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    8/8/78 “A little less than his billing” reviews Kalamazoo, MI (8/7/78).
    Also see KANSASCITY.COMInternet Articles
    2/6/81 “Bruce Springsteen: fierce and fine” reviews Kansas City, MO (2/5/81).  NEWSPAPER-27
    4/8/00 “Catching the Boss in the act” reviews Lynn Goldsmith’s book All Access.  NEWSPAPER-27
    4/9/00 “The wild, the innocent and the Springsteen fan.”  NEWSPAPER-27
    4/11/00 “Springsteen live” reviews Kansas City, MO (4/9/00).  NEWSPAPER-27
    7/30/02 Rising review: “The Boss walks E Street with The Rising.”  NEWSPAPER-27
    9/26/02 “Springsteen still powerful and relevant” reviews Kansas City, MO (9/24/02).  NEWSPAPER-27
    10/27/09 “Death leads to canceled concert.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/19/12 “Rock ‘N” Roll Revival” in Kansas City, MO (11/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/20/84 “The Boss. Ordinary man’s rocker belts it out” reviews Kansas City, MO(11/19/84).
    2/14/74 “Springsteen’s versatility shines.” Brief interview and review of Lexington, KY (2/12/74).
    3/10/73 “Glimpse at a Successful Musician.” Brief profile in Kutztown State’s student newspaper.
    3/10/73 Ad for 3/29/73 at Kutztown State College, headlined by Stevie Wonder (Bruce opening).
    2/8/13  Early preview of the Wrecking Ball Weekend.
    7/26/13 “The real Boss” previews two Kilkenny concerts.
    7/26/13 “Wild Thing let’s make Nowlan Park sing.”
    7/26/13 “10 things you didn’t know about The Boss.”
    7/26/13 “Firm handshake and no contract brings the Boss to Kilkenny.”
    7/26/13 “Bruce’s personal life.”
    7/26/13 “Warming up for the Wrecking Ball.”
    7/26/13 “Will Bruce out boss Cody?”
    8/2/13 “Bruce: We will be back.”
    8/2/13 “Bruce on fire at first gig” reviews Kilkenny (IR) (7/27/13).
    8/2/13 “Dancing in the Park (with Brian Kerr).”
    8/2/13 “Every show is treated like it’s the only one that counts.”
    8/2/13 “50 years in the business – but still the Boss.”
    8/2/13 “Thumbs up for Boss from lifelong fans.”
    8/2/13 “Cash bonanza for city.”
    8/2/13 “Bruce swaps wrecking ball for bowling ball.”
    1/29/09 Syndicated cartoonist Jim Toomey evokes Bruce Springsteen in “Sherman’s Lagoon.”
    5/11/12   Born to Run in Hilary Price’s Rhymes With Orange syndicated cartoon.
    10/31/75 Beloved Chicago columnist (and wit) Mike Royko pokes fun at the Born to Run mania.
    2/23/05 “Pomon rock pelastaa aikansa.” Interview with Dave Marsh.
    2/8/77 “A Spring(steen) breeze warms Albany” reviews Albany, NY (2/7/77).
    5/25/78 “Springsteen shines in packed Palace” reviews Albany, NY (5/24/78).
    11/5/80 “Bruce Springsteen’s long-awaited album may finally establish him as No. 1.”
    Undated “Singles give Springsteen fans private collection.”
    Also see KNIGHTRIDDER.COMInternet Articles
    9/13/84 “He Gives Stardom A Deeper Meaning” reviews Philadelphia, PA (9/11/84).
    8/17/85 “City remembers Bruce back when …”
    3/31/88 “Modest Springsteen beat odds to succeed.”
    4/25/05 “Always the working-class hero.”
    7/31/02 “Von der Solidaritat” reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-27
    9/23/09 “Des einfachen Mannes Inbrust.” Bruce Springsteen at 60.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    2/20/12 “Ich bin so eine Art Fruhwarnsystem.”  NEWSPAPER-27
    5/24/03 “Reinigendes Gewitter” reviews Gelsenkirchen (DE) (5/22/03).
    11/8/06 “Volksnahes vom Rocker” reviews Cologne (DE) (11/6/06).
    12/15/07 “Rebellen bleiben jung” reviews Cologne (DE) (12/13/07).
    3/?/12 “Springsteen: Der Boss klagt an.”
    3/?/12 Wrecking Ball feature in Krone Bunt supplement.
    7/10/12 Glossy multi-article concert supplement.
    7/12/12 “Der Boss ist da!”
    7/13/12 “Konzertmarathon mit dem Boss.”
    6/7/85 “En obeskrivlig naturkraft alskad av en hel varld”
    6/7/85 “Born to rock n’ roll”
    6/7/85 “Det borjade i en somnig hala i New Jersey”
    6/7/85 “Spela i ett rockband – det enda han kan”
    6/7/85 “Bruce haller for trycket”
    6/7/85 “Oss fanatiker emellan”
    6/7/85 “The E Street Band”
    6/7/85 “Att han bara kunde?!”
    6/7/85 ” Fran dromen i en cheva till neonljusen slocknat”
    6/7/85″ Vadda snygg? Det ar val for musikens skull”
    6/7/85 “Blekfet utan muskler?”
    6/7/85 “Little Steven Ut…nisse Lofgren in”
    6/7/85 “Brucie Baby- Grabbarnas Boss”
    7/3/88 Cover. “Supertjarnorna”
    7/3/88 “Springsteens nya karlek okakar avstandt till bandet”
    7/3/88 “…men han far hela publiken att kanna sig ung”
    7/3/88 “Politik pa scenen i kvall”

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    Also see LAWEEKLY.COMInternet Articles
    11/13/87 “Springsteen and Jackson: Demigods or Demagogues?”
    4/23/93 “Leve mister Rock-Rambo.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    5/8/03 “Gewoon The Boss, 3 UUR Lang!” reviews Rotterdam (NL) (5/6/03).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    5/13/03 “The Boss straalti in kil Brussel” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/12/03).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    5/14/03 “We wisten niet dat rockfans zoveel drinken.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    5/30/05 “Bruce Springsteen Rauw En Eerlijk” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/28/03).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/15/74 Photo previews Lafayette College show.
    11/22/74 “Springsteen Rocks Kirby” reviews Easton, PA (11/15/74).
    11/22/74 “Concert Successful Despite Crowd Damage.”
    6/29/76 Questioner asks if Douglas Springsteen owned a store on the Asbury Park boardwalk. No.
    7/28/78 “Bruce Springsteen – A Prisoner Of Rock and Roll.”
    12/15/78 “Bruce Springsteen Learning To Cope With Fame.”
    11/23/78 “Springsteen rules the Munn roost” reviews East Lansing, MI (11/17/78).
    Also see LASVEGASSUN.COMInternet Articles
    5/26/00 “Station Casinos exec tracks Springsteen.” Previews Las Vegas, NV (5/27/00).
    5/30/00 “The Boss is divine; the crowd is swine.” Reviews Las Vegas, NV (5/27/00).
    8/19/02 “Springsteen concert showcases The Rising.” Reviews Las Vegas, NV (8/18/02).
    9/13/75 “Album keeps praise flowing” reviews Born to Run.
    9/29/75 “Prisoner of rock lives up to reputation” reviews Kansas City, MO (9/28/75).
    10/21/80 “Bruce Springsteen’s latest album not as good as previous releases.”
    2/16/81 “The Boss in Polk” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/15/81).
    2/17/81 “He proved it all night, all right” reviews Lakeland, FL (2/15/81).
    2/17/81 “Springsteen delivers.”
    2/17/81 Editorial: “Springsteen’s secret.”
    10/6/82 The “Bruce Springstone” single is a “perfect parody.”
    6/14/99 “Energisches Pochen der wilden Rock ‘n’ Roll Herzen” reviews Leipzig (DE) (6/13/99).
    3/5/81 “Springsteen Lives Up to His Reputation” reviews Lexington, KY (3/4/81).
    12/12/84 “A Robust Sampling of American Rock” reviews Lexington, KY (12/11/84).
    3/27/88 “Springsteen fills Rupp with rock ‘n’ roll magic” reviews Lexington, KY(3/26/88).
    4/14/00 “Bluegrass Bruce Springsteen Has Played Kentucky on Nearly Every Tour.”
    11/15/02 “Springsteen Belts Out Songs of Hope, Redemption” reviews Lexington, KY(11/14/02).
    Also see LIBERATION.FRInternet Articles
    6/19/88 “L’Echappee Springsteen.”; “Springsteen On the Road Again”; List of albums.
    6/20/88 “La Grande Kermesse De L’Antrracisme” reviews Paris (FR) (6/18/88).
    7/1/92 Interview: “Springsteen Sans Regret.”
    6/20/11 “Clarence Clemons dead in the USA.”
    4/29/81 “Springsteen – Superman a Forest-National” reviews Brussels (BE)(4/26/81).
    5/3/96 “Un 1er mai de ‘Patron'” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/1/96).
    7/30/02 “Bruce Springsteen, guitare d’espoir” reviews The Rising.
    7/30/02 “Un E Street Band de legende.”
    10/16/02 “Springsteen retrousse ses manches” reviews Paris (FR) (10/14/02).
    5/14/03 “Le patron a toujours raison” reviews Brussels (BE) (5/12/03).
    5/14/03 “Comme tout art, le rock a besoin de mystere.”
    4/26/05 “Bruce Springsteen, le rocker proche” previews Brussels (BE).
    5/26/05 “La ballade irlandaise du Boss” previews Brussels (BE).
    6/1/05 “Le tour de force du Boss” reviews Brussels (BE)  (5/30/05).
    4/2/93 “Salvate il Boss del sonno del rock” NEWSPAPER-28
    12/1/12 “High demand” for Limerick tickets.  NEWSPAPER-28
    7/20/13 Reviews Limerick (7/16/13).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    7/20/13 “Bruce has Limerick fans in the palm of his hand.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    7/20/13 “Bruce bosses Thomond” reviews Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).
    – Internet Articles
    11/9/75 “Bruce Springsteen, A Sound and Show of Contrasts.” Profile by United Press International.
    11/19/84 “Springsteen creates a screamium and rockium delirium” reviews Lincoln, NE (11/18/84).
  • THE LINK (Canada)  NEWSPAPER-28
    1/27/81 “Springsteen,” told by a woman who danced with Bruce onstage in Ottawa.
    8/1/02 ” ‘The Boss’ was back in town for Today.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    8/1/02 Two full pages of photos from Asbury Park beach party, Today show.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    8/1/02 Photo of Long Branch home rented by Bruce during his early twenties.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/25/07 “Bruce or Bust…ed.” The experiences of a ticket hunting columnist.  NEWSPAPER-28
    6/25/09 The”Born to Run” house is for sale in Long Branch.  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/18/76 “Bruce Rips The Bones From Your Barn” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (10/12/76).
    10/18/76 ” ‘Mad Dog’ Rides ‘The Pony’ to Fame.”
    7/4/85 “The Boss gives touts a bad night.”
    3/2/73 “Bruce Springsteen: Total original” reviews Los Angeles, CA (2/26/73).  NEWSPAPER-28
    11/7/75 Cover photo. “Is Bruce Springsteen worth all the hype?” Page 14.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/8/76 “Bruce on Broadway” reviews Santa Monica, CA (9/29/76).  NEWSPAPER-28
    12/24/78 Cover of the weekend Sound section; photo at Page 8.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    8/21/81 Reviews Viet Vets benefit in Los Angeles, CA (8/20/81).  NEWSPAPER-28
    8/24/81 “They don’t mind putting in time for ‘The Boss.'” Fans line up for tickets.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    6/1/84 “Springsteen on life in the U.S.A.” reviews BITUSA.  NEWSPAPER-28
    9/25/84 “Reagan tries to co-opt Springsteen’s message.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/26/84 “The Boss is back” reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/25/84).  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/29/84 “On stage with rock’s Sophocles” reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/26/84).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/31/84 “Hooked on classics.” Classical music critic attends LA (10/29/84).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/31/84 “Springsteen, fans give $15,000 to Food Bank for L.A. steelworkers.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/31/84 Bruce drops “Rosalita” and “Jungleland” for one night.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/2/84 “Born to make hearts race” reviews Los Angeles, CA (Halloween, 10/31/84).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    9/25/85 “A little rock talk from the Big Man.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    9/28/85 “Bruce packs ’em in at Coliseum” reviews Los Angeles, CA (9/27/85).  NEWSPAPER-28
    9/28/85 “The Scene” describes the ambience inside the LA Coliseum, and out.  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/3/85 “Pssst … come with us to the Big Man’s bash.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/3/85 “Thanks for the music and memories, Bruce, but you deserve some rest.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/4/85 Mikal Gilmore: “Bruce’s goodbye” reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/2/85).  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/4/85 Columnist: “Now, a warning about parents.”  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/15/86 “Bruce by the Bay is Boss” reviews Bridge School benefit (10/13/86).  NEWSPAPER-28
    10/18/1985 Radio’s lukewarm over “Sun City” NEWSPAPER-28
    10/22/85 “On the Fastrack” comic strip about “Born in the U.S.A.”-era Springsteen fans NEWSPAPER-28
    4/22/88 “Changed, but when it comes to rockin’…he’s still the Boss.” NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/22/88 “OK, so where are those unsold Bruce tickets?”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/23/88 L.A.”Tunnel” Vision:Boss is back in town. NEWSPAPER-28
    4/25/88 “Bruce by numbers stripped of magic” reviews LA, CA (4/23/88).  NEWSPAPER-28
    4/25/88 “Looking over the Boss’ shoulder” discusses aura at Tunnel show.  NEWSPAPER-28
    11/2/84 “Bruce Springsteen in the Promised Land.” NEWSPAPER-28
    10/4/85 “Glory Days, Glory Nights.” Writer compares bomb scare show to BITUSA shows. NEWSPAPER-28
    10/2/93 “Springsteen: Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark” NEWSPAPER-110A
    Also see LATIMES.COMInternet Articles
    Also see CALENDARLIVE.COMInternet Articles
    3/7/73 Bruce, band open for Blood, Sweat and Tears. Santa Monica, CA review (3/3/73).  NEWSPAPER-29
    5/5/73 “Bill Graham Going All Out for Rock” reviews Los Angeles, CA (5/1/73).  NEWSPAPER-29
    6/24/73 “Waiting in the Wings: Who’s New in Pop Music.” Greetings review.  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/30/74 Robert Hilburn column previews set at the Troubadour.  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/4/74 “Rites of Springsteen: Emotions, Illusions.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/18/74 “Writer Favors Surrealistic Lyrics.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/18/74 A Times News Service review of Santa Monica, CA (7/25/74).  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/22/74 “Back-to-School Albums for Class of ’74” reviews Wild, Innocent.  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/29/74 “The State of Rock ‘n’ Roll–Spinning Our Wheels Into ’75.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/21/75 “Back-to-School Record Collection for Hard Times” includes Born to Run.  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/28/75 “Springsteen Off and Running.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/18/75 “Springing Springsteen –- Too Fast?” Interviewed by Robert Hilburn.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/9/75 “What’ll He Do for an Encore?” includes review of Santa Barbara (11/1/75).  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/30/75 “Top Pop-Rock Concerts of 1975” includes Santa Barbara.  NEWSPAPER-29
    1/3/76 “Springsteen’s “Born” Top ’75 Single.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    1/6/76 “Polling Critics for Their Top 10” albums of 1975 (Born to Run is 3rd).  NEWSPAPER-29
    1/11/76 “Springsteen on Top of the Rock Pile in 1975.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/7/76 “A Bold Promise” on Bruce, Southside Johnny and Graham Parker.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/1/76 “Springsteen’s Youthful Passion” reviews Santa Monica, CA (9/29/76).  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/9/76 “The Who Minus the Momentum” analyses Springsteen, The Who.  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/28/76 “’76 Concerts in Review”rates Santa Monica shows as No. 1.  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/17/77 Rock Music Awards — Bruce wins for song composer.  NEWSPAPER-29
    2/21/78 “Bowie, Springsteen Make Plans” to release new albums.  NEWSPAPER-29
    5/25/78 “Springsteen–Back on the Run.” Dave Marsh reviews Buffalo, NY (5/23/78).  NEWSPAPER-29
    6/2/78 “Springsteen’s Heavy Mettle.” Robert Hilburn’s review of Darkness.  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/2/78 “Welcome Back, Bruce Springsteen. Welcome Back, Rock ‘N’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/6/78 “Springsteen at Roxy Friday; First Club Date in 3 Years.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/7/78 “Springsteen, the Class of the Field” reviews Los Angeles, CA (7/5/78).  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/8/78 Bruce spray-painted the Darkness billboard on Sunset Strip.  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/19/78 “Suddenly, It’s Springsteen” reviews Tucson, AZ (12/13/78).  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/31/78 “Pop’s Top Team.” Bruce regains spotlight after legal problems.  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/4/79 Springsteen and Tom Petty: allies in defending rock traditions.  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/30/79 “The Fall and Rise of Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    6/29/80 “Springsteen’s Long Wait.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/9/80 “Bruce Springsteen Breaks Through” reviews the two night stand in Cleveland.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/18/80 “Ticket Uproar at Springsteen Gig.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/19/80 “Springsteen: Out On The Streets Again.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/19/80 “River Runs Deep, Strong.” Steve Pond reviews The River.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/23/20 “Never too Late to Party” ‘Letter to You’ Album Review NEWSPAPER-29
    11/01/80 “Springsteen in Concert: Nonpareil” reviews Los Angeles,CA (10/30/80).  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/9/80 “Theatrical Springsteen More Than Just A Rocker.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/14/80 “Scalpers Dog the Springsteen Tour.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/28/80 “Springsteen Heads a Good, But Sad Year.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    4/18/81 “Springsteen and Petty Lend Helping Hand to Old Rockers.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/20/81 “Storm Can’t Dampen Springsteen” reviews Morrison, CO. (8/16/81) . NEWSPAPER-29
    8/22/81 Reviews Viet Vets benefit (8/20/81).  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/23/81 “Drug Abuse Nurse, Counselors Staff Bruce Springsteen Concerts.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/25/81 “Bruce Springsteen Set to Rock Sports Arena.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/1/81 “Landau: The Man Behind Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/27/81 “Bruce and the Brokers.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    2/27/82 “The Big Man to Bring His Band to L.A.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    3/3/82 “Clarence Clemons In The Spotlight.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    8/15/82 “Springsteen: A Solo Album.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/19/82 “Springsteen: Brooding Over The American Dream” reviews Nebraska.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/12/82 “Van Zandt’s Stamp Is On Debut LP.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    1/22/83 “Springsteen’s Message Intrigues Religionists.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    5/12/84 “Springsteen To Tour The World.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    5/26/84 “Springsteen: New LP Has Ups, Downs” reviews Born in the U.S.A.  NEWSPAPER-29
    6/3/84 “Springsteen Still Blows Them Away.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    Smr/84 “‘The Boss’ after hours,” syndicated profile.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    7/1/84 “Top Midyear LPs: Prince, Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    7/2/84 “Springsteen Opens Tour” reviews St. Paul, MN (6/29/84).  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/16/84 “KMET vs Bruce: Who’s The Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-29
    9/23/84 “Springsteen: Greetings From Asbury Park.” Major feature by Robert Hilburn.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/17/84 “Springsteen Tickets: Anatomy of a Sale.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/25/84 “The Politicization of Bruce Springsteen” reviews Oakland, CA (10/21-22/84).  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/26/84 Fans at the Sports Arena as tour opens.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/27/84 “Springsteen: Scoring a Sweep. Scalpers Cash In” on Sports Arena tickets.  NEWSPAPER-29
    10/28/84 “Springsteen Strikes a Chord With Steelworkers.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/2/84 “Springsteen Fans Slow To Invest In Food Bank.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/4/84 “Moments To Remember In His Glory Days.” Robert Hilburn picks 10.  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/8/84 Springsteen pays a visit to a union hall.  NEWSPAPER-29
    11/11/84 Letters to the editor: “The Boss & The Backlash.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    12/30/84 “Springsteen, Prince Lead List of Best LPs.”  NEWSPAPER-29
    1/3/85 “Awards Nominations: A Princely Sum.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    1/30/85 “Universal’s ‘Mask’ Gets Seger, Not Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    2/27/85 “Legal Snarl: Springsteen or Seger?”  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/21/85 “Director Loses Bid to Block ‘Mask.'”  NEWSPAPER-30
    5/11/85 “Bruce Springsteen Picks Actress As ‘Mrs. Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/30/85 “Rockers Rally ‘Round The Flag. The Renaissance of American Rock ‘N’ Roll.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    7/7/85 “‘Le Patron’ On Fire In France.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/5/85 “Springsteen Will Cross Picket Line for Cleveland Show.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/8/85 “Springsteen Pledge Ends Strike for a Day.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/25/85 “Will Springsteen Be Hit By Boss Backlash?”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/28/85 “Tickets for 4 Springsteen Shows Move at More Than 500 a Minute.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/28/85 “Numbers Game Ticket Priority System Pleases Springsteen Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/31/85 “Van Zandt Takes Aim At Apartheid.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/20/85 “Stadium Rockers Lose Turf Battle.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/20/85 “The Boss – From Idol to Symbol.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/22/85 “A Grizzled Veteran Holds the Fort for Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/27/85 “Springsteen: The Power of Idealism” previews end of BITUSA tour.  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/28/85 “Springsteen Has 83,000 Celebrating” reviews LA, CA (9/27/85).  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/28/85 “Fans Tune Up Along With ‘The Boss.'”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/30/85 “Bruce Springsteen … More Than Just Words?”  Fan comments.  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/24/85 “Van Zandt: Moving From Springsteen’s Shadow to Sun City.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/15/85 “If Record Execs Could Get Any Artist They Wanted, Here’s Who They’d Take.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/18/85 “A Solo Clemons Finds A Hit Album In Hero.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    2/8/86 “For Seth Marsh, There Isn’t a Business Without the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/15/86 “A Spirit of Renewal at Concert” reviews Mountain View, CA (10/13/86).  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/9/86 “Bruce’s Live LP Battles Great Expectations” reviews Live 1975-’85.  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/23/86 “Bruce’s Live Is A Contender.” Robert Hilburn picks favorites.  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/3/86 “Berry’s World” one-panel comic about the release of “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live/1975-85” NEWSPAPER-30
    12/28/86 “Springsteen was the year’s blockbuster” along with Gabriel, Simon.  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/15/87 “In Search of Rock’s 10 Best LPs.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/15/87 Writer says “Stone Age thinking” inhabits Bruce’s songs.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/22/87 “Fan’s Fume, Others Cheer Bruce Blast.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    5/17/87 “A Critic’s List of the Best Albums of the Decade” has Nebraska at #2.  NEWSPAPER-30
    5/20/87 “Van Zandt: A Free Man, No Compromise.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/2/87 “Assault on Springsteen: What a Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/9/87 “Two Ex-exployees Sue The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/30/87 “Springsteen, Jackson to Duke It Out” as both release albums.  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/17/87 “Song is Portrait of Marital Confusion.” “Brilliant Disguise” discussion.  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/17/87 “Tunnel of Love: Springsteen Album Has Sprung Leak.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/2/87 “Dream Lineup on Stage with Orbison” reviews LA, CA (9/30/87).  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/4/87 “Springsteen’s Darkest Dreams” discusses Tunnel of Love.  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/25/87 Calendar covers the Very Special Christmas CD.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/25/87 “A ‘Very Special’ Lawsuit.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/25/87 “Let’s Make a Christmas Album.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/27/87 “Time Warp. ‘The Valmy Badger’ Reigns Out in the Middle of Nowhere.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    2/27/88 “Springsteen in His ‘Tunnel of Love’ ” reviews Worcester, MA (2/25/88).  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/1/88 “Springsteen Forgets Some ‘Run’ Lines, Explains Why.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/16/88 “What’s the Ticket to Halt the Brokers?”  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/20/88 Special section: Tour sheds light on changes in Springsteen’s life.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 ” Tunnel of Love Express tour in L.A. for 5 nights.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 “To a legion of fans, there’s nothing like ‘The Boss’ live.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 “The Boss’ lyrics yield many interpretations – and misinterpretations.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 “Dylan, Presley, Roy Orbison inspired Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 “No matter how you sell them, not enough seats for everyone.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/20/88 “Asbury Park Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum houses memorabilia from early days.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    4/24/88 “When the Price of the Boss Is Too High.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/25/88 “A New Springsteen Steps Up” reviews LA, CA (4/22-23/88).  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/25/88 “Fans Get Break on Tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/19/88 ” Tunnel of Love: Real Life or Art?”  NEWSPAPER-30
    7/26/88 Reeboks wants Human Rights Tour artists to wear its shoes.  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/2/88 “Amnesty Tour Starts Today in London.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/5/88 “A Rousing Start for `Human Rights’ Tour” reviews London (UK) (9/2/88).  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/18/88 “The Amnesty Tour-Conscience & Compromise.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/23/88 “Amnesty’s Night of Rock ‘n’ Rights” reviews Los Angeles, CA (9/21/88).  NEWSPAPER-30
    1/ 27/89 “Springsteen Anthology: More Product Than Art.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/2/89 Bruce makes his famous visit to a Prescott, AZ saloon (9/29/89).  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/9/89 “Nils Lofgren: Sideman Steps Into Spotlight.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/11/89 “Lofgren Does It His-and His Heart’s-Way.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/18/89 “E Streeters, Fans Unsure of the Boss’ Moves.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/14/89 “Saxophonist Clarence Clemons is relieved, and a little hurt.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/15/89 “Clemons Sees Busy Future at the End of the Street.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/18/89 “Springsteen’s Former Sideman Performs With Note of Sadness.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/24/89 “Nebraska Shapes the State of Rock in the ’80s.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    2/12/90 “Jam for Rain Forests” reviews Hollywood, CA (2/12/90).  NEWSPAPER-30
    2/14/90 “Rock Stars Jam After Hours” reviews Beverly Hills, CA (2/12/90).  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/3/90 “Bruce jams with Tom Petty” reviews Los Angeles, CA (3/1/90).  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/22/90 Bruce at Chuck Plotkin’s wedding in Santa Monica, CA (4/17/90).  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/29/90 “The Boss’ Buys on the Westside.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    5/8/90 “Springsteen to Match Benefit” for Worker Resource Center.  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/26/90 “Boss Apparently OKs Crew’s Use of U.S.A.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    7/15/90 “Is Rock Running on Empty?”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/2/90 “CBS’ Battle of the Bosses: Springsteen vs. Yetnikoff.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/10/90 “Springsteen to Perform at Shrine Benefit Show Concert.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    11/19/90 Reviews the Shrine Auditorium acoustic benefit shows(11/16-17) NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/19/90 “Killing ‘Em Softly With His Songs” NEWSPAPER-110
    5/29/91 “Lofgren Finds Silver Lining After Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/10/91 “Can You Rhyme That?” Funny quote from wage dispute hearing.  NEWSPAPER-30
    12/29/91 “The expected-and long overdue-Springsteen album didn’t arrive this year.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    1/23/92 Springsteen “May Release Two Albums Simultaneously in March.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    1/24/92 “Retailers Hope for a Big Boost from Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    1/26/92 “The Next Word on the Boss” previews Marc Eliot’s Down Thunder Road.  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/11/92 Video review: “Springsteen’s Warm ‘Human Touch.'”  NEWSPAPER-30
    3/28/92 Retailers see a Super Tuesday NEWSPAPER-30
    3/29/92 Robert Hilburn reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/1/92 “Springsteen Sales Off to Strong Start.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    4/9/92 “Leppard Gets Quick Jump on the Boss” NEWSPAPER-30
    4/12/92 “How the Springsteen Touch Fares With Rock Critics.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    5/17/92 “Basic Bruce, New Rap Heroes.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/7/92 “How Bruce Got a Life.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/8/92 “The Boss Plays for the ’90s” reviews Los Angeles, CA (6/5/92).  NEWSPAPER-30
    6/13/92 Pop Beat “A Rewarding ‘Continuation for ‘Ancient’ Black Sabbath’; Bruuuuuuce.” NEWSPAPER-30
    7/5/92 “Three Cheers for Midyear’s Best.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    7/25/92 “The Boss Gets Back to Work” reviews Meadowlands, NJ (7/23/92).  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/1/92 “Rockin’ with Axl, Bruce, Metallica …” reviews E. Rutherford, NJ (7/28/92).  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/7/92 Jeff Porcaro: “Drummer Dies After Heart Attack.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    8/16/92 “Reborn in New Jersey.”  NEWSPAPER-30
    9/26/92 “Bruce’s Brave New Show” reviews Los Angeles, CA (9/24/92).  NEWSPAPER-30
    10/4/92 “Bruce-The Epilogue” after LA shows, MTV appearance.  NEWSPAPER-30
    7/11/93 “Speaking Up in Her Own Voice.” Patti Scialfa interview.  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/11/93 Three star review of Rumble Doll.  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/30/93 “Patti goes solo, but with Bruce as ballast.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/21/94 “Rock’s Hall of Famers Tame the Night” at 9th annual induction.  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/ 29/94 “A Record $5 Million for AIDS Benefit” reviews Los Angeles, CA (1/27/94).  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/13/94 “Blue Suede Shoes for Bono and the Boss?”  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/20/94 “The Boss? Neil Young? Are We in the Right Place?” Oscars preview.  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/22/94 Springsteen wins Oscar for “Streets of Philadelphia” in LA (3/21/94).  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/2/94 “Brown Turns Blues Into Green” reviews Los Angeles, CA (4/29/94).  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/30/94 “Street Musician Rejuvenated.” An interview with Danny Federici.  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/2/94 “”Streets of Philadelphia” heads our critic’s Top 10 list at midyear.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/22/94 “Fogerty Shows His Credentials” reviews Los Angeles, CA (9/20/94).  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/29/95 “Born to Run the Internet.” Bruce fans gather on Luckytown.   NEWSPAPER-31
    2/26/95 Chris Willman reviews Greatest Hits.  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/2/95 “The 37th Annual Grammy Awards.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/2/95: Four Grammys for Springsteen song; reviews Los Angeles, CA (3/1/95).  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/6/95 “Q&A with Bruce Springsteen. Boss: A Man and His Family.” NEWSPAPER-31
    10/1/95 “Is Springsteen Headed for Wiltern or for E Street?”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/30/95 “Springsteen: Through a Set Darkly” reviews Mountain View, CA (10/28/95).  NEWSPAPER-31
    11/19/95 “The Return to Desolate Highway.” Four star review of The Ghost of Tom Joad.  NEWSPAPER-31
    11/21/95 “Frank Sinatra’s 80th Birthday Bash” reviews Los Angeles (11/19/95).  NEWSPAPER-31
    11/24/95 Reviews Tom Joad: “quiet album (that) makes a big sound.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    11/28/95 “A Storyteller Returns” reviews Los Angeles, CA (11/27/95).  NEWSPAPER-31
    12/3/95 “Meet Elaine Steinbeck, a Fan Hoping to Meet Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    12/31/95 “Year in Review: Springsteen’s Joad and Harvey’s Love lead.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/28/96 “The Downsizing of Bruce Inc.”  NEWSPAPER-110A
    2/4/96 Negative letters writers react to the Jan. 28 article.  NEWSPAPER-31
    2/11/96 Other letter writers rally to Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/10/96 “Springsteen: Born in U.S.A. but Not Playing in O.C.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/1/96 “This Land Belongs to Guthrie” reviews Cleveland, OH (9/29/96).  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/25/96 “Springsteen Has Message for the People”reviews Fresno, CA (10/23/96). NEWSPAPER-31
    10/28/96 “Celebrities Urge Defeat of Prop. 209” reviews Westwood, CA rally (10/27/96). NEWSPAPER-31
    11/27/96 “Videos That Are Worth a Longer Look.” Two stars for Blood Brothers.  NEWSPAPER-31
    2/2/97 Robert Christgau reviews Fred Goodman’s book The Mansion On The Hill.  NEWSPAPER-31
    6/27/97 “Greetings From ‘Flemington,’ N.J., Danny Federici’s first solo album.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    6/27/97 “Big Man’s New Road Leads to Aja.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    11/8/98 “Checking In With Bruce Springsteen” as Tracks is released.  NEWSPAPER-31
    3/17/99 Previews TV coverage of the Rock Hall induction ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/10/99 “Springsteen Kicks Off Reunion Tour” reviews Barcelona (ES)  (4/9/99).  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/13/99 “Back on Thunder Road” reviews Barcelona (ES) (4/11/99).  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/11/99 “Don’t Count on Springsteen Being an L.A. Staple.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/17/99 “The Boss Comes Home to New Jersey, Scores of Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/26/99 “Commentary: Springsteen Strikes a Chord with Have-Nots.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/17/99 “Ready to Spring for Bruce Tickets?”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/19/99 “Boss Brigade Comes Out in Force for Concert Tickets.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/15/99 “Commentary: Born for Trouble in the U.S.A.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/16/99 “Hidden Microphones, Recordable CDs give concert pirates a bootleg up.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/18/99 “Madness at Staples Center Opening” reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/17/99).  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/19/99 “Rockin’ in the Heart of Opulence.” Opening of the Staples Center.  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/19/99 “A Family Affair: The Boss Knows No Age Gaps.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    10/25/99 Reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/23/99).  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/23/00 “You Can’t Always Call Bruce a Sellout.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/19/00 “Fan Born to Run Now Slowed to a Walk.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/22/00 “The Faithful Report for Duty to the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/24/00 “Second Helping Proves Fulfilling” reviews Anaheim, CA (5/22/00).  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/23/00 “Springsteen Hits the Replay Button.” Songs at the Pond were redundant of LA.  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/1/00 “As Reunion Tour Ends, a Wish for More Springsteen Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/17/01 “Springsteen Joins the Rush to Releases on DVD.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/1/01 “Under the Boss’ Skin.” Bruce Springsteen interviewed by Robert Hilburn.  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/24/01 “Commentary: Telethon’s Music Defines a Generation.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/14/02 “Hope Won Out.” Robert Hilburn reviews The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-31
    7/21/02 “Letters: The Springsteen Ride.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/8/02 “Springsteen Delivers a 9/11 Message for His Fans.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/8/02 “Springsteen Debuts at No. 1 With Reflective The Rising.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/12/02 “Skateboarding, Baseball, Springsteen in a Common Culture.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/15/02 “Springsteen’s The Rising Remains at Top of the Chart.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/26/02 “Springsteen takes fans on an emotional journey” in LA (8/24/02).  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/31/02 “In the Spirit of Incoherence: The MTV Video Music Awards.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/1/02 “Maybe ‘Rising’ Refers to Grammy Fever.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/2/02 “Counterpunch: The Boss Prefers Green to Blue Collar.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/17/03 “Pop stars come running to contribute to (Warren Zevon’s) ‘The Wind.'”  NEWSPAPER-31
    8/19/03 “Back and forth with Bruce” reviews Los Angeles, CA (8/17/03).  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/7/03 “The low spark of a rock hack” book review, photo of Bruce Springsteen and Lester Bangs NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/30/03 “Retirees gather to hear reminiscences” about Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/5/04 “Springsteen takes the road to victory.” Top pop moneymaker for 2003.  NEWSPAPER-31
    6/12/04 “Jersey Icon ‘Tillie’ Has New Reason to Smile.”  NEWSPAPER-31
    9/23/04 “A Career To Call Her Own.” Previews Patti Scialfa at The Roxy.  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/24/05 “Through the eyes of the suffering” reviews Devils & Dust.  NEWSPAPER-31
    4/27/05 “Acoustic Boss” reviews Detroit, MI (4/25/05).  NEWSPAPER-31
    5/1/05 “Immigration: Born in Countries Other Than the U.S.A..”  NEWSPAPER-31
    1/7/06 Nine Bruce Springsteen songs to be used on television’s Cold Case program.  NEWSPAPER-32
    2/8/06 “How sweet it is, indeed, for Taylor” reviews Los Angeles, CA (2/6/06).  NEWSPAPER-32
    4/21/06 “Bruce, just plain folk” reviews We Shall Overcome.  NEWSPAPER-32
    6/7/06 “Sing along with Bruce and the band.” Fans (and celebs) at Greek Theatre.  NEWSPAPER-32
    11/26/06 “Ears Wide Open.” Recording engineer Jimmy Iovine interviewed.  NEWSPAPER-32
    9/26/07 “Springsteen’s Magic out today on vinyl.”  NEWSPAPER-32
    9/30/07 “Springsteen sings for the believers” reviews Magic.  NEWSPAPER-32
    10/31/07 “Springsteen embraces his coming of age” reviews LA, CA (10/29/07).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/31/07 “Parents bring their kids” to see Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/30/07 Bruce Springsteen contributes song to Badlands movie.  NEWSPAPER-32
    4/17/09 “Bruce Springsteen will pull you up.” Reviews Los Angeles, CA (4/15/09).  NEWSPAPER-32
    4/28/12  “Rock ‘n’ soul” reviews Los Angeles, CA (4/26/12).  NEWSPAPER-110A
    12/6/12 “Challenging the forces of destruction.” NEWSPAPER-32
    2/11/13 MusiCares honors Bruce as Person of the Year.  NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/25/19 “Jersey cowboy’s new horizon.” NEWSPAPER-110A
    10/23/20 “Never too late to party” NEWSPAPER-110A
    11/29/20 “She Set Stage For His Success” Jordan Fuller’s mom has performed with Bruce Springsteen NEWSPAPER-110A
    2/10/21 “A runaway American dream” NEWSPAPER-32
    12/17/21 “Springsteen sells his songs.” NEWSPAPER – 110A
    8/1/22 “Angry with the Boss over ticket prices” NEWSPAPER-110A
    3/16/73 “Springsteen sends greetings from N.J.” Chuck Bauerlein reviews Greetings.
    1/11/85 “Breath of Springsteen” cover photo; “Bruce Springsteen dazzling in concert at Freedom Hall.” Reviews Louisville, KY (1/10/85).

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