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  • ABC (Spain)  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/20/03 “Springsteen encandilo a 35,000 fieles” reviews Madrid (ES) (5/19/03).
    5/20/03 “‘El Jefe’ se puso La Peineta por montera.”
    6/24/95 Previews TV appearance.
    1/24/96 “‘The Boss’ in Munchen” previews Tom Joad tour.
    5/78 “Welcome Back, Bruce Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-1
    “Voices of the Dispute- Unions have been…” NEWSPAPER-1
  • AD (Netherlands)  NEWSPAPER-1
    4/7/93 “Brulboei in een zee van geluid.”
    6/2/09 “Bruce Springsteen regeert dit jaar als baas over Pinkpop” reviews Landgraaf (NL) (5/30/09).
    5/15/88 “In quest of Bruce, fans respect privacy”
    3/24/88 “The Boss is back” reviews the start of the Tunnel of Love tour.
    5/15/88 “In quest of Bruce, fans respect privacy.”
  • AFTENPOSTEN (Norway) 
    Also see AFTENPOSTEN.NOInternet Articles
    5/7/81 “Bruce Springsteen holdt sitt ord” reviews Oslo (NO) (5/5/81).  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/2/93 “Sjefen er fortsatt til a regne med” reviews Oslo (NO) (6/1/93).  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/2/93 “-Bruce- en typisk, barsk sunnmorin.”  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/28/99 “Vill jubel for ‘The Boss'” reviews Oslo (NO) (6/27/99).  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/20/03 “Nostalgikveld med The Boss” reviews Oslo (NO) (6/19/03).  NEWSPAPER-1
    10/30/06 “Stue-rocken som tok helt av” reviews Oslo (NO) (10/29/06).  NEWSPAPER-1
    10/30/06 “Ett sporsmal pr, journalist, takk.”  NEWSPAPER-1
    7/21/12 “Born in the USA – elsker Norge.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/21/12 Two-page interview with Steven Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-100
    4/29/13 “The Boss er tilbake” previews Oslo (NO).  NEWSPAPER-100
    4/30/13  Report on the brief Oslo press conference.  NEWSPAPER-100
  • AFTONBLADET (Sweden)
    11/22/75 “Springsteen … fantastiskt!” reviews Stockholm (SE) (11/21/75).  NEWSPAPER-1
    3/19/81 “Springsteen Ger Extra-Konsert.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    5/3/81 “Battre rock an sa har finns inte!” reviews Copenhagen (DK) (5/1/81).  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/5/81 “Jubel For Bruce Springsteen” reviews Goteborg (DK) (5/4/81).  NEWSPAPER-100
    5/8/81 “Jag ger allt pa scen …” reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/7/81).  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/9/81 “Sista natten med Springsteen” reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/8/81).  NEWSPAPER-1
    12/7/84 “En amerikansk hjalte.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    10/??/87 “Cool, Bruce” reviews Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-1
    7/1/88 “Valkommen BRUCE!” “Bruce Springsteen I karlekstunneln.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/1/88 “Rock pa ren scen.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/1/88 “Vinn Springsteen-video.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/1/88 “Bruce I bokfloden.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/2/88 “Bruce och Patti leker kurragomma.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/2/88 “Bruces nya brud.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/2/88 “En film for er som gillar Springsteens musik.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/2/88 “Svenska Vivianne fick Bruce att slanga jeansen.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Bruce och patti fick 30 000 at dansa” reviews Stockholm (SE) (7/2/88) . NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Den Stroa Rocken Bruce.” 4 stars for Stockholm (SE) (7/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Annicka fran Boras fick dansa med Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “I kvall blir han politiker.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Var egen Bruce var ocksa dar.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Springsteen nya fans.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/3/88 “Springsteen festade hos Tomas och Marie Leden.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/5/88 “Var bussige hjalte Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    7/5/88 “‘Publiken i Sverige gor mig lycklig’.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    5/29/93 “Bruce ar bast ensam” reviews Stockholm (SE) (5/28/93).  NEWSPAPER-100
    3/14/96 “Tack, Bruce.” Five star review of Stockholm (SE) (3/13/96)  NEWSPAPER-100
    5/7/03 Two pages reviews The Rising tour in Rotterdam (NL) (5/6/03).  NEWSPAPER-100
    6/22/03 Eight pages on the Goteborg (SE) concert (6/21/03).  NEWSPAPER-100
    12/11/07 “Du ar trott, Bruce” reviews Stockholm (SE) (12/10/07).  NEWSPAPER-1
    7/4-5/08 “BRUCE,” a 16-page special.  NEWSPAPER-100
    5/2/13 “Bruce laddar-ibaren.”  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/3/13 Previews Solna (SE).  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/3/13 “Bossresan,” a 16-page special section.  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/4/13 Reviews Solna (SE) (5/3/13).  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/5/13 Multi-article review of Solna (SE) (5/4/13).  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/11/13 Beautiful 12-page special section.  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/12/13 Markus Larsson reviews Solna (SE) (5/11/13).  NEWSPAPER-122
    7/22/12 Reviews Oslo (NO) (7/21/12).  NEWSPAPER-122
    4/30/13 Song-by-song review of Oslo (NO) (4/29/13).  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/8/14 “Original Born to Run Lyrics on Display at Duke” Page A15.  NEWSPAPER-5
    5/9/14 “Boss Time in the Big Easy,” New Orleans 2014 Jazz Festival, (5/3/14).  NEWSPAPER-5
    5/2/13 Bruce Springsteen, in and around Stockholm (SE).  NEWSPAPER-122
    5/7/13 Bruce takes a leisure boat ride in Stockholm (SE).  NEWSPAPER-122
  • AFR WEEKEND (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-1
    3/16/13 “Boss shows Swan how to raise money.”
  • THE AGE (Australia)  NEWSPAPER-1
    4/4/85 “‘The Boss’ performs with traditional rock ‘n’ roll fire” reviews Melbourne (AU) (4/3/85).
    2/16/97 “Solo Springsteen evokes ghosts from the past” reviews Melbourne (AU)  (2/15/97).
    2/16/12 “Angry Springsteen gauges gap between American dream, reality.”
    2/16/12 “‘I still back Obama’ – but from the sidelines: Springsteen.”
    5/24/87 “UNC-Charlotte Instructors Analyze Springsteen’s Impact.”
    8/5/85 “Strike Could Stop Springsteen Show.”
    9/26/96 “Akron cheers Springsteen” reviews Akron, OH (9/25/96).
    9/26/96 “Springsteen goes on tour unplugged.”
    9/27/04 Chip Bok editorial cartoon: George W. Bush gets back news.
    10/4/74 “Preview: Springsteen.”
    10/11/74 “Springsteen: A Rollickin’ Show” reviews Reading, PA (10/5/74).
    10/22/96 “Solo Springsteen Unplugs…” reviews Albuquerque, NM (10/19/96).
    11/13/80 “800 Days later. Springsteen’s The River Worth The Long Wait.”
  • ALGEMEEN DAGBLAD  (Netherlands)
    6/8/85 “Met The Boss Naar Het Walhalla.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    6/11/85 “‘Het gaat om de muziek.”  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/13/85 “Bruce brult de Kuip plat” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (6/12/85).  NEWSPAPER-100
    6/21/88 “‘The Boss’ is niet te stuiten” reviews Paris (FR) (6/19/88).  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/30/88 “Feest met Springsteen” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (6/28/88).  NEWSPAPER-1
    4/6/93 “Brulboei in een zee van geluid” reviews Dortmund (DE) (4/4/93).  NEWSPAPER-1
    12/8/95 “Springsteen als troubadour” reviews Washington, D.C. (12/5/95).  NEWSPAPER-1
    4/17/99 “Springsteen doet een stram dansje” reviews Cologne (DE) (4/1/99).  NEWSPAPER-1
    6/21/99 “Bruce Springsteen galmend ten onder” reviews Arnhem (6/19/99).  NEWSPAPER-1
    10/23/02 “Niets van jeugdig elan verloren” reviews Rotterdam (NL)(10/22/02).  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/7/03 “Springsteen blijft een stadionbeest,” front page photo from Rotterdam (NL).  NEWSPAPER-100
    4/26/00 “He’s still ‘The Boss'” reviews Pittsburgh, PA (4/25/00).
    12/2/14 “Times Square Surprise” Bruce Springsteen featured on cover (12/2/14).
    11/20/75 “Stills on Springsteen: not as good as his hype.”
    6/12/85 “Springsteen is gereed om legendarische status waar te maken.”
    6/13/85 “Springsteen: briljant maar niet onsterfelijk” reviews Rotterdam (NL)(6/12/85).
    6/11/87 “Dave Marsh on creating the Loud Noise.”
    2/?/75 “Pandamonium” at State College, PA (2/19/75).
    3/1/73 Music critic Randall Davis reviews Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
    5/1/73 Reviewer says Bruce Springsteen is an “enjoyable step above most singer-songwriters.”
  • L’ARENA (Italy)  NEWSPAPER-1
    10/5/06 “Un’Arena country per Bruce.”
    10/5/06 “Sui sentieri della vecchia America.”
    10/5/06 “Dalla desolazione di ‘Nebraska’ al fantasma di Steinbeck.”
  • ARGUS (U of Maryland publication) NEWSPAPER-1
    9/1981 “Bruuuce: Working Class Hero?”
    Also see AZCENTRAL.COM Internet Articles
    11/5/75 “Springsteen wild on stage” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/4/75).
    11/7/80 “Springsteen performs with blurring energy” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/5/80).
    11/9/84 “Rocker Bruce Springsteen’s power is unique” reviews Tempe, AZ (11/8/84).
    10/3/92 “It’s nostalgia, it’s charisma – ‘Boss’ is back” reviews Phoenix, AZ (10/2/92).
    10/23/96 “Springsteen enters the promised land” reviews Tempe, AZ (10/21/96).
    10/10/99 “Song reflect boomers’ coming of age”
    10/14/99 “Born to Re-Run Boss ReGains Power with E Street Band.”
    10/15/99 “Boss’ Energy is Timeless.”
    10/16/99 “‘The Boss,’ Legendary E Streeters Dazzle Arena” reviews Phoenix, AZ(10/15/99).
    10/19/99 “This is Bruce’s Town” reviews his rich history in Phoenix, AZ.
    8/22/02 “Springsteen’s E Team” previews The Rising tour in Phoenix, AZ.
    8/25/02 “‘Rising’ to the occasion.” Previews Phoenix, AZ (8/25/02).
    4/24/05 “Stories To Tell” previews the Devils & Dust tour in Phoenix, AZ.
    5/28/06 “Boss Colors Roots, with Nod to Seeger” previews We Shall Overcome tour in Phoenix.
    9/30/07 “Springsteen’s Take on War, Bush in Magic.”
    2010 “This is Bruce’s town: Legendary rocker found early fans in Phoenix”
    5/3/76 “LR to get look at Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/4/76 “Springsteen – a rousing performer” reviews Little Rock, AK (5/3/76).  NEWSPAPER-1
    2/23/83 Article on Caril Ann Fugate (mentioned in Nebraska.)  NEWSPAPER-1
    11/26/95 “Hearing the ghost of Woody Guthrie” reviews The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-100
    12/6/98 “Springsteen’s Tracks gives orphan songs a home.”  NEWSPAPER-100
    3/16/00 Bruce gives “A-1 show” reviews Little Rock, AK (3/14/00).  NEWSPAPER-112
    8/4/02 “Springsteen rises to the occasion” on The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-1
    5/22/05 “Springsteen’s lyrics exorcize a soul’s Devils.” Reviews Devils & Dust. NEWSPAPER-1
    5/7/06 “Springsteen’s tribute to Seeger joyous but incomplete.”  NEWSPAPER-1
    7/1/07 “Springsteen, Sessions Band do Seeger proud in Dublin.” CD/DVD review.  NEWSPAPER-1
    10/14/07 Magic review: “The Boss works his ‘Magic.'”  NEWSPAPER-1
    3/18/12  Philip Martin’s great Wrecking Ball review.
    3/10/00 “A Springsteen fan offers one final urging.”
    3/10/00 “Boss and E Street Band return” previews Little Rock, AK.
    10/2/88 Front page photo, caption, describing the Amnesty tour.

      Also see APP.COM Internet Articles
      4/14/27   Virginia Springsteen, 5, on tricycle, run over by car backing from gas station.  NEWSPAPER-2
      2/21/48   Miss Adele Zerilli will marry Douglas Springsteen, Freehold, on February 22.  NEWSPAPER -2
      2/27/48   Adele Zerilli wed in church. Article describes the wedding and reception.   NEWSPAPER-2
      9/24/49 Bruce Springsteen birth notice (with incorrectly spelled last name) . NEWSPAPER-2
      9/29/52   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Springsteen host 3rd birthday party for son Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-2
      2/10/55 Bruce attends birthday party for 4 year old Richard Walters.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/20/67 “319 Seniors Get Diplomas At Freehold Regional High.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      3/10/68 “New Discotheque Operators Feel Young Adults Are Their Business” NEWSPAPER-2
      7/16/69 Advertisement for Child concert at Pandemonium in Ocean, N.J.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/?/69 Advertisement for Child concert at Le Teendezvous in New Shrewsbury, N.J.  NEWSPAPER-2
      4/15/70 “The Steel Mill Blazes Trial For New, Talented Musicians.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      4/20/70 Advertisement for Steel Mill concert at Monmouth College.  NEWSPAPER-2
      4/20/70 “Vibrating Steel Mill” reviews Toms River, NJ (4/18/70).  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/15/70 Advertisement for Steel Mill at Monmouth College. NEWSPAPER-2
      6/21/70 Steel Mill performs tonight. Clearwater Swim Club concert.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/23/70 “Steel Mill Show Draws About 4,000” reviews Atlantic Highlands, NJ (6/21/70).  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/?/70 Advertisement for two Steel Mill concerts at the Sunshine In in Asbury Park. NEWSPAPER-2
      7/17/70 “Sunshine-In Offers Rock Music.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/10/70   “Tired Horses” by Joan Pikula. Critical of cancellation of “First Annual Nothings Festival.”   NEWSPAPER-2
      9/10/70    Photo, Springsteen rehearses for Steel Mill September 11 concert at Clearwater.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/12/70 “20 Arrested, Chief Injured In Melee at Rock Concert.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/13/70 “Fans Say Police Touched Off Melee.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/14/70 “Police Report Drugs, Arms Uncovered at Concert Site.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/15/70 “Narcotics Called 1 Cause of Melee.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/16/70 “Probe of Police Behavior is the Goal of a Petition Drive.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/16/70 Robbin Thompson joins Steel Mill. NEWSPAPER-2
      10/19/70 “Steel Mill Churns Out … Good Music.” Long Branch (10/17/70).  NEWSPAPER-2
      11/?/70 Advertisement for Steel Mill, Black Sabbath, and Cactus at the Sunshine In.  NEWSPAPER-2
      11/24/70  Photo, Springsteen rehearses for Steel Mill Concert at the Student Center, Newark State.   NEWSPAPER-2
      11/27/70 Club preview includes Steel Mill at the Sunshine In.  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/14/70  “Disturbing Questions” by Joan Pikula. Article questions why Steel Mill isn’t signed.  NEWSPAPER-2
      1/22/71    Steel Mill will give two final concerts at the Upstage Club before splitting up.  NEWSPAPER-2
      2/02/71   Help Wanted Male. Trumpet and Saxophone player wanted, call Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-2
      4/30/71   Sundance Blues Band debut set for the Student Prince.  NEWSPAPER-2
      5/13/71  The Zoom Band to play the In. Article and advertisement.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/18/71   Upstage Club advertisement for Sundance Blues Band.  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/09/71   “Bits and Pieces” article tells of the “Second Annual Nothings Festival.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/12/71 “Humble Pie, Springsteen Play Sunshine In” in Asbury Park, NJ (7/11/71).  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/?/71 Advertisement for Sundance Blues Band at the Upstage.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/31/71 “Springsteen Concert Set” in Long Branch, NJ. NEWSPAPER-2
      9/?/71 Five ads for the Bruce Springsteen Band at the Student Prince.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/2/71 “Springsteen Blues Band Performs” in Long Branch (9/1/71). NEWSPAPER-101
      9/03/71   Student Prince advertisement “Labor Day with the Bruce Springsteen Band.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/03/72 Bruce Springsteen Band will play at McGovern fundraiser.  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/14/72 Help Wanted, Piano-Organ player, also country violinist. Ask for Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-2
      1/21/73   C. Jay’s Record Shop, Asbury Park. Advertisement for Greetings From Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-2
      2/9/73 “Springsteen Takes City Aloft,” an interview with a local reporter.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/06/73   Convention Hall opening, Cheech and Chong will headline with Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/18/73 “Springsteen… Pack(s) The Student Prince” in Asbury Park, NJ (12/17/73).  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/?/74 Advertisement for two E Street Band shows in Red Bank, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/6/74 “Performing’s Personal To Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/9/74 Advertisement for E Street Band concert in Red Bank, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/15/74 “Performers Rally Over Mishaps” reviews Red Bank, NJ (8/14/74). NEWSPAPER-2
      9/23/74 Springsteen to lead off Princeton U series of folk and rock.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/15/75 “Boardwalk Days All Over.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/07/75   “Springsteen on the Run” reviews Born to Run album.   NEWSPAPER-2
      9/12/75   “Major Media push may do Bruce harm” by Marty Packin. NEWSPAPER-2
      10/?/75 Advertisement for the Oct. 11, 1975 show in Red Bank.  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/11/75 “2 Springsteen Dates Sell Out.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/13/75 “Springsteen Comes Home” reviews Red Bank, NJ (10/11/75). NEWSPAPER-2
      10/13/75 “Springsteen Concert is Happy Reunion.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/26/75 “Singer Remembered” by his high school music teacher.  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/28/75  Article discusses police chief Joseph McCarthy and Clearwater incident.  NEWSPAPER-2
      1/4/76 Clip of article “Springsteen Surprise” discussing a surprise show at the Stone Pony. NEWSPAPER-2
      4/30/76   Bruce and E Street Band perform at the Grand Ole Opry.  NEWSPAPER-2
      5/26/76   Article argues that Bruce is not the creative genius he first appeared to be.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/01/76   Southside Johnny, Springsteen fans pack Stone Pony for live broadcast. NEWSPAPER-2
      6/6/76 “What Happened to Springsteen? Lots.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/2/76 “Springsteen, E Streeters Open 6-Nighter” reviews Red Bank, NJ (8/1/76),  NEWSPAPER-2
      10/14/76 “Springsteen Returns to Rutgers as Hero” review (10/12/76).  NEWSPAPER-2
      11/14/76 “Springsteen at War With His Manager.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      11/24/1976 “3RD – Best Known Band Is Making Its Move” NEWSPAPER – 2
      1/9/77 “Rock Bands Proliferate, Attract Winter Crowds.” SOAP, NEWSPAPER-101
      1/9/77 “50 Night Spots Spawn Talent.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/20/77   Springsteen back in the studio after legal entanglement.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/21/77   Springsteen demands a dozen Twinkies.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/11/78 “The Boss Is Back” discusses the start of the Darkness tour.  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/11/78 “New Album Assessed” reviews Darkness on the Edge of Town.  NEWSPAPER-101
      7/09/78   Springsteen restores image of rock singer as hero.  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/23/78   “78 Update” Springsteen sold out at Spectrum and MSG shows.  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/26/78   Springsteen comeback shows no sign of slowing.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/24/78 Interview: “Bruce Springsteen at 29: Superstar Back Home.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      11/5/78   Latest LP signals a change.  NEWSPAPER-2
      11/25/78 Springsteen Golden Reel award nets Freehold Hospital $1,000. NEWSPAPER-2
      12/24/78 “The Big Man Turns Kentucky on to Rock” NEWSPAPER-101B
      4/22/79   Springsteen hurt in motorcycle accident.  NEWSPAPER-2
      5/31/79   Springsteen, Arts Center deny concert rumor.  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/24/79  “No-Nuke Rally Draws 200,000” NEWSPAPER-105
      9/30/79 Robert Santelli reviews recent Springsteen books.  NEWSPAPER-101
      10/28/79 Neptune man hooked on Bruce Springsteen. Billy Smith Springsteen collection.  NEWSPAPER-2
      6/13/80 “Assembly votes Springsteen hit ‘unofficial’ youth song.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      9/10/80   No Nukes gets its message across.  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/7/80   Springsteen concert tickets scalping charges probed.  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/14/80 Springsteen’s Born to Run unofficial state youth rock theme?  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/16/80 Springsteen and Scalpers.  NEWSPAPER-2
      4/5/81 Sunday Press Family Weekly. Front Cover. Rocks Bruce Springsteen Poet of the Mean Streets. pg 5-6 NEWSPAPER-101
      7/6/81 Promoter says concert “a beaming success.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/2/81 Bruce donates to the Junior League of Monmouth County fundraiser.  NEWSPAPER-2
      12/7/81 “Springsteen surprises friend.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      1/29/82 “Clemons climbing to top – again.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      9/19/82 “Springsteen steps out of the mold with Nebraska.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      2/11/83 “Bruce Springsteen: a believer at  heart?” NEWSPAPER-101
      5/15/84 “Springsteen going on world tour.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      7/2/84 “Pop music excellence depends on artistic vision” NEWSPAPER-101
      8/5/84 “Springsteen’s band has new songs, look for 200,000 people.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/6/84 “Bruce comes home” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/09/84   Bruce dedicates songs to family and friends.  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/12/84 “Attention to detail makes Springsteen something special” NEWSPAPER-101
      8/16/84 “Springsteen fans outraged over disco mix” NEWSPAPER-2
      9/10/84 (copy) E Street Drummer Weinberg always learning NEWSPAPER-101
      9/13/84 “Hard work, no whining, high hopes an affirmation of American values” NEWSPAPER-101B
      2/3/85 “Exit Bruce Springsteen, enter Bob Seger” NEWSPAPAPER-101B
      2/19/85 “Springsteen song linked to murder spree” NEWSPAPER-2
      3/3/85 “Springsteen’s Grammy conside4red anticlimactic” NEWSPAPER-2
      4/18/85 “Springsteen captures hearts of Australians” NEWSPAPER-101B.
      5/11/85 “Reports of Springsteen wedding breaking fans’ hearts” NEWSPAPER-101B
      5/16/85  Springsteens dance away the night NEWSPAPER-101
      5/18/85 (copy) “‘Born to Run’ no more. BS settles down with a bride” NEWSPAPER-2
      5/23/85 “No fairy tale.” NEWSPAPER-2
      8/2/85 “A low-key Springsteen rehearses in Red Bank.”  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/5/85 “Good timing leads to ride with ‘Bruce'” NEWSPAPER-2
      8/6/85 “‘Boss’ storms Capitol” reviews Washington D.C. (8/5/85).  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/15/85 “Bru-u-u-u-u-ce lightning strikes” reviews Philadelphia, PA (8/14/85).  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/17/85 “CIty remembers Bruce back when…” NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “From Freehold to Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Springsteen Trivia.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “He didn’t START at Stony Pony … but it has him now.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 Profiles on each member of the E Street Band.  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Springsteen’s Sound: He always delivers what’s expected.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Springsteen’s aid is legendary.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Former drummer missing ‘Glory Days’.” Interview with Vini Lopez.  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Collection spans the seas.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/18/85 “Springsteen at the Meadowlands: Media stays in the dark.”  NEWSPAPER-112
      8/18/85 “It’s the best show around.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/19/85 “The ‘Boss’ triumphs” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/18/85).  NEWSPAPER-2
      8/19/85 “Showers hold off for Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/25/85 Four nights at East Rutherford, NJ: “Glory Days for star and state”  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/25/85 “Springsteen friend recalls leaner times.”Student Prince owner  NEWSPAPER-101
      8/30/85 “Disc jockey recalls early successes of Bruce Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-101
      9/3/85 “To ‘brink of insanity'” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/31/85).  NEWSPAPER-101
      9/26/85 “Latecomer Springsteen fans are spoiling most all the fun”  NEWSPAPER-101B
      10/13-17/85 Five part series by Robert Hilburn, from his book Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-101
      10/28/85 Panorama Rock ‘n’ Roll rediscovers conscience (Steve Van Zandt) NEWSPAPER-101
      12/4/85 “The Boss, Willie Nelson aid EM workers.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      12/5/85 “Springsteen’s aid no help, 3M says.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      12/26/85 “Springsteens join teen-age carolers” NEWSPAPER-101B
      1/16/86 “Springsteen photo book developed by accident” NEWSPAPER-101B
      1/20/86 “Boss goes to aid of workers” reviews 3M benefit at The Stone Pony, NJ; Text of ad signed by Bruce, others on behalf of Freehold’s 3M workers. NEWSPAPER-101
      1/23/86 – “E Street Band saxophonist in hospital for strainged back.” NEWSPAPER-101
      2/13/86 “Stone Pony faces uncertain future” NEWSPAPER-101B
      5/31/86 “Plant closed ‘tight as a drum’ as workers cope with loss.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      6/6/86 “Phone fans line up for news of the Boss” NEWSPAPER-2A
      6/16/86 Little Steven rocks for Amnesty. East Rutherford, NJ (6/15/86). NEWSPAPER-101
      6/16/86 “Rock ‘n’ roll stars raise their voice in protest.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/17/86 “You could own Boss’ video car.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      9/19/86 “Springsteen 5-album set due”NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/16/86 “Concert Marks Group’s Reunion” NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/7/86 “First Springsteen Live tracks to hit area airwaves today” NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/8/86 “Stores expect big run on Springsteen album” NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/10/86 “Record business expected” with release of 5 LP live box set. NEWSPAPER-101
      11/11/86 “Springsteen release prompts celebration” NEWSPAPER-101B
      11/16/86 “Bruce turns tables on bootleggers” NEWSPAPER-101B
      2/6/87 “Glory be! A Boss book” NEWSPAPER-101B
      3/6/87 “Closing Bruces Gap” Page 2 USA Weekend NEWSPAPER-101
      4/24/87 “The Struggle to be his own Boss” and Dave Marsh’s book Glory Days USA Weekend NEWSPAPER-101
      4/26/87 “For some, it’s becoming hip to bash the ‘Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      5/1/87 “Author will continue Springsteen saga” NEWSPAPER-101B
      5/3/87 “Springsteen now a publishing superstar” NEWSPAPER-101B
      10/11/87 “For Bruce Springsteen, introspection follows hype.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/12/87 “Bruce Springsteen makes TV debut with his idol.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/28/87 “Lawsuit answered by ‘Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/3/87 “Springsteen’s name enhances Freehold’s fame.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/6/87 “Guitar signed by Springsteen up for auction.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/18/87 “Springsteen, Hess self-starters in millionaire club.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/18/87 “Filming of Springsteen video to end today in Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/18/87 “Video filmed in city building promises to be ‘Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/19/87 “Bruce Springsteen visits rock ‘n’ roll museum” in Palace Amusements.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      1/6/88 “Boss buys second house in Rumson” NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/14/88 “Tunnel of Love looks to be tour with a difference” preview.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/25/88 “Springsteen tour impacts Shore businesses.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/26/88 “Tunnel tour shows who’s Boss” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/28/88 ” ‘Bruce Tramps’ follow their ‘boss’ all over the East.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/29/88 “Bruce Fever” sums up first three nights of Tunnel tour.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/1/88 “Millionaire may leave jail.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/2/88 Tunnel tour “turns to the South”. Reviews first leg in Worcester, MA.  NEWSPAPER-101
      3/2/88 “Springsteen explains changes” from the BITUSA tour.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/6/88 “Does release of “Roulette” signal plumbing of Boss treasure trove?”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/8/88 “Laws can’t boss Springsteen scalpers.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/9/88 “Springsteen’s Tunnel show sees the light” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/8/88).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/18/88 “Growin’ Up, Springsteen grew with the times” NEWSPAPER-101B
      3/31/88 “It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but Springsteen lives it.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      4/3/88 “West Coast Springsteen spots thrive”    NEWSPAPER-2A
      4/29/88 “Springsteen Interviewed” NEWSPAPER-101
      5/03/88   Douglas Springsteen died at home at the age of 73.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      5/19/88 “A Boss Quiz” NEWSPAPER-101B
      6/19/88 “Greetings From Bruce’s N.J. Key To Bruce’s Past.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/19/88 “Take a summer tour of the Boss’ hometowns.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/19/88 “Class of ’63 remembers who’s the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-101
      6/19/88 “Does album really reflect if marriage is going down?”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      6/22/88 “Julianne tells Bruce goodbye” NEWSPAPER-101B
      8/7/88 “Springsteen’s wife: no light at tunnel’s end” NEWSPAPER 101-B
      9/20/88 “‘The Boss,’ Sting, star in Amnesty concert” NEWSPAPER-101B
      12/?/88 “Tex Vinyard opened his home to Bruce those many years ago.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      12/1/88 “Rockers lend a hand to Big Brother show” NEWSPAPER-2A
      12/8/88   Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison’s relationship discussed after Roy’s passing.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      12/10/88 “Music Scene” by Robert Santelli. Article discusses “Tex” Vinyard’s death.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      1/29/89 “Growin’ Up on Video” reviews Video Anthology/1978-88.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/10/89 “Bon Jovi’s New Jersey” NEWSPAPER-101
      3/11/89 “Benefactor withdraws carousel aid” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/12/89 “Bon Jovi arrested after ice capade” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/17/89 “Being a ‘Boss’ focus of lawsuit” NEWSPAPER-101B
      3/18/89 “Punitive damages ruled out” NEWSPAPER-101
      4/23/89 “palace carousel pieces auctioned” NEWSPAPER-2A

      4/23/89 “Springsteen case may set pay guide” NEWSPAPER-101
      9/22/89 While Boss is Away, E Streeters Play by Bob Santelli  NEWSPAPER-2A
      12/28/89 “Ten years of Jersey Shore Music, the 1980’s” by Bob Santelli Shore scene rocked with Springsteen,NEWSPAPER-101
      5/1990 “Bruce Gives $$$$ to the Unemployed” NEWSPAPER-2A
      1991 “They Got Their Pony and rode” on Little Steven and Southside Johnny tour NEWSPAPER-2A
      1/17/91 Springsteen’s ex-manager to tell all in new book. NEWSPAPER-101
      1/25/91 “Clubs buzzing over Bruce” reviews Sea Bright, NJ (1/20/91).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/15/91 “Boss remembers Freehold,” donates to aid developmentally disabled children.  NEWSPAPER-2A
      6/26/91 “The Pony promises to reopen” NEWSPAPER-101B
      9/6/91 “Boss makes secret pact to settle roadies’ suit” NEWSPAPER-2A
      9/8/91 “A look at Bruce off stage” NEWSPAPER-101B
      9/27/91 “They got on their Pony and rode” NEWSPAPER-101
      10/3/91 “Havin’ a Party” reviews Southside’s video shoot for “It’s Been A Long Time”.  NEWSPAPER-101
      10/3/91 “But is the party over for the Pony?”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/4/91 Stone Pony to be put up for sale” NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/10/91 “Stone Pony sale draws interest even before notice appears” NEWSPAPER-101B
      11/3/91 “Drummer Weinberg now marches to own beat” NEWSPAPER-101B
      2/9/92 “Growing Up” NEWSPAPER-101B
      3/6/92 “Boss’s new singles show he has the ‘Human Touch'” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/29/92 “Springsteen Returns” special on his return to music after five years NEWSPSPAER-105
      3/31/92 “Jersey’s no longer part of Boss’ life” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/31/92 “‘Thirtysomething’ Bruce fans first to buy new releases” NEWSPAPER-2A
      4/17/92 “Festival set for May 15 – 17” NEWSPAPER – 2A
      4/22/92 “Borough expands food – jazz festival” NEWSPAPER-105
      5/15/92 “Springsteen stock going down, down” NEWSPAPER-101
      6/14/92 “Bruce is Loose, but does he still have the juice?” NEWSPAPER-101
      7/24/92 “Tour begins with welcome home”  previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER -2A
      7/25/92 Reviews opening night at Meadowlands (7/23/92) NEWSPAPER-101
      7/25/92 “Bruce’s soulful , marathon concert ” NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/15/92 “The Boss vs. workers” NEWSPAPER-2A
      12/20/92 “Bring it On Home” discussing the benefit concerts in Red Bank for Christmas NEWSPAPER-101B
      1993 (date unknown) “even E Streeter’s junk proves Boss still a hot sell.” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/19/93 Danny Federici to sign T-shirts for operation “Rescue the Shore” NEWSPAPER-101
      3/24/93 “‘Boss’ warms up the Shore” reviews Red Bank, NJ (3/23/93).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/25/93 “Bruce’s Red Bank show an achy breaky rehearsal” NEWSPAPER-2A
      3/28/93 Surprise benefit at Count Basie for Community Food Bank (3/23/93)  NEWPAPER-2A
      4/5/93 “Is it ‘Miami Steve’ or ‘Little Steven’ Van Zandt?” NEWSPAPER-2A
      6/25/93 “Springsteen concert benefits the hungry” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (6/24/93).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      7/1/93 “Clarence gets needed boost of Bruce juice” reviews Sea Bright, NJ (6/29/93).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      7/15/93 “Scialfa album a sweeping feminine view” NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/13/93 “Springsteen surprises his mom’s class reunion” NEWSPAPER-2A
      4/13/94 Freehold renames Mechanic Street to Springsteen Boulevard  NEWSPAPER-2A
      7/14/94 “Still Rockin’.” Reviews the history, and future, of The Stone Pony.  NEWSPAPER-101
      7/18/94 “Havin’ a 20th anniversary party” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/16/94).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      8/22/94 Springsteen and Dion watch Joe Grushecky at Marz, Long Branch  NEWSPAPER-2A
      9/9/94 “Live from N.Y…. MTV!”  NEWSPAPER-101
      1995 “Springsteen rambles about midlife on ’60 Minutes'” NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/19/95 “Springsteen song linked to murder spree” NEWSPAPER-2A
      2/23/95 Recording of video of “Murder Incorporated” at Tramps
      3/2/95 “Totally Boss-some” Bruce wins 4 Grammys NEWSPAPER-2A
      7/24/95 “Getting The Boss’ approval” reviews Sea Bright, NJ (7/22/95). NEWSPAPER-2A                                                                                                        8/27/95 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to open in Cleveland “Rock of Ages” NEWSPAPER-101
      10/13/95 Springsteen talks about release of Grushecky’s American Babylon  NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/18/95 “Greetings from Boss, at Stone Pony sound check.”  NEWSPAPER-2A
      10/18/95 “Bruce lends pal a hand” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (10/17/95).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/18/95 “When they’re out on the street, uh oh” fans line up outside Count Basie Theatre. NEWSPAPER-2A
      11/22/95 “Where the Message is Magic” reviews New Brunswick, NJ (11/21/95).  NEWSPAPER-2A
      1/18/96 ” Springsteen rambles about midlife on ’60 Minutes’ ” NEWSPAPER- 2B
      5/26/96 “3M taught workers a lesson in job insecurity.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/17/96 “The Boss is back in town.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      10/4/96   In his hometown.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      10/9/96 Bruce sends Letter to the Editor during Dole Campaign  NEWSPAPER 2B
      11/4/96 “In his hometown” (concert for Freehold residents) NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/8/96 “Freehold gearing up for The Boss’ sellout concert” NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/9/96 “Homecoming” reviews Freehold, NJ (11/8/96).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/10/96 “Bruce makes musical mischief” reviews Freehold, NJ (11/8/96). NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/15/96 “A Renewal of Faith” Springsteen Freehold concert reinforces sense of place, pride. NEWSPAPER-101B
      11/21/96 “Springsteen announces third show for Sunday.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/22/96 “Working-man’s reunion. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band on video.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/22/96 “Boss fans gobble up every seat.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/23/96 “Charities are big fans of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/24/96 “Back on the boardwalk” “‘The Circuit’ had ‘a band in every bar'” “12 shows that rocked” NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/24/96 Editorial: “Born in the U.S.A. Springsteen is true to his music and his roots.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/24/96 “Back on the boardwalk” previews three benefit concerts.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/24/96 “12 shows that rocked” reviews Asbury’s great shows.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/24/96 ” ‘The Circuit’ had ‘a band in every bar’.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/24/96 “They’ve got the fever” reports on $1,000 ticket offer.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/25/96 “Boss rules Boardwalk” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/24/96).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/25/96 “3 Springsteen concerts in Asbury Park sell out rapidly.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/26/96 “No price right for a true fan.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/27/96 Kelly Jane Cotter’s in-depth interview on Springsteen’s life and music.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/28/96 “Charities reap unexpected Boss benefit, Springsteen fans to donate $100,000” NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/29/96 “Reborn in Asbury Park; How Bruce Springsteen redefined a signature song.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      12/1/96 “An After-Hours Talk With The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/1/96 “Bruce recalls a writer who foresaw his star rising.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/1/96 “Stopping by the house on Institute St.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      12/1/96 Bruce interviewed about condition of Asbury Park and NJ NEWSPAPER-101A
      4/6/97 Review of book Born in the USA and the American Tradition.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/21/97 ” Back to the Future of Rock and Roll” NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/15/97 “Springsteen jams at Long Branch bar” reviews Long Branch, NJ (12/13/97).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1/15/98 “Springsteen to join concert” benefitting family of Police Sgt. Patrick King.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1/30/98 “Rockers to the Rescue” Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen appear at a charity concert in Red Bank, NJ NEWSPAPER-101B
      2/1/98 “Friends in Deed” reviews the Patrick King benefit, Red Bank, NJ (1/31/98).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/1/98 “Ticket or no, fans crowded outside.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/1/98 “Show of support helps ease officers’ pain.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/2/98 “A Rockin’ Time for a Great Cause” Jon BonJovi and friends come together. NEWSPAPER 101A
      2/2/98 (copy)Fans treated to once-in-a-lifetime concert.NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/2/98 (copy) A Priceless evening. NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/12/98 Bruce reads to students during Black History Month in Red Bank.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      9/98 “For Springsteen Fans” Review of “Springsteen” by Frank Moriarty. NEWSPAPER-2B
      9/19/98 “Stepping Out: ‘Boss’ guest at beach party benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      9/19/98 “Now & Then.” The Stone Pony’s last ride.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      9/19/98 “Bruce Springsteen: blue-collar boss.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/8/98 “Back to the future of rock ‘n’ roll” reviews Tracks.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/8/98 “Bruce Springsteen Looks Back.” Reviews Songs.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      11/8/98 “Portrait of the artist.”  NEWSPAPER-101A                                                11/11/98 “Making tracks for Bruce’s box” NEWSPAPER-101A
      1999 Steve Breen editorial cartoon: fire fighters rescued Bruce Springsteen tickets.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1999 Steve Breen editorial cartoon spoofs a Springsteen box set.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1999 Steve Breen caricature of Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1999 Steve Breen caricature of Bruce Springsteen with a New Jersey shaped guitar.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      1/31/99 “Bootleg Blues.” Industry battles, fans defend, the bootleg trade. NEWSPAPER-101
      2/7/99 “Read-in celebrates the power, rewards of literacy” NEWSPAPER-2B
      2/11/99   Springsteen counters record company’s suit.   NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/4/99 “Asbury greeting E Street tune-up.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/05/99   E Street’s Euro tour, 17 dates in 2 months.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/6/99 “Fans listen as ‘Boss,’ E Street Band rehearse.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/7/99 “Hungry hearts unsated by Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/09/99   Photo of Bruce leaving Convention Hall after rehearsing for the reunion tour.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/12/99 “The Boss warms up; grateful fans do, too.” Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (3/11/99).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/12/99 “Springsteen Invites 30 Fans To Private Rehearsal.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/14/99 “Bruce Before ‘The Boss.’ Special issue, with four collector covers.  NEWSPAPER-112
      3/14/99 “In The Beginning.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “A Castile Recalls That First Disc.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “The Faulkner of Freehold.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “The Drummer Who Never Returned.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “Bruce Before ‘The Boss’ ” NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “Springsteen The Student Poet.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “A Half-Century of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “Sept. 11, 1970: Steel Mill Unplugged.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “When The Upstage Was The Rage.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “God, Rock ‘N’ Roll And Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “Buying Into Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/14/99 “He’s With The Band” previews Rock Hall induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/16/99 “For Bruce, a ticket to ‘Promised Land.” Rock Hall induction report.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/16/99 “Boss and band set two benefits.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/17/99 “Got a ticket? If not, fans in for an ‘Ocean Avenue freeze-out’.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/18/99 “Fans greeting Springsteen in Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/19/99 “An A+ for E Street” reviews Asbury Park , NJ(3/18/99). NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/19/99 “Darkness on the edge of SRO concert hall.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/20/99 “Next: Streets of Barcelona” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (3/19/99).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/20/99 “Groups thrilled with aid.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/21/99 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame report.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/21/99 Bruce has a busy 2 weeks: charity concerts and the Rock Hall.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/23/1999 “Bruce fans are still pinching themselves.” NEWSPAPER 2B
      3/26/99 Save Tillie campaign earns the attention of Bruce, Joe Grushecky.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      3/26/99 “The View From Row F, Seat A” at Convention Hall show. NEWSPAPER-2B
      4/9/99 “Springsteen song a long time coming” NEWSPAPER-2B
      5/30/99 “Bruce should cut prices” NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/9/99 Cover story in Alive section on t-shirts: “Springsteen For Sale.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/99 “Let the shows begin” previews East Rutherford, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/99 “The stuff legends are made of.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/12/99 “Bruce does Shore gig” NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/15/99 “Records fall on Springsteen’s summer run.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/16/99 “Good evening, New Jersey.” Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/16/99 “Outside, a whole lot of partying.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/17/99 “The Boss is back in town” photography feature.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/18/99 “Springsteen, E Street Band still perfect together” at East Rutherford (7/15/99).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/20/99 ” Two down, 13 to go” NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/23/99 “The Ghost of Tom Jones?” reviews start of East Rutherford, NJ stand.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      7/25/99 “It’s All Set For Springsteen Fans” NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/99 “A stranger in the land of hope and dreams” NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/1/99 “Born to sing.” NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/5/99 “Boss’ homecoming tour hits homestretch” NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/7/1999 “No Retreat in the Summer of Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER 101A
      8/12/1999 “E Street pal guests on congas.” NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/13/99 “Boss Bows Out with Fan Fave” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/12/99).  NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/13/99 “Never too early for Springsteen fans.”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/13/99 “The envelope please” Asbury Music Awards salute local scenesters. NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/15/99 “The List: Who was who at Bruce Springsteen’s Meadowland shows?”  NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/15/99 “Maria, come out tonight.” Maria Espinosa goes back stage 8/7/99.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      8/22/99 “Call it post-Bruce syndrome.” NEWSPAPER-2A
      9/12/1999 “Mob Mentality: ‘Sopranos’ hits some sour notes with Italian – American community.” NEWSPAPER-101A
      9/12/1999 “Summer of Springsteen.” NEWSPAPER-101A
      10/19/99 “Computers gone from Asbury club.” Had been donated by Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      11/28/99 “Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen perform in Buffalo.” Photo Ops NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/16/99 “Everybody has a Springsteen tale” in Freehold.  NEWSPAPER-2B
      Undated Steve Breen editorial cartoon on the value of Springsteen tickets. NEWSPAPER-3
      Undated Steve Breen caricature of Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-3
      1/16/00 “Born Again in the USA” NEWSPAPER-101A
      2/25/00 Jersey Alive! Cover “Greetings From the Parking Lot” “Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey”NEWSPAPER-101A
      2/25/00 The 7 top Springsteen summer songs. NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/5/00 Local Front “Springsteen tour quick sellout.” NEWSPAPER-101A
      4/16/00 “Out From the Underside” NEWSPAPER-3
      5/21/00 “Back to the future of rock ‘n’ roll.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/21/00 “Back in the saddle again.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/??/00 “New York City Serenade.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/03/00   “Lost” August 87 Stone Pony performance played for concert goers.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/11/00   All trains stop at E Street.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/13/00   American Skin controversy at MSG show.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/13/00   Concert energizes, fascinates NY crowd.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/18/00 “Springsteen Lyrics Flap” over American Skin.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/18/00  Concert photo, New York City.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/20/00   Springsteen strikes nerve with American Skin.  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/02/00 “Springsteen closes out tour with grateful fans” NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/16/00 “Van Zandt fans of all ages, and species” at CD signing.  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/27/00 “What does the future hold for the former future of rock ‘n’ roll?”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/3/00 “A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairy Tale” NEWSPAPER-3
      12/4/00 “NAACP cites 12 leaders, including Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/18/00 “The Boss rocks for charity” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/17/00).  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/18/00 “Fans show determination.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/19/00 “Springsteen & Co. pack ’em in again.” Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/18/00).  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/19/00 Editorial: “A Springsteen Gift”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/22/00 “Above the ruins” summarizes the 2000 holiday shows.  NEWSPAPER-3
      2001 Steve Breen’s editorial cartoon of Palace Amusements and the Stone Pony.  NEWSPAPER-3
      Undated Steve Breen editorial cartoon: a bizarre ticket request.  NEWSPAPER-3
      2/27/01 “Springsteen to release double CD.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      3/30/01 “Bada bing; Steven Van Zandt holds a torch for garage rock.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      3/30/01 “Bruce is Back!” Front page cartoon of Bruce by Steve Breen for HBO Special NEWSPAPER-3
      3/30/01 Full page illustrated poster promotes release of Live in New York City.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/30/01 “Red Bank braces for Boss fans.” Live in NYC goes on sale at midnight.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/1/01 “He will not let you down” NEWSPAPER-3
      4/1/01 “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” on HBO in TVWeek. NEWSPAPER-102C
      4/2/01 “Springsteen is vocal on racism.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/4/01 “Bruce Live: Springsteen drops in at Jack’s Music.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/7/01 “Springsteen concert: A little of everything” reviews the HBO program. NEWSPAPER-3
      5/28/01 “Bruce Springsteen takes the Stone Pony by storm” (5/27/01). NEWSPAPER-3
      6/24/01 “Six Degrees of Bobby Bandiera” mentions guitarist playing for Bruce and Soutside Johnny. NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/19/01 “Springsteen jams at Clearwater fest” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (8/18/01). NEWSPAPER-3
      8/31/01 “Sax appeal. Clarence Clemons Plays The Pony.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      9/3/01 “Bomb threat clears Pony” during Clarence Clemons’ concert.  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/26/01 “Library reaps Bruce archives.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/19/01″ Heartbreaking cause draws chorus of love, charity at benefit concert” NEWSPAPER-3
      10/20/01 “2nd show benefits victims’ kin” reviews Red Bank, NJ (10/19/01).  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/26/01 “Springsteen tickets sell out in a hurry.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/29/01 “Bid for Springsteen tickets hit $800.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/2/01 “Springsteen ticket bids reach $7,500.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/4/01 “Show runs from poignant to fun” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/3/01).  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/7/01 “Clauses & Causes. Musicians play Santa to area’s needy.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/9/01 “On top of the world in Asbury Park” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (12/7/01).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/9/01 “Who’s the Boss? In Sections P and Q, I Am!” Stories by an usher.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/18/01 “Asbury’s ‘Glory Days’ will benefit victims of Sept. 11.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/21/01 “Rockin’ in the new year.” NEWSPAPER-3
      1/16/02 “The fight to save the Stone Pony” mentions Bruce NEWSPAPER-101A
      4/19/02 Liverpool historian, Minnesota curator to keynote tourism meeting.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/21/02 “Music could be magnet for tourism.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/27/02 “Music legacy could pay off for Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/16/02 “Freehold dedicates Vinyard Park.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/19/02 “Springsteen honors one of rock’s ‘heroes’ at Vinyard Park dedication.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/19/02 “Group still pushing Springsteen candidacy.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/19/2002 “Springsteen honors one of rocks ‘heroes.'” NEWSPAPER – 3
      7/25/02 “Cruising Asbury With The Boss” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/24/02).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 Special Springsteen edition: “Yesterday and ‘Today.’”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “Growing Up.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “Stories of Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “Paradise and Ruins.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “A Little Help From His Friends.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “The Last Train To Jukesville.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “Greetings From ‘Today.'”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/26/02 “Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/27/02 “Bruce Rocks Asbury” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/26/02).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/27-30/02 Four full page posters.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/27/02 “Fans came from afar for a chance to get in.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/27/02 “A lucky fan wins entry to Today show.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/28/02 “‘Rising’ From The Ruins” reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/28/02 “Back To The Future of Rock ‘N’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/28/02 “Rising hopes” previews Today Show, concerts.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/29/02 “Everybody wants Asbury.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      7/29/02 “Springsteen returns to cover of Time.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      7/29/02 Full page ad for The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-102
      7/30/02 Special section wraps up Today Show, concerts.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/30/02 Ocean County Edition Full Double page photos “Greetings From Asbury Park Today Show photos” Rising Tour NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/30/02 “Bruce’s legions of fans are here” for Today Show, concerts.  NEWSPAPER-112
      7/30/02 “They’re Springsteen fans – and they proved it all night.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Totally Boss Day. 12,000-plus come for Today show.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Crowds exult in old resort’s rising fortunes.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Show Full Of Pizazz.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Some fans ‘Rising’ to the occasion.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Second rehearsal concert doesn’t disappoint fans.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Springsteen’s human touch.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Fans on best behavior.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “Rumson man inspired Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 “A tale of two towns: one Asbury not like the other.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/31/02 Editorial: “Celebrating a new start.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/3/02 Springsteen turns rehearsal into free concert. Asbury Park (8/2/02).  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/4/02 “Beach, blanket, Bruce.” Photos from The Today Show’s beach party.  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/8/02 “Rising Stars” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/7/02).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/8/02 “Bruce’s 9/11 songs hush boisterous fans.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/8/02 “Poll: 4-Star Songs.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      8/8/02 “Really ‘Rising’. The Rising is No. 1 in its first week.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/7/03 “Greetings From Atlantic City.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      3/8/03 “Springsteen makes history in A.C.” reviews Atlantic City, NJ (3/7/03).  NEWSPAPER-3
      3/9/03 “Boss of another boardwalk,” another Atlantic City, NJ review (3/7/03). NEWSPAPER-3
      4/30/03 “All-Star Benefit” reviews Red Bank, NJ (4/29/03).  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/11/03 Preview of the 10 night Giants Stadium stand.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “She’s Waiting Tonight Down In The Parking Lot,” a look at tailgate parties.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “This Gun’s For Hire.” Limo driver takes fans to the Meadowlands.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Pushing the Envelope,” reviews Bruce’s Grammy awards.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Baseball & Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Eldorado Fins, Whitewalls and Skirts,” profiles an Asbury Park muralist.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Sunglasses At Night,” a correspondent reviews a favorite show from 1985.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Luckytown For Local Bands” profiles parking lot bands.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/11/03 “Oozing Down The Street” reviews the place of cars in Bruce songs.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/15/03 “Anticipation rising for Boss’ 10 Giants Stadium shows.  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/16/03 “Tailgating Fans Fill Giants Stadium Parking Lots Hours Before Show.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/16/03 “Opening night songs sunny to somber” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/03).  NEWSPAPER-101A
      7/19/03 “The Boss bigger than ever” NEWSPAPER-3
      11/4/03 “A valentine to Bruce Springsteen” reviews Robert Coles’ book.  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/8/03 “B-r-raving the cold to hear B-r-r-uce.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      12/20/03 “Fond, often funny farewell” at John Mulheren funeral (12/19/03).  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/19/04 “Is a rock museum in Asbury’s future?”  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/12/04 “Museum offers patrons a shot to ride shotgun with The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/27/04 “An early Christmas For Fans.” Bruce signs books in Asbury Park, NJ.  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/19/04 “Springsteen wows crowd” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/17/04).  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/31/04 “Is Bruce in tune with Kerry campaign?  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/5/04 “Rockers’ Role: Vote Bush Out.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/10/04 “Springsteen concerts: Readers split on his role.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      9/09/04   Vinyard Park bench dedicated t the Boss’ first manager.  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/16/04   Boss’ ex-manager gets honorary bench.  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/27/04 “Bruce is on board with John Kerry.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/29/04  “Candidates step up personal attacks in campaign” (photo of Bruce with John Kerry) NEWSPAPER-3     11/8/04 “Springsteen rocks Pony for charity” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (11/6/04).  NEWSPAPER-3
      2/18/05 “Talk About A Smear Campaign.” Bruce adds to finger painting.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/22/05 “All Bruce All The Time.” Storytellers, Devils & Dust, and new tour.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      4/22/05 “Springsteen ‘rehearsal’ gives fans new insight” NEWSPAPER-101A
      5/20/05 “Boss breathes new life into old songs” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (5/19/05).  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/19/05 “This Land Is His Land” previews Devils & Dust tour in Sweden.  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/5/05 “Drive All Night” previews the traveling Troubadour of the Highway exhibit.  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/4/05 “Springsteen 101” previews the Springsteen Symposium.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      9/4/05 “Fans Set For A Blast Of Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      9/4/05 “Plenty of Boss Books Available.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      10/5/05 “Boss’ benefit is music to ears of disaster victims.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/19/05 “GOP rebuffs Springsteen resolution.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/19/05 “Springsteen remains intense” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (11/16/05).  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/20/05 Swedish journalists release their Asbury Park book.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      12/11/05 “Family bonding and The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/21/06 “From rock to roots” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (4/20/06).  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/23/06 “Free-flowing folk” reviews We Shall Overcome.  NEWSPAPER-101A
      4/23/06 “The Boss Meets The Big Easy” previews New Orleans, LA.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/23/06 Photo from the We Shall Overcome rehearsal concert at Convention Hall.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/25/06 “Boss enjoys Seeger’s ‘playground’ of songs.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/26/06 “Breakfast with The Boss” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (4/25/06).  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/30/06 “The Curious Apocalypse of Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/2/06 “We Shall Overcome” reviews New Orleans, LA (4/30/06).  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/21/06 “Even with a brand new sound, The Boss is New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      6/23/06 “Bruce Springsteen heads for Holmdel.”  NEWSPAPER-101A
      6/26/06 “Fans soak in Bruce Springsteen’s folk tour” in Holmdel, despite the rain.  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/27/06 “Running on all cylinders” reviews Holmdel, NJ (6/25/06).  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/22/06 “Books About The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/22/06 Photographer Eric Meola tells of meeting Bruce Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/29/06 “Books For Bruce Kooks.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/2/06 “Author brings fans back to Asbury.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/27/2007 Asbury Park Press. NEWSPAPER – 102
      1/27/2007 Asbury Park Press Local News. NEWSPAPER – 102
      3/18/07 Jesse Malin: “Working with The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      3/30/07 “A Big Bruce Salute” reviews the Carnegie Hall tribute.  NEWSPAPER-102
      5/15/07 “Wilson, Boss shine at Basie bash” reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/12/07).  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/25/07 “Springsteen Was Here. Take a Rock Tour of the Jersey Shore.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      6/5/07 “Boss shows brilliance on Live In Dublin.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/17/07 Tribute concert to benefit music education in New York City.  NEWSPAPER-3
      8/29/07 “Boss books Magic tour.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/4/07 “E Street Band’s Van Zandt honors punk club founder, assails NYC.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/4/07 “New Springsteen video goes online.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/20/07 “Springsteen schedules pair of Asbury Park rehearsal shows.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/24/07 “Asbury Park gears up from Bruce rehearsals.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/25/07 “Musical Magic entrances audience” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24/07).  NEWSPAPER-3
      9/30/07 “That Old Bruce Magic” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (9/24-25/07).  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/30/07 Album review: “Magic is Bracing, Topical and Melodic.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/30/07 “Wonder Bar’s Last Call.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/4/07 Wire service story: “Springsteen packs them in” in Hartford, CT.  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/6/07 “Suit: Boss backed out of horse deal.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/6/07 “Sirius, CBS set to air Boss interviews.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/11/07 “The Embodiment of Rock ‘N’ Roll” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (10/9/07).  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/19/07 “Bruce Springsteen: Born to LOL?”  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/22/07 Danny Federici takes a leave of absence to fight cancer  NEWSPAPER-52
      11/25/07 Bradley Beach man comes upon a video shoot.  NEWSPAPER-102
      11/25/07 “Steven Van Zandt promotes plans for music curriculum.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      11/25/07 “Gallipani Takes Cue From Van Zandt.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      12/14/07 “You Better Watch Out. Springsteen is coming to town – sooner or later.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      3/1/08 Review  of Magic show at Hartford, CT (2/28/08)  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/17/08 “Springsteen: Obama was born to run.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/18/08 “Danny Federici, E Street keyboardist, dead at 58.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/19/08 “Remembering Danny Federici.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/19/08 Editorial: “Federici’s spirit will endure”  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/20/08 Danny Federici obituary.  NEWSPAPER-3
      4/24/08 “Friends sing praises of E Street keyboardist.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      5/5/08 Photo of Bruce, Patti at the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/6/08 For Bruce, New Jersey is the “Beautiful Reward.  NEWSPAPER-3
      5/9/08 “A trip down Memory Lane” reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/7/08).  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/9/08 “Born to download. Springsteen’s ‘Highlights’ targets Internet set.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/28/08 “Springsteen connects with fans” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/27/08).  NEWSPAPER-3
      7/30/08 “Fans are boss of Springsteen’s set lists.”  NEWSPAPER-3
      10/30/08 “Springsteen nixes his Halloween display.  NEWSPAPER-3
      11/2008(?) “Library calls cops over Springsteen collection”NEWSPAPER-3
      1/2009 “Springsteen Counts His Blessings” Working on a Dream CD Review NEWSPAPER-4
      1/11/09 “Goin’ for the Globes”, including Bruce Springsteen’ nomination for The Wrestler.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/11/09 Jersey Alive! full page ad for Working on a Dream album. NEWSPAPER-102
      1/12/09 Springsteen wins a Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/19/09 “Where King’s dream lit a beacon, stars raise voices for Obama fete” featuring a photo of Bruce performing at the Opening Inagural Celebration NEWSPAPER-4
      1/23/09 Full page advertisement for Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/24/09 Circuit City uses the Super Bowl to promote its TV sales. NEWSPAPER-4
      1/27/09 Michael Riley’s theological review of Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/30/09 Jersey Alive! Cover. “Team Springsteen” previews Super Bowl halftime.  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/30/09 “Boss Bowl” NEWSPAPER-102
      2/2/09 “12 Minutes of Bruce” reviews Tampa, FL, Super Bowl (2/1/09).  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/4/09 “Springsteen to headline Bonnaroo.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/24/09 “Ticketmaster pays $350,000 to state” for deceptive ticket sales.  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/13/09 “Springsteen appears on Luraschi CD.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/20/09 “Springsteen to hold rehearsal shows in Asbury Park.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/20/09 “Broker agrees to drawings for Springsteen concert tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/21/09 “Fans complain about Ticketmaster” for second time in a month.  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/24/09 “Springsteen and crew tune up in Asbury” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (3/23/09).
      3/24/09 “Boss picks Weinberg’s son to fill drummer slot.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/26/09 “Springsteen mixes things up during rehearsal shows.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/27/09 Jersey Alive! “Built For Hard Times: Springsteen and band resonate during rehearsal shows” NEWSPAPER-4
      4/9/09 “The Boss named as catalyst in divorce proceedings.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/6/09 “‘The Boss’ takes the (cup) cake.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/9/09 “A trio down Memory Lane” reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/7/09).  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/15/09 “Springsteen slams Ticketmaster on oversold concert.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/17/09 Jay Weinberg joins Max onstage at Meadowlands shows NEWSPAPER-4
      5/17/09 “Forever A Dance Band.” Interview with Steven Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/22/09 “Springsteen plays Meadowlands.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/22/09 “Woman denies affair with the ‘Boss’.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/22/09 “Bruce concert tickets are hard to come by.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/23/09 “Younger Weinberg fits right in” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (5/21/09).  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/23/09 “The Boss to close Giants Stadium”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/29/09 Advertisement for three Giants Stadium shows.  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/2/09 “Pascrell: Freeze out fake tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/2/09 Ticket scalping cartoon by Margulies NEWSPAPER-4
      6/3/09 “More Springsteen shows announced.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/5/09 Advertisement for final two Giants Stadium shows.  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/25/09 “Springsteen site sold for $1.1 M.” Sale of the Upstage Club building.  NEWSPAPER-4
      7/31/09 “Boss rules. Fest celebrates the work of Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/10/09 “Springsteen among Kennedy Center honorees.” Wire service story.  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/18/09 “Springsteen photos on view.” Danny Clinch’s exhibit in Asbury Park.  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/20/09 “Springsteen at 60: Not Blinded By The Light.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/20/09 “Growin’ up, growin’ old.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/23/09 “Springsteen’s age is meaningless, since his music is timeless.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/23/09 “Boss, Elvis share No. 1 spot in N.J. rock fans’ hearts.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/30/09 “NJ Transit prepares for Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/1/09 “Springsteen packs Meadowlands” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (9/30/09).  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/1/09 “NJ Transit makes sure fans don’t miss the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/3/09 “A Special Goodbye. E Street Band shows a ‘Giant’ success.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/10/09 “A Farewell 60,000 strong.” NEWSPAPER – 4
      12/6/09 “In good company. Springsteen Joins Roster of Kennedy Center Honorees.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      4/23/10 “Springsteen Honored at Ellis Island Event” 2020.3 NEWSPAPER-102
      9/26/10 “Celebs Bring N.J. Stories To The World.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/1/10 “Documentary delves into Darkness.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/1/10 “Darkness Into Light. Film focuses on pivotal moment for The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/3/10 Full page advertisement for the HBO airing of The Promise.  NEWSPAPER-102
      10/23/10 “Big Man in Town. Clarence Clemons Tells All.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      11/2/10 Reviews The Promise box set NEWSPAPER-102
      11/24/10 “Boss joins bar band for a song.” Reviews Farmingdale, NJ (11/11/10).  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/28/10 “The Boss Rocks With Timepiece” reviews Farmingdale, NJ (11/11/10).  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/8/10 “Boss back in town for holidays.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/19/10 “No reason to fret about Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/24/10 “Season’s Greetings From Bruce Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/25/11 “Reliving ‘glory days'” as Freehold Little League celebrates 60th birtiday.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/30/11 “West Side Story” NEWSPAPER – 4
      3/10/11 “Bruce Springsteen keeps his Promise.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/11/11 Jersey Alive! “New Harmonies Exhibit is the Story of America” – NEWSPAPER-4
      3/18/11 “Pilgrimage soothes the pain.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/2/11 “From ‘Boy’ to Boss. Indie film to screen in Red Bank.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/3/11 “Christie a huge fan, but he just doesn’t get it.” NEWSPAPER-4
      4/4/11 “Springsteen plays tribute to Asbury’s West Side music.” (4/2/11). NEWSPAPER-102
      4/10/11 “Students want The Boss to clean up Rutgers’ image.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/15/11 Editorial: “The Boss isn’t the answer” to the Snooki backlash at Rutgers.  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/20/11 “Clemons integrated rock scene.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/20/11 “At Stone Pony vigil, fans remember E Street Band icon.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/20/11 “Photos from the life of the Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/20/11 Kevin Coyne: “Harmony on and off stage.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/20/11 “Clemons’ death leaves void for Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/22/11 “Bruce eulogizes ‘Big Man’ Clemons at funeral.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/22/11 Editorial: “No need to say ‘Big Man’s’ name.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/24/11 “Remembering the Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      7/1/11 “Nils Lofgren heads into Woodbridge for holiday concert.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      7/17/11 “Is Springsteen sculpture a beaut or a bust?”  NEWSPAPER-4
      7/31/11 “Christie invokes The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/28/11 “Nils Lofgren releases latest solo effort.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/29/11 Rock Hall’s Springsteen exhibit going to Philly.  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/17/11 “Portrait of The Boss,” a Frank Stefanko article.  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/22/11 “Springsteen announces tour.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/25/11 “It’s a very Clarence Christmas.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/1/2012 “‘Pop Goes the Year.” NEWSPAPER – 4
      1/1/12 Clarence Clemons death is a top story for 2011.  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/16/12 “Springsteen rocks into the night” at Light of Day.  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/16/12 “Light of Day … finale” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (1/14/12).  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/19/12 “New Bruce single due today.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/20/12 Light of Day photo. Columnist meets Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-5
      1/20/12 New single:  “The power of populism.”  NEWSPAPER-5
      1/25/12 “The Boss is back on tour.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/2/12 “Springsteen to rock the Apollo.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/10/12 “Big shoes to fill: Boss taps Clemons’ nephew for tour.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/11/12 “Asbury Park prominent in latest video.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/11/12 “E Street Band makes Hall of Fame.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/17/12 “Boss exhibit rocks Constitution Center.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/24/12-3/1/12 Reviews Wrecking Ball.  “The Boss Lashes Out” NEWSPAPER-53
      2/26/12 “NBC’s Late Night gets Bruce and band twice.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/27/12 “Bruce surprises at benefit for friend.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/4/12  Wrecking Ball:  “Quintessential Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      3/5/12 “Having a ‘Ball’ over new Springsteen album.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/6/12 “Listening party provides Springsteen preview.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/9/12 “He’s a ‘Wrecking’ machine.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/10/12 “The Boss Rocks The Apollo.” reviews NY, NY (3/9/12).  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/11/12 “Boss-Mania, 40 Years Later.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      3/11/12 “Memories and mayhem at the Apollo.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      3/12/12 “Bass player remembered at benefit.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/16/12 “Springsteen scores 10th No. 1 record.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/23/12 “The show must go on.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/25/12 “The theology of Wrecking Ball.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/26/12 Wrecking Ball tour heads to Philly.  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/28/12 “Gov urges Springsteen to play at new casino.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/29/12 “Young fan gets wish to meet Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/30/12 Editorial:  “Christie reinterprets Springsteen music.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/30/12 “No comment yet from Boss on A.C.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/31/12 “Greetings from Philadelphia” reviews Philadelphia, PA (3/23/12).  NEWSPAPER-4
      3/31/12 “NJ Transit to run ‘Bruce Bus’ to the Izod Center.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/1/12 “Springsteen, Stewart trade recollections about fort.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/4/12 “They know who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/14/12 “Springsteen will play at MetLife Stadium.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/15/12 “Blue-collar fans can’t afford to see Springsteen perform.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/27/12 “Springsteen’s beloved aunt dies.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      4/28/12  Dora Kirby obituary.  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/4/12   “Springsteen & Christie.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/4/12 “Asbury music pioneer Bobby Thomas dies at 76” NEWSPAPER – 4
      5/5/12 “Springsteen carries ‘The Weight” reviews Newark, NJ (5/2/12).  NEWSPAPER-102
      5/18/12 Donna “Summer brought ‘Last Dance’ to Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/20/12  Mary Van Zandt obituary.  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/25/12 “New Springsteen video shot in Asbury.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      5/25/12 Popular watering holes are Jersey strong.  NEWSPAPER-4
      6/3/12 “Deconstructing Woody Guthrie.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      6/19/12 “Springsteen, Gaga Honor Clemons.”  NEWSPAPER-5
      7/16/12 “London tells Springsteen, McCartney who’s Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      8/30/12  “Springsteen goes to bat for baseball playoff coverage.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      8/31/12 “The Boss rules” previews 3rd Springsteen Symposium.  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/2/12 “Grammy concert moves to Nashville.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/13/12 “Boss’ daughter appeals to gov on horse ban.” NEWSPAPER-4
      9/14/12 “Team E Street.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/20/12 Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (9/19/12).  NEWSPAPER-5
      9/21/12 Dick Kleva: the man who pulled the plug Sept. 11, 1970.   NEWSPAPER-4
      9/24/12 “Springsteen-sized birthday party at MetLife Stadium” (9/22/12). NEWSPAPER-4
      10/17/12 “The Boss, Bon Jovi Stump For Obama.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      10/19/12  “Darlene Love Sees The Light of Day.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/4/12 “Springsteen, Bon Jovi take stage for Sandy victims.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/6/12 “Christie, Bruce chat.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/9/12 “Pizza with the boss.”  Peter Ames Carlin talks Bruce.   NEWSPAPER-4
      11/16/12 “Bon Jovi, Springsteen to play NYC Sandy concert.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      11/18/12 Letter writer thanks Bruce for supporting the Shore. NEWSPAPER-4
      11/21/12 “Springsteen, Bon Jovi Join Sandy Relief Fund.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/3/12 “Turning to Springsteen for Strength.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      12/7/12 E Street Band backs Midtown Men on new record.  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/11/12 “Springsteen, Stones will spend the night together.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/13/12 “Sandy relief concert a hit at Shore area theaters.”  NEWSPAPER-102
      12/13/12  Reviews New York, NY (12/12/12).  NEWSPAPER-102
      12/17/12  Springsteen joins Stones for raucous Newark show.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      12/29/12 Wrecking Ball ranked as seventh best for the year.  NEWSPAPER-102.
      1/17/13 “Light of Day brightens Asbury Park weekend.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      1/18/13 “Light of Day 2013, Jersey Alive” NEWSPAPER – 4
      1/21/13 “Lots of Love at Light of Day” NEWSPAPER – 4
      5/23/13 “Springsteen radio heads to boardwalk in Asbury”.   NEWSPAPER-4
      7/19/13 “Springsteen & You, Fans Have Their Say in new Boss Movie.” NEWSPAPER-4
      7/24/13 “Bruce threw rock at the Wall” NEWSPAPER-102
      9/6/13 “Next Stop, South America”  NEWSPAPER-4
      9/13/13 “Springsteen stands up for heroes.” NEWSPAPER-4
      9/20/13 “A Boss Birthday Party, Springsteen & I and You are Invited to Celebrate.”  NEWSPAPER-4
      2/25/2014 ‘Beauty’ and the Boss NEWSPAPER-4A
      2/25/14 “Springsteen Marks Record Store Day with Vinyl EP Release.”  NEWSPAPER-5
      3/13/14 “Springsteen: I Rock to the Point of Exhaustion,” Documentary Airs on HBO.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/2/14 “Jersey Alive!” NEWSPAPER – 102
      5/8/14 “Original “Born to Run” lyrics on display at Duke” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/9/14 “Boss time in the Big Easy” NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/3/14 Nils Lofgren Looks Back Face the Music Box Set.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/8/14 Jessica Springsteen, Bruce’s Kid, Is Born to Ride.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/17/14 Robin Williams Sang Springsteen’s Fire. NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/19/14 “Who Rocks The Boss?” NEWSPAPER- 102
      8/27/14 “Asbury Park’s Tillie passes inspection” NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/29/14 University Throws Boss Birthday Bash.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/29/14 Bruce Springsteen Co-authors Outlaw Pete Picture Book. NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/7/14 The Night Janis Joplin Met Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/14/14 The Boss Turns 65! Why Bruce Springsteen Still Matters at 65. NEWSPAPER-102
      9/14/14 Growin’ Up: A Springsteen Timeline.  NEWSPAPER-102
      9/21/14 Symposium Celebrates Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/21/14 Springsteen’s ’70 Swim Club Melee. NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/23/14 Look Who’s 65 Today and Still Rocking Hearts and Souls of New Jersey Fans.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/19/14 Danny Clinch Has an Eye for Action, Announces Book Release Party. NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/19/14 “Boss Trick And Treat” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/7/14 Springsteen Releases Book Outlaw Pete. NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/9/14 U2 Played Twice at Legendary Asbury Park Club the Fast Lane.   NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/2/14 Springsteen Subs for Bono at World Aids Day Concert in Times Square, NYC.  NEWPAPER-4A
      12/17/14 “A menu of memories, Federicis, Windmill hold special spots on Springsteen’s plate.” NEWSPAPER-102
      12/28/14 In 1994, Boss Put on a Show for the Ages at Tradewinds on 12-20-94.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/28/14 A Year of E Street, Kardashians and Hot Dogs in Jersey.  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/12/15 Overseas Visitors Coming to Asbury Park for Light of Day Music Festival.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      1/15/15 LaBamba’s Big Band to Headline Light of Day’s Main Event in 2015.  NEWSPAPER-102
      1/11/15 Light of Day Winterfest, 2015 Main Event. NEWSPAPER-102
      2/15/15 Frank Caruso (Illustrator: Outlaw Pete) Speaks about Jersey Diners & Boards. NEWSPAPER-102
      2/20/15 “Jersey Alive!” NEWSPAPER – 102
      2/27/15 Joan Pikula, Early Springsteen Backer, Has Died. NEWSPAPER-102
      3/29/15 Contest Winners Tour Upstage Club; Vini Lopez Does Jam Session. NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/5/15 “Springsteen show left rare memories.” NEWSPAPER-102
      4/12/2015 “Bon Jovi vs Bruce Springsteen – Who is New Jersey’s favorite rocker?” Cover. NEWSPAPER-102
      5/3/15 “Meet Miss Boss.” NEWSPAPER-102
      5/14/15 Behind the Music: ‘Born to Run’ at 40 NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/15 Supplement – Inside Jersey – A Guide to Jersey Shore Music. Page 8 NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/24/15 Sunday Best “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day” NEWSPAPER-102
      7/3/15 “Here are Bruce Springsteen’s Most Patriotic Songs” NEWSPAPER-4A
      7/23/15 “Christie: Bon Jovi is the New Boss” NEWSPAPER-4A
      7/24/15 “Christie No Longer ‘Blinded by the Light'” NEWSPAPER-4A
      7/24/15 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen night at the Ballpark” NEWSPAPER-4A
      7/26/15 “BlueClaws players’ knowledge of Springsteen lacking” NEWSPAPER-4A
      7/31/15 “The song doesn’t remain the same” NEWPAPER-4A
      8/21/15 Jersey Alive! “E Sreeters fight shore heroine epidemic at Bar A” NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/21/15 Jersey Alive! “‘Born to Run’ in black and white” NEWSPAPER-4A
      8/27/15 “Springsteen Photo Exhibit coming to Monmouth U” NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/10/15 “Southside Johnny to play Cuba Festival” NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/25/15 “Picture Perfect” NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/27/15 “Upstage Club rocked Asbury Park” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/23/15 Jersey Alive! “‘Babylon’ by the beach” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/23/15 “9 amazing Count Basie Theatre facts” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/27/15 “Count Basie Theatre unveils expansion plans.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/30/15 “Light of Day tickets on sale Saturday” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/30/15 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen and stars to play in race awareness concert” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/3/15 “JT Bowen on Clemons, Springsteen and his second chance” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/3/15 “Piano Mystery at Boss’ former house” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/8/15 “Time has forgotten the Satellite Lounge in Cookstown” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/20/15 Jersey Alive! “TV Time for Bruce” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/4/15 “River box set review: The maturation of Bruce Springsteen.” Jersey Alive. NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/10/15 “‘River Tour’ Ticket Sham” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/12/15 “Springsteen has record ticket sales” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/18/15 Jersey Alive! “The ‘River’ run” NEWSPAPER-4A
      1/1/16 Jersey Alive! “Bruce Springsteen: Time to rock out” NEWSPAPER-4A
      1/8/16 Jersey Alive! ” Remembering the Big Man” newspaper-4A
      1/15/16 Jersey Alive! “The Boss and The Donald” NEWSPAPER-102A
      1/22/16 Jersey Alive! “Want to see the Boss in Newark?” NEWSPAPER-102A
      1/29/16 Jersey Alive! “Jersey Bound- finally. Bruce coming to Newark” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/1/16 “‘River’ Runs into Jersey” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/5/16 Jersey Alive! “The beat goes on” “The Rivers march of time” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/7/16 (photo) Steve Bruce and Patti NEWSPAPER- 4A
      2/19/16 Jersey Alive! “Boss vs. BDS” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/21/16 “The 17 Greatest NJ guitarists of all time” NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/25/16 Jersey Alive! “Bruce Springsteen: Kid is late for school because he rocks” NEWSPAPER- 102A
      3/26/16 “Snapshot- Danny Clinch and other photographers…” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/3/16 “The night Bruce met The Ramones” NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/18/16 “Out on the Street” Bruce Springsteen, Danny Clinch and the art of skateboarding. NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/3/16 “Bruce Springsteen BOSS Act a hit in Washington” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/24/16 “A summer serenade” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at MetLife Stadium. NEWSPAPER-102D
      9/16/16 Jersey Alive! Concert Review: “Springsteen in Philly: Mad Dogs and cheesesteaks” NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/11/16 Jersey Alive! “The Philly message of Springsteen, Bon Jovi” NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/13/16 “The night The Boss played his old school” NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/13/16 “Bikers help Springsteen stranded on side of road” NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/18/16 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen photo exhibit on display in Princeton” NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/18/16 Jersey Alive! “The Boots are made4 for rockin'” mentions Springsteen and his son. NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/25/16 Jersey Alive! “Bruce goes to Broadway” Springsteen and wife see Hamilton. NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/2016 “Springsteen, SZA lead N.J.’s Grammy nods NEWSPAPER-102A
      1/27/17 “Springsteen: We’re part of the new American resistance” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/3/17 Jersey Alive! “Richie Sambora joins E Street Band for 2 songs.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/3/17 Jersey Alive! “Bruce Springsteen: Muslim ban is un-American” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/24/17 Jersey Alive! “Out in the Street, Here’s the story behind the name of Bruce’s band.”  NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/3/17 Jersey Alive! “Talking Boss pics with Pamela Springsteen and Frank Stefanko.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/24/17 Steven Van Zandt to headline APMFF. NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/30/17  Max Weinberg to talk E Street Band.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/31/17 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen, Tom Hanks featured in Tribeca Talks.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/31/17 Jersey Alive! “When John met Bruce and Roger.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/1/17 Full page ad for “Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul at the Paramount Theatre” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/3/17 “Five Songs that inspired Little Steven” NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/7/17 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen, Van Zandt and the repeal of the bathroom bill.”  NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/8/17 “Stevie VanZandt adds 2nd APMFF show for television’s “Front & Center”. NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/14/17 “where music and film collide.” Jersey Alive. NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/19/17 “APMFF 2017 full page Ad Bob Santelli presents “A Conversation with Max Weinberg” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/22/17 “Asbury Park Music and Film Festival, The Sights & The Sounds.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/23/17 “Springsteen surprises fans at Asbury Festival.” “Fans line up for Asbury Park Music and Film Festival.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/24/17 “Asbury Park Music and Film Festival had stars, soul.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/28/17 Jersey Alive! “Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul set Basie date.” “Little Steven, Bruce rock Asbury Park.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/1/17 “Asbury Park boosted by film and music fest.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/19/17 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen makes final appearance at the Upstage.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/19/17 “E Streets Garry Tallent shines at Stone Pony.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      6/2/17 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen’s big Memorial Day weekend at the Shore.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      6/16/17 Jersey Alive! “Garry Tallent pays tribute to Adam West.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      9/29/17  Bruce on Broadway.  NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/5/17 “Springsteen’s first Broadway show is a hit with his fans.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/6/17  Fans see free Broadway rehearsal.  NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/8/17  The best summer ever.  NEWSPAPER- 102A
      10/13/17 Springsteen on Asbury Park: It’s come back to life.  NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/13/17 Broadway his way- Springsteen’s show is a magical tale    NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/13/17 “Springsteen is a rock-n-roll revelation on Broadway.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/14/17 Playlist for Broadway show.  NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/16/17 Songs@Play “Wreck on the Highway” by Bruce Springsteen (1980 Freehold) NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/17/17 “Springsteen Talks Trump” NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/20/17 Jersey Alive! “Sen. Chuck Schumer loves “Springsteen on Broadway” (E Street Beat) NEWSPAPER-4A
      10/27/17 “New Springsteen song featured in ‘Service’ ” NEWSPAPER-102  11/3/17 “Bruce Springsteen Archives: Friends’ gift helps tell the story” (Jersey Alive E Street Beat) NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/10/17 “MCSPCA hosts auction for Springsteen tickets” NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/17/17 “Frank Stefanko’s ‘Springsteen’ exhibit opens in NYC” NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/25/17 “Springsteen’s childhood home is for sale.”  NEWSPAPER-4A
      11/28/17 Springsteen’s Broadway run extended through June. NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/2/17 “Springsteen’s guitar up for auction” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/15/17 “Springsteen makes 25 Most Intriguing People list” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/2017 “Springsteen, SZA lead NJ Grammy nods” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/22/17 Jersey Alive! “Making Spirits Bright” page 12-13 NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/25/17 “Springsteen played for Christmas money in 1973-Legendary album ‘Born to Run’ released less than 2 years later” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/29/17 Jersey Alive! Happy 2018! cover. Multiple Jersey Shore music articles. NEWSPAPER-102A
      1/5/18 Jersey Alive! Light of Day cover. Pg. 2 “Obama touts Broadway version of ‘Born in the USA.'” Pg. 8 “Clarence Clemons, from Broadway to Asbury Park.” Pg. 12 “Music With A Mission”. NEWSPAPER-102B
      1/8/18 “A Smithereens story” NEWSPAPER-102A
      1/12/18 Jersey Alive! 8 For 2018 Up-And-Coming Jersey Musicians To Watch This Year. Pg. 9 “Springsteen, Byrne and an arena that rocked.” NEWSPAPER-102B
      1/31/18 “Bon Jovi, Springsteen led benefit show” NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/8/18  “Springsteen Broadway show headed to SiriusXM.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      2/9/18 Jersey Alive! E Street Beat “Max Weinberg on Bruce and the band: We ain’t done yet” page 6-7 NEWSPAPER-102A
      2/16/18  Jersey Alive! E Street Beat “Springsteen on Vietnam, vets and the ticket giveaway.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/9/18 Jersey Alive! page 11 “Springsteen on Broadway”: Saturday night with the Obamas.”NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/16/18  “Reese Witherspoon: Springsteen turned me into a puddle of tears.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/21/18  “Hey Bruce: Aniela says sorry.”  NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/22/18 “Springsteen on Broadway extended.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      3/23/18 Jersey Alive! Page 11 Four String Highway NEWSPAPER-102A
      3/30/18 Jersey Alive! “Boss talks to Stern about his “draining” show.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/7/18 “We rocked hard that night in ’71” NEWSPAPER-4A

      4/8/18 Shedding light on Darkness. MU Symposium NEWSPAPER -102A
      4/20/18 Jersey Alive! “Bruce Springsteen dances with mom to celebrate her birthday.” page 15  NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/21/18 “Springsteen’s Born to Run Lyrics at auction”   NEWSPAPER-4A
      4/27/18 Jersey Alive! “Little Steven Van Zandt talks TeachRock, Sopranos, next tour” NEWSPAPER-102A
      4/29/18  “Clinch puts Boss meeting in focus.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      5/2/18 “2018 Tony Awards: Here are the Nominees” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/4/18  Jersey Alive! “After Tony Award, what comes next?” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/4/18 Jersey Alive! “Little Steven & Disciples of Soul play Mayo PAC.” NEWSPAPER-4A
      5/11/18 Jersey Alive! Springsteen joins stars for NJ Hall of Fame induction. NEWSPAPER-4A
      6/1/18 Jersey Alive! “Star Wars” writers tapped Springsteen story for “Solo” NEWSPAPER-4A
      6/2/18  5 times Springsteen surprised Shore fans NEWSPAPER-102A
      6/8/18 “Springsteen billed as special guest for Asbury Lanes reopening.” page 9 NEWSPAPER-102A
      6/14/18 “Who is Tillie, the iconic face of Asbury Park.” NEWSPAPER-102
      6/15/18 Obituary for Butch Pielka. NEWSPAPER-4A
      6/15/18 Jersey Alive! “Butch Pielka, co-founder of Asbury Park’s Stone Pony, has died” NEWSPAPER-102
      6/15/18 Jersey Alive! “Why there’s no stopping Mighty Max Weinberg” NEWSPAPER-102
      6/15/18 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen attacked on Twitter by Broadway community” NEWSPAPER-102
      6/18/18 “Springsteen playing tonight at Asbury Lanes party” NEWSPAPER-102A
      6/20/18 “Bruce bowls through Asbury, Boss plays star-studded reopening of Asbury Lanes” NEWSPAPER-102A
      6/22/18 “Jersey Alive- Springsteen goes off script to attack immigration policy” NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/2/18 “Here are Springsteen’s top summer songs.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/5/18 “Boss played “garage” in summer of 1974″ NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/6/18 “Southside at the Pony” NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/8/18 “Boss’s childhood home nets $255K” NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/20/18 “Springsteen appears at Billy Joel show” NEWSPAPER-102A
      7/20/18 “Jersey Alive- Springsteen’s former bandmate has died” Castiles Lead Singer, George Theiss. NEWSPAPER-102A
      8/3/18 “Rock It! gala to honor Eddie Brigati, with help from the Van Zandts.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      8/17/18 “Jersey Alive- Indie Rockers play Asbury Park- no prescription needed, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists” NEWSPAPER-102A
      8/27/18 “See where the “Boss” grew up” NEWSPAPER-102A
      8/31/18 Jersey Alive! “pg 3 Stevie Van Zandt: I am not retiring from E Street Band” NEWSPAPER-102A
      9/7/18 Jersey Alive! PG. 2 ” ‘Live’ Bruce videos from 2000 posted on YouTube” NEWSPAPER-102B
      9/14/18 Jersey Alive! PG. 2 “E Street’s Nils Lofgren coming to the Stone Pony” PG. 15 “Bruce Springsteen returning to Stand Up for Heroes” NEWSPAPER-102B
      9/16/18 “In music, a reflection of the times” Article about Asbury Park Music History NEWSPAPER-102A
      9/21/18 Jersey Alive! “See. Hear. Now” PG. 2 “Melanie: My mom drove me to Woodstock” PG. 12 “Ready To Rock (And Surf) PG. 14 “Sound of Silence: Paul Simon says farewell in Newark” NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/5/18 Jersey Alive! “pg 3 Stone Pony co founder to be honored in Asbury” “pg 6 Bruce Springsteen surprise at Sea. Hear. Now. fest: The Boss on the Asbury Park beach” NEWSPAPER-102A
      10/26/18 Jersey Alive! “Bruce Springsteen: Born to Ride a Motorcycle” NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/2/18 Jersey Alive! “Eyes on Bruce Springsteen in the heartland” NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/9/18 Jersey Alive! “Bruce on Broadway: Official soundtrack out Dec 14” “Springsteen at Stand Up for Heroes: 4 songs, 2 duets, 2 jokes” NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/16/18 Jersey Alive! “E street memories shared at the Saint in Asbury” NEWSPAPER-102A
      11/30/18 Jersey Alive! “Netflix Trailer shows Boss up close and personal” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/1/18 “Light of Day in Asbury Park: Tickets on-sale” NEWSPAPER-4A
      12/3/18 “From Stage to Streaming. Springsteen on Broadway lives on at Home.” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/7/18Jersey Alive! “Springsteen addresses Trump voters” “From Stage to Streaming” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/9/18 “Long Time comin’, Bruce Springsteen: A magical run on Broadway is ending.”(3 copies) NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/14/18 Jersey Alive! “Asbury Holiday Show fills Paramount with seasonal cheer” NEWSPAPER-102A
      12/15/18 “Exhibit to explore roots of Boss” NEWSPAPER-102B (NEW BOX *starts)
      12/21/18 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen ends Broadway run with marathon performance” NEWSPAPER-102B
      1/18/19 Jersey Alive! “Thats what makes us Great” Joe Grushecky w Bruce NEWSPAPER-102B
      2/1/19 “Springsteen music rocks Sundance in ‘Blinded by the Light'”, pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102B
      2/15/19 Jersey Alive! “The Stone Pony Turns 45” NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/22/19 Jersey Alive! Must-See Music, article on “Blinded by the Light”, pg. 8 NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/1/19 Jersey Alive! APMFF AD, Bon Jovi stories, David Crosby, Asbury Park Museum NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/13/19 “Bruce Springsteen interview added to Upstage film” NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/15/19 “Jersey Alive. Little Steven’s Summer show coming to Paramount.” NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/23/19 Full page AD for the Bruce Springsteen Archives Thom Zimny at APMFF NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/24/19 “Boss, E Street Band reunited 20 years ago” NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/24/19 “Full page AD for Archives exclusive screening at the Paramount APMFF.” NEWSPAPER-102B
      3/29/19 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen interview part ofn Asbury Park film at APMFF” pg 4  NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/5/19 Jersey Alive! pg 3 When the Boss is away, band members will play pg15 APMFF full page ad. NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/7/19 Sunday Best Review of Brian Hiatt Book Behind the Songs NEWSPAPER-102
      4/12/19 Jersey Alive! “Danny Clinch’s big April includes Tribeca premiere. Springsteen Inspired movie gets extra Boss song. Poll: Springsteen is No. 1 soundtrack choice for road trips.” NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/19/19 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen, Van Zandt in new “Asbury Park” movie” NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/19/18 Double full page ad for APMFF NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/21/19 Sunday Best “Like going to Mecca “NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/25/19 “E Street Band and more in APMFF must-see movies” NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/26/19 Jersey Alive! APMFF: The Bruce Springsteen experience NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/26/19 “Stars align at Shore as festival starts” NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/28/19 “Jake Clemons tunes into APMFF film about uncle.” NEWSPAPER-102B
      4/29/19 “Springsteen surprises fans at APMFF event.” NEWSPAPER-102B

      5/2/19 Full page Thank You from APMFF NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/3/19 “Springsteen’s shopping trip brings glory days to Antique Emporium” NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/3/19 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen, Little Steven and Disciples of Soul release singles”. NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/10/19 “Springsteen Parties in ‘Summer of Sorcery'” NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/10/19 “Where will the next Boss surprise take place?” pg. 8-9. NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/24/19 Jersey Alive! “New Springsteen single is stirring and sweeping”. Pg 8. NEWSPAPER-102B
      5/26/19 “Summer music guide: Springsteen, Black Keys”. NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/7/19 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen’s ‘Western Stars’ a hauntingly brilliant journey on the highway”. Album review and track list. pg 4. NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/8/19 “Seger says farewell with Springsteen, Brian Williams in audience” NEWSPAPER-5
      6/9/19 “A global phenomenon launched at Stone Pony” pg 3A NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/14/19 Jersey Alive! “A Father’s Day gift from Bruce Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/19/19 “Freehold, “twin” city share love of Boss” NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/21/19 Jersey Alive! “Good Start for Western Stars and Springsteen” pg9 NEWSPAPER-102B
      6/28/19 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen, wife attend memorial for Ambassador of Asbury Park” pg 6 “Springsteen’s Western Stars no. 2 on Billboard album chart” pg 8 NEWSPAPER-102B
      7/5/2019 Jersey Alive! Summer Rain? cover. pg. 2 “Tallent show part of Southside Johnny’s 4th of July bash” NEWSPAPER-102C
      7/8/2019 “Springsteen known for July suprise” NEWSPAPER-5
      7/9/2019 “Springsteen surprises crowd at Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-102C
      7/14/19 “Bruce Springsteen at Stone Pony Summer Stage: Time was right” MAGAZINE-5
      7/14/19 “What do Bruce Springsteen, Pet Shop Boys, a-ha have in common? ‘Blinded by the Light” NEWSPAPER-5
      7/19/2019 Jersey Alive! Uplifting Experience cover. Pg. 8 “Bruce Springsteen announces ‘Western Stars’ film” pg.9 “‘Springsteen’ exhibit in Freehold to unveil rare Boss artifacts” NEWSPAPER-102C
      7/26/2019 Jersey Alive! The Flaming Lips cover. pg. 9 “Springsteen’s ‘Western Stars’ to debut at Toronto film fest” NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/3/2019 “Springsteen’s son joins fire department” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/8/2019 “His hometown” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/9/2019 “Blinded by the Boss” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/9/2019 Jersey Alive! The Secret of Squeeze cover. pg. 4 “Summer of Love celebrates Woodstock with shows, new album” pg. 6 “Bandiera, Grushecky to perform at ‘Hometown’ party Sept. 28” NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/16/19 Jersey Alive! Wild Side Cover. pg. 5 “‘Light’ brings new focus to Springsteen’s music” NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/18/19 “‘Light’ taps into magic of Springsteen, Asbury Park” NEWSPAPER-112
      8/23/19 Jersey Alive! Jungle Cover. pg. 5 “Springsteen visits Paterson set of ‘West Side Story'” pg.8 “‘Western Stars’ trailer features ‘A certain kind of magic'” NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/30/19 Jersey Alive! Great Outdoors Cover. pg. 2″ Bruce Springsteen Labor Day weekend: Boss’ 8 best working songs” NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/13/19 Jersey Alive! Dine with the Dowager NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/20/19 Jersey Alive! “Here’s where you can celebrate Bruce’s birthday” “Bruce: I want to make a rock record with E Street Band” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/22/19 Springsteen Turns 70 cover. pg. 4E “Springsteen and his troubled soul center stage in ‘Stars” NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/23/19 Happy Birthday, Bruce “A Quick Look At The Boss Through The Decades” NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/27/19 Jersey Alive! Bruce Springsteen ‘His Hometown’ Cover. pg. 10 “The story of ‘Springsteen'” NEWSPAPAER-102C
      9/29/19 “The Boss, the Arizona bartender and a Life-Changing Day” pg 6E NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/1/19 “Springsteen plays ‘His Hometown’ party at museum” NEWSPAPER-102C
      10/4/19 Freehold tour explores Boss’ deep roots to his hometown” pg 7 NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/11/19 “Bruce Springsteen Releases live ‘Sundown’ from ‘Western Stars’ movie” pg 15 NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/18/19 Jersey Alive! Thrills and Chills NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/21/19 “Gazing at Western Stars” cover. pg. 4A “Springsteen surprises Freehold movie theater” NEWSPAPER-102B
      10/23/19 “The best of New Jersey” NEWSPAPER-102C
      10/25/19 Jersey Alive! pg. 7 “Springsteen talks ‘Western Stars, exhibit on ‘Kimmel'” NEWSPAPER-102C
      10/29/19 “Southside Johnny joins NJ Hall of Fame” NEWSPAPER-102C
      11/8/19 Jersey Alive! Jersey Legend Cover. pg. 4 “Tickets go on sale Saturday for Light of Day” pg. 5 ” Springsteen tells jokes and sings at Stand Up for Heroes” NEWSPAPER-102C
      11/15/19 Jersey Alive! Christmas Queens Cover. pg. 2 “‘The Gift’ reveals Man in Black few have seen” pg. 3 “Stewart talks plant-based diet at Monmouth U” NEWSPAPER-102C
      11/18/19 “Sounds Like Jersey” Cover. NEWSPAPER-102C
      11/22/19 Jersey Alive! Thanksgiving Cover. pg. 2 ” Boss, E Street Band members hitting Jersey stages” pg. 3 “Springsteen performs at Stone Pony benefit Nov. 16” NEWSPAPER-102C
      12/6/19 Jersey Alive! Krampus Weekend AP Cover. pg. 7 “Misfits top NJ song poll; Springsteen, Uncle Floyd runner ups” pg. 8 “Little Steven feted by Murphy, rock legends” pg. 9 “Music stars, locals to make ‘Holiday’ a big show” NEWSPAPER 102C
      12/13/19 Jersey Alive! Christmas Eve Cover. pg. 3 “Springsteen, Mellencamp perform at Rainforest Fund” pg. 6 “Bruce, Patti Scialfa slow dance at Stone Pony” NEWSPAPER-102C
      12/29/19 Jersey Alive! Happy New Year Cover. pg. 2 “Southside Johnny caps big year with NYE Show” pg. 3 “Judge uses Bruce song to teach lesson at sentencing” NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/3/2020 Jersey Alive! “Springsteen’s ‘Sunshine’ makes Obama’s favorite music list” pg. 3 “Close encounters with Bruce Springsteen” pg. 4 “Sounds like 2020” pg. 8 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/10/2020 Jersey Alive! – Clarence Clemons Day Cover. “Light of Day musicians are fresh and ready for 20th anniversary edition” pg. 3 “Still With Us” pg.8 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/17/2020 “Light of Day: Annual Music Fest Celebrates 20th Anniversary This Weekend.” Cover. NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/23/2020 “Springsteen program returning to Music and Film Fest.” NEWSPAPER-102D
      1/24/2020 Jersey Alive! – “Boss, Benjamin and the magic of Light of Day weekend” pg. 3 “Robert Conti, who toured with Bruce and E Street, has died” pg. 7 NEWSPAPER-102D
      1/31/20 Jersey Alive! – “Springsteen helps draw attention to conditions on Mexico-US border” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/26/2020 “Medal of Honor displayed in Springsteen’s exhibit” NEWSPAPER-102C
      2/28/2020 Jersey Alive!
      3/13/2020 WEEKEND “Jerry Garcia, Clarence Clemons join forces on live album” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C                                                                                      3/29/20 “Springsteen: Stay safe around the world” pg. 7A NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/15/20 “‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ event to include Bon Jovi, DeVito, Springsteen, more” NEWSPAPER-102E
      5/1/2020 WEEKEND “Springsteen: virus shows cracks in American dream” pg. 3 “Bruce Springsteen Archives at APMFF is now officially canceled” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/8/20 WEEKEND “Springsteen gives Asbury Park musicians a ‘Sunny Day’ pg. 2 “Springsteen Meadowlands live album to benefit Jersey pandemic relief” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/10/20 “Van Zandt talks Miami, Disciples and Springsteen” “Springsteen is going to throw a very wild party after the quarantine – and you’re invited” NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/15/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen, Patti act in ‘Broken Poet'” pg. 2 “Little Richard: Jersey rockers all hail the ‘Inventor of Rock ‘n’ Roll” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/22/20 WEEKEND “Why New Jersey summers matter to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” pg. 12 NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/23/20 “Springsteen blasts Trump’s virus response” pg. 7A NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/29/20 WEEKEND “Dropkick Murphys, Springsteen plan Fenway live stream” pg. 2 “No Ticket Required” pg. 6 NEWSPAPER-102C
      6/4/2020 “Bruce Springsteen mourns George Floyd” NEWSPAPER-5
      6/5/2020 WEEKEND “Springsteen virtually joins Dropkick Murphy’s for Fenway Show” NEWSPAPER-102C
      6/19/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen ‘50,000 people’ T-shirt raising funds for Basie” pg. 2 NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/26/2020 WEEKEND “Etheridge and Williams reschedule APMFF dates” pg. 3 “Springsteen feels ‘optimism’ about the next election” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102C
      6/28/2020 “Springsteen, Stern and the radio resistance to Trump” NEWSPAPER-102C
      7/3/2020 SUMMER GUIDE “Even in a pandemic, Bruce offers soundtrack of Jersey Shore” NEWSPAPER-102C
      7/12/20 “Lofgren: Upcoming Springsteen album is ‘great'” pg. 2E NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/17/2020 WEEKEND “Asbury Park Concert Band crosses tracks to kick off Springwood Park series” pg. 2 “Springsteen, Upstage: Unlikely story of racial harmony in ‘Asbury Park’ on YouTube” pg. 3 “Southside Johnny opens ‘Drive-In Live'” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/9/20 “Springsteen hits the streets of Asbury Park in Camaro” pg. 5E NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/10/2020 “Belting Back: Saxophonist who played with Springsteen rebuilds strength after bout with COVID-19” NEWSPAPER-102C
      8/14/20 WEEKEND “Patti Scialfa (with Bruce Springsteen?) was booked to play Sea. Hear. Now in Asbury Park” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/20/20 “Springsteen flagged for ‘false information'” pg. 11A NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/21/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen ‘The Rising’ video takes on Donald Trump at Democratic Convention” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/23/2020 “Why the concept of time is different for Bruce Springsteen than it is for you and me” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/28/2020 WEEKEND – “Asbury Park roots of Bruce Springsteen’s other song at the Democratic Convention” pg. 4 “‘Born to Run’ marks 45th anniversary this week” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102D
      9/4/2020 WEEKEND “On show, Springsteen pays tribute to workers” pg. 5 “Is coming storm a new album from Springsteen and E Street Band?” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/11/2020 WEEKEND “Island in Asbury Park to host new music series” pg. 2 NEWSPAPER-102C
      9/11/2020 “Springsteen album recorded ‘completely live’ coming Oct. 23” NEWSPAPER-102D
      9/18/20 “Dear Bruce Springsteen, we received the ‘Letter'” pg. 4 “Springsteen to freshmen: Greetings to the Coronial Generation” pg 5. NEWSPAPER-102D
      9/25/2020 WEEKEND – “Bruce Springsteen at 71: Why every day, and every birthday, is precious” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102C
      10/2/20 WEEKEND – “Weinberg pitches new Springsteen album during show” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/9/20 WEEKEND – “Springsteen, Bon Jovi previewed new albums for each other” pg. 3 “‘Letter to You’ coming to Apple TV+” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/12/20 “Jersey Shore music venue feel left out of COVID-19 aid” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/16/20 “Springsteen glorious, affirming in ‘Letter to you'” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/16/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen trending on Twitter thanks to emoji” “Springsteen’s post-pandemic plans include Jersey Freeze, wild party” pg. 5 NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/23/20 WEEKEND “‘Letter to You’: You need to stay after the credits” pg. 3 “Bruce Springsteen talks life, death and the code of the E Street Band ‘Letter to You'” pg. 6 NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/26/20 “Remembering Le Teendezvous, club where a young ‘Boss’ played” NEWSPAPER-102D
      10/30/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven boost Biden, take on Trump as Election Day nears” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/6/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter to You’ album makes Billboard chart history” pg.4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/15/20 “Springsteen and others set for virtual ‘Stand Up’ for Heroes” NEWSPAPER-102C                                                                                                  11/20/20 “Springsteen appears in and on new Bleachers song” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/20/20 “Springsteen, Stewart motorcycle onto virtual Stand Up for Heroes benefit” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER- 102D
      11/22/20 “‘Letter to You’ director talks Boss magic, music” pg. 3E NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/26/20 “Why Springsteen, Bon Jovi not nominated” pg. 9A NEWSPAPER-102D
      11/27/20 WEEKEND “Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Power of Prayer’ gets new lyric video” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/4/20 “Springsteen and the E Street band to play ‘Saturday Night Live'” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/11/2020 “Boss, Bleachers play on YouTube” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/11/2020 “Little Steven, Eddie Vedder, more to Stand With Teachers” NEWSPAPER-102C
      12/17/20 “Christmas came early to boardwalk in 2000” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/18/20 WEEKEND “Bruce talks holiday shows on ‘Tonight Show'” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      12/20/20 “Bruce Springsteen SiriusXM radio show: Lesser known bands appreciate Boss spins” pg. 4E NEWSPAPER-102C
      12/25/2020 WEEKEND “Springsteen’s ‘Ghosts’ makes Obama’s 2020 songs list” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      12/27/20 “The 9 best Jersey albums of 2020” includes Letter to You by Bruce Springsteen, “50,000 people in New Jersey” NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/1/2021 WEEKEND “Springsteen, State Theatre share holiday greetings” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/8/2021 WEEKEND – “Springsteen: No tour until 2022, but ‘big surprise’ in 2021” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/10/2021 “‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.’ turns 48” pg. 2E NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/15/2021 WEEKEND – “Springsteen: Diet is 90 percent of the game” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/22/2021 WEEKEND – “Bruce, Bon Jovi take part in ‘Celebrating America'” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/22/2021 “Springsteen, Clemons, Bon Jovi sing of hope at inaugural concert” pg. 1A NEWSPAPER-102C
      1/29/2021 WEEKEND – pg. 2 “New Jersey music: Five hot live and virtual shows for a cold January weekend”; pg. 3 “Surfing roots: Why Springsteen’s board is in the hall” NEWSPAPER-102C
      2/11/2021 “Springsteen was charged with DWI on Sandy Hook” NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/12/2021 “Springsteen drank with fans before DWI stop” Cover. “Letter to Springsteen” pg. 9A NEWSPAPER-102C
      2/12/2021 WEEKEND – pg. 2 “Jarod Clemons at the Brighton” pg. 4 “Boss manager explains how Super Bowl ad happened” NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/13/2021 “Springsteen faces possible criminal record” pg. 1A NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/15/2021 “Springsteen DWI arrest contrary to public image” Cover. NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/19/2021 “Feds: Videos off-limits in Springsteen case” pg. 1A, 2A NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/23/2021 “Obama, Springsteen launch a new podcast” NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/24/2021 “Springsteen, Obama join forces to create ‘Renegades’ podcast” pg. 3A Newspaper-102D
      2/25/2021 “Springsteen gets DWI charges dropped, admits to drinking tequila” NEWSPAPER-102D
      2/26/2021 “Trump Jr. blames ‘liberal privilege’ in Springsteen DWI” NEWSPAPER- 102D
      2/27/2021 “Lawyers question why Springsteen should have ever faced DWI charge” NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/5/2021 “Save the date: NJ Bruce Springsteen Day comes a step closer to reality” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER 102D
      3/7/2021 “Springsteen’s road to Broadway started at White House” pg. 3E NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/9/2021 “Springsteen, Obama talk about moon landing” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/12/2021 WEEKEND “Springsteen Grammy Awards performances on new ‘Soundstage'” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/14/2021 “Springsteen, Obama talk 1982 song” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/15/2021 “Tech-savvy Springsteen fanatic helps NJ seniors get virus shots” pg. 3A, 4A NEWSPAPER-102D
      3/28/21 “Springsteen, Obama talk Big ’80s on podcast” pg. 3E
      “Nick Jonas wants to play Springsteen in a movie” pg. 3E NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/2/2021 WEEKEND “Concerts on the Green helps bring live music back” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/4/2021 “Bruce Springsteen a weekend warrior on SiriusXM” pg. 2E; “Springsteen, Obama talk about Boss, taking baby steps to family” pg. 2E NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/9/2021 WEEKEND “Springsteen talks ‘Born in the USA’ with Obama” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/11/21 “Want to own Springsteen’s jeans? Here’s your shot ” pg. 4E NEWSPAPER-102D
      4/25/2021 “Bruce Springsteen remembers Freehold friend” NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/3/21 “Sandy Hook DWIs surged last year” NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/5/2021 “Bruce Springsteen will receive Woody Guthrie Prize” NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/7/2021 “Bon Jovi plays hits at Paramount for upcoming drive-in theater concert” NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/9/21 “Springsteen recalls day JFK was assassinated on SiriusXM show” pg. 4E NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/14/2021 “Grateful Dead tributes bringing the jams back to NJ” NEWSPAPER-102C
      5/23/21 “Springsteen applauds help for musicians” pg. 26A NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/23/21 “Bruce Springsteen says new album releasing ‘soon'” pg. 5E NEWSPAPER-102D
      5/30/21 “Bon Jovi drive-in concert, filmed in Asbury Park, was best heart loud” pg. 4E “Bruce Springsteen ‘Hometown’ exhibit relaunches at Freehold museum” pg. 4E NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/4/21 “Pamela Springsteen, Bruce’s sister was in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High'” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/4/21 “E Street Band Drummer headlining balloon fest” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/6/21 “Jersey emo legend Thursday covers Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark'” pg. 8E NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/8/21 “Bruce Springsteen show is headed back to Broadway” pg. 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/9/21 “How to get Springsteen on Broadway tickets” pg.6A NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/11/2021 :Jersey Shore rocker Bob Burger on the mend after heart attack on the Basie Vogel stage” NEWSPAPER-102C
      6/15/21 “Equestrian dreams on the horizon, Jessica Springsteen, the daughter of Bruce, closer to Olympic Goal” NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/17/21 “Springsteen, Killers ‘Dustland’ collab started with Boss text” page 5A NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/18/21 “Bruce Springsteen is going to be busy. Here’s what you can look forward to” page 3 NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/24/21 “Bandiera will play requests at Stone Pony” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/25/21 “Broadway returns with Bruce Springsteen taking the stage” pg. 2 NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/26/21″Springsteen rehearsal included COVID, arrest” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/28/21 “Bruce Springsteen delivers big opening night” NEWSPAPER-102D
      6/29/21 “Bruce Springsteen talks new additions to Broadway show” NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/3/21 “Springsteen co-headlining ‘big’ concert in NYC” NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/5/21 “Riots” mention of Springsteen and his debut of ‘My City of Ruins’ pg. 25A NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/7/21 “Smith, Hamilton part of NJ Hall of Fame Class of 2021” page 4A NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/7/21 “Springsteen’s daughter named to US Olympic equestrian team” page 2A NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/9/21 “Springsteen talks Patti Smith and ‘Because the Night’ on radio show” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/22/21 “Officially, Mary’s dress ‘sways’ in Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road'” NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/23/21 “Jessica Springsteen’s Olympic dream shared by parents” NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/26/21 “Springsteen, Obama to release book version of podcast” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/27/21 “Springsteen exhibit closes on Saturday” pg. 3A NEWSPAPER-102D
      7/31/21 “Springsteen fans in Japan rooting hard for daughter Jessica at Tokyo Games” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/1/21 “Bruce Springsteen to sing with Patti Smith at Central Park concert” Page 2E NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/4/21 “Springsteen fails to make jumping finals” NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/8/21 “Springsteen helps jumping team win silver at Tokyo Games” NEWSPAPER -102D
      8/13/21 WEEKEND “Springsteen, Vedder and Morello cover ‘Highway to Hell'” pg. 4 NEWSPAPER-102D
      8/25/21 “NJ musicians remember Charlie Watts of the Stones” pg. 11A NEWSPAPER-102D
      9/30/2021 “‘Wasted Days’ is the news track from Mellencamp, Springsteen” – NEWSPAPER-102D
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