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    9/2/88 by the way… Boss splits with Julianne NEWSPAPER-32 
    July 2002 Celebrity Spotlight; Bruce Springsteen Rising Tour at The Palace of Auburn Hills. NEWSPAPER-32
    11/13/09 “The Boss is Back” perform at the Palace NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/15/09 In Brief “Fans forgive Springsteen’s goof.” NEWSPAPER-110B
    12/27/09 Obama Salutes Kennedy Center honorees.” NEWSPAPER-110B
    12/5/10 “Tis the Season for Box Sets.” “Springsteen Box set holds ‘Promise’. NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/21/11 “Springsteen to tour in 2012 with E Street Band.” NEWSPAPER-32
    1/1/12  The Arts. Play it Loud in 2012. NEWSPAPER-110B
    4/8/12 “Springsteen Reflects on politics, life, and loss”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    12/16/12 The Arts Book review of “Bruce” by Peter Ames NEWSPAPER-32
    12/23/12 The Arts. The 12 Best Albums of 2012 (Wrecking Ball) NEWSPAPER-110B
    1/14/14 “Music Releases, concerts to look forward to in 2014” NEWSPAPER-110B
    3/23/14 “Clarence Clemon’s Nephew makes sparks fly with E Street Band” NEWSPAPER-110B
    4/10/16 “Riding Down the River” Arts/Music Section F  NEWSPAPER-110B
  • THE MAIL ON SUNDAY (United Kingdom)
    YOU MAGAZINE (United Kingdom)
    2/3/85 “The All-Star Chorus Line.” USA for Africa article.  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/18/93 Patti Scialfa makes an album, Bruce Springsteen tends the kids.  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/4/04 Patti Scialfa interview: “Bruce was my first real relationship.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    5/29/05  “Living on his wits, not his hits” reviews London (UK) (5/27/05).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/14/10 “Promise lives up to its name.” Four star review (out of 5).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    12/12/10 “Wow! Springsteen fulfils his promise.” NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/29/88 “48,000 Attend Amnesty Concert” reviews Tokyo (JP) (9/27/88).
    Also see MANCHESTEREVENINGNEWS.CO.UKInternet Articles
    5/3/99 “Hell-fire Bruce in charge at Ministry of Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/23/08 Cover of City Life section. Interview with Steven Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/29/08 “Bruce Springsteen @ Old Trafford” reviews Manchester (UK) (5/28/08).  NEWSPAPER-32
    6/21/11 “Addio Big man, il sax supremo del rock ‘n’ roll.”
    5/19/93 “Wei knodel mit Sauerkraut” reviews Mannheim (DE) (5/17/93).
    9/19/85 “The Boss came, sang, conquered) reviews Oakland, CA (9/18/85).
    9/26/75 “Springsteen: Bruce, Album Merit Recognition.”
    11/29/78 “Springsteen captures rock prisoners” reviews Milwaukee, WI (11/27/78).
    10/14/75 Reviews Born to Run. “An excellent album.”
    5/7/73 “It Was A Beautiful (But Cold) Day” reviews Amherst, MA (5/6/73).
    11/21/73 Ad for the show at which Bruce opened for John Mayall.
    11/26/73 “Mayall, Springsteen Rock The Cage” reviews Amherst, MA (11/25/73).
    5/24/13 “Springsteen, festa e polemiche”
    5/24/13 “Notte in bianco per il Boss I vip? Non solo in terrazza”
    5/24/13 “Il concerto di Springsteen al Plebiscito”
    5/24/13 “Super Bruce ‘Vi voglio bene assaje sono un uomo del Sud”
    5/24/13 “Lo sciamano esorcizza la pioaggia:”
    5/31/13 “Assalto all’Euganeo, fans già accampati.”
    5/31/13 “Benvenuti a tutti i 40 live del Boss nel Belpaese.”
    5/31/13 “Mi scusi, pershè da voi c’ è l’acqua calda?”
    5/31/13  “Il libro, il disco e la prima volta dell’ E Street in Veneto.”
    2021 Slane at 40(special edition) (Bruce pg. 15) NEWSPAPER-110B
    8/21/21 Front page promo for Slane Castle gigs NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/15/75 “Smash Hit Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-110B
  • EL MERCURIO (Chile)                                                                                          9/7/13 “Bruce Springsteen: La Esperada Visita De “El Jefe” NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/11/13 “Bruce Springsteen: ‘Yo no se quien estara el jueves en el show, pero son parte de mi familia'” NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/29/98 “Keeping track of The Boss” reviews Tracks.
    7/19/09 “Bruce scende in campo.”
    7/20/09 “E per il Boss lunghe file tra Olimpico e Lungotevere.”
    7/20/09 “Bruce, piu rock del rock” reviews Rome (IT) (7/19/09).
    7/23/09 “A Udine da tutta Europa: e il giorno del Boss.”
  • METRO (Brazil)  NEWSPAPER-32
    2/19/09 “Novo Springsteen fax sucesso” reviews Working on a Dream.”
  • METRO (Helsinki, Finland edition)  NEWSPAPER-32
    8/1/12 Front page photo, Bruce and fans outside hotel.
  • METRO (Ireland)  NEWSPAPER-32
    5/23/08 Front page photo from Dublin (5/22/08)
    6/29/09 “Born to run, and run, the Boss rocks past curfew” at Glastonbury.
  • METRO (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-32
    10/24/02 “Rocken met The Boss” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (10/22/02).
  • METRO (Philadelphia edition)  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/31/02 “Bruce backers go bonkers over new album” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/31/02).
    8/5/04 “Musicians unite against Bush.”
    8/5/04 “Springsteen to launch Bush bash in Philly.”
    9/9/04 “Weapons of self-destruction.” Bruce is a fan of Jesse Malin.
    9/23/04 “Boss blasts TV coverage.”
    10/1/04 “Change in the USA; Springsteen headlines touring rockers opposed to Bush.”
    10/11/04 “How 885 songs can define a man’s life.”
    11/9/04 “Bruce shows who’s The Boss” in the dispute over the naming of an Asbury high rise.
    4/22/05 “Boss opens up” previews the airing of VH-1’s “Storytellers.”
    4/25/05 Reviews Devils & Dust.
    4/27/05 “‘The Boss’ bares all” reviews Detroit, MI (4/25/05).
    11/8/05 Previews the Devils & Dust tour in Philadelphia.
    12/15/05 “N.J. senator looks to get Boss his due.”
    3/7/08 Reviews Lawrence Kirsch’s book For You.
    4/17/08 Do celebrity political endorsements make a difference?
    4/30/09 Reviews Philadelphia, PA (4/28/09).
    10/26/12 “Show of Support?” Celebrities and politicians.
  • METRO (Spain)  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/23/08 Photo from Barcelona (7/20/08).
  • METRO (Sweden)  NEWSPAPER-32
    6/19/03 “Goteborgs tur att mota ‘The Boss’.” Previews two nights in Goteborg.(SE)
  • METRO (United Kingdom)
    Also see METRO.CO.UKInternet Articles
    11/21/98 “Re-born in the USA” reviews Tracks.  NEWSPAPER-110B
    6/20/11 “A dark day on E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    3/5/12 Short, laudatory review of Wrecking Ball.
  • METROTIMES (Michigan weekly) NEWSPAPER-32
    6/4/03 Springsteen Troubadour of the Highway AD
    Also see MIAMIHERALD.COM Internet Articles
    11/12/75 “Presley, Dylan and … Springsteen?”  NEWSPAPER-32
    3/8/77 “Springsteen Returns – Still Best” reviews Miami, FL (3/6/77).  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/31/78 “A Sensational Show From Springsteen” reviews Miami, FL (7/28/78).  NEWSPAPER-32
    2/15/81 “Boss Man” reviews Carbondale, IL (2/4/81).  NEWSPAPER-32
    2/21/81 “Heat and unruly fans can’t stop Springsteen” reviews Miami, FL (2/20/81).   NEWSPAPER-32
    2/22/81 “Springsteen sound lost in Sportatorium” reviews Hollywood FL (2/20/81).  NEWSPAPER-32
    10/3/82 “Springsteen Sets Out For A Bleak Nebraska.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    2/3/83 “Religion found on Bruce’s streets.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    6/10/84 Born in the USA review: “Has Bruce Springsteen Lost All Hope?”  NEWSPAPER-32
    9/20/84 “Reagan Hears Rock On The Right.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    9/24/84 “Born in a Downbound U.S.A.” President Reagan doesn’t get Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-32
    9/1/85 “The Boss: Springsteen’s superstardom grew gradually.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    9/8/85 “Bigger Bruce,Better Bruce?” Previews Miami, FL.  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/8/85 “The ‘future of rock ‘n’ roll’ has arrived.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/8/85 “Don’t be left dancing in the dark.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/8/85 “How big a Bruce fan are you really?”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/10/85 “The Boss rocks OB” reviews Miami, FL (9/9/85).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/10/85 Dave Barry: “Wooo! Bruce heals the lame, fixes taxes.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/10/85 “Real-life anthems hit home.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/6/87 “Desperately seeking Springsteen: The Fever is back” NEWSPAPER-32
    11/22/92 “The Boss is Back” previews Miami, FL.  NEWSPAPER-32
    11/26/92 “Don’t Blame Bruce for Tepid Show” reviews Miami, FL (11/24/92).  NEWSPAPER-32
    3/11/00 “Die-hard Springsteen fans hand on every note from their Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    11/24/02 “Springsteen Shares Love” reviews Miami, FL (11/21/02).  NEWSPAPER-32
    11/5/04 “Kerrypalooza” reviews the John Kerry presidential rally in Miami, FL(10/29/04).  NEWSPAPER-32
    5/1/06 “City in ruins finds its jazz.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    7/16/75 “Bruce Springsteen shuffles off to E Street” reviews The Wild, the Innocent.
    5/31/76 Critic Jon Marlow reviews Darkness on the Edge of Town, song-by-song.
    8/2/78 “Blinded by Springsteen’s light” reviews Miami, FL (7/28/78).
    1/6/81 “Who got the best seats to see Bruce?”
    2/21/81 “Proving it all night: Bruce outdoes jerks” reviews Hollywood, FL (2/20/81).
    10/12/76 “Springsteen’s riding high” reviews Miami University, Oxford, OH (10/10/76).
    10/12/76 “The Springsteen precedent.”
    12/1/78 “Concert violations prompt security crackdown.”
    9/23/75 “Springsteen marks new rock era” reviews Born to Run.
    9/24/75 “Springsteen storms Hill” reviews Ann Arbor, MI (9/23/75).
    2/17/77 “Springsteen springs back” reviews Detroit, MI (2/15/77).
    11/19/78 “Springsteen lights fire” reviews East Lansing, MI (11/17/78).
    9/12/80 Editorial: “On Darwin and ticket lines.”
    9/16/80 “Springsteen ticket editorial slammed.”
    10/4/80 Large front page concert photo from Ann Arbor (10/3/80).
    10/5/80 “Springsteen looks back and drives on” reviews Ann Arbor, MI (10/3/80).
    2/26/88 ” ‘New’ Boss still rocks” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).
    2/26/88 “Bruce fever reigns outside Centrum” in Worcester, MA.
    4/5/81 “Rock’s Bruce Springsteen poet of the mean streets”
    7/13/85 “US Star Bruce Springsteen Knocks Them Dead in Europe” by Robert Hilburn.
    9/5/84 Reviews Worcester, MA, (9/4/84).
    10/3/75 “This Concert’s No Bomb” reviews the Milwaukee bomb scare show (10/2/75).
    2/23/77 “The Return of Springsteen” reviews Milwaukee, WI (2/22/77).
    6/10/78 “Springsteen Act Is Top of Rock” reviews Milwaukee, WI (6/9/78).
    11/28/78 “A Wild Night of Springsteen” reviews Milwaukee, WI (11/27/78).
    10/15/80 “Springsteen mesmerizes with pure rock” reviews Milwaukee, WI  (10/14/80).
    10/16/80 “Springsteen captivates with pure rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Milwaukee, WI(10/14/80).
    7/4/82 “Can’t buy Bruce Springsteen? Invest in Gary U.S. Bonds.”
    9/24/82 “The Boss is back and on top” reviews Nebraska.
    10/30/92 “The night Springsteen ‘bombed’ in Beer Town” looks back at the bomb scare show.
    11/4/92 “Springsteen’s ageless rock leaves the crowd feeling good” reviews Milwaukee, WI (11/3/92).
    Also see JSONLINE.COM Internet Articles
    4/10/99 “In Spain, a Springsteen family reunion” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/9/99).
    11/5/99 “The band behind the man. Boss once again taking E Street to glory days.”
    11/10/99 “The ties that bind. Fans look at Springsteen, and they see themselves.”
    11/10/99 “Springsteen baptizes faithful in fiery show” reviews Milwaukee, WI(11/9/99).
    11/10/99 “Amid the rock ‘n’ roll, Bruce finds room for acoustic fare.”
    9/28/02 “Springsteen rises to challenge” reviews Milwaukee, WI (9/27/02).
    9/29/03 “Roll out the Springsteen” reviews Milwaukee, WI (9/27/03).
    10/29/04 “Kerry rally in Madison makes history – and music” reviews Madison, WI(10/28/04).
    10/29/04 “Election 2004: Presence of Boss rocks fans, supporters at Kerry event.”
    8/8/05 “Nuance, intimacy rule. Springsteen keeps it quiet” reviews Milwaukee, WI(8/7/05).
    6/12/06 “Bruce comes a courtin’.'”
    6/15/06 “Born to strum. Springsteen rouses crowd” reviews Milwaukee, WI (6/14/06).
    3/18/08 “Sill powerful, Springsteen masters the contradictions” reviews Milwaukee, WI  (3/17/08).
    10/3/75 “Bomb Call Partitions Concert” reviews the Milwaukee bomb scare show (10/3/75).
    2/23/77 “Springsteen Marches To His Own Hysteria” reviews Milwaukee, WI (2/22/77).
    6/10/78 “Bruce Springs To Life After Three Yea Sleep” reviews Milwaukee, WI (6/9/78).
    11/28/78 “Springsteen True to His Talent” reviews Milwaukee, WI(11/27/78).
    2/21/77 “Springsteen show leaves no doubt” reviews Minneapolis, MN (2/19/77).
    6/12/78 “‘New’ Springsteen as exciting now as he was 3 years ago” reviews Bloomington, MN (6/10/78).
    11/30/78 “Springsteen started slow, ended on fire” reviews St. Paul, MN (11/29/78).
    10/14/80 “Springsteen’s back, older but still intense” reviews St. Paul, MN (10/13/80).
    2/2/81 “Springsteen proves he’s consummate rock ‘n’ roller” reviews St. Paul, MN(2/1/81).
    9/23/75 Columnist reviews Minneapolis (9/21/75).
    2/21/77 “Springsteen, E Street Band perform” reviews St. Paul, MN (2/19/77).
    6/12/78 “High charisma lifts Springsteen concert” reviews Bloomington, MN (6/10/78).
    2/3/81 “Springsteen again bosses packed arena” reviews St. Paul, MN (2/1/81).
  • THE MIRROR (United Kingdom)
    THE SUNDAY MIRROR (United Kingdom)

    5/30/81 “The reluctant millionaire.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    4/27/85 “How rock and roll made Bruce THE BOSS.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    6/3/85 “Springsteen Fever!” at Slane Castle (6/1/85).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    6/5/85 “Boss of Tyneside.” Springsteen at Newcastle (6/4/85).  NEWSPAPER-33
    6/10/85 “Heart of GOLD.” Bruce makes large donation to the homeless.  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/4/85 “Yeah Boss. Bruce scores a Wembly winner.”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    7/5/85 “Boss Lady.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/5/85 “Life With The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-33
    7/5/85 “‘Our love is very private.'”  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/5/85 “Money, money, money.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/7/85 Front page photo: “Kingsteen, Bruce gets the stars buzzing.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/7/85 ” King Steen: Stars on fire for superstar Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    8/8/85 Photo of a young Bruce promos the Blinded by the Light book.  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/10/88 “I’m the Boss. Sting and Springsteen in battle of the billings.”  NEWSPAPER-33
  • LE MONDE (France)  NEWSPAPER-33
    Also see LEMONDE.FRInternet Articles
    7/2/85 “Un western sans coup bas” reviews Paris(FR) (6/30/85).
    9/6/88 “Rock et Amnesty a Bercy” reviews Amnesty tour in Paris (FR) (9/4/88).
    12/12/98 “Huit heures des musique pour feter les droits de l’homme” reviews Paris (FR) (12/10/98).
    6/28/08 “Bruce Springsteen chante a la demande au Parc des Princes” reviews Paris (FR) (6/27/08).
    10/19/07 “Weinbergs host MCSPCA benefit” reviews Middletown, NJ (10/13/07).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    3/7/08 “Benefit concert at Basie to feature Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/2/74 Two ads for a free concert May 4 in Upper Montclair.
    5/2/74 “Free Concert to Highlight Carnival.”
    4/13/73 Montgomery County Community College newspaper announces Villanova will be hosting Springteen (sic) and Whole Oats
    9/17/88 “World’s biggest membership drive” previews Amnesty tour in Montreal. (CA)
    9/17/88 “Rock stars put politics up front.”
  • DE MORGEN (Belgium)
    4/24/93 “Altijd Een Beetje Circus” reviews Gent (BE) (4/23/93).  NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/13/03 “Bruce Springsteen bedwingt de weergoden” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/12/03).  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/13/03 “De superfan: ‘Springsteen live is mijn vakantie.'”  NEWSPAPER-33
    7/26/88 Front page: 45.000 hyldede bossen” reviews Copenhagen (DK) (7/25/88).
    7/26/88 “Brusende lykke I billet-koen.”
    3/8/12 Excellent review; 4 stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball.
    7/26/75 “Springsteen performance jewel of an experience” reviews Kutztown, PA (7/25/75).
    9/14/84 “His Music and Lifestyle Embody His Dreams” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/11/84).
    7/22/85 “Springsteen Fever Has Fans Camped Out.”
    9/30/78 “Springsteen loyal to rock’s foundation.”
    12/10/82 Sports editor happens upon a surprise club appearance. Review, Palo Alto, CA (12/3/82).
    5/16/93 Bruce “invades” an upper-class dancing school ball. Reviews Munich (DE) (5/15/93).
  • EL MUNDO (Spain)
    LA ESFERA (Spain)
    Also see ELMUNDO.ESInternet Articles
    10/??/87 “Repuestos y carozones rotos” discusses Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/4/96 “‘El Jefe continua mandando”  NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/4/96 “Los fanstasma de su presente” NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/4/96 “Intento bacer algo parecido al mundo” NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/20/03 “Terremoto Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/20/03 “A las ordenes del ‘Jefe’. ” Reviews Madrid (ES) (5/19/03).  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/20/03 “Forever Young.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    5/20/03 “Los mas ‘fans’ y los no tanto.”  NEWSPAPER-33
    1/21/09 “Springsteen, destino San Mames” NEWSPAPER-110B
    5/18/16 “A este jefe todos le adoran” NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/18/75 “Bruce Springsteen to perform at Iowa.”
  • MUSIC WEEK (United Kingdom)  NEWSPAPER-33
    11/29/75 Reviews Hammersmith Odeon (UK) (11/18/75).
  • MUSICA & CO. (Italy)  NEWSPAPER-33
    10/5/06 “Bruce Springsteen in Italia en in Arena.”
    5/13/13 “The Boss is back.”
    5/15/13 “Bossen indtog Parken.”

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  • LA NACION (Costa Rica)  NEWSPAPER-34
    9/14/88 “La magia del rock” reviews Human Rights tour in San Jose, CA (9/13/88).
    12/7/84 “Brooce! Followers of true faith flock to ‘The Boss'” reviews Birmingham, AL (12/6/84).
    12/10/84 “Springsteen’s road machine is in the pink, born to run.”
    11/8/95 “It’s up to the Boss.”
    11/23/95 “The Boss is back.”
    12/13/96 “In temple of country, Springsteen soars” reviews Nashville, TN (12/12/96).
    4/20/00 “Hungry Heart” reviews Nashville, TN (4/19/00).
    12/6/03 “The Boss is boss but the book is schlock” referring to the one written by Robert Coles.
    8/31/84 “The rock singer they call The Boss.”
    8/31/84 “The last great rock singer?”
    5/22/97 “The Boss al Verdi” un mito per pochi.”
    5/22/97 “Bruce: quelle poesie nate dal silenzio” reviews Florence (IT) (5/21/97).
    6/9/03 “Bruce, una chitarra e una voce Il popolo del rock si commuove” reviews Florence (IT) (6/8/03).
    6/9/03 “Il sindaco Domenici preoccupato: ‘Aprite I cancelli dello stadio.'”
    6/9/03 “Obiettivo transenna In coda da sabato.”
    6/9/03 “Ma I divieti di sosta valgono solo per noi poveri residenti?”
  • TA NEA (Greece) NEWSPAPER-110B
    7/13-14/13 “Bruce Springsteen When The Rock Broke the Wall”
    5/28/13 “Buhne frei fur den Boss” Hannover
    2/87 Reviews Live 1975-’85.
    4/10/93 “Ein Wechselbad der Stimmungen” reviews Zurich (CH) (4/7/93).
    5/4/96 “Bruce Springsteen und sein Geister im Kongresshaus” reviews Zurich (5/2/96).
    4/28/99 “Das Rad der Zeit klemmt – Bruce Springsteen im Hallenstadion” reviews Zurich iCH) (4/26/99).
    9/23/09 “Boss” Bruce 60.”
    1/10/14 High Hopes review.  NEWSPAPER-110B
    9/9/14 Springsteen Played in the US Series Lilyhammer. NEWSPAPER-37
    9/23/14 Bruce Almighty, Bruce Turns 65. NEWSPAPER-37
    11/7/78 “He proved it all night” reviews Durham, NH (11/5/78).
    3/12/07 Stadium manager recalls helping Springsteen deal with gate crashing, look-a-like fan.”
  • NEW JERSEY JEWISH NEWS  NEWSPAPER-34                                                      12/3/13 “The Boss & The Bible”
    7/18/92 “Father up on the Road” “NME Exclusive! Bruce’s New Single ‘a joke'” Page 3. NEWSPAPER-110B
    8/29/87 “Springsteen sued Boss’ Ex-Employees Claim Damages” NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/1/96 “The Boss rocks the Kiva with stadium boogie” reviews Albuquerque, NM (10/19/96).
    8/23-30/78 “‘The Promise’ Restored?” Reviews Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town shows in Providence, RI
    9/12/84 “Bruce Springsteen: Rock & Roll Prisoner.”
  • NEWS LETTER (Northern Ireland)  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/20/13 “The Boss is set to rock Belfast.”
    7/20/13 “Fans of the Boss queue for front row spots.”
    12/3/82 Nebraska review: “This will just grow on you.”
    4/3/74 Springsteen interview serves as a review of Phoenix, AZ (3/24/74).
    9/5/75 “The night of the punk” reviews Geneva, NY (7/22/75).
  • NEW TIMES  (Los Angeles)
    2/13/97 “Rock and Payroll” reviews Fred Goodman’s book The Mansion on the Hill.  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/20/98 Extensive details of a Springsteen theme park in Asbury Park. NEWSPAPER-110B
  • NEW TIMES  (Syracuse) NEWSPAPER-110B
    12/10/80 “The Springsteen Phenomenon.” Reviews Rochester, NY (12/2/80).
    6/15/00 Publisher defends Springsteen’s “American Skin/41 Shots”, denounces the critics.
    3/19/23 “‘Soul’ of rock and roll: Kenny Vance documentary honors groundbreaking musicians” NEWSPAPER-110B
    6/28/93 “At Benefit, Springsteen’s Straight From the Heart” NEWSPAPER-110B
    11/18/01 Steven Van Zandt receives activism award; Bruce does the presenting.
    Also see NYPOST.COMInternet Articles
    11/5/76 Columnist Tony Schwartz interviews Bruce over dinner.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/4/81 “Springsteen does it again!” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/2/81).  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/21/84 “Bruce Springs No Surprises in New LP.” Says BITUSA lacks “surprise.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/6/84 “For Bruce Springstein (sic) and the E Street Band, home is pandemonium.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/7/84 “A Night To Remember” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/26/84 “Dollar discord over Springsteen music.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    2/25/1985 “Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run and Rock & Roll.” NEWSPAPER – 34
    5/15/85 Photo of Bruce meeting his future in-laws in Oregon.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/23/85 Editorial cartoon based on the jammed phone lines.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/23/85 “Chaos As Bruce Sparks Phone Jam.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/29/85 Letters: “Ticket hassle sours a Springsteen fan.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/30/85 “Boss Tix Scandal Rocks The Finest.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/30/85 Contest: “Wanna be at Bruce’s bash?”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/1/85 “Bruce’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Roots.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/5/85 “X-Rated Rock and Roll (On the Town).” NEWSPAPER-111                  8/7/85 Letters: “Young readers hit back at critic of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/10/85 “7 Springsteen Fans Die in Crash” in Chicago.  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/19/85 “Glory Days! The Boss is back home.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/19/85 “Bruce Proves It All Night” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/20/85 “Bruce: Where Does He Go From Here?”  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/20/85 “Springsteen not-so-trivia quiz.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/20/85 “Dancing in the Dark with Bruce.” A “wow” moment for New York woman.  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/20/85 Ed Koch loved Springsteen – but not the noise! Plus an editorial cartoon.  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/20/85 One panel comic NEWSPAPER-34
    7/14/86 Bruce walks in mid-town New York almost unnoticed.  NEWSPAPER-34
    9/19/86 “The Boss leads holiday album hit parade.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/10/86 “A Memo From The Boss in 5 Great, Live Albums.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    11/25/86 “Drum Roll, Please” (Max Weinberg Interview) NEWSPAPER-111
    2/7/87 Handwriting expert says Bruce is “still a bit insecure.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/18/87 Bruce jams with Boom Carter. Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (8/14/87).  NEWSPAPER-34
    12/9/87 “Stars come out for Harry Chapin” reviews New York, NY (12/7/87).  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/21/88 “Rock Of Ages” at 3rd Rock Hall induction dinner. Reviews NY, NY (1/ 20/88).  NEWSPAPER-34
    3/2/88 “Bruce’s captive audience” NEWSPAPER-34
    4/1/88 “The boss bounces back” previews Nassau Coliseum, NY.  NEWSPAPER-34
    4/2/88 “Boss Still Does It His Way” reviews Nassau Coliseum, NY (4/1/88).  NEWSPAPER-34
    5/16/88 “Date With The Boss” as US tour heads for the Garden.  NEWSPAPER-34
    5/17/88 “Bruce’s Growin’ Up” reviews NY, NY (5/16/88).  NEWSPAPER-34
    5/20/88 “Phantom song.” Why did the NY Times say Bruce played “Rosalita”?  NEWSPAPER-34
    5/25/88 “Bruce: breakup?” NEWSPAPER-34
    6/22/88 Page 1 photo of Bruce, Patti strolling in Paris.  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/11/88 “Springsteen ‘malled’ by writer” previews Esquire attack.  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/31/89 “The Best of Bruce” Springsteen releases 10 years of videos. NEWSPAPER-111
    1/18/91 “Hall Yes! Rockers For Peace” at 1991 Rock Hall ceremonies. NEWSPAPER-111
    3/31/92 “Bruce Brings It On Home” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town. NEWSPAPER-34
    4/28/92 “Live from New York … it’s the Boss!”  NEWSPAPER-34
    5/12/92 “Bruce hits the road.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/9/92 “Bruce’s ‘dress’ finally loosens” reviews the national radio show (6/5/92).  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/24/92 “Bruce on the Loose.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/24/92 “Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/7/93 Photo: Bruce and Patti after memorial service for Kristen Carr.  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/25/93 “Boss Leaves ‘Em Hungry For More” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (6/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-111
    6/26/93 “Springsteen gives Letterman a ‘Boss’ sendoff.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/21/93 “Is it autumn for Springsteen?”  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/24/93 “Bruce and The Kids Come First,” interview with Patti Scialfa.  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/20/94 “Fab Four,” analyzing the Rock Hall induction ceremonies in NY, NY.  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/21/94 “Rockers Rolled in Revelations” reviews NY, NY (1/20/94).  NEWSPAPER-34
    1/24/94 Bruce wins a Golden Globe for original song, “Streets of Philadelphia”.  NEWSPAPER-34
    2/23/95 “Oh, how Street it is” reviews New York, NYy (2/21/95).  NEWSPAPER-34
    9/4/95 “Stars hopped, bopped while they rolled and rocked” at Rock Hall concert.  NEWSPAPER-34
    10/20/95 “At Tramps, Joe’s boss” reviews New York, NY (10/18/95).  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/21/95 “Wrath-er downbeat Springsteen” reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-34
    12/13/95 “Springsteen on his own” reviews NY, NY (12/12/95).  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/10/98 “The boss of boxed sets ‘Tracks’ rise of Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    11/11/98 “Rock ‘n’ roll heaven for four new Hall-of-Famers.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    2/18/99 “Bizarro” cartoon: “The Next Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    4/11/99 “Bruce Springsteen 18 Tracks.” NEWSPAPER-34
    7/9/99 Reunion Tour heads back to the US.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/11/99 “The Boss Is Back,” hitting the road again with the E Street Band.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/16/99 “N.J. Fans Welcome Boss” in East Rutherford.  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/16/99 “Welcome Back, Bruce. Boss rocks Meadowlands.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    7/16/99 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-34
    8/13/99 “Jersey cash cow.” NEWSPAPER-34
    1/26/00 “Garden address will be E Street in June” NEWSPAPER-111
    6/8/00 “The Boss’ new song touches on Diallo slay.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/10/00 “Diallo Song Gets Under Cops’ Skin.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    6/11/00 “Bruce doesn’t dare face heroes he slanders” NEWSPAPER-35
    6/13/00 “The Boss Meets Diallo’s Kin.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/13/00 “He’s careful not to make ‘Skin’ center of show.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/13/00 Jack Newfield: “Union is off target portraying Bruce as cheap-shot artist.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/15/00 Editorial: “Springsteen’s Naive Song.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/17/00 “Whose ‘American Skin’?” NEWSPAPER-34
    6/22/00 “Bruce Shows Ticket Scalpers Who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    6/23/00 “PBA’s president loses $upport of Springsteen fan.”  NEWSPAPER-34
    4/15/01 “For some, $$ isn’t everything.” NEWSPAPER-35
    5/25/01 “Springsteen and the cue crew” NEWSPAPER-35
    1/10/02 “Stone cold Pony” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/28/02 “The Boss is back at work.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/28/02 “The Boss on our loss.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/28/02 “Other tragic events have inspired him.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/28/02 “Blue-collar bard strikes just the right note.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/29/02 “Bruce will be all over TV this week – not that that’s bad.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/30/02 “Where to find Bruce.” Maybe.  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/31/02 “Boss a Shore Thing” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/30/02).  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/31/02 “Springsteen Rising.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/3/02 “E for Excellence: Bruce rocks Dave” reviews the Letterman show (8/1/02).  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/8/02 “Rising sales propel Bruce to No. 1.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/8/02 “Boss’ new CD keeps ‘Rising.'”  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/8/02 “The Boss Proves It All Night.” Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).  NEWSPAPER-35
    3/9/03 “Bruce shows them who’s Boss” in Atlantic City (3/7/03).  NEWSPAPER-35
    5/4/03 “Bruce rocks Stone Pony” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (5/2/03).  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/14/03 “NJ bigs call Bruce The Bo$$.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/16/03 “It’s Romeo And Rosalita. Fans flock to see Boss and Bard.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/1/03 “Concert fanatics seduced by Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/2/03 “Bruce is the Shea-hey kid.” Reviews NY, NY (10/1/03).  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/5/03 3 Letters to the Editor.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/24/03 “White Knight Boss; Bruce makes pitch to save Bottom Line.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    1/31/04 “Burn to Run. Boozing firemen suspended over on-duty ‘Bruce’ bash.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    3/24/04 Photo of Bruce, Patti at a special screening of the movie “The Ladykillers.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    6/18/04 Bruce is 8th on Forbes‘ list of Top 10 Celebrity list.  NEWSPAPER-35
    6/28/04 “Critics go in for the ‘Kill.'”  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/11/04 “Changing of the guard: Sony BMG’s CEO plans.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/14/04 Bruce takes a group of fans (New Jersey housewives) to lunch.  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/15/04 Photo of Bruce, Patti shopping at Barney’s.  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/19/04 “She’s the boss now” profiles Patti, 23rd Street Lullaby.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/27/04 “Bruce bids to carry Kerry to Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    12/26/04 “Photo of Bruce and Patti at the NY restaurant La Goulue.  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/24/05 “Soul survivor” reviews Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-35
    5/5/05 “Boss rules” the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.  NEWSPAPER-35
    5/26/05 “Shut up, sit down & rock out.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/20/05 “Balk over Bruce” reports on contract renegotiations.  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/5/05 “Deeper meaning of Bruce almighty” previews the Springsteen Symposium.  NEWSPAPER-35
    8/18/05 Bruce is a fan, booster of Jesse Malin.  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/2/05 Bruce rents mansion in the Hamptons to watch Jessica in an equestrian event.  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/28/05 “Boss’ Born to Run gets big b-day.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/11/05 “Flyin’ solo, 1st class” reviews Nassau Coliseum, NY (10/9/05).  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/11/05 “Lack Off Track. Sony BMG chief’s woes tied to $pringsteen deal.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/18/05 “Sony Bigs Clash. Top deputy Smellie takes shot at CEO Lack.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/25/05 “Sirius puts Boss on dial.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/10/05 Born Again; An exclusive look at the story behind Bruce’s masterpiece” BTR.  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/10/05 “A classic gets royal treatment it deserves.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/10/05 “Footage re-Born in concert film.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/10/05 Born to Run interviews with Dave Marsh, Lenny Kaye, others.  NEWSPAPER-35
    12/27/05 “Yes, Boss; Bruce songs heat up Cold Case“.  NEWSPAPER-35
    2/23/06 Photo: Bruce and Patti shopping again at Barney’s.  NEWSPAPER-35
    2/27/06 “Almost Famous” profiles Willie Nile.  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/23/06 Reviewer liked We Shall Overcome, The Seeger Sessions.  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/25/06 “Boss nod a treat for Pete” Seeger.  NEWSPAPER-35
    6/9/06 Pete Seeger has issues with The Seeger Sessions.  NEWSPAPER-35
    6/24/06 “Bruce has brass …” reviews New York, NY (6/22/06).  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/2/06 Includes We Shall Overcome in best albums of the year so far.  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/2/06 Reviews Johnny Cash’s American V: A Hundred Highways.  NEWSPAPER-35
    7/14/06 “Springsteen kid in splash.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/25/07 Magic is a “kick-ass record.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/12/07 Bill O’Reilly:  Bruce Springsteen echoing left-wing propaganda.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/18/07 “Bruce regains ‘Magic’ touch at Garden” reviews New York, NY (10/17/07).  NEWSPAPER-35
    12/28/07 “207 best songs to download from 2007.” NEWSPAPER-111
    12/30/07 Reviewer ranks Magic as sixth best album of the year.  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/3/08 Pre-election coverage includes coverage of Cleveland rally (11/2/09).  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/30/08   Sarcastic comments about the “Working on a Dream” single. NEWSPAPER-35
    1/30/09 Columnist previews the Super Bowl half-time show.  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/10/09 “Having an ‘Affair’ with ‘The Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/11/09 ” ‘Boss Gal’ Was Talk of Town.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    5/22/09 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (5/21/09).  NEWSPAPER-35
    6/30/09 Ticketmaster: Springsteen held back seats at Izod Center.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/19/09 Nil Lofgren’s ode to Yankee Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/4/09 A Springsteen autobiography could fetch a $10 million advance.  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/6/09 Comedian playfully sabotages a Bruce Springsteen interview.  NEWSPAPER-35
    2/19/10 “Feds Show Tix Biz Who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    3/2/10 Scalpers ‘hacked tix sites to grab prime seats.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/4/10 Rumormonger story, widely circulated.  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/22/10 “Band On The Run” looks back at Born to Run.  NEWSPAPER-111
    10/3/11 Photo: Bruce and Patti, strolling in NYC.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/7/10 “Stories behind Springsteen’s ‘Darkness.'”  NEWSPAPER-35
    3/6/12 “Boss throws a ‘Ball’ for fallen Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    3/10/12 “Apollo blastoff” reviews New York, NY (3/9/12).  NEWSPAPER-35
    4/11/12 “Too much ‘Boss’ for NJ gov.” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/16/12 “UK ‘Pauls’ The Plug on Boss.”   NEWSPAPER-35
    8/26/12 Reviews DJ Carol Miller’s book.  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/21/12 “‘Golden’ horse for The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/7/12 Look-back at the Aug. 21, 1978 show in New York City, NY.  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/6/12 “Superfan Christie knows who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-35
    11/15/12  Bruce, Patti at screening of David Geffen documentary.  NEWSPAPER-35
    12/7/12 Huge scalper prices for Sandy benefit concert.  NEWSPAPER-111
    12/13/12 “Sandy Rocks!”  Reviews the benefit concert (12/12/12).  NEWSPAPER-111
    3/11/14 Bruce and Patti Adopt a Puppy for Daughter, Jessica at Horse-Jumping Event.  NEWSPAPER-35
    9/23/14 Born to AARP At 65 the Boss if Still Racing in the Street. NEWSPAPER-35
    11/12/14 Boss Stands Up for Veterans. NEWSPAPER-35                                8/2/15 “Becoming the Boss. Bruce on the Run. (Pulse Section Sunday)” NEWSPAPER-111
    4/9/16 “I ain’t gonna play NC!” Puled show over anti-trans law. NEWSPAPER-35
    4/16/16 “The Boss’ Silly Stand For Bathroom Rights” NEWSPAPER-35
    4/22/16 “Hypocrites, zip it on bathroom law!” NEWSPAPER-35
    5/27/16 “The Boss is back on the thunder road” NEWSPAPER-35
    6/9/16 “When King met the Boss” NEWSPAPER-35
    8/25/16 “Bruce breaks all-time record NEWSPAPER-35
    8/27/16 “Boss’ all-‘time’ record” NEWSPAPER-35
    9/1/16 “Boss breaks record again” NEWSPAPER-35
    10/2/16 “Meet the real Boss: 8 surprising facts from Springsteen’s tell-all” NEWSPAPER-111
    11/14/16 “Bruce rescue sparks anger” NEWSPAPER-35
    11/23/16 “Billy halts the Boss” NEWSPAPER-35
    1/13/17 “Clemons kin’s glory days” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/7/17 “The Boss nears huge Universal gig” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/21/17 “Boss buffs ready to bum-rush Broadway” NEWSPAPER-35
    10/13/17 The Boss rules.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/14/17 Boss brings bigs to Broadway.  NEWSPAPER-35
    10/15/17 Revelations behind iconic Springsteen pics- BOSS’ GLORY DAYS NEWSPAPER-111
    10/18/17 Trending- Michael Reid on Broadway NEWSPAPER-35
    10/25/17 Trending- Michael Reid on Broadway NEWSPAPER-35
    10/29/17 “Last day with Boss” NEWSPAPER-35
    11/5/17 Boss’ Sis (On the Money) NEWSPAPER-35
    3/18/18  “Broadway is Boss, Packed houses on Great White Way.” NEWSPAPER-35
    6/30/18 “Born to Sell” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/10/18 “Hometown House Sold” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/23/18 “Flock to Shepard.” NEWSPAPER-35
    8/2/18 “Families in Tune- Singing Stars Gush about their kids” NEWSPAPER-35
    11/23/18 “Boss’ smash hit opens the floodgates” NEWSPAPER-35
    11/27/18 “The Boss’Blues- Brooding Bruce on life, death, & Trump” NEWSPAPER-35
    12/14/18 “The Boss’ new show hits close to home” NEWSPAPER-35
    12/17/18 “Pals Toast Boss’ B’way run” Page Six Emily Smith NEWSPAPER=35
    3/18/19 “Hollywood East? Jersey could be movie mecca” NEWSPAPER-35
    3/27/19 “The Boss’ hero son… Applies to Jersey City Fire Department” NEWSPAPER-35
    3/28/19 “Quick Hits- Blurb about APMFF and unseen Bruce footage” NEWSPAPER-35
    4/26/19 Bruce Rocks On NEWSPAPER-35
    6/14/19 “Bruce vs. Madonna” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/5/19 “The Birth of ‘Born'” NEWSPAPER-111
    8/16/19 “Born in the UK” NEWSPAPER-111
    10/30/19 “‘Kimmel’ ratings go BAM” NEWSPAPER-35
    1/13/20 “More knives to come out” NEWSPAPER-111
    1/15/20 “You Rock, Son!” NEWSPAPER-35
    1/2/20 “OffSpringsteen’s fire call” NEWSPAPER-35
    5/16/20 “Hack to reveal showbiz trove”(mentions Bruce) NEWSPAPER-35
    9/28/20 “Happy Boss day Bruce” NEWSPAPER-111
    10/14/20 “$1000+ Fender spenders Bruce Springsteen all in on high-end guitars” pg. 29 NEWSPAPER-111
    10/18/20 “8 Things to Watch this week: 7 Bruce Springsteen’s Love Letter to You.” pg. 47 NEWSPAPER-111
    10/23/20 “Man of the Street” pg. 23 NEWSPAPER-35
    12/30/20 “Last man Standing ranked 10th best bop of 2020” NEWSPAPER-111
    2/8/21 “The Ads that Scored & Bored” – Gives Jeep’s “The Middle” perfect score NEWSPAPER-111
    2/11/21 “Born to Rum” cover. NEWSPAPER-111
    2/12/21 “Boss held his ‘breath’ in DWI bust NEWSPAPER-111
    6/4/21 “Here Comes The Fun” NEWSPAPER-111
    6/13/21 “All That Glitters: The secret true stories of famed celebrity photos” NEWSPAPER-111
    7/1/21 “Bill bags the Boss” NEWSPAPER-111
    7/18/21 “New York is Counting on Culture to Lead the way on Reopening” NEWSPAPER-111
    7/28/21 “Woodstock ’21: Blas unveils full Central Pk. roster” NEWSPAPER-111
    9/12/21 “9/11 – 20 years later – New York’s Lost” Bruce Springsteen performs for mourners NEWSPAPER-111
    9/30/21 “Who’s The Boss? Van Zandt Opens Up about Bruce Split” NEWSPAPER-35
    10/15/21 “Rage rocker Tom Morello teams up with the Boss, Vedder and more all-stars on new album” NEWSPAPER-111
    12/4/21 “Disco David groovin'” NEWSPAPER-35
    7/17/22 “How a Mover and Shaker Came to Be” NEWSPAPER-111
    8/12/02 “Just a Kiss Away” as the country “tunes in to let music heal the mortal souls.”
    8/12/02 “Back Into the Fire.” Of The Rising: “Springsteen recalls real heroes of 9/11.”
    Also see NYTIMES.COMInternet Articles
    1/21/73 “Pop Folk Poets – A Band of Loners.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/16/73 “Springsteen Celebrates Street Life.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/14/74 Ad for Schaefer Music Festival in Central Park.  NEWSPAPER-36
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    8/15/75 “The Rocky Road to Rock Stardom.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/20/75 “Who will replace Mick Jagger? It could be Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-36
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    10/5/75 If no Bruce, “Then the Critics Would Have Made Him Up.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/24/75 ” ‘Hype’ and the Springsteen Case.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/19/75 Springsteen’s Bottom Line shows included in “It Was A Very Good Year.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/26/75 “A Top-10 Selection in a Good Year” includes Born to Run at No. 1.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/11/76 “The New Look of New Jersey Pop.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/28/76 “Where the Dancing Is: Asbury Park’s Stone Pony.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/18/76 “Asbury Park and the New Rock Music.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/30/76 “Springsteen, Cocky and Tireless” reviews NY, NY (10/28/76). NEWSPAPER-36
    12/4/77 “Today’s Punks Make the Old Punks Sound Mellow.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/25/78 “Bruce Springsteen Begins a Tour” reviews Buffalo, NY (5/23/78).  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/26/78 Revealing insights from Bruce at the start of the Darkness tour.  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/11/78 “Jagger, Springsteen And the New Angst.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/9/78 Ad for Madison Square Garden shows NEWSPAPER-111
    12/31/78 “Disco, Progressive Rock and Comebacks Were ’78 High Notes.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/16/79 “Rock Stars Are Into Politics Again” previews the No Nukes benefits.  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/24/79 “Springsteen Makes Biggest Impact” reviews NY, NY (9/22/79).  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/30/79 “Paperback Talk” discusses Dave Marsh’s first Bruce book.  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/15/80 “In Support of a Proposal for a State Anthem,” meaning Born to Run.  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/29/80 Letter writer supports proposed New Jersey state anthem.  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/6/80 Letter writer takes offense to “unedifying” lyrics in Born to Run.  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/18/80 Film: ‘No Nukes,’ a Melange of Musicians. NEWSPAPER-36
    10/19/80 “Bruce Springsteen’s The River – In Need of Editing” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-36
    11/29/80 “Bruce Springsteen at the Garden” reviews NY, NY (11/27/80).  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/4/81 “Springsteen Inaugurates New Jersey Arena.  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/10/81 “Rock Singers Are Trying To Tell Us Something.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    2/14/82 “Clemons’s New Band.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/13/82 Bruce among performers at nuclear disarmament rally in NYC (6/12/82).  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/26/82 “Bruce Springsteen Fashions a Compelling, Austere Message.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/4/83 Bruce guests with Jackson Browne at Madison Square Garden in NYC (8/2/83).  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/27/84 “Springsteen Scans the American Dream” reviews Born in the USA.  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/7/84 “Bruce Springsteen in Concert” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/20/84 President evokes Bruce’s name.  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/2/84 “Mondale Assails Reagan on Arms” (and for evoking Bruce’s name.)  NEWSPAPER-36
    2/24/85 “What Pop Lyrics Say To Us Today.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/27/85 “The Rush to Buy Tickets By Phone.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/6/85 “Springsteen’s Music Hits Chord of America” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85).  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/16/85 “Homecoming for Springsteen” previews Giants Stadium, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/18/85 “Bruce Springsteen’s Mass Appeal””Bruce Springsteen- Rock’s Popular Populist”  previews Giants Stadium, NJ .  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/19/85 “Springsteen Begins 6-Concert Series” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/19/85 “65,000 Springsteen Fans Welcome Singer Home.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/21/85 “Farm Aid Drums of Rock Music Beat for Different Causes” NEWSPAPER-111
    9/29/85 “Competing With Bruce.” Author says his wife has an obsession.  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/20/85 “The Folks Down Under Get The Last Word.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/21/85 “‘Sun City’ Gets a Range of Airplay.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/24/85 “3M Workers Campaign To Keep Plant.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/4/86 “Rock Around the Scholock – The Trouble With Pop Star Biographies.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/24/86 “Asbury Park Becomes Home to a Museum of Rock-and-Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    11/9/86 “Springsteen’s Live/1975-’85 Is Loaded With History.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    11/11/86 “Throngs Line Up Early for Springsteen Album.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/1/87 “Critic’s Notebook: Springsteen Album – A Sure Thing.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    2/25/87 “Life In The ’30s,” Anna Quindlen includes a “Jungleland” reference.  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/5/87 “Growin’ Up and Rock’in Out” reviews Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days.  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/30/87 “Heartland Rock: Bruce’s Children.” NEWSPAPER-111
    10/4/87 “Springsteen Looks at Love” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/7/88 “Bruce Springsteen Plans to tour for New Album” NEWSPAPER-36
    1/21/88 “Rock Hall of Fame Inducts Members” reviews New York, NY (1/ 20/88).  NEWSPAPER-36
    2/25/88 Profile of Bruce Springsteen’s friend John A. Mulheren Jr.  NEWSPAPER-36
    2/27/88 “Springsteen Starts First Tour in 2 Years” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/17/88 “Bruce Springsteen’s Tour” reviews NY, NY (5/16/88).  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/12/88 “Bruce Springsteen Has a Grown-Up Way With a Song.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/5/88 “Rock’s Largest Human Rights Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/1/88 “Rockers for Rights: On the Eve of the Big Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/3/88 “77,000 in London Hear Rock Stars Make Music for Human Rights.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/8/88 “Amnesty Rock Tour Performs in Badapest.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/21/88 “Raising Consciousness, Not Money” on the Amnesty tour.  NEWSPAPER-111
    9/22/88 “The Costa Ricans Rock, but Some Just Shake.” Amnesty tour in Costa Rica.  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/19/89 “New Names in Rock’s Pantheon” reviews New York, NY (1/18/89).  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/10/91 A 95-word article announce Bruce’s marriage to Patti Scialfa.  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/24/92 “Springsteen to Release 2 Albums at Once.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/11/92 “Springsteen Strategy.” Releases a two song cassette single.  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/29/92 “Springsteen: An Old-Fashioned Rocker in a New Era.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    4/1/92 “The Pop Life” NEWSPAPER-36
    4/28/92 “Chronicle” Springsteen’s SNL debut NEWSPAPER-36
    5/13/92 Human Touch/Lucky Town sell well at first, then plunge.      NEWSPAPER-36
    7/22/92 The Pop Life: “Springsteen redux and remixes.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    7/25/92 “Springsteen, 42, Leans Toward Family Values” on Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-36
    8/2/92 Arts and Literature Guide feat. Springsteen NEWSPAPER-111
    8/9/92 “When the Boss Fell to Earth, He Hit Paradise” with the writing of Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/29/92 Chronicle column reports on Bruce’s appearance at the Pony (12/27/92).  NEWSPAPER-36
    6/2/93 “Springsteen for Charity.” NEWSPAPER-36
    11/28/93 “Leaping from E Street to Late Night” Max Weinberg. NEWSPAPER-111
    1/30/94 “Eloquent Movies With Eloquent Soundtracks” includes Philadelphia,.  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/2/94 Photo with Curtis Mayfield, others at rehearsal.  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/25/94 Ad: Winner of two Academy Awards for “Philadelphia”. NEWSPAPER-111
    2/16/95 Bruce guests with Melissa Etheridge in Brooklyn (2/15/95).  NEWSPAPER-36
    3/2/95 “The Grammys: A Blend of Old and New.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/7/95 “Springsteen Looks Back but Keeps Walking On.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    9/2/95 “On a Weekend Roll, Rock Music Carves A Place in History.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    9/4/95 “Finally Reckoning With Rock History” reviews Cleveland, OH (9/2/95).  NEWSPAPER-36
    10/20/95 “Springsteen as Mentor For a Milder Comrade,” reviews NY, NY (10/18/95).  NEWSPAPER-36
    11/19/95 “Arena Rock Loses One Voice and Gains Another.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    12/14/95 “Hard Times and No Silver Lining” reviews New York, NY (12/12/95).  NEWSPAPER-36
    12/31/95 “Boomers Were Nostalgic, The Young Were Restless” NEWSPAPER-36
    2/11/96 Ads for “Ghost of Tom Joad” and “Dead Men Walking” NEWSPAPER-111
    12/1/96 “Rocking With Springsteen Yields Money for Charities.”  NEWSPAPER-36
    1/26/97 “Steinbeck in Leather” cover story.  NEWSPAPER-36
    5/6/97 Bruce receives Polar Music Award in Stockholm.  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/8/98 “Bruce Springsteen Tracks.” NEWSPAPER-111
    12/6/98 “Guess Who’ll Be Jamming. Just Guess.” NEWSPAPER-37
    12/13/98 Brief comments by Jon Pareles on Tracks.  NEWSPAPER-37
    3/16/99 “Springsteen, Joel and Others Enter Rock Hall.” Reviews NY, NY (3/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-37
    3/20/99 “Springsteen Infuses Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    3/25/99 “Addicted to a Mob Family Potion” NEWSPAPER-111
    4/12/99 “Springsteen’s America Plays Europe.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    5/16/99 On The Shore: “Springsteen’s on a Pedestal. Not His Statue.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    5/16/1999 “On The Towns” NEWSPAPER-37
    5/30/99 “On The Towns” NEWSPAPER-37
    6/13/99 “The Local Club Of Back When (Loud ‘n’ Dark) Is Right Now.” NEWSPAPER-37
    7/11/99 “Back, Sold Out and Playing In the Key of E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/11/99 “Reborn in the U.S.A.” NEWSPAPER-37
    7/11/99 “Together they chased the runaway American dream.” Profile of George Theiss and the Castilles. NEWSPAPER-37
    7/16/99 “On Fire in Meadowlands: Springsteen Is Back.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/17/99 “A Night of Many Returns for the Boss” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/25/99 “Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart, And a Bruce Story.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/25/99 “Costly Stroll on the Asphalt Boardwalk” set up in the Meadowlands parking lot.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/1/99 Humor article: “Born to (a.) Run (b.) crawl ( c.) Yawn.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/15/99 “Springsteen’s Ticket Sales Take in $18 Million.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/16/99 “Necessary Springsteen Keeps the Faith” and the accountability to his fans.  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/6/99 Bruce, Patti at the Lexington Candy Shop (despite private party.)  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/20/99 “Springsteen’s Gifts, 9 Computers, Are Stolen.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/26/99 “Success Transforms Springsteen’s Bleak Birthplace.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/28/99 Letter to the Editor by Freehold historian Kevin Coyne.   NEWSPAPER-37
    11/7/99 “Rocking the Foundations Of American Life” NEWSPAPER-37
    12/26/99 “The Coolest Guy In All of Jersey” profiles Steven Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-37
    1/30/00 “Presleyites, Dylanists and Springsteenians.” An Eric Alterman essay.  NEWSPAPER-37
    2/27/00 T. Coraghessan Boyle Letter to the Editor on his Greasy Lake story.  NEWSPAPER-37
    4/9/00 “A Factory That Wove Rugs and Bound a Town Together.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    4/30/2000 “Born to Run, and Hit. The Young Springsteen Played Guitar and the Outfield.” NEWSPAPER – 37
    6/13/00 “Springsteen Song About Diallo Prompts Anger From Police.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/14/00 Commentator: “Has the Boss Joined Ranks With the Limousine Liberals?”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/14/00 “Born to Run, or at Least to Be redeemed” on the reactions to “41 Shots”.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/15/00 Letter to the Editor: “Springsteen and the Message of “American Skin”.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/17/00 “The Sounds of Silencing” includes Bruce, “41 Shots”.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/17/00 Police officer: “The Working People Springsteen Doesn’t Understand.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/18/2000 “Boss Draws Fire with ’41 shots'” NEWSPAPER – 37
    6/29/00 “A Drummer on a Roll Revisits His Past Life.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/27/00 “Working in the Spirit Of My Father’s Place.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/28/00 “That’s Dr. Boss To You: A Dropout as B.M.O.C.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    12/31/00 “From the Quiet of a Bedroom, Raw Songs of America” revisits Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-37
    1/28/01 “For Springsteen, Bar Mitzvahs and Conan, This Drummer Sets the Beat.” NEWSPAPER-37
    4/1/01 Full page ad for Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live in NYC CD/Cassette in stores 4/3. NEWSPAPER-111
    4/7/01 “Springsteen on HBO, at 9PM.” NEWSPAPER-111
    9/22/01 “A Nation Challenged: The Benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    5/17/02 “Not Political Boss. Just Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/14/02 “His Kind of Heroes, His Kind of Songs.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/14/02 “Life on E Street: From Sessions to The Sopranos.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/15/02 “Springsteen Protects CD Online in an Old-Fashioned Way.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/28/02 “Glory Days Revisited: Greetings Again From Asbury Park.” NEWSPAPER-37
    7/28/02 Letter to the Editor: “Bruce Springsteen: A Lonely Hero.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/28/02 Letter to the Editor. “Bruce Springsteen: A Liberal Mouthpiece.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/31/02 “A Morning Jolt of Bruce With Juice” previews Asbury Park, NJ beach party.  NEWSPAPER-111
    8/8/02 “From Springsteen, a Call to ‘Rise Up'” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/9/02 “Springsteen Issues a Call to ‘Rise Up’ After 9/11.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/11/02 “Music of the Moment. Springsteen faces tragedy and transcends it.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/18/02 Humor piece: The Boss Is Back. Uh, Whose Boss? Not Mine, Stud.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/25/02 Interview with singer/songwriter Steve Earle, who discusses Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/13/02 “You Can Go Home And Write About it.” Kevin Coyne in Springsteen Land.  NEWSPAPER-37
    3/20/03 “A Rocker and a Revered Author Bond for a Cause.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/16/03 “In Stadium, Connecting With the Intimacy (and Imagery) of a Kiss.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/28/03 “Springsteen Ticket Scalpers, Glory Days Have Passed You By.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/3/03 “A School of Literature That’s Called New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    9/7/03 Ad, Shea Stadium (10/1/03, 10/3/03). NEWSPAPER-37
    10/30/03 “Behind the Mystique of Two Pop Heroes, the Boss and the Bad-Boy Rapper.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/9/03 Full page ad for the Essential Bruce Springsteen 3 CD set.  NEWSPAPER-111
    12/7/03 “Neighbors Unhappy With a Drummer’s Day Job: Jersey Shore Developer.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    12/25/03 “Top acts: The Boss rules” with photo. NEWSPAPER-37
    1/26/04 “The Bottom Line, a Place Where the Music Always Came First.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    2/8/04 “Eclectic Sounds of New Jersey, Echoing From Coast to Coast.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    5/21/04 “Rock of Ages,” Nick Hornby on the eternal quest for a life changing band.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/16/04 As the Troubadour exhibit opens, “Newark Asks, Who’s The Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/20/04 Essay on the Troubador of the Highway exhibit.  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/4/04 Troubador curator Colleen Sheehy’s letter to the editor on the 6/20/04 essay.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/5/04 “Rock Stars Announce a Swing-State Tour” previews Vote for Change.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/5/04 “Chords for Change,” Bruce writes an Op-Ed.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/6/04 Eight letters to the editor on Vote for Change tour.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/11/04 ” Van Zandt Uses His Clout to Foster Garage Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/2/04 “Rockers Open Tour in Support of Kerry” reviews Philadelphia, PA (10/1/04).  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/13/04 “Guitars and Amps: Campaign Tools.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/14/04 “For Fans, the Music Seems to Matter More Than the Message.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/31/04 “The Rap Against Rockism: Why Won’t it Fade Away?”  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/6/04 “The Gurus of What’s In Wonder if They’re Out of Touch.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/10/04 “The Boss Back Home” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/6/04).  NEWSPAPER-37
    12/19/04 “Lemmings Near The Sea.” Ticket scalping for the holiday shows.  NEWSPAPER-37
    12/21/04 “Springsteen Plays Santa” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/19/04).  NEWSPAPER-37
    4/24/05 “Bruce Almighty: The Boss Turns To God.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    4/24/05 Full page ad for Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-111
    5/1/05 “Two Guys Left Behind” profiles Vini Lopez and David Sancious.  NEWSPAPER-37
    5/21/05 “Wrestling With Demons” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (5/19/05).  NEWSPAPER-37
    7/3/05 Reviews recent Bruce books, and Bruce’s “new phase.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/24/05 “Hey, Eddie” reviews the book Meeting Across The River.  NEWSPAPER-37
    8/18/05 “Michael Brecker’s Saxophone Is Silent, His Life Is in the Balance.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/13/05 Full page ad for “Bruce Springsteen 30th Anniversary Edition of Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-111
    11/15/05 ” Born to Run Reborn 30 Years Later.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    11/18/05 Signed editorial by Helene Cooper: Born To Run on the 30th anniversary.  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/20/05  “An indelible honest moment.” NEWSPAPER-111
    11/20/05 “30 years later, still goose bumps.” NEWSPAPER-111
    11/20/05 “Things you may not know about ‘Born to Run.'” NEWSPAPER-111
    11/25/05 Novelist Harlan Coben: “Springsteen vs. Frist’s Senate.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    1/22/06 “Baby, We Were Born to Dance: The Boss Goes to the Ballet.” NEWSPAPER-111
    4/16/06 An interview with Bruce Springsteen during Seeger Sessions rehearsals.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/24/06 “Folk Revival As Only Springsteen Can Do It” reviews NY, NY (6/22/06).  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/28/06 “The Boss Lets Freedom Ring, with Banjo” reviews NY, NY (6/22/06).  NEWSPAPER-37
    1/2/07 “Pop Music and the War: The Sound of Resignation.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    4/7/07 “Wresting With Songs Tougher Than the Rest” reviews NY, NY (4/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-37
    9/30/07 “In Love With Pop, Uneasy With the World.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/1/07 “Audience Helps Drill the E-Street Band” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (9/28/07).  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/19/07 “Songs of Anguish With a Hopeful Beat” reviews New York, NY (10/17/07).  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/20/07 “The Segmented Society. Little Stevie and the fragmentation of rock ‘n’ roll.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    12/30/07 The dialogue between Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire.  NEWSPAPER-37
    2/11/08 Results of the 50th annual Grammy Awards (including 3 to Springsteen.)  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/17/08 “The Boss, the Piano Man and the Candidate” reviews NY, NY (10/16/08).  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/3/08 Reviews the Barack Obama rally in Cleveland, OH (11/2/08).  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/16/08 “The Boardwalk Is Poised for Revival, and the Economy Goes in the Tank”
    1/19/09 “America Meets in Washington to Start Celebrating Obama’s Inauguration.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    1/19/09 One-third page photo of Springsteen performing at the Lincoln Memorial.  NEWSPAPER-37
    2/1/09 “The Rock Laureate,” a major feature by Jon Pareles.  NEWSPAPER-37
    2/8/09 Letter writer disappointed with album market plan.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/1/09 Bruce Springsteen’s classics to be available on eMusic.  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/15/09 “Generations Mingle at This Year’s Bonnaroo.”   NEWSPAPER-37
    6/23/09 “Springsteen Manager Details Ticket Policy.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/12/09 Reviews Giants Stadium finale, East Rutherford, NJ (10/9/09).  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/31/09 “Rock’s Royal Genes” reviews New York, NY (10/29/09).  NEWSPAPER-37
    10/7/10 “Shedding Some Light on ‘Darkness.'”  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/7/10 “What Springsteen Kept to Himself.”  NEWSPAPER-37
    6/19/11 “Clarence Clemons, Springsteen’s Soulful Sideman, Dies at 69” NEWSPAPER-37
    6/24/11 “Bromance with The Big Man” NEWSPAPER-37
    3/4/12 Jon Pareles and Jon Caramanica debate Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-111
    7/29/12 Gaslight Anthem and their Jersey muse.  NEWSPAPER-37
    11/7/12 Reviews Peter Ames Carlin’s book Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-111
    12/9/12 “Sopranos’ Alumni, Back In Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-111
    11/15/13 “A Scrapbook of a Memorable Night for Rock” 12-12-12 film review NEWSPAPER-111
    11/15/13 Full page ad for 12-12-12 movie featuring Bruce Springsteen NEWSPAPER-111
    1/12/14 Full page ad for E Street Radio on Sirius XM NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/2/14 Book Review; Bruce Springsteen: By the Book.  NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/1/17 The Boss, Up Close NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/13/17 “His brilliant disguises” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/15/17 “Waiting for Bruce, Broadway’s Newest Star” NEWSPAPER-37
    11/24/17 A Guide to Navigating Broadway NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/26/17 NY Times Magazine “Preet Bharara Is Not Running For Office” pg58 NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/29/17 Springsteen’s Run Extended on Broadway (Arts, Briefly)    NEWSPAPER-37
    2/11/18   The songs that bind.  NEWSPAPER-37
    3/4/18  Full Page “Springsteen on Broadway” Ad SiriusXM show NEWSPAPER-111A                                                                                                                             3/22/18  “Springsteen Extends Broadway Run Again.” NEWSPAPER-37              4/28/18  “New Jersey Gives a Wisecracking Son His Own Day.” NEWSPAPER-37
    5/2/18  “Big Brands Lead the Tony Parade.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/20/18 “24/7 Bruce” Full page ad for E Street Radio on Sirius XM NEWSPAPER-111A
    8/9/18 “Bazaar by the Boardwalk” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/21/18 “How a Legendary Club rode the ups and downs of the Jersey Shore’s most rocking town- An oral history of the Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/5/18 “Memories of Sweat, the Salt Air and Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-111A
    12/15/18 “This Time It Isn’t Sold Out” Critics Notebook NEWSPAPER-37
    12/16/18 Ad “Springsteen on Broadway” NEWSPAPER-37
    12/28/18 “This Springsteen Tours the World, Too, Collecting Trophies” NEWSPAPER-111A
    3/10/19 NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE Page 16 Bruce page 5 Max Weinberg AD NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/19/19 NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Pg.7 Ani DiFranco interview refers to Springsteen memoir NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/2/19 “25 of the Best Beach Vacations” NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/7/19 “Ready to Break; First, Homework” NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/13/19 “Looking West with Strings and Sorrows” NEWSPAPER-111A
    9/1/19 “Prancing Atop the Social Ladder” NEWSPAPER-111A
    9/24/19 “A Town That Springsteen Made Famous Returns to Its Glory Days” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/25/19 “Springsteen on Life’s Broken Pieces” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/29/19 “A Heart in Pieces, And a Rock Life” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/31/19 “A Curated Life” NEWSPAPER-111A
    1/12/20 “Hollywood Comes to Town.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    1/18/20 “Sam Springsteen Joins Fire Department.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    4/26/20 “Listening to the History of American Music.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/16/20 “Springsteen Sideman Pledges to Take On Nursing Home After a Family Scare.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/22/20 “Summer Math Problems: Distancing at the Shore.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    8/4/20 “Detroit Rock Crit: Creem Totally Defined It” NEWSPAPER-111A
    8/25/20 “Plot twist! 2004 was a surprising year in film” NEWSPAPER 111A
    10/19/20 ARTS “At 71 and Off the Stage, Springsteen is Still on Fire” NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/29/20 “Festival Creator Wants to Save Live Music” NEWSPAPER-111A
    1/22/21 “The Hopeful Sounds of a New Beginning” photo of Bruce performing at the Inauguration front page. NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/11/21 “Springsteen was Arrested for D.W.I. in November” NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/23/21 “A New Podcast From Two ‘Renegades'” – Discusses Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen’s podcast NEWSPAPER-111A
    4/11/21 “Springsteen: The Boss’ kid is galloping towards Olympic Games” NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/8/21 “‘Springsteen On Broadway,’ The ’21 Encore” NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/28/21 “Springsteen Is ‘Proof of Life’ on Broadway” NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/30/21 “Here’s Your Seat, Miss. Playbill?” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/1/21 “Springsteen and the Lives We Contain” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/26/21 “An Obama and Springsteen Podcast Will Become a Book” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/28/21 “Proof of Vaccination Required for Central Park Concert
    8/8/21 “Baby, she was born to ride: Bruce Springsteen’s kid scores Olympic silver” NEWSPAPER-111A
    8/11/21 “Walter Yetnikoff, 87, Record Mogul as Wild As a Rock Star, Dies” NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/12/22 “Sting Sets Songs Free In $300 Million Deal”-mentions Bruce doing the same NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/13/22 “Boomers Should Fight for Change” – NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/7/22 “Dylan’s Secrets For You to See” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/8/22 “Lesley Gore’s Archive Shows Her Musical Evolution” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/17/22 “How a Mover and Shaker came to be” NEWSPAPER-111A
    9/11/22 “The Stories Behind the Rolling Stone Stories” NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/1/22 “‘Midnight’s’ sells more than 1 Million in a week”- mentions tie with Springsteen on the charts NEWSPAPER 111A
    1/20/2023 “David Crosby, Who Founded Two Classic Rock Bands, Dies at 81” pg. A24 NEWSPAPER-111A
    1/22/2023 “John Cale, Here and Now: The 80 year-old rocker who helped form the Velvet Underground is still making music on the edge” article on pg. 8 NEWSPAPER 111-A
    4/9/2023 “Pricey Concerts Hit a Sour Note For Music Fans”- Bruce Springsteen and dynamic ticket pricing on tour page 1 and 18 NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/9/85 “Springsteen’s exuberance conquers British hearts.”
    3/30/03 “The Boss sweats it out in the rain.”
    3/31/03 “Bruce was born to run and run” reviews Aukland (AU) (3/28/03).
    6/5/05 Reviews Devils & Dust: an “uneven set.”
    8/26/78 Reprints a profile by Dave Marsh from Rolling Stone.
    7/21/84 Full page photo of Bruce Springsteen as a preview of the summer concert season. Page 8.
    4/9/76 Student newspaper previews, but then does not review, the Choate school show.
    1985 Tom Armstrong’s cartoon of a guitar strumming Marvin.
    8/2/78 “Springsteen Stirs Crowd To Frenzy” reviews Charleston, S.C. (8/1/78).
    11/8/86 “Springsteen’s boxed set finally finished.”
    3/4/88 “The Boss commands the Dome” reports on fans, scalpers in Chapel Hill, NC.
    3/5/88 “Bruce finally cuts loose in second set” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (3/3/88).
    11/16/92 “10 Songs that make the man.”
    11/19/92 “The Boss turns serious” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (11/17/92).
    4/24/00 “Bruce’s rock revival” reviews Durham, NC (4/22/00).
    9/12/03 “Bruce-built anthems last.”
    9/12/03 “Thirty years of rockin,” Bruce’s concerts in North Carolina.
    9/12/03 “He covers the Boss’ back,” an interview with Steve Van Zandt.
    9/12/03 “The logistics.”
    9/15/03 “Springsteen Rises To The Occasion” reviews Chapel Hill, NC (9/14/03).
    9/15/03 “Fans of all ages answer to The Boss.”
    5/28/78 “Springsteen’s back and isn’t forgotten” reviews Philadelphia, PA (5/26/78).
    6/11/78 “Springsteen’s first album in years falls short” reviews Darkness.
    11/2/80 “He never lets’em down” reviews The River.
    1/4/81 “Newer bands, Springsteen make top 10” for 1980.
    8/8/83 “Busing to a ballgame with the Boss.”
    6/3/84 “Bruce’s rock river runs deep” previews Born in the U.S.A.
    8/9/84 “Springsteen boss of events” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/6/84).
    9/11/84 “Bruce Springsteen: He’s still Boss.”
    9/12/84 “Springsteen sizzles at the Spectrum” reviews Philadelphia, PA(9/11/84).
  • NEWS OF THE WORLD (United Kingdom)
    NEWS OF THE WORLD SUNDAY (United Kingdom)
    7/7/85 Julianne: “I’ll Share Star Bruce With His Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    11/20/88 “Sexy Sting’s Belly Odd Birthday.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/18/90 “Exclusive! Bruce and the Biker Barmaid.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    5/5/96 “Dancing in the Park.” Bruce and his kids in London’s Hyde Park.  NEWSPAPER-111A
    1/30/85 “Springsteen: should town honor him?”
    2/6/85 “Poll respondents: honor ‘the Boss.'”                                                              5/22/85 Happenings “Springsteen-Phillips” wedding announcement NEWSPAPER-38
    4/17/02 75 Years Ago: Death of Virginia Springsteen
    5/15/02 “Vinyard park ceremony Saturday.”
    5/22/02 “Springsteen, Theiss help honor couple who cared.” NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/30/03 “European fans sample slick of Bruce’s hometown.”
    7/14/04 “Springsteen delivers on promise to artist.”
    10/5/05 “Habitat families welcome new homes” on Freehold’s new E Street.
    5/28/08 “Photographer captures Hall of Fame moments.”
    9/9/09 “New book looks at ‘The Boss,'” reviews Louis Masur’s Runaway Dream.
    3/2/11 Freehold “Little League will celebrate 60 years of baseball memories.”
    3/30/11 “Shore musician finds his hero.” Chris Vaughn and Bruce Springsteen. NEWSPAPER-111A
    11/9/11 Report on the relocation of this collection to Monmouth University.
    1/18/12 “‘Mad Dog’ recovering from crash.”
    9/5/12 “Springsteen symposium to be held at Monmouth U.”
    9/26/12 “Mad Dog” still keeps the beat at the Jersey Shore.”
    12/19/12 Marion Vinyard honored for her long public-service career.                        3/23/16 “Yes, that was the Big Man who came to the Barkalow school”
    11/30/16 “Springsteen awarded Medal of Freedom at White House”3/16/22 “Springsteen ‘story center’ to be created in Freehold”
    Also see THENEWSTRIBUNE.COMInternet Articles
    5/6/88 “It was rock for all ages” at the Tacoma Dome.
    5/6/88 “Sweet music rolls the hours away” reviews Tacoma, WA (5/5/88).
    5/6/88 “This time, the Boss sleeps far from Tacoma’s aroma.”
    5/11/92 “Springsteen shows he’s still the boss”
    6/25/93 Clarence Clemons to appear at the Sands (6/25-26) NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/25/93 “‘Big Man’ back at the Shore” NEWSPAPER-111A
    Also see NEWSDAY.COMInternet Articles
    6/21/73 Robert Christgau: “Springsteen has potential.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/13/74 “Symbol of Alienation With a Mesmerizing Rhythm” by Dave Marsh.  NEWSPAPER-38
    2/24/75 In “Fluid Gold,” Dave Marsh reviews Westbury Music Fair, NY (2/23/75).  NEWSPAPER-38
    7/14/75 “Street-walking monster.” Tony Kornheiser reviews a Bottom Line show, NY, NY.  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/29/75 “Two Magazines Have One Bright Idea.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    12/14/75 “Springsteen as Long Island Hero” reviews Greenvale, NY (12/12/75).  NEWSPAPER-38
    12/??/75 Readers vote Born to Run as the year’s top album.  NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/4/81 “Uninhibited and reflective” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/2/81).  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/3/82 “Springsteen ode to ordinary people” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-38
    8/2/84 “Springsteen: ‘The Boss’ is Coming To Town.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    8/7/84 “Springsteen’s party in Jersey” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-38
    9/9/84 “The Rites Of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/11/84 “Rock star’s $10,000 donation for holiday food sounds right note.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/29/84 “Springsteen springs again for a food bank.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    12/29/84 “Remember to RSVP” NEWSPAPER-38
    8/18/85 “Bosser Than Ever” previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-38
    8/20/85 “Springsteen brings it all back home” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-38
    11/10/86 “Springsteen’s Living-Room Rock Concert” reviews Live 1975-’85.  NEWSPAPER-38
    11/12/86 “‘Boss’ Fans Go on the Record.” Interviews with fans in a record-buying line.  NEWSPAPER-38
    11/28/86 “Drumming Up a Night With Mighty Max,” during a lecture at The Bottom Line.  NEWSPAPER-38
    1/23/87 “Rocking and Rolling Into the Hall of Fame” reviews NY, NY (1/ 21/87).  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/5/87 “Springsteen’s Love Songs” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-38
    1/22/88 “The Good, Bad and Discontented” at Grammys. Review (1/ 20/88).  NEWSPAPER-38
    2/21/88 “Two for the Road.” Bruce and Michael Jackson put reputations on the line.  NEWSPAPER-38
    2/27/88 “An Introspective Bruce Is Still the Boss” reviews Worcester. MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/1/88 “Springsteen a Steamy Hit in Detroit” reviews Detroit, MI (3/28/88).  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/3/88 “Hey, What’s $100″ reports on scalping at Nassau Coliseum.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/4/88 “Into the Future.” Wayne Robins reviews Uniondale, NY (4/1/88).  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/5/88 “The Boss Takes The High Road,” reaching Nassau Coliseum by helicopter.  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/24/89 “Farewell to Asbury Park” NEWSPAPER-38
    6/16/89 “Hey Hey: Neil Young Is Boss” reviews Jones Beach, NY (6/14/89).  NEWSPAPER-38
    3/29/92 “Springsteen Digs In For the Long Run.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    6/8/92 “Rock and a hard place.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    7/24/92 “Bruce’s leap of faith” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-38
    11/12/92 “Bruce at a Crossroads” reviews Uniondale, NY (11/9/92).  NEWSPAPER-38
    6/28/93 Reviews of the Kristen Ann Carr Fund Benefit Concert(6/26/93). NEWSPAPER-111A
    2/23/95 Reviews “Tramps” NYC five hour concert(2.21/95) NEWSPAPER-111A
    12/11/95 Elaine Steinbeck: “I love Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    12/14/95 “Springsteen Strikes Again” reviews New York, NY (12/12/95).  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/13/99 “Who’s Boss? It’s Still Bruce” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/11/99).  NEWSPAPER-38
    4/20/99 “Born to Re-Run” follows the Reunion Tour in Europe.  NEWSPAPER-38
    7/14/99 “The Cult of Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    7/16/99 “Glory Days Revisited” Band starts in N.J. for reunion tour. NEWSPAPER-111A
    7/21/02 “Back to Bossics. Returning to his roots. Bruce Springsteen is ‘Rising’ again.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/1/03 Poster as a preview to three shows at Shea Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/2/03 “The Boss Rules At Shea” reviews Queens, NY (10/2/03).  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/2/03 “Plenty of Hits at the Stadium.”  NEWSPAPER-38
    5/5/05 “Boss rises to the top … again” with Devils & Dust sales.  NEWSPAPER-38
    5/20/05 “Bruce flies solo, and soars” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (5/19/05).  NEWSPAPER-38
    10/12/05 “Silence is golden” reverence for the Boss” reviews Uniondale, NY(10/9/05).  NEWSPAPER-38
    3/11/08 “Bruce Springsteen rocks Nassau Coliseum” reviews Uniondale, NY (3/10/08).  NEWSPAPER-38
    6/4/08 Article looks back briefly at Springsteen’s first show on Long Island.  NEWSPAPER-38
    9/19/78 Bruce Springsteen Rocks Springfield by Vinnie Ascioti NEWSPAPER-38
    3/2/73 “Who is Bruce Springsteen?”
    3/16/73 “Star Due at NU,” a more extensive article previewing the 3/24/73 show.
    3/23/73 “Bruce Springsteen Will Prove He Is More than Dylanesque Tomorrow.”
    3/30/73 “Springsteen: A Unique Band” reviews Niagara University, Lewington, NY (3/24/73).
    5/11/73 “Free Concert Highlights Final Weekend at NU.” Bruce back by popular demand.
    5/20/97 “Bruce Springsteen revient a l’essentiel” reviews Nice (FR)(5/18/97).
  • HET NIEUWSBLAD (Belgium)
    4/26/93 “God Doet Het Iets Kalmer Aan” reviews Gent (FR) (4/24/93). NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/28/99 “Fans warmen zich op voor Bruce-concert.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    11/12 “Eric Meola, streets of fire.”
    6/12/85 “De stilte voor Bruce Springsteen.”
    6/13/85 “Kuip plat vooor Springsteen” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (6/12/85).
    12/6/86 “Bruce Springsteen en het heldendom.”
    7/25/75 Springsteen and his band create an event” reviews Lenox, MA (7/23/75).
    1/25/21 “Bruce Springsteen Rages On with ‘Letter to You'” NEWSPAPER-39
    9/14/22 Volume 30.32 “Bruce Springsteen and American Music” pp.9
    10/31/22 Volume 30.29 “Rockin New Jersey” pp.9 Bruce Springsteen mentioned
    8/16/75 “Frenetic Springsteen ‘explodes’ at Mosque” reviews Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA (8/9/75).
    9/1/78 “Rock’s Bruce Springsteen captures local audience” reviews Pittsburgh, PA(8/29/78).
    12/18/92 “Springsteen’s leap pays off” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (12/16/92).
    7/24/92 “Bruce on the loose with new, old material.”
    7/24/92 “Springsteen plays Jersey after 4 years.”
    7/24/92 Despite disappointing record sales, “Local fans faithful to The Boss.”
    10/20/05 “Springsteen doesn’t tire of exploring his songbook” reviews Chicago, IL (10/13/05).
  • THE NORTHERN ECHO (United Kingdom)
    5/2/85 “Queuing in the dark for Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    6/5/85 “Greatest show on earth. Major coverage, reviews Newcastle (UK) (6/4/85).  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “Just another face in the Geordie crowd.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “Why E Streeters are happy with the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “From New Jersey to St. James.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “Busman’s song with ticket to stardom.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “Odd facts about the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “A phone call … and Nils was on song.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “Even if we’re just dancing in the park …”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “The boss’s wife.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “One for the desert island.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    6/5/85 “The Boss spans a generation.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    10/8/87 “Miners dig Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    2/6/81 “The Boss romps” reviews Ames, IA (1/29/81).
    11/24/75 “Bruce Springsteen: fascinerende popster” reviews Amsterdam (NL)(11/23/75)
    4/30/81 Reviews the Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL) concert (4/28/81).
    6/21/88 “Spierballenrock en intimiteit bij Springsteen” reviews Paris (FR) (6/19/98).
    6/29/88 “Bespiegeling en eenvoudige pret” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (6/28/88).
    9/5/88 “Onwennig begin Amnesty-tournee” reviews London (UK) (9/2/88).
    4/5/93 “Hard werkende rocker Springsteen mist zijn vroegere magie” reviews Dortmund (NL) (4/4/93).
    2/26/96 “Springsteen zingt weer alleen over andermans ellende” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (2/25/96).
    6/21/99 “Zeer slecht geluid hindert concert Bruce Springsteen” reviews Arnhem, (NL) (6/19/99).
    10/23/02 “Springsteen zingt van woede en wraak” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (10/22/02).
    5/29/09 Pinkpop preview and profile: “Regen in de wasstraat.”
    6/2/09 “Springsteen geeft les in rock-‘n’-roll” reviews Landgraaf  (NL) (5/30/09).
    2/21/12 Coverage of Paris press briefing.
    5/15/03 “El Jefe Vuelve Con Toda La Banda Al Molinon.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “El dia en que Springsteen toco seis horas en Gijon.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “La ‘Bruce’ Band.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Llega al Molinon la genuina energia de un clasico del rock.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “El equipo visitante.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Treinta anos de musica honesta en la penumbra del sueno americano.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Asi nos dimos de ‘Bruces.'”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Batiendo records en un ano a tope de compromisos politicos y musicales.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Encuentro con el nuevo jefe.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/15/03 “Haciendo memoria.”  NEWSPAPER-111A
    5/16/03 “Springsteen, pletorico, enloquece a 40.000 seguidores.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “Springsteen, pletorico de energia…” reviews Gijon (FR) (5/15/03).  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “Springsteen saludo Asturias con el uniforme de rockero.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “Asi empezo todo.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “La tribu del Jefe.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “Mas de 2.00 servicios de taxi para una aficion en busca de alojamiento.”  NEWSPAPER-39
    5/16/03 “En el cielo con Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-39

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