD-BOOT MP-50
    7/25 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-21
    7/31 Red Bank, NJ; (with Sonny Kenn).  CD-BOOT 1982-83-1; CD-BOOT MP-79
    8/6 Red Bank, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-108
    8/7 Red Bank, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT 1982-83-1; CD-BOOT MP-87
    8/8 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-94
    8/15 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-88
    9/4 Red Bank, NJ; (with Beaver Brown).  CD-BOOT MP-87
    9/18 Red Bank, NJ; (with Dave Edmunds).  CD-BOOT MP-9
    9/21 New York City, NY; (with Dave Edmunds).  CD-BOOT MP-93
    9/25 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-184
    10/3 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-201
    11/27 Los Angeles, CA; (with The Knack).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    1/8 Red Bank, NJ; (with Lance Larson). CD-BOOT MP-52
    6/18 Asbury Park, NJ; (with The Diamonds). CD-BOOT MP-52
    7/16 Neptune, NJ; (with Midnight Thunder). CD-BOOT 1982-83-1; CD-BOOT MP-9
    8/2 New York City, NY; (with Jackson Browne).  CD-BOOT MP-89
    8/14 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-186
    8/19 Long Branch, NJ; (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT 1982-83-1; CD-BOOT MP-55
    12/18 Red Bank, NJ; (with Nils Lofgren).  CD-BOOT MP-6
    1/14 New Brunswick, NJ (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-73
    4/8 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-233
    4/13 Philadelphia, PA; (with The Red Bank Rockers).  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-60
    4/22 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-6
    5/19 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Clarence Clemons).  CD-BOOT 1984-1
    6/1 Asbury   Park, NJ; (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT MP-266
    6/8 Asbury Park, NJ; (rehearsal).  CD-BOOT MP-68
    6/21 Lancaster, PA.  CD-BOOT 1984-; CD-BOOT MP-6
    6/28 St. Paul, MN; (video filming).  CD-BOOT MP-87
    6/29 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-28
    7/1 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-210
    7/2 St. Paul, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-202
    7/5 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-196
    7/6 Cincinnati, OH; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-58
    7/6 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-271
    7/8 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-103
    7/9 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-259
    7/12 East Troy, WI  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-128
    7/15 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-12
    7/17 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT 1984-1
    7/18 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-261
    7/23 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-29A
    7/24 Toronto (Canada); (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-16
    7/24 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-29A
    7/26 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-44
    7/30 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT 1984-1; CD-BOOT MP-21
    7/31 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-21
    8/5 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-53
    8/6 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-191
    8/8 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-90
    8/9 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-70
    8/12 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-262
    8/16 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1984-2
    8/17 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-259
    8/19 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1984-2; CD-BOOT MP-16
    8/20 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-9
    8/22 Asbury Park, NJ; (with LaBamba).  CD-BOOT MP-93
    8/25 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-17
    8/26 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-25
    8/28 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-29
    8/29 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-16
    9/3 Asbury Park, NJ; (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT MP-30
    9/4 Worcester, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-107
    9/5 Worcester, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-105
    9/7 Hartford, CT.  CD-BOOT MP-46
    9/8 Hartford, CT.  CD-BOOT MP-27
    9/11 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-215
    9/14 Philadelphia, PA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-91
    9/14 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-55
    9/17 Philadelphia, PA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-92
    9/17 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-29A
    9/18 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 1984-2
    9/21 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-208
    9/22 WHERE THE RIVERS MEET; Pittsburgh, PA; E ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1984-2
    9/24 Buffalo, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-21; CD-BOOT MP-60
    9/26 Morristown, NJ; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT MP-33A
    10/15 Vancouver (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-43
    10/17 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-86
    10/19 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT 1984-2; CD-BOOT MP-42
    10/21 OAKLAND NIGHT; Oakland, CA; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1981-2
    10/22 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-54
    10/25 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-14
    10/26 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-189
    10/28 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-62
    10/29 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-62
    10/31 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-17
    11/2 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-21
    11/8 Tempe, AZ.  CD-BOOT MP-110
    11/11 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-184
    11/12 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-58
    11/15 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-111
    11/16 Ames, IA.  CD-BOOT 1984-2; CD-BOOT MP-185
    11/18 Lincoln, NE.  CD-BOOT 1984-2; CD-BOOT MP-140
    11/19 Kansas City, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-70; CD-BOOT MP-127
    11/23 Austin, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-58
    11/25 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-25
    11/26 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-26
    11/29 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-108
    11/30 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-109
    12/2 Baton Rouge, LA.  CD-BOOT MP-1
    12/7 Tallahassee, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-1
    12/11 Lexington, KY.  CD-BOOT MP-109
    12/14 Memphis, TN.  CD-BOOT MP-110
    12/16 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-186
    12/17 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-187
    1/5 Hampton, VA.  CD-BOOT MP-106
    1/7 Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-106
    1/8 Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-261
    1/10 Lexington, KY.  CD-BOOT MP-267
    1/13 Columbia, SC.  CD-BOOT MP-44
    1/15 Columbia, SC.  CD-BOOT MP-28
    1/16 Charlotte, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-263
    1/18 Greensboro, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-268
    1/19 Greensboro, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-90
    1/23 Providence, RI.  CD-BOOT MP-27
    1/24 Providence, RI.  CD-BOOT MP-226
    1/26 Syracuse, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-35A
    1/27 Syracuse, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-266
    3/21 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-193
    3/23 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-50
    3/24 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-187
    3/27 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-107
    3/28 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-50
    4/3 Melbourne (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-266
    4/4 Melbourne (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-264
    4/10 Tokyo (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-207
    4/11 Tokyo (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-57
    4/15 Tokyo (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-264
    4/16 Tokyo (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-210
    4/19 Kyoto (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-30
    4/21 Osaka (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-55
    4/22 Osaka (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-264
    4/23 Osaka (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-3
    6/1 Slane (Ireland).  CD-BOOT MP-59
    6/5 Newcastle (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 1985-1
    6/8 Gothenburg (Sweden).  CD-BOOT MP-213
    6/9 Gothenburg (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-40
    6/12 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-28
    6/13 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-25
    6/15 Frankfurt (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-232
    6/18 Munich (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-14
    6/21 Milan (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-17
    6/23 Montpellier (France).  CD-BOOT MP-204
    6/25 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-57
    6/29 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-232
    6/30 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-55
    7/3 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-2
    7/4 INDEPENDENT NIGHT; London (United Kingdom); Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1985-1
    7/6 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-234
    7/7 Leeds (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-186
    8/5 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-77
    8/7 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-63
    8/9 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-233
    8/11 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-234
    8/14 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-212
    8/15 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-214
    8/18 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-93
    8/19 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-60
    8/21 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-214
    8/22 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-95
    8/26 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-45
    8/27 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-45
    9/4 Pontiac, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-26
    9/6 Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-57
    9/9 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-2
    9/10 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-242
    9/13 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-94
    9/14 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-95
    9/18 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-54
    9/19 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-55
    9/23 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-9
    9/24 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-101
    9/27 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-56
    9/29 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-14
    9/30 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-14
    10/2 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1985-1; CD-BOOT MP-29B
    Mixed NEBRASKA LIVE; various venues and dates 1984-’85; E Street Records.  CD-BOOT 1985-1
    1/19 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-3
    3/2 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-11
    10/13 YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH; Mountain View, CA; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1986-87- 1
    11/5 Paris (France); (with Huey Lewis, Bob Geldof).  CD-BOOT 1986-87-1; CD-BOOT MP-46
    4/12 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Bon Jovi).  CD-BOOT MP-29A
    7/29 Belmar, NJ; (with Jah Love).  CD-BOOT MP-41
    7/30 Belmar, NJ; (with Jah Love).  CD-BOOT MP-52
    7/31 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Marshall Crenshaw).  CD-BOOT MP-233
    8/2 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1986-87-1; CD-BOOT MP-94
    8/9 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-235
    8/21 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Little Steven).  CD-BOOT MP-41
    8/22 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Levon Helm).  CD-BOOT MP-41
    9/25 Philadelphia, PA; (with U2).  CD-BOOT MP-65
    9/30 Los Angeles, CA; (Roy Orbison tribute).  CD-BOOT MP-79
    10/31 Sea Bright, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1986-87-1
    11/6 Rumson NJ; (with The Fabulous Grease Band).  CD-BOOT 1986-87-1; CD-BOOT MP-25
    11/20 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Bobby Bandiera).  CD-BOOT MP-44
    12/5 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT MP-232
    12/7 New York City, NY; (Harry Chapin benefit).  CD-BOOT MP-65
    12/13 New York City, NY; (Homeless Children benefit).  CD-BOOT MP-98
    1/20 New York City, NY; (Rock Hall ceremony).  CD-BOOT MP-95
    2/25 Worcester, MA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-91
    2/25 Worcester, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-273
    2/28 Worcester, MA.  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-24
    2/29 Worcester, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-269
    3/3 Chapel Hill, NC.  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-47
    3/4 Chapel Hill, NC; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-25
    3/4 Chapel Hill, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-47
    3/8 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-61
    3/9 Philadelphia, PA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    3/9 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-62
    3/13 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-283
    3/14 Richfield, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-286
    3/16 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-53
    3/17 Rosemont,IL.  CD-BOOT 1988-1
    3/20 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-53
    3/22 Atlanta, GA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-22
    3/22 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT MP-285
    3/23 Atlanta,GA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT 1988-1
    3/26 Lexington, KY.  CD-BOOT MP-67
    3/28 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-25
    3/29 Detroit, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-27
    4/1 Uniondale, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-73
    4/2 Uniondale, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-74
    4/4 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-75
    4/5 Landover, MD.  CD-BOOT MP-67
    4/12 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-236
    4/13 Houston, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-50
    4/15 Austin, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-6
    4/17 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-286
    4/20 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-265
    4/22 Los Angeles, CA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-79
    4/22 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-99
    4/23 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-24
    4/25 Los Angeles, CA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-63
    4/25 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-102
    4/27 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-24
    4/28 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-99
    5/2 Mountain View, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-51
    5/3 Mountain View, CA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-29B
    5/3 ROSES AND BROKEN HEARTS; Mountain View, CA; Great Dane Records . CD-BOOT 1988-1
    5/5 Tacome, WA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-78
    5/5 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-52
    5/6 Tacoma, WA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-79
    5/6 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-52
    5/9 Bloomington, MN.  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-22
    5/9 Bloomington, MN; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-284
    5/10 Bloomington, MN; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-286
    5/10 Bloomington, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-37B
    5/13 Indianapolis, IN; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT MP-29B
    5/13 Indianapolis, IN.  CD-BOOT MP-10
    5/16 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-235
    5/18 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-58
    5/19 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-190
    5/22 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-47
    5/23 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-47
    6/11 Turin (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-199
    6/15 Rome (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-67
    6/16 Rome (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-84
    6/19 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-209
    6/21 Birmingham (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-258
    6/22 Birmingham (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-262
    6/25 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-209
    6/28 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-235
    6/29 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-238
    7/3 Stockholm (Sweden) (1st set only).  CD-BOOT 1988-1
    7/7 Dublin (Ireland).  CD-BOOT MP-240
    7/9 Sheffield (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-211
    7/10 Sheffield (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-211
    7/12 Frankfurt (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-65
    7/14 Basel (Switzerland).  CD-BOOT MP-258
    7/17 Munich (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-66
    7/19 East Berlin (East Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-236
    7/22 West Berlin (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-260
    7/25 Copenhagen (Denmark); (with Sir Jojo).  CD-BOOT MP-62
    7/25 Copenhagen (Denmark).  CD-BOOT MP-11
    7/27 Oslo (Norway).  CD-BOOT MP-260
    7/30 Bremen (West Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-68
    8/2 Madrid (Spain).  CD-BOOT MP-22
    8/3 Barcelona (Spain).  CD-BOOT MP-70 (partial); CD-BOOT MP-22
    8/21 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-261
    8/25 New York City, NY; (with Sting).  CD-BOOT MP-66
    9/2 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-281
    9/4 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT 1988-1
    9/5 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-265
    9/6 Budapest (Hungry).  CD-BOOT MP-22
    9/8 Turin (Italy).  CD-BOOT 1988-1
    9/10 Barcelona (Spain).  CD-BOOT MP-272
    9/15 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-46
    9/17 Montreal (Canada).  CD-BOOT MP-42
    9/19 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT MP-29B
    9/21 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-13
    9/23 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-22
    9/27 Toyko (Japan).  CD-BOOT MP-23
    10/12 San Paulo (Brazil).  CD-BOOT MP-46
    10/15 Buenos Aires (Argentina); interview.  CD-BOOT MP-258
    10/15 Buenos Aires (Argentina).  CD-BOOT MP-273
    11/26 San Francisco, CA; (with Southside Johnny).  CD-BOOT 1988-1; CD-BOOT
    6/2 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Killer Joe).  CD-BOOT 1989-1; CD-BOOT MP-29A
    6/9 LEAN ON ME; Asbury Park, NJ; Great Dane Records.  CD-BOOT 1989-1
    6/14 Wantagh, NY; (with Neil Young).  CD-BOOT MP-30
    6/24 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Bobby Bandiera).  CD-BOOT 1989-1; CD-BOOT MP-15
    6/30 Atlantic City, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-221
    7/1 Asbury Park, NJ; (with LaBamba).  CD-BOOT 1989-1; CD-BOOT MP-16
    7/9 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT 1989-1; CD-BOOT MP-62
    7/23 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Cats On A Smooth Surface).  CD-BOOT 1989-1; CD-BOOT MP-16
    8/2 Long Branch, NJ; (with Bobby Bandiera).  CD-BOOT MP-62
    8/11 Holmdel, NJ; (with Ringo Starr).  CD-BOOT MP-62
    8/12 Asbury Park, NJ; (with John Eddie).  CD-BOOT MP-42
    8/16 Long Branch, NJ; (with Bobby Bandiera).  CD-BOOT MP-62
    11/16 Los Angeles,CA; (Christic Institute benefit).  CD-BOOT 1990-91-1; CD-BOOT MP-49
    11/17 Los Angeles,CA; (Christic Institute benefit).  CD-BOOT 1990-91-1; CD-BOOT MP-49
    6/15 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 1992-1; CD-BOOT MP-212
    6/17 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 1992-1CD-BOOT MP-35A
    6/21 Milan (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-212
    6/25 Frankfurt  (Germany). CD-BOOT MP-276
    6/26 Frankfurt ( Germany); CD-BOOT MP-225
    7/10 WEMBLEY NIGHT; London (United Kingdom); Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    7/25 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    7/26 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    8/7 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-282
    8/8 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    9/2 Tinley Park, IL.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    9/22 Los Angeles, CA; (soundcheck).  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    10/30 Ames, IA.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    10/31 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    12/14 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-223
    11/23 Orlando, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-283
    11/24 Miami, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-285
    Mixed PLUGGED; New York City, NY; May and September dates; Red Phantom.  CD-BOOT 1992-1
    3/23 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-120
    4/15 Sheffield, (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 1993-1; CD-BOOT MP-51
    5/20 Dublin (Ireland).  CD-BOOT 1993-1
    6/1 Oslo (Norway).  CD-BOOT 1993-1
    6/24 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1993-1; CD-BOOT MP-205
    6/26 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1993-1; CD-BOOT MP-203
    Mixed USA BLUES; various US and Europe venues, 1992-93; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1993-1
    8/20 Long Branch, NJ; (with Joe Grushecky).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    10/20 New York City, NY; (with Bob Dylan, Neil Young).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    10/21 Sayreville, NJ; (with Elliott Murphy, others).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1; CD-BOOT MP-33A
    3/6 New York City, NY; (with Soul Asylum).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    4/5 SONY STUDIOS; New York City, NY; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    7/22 PARADISE BY THE SEA; Sea Bright, NJ; Gamble Records.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    8/10 Long Branch, NJ; (with Solar Circus).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    10/17 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Joe Grushecky).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    10/20 Pittsburgh, PA; (with Joe Grushecky).  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    11/27 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    12/3 Rosemont, IL.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    12/5 Washington DC.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1; CD-BOOT MP-15
    12/6 Washington DC.  CD-BOOT MP-15
    18/8-9 East Darby, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-154
    12/15 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    12/16 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1; CD-BOOT MP-51
    12/17 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    Mixed SOLO ACOUSTIC TOUR Volume 1: Dead Man Walking; various venues and dates; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    Mixed SOLO ACOUSTIC TOUR Volume 2: The Arms of God; various venues and dates 1995; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1994-95-1
    1/17 SELL IT AND THEY WILL COME; Cleveland, OH; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    2/17 Hamburg (Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-35A
    2/26 Amsterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-132
    3/2 Newcastle (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    3/3 Edinburgh (Scotland).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    3/13 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    3/17 Dublin (Ireland); (with Joe Ely).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    4/13 Genoa (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-123
    4/19 Berlin (Germany); (partial).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    4/24 BRIXTON NIGHTS; London (United Kingdom); Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    4/27 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    9/16 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    9/18 Wallingford, CT.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    9/24 Kalamazoo, MI.  CD-BOOT 1996-1; CD-BOOT MP-23
    9/25 TOM JOAD BLUES; Akron, OH; E. ST. Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    9/29 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-37B
    10/2 Milwaukee, WI.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    10/3 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT 1996-1; CD-BOOT MP-40
    10/23 Fresno, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-59
    10/26 San Jose, CA.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    10/28 Portland, OR.  CD-BOOT 1996-1
    11/8 FREEHOLD NIGHT; Freehold, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    11/13 Syracuse, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-35A
    11/24 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    11/25 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    11/26 ASBURY PARK NIGHT; Asbury Park, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/2 Sunrise, FL.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/3 Sunrise, FL.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/5 Columbia, SC.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/10 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/11 Columbus, OH.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/12 Nashville, TN.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    12/14 Charlotte, NC.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    Mixed USA BLUES Vol. 2; various US venues, 1996; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1996-2
    1/31 Tokyo (Japan).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1; CD-BOOT MP-35B
    2/12 Sydney (Australia).  CD-BOOT MP-35B
    2/15 Melbourne (Australia).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    2/16 Melbourne (Australia).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    3/8 Sea Bright, NJ; (with The Wallflowers).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/5 Stockholm (Sweden); (Polar Music Award).  CD-BOOT MP-34
    5/6 Vienna (Austria).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/7 Vienna (Austria).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/21 Florence (Italy).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/22 Naples (Italy).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/25 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    5/26 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1; CD-BOOT MP-142
    1/31 RED BANK NIGHT, THE COME TOGETHER BENEFIT CONCERT; Red Bank, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    2/6 Sea Bright, NJ; (with Steve Earle).  CD-BOOT 1997-98-1
    3/18 A BIG NIGHT IN ASBURY PARK; Asbury Park, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 1999-1
    3/19 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-34A
    4/11 Barcelona (Spain).  CD-BOOT MP-33B
    4/15 Cologne (Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-242
    4/20 Milan (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-140
    4/24 Vienna (Austria).  CD-BOOT MP-40
    5/21 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-33A
    5/27 Ghent (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT MP-33B
    5/29 Berlin (Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-222
    5/30 Berlin (Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-33B
    6/3 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT MP-86
    6/11 Genoa (Italy).  CD-BOOT MP-147B
    6/17 Bremen (Germany).  CD-BOOT MP-33A
    6/20 Arnhem (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT MP-32B
    6/23 STOCKHOLM FIRST NIGHT; Stockholm (Sweden); Piggham Records.  CD-BOOT 1999- 1
    6/24 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT MP-34B
    6/26 Copenhagen (Denmark).  CD-BOOT MP-120
    6/27 Oslo (Norway).  CD-BOOT MP-195
    7/15 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-147
    7/29 East Rutherford, NJ  CD-BOOT 1999-1
    8/1 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-121
    8/11 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-147B
    8/12 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT MP-147A
    Mixed NEW JERSEY NIGHTS; East Rutherford, NJ; July-August; Crystal Cat Records. CD- BOOT 1999-1
    8/21 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-197
    8/22 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-34A
    8/27 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT MP-147A
    8/31 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-36A
    9/3 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT MP-32A
    9/8 Auburn Hills, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-245
    9/9 Auburn Hills, MI.  CD-BOOT MP-32A
    9/20 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-54
    9/21 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-142
    9/24 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 1999-1; CD-BOOT MP-32A
    9/25 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-156
    9/30 Chicago, IL.  CD-BOOT MP-32B
    10/21 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT 1999-1
    10/23 Los Angeles, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-122
    10/26 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-131
    10/28 Oakland, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-123
    11/14 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-243
    11/15 JUST THE BOYS IN CLEVELAND; Cleveland, OH; from the Piggham release.  CD- BOOT 1991-1
    11/19 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT 1999-1
    11/21 Albany, NY  CD-BOOT 1999-1
    11/28 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-315
    11/29 Minneapolis, MN.  CD-BOOT MP-127
    2/28 University Park, PA.  CD-BOOT MP-147B
    3/4 Orlando, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-112
    3/6 Tampa, FL. CD-BOOT MP-143
    3/10 Sunrise, FL.  CD-BOOT MP-121
    3/13 Dallas, TX.  CD-BOOT MP-113
    3/18 Memphis, TN.  CD-BOOT MP-50
    3/30 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-113
    3/31 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT MP-113
    4/4 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT MP-243
    4/8 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-121
    4/9 Kansas City, MO.  CD-BOOT MP-112
    4/12 Nashville, TN.  CD-BOOT MP-147B
    4/15 Louisville, KY.  CD-BOOT MP-83
    4/21 Charlotte, NC.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-44
    4/22 Raleigh, NC.  CD-BOOT MP-45
    4/25 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-68
    4/26 Pittsburgh, PA  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-83
    4/30 Cincinnati, OH.  CD-BOOT MP-143
    5/3 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-69
    5/4 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 2000-1; 69
    5/7 Hartford, CT.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-157
    5/8 Hartford, CT.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-154
    5/22 Anaheim, CA.  CD-BOOT MP-96
    5/27 Las Vegas, NV.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-122
    6/3 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT 2000-1
    6/4 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-45
    6/12 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-131
    6/15 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-156
    6/17 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-123
    6/20 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-154
    6/22 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-183
    6/23 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-183
    6/26 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-155
    6/27 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-131
    6/29 New York City, NY  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-183
    7/1 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT MP-157
    11/3 JUST AROUND THE CORNER …; Asbury Park, NJ; Fakida Records.  CD-BOOT 2000-1
    11/4 Asbury Park, NJ; (with Joe Grushecky).  CD-BOOT MP-69
    12/17 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2000-1; CD-BOOT IM-223
    12/18 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY NIGHT; Asbury Park, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 2000-2
    8/18 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    9/1 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    11/3 Sea Bright, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    12/3 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    12/4 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    12/6 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    12/7 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    12/8 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2001-1
    1/12 Mashantucket, CT.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    7/26 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    7/30 Asbury Park, NJ; Today Show.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    7/30 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/2 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/5 East Rutherford, NJ  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/7 East Rutherford, NJ  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/10 Washington, DC.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/12 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/14 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/15 Auburn Hills, MI.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/18 Las Vegas, NV.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/20 Portland, OR.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/21 Tacoma, WA.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/24 Inglewood, CA.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/29 New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    8/30 St. Louis, MO.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    9/22 Denver, CO.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    10/4 Boston, MA.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    10/6 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    10/14 Paris (France).  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    10/24 Stockholm (Sweden).  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    11/16 Greensboro, NC.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    12/2 Atlanta, GA.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    12/5 Toronto (Canada).  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    12/9 Columbia, SC.  CD-BOOT 2002-1
    2/19 Somerville, MA.  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    2/20 Somerville, MA;  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    3/6 Richmond, VA.  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    3/7 Atlantic City, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    3/26 Brisbane (Australia).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    4/9 Sacramento, CA.  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    4/29 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    5/6 Rotterdam (The Netherlands).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    5/26 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    5/27 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    5/29 Manchester (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    5/31 Dublin (Ireland).  CD-BOOT 2003-1
    6/8 Florence (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    6/28 Milan (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    7/21 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    7/24 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    8/9 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    8/11 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    8/31 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    9/20 Buffalo, NY.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    10/3 New York City (Queens), NY.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    10/4 New York City (Queens), NY.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    10/4 New York City (Queens), NY;(soundcheck).  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    Mixed From THE MISSING YEARS, summer, fall.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    11/1 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    11/2 Sea Bright, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    12/5 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    12/8 Bruce Springsteen & the Max Weinberg 7 with Friends; Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2003-2
    10/2 Cleveland, OH.  CD-BOOT 2004-1
    12/2 Pittsburgh, PA.  CD-BOOT 2004-1
    11/6 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2004-1
    12/19 Asbury Park, NJ; (early show).  CD-BOOT 2004-1
    4/21 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    4/22 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    4/28 Grand Prairie, TX.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    5/19 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    5/28 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    6/4 ITALIAN HEART, Bologna (Italy); Tam Tam Records.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    6/6 ITALIAN HEART, Rome (Italy); Tam Tam Records.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    6/7 ITALIAN HEART, Milan (Italy); Tam Tam Records.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    6/6 Rome (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    7/31 Columbus, OH.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    10/4 Asbury Park NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    11/8 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    11/9 Philadelphia, PA.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    11/17 East Rutherford, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    11/22 Trenton, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2005-1
    4/20 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    4/24 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    4/25 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    4/25 Asbury Park, NJ; (Good Morning America).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    4/26 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    4/30 New Orleans, LA.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    5/8 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    5/9 London (United Kingdom).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    5/12 Milan (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    5/30 Columbus, OH.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    6/19 Saratoga, NY.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    6/20 Camden, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    6/25 Holmdel, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    10/2 Torino (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    10/4 Udine (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    10/5 Verona (Italy).  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    11/10 London (UK); Lucinda Williams w/Bruce Springsteen CD-BOOT 2006-1
    12/2 Sayreville, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    12/12 Red Bank, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2006-1
    9/25 Asbury Park, NJ.  CD-BOOT 2007-1
    5/7 COUNT BASIE THEATRE MAGIC NIGHT; Red Bank, NJ; Crystal Cat Records.  CD- BOOT 2008-1
    8/23 ST. LOUIS MAGIC NIGHT; St. Louis, MO; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 2008-1
    11/7 NEW YORK CITY DREAM BOX; New York, NY; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 2009-1
    11/8 NEW YORK CITY DREAM BOX; New York, NY; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 2009-1
    11/22 GREETINGS FROM BUFFALO DREAM NIGHT; Buffalo, NY; Crystal Cat Records. CD-BOOT 2009-1
    11/22 GREETINGS FROM BUFFALO, NY; Buffalo, NY; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 2009- 1
    3/9 APOLLO; New York City, NY; Crystal Cat Records.  CD-BOOT 2012-1
    6/7 THE ITALIAN PROMISE:MILAN; Milan(Italy); The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 2012-1
    7/21  BENEATH A PEACEFUL SKY; Oslo (Norway); The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 2012-1
    11/28   DREAM OF LIFE; Portland, OR; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT 2012-1
    ACOUSTIC TALES (1973-1990).  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    ALL THOSE NIGHTS (1992-1993).  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    CHRISTMAS ON E STREET (various dates and locations).  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    COVER STORIES (1980-1993).  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    CD-R of JUKEBOX GRADUATE; various dates and venues.  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    GREETINGS FROM LOS ANGELES; Los Angeles, unknown date; Great Dane Records.  CD- BOOT COMP-1
    THE ROAD TO FAME; various venues and dates; Palace Productions.  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    LIVE 1975-’88.  CD-BOOT COMP-1
    1967 Bruce Springsteen Story – Vol. 1 The Castiles.  CD-BOOT MP-161
    1967 Bruce Springsteen Story – Vol. 2 The Castiles.  CD-BOOT MP-161
    1970 Steel Mill demos; various dates.  CD-BOOT MP-59
    1970-2 Visitation at Fort Horn; various dates;  CD-BOOT MP-76
    1972 Laurel Canyon demos; New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1,
    CD-BOOT MP-20
    1972 Sioux City Music demos; New York City, NY.  CD-BOOT MP-64
    1972-3 Outtakes and alternative versions.  CD-BOOT MP-8
    1972-3 THE UNSURPASSED SPRINGSTEEN; Yellow Dog Records.  CD-BOOT
    Vol. 1, The Early Years; various venues; demos and live recordings.
    Vol. 2, Max’s Kansas City.
    Vol. 3, CBS Audition (Hammond demos).
    Vol. 4, Greetings From Asbury Park outtakes.
    1973 FORGOTTEN SONGS; Traveling Productions.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1973-5 BORN IN THE STUDIO; Archive Productions.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1974-5 Outtakes, Wild/Innocent and Born to Run.  CD-BOOT MP-5
    1975 Studio sessions.  CD-BOOT MP-5
    1975 Born to Run, Record Plant session.  CD-BOOT MP-37A
    1975 Born to Run outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-49
    1975 WAR AND ROSES, The Definitive Born to Run Outtakes Collection; E. St. Records.  CD- BOOT DEMOS-1
    1977 Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-5
    1977 Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-59
    1978 THE ICEMAN, Darkness Outtakes; Vol. 1; Scorpio. CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1978 THE WAY, Darkness Outtakes; Vol. 2; Scorpio.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1978 THE PROMISE, Darkness Outtakes; Vol. 3; Scorpio. CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-53
    1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-58
    1979 Home demos.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1; CD-BOOT MP-48
    1979 THE TIES THAT BIND; outtakes from The River.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1980 The River outtakes.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1980 The River outtakes.  CD-BOOT MP-5
    1982 HOW NEBRASKA WAS BORN, The Definitive Remastered Nebraska Outtakes; The Godfatherecords.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1982 Nebraska rough mix.  CD-BOOT MP-60
    Mixed Dates
    1971-82 ALL THOSE YEARS.  CD-BOOT MP-48
    1975-85 THE OUTTAKES; Catch 22 Records.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    1966-96 DEEP DOWN IN THE VAULTS; E Street Records.  CD-BOOT DEMOS-1
    THE LOST MASTERS; Labour of Love.
    Vol. I, Alone in Colts Neck (The Complete Nebraska Session).
    Vol. II, One Way Street (Darkness Masters Volume I)
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