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    9/09 Cover. “The Boss Turns 60. Red, White and Bruce.” Page 38.
    12/16 Shares cover. The Boss discusses his new book, family ties and his path to mental health.
    10-11/2020 Cover. “Bruce Springsteen: A Homecoming” pg. 31
  • ABC (Spain)  MAGAZINE-1
    8/3/88 Cover. Editorial. Page 11. Bruce in Madrid. Page 48. Fans. Page 89.
  • ACCESS (Canada)  MAGAZINE-1
    4/95 Cover. “Re-Born To Run.” Page 26.
    7/99 Overview of The Reunion Tour. Page 56.
  • LE ACCOR (France)  MAGAZINE-1
    5/99 Cover. Seven-page interview. Page 22.
    10/79 “Why Bruce Is ‘The Boss.'” Page 43.
    8/31/02 Cover. “El Boss mueve ficha.” Page 14.Tabulation for The River. Page 69.
    10/09 Detailed instructions on how to play “The Wrestler”. Page 18.
    2/12 Cover. “Das Gewissen Amerikas.” Page 18.
    12/76 “Springsteen, A Born Star” reviews October Spectrum shows. Page 18.   MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/78 Shares cover.”Springsteen Soars” previews Spectrum shows. Page 10.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    10/78 “Springsteen: The Exciting One.” Photos from 8/18-19/78. Page 22.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/80 Photo page reviews three nights in Philadelphia, PA on The River tour. Page 8.  MAGAZINE-1
    1/81 “Springsteen A Smash.” Photos from 12/6-8-9/80. Page 9.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/81 Cover. Previews Bruce’s five-night stand at the Spectrum. Page 3.  MICROFILM  REEL 4
    9/84 Previews the Born in the U.S.A. tour in Philadelphia, PA. Page 12.  MAGAZINE-1
    3/88 Previews March 8-9, 1988 Tunnel tour Philadelphia, PA. Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/92 Previews Aug. 28-29, 1992 HT/LT tour in Philadelphia PA. Page 10.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/92 Cover.”Spectrum’s Springsteen Connection.” Page 14.  MICROFILM REEL 4
  • ACTION (Sweden)  MAGAZINE-1
    11/14/85 Shares cover.  “Europa. USA. Bilderna! Bruce Tour.” Cover, article only.
    9/95 Major interview, conducted by Neil Strauss. Article only.
    4/2/96 Cover. “The Advocate Interview.” Page  45.
  • AERA (Japan)  MAGAZINE-2
    4/7/97 Cover, bio and photo. Page 76.
    10/80 Fall music preview predicts “big hits” from Bruce. Photo. Page 62.
    1980 Included throughout calendar-style romp through rock history.  See Sept. 23.
  • AHOY ’81 (Netherlands)  MICROFILM  REEL 3
    Overview of the 1981 European tour by Jan Rodenrijs, photos by René van Diemen.
    8/02 Half page feature – “Der Boss ist zuruck.” Page 9.
  • AKTUEL (Turkey)  MAGAZINE-2
    6/04 Fifty years of rock and roll history, including Bruce highlights by  Ahmet Tulgar. Page 50.
  • AKTUEEL (Netherlands)  MAGAZINE-2
    6/22/85 Shares cover. “‘The Boss’ is de Beste.” Page 19.
    2/24/95 Cover. Previews Greatest Hits. Page 61.
  • ALIVE (Finland)  MAGAZINE-2
    6/08 Cover. “The Boss is Back” previews Helsinki (FI)
    2/86 Shares cover. “Sexiest Nice Guy.” Page 19.
    2005 Brief career retrospective through Devils & Dust. Page 17.
    9/13 “The Chief’s on His Way.” Page 10.
  • ALOHA (Netherlands)  MAGAZINE-2
    5/18/73 Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. reviewed, briefly. Page 27.
    10/02 Cover. “The Boss Is Back.” Six pages start at page 22.
    11/02 Tease on cover. Part 2 of “The Boss is Back” feature. Page  36.
  • ALOHA, PEOPLE & MUSIC (Netherlands)  MAGAZINE-2
    5/05 Cover.”Gered Door Rock & Roll,” a seven-page feature. Page 22.
    Fall/Winter 2019 Cover. “Rockin’ Rutgers Memories” pg. 20. MAGAZINE-2
  • АМЕРИКА (Russia)  MAGAZINE-3
    2/89 Cover. Two-page feature. Page 27. Centerfold poster.
    2/6/88 Cover. “The Catholic Imagination of Bruce Springsteen.”
    2/10/03 “‘The Rising’ of Bruce Springsteen.” Article only.
    9/22/08 “‘Life Right Now!’ Bruce Springsteen in concert.” Article only.
    1/85 Interview with “Max Weinberg, Bashing for the Boss.” Page  26.
    9/2019 pg.16 “There Goes Her Miracle” MAGAZINE-3
    4/96 “Providing Inspiration for The Boss.” Article only.
    10/04 “They’ll Be Dancin’ in the Dark — at Home.” Article only.
    5/96 Goldsmith photo in rock and roll photo issue. Page 17.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    Mar/Apr, 2015 Cover by Mark Seliger for Magic Album Package.  MAGAZINE-3
    1987 Cover, inside back cover of magazine put out by the US  Information Agency.
    3/03 Cover. Interview. “Still Writing and Singing For The Common Man.” Page 10.
    3/09 “Springsteen Goes Back to Work,” releases WOAD. Page 21.
    5/09 “Bruce Springsteen’s Waking Life.” WOAD is “Springsteen’s  grown up dream.” Page 26.
    9/11 “Behind Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road”.”  Page 81.
    5/12 Wrecking Ball review (4 1/2 stars out of 5.)  Page 69.
    11/1/06 “Going Underground,” an interview with Little Steven Van Zandt. Article only.
    9/4-5/88 Brochure for the Human Rights tour concerts in Paris.  Page 3.
  • AMI (Italy)  MAGAZINE-3
    7/4/88 Bruce, a four-page profile. Page 62. Julianne, a six-page profile.  Page 66.
  • AMICA (Italy)  MAGAZINE-3
    6/25/85 “The Boss.”  Page  44.
  • АМЕРИКА (Russia)  MAGAZINE-3
    2/89 Cover. Two-page feature. Page 27. Centerfold poster.
    10/1/07 Cover. Full page ad for Magic in industry magazine. Page 3.
    1988 All Bruce magazine. Thirty-six page career retrospective.
    1981 Supplement of Stereoplay. “La Lezionde di Bruce,” photo.  Page 2.
    7/85 Inside front and back covers form a large poster.
    4/88 Tease on cover. Previews Austin, TX (4/15/88). Page 5.
    11/22/98 Cover. “The Inner Springsteen.” Page 10.
    4/00 Cover. Previews April 17, 2000 concert in Austin, TX. Page 8.
    3/03 Cover. Previews March 2 concert in Austin, TX. Page 8.
    3/16 “Das Leben Ist Ein Langer Fluss” Page 26-29.

    11/6/74 Reviews Passaic, NJ  (10/18/74).  Page 31.  MAGAZINE-10.
    8/27/75 Reviews the Bottom Line (8/13/75). Article only.  MAGAZINE-10
    10/7/75 “Springsteen’s Born to Run: A One Dimensional Disappointment.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    10/7/75 Bruce guests with Jackson Browne at Bryn Mawr (9/4/75). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    11/5/75 “His Homecoming.” Ellen Carroll reviews Red Bank, NJ  (10/11/75). Page 28.  MAGAZINE-10
    12/3/75 “What’s-His-Name Strikes It Big On The West Coast.”  Page  23.  MAGAZINE-10
    1/ 21/76 Bruce calls Columbia’s PR campaign a “very big mistake.” Page 33.  MAGAZINE-10
    2/4/76 Bruce included in “Rockin’ Through ’75.” Page 23.  MAGAZINE-10
    6/2/76 “Jersey Renaissance Continues With Asbury Jukes” MAGAZINE-10
    8/18/76 “In The Summer Of ’76 It Was The Asbury Jukes” p. 26. MAGAZINE-10
    10/27/76 Bruce at Rutgers reviews New Brunswick, NJ (10/12/76). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    11/17/76 “Springsteen,” a profile and review of New York, NY (10/29/76). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    11/17/76 “Springsteen,” a profile and review of New York, NY (10/29/76). MAGAZINE-10
    3/16/77 Cover. “Somewhere Under All That Leather, Springsteen Has A Heart Of Gold” “The Peculiar Romance Of The Western World With The  ‘Bad Guy.”  MAGAZINE-4
    5/4/77 “The Kid, The Crowd …” reviews New Haven, CT (3/18/77). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4.
    9/28/77 “An Aquarian Profile: Bruce Springsteen.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    12/18/77 Bruce jams with Robert Gordon at NYU in NY, NY (12/2/77). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    1/18/78 Shares cover. “Boss Blasts His Way Into ’78” at  Capitol Theater. Page 33.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    5/31/78 “Springsteen’s Grand Slam” reviews Darkness on the Edge of Town. Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    6/14/78 Cover. “Springsteen Storms The Spectrum” (5/26-27/78). Page 42.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/9/78 Less than laudatory review of Darkness. Page 33.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/30/78 Full page advertisement for Darkness on the Edge of Town. Page 39.  MAGAZINE-11
    9/6/78 Columnist complains about the shortage of shows on the Shore.  Page 38.  MAGAZINE-11
    10/4/78 Photo previews an upcoming profile. Page 51.  MAGAZINE-11
    10/11/78 Cover. “The Return Of The Native,” photo feature,  interview. Page 37. MICROFILM REEL 4
    1/17/79 Cover. “Tops in ’78 Roundup of Top Concerts and Records.” Page 48.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    3/28/79 Bruce jams with Robert Gordon. Reviews Asbury Park, NJ (3/14/79).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    4/25/79 “Boss Joins Brown at Fast Lane” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (4/15/79). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    5/2/79 Easter in Asbury Park With Bruce Springsteen, Cover. Pg. 54 “Boss Joins Brown at Fast Lane. MAGAZINE-4
    10/31/79 “Springsteen & Shipley” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (10/6/79). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    5/28/80 “The Sounds of the Shore.” Multi-article special.  Articles only.  MAGAZINE-4
    10/1/80 Shares cover. “The Return Of The Boss” previews River tour. Page 1.  MAGAZINE-11
    10/8/80 Holly Cara reviews Ann Arbor, MI (10/3/80). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    10/15/80 Jeff Tamarkin’s review of The River. Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    12/10/80 Reviews New York, NY (11/27/80). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    12/10/80 Robert Santelli reviews New York, NY (11/28/80). Article only.  MAGAZINE-11
    12/10/80 Reviews NY, NY (11/27-28/80). Pages 59, 92.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    12/17/80 Writer describes scene outside Madison Square Garden. Page  85.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    1/14/1981 Cover “1980 Top 10” Bruce Springsteen and The River appear on various rankings throughout MAGAZINE-13
    2/18/81 “Bruce, Pro Or Con?” Jeff Tamarkin on fame, roots,  and The River. Article only.  MAGAZINE-11
    5/20/81 First concerts at the Meadowlands; ad, Pages 48-49. Philly ad, back cover.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/10/81 Gary U.S. Bonds talks about Bruce. Page 1.  MAGAZINE-12
    7/8/81 “I’m From Joisey” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/2/81).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    7/8/81 “Giant Boost For The Cause.” East Rutherford, NJ (7/5/81).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    7/15/81 Tease on cover. Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/2-5/81). Pages  56-57.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/15/81 “Asbury Park had creative flair. Now, Not Much Of It Is Left.” Article only. MAGAZINE-11
    9/16/81 Marianne Meyer reviews third of six Los Angeles, CA shows (8/23/81).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    1/6/82 “Fun Before Profit. C.C. At Tramps.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    1/6/82 “E Streeter(Steve Van Zandt) Donates $10,000 to Charity.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    1/13/82 “Best and Worst Concerts of 1982.” Page 50.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    1/20/82 “Springsteen Jams At The Stone Pony” (1/5/82) Page 60. Also see Page 61.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    1/27/82 Bruce jams with Nils Lofgren in New Brunswick (1/12/82). Page 1.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    3/10/82 Interview with Bill Chinnock. Page 1.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    4/14/82 Rolling Stones Top Bruce in Top Band voting. Page 30.  MICROFILM REEL 5
    4/21/82 “Boss Blasts Big Man’s” reviews Red Bank, NJ (4/9-10-11/82)  Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/9/82  Reviews Red Bank, NJ (5/29/82).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    6/30/82 “The Boss IS Back” reviews Red Bank, NJ (6/12/82).  Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    8/4/82 “Boss Visits Fast Lane” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (7/23/82). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    9/29/82 Bob Santelli reviews Nebraska. Page 51.  MAGAZINE-12
    10/6/82 Reviews Nebraska. Page 46. Bruce in Red Bank (9/18/82). Page 56.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    10/20/82 “Bruce Does It At Stone Pony” reviews Asbury Park, NJ (10/3/82).  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/8/82 “An Aquarian interview with Miami Steve Van Zandt.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    12/29/82 “Good Spirits Confront Cynicism, Win” WNEW-FM Christmas Concert with Little Steven and Gary U.S. Bonds, p. 23. MAGAZINE-10
    6/1/83 Two articles on Asbury music scene, Bruce, Southside. Pages 36, 39. MAGAZINE-12
    7/6/83 Small article on Southside Johnny in National Acts section Page 9B “Miami Steve’s Surprise Visit” p. 44  MAGAZINE-12
    7/20/83 “John Eddie and the Front Street Runners: Inspired by the Boss,” Article only.  MAGAZINE-12
    2/22/84 “Bruce Springsteen: Greetings, Again, From Asbury Park.” Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4(hard copy in MAGAZINE-11)
    3/7/84 Nils Lofgren Interview MAGAZINE-12
    6/6/84 Steven cover. “A New Voice of America.” Page 31.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/20/84 Cover. “Confronting Springsteen mythology and his new record.” Page 42.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/4/84 24 letters to the editor, re BITUSA review. Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/4/84 “Springsteen Concerts Are Record Setters” for ticket sales.  MAGAZINE-12
    7/11/84 “The 1984 Springsteen Tour Begins (And the Flaws Are Minimal).” Article only.  MAGAZINE-12
    7/11/84 “Springsteen Pro and Con” MAGAZINE-12
    7/14/84 Talent. “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.” Reviews St. Paul, MN (6/29/84) MAGAZINE-12
    7/18/84 “Springsteen in Saint Paul.” Page 44. Rare records. Page 46.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/25/84 Concert notices for Little Steven (p.12), Bruce Springsteen (p. 13); Nils Lofgren music video review (p. 43); Classifieds for Bruce Springsteen tickets (p. 49-50). MAGAZINE-12
    8/1/84 Concert notices for Little Steven (p.20), Bruce Springsteen (p. 21); Classifieds for Bruce Springsteen tickets (p. 49-50). MAGAZINE-12
    8/7/84 Steven Van Zandt mentioned on cover. full page ads for Bruce records. MAGAZINE-13
    8/15/84 Bottom page advertisement to meet Max Weinberg. Ad only. MAGAZINE-13
    8/22/84 “Here Comes Hank … ” reviews East Rutherford, NJ(8/5/84). Page 44.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/22/84 Cover. Reviews East Rutherford, NJ (8/5/84).  Page 44.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/22/84 “A Rock And Roll Fantasy.” Page 45. Pg. 46 Boss Fans Unite” MAGAZINE-13
    8/29/84 Reviews Meadowlands, NJ (8/20/84). “Spec-rockin’-tacular.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-13
    9/5/84 Issue 539 – pg.37 Born in the USA Charts MAGAZINE-13
    9/12/84 Issue 540 – pg.35 Born in the USA Charts MAGAZINE-13
    9/20/84 Bruce guests with Mamma Tried. Reviews Long Branch, NJ (8/23/84). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    10/17/84 Issue 545 pg. 43 Born in the USA Charts MAGAZINE-13
    1/9/85 “MAN OF THE YEAR: Bruce Springsteen” Page 28. MAGAZINE-12
    1/16/85 Top Ten of 1984 (where Born in the USA ranked) page 18-20  MAGAZINE-12
    1/23/85 “Phillip Petillo: Luthier To The Stars (And Just Plain Guitarists)” Pg. 33 “Prince And Bruce Are Tops” Pg. 36 “The Stone Pony Told To Find A New Home” Pg. 39 MAGAZINE-12
    2/27/85 “Springsteen Wraps Up USA Tour.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    7/3/85 Madonna Cover. Issue No. 582 MAGAZINE-13
    9/4/85 Shares cover. Reviews E. Rutherford, NJ (8/19/85). Page 18.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/11/85 “‘Cause’ Lag Evident.'” Photo of Steve Van Zandt. Page 18. MAGAZINE-13A
    9/2/87 Bruce guests with Marshall Crenshaw in Asbury Park, NJ (7/31/87). Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    5/25/88 “Dr. Feelgood And The Love Feast” May 16th MSG review MAGAZINE-4
    12/30/92 Bruce donates $10,000 to Soup Kitchen. Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    3/24/93 411 Rock/Pop. MAGAZINE-13A
    7/7/93 Ad only-Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers. MAGAZINE-MAGAZINE-13
    5/11/94 “A Tribute To Margaret Potter.” Article only.  MAGAZINE-4
    7/27/94 Boss, Southside, Bon Jovi Mark Pony’s 20th Anniversary, Article only. MAGAZINE-13
    8/10/94 Mike Greenblatt Interviews Bruce Springsteen, pp. 40-42, Article only.  MAGAZINE-12
    10/19/94  “Take a walk through the Streets of Philadelphia.” Page  20.  MICROFILM REEL 4, MAGAZINE-12
    3/16/95 Reviews Greatest Hits. Article only. One page.  MAGAZINE-4
    10/25-11/1/95 Bruce at the Stone Pony with Joe Grushecky Photo, Page 6. MAGAZINE-13
    12/6/95 Reviews Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, N.J. (11/22/95).  MAGAZINE-4
    4/3/96 1996 Music Directory. Swing St./Legend mention of Bruce Springsteen. MAGAZINE-13A
    11/25/98 Cover. Multi-article Tracks feature. Page 34.  MAGAZINE-13
    5/31/00 “Steven Van Zandt Strong-Arming Destiny” MAGAZINE-13
    8/23/00 Hartke Systems ad w/ Garry Tallent MAGAZINE-13
    4/11/01 Southside Johnny on cover. MAGAZINE-13
    2/26/03 Previews the 2003 Grammy Award ceremonies. Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/19/06 Review of 6/21/06 MSG Seeger Sessions Band concert. Pg. 36 MAGAZINE-13
    2/9/11 Mike Black’s photographs from Light of Day 11. Page 24.  MAGAZINE-13
    6/22/11 Cover. “Clarence Clemons 1942-2011, Remembering The Big Man.” Page 12.  MAGAZINE-13
    8/3/11 Full page of Mike Black photos from the Clarence tribute at  the Wonder Bar.  MAGAZINE-13                                                                                                   4/11/18-4/18/18 Little Steven Making NJ’s Hall of Fame. “Steven VanZandt A Tireless Talent.” MAGAZINE-13
    5/16/18-5/23/18 Aquarian Weekly Asbury Lanes and local Asbury Music Scene AD PG. 7 Brighton Bar Music and Stone Pony AD PG. 19 MAGAZINE-13
    5/23/18-5/30/18 “Mastodon The Roots That Remain” cover. Pg. 10 “Manhattan Beat” Pg. 14 “Mastodon Words To The Wise” MAGAZINE-13
    5/30/18-6/6/18 Aquarian Weekly Ad for Asbury Lanes and other local Asbury Music Scene bands PG. 7 AD for Brighton Bar music PG. 15 AD for Stone Pony PG. 19 MAGAZINE-13
    6/6/18-6/13/18 Stone Pony AD for The Gaslight Anthem PG. 5 MAGAZINE-13
    6/13/18-6/20/18 Stone Pony AD for Max Weinberg appearance and Jake Clemons page 19 MAGAZINE-13
    10/10/18-10/17/18 Story about Asbury Underground 10/13/18 and Stone Pony AD page 18&19 MAGAZINE-13
    10/24/18-10/31/18 AD for the Stone Pony Bruce Tribute Show page 19 MAGAZINE-13
    12/19-26/2018 Aquarian Weekly local Asbury Music Scene and other bands MAGAZINE-13A
    1/2/19-1/9/19 Aquarian Weekly local Asbury Music Scene and other bands Rachel Ana Dobken MAGAZINE-13A
    1/9/19-1/16/19 Aquarian Weekly local Asbury Music Scene and other bands MAGAZINE-13A
    2/6-2/13/2019 Interpol Cover MAGAZINE-13A
    2/13-2/20/2019 Experiment 34 Cover. pg. 19 E Street Shuffle Tribute Show MAGAZINE-13A
    2/20/19-2/27-19 Cheap Trick Cover MAGAZINE-13A
    2/27/19-3/6/19 Aquarian Weekly local Asbury Music Scene and other bands MAGAZINE-13A
    3/6/19-3/13/19 Aquarian Weekly. Shoreworld (local Asbury Music Scene) ,Bouncing Souls and Shayfer James. MAGAZINE-13
    7/3-10/19 Aquarian Weekly. Operators Cover. MAGAZINE-13A
    7/31-8/7/2019  Aquarian Weekly. Bad Religion cover. pg. 8 “Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers” MAGAZINE-13A
    8/7-14/2019 Aquarian Weekly. Peter Murphy cover. pg. 11 Jake Clemons at the Stone Pony (ad) MAGAZINE-13A
    8/14-22/19 Aquarian Weekly. Spoon cover. pg. 1 “New Bruce Book” Berry Schneier’s Bruce Springsteen Rock and Roll Future MAGAZINE-13A
    9/18-25/19 Aquarian Weekly. Devendra Banhart cover. Danny Clinch interview about Sea.Hear.Now Pg. 16. MAGAZINE-13
    11/13-20/19 Aquarian Weekly. Old Crow Medicine Show Cover. MAGAZINE-13A
    11/27/19-12/4/19 Aquarian Weekly. Twin Temple Cover. MAGAZINE-13A
    12/4-11/19 Aquarian Weekly. Steve Earle cover. pg.9 “Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul at the Beacon Theatre” MAGAZINE-13A
    1/1-1/7/2020 We Banjo 3 cover MAGAZINE-13A
    1/8-1/15/2020 Marcus King cover MAGAZINE-13A
  • ARENA (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-5
    8/81 “The Boss is Back” previews The River tour in San Diego. Article only.
    7/92 Tease on cover. He’s the blue collar example in article on clothes. Page 66.
    5/95 Tease on cover. Article on auto imagery in Bruce’s songs. Page 145.
    4/99 Tease on cover. “Big Boss Groove.” Page 36.
    11/75 “The Next Best Thing?” feature in UK university magazine. Page 2.
    12/75 Reviews Hammersmith Odeon, London (UK) (11/18/75). Page 29.
    7/8/2013 Jersey Boys-A Garden State Summer. Cover and Page 60.
    11/84 “In Your Heart You Know He’s Right” by Greil  Marcus. Page 95.
    6/29/00 Cover. “American Skin” story.  Page 10.
  • ASBURY NEWS – See Fanzines
  • ASBURY PARK – See Fanzines
    12/03 Shares cover. Included in year ending review. Cover, article only.
    2/04 Shares cover of “The Stone Pony Turns 30!” issues. Pages 14, 26.
    Spr./86 Cover. “Man With A Message” by Jack Newfield. Page 18.
    1/12 Crazy Bruce fans in a ScFi story. Page 14.
    #24/85 Cover. “Bruce Springsteen. El regreso.”  Page 16.
    Also see THEATLANTIC.COMInternet Articles
    5/99 Included in Dylan portrait “Napoleon in Rags.” Page 112.
    3/00 Included in “The Soundtracking of America.” Page 69.
    7/12 “Jersey Boys, The Governor and The Boss.”  Page 104.
  • AUDIO (Germany)  MAGAZINE-5
    2/20/14 High Hopes review. Page 54.
    10/94 Tease on cover. Career retrospective. Page 12.
    1/96 Full page photo and bio. Page 22.
  • AUDIO LIVE (Germany)  MAGAZINE-5
    1/99 Cover story for magazine inserted into music technology magazine. Page 6.
    11/80 Cover. “Something in the Night” reviews Ann Arbor, MI (10/3/80). Page 4.
    #3/85 “Bruce Springsteen: Världens största audiovisuella show.” Article only.
    Vol. 8/#4 Cover. “Bruce Rising Again” reviews The Rising  (but errs factually). Page 32.
  • THE AURORA – See Fanzines
  • AUTO BILD (Germany)  MAGAZINE-5
    3/12  Bruce, Corvette photo in feature on music and cars. Page 174.
    4/96 Cover. Included in “The Autograph Game” article. Page 24.
    5/5/96 Joad tour preview for Barcelona. Page 22.
  • The Aquarian Weekly MAGAZINE-5
    7/3/85 issue No. 582. Page 38.

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  • LE BABILL (Canada)  MAGAZINE-15
    4/03 Cover of arts and cultural guide, promoting 4/19/03 Montreal concert. Page 4.
  • BACK BEAT (Finland)  MAGAZINE-15
    6/80 “Bruce is the Boss?” reviews The River. Page 35.
  • BACK PAGES (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-15
    7/85 Cover. Preview of 7/7/85 in Leeds (UK). Page 17.
  • BACK STAGE (Belgium)  MAGAZINE-15
    10/84 Steven cover. Disciples of Soul-era interview with Little Steven. Page 26.
    12/86 Cover. “Springsteen 10 Jaar Springlevend!” Page 26.
    1/92 Cover. “De Bouwvakker Van De Rock ‘N Roll.” Cover, article only.
  • BACK STREET HEROES (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-15
    11/83 Premier issue. “The Darkness Beyond The American Dream.” Page  40.
    8/84 Reviews BITUSA: “Play it again, and again, and again, and again.” Page 55.
  • back streets – See Fanzines
  • BACKSTREETS – See Fanzines
    11/76 Two photos, small review of 10/3/76 concert at U. Santa Clara, CA. Page 26.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/16/84 Cover. “Live In the USA.” Page 18.  MICROFILM  REEL 4 MAGAZINE-40
    1/1/85 1984 in pictures. Page 24.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/20/85 “Little Steven And Friends Invent Boycott Rock” re: Sun City. Page 26.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/14/86 Short Bridge Benefit Concert article with group photo. Page 8.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/10/86 “The Man Is A God!” reviews Live 1976-’85.  Article only.  MAGAZINE-15
    10/23/87 Reviews Tunnel: One side a masterpiece, one side popish. Page 16. MICROFILM REEL 4
    5/20/88 Review of the Tunnel shows at Shoreline Amphitheater (5/2-3/88). Page 32.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/15/89 Shares cover. Nebraska, BITUSA reviews. Pages 30, 34.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/28/91 “Max Weinberg: Born To Drum” interview.  Page 36.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/18/98 Reviews Tracks in two nicely worded and laudatory paragraphs. Page 38.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    3/85 Tease on cover. “On The Road With An American Hero.” Page 24.
    11/85 Shares cover. Articles start at Pages 28, 29, 33.
    #35/80 One-page feature in Scholastic Magazines publication for  school kids. Page 10.
  • BARMER TOP (Germany)  MAGAZINE-15
    #21 Cover. “Ich brauche nur eine Droge-die Musik!” Page 4.
    4/1/95 Greatest Hits Review. Page 27.
    11/96 “The Whole Musician,” a profile of Tommy Sims. Page 20.
    Internet  Articles
    8/92 Reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town. Page 64.
    Wtr. 86/87 Premier issue. Reprints Village Voice article “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  Page 30.
    10/09/85 Reporter analyzes sound, vision problems at stadium shows. Page  2 of insert.
  • BE STREET (Japan) – See Fanzines
    12/86 Cover. Even in Hawaii, the Live 1975-’85 box set is a big deal. Page 6.
  • BEAT (Italy)
    5/06 “Omaggio Alla Tradizione Popolare.” Page 62.  MAGAZINE-15
    10/07 “American Dream.” Page 62.  MAGAZINE-15
    2/09 Cover. “Il fan numero 1 di Obama.”  Page 22.  MAGAZINE-17
  • BEAT (Norway)
    #1/92 Cover. “Hva Na, Sjef?”  Page 34.  MAGAZINE-15
    #4/93 Cover. “Boss-Anova.”  Page 24.  MAGAZINE-15
    5/88 Cover. Reviews Tunnel of Love tour. Page 14.  MICROFILM REEL 3
  • THE BEAT (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-15
    6/85 Cover. “Born in the USA,” a two-page career review.  Page 24.
  • BEATLEG (Japan)
    10/02 Cover. Seventy-eight pages of history, photos, bootleg reviews. Pages 2-80.  MAGAZINE-15
    9/03 Cover. Forty-eight page coverage of The Rising tour, Rising bootlegs. Page 2.  MAGAZINE-15
    4/06 Cover. Major Born To Run anniversary coverage, bootlegs. Pages 2, 64.  MAGAZINE-16
    7/08 Cover. Sixty-nine pages of bootleg, tour reviews, and photos. Pages 2, 82.  MAGAZINE-16
    1986  Brisbane’s best rock concerts.  Page 36.
    8/92 Cover. “Born Again” interview. Page 8.  MAGAZINE-16
  • BEST (France)
    6/73 Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. is a highlighted selection of the month. Page 91.  MAGAZINE-16
    10/75 Short news item. “Et maintenant: Bruce Springsteen.” Page 15.  MAGAZINE-16
    1/76 “Bruce Springsteen Pour!” Page 26.  MAGAZINE-16
    2/76 Born to Run ad, with the Time and Newsweek covers. Page 83.  MAGAZINE-16
    7/78 Two posters at centerfold.  MAGAZINE-16
    9/78 Tease on cover. Four-page spread. Page 56.  MICROFILM REEL 3
    5/79 Six-page feature. Page 68. MICROFILM REEL 3
    11/79 Photo. Page 32. Mention in G. Jeffries feature. Page 68.  MICROFILM REEL 3
    11/80 Review of The River. Page 89.  MICROFILM REEL  3
    1/81 Six-page feature. Page 36. Album review. Page 73.  MICROFILM  REEL 3
    5/81 Cover. “Souvenirs D’Asbury Park” feature. Page 42.  MICROFILM REEL 3
    6/81 “After Show.” Page 4.  MAGAZINE-17
    11/81 Tease on cover. Large fold-out poster at centerfold.  MAGAZINE-17
    3/82 Cover. Article on US rock. Page 63.  MAGAZINE-17
    10/82 LP review, Nebraska. “la voix de l’Amerique.” Page 81.  MAGAZINE-17
    1/83 Tease on cover. Large poster.  MAGAZINE-17
    7/84 LP review, BITUSA. Page 87.  MAGAZINE-17
    8/84 Cover. Six-page feature. Page 26.  MAGAZINE-17
    1/85 L’Album De 84 includes Born In The U.S.A. Page 86.  MAGAZINE-18
    2/85 “Les enfants du boss,” a two-page interview. Page 28.  MAGAZINE-18
    7/85 Cover. Six-page songbook feature. Page 46.  MAGAZINE-18
    8/85 Reviews Montpellier (6/25/85). Page 65.  MAGAZINE-18
    9/85 Centerfold poster.  MAGAZINE-18
    3/86 Romance item. Page 22. Caption misidentifies her as “Suzanne.” Page 24.  MAGAZINE-18
    7/86 Centerfold Poster  MAGAZINE-18
    12/86 Interview with Jon Landau. Page 26.  MAGAZINE-18
    11/87 LP review, Tunnel of Love, Page 86. News brief, Page 12.  MAGAZINE-18
    6/88 Preview of Tunnel show. Page 13.  MAGAZINE-18
    8/88 Tease on cover. Multi-page Bruce Springsteen-Michael Jackson feature. Page 48.   MAGAZINE-19
    9/88 Coverage of Amnesty tour. Page 65.   MAGAZINE-19
    10/88 Amnesty coverage. Page 10. “Chimes of Freedom” release. Page 15.  MAGAZINE-19
    3/89 “Bruce Springsteen, Glory Days” reports on the Video Anthology. Page 18.   MAGAZINE-19
    9/91 Bathroom mirror photo leads news briefs. Page 8.  MAGAZINE-19
    3/92 Photo, news item on the release of Human Touch/Lucky Town. Page 9.   MAGAZINE-19
    5/92 Tease on cover. Six-page discography. Page 38.  MAGAZINE-19
    9/92 Review of Paris (FR) concerts (6/29-30/92). Page 92.  MAGAZINE-19
    5/93 Review of Glasgow (UK) concert (3/31/93). Page 94.   MAGAZINE-19
    6/93 Review of Unplugged. Page 80.  MAGAZINE-19
    9/93 Review of Patti’s album, Rumble Doll. Page 62.  MAGAZINE-19
    Smr/97 Three photos, brief review, Joad tour in Paris (FR). Page 4.  MAGAZINE-20
    3/00 Photo, news item on upcoming tour dates. Page 17.  MAGAZINE-20
    12/95 “The dark side of the boss” reviews, discusses Tom Joad. Page 78.
    4/96 Tease on cover. Reviews the Tom Joad tour show in Paris (2/21/96). Page 44.
    12/96 Photo with Bob Dylan in wrap up of the year’s “grands moments.” Page 53.
    1/97 Short item looking ahead from the Tom Joad experience. Page  59.
    Das Gewissen Amerikas. Page 110-121  MAGAZINE-20
    2015 Der Working-Class-Hero. Page 28-45  MAGAZINE-20
    11/80 Cover. Reviews The River (“long time coming, but certainly worth the wait”). Page 44.
    11/82 Shares cover. “Is This Man Trying To Tell Us Something?” reviews  Nebraska. Page 19.
  • THE BIG ISSUE (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-20
    7/9/09 Cover. “The Boss For Life.” He’s busier than ever. Page  12.
    2/9/09 Reviews Working on a Dream (2 stars out of 5). Page 25.
  • BIG O (Singapore)  MAGAZINE-20
    3/91 Christic Institute review. Page 44.5/91 Part One of bootleg review. Page 38.
    6/91 Part Two of bootleg review. Page 44.
    5/92 Tease on cover. “Bored in the Badlands” reviews Human Touch/LuckyTown.  Page 22.
    1/96 Tease on cover. “The Ghost and Mr. Springsteen” reviews Tom Joad. Page 24.
    5/97 Tease on cover. “The First Wave” reviews Lost Masters series.  Page 28.
    7/97 “Lost Masters, Round Two” continues the report started in May.  Page 36.
    8/97 “Lost Masters, The Final Round.” Page 24. 1975-’85 Outtakes reviewed  at Page 42.
    9/98 Part One of bootleg review. Page 38.
    10/98 Part Two: “Bootlegging The Boss,” reprinted from Backstreets.  Page 22.
  • BIGGI (Germany)   MAGAZINE-20
    ??/85 Two-page poster and a one page feature. Page 15.
  • BILD DER FRAU (Germany)  MAGAZINE-21
    9/10/90 Photo: “Exklusiv: Bruce Springsteens Sohn Evan.” Page 10.
    6/10/96 Photo: “Bruce Springsteen: Bester Daddy der Welt” with Jessica. Page 52.
    Also see BILLBOARD.COM
    Internet Articles
    1/20/73 “Most important new voice” ad, the first in Billboard. Page 5.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    2/17/73 Brief review of an undated show at Max’s Kansas City, NY, NY. Page 13. MAGAZINE-41
    3/24/73 Front page “Blinded” ad. Review of first Los Angeles, CA show (2/26/73). Page 42.  MAGAZINE-41
    9/1/73 At Max’s Kansas City, Bob Marley “virtually eclipsed” Springsteen.  Page 16 . MAGAZINE-41
    11/24/73 Brief review of the ten-show stand at Max’s Kansas City in NY, NY. Page 27.  MAGAZINE-41
    8/30/75 Two-page advertisement for Born To Run. Ad only. MAGAZINE-21
    11/22/75 Full page advertisement for Born To Run. Ad only. MAGAZINE-21
    5/27/78 Full page ad for the “Prove It All Night” single. Ad only. MICROFILM  REEL 4
    6/3/78 Full page, full color ad for Darkness. Page 15.  MICROFILM  REEL 4
    6/24/78 Darkness review – calls it a “striking masterpiece.” Page  111.  MAGAZINE-42
    10/18/80 Two-page ad for The River. Pages 12-13.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/15/80 Reviews Los Angeles, CA (10/30/81). “A certain kind of magic…” Article only.  MAGAZINE-21                                                                                       2/14/81 2 page ad for The River  MAGAZINE-21                                                       6/20/81 Springsteen European Concerts Model: Pull Fans, Spur Sales – Springsteen Tour of Europe A Triumph Covering 10 Nations. MAGAZINE-21
    10/2/82 Nebraska, a problem for AOR. Page 59. Nebraska ad. Page 13. MICROFILM REEL 4
    5/19/84 “Spring(steen) Fever Strikes. Radio Runs With Single, Sneak Preview.” Page 1.  MAGAZINE-42
    6/9/84 Inside back cover is a full page ad for Born In The U.S.A.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/14/84 Reviews opening of the BITUSA tour in St. Paul (6/29/84). Article only. MAGAZINE-21
    7/14/84 “Springsteen Fans In Pilgrimage To St. Paul.” Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    8/18/84 Ad, with just Bruce’s name, in Barsalona/Skydel tribute section. Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    9/22/84 BITUSA is the focus of ad announcing CBS/Sony’s CD plant. Ad  only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/15/84 Full page ad announcing Westwood One’s radio conversation.  Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/22/84 “Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band” review, St. Paul. Page TA-11 MAGAZINE-42
    12/22/84 Tease on cover. Ad, Page 7. Year end tidbit, Page TA-11.
    12/22/84 Top Boxscores, highest grossing concerts of the year. Page TA-26
    4/6/84 USA for Africa section. Page USA-14.
    12/28/85 “The Year in Music & Video” with image, Cover
    12/28/85 “The Year in Music & Video” image
    12/28/85 Full page end of year #1: Pop album artist
    12/28/85 Number One Awards, top pop album, Page T-19
    12/28/85 Clarence Clemons meets Paul Shaffer, photo. Page 45
    2/23/85 “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Springsteen.” Page 6.  MAGAZINE-43
    4/6/85 Forty-eight-page USA For Africa section. Centerfold.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    4/13/85 “Discovering the Jersey Sound.” Page 51.  MAGAZINE-43
    6/29/85 Two-page ad: Born In the USA The First Year. Pages 20-21.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/6/85 Full page ad for “Glory Days” video. Ad only.  MICROFILM  REEL 4
    11/9/85 Full page ad: “Biggest event in Australia’s history.” Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/28/85 Shares cover. “Bruce was the Boss in ’85.” Page 3.  MAGAZINE-43
    12/28/85 Shares cover. “Bruce was the Boss in ’85.” Page 3.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    ?/?/85 Full page BITUSA thank you ad for the German shows. Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/15/86 Fold-out inside front cover turns into two ads for Live 1975-’85.  MAGAZINE-43
    11/22/86 Page 1: “Bruce Springs Out Of The Box,” and “It’s Here: All-Bruce Radio.”   MAGAZINE-43
    11/29/86 Two front pages stories as Live 1975-’85 sells fast, debuts at No. 1.  MAGAZINE-44
    10/10/87 Two full pages color ad of Tunnel cover blown up. Page 12.  MAGAZINE-44
    10/17/87 Reviews Tunnel of Love Album, “Masterful work,” Article only. MAGAZINE-45
    10/24/87 Boss Jams with Little Steven at Ritz Club, NYC (10-8-87), Article only.
    12/26/87 “Garden Party Partners.” Photo Page 8. “Top Acts Enthrall Crowd At Homeless-Children Benefit.” Page 100. MAGAZINE-4
    ?/?/88 “One Step Up” single, video, Tunnel tour dates full page ad. Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/?/88 Advertisement previewing the live broadcast from Stockholm (SE). Ad only.  MAGAZINE-44
    9/11/88 Full page ad on the Stockholm Tunnel of Love broadcast. Ad only.
    12/24/88 “Bruce’s First Longform Vid Arrives Jan. 31” Page 1, 93. “Boss Sound.” Photo Page 41.
    12/23/89 Photo. Page D-4
    9/17/88 Chimes of Freedom/Amnesty tour full page ad. Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/19/88 Bruce’s full page ad congratulating CBS at 101 years. Ad only.   MICROFILM REEL 4
    12/24/88 “Houstons, Boss Top N.J. Music Awards.” Page 41.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    1/14/89 Full page ad for Video Anthology/1978-88. Ad only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/22/89 “And then there’s…” Donation to Chope Community Hospital MAGAZINE-45
    3/7/92 Shares cover; Human Touch/Lucky Town plan. Page 1.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    5/23/92 “Springsteen Delivers Rocking ‘SNL’ Set.” Article only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    5/23/92 “Thunder Road: Springsteen Stages Tour of Europe, U.S.” Article  only.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    6/13/92 “Landau’s Creative Touch With Springsteen.” Page 16.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    7/3/93 “Springsteen Show Boosts Revamped British Bowl.” Article  only.  MAGAZINE-21
    3/11/95 Full page ad for Greatest Hits. Ad only.  MAGAZINE-44
    5/25/96 Story on Tom Joad, and its acceptance. Page 10.  MICROFILM REEL 4
    11/8/96 “Big-Name Acts Boost Profile Of Longform Music Videos.”  Article only.  MAGAZINE-21
    11/7/98 Shares cover. Long Tracks interview. Page 1.  MAGAZINE-45
    11/28/98 Reviews Tracks: “Rounds out the catalog.” Page 19. MAGAZINE-45
    4/7/01 Reviews Live In NYC: “Springsteen as revivalist.” Page 18.  MAGAZINE-45
    1/25/03 Full page advertisement for The Rising. Page 5.  MAGAZINE-45
    7/12/03 Shares cover. “European Tour a Triumph; U.S. Stadiums  Are Next.” Page 1.  MAGAZINE-45
    8/14/04 “Springsteen Into Action” on Vote for Change tour. Page 1.  MAGAZINE-45
    10/9/04 “Bright Lights, Small City” discusses demographics of Vote tour. Page 17.  MAGAZINE-45
    2006 Little Steven’s Underground Garage – Garage Rock column discussing “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions” and tour. MAGAZINE-45
    11/25/06 “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” Page 16. Magazine-45
    2/24/07 “ASCAP Congratulates All of Our Grammy Winners! / Little Steven’s Underground Garage” Page 2, 17. MAGAZINE-45
    10/20/07 “Springsteen Retains Chart ‘Magic’.” Page 87.  MAGAZINE-45
    1/31/09 “Dream Big.” Bruce kicks off “Dream” marketing  campaign. Page 24.  MAGAZINE-45
    12/5/09 Cover. “The Boss Talks. Why He’s Still Born To Run.” Page 16. MAGAZINE-45
    7/2/11 Full page Clarence tribute.  Page 4.”Farewell to the Big Man.” Page 12.  MAGAZINE-45
    2/8/14 High Hopes on charts – this week at #8 – down from #1.  Page 58.  MAGAZINE-45
    4/23/2022 Pusha T cover MAGAZINE-45
    3/9/24 Christian Nodal cover MAGAZINE-45
    1/10 “Sem Aposentadoria Para O Chefe.” Page 16.
    10/10 Reviews London Calling, Live in Hyde Park. Page 95.
    3/12 Wrecking Ball review.  Page 65.
    8/13 The Soul of the Band of Bruce Springsteen. Page18.
    11/13 “Like a Boss” Reviews Rock in Rio. Page 79.
    Smr/10 Cover. “Born 2 Tour.” Bruce talks about career longevity and music that connects. Page 5.
    12/03 Short bio includes info on Bruce’s fourth great-grandfather. Page 26.
  • BIZZ (Brazil)  MAGAZINE-21
    8/85 Cover. “O Heroi do Rock Americano.” Page 22.
    2/86 Shares cover. “Os Donos De 85: Madonna, Bruce.” Page 20.
    8/87 Tease on cover. “Historias da vida de ‘O Futuro do Rock.'” Page 51.
    9/88 Shares cover. Review of Wembley, London (UK) (6/25/88). Page 80.
    11/88 Coverage of the Human Rights Now! tour. Page 18.
    8/05 Bruce’s Amnesty performance is one of Brazil’s 100 greatest shows. Page 33.
    12/05 “Sexo verbal faz seu estilo” reviews Storytellers DVD. Page 70.
    #31 Cover. Two-page color pic. Page 26.
    7/31/88 Cover. Four-page Bruce/Michael Jackson feature. Page 26.
    8/76 Tease on cover. Full page photo, Page 49. Included in “Sneaker Rock.” Page 5
    9/78 Cover. Darkness-era profile. Page 1.
    9/02 “Tower of Strength, a 4 star review of The Rising. Page 140.
    11/02 Tease on cover. “Meet the New Boss” reviews MSG (8/12/02). Page 162.
    11/03 Tease on cover. Thumbnail reviews of all officially released CDs. Page136.
    10/04 “Swing-Steen” previews of Vote For Change tour. Article only.
    1/06 “Re-Run.” At 25, Bruce bet his life on Born To Run. Page 102.
    11/07 Tease on cover. “Gory Days,” a 4 star review of Magic.
  • BLITZ (Portugal)
    1992 All-Bruce EMI promo magazine.  MAGAZINE-45
    3/31/92 Cover. “No Coracao Do Rock ‘N’ Roll.” Page 14. Plus an all-Bruce supplement.  MAGAZINE-45
    4/27/93 Cover. Sixteen-page all-Bruce supplement.  MAGAZINE-45
    11/28/95 Cover. “A Nova Velha Ordem Americana,” and a Tom Joad review. Page 22.  MAGAZINE-45
    4/10/01 Cover. “Bruce Springsteen: O Regresso Do Guerreiro.” Page 24.  MAGAZINE-45
    4/08 Tease on cover. “Como este Americano nao se brinca.” Page 68.  MAGAZINE-22
    3/09 “O Sonho de um Heroi Americano.”  Page 56.  MAGAZINE-22
    9/10 Bruce Springsteen Rock Report Overview. Page 50.  MAGAZINE-22
    2/12 “Um heroi americano em Lisboa.”  Page 56.  Also see Page 6.  MAGAZINE-22
    4/12 Cover. “Um homem de palavra.”  Page 38.  MAGAZINE-22
  • BLITZ (United Kingdom)  MAGAZINE-22
    7-8/85 Tease on cover. “Bruce who? The Selling of Bruce Springsteen.” Page 42.
  • BLOW UP.97 (Italy)  MAGAZINE-22
    6/06 Tease on cover. We Shall Overcome article. Page 48.
  • BLOW-UP (Japan)  MAGAZINE-22
    10/82 Full page band photo by Koh Hasebe. Page 78.
  • BLUE JEAN (Turkey)  MAGAZINE-22
    1/88 ” ‘Ask’ Tan Vazgecmiyor!” A one-page feature. Page 45.
    9/02 Tease on cover. Two-page feature on The Rising. Page 38.
    ?/07 Reviews Live in Dublin: “Great stuff.”
    3/2003 Cover. The Rising
  • BOOM (Turkey)  MAGAZINE-23
    9/88 Shares cover. Human Rights Now! tour coverage. Page 24.
  • BORN TO WRITE – See Fanzines
  • THE BOSS – See Fanzines
  • THE BOSS (Australia)  MAGAZINE-23
    1985 All-Bruce magazine, 36 pages.
    #33 Reviewer trashed Nebraska as imitation Guthrie with no point. Page 28.
  • BRAVO (Germany)
    11/13/75 “Der zur Zeit in Amerika gefeiert wird wie kein zweiter.” Page 28.  MICROFILM REEL 3
    12/18/75 Full back cover; caption mentions “den Slums von New Jersey.”   MICROFILM REEL 3
    9/7/78 Back cover.  MICROFILM REEL 3
    5/14/81 “Fur ihn gehen sein Fans durchs Feuer.” Page 10.  MAGAZINE-23
    5/27/81 Tease on cover. Large poster. Page 41.  MAGAZINE-23
    8/16/84 “Amerikas neuer Rock-Konig.” Page 62.  MAGAZINE-23
    1/24/85 Tease on cover. “Bruce Springsteen kampft fur die Unterdruckten.” Page 46.  MAGAZINE-23
    3/21/85 “Den Millionarsieht man inm nicht an.” Page 83.  MAGAZINE-23
    3/28/85 Tease on cover. Poster, Page 35.  MAGAZINE-23
    4/25/85 We Are The World coverage. Page 6.  MAGAZINE-23
    5/23/85 Photo, lyrics (English/German) to “I’m On Fire”. Page 76.  MAGAZINE-23
    5/30/85 “Bruce im Ehehafen. Endlich live in Deutschland!” Page 4.  MAGAZINE-23
    6/5/85 Shares cover. Centerspread poster.  MAGAZINE-24
    6/13/85 Tease on cover. “Springsteen: de Marathon-Rocker.” Page 54.  MAGAZINE-24
    6/20/85 Tease on cover. Poster. Page 42. Wedding story. Page 83.  MAGAZINE-24
    6/27/85 Tease on cover. “Er Hasst Suff Und Drogen.” Page 10.  MAGAZINE-24
    7/4/85 Tease on cover. Born in the USA lyrics (English and German). Page 6.  MAGAZINE-24
    7/11/85 Shares cover. “Bruce in Germany” reports on several shows. Page 6.  MAGAZINE-24
    7/18/85 Shares cover. Super Plakat inserted poster.  MAGAZINE-24
    7/25/85 Shares cover. Seven photos plus a photo/bio card. Page 16.  MAGAZINE-24
    8/8/85 Interview: “Meine Eltern waren arm.” Page 10.  MAGAZINE-24
    8/15/85 Tease on cover. Photo, lyrics (English/German) to “Glory Days.” Page 46.  MAGAZINE-24
    8/22/85 Shares cover. Profile formatted to be folded into small brochure. Page 25.  MAGAZINE-24
    10/3/85 “Bruce haßre seinen Vater.” Page 81.  MAGAZINE-24
    10/24/85 “Bruce zu Schwarzmarkt-Preisen: Are you ready?” Page 26.  MAGAZINE-24
    12/23/85 “Rock gegen Apartheid” discusses Little Steven’s Sun City project. Page 5.  MAGAZINE-24
    1/9/86 Tease on cover. Full page photo. Page 39. #3 in poll. Page 11.  MAGAZINE-24
    2/6/86 Photo, lyrics (English/German) to “My Hometown.” Page 11.  MAGAZINE-24
    4/30/86 Tease on cover.”Born to Run lyrics” (English and German). Page 48.  MAGAZINE-24
    5/15/86 “Bruce Springsteen kaufte sich ein Traumhaus.” Page 83. MAGAZINE-24
    6/12/86 Shares cover. “Karriere in Bildern” includes 14 photos on two pages. Page 6.  MAGAZINE-24
    11/27/86 Eighteen photos, career factoids in two-page spread. Page 6.  MAGAZINE-24
    12/22/86 Photo, lyrics to War in English, German. Page 59.  MAGAZINE-24
    1/15/87 “Die Ehe des, Boss” with a Julianne focus. Page 60.  MAGAZINE-25
    10/1/87 “1st Bruce ein Geizhals?” Page 71.  MAGAZINE-25
    10/15/87 Tease on cover. Concert review: “Bruce im Liebestunnel.” Page 4.  MAGAZINE-25
    2/18/88 “Fluchtburg von Bruce” includes Tunnel tour announcement.  Page 44.  MAGAZINE-25
    3/17/88 “Der Boss in neuem Outfit.” Page 53.  MAGAZINE-25
    4/7/88 Photo, 3 star review of “One Step Up”. Page 59.  MAGAZINE-25
    5/19/88 “Durch Bodybuilding fit fur Deutschland.” Page 83.  MAGAZINE-25
    6/9/88 “Wackelt die Ehe wom, Boss? Page 29.  MAGAZINE-25
    6/30/88 “Ist Patti seine neue Liebe?” Page 5.  MAGAZINE-25
    7/14/88 “Live- Erfolg durch neue Liebe.” Page 65.  MAGAZINE-25
    7/28/88 “Bruce vertrieb den Regen.” Page 8.  MAGAZINE-25
    8/4/88 Tease on cover. “Bruce wird Vater” re Patti, Julianne. Page  71.  MAGAZINE-25
    9/22/88 “Superstars Live Fur Amnesty.” Page 34.  MAGAZINE-25
    7/25/91 “Dieser, Penner ist Bruce Springsteen!” Page 59.  MAGAZINE-25
    2/20/92 “Bruce Springsteen. So Fing Alles An.” Page 75.  MAGAZINE-25
    3/26/92 “Boss Bruce” previews Human Touch/Lucky Town. Page 69.  MAGAZINE-25
    4/23/92 Bravo songbook translates Human Touch.  MAGAZINE-25
    4/29/92 Half page bio, discography, photo. Page 19.  MAGAZINE-25
    5/27/92 “Ich hatte familiare Probleme!” Page 8.  MAGAZINE-25
    8/27/92 “Mit 16 Komplexe wegen Pickeln!” Page 6.  MAGAZINE-25
    4/29/93 Photo of Bruce and Bon Jovi in Dortmund (4/3/93). Page 70.  MAGAZINE-25
  • BRAVO (Poland)  MAGAZINE-25
    6/2/94 Shares cover. Covers Streets of Philadelphia Oscar.  Page 10.
  • BRAVO GIRL (Germany)  MAGAZINE-25
    4/20/94 “Klartext von Bruce.”  Page 78.
  • BRAVO REVISTA (Portugal)   MAGAZINE-25
    11/86 Cover. Half-page feature, with mentions of Live 1975-’85.  Page 8.
    10/87 Shares cover.  “As Fraquezas Do Mito Ou A Cor Do Dinheriro.”  Page 6.
    #1/77 Bruce/Clarence cover on Chicago rock photo mag. Inside photo, Page 16.
  • BROADWAY (Germany)  MAGAZINE-25
    12/81 No Nukes cover, article on back cover.
    11/78 Cover. “The Boss Is Back.” Page  47.
  • BRUCE NEWS – See Fanzines
    11/75 Tease on cover. Reviews shows at The Roxy. Page 6.
    10/8/75 Cover. “Between What’s Flesh and Fantasy.” Page 46.  MAGAZINE-25
    10/8/75 Review of the bomb scare show in Milwaukee, WI (10/2/75). Page 47.  MAGAZINE-25
    10/8/75 Born to Run review. Page 48.  MAGAZINE-25
    10/29/76 “Red, Yellow, Green.” A concert review by a seven-year-old. Page 34.   MAGAZINE-25
    3/4/77 Cover. “Dancin’ ‘Til A Quarter To Three” reviews Madison, WI (2/20/77). Page 13.   MAGAZINE-46
    3/4/77 Now, the seven-year-old lands an interview with Springsteen. Page 12.   MAGAZINE-46
  • THE BULLETIN (Australia)  MAGAZINE-25
    8/9/05 Tease on cover. Reprints Bruce’s interview with Nick Hornby. Page 62.
  • BUNTE (Germany)  MAGAZINE-25
    7/25/91 “Heimkehr ans Fliesfband,” plus photo. Page 10.
  • BUSCADERO (Italy)
    12/80 Cover. Eight-page retrospective. Page 6.  MAGAZINE-26
    1/81 “Le Radici di Bruce Springsteen.” Page 10.  MAGAZINE-26
    2/81 River tour concert review, small photo. Page 12.  MAGAZINE-26
    5/81 Tease on cover. “Bruce Springsteen in Europa.” Page 30.  MAGAZINE-26
    10/81 Bootleg discography. Page 22.  MAGAZINE-26
    6/82 Shares cover. Article on bootlegs. Page 22.  MAGAZINE-26
    9/82 “Bruce and the E Street Press.” Page 11.  MAGAZINE-26
    10/82 Shares cover. Two-page Nebraska review. Page 26.  MAGAZINE-26
    11/82 Review of bootleg, Steven’s Disciples of Soul. Pages 27, 28.  MAGAZINE-26
    4/83 “Bruce Springsteen e il fenomeno del disco illegale.” Page 25.  MAGAZINE-26
    7/83 Reviews “The River That Talks” bootleg. Page 54.  MAGAZINE-26
    6/84 Review of BITUSA, page 29, of Dancing 7″, Page 30.  MAGAZINE-26
    7-8/84 Tease on cover. “La Posta, ” Page 9. Lyrics, Page 28.  MAGAZINE-26
    7-8/85 Tour coverage. Page 6. Back cover photo.  MAGAZINE-26
    11/86 Tease on cover. Review of Live box set. Page 68.  MAGAZINE-26
    12/86 “L’uomo coi jeans, sul palco.” Page 60. Photo, back cover.  MAGAZINE-26
    11/87 “A Proposito Di Springsteen…” Page 16.  MAGAZINE-26
    5/88 Reviews Tunnel tour in Philadelphia, PA (3/8, 3/9). Page 16.  MAGAZINE-27
    6/88 Half page review of Dave Marsh’s Glory Days. Page 25.  MAGAZINE-27
    7/88 Reviews Tunnel tour concert in Turin (IT) (6/11/88). Page 46.  MAGAZINE-27
    10/88 Folkways, A Vision Shared.  Page 19.  Amnesty tour.  Page 35. MAGAZINE-27
    2/90 Darkness, The River on list of 100 essential albums. Page 61, 68.  MAGAZINE-27
    5/90 News brief on 3/1/90 appearance with Dylan, Petty. Page 4. Book report. Page 14.  MAGAZINE-27
    3/92 Track-by-track information on Human Touch/Lucky Town. Page 10.   MAGAZINE-27
    4/92 Tease on cover. Reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town. Page 31.  MAGAZINE-27
    5/92 Tease on cover. “Lucky Touch.” Page 44.  MAGAZINE-27
    5/93 Reviews Verona (IT) concert (4/11/93). Page 22.  MAGAZINE-28
    6/93 Dominates reader’s mail. Page 26. Reviews Rumble Doll. Page 62.  MAGAZINE-28
    2/94 News brief on Prodigal Son. Page 17. Curtis Mayfield Tribute. Page 30.  MAGAZINE-28
    3/95 Tease on cover. Review of Greatest Hits. Page 61.  MAGAZINE-28
    5/95 “Murder Incorporated: il ritorno di Springsteen.” Page 30.  MAGAZINE-28
    10/95 Tease on cover. “Springsteen 95: Cleveland a altre storie.” Page 28.  MAGAZINE-28
    12/95 Shares cover. Tom Joad review. Page 70.  MAGAZINE-28
    1/96 Tease on cover. “Bruce Live, Alone” previews Joad tour. Page 27.  MAGAZINE-29
    2/96 “The Ghost of Tom Joad Tour.” Page 45. Review of Dead Man Walking. Page 68.  MAGAZINE-29
    3/96 Tom Joad tops fan poll. Page 61. Photo, Page 63.  MAGAZINE-29
    4/96 Reportage on Joad concert in Cleveland previews European tour. Page  21.  MAGAZINE-29
    5/96 Reviews Rome (IT) (4/10/96), Milan (IT) (4/11/96), Genoa (IT)(4/13/96). Page 32.  MAGAZINE-29
    7/97 Tease on cover. Reviews Joad tour concert in Naples (IT) (5/22/97). Page 34.  MAGAZINE-30
    11/97 Review of “One Step Up”. Page 44.  MAGAZINE-30
    1/98 Reviews Hungerthon tribute concert (11/20/97). Page 29.  MAGAZINE-30
    11/98 Tease on cover. Major review of Tracks. Page 60.  MAGAZINE-30
    12/98 Shares cover. Three-and- a-half-page Tracks feature. Page 52.  MAGAZINE-30
    2/99 Quarter page review of Songs. Page 26.  MAGAZINE-30
    5/99 Reviews Reunion Tour warmup show in Asbury Park, NJ (3/18/99). Page 20.  MAGAZINE-30
    6/99 Tease on cover. Reviews Milan (IT) (4/19/99) and Zurich (CH) (4/26/99). Page 40.  MAGAZINE-30
    2/02 Reviews the Asbury Park, NJ Christmas shows (12/3-4-6-7-8/02) Page 26.  MAGAZINE-31
    4/02 Included in article on Johnny Cash. Page 42.  MAGAZINE-31
    9/02 Tease on cover. Four star review of The Rising. Page 70.  MAGAZINE-31
    10/02 Tease on cover. “Rock and roll on the American road after 9/11.” Page 45.  MAGAZINE-31
    12/03 Shares cover. Six-page feature: “30 anni di rock ‘n’ roll.” Page 48.  MAGAZINE-31
    5/05 Cover. Five star review for both sides of Devils & Dust. Page 70.  MAGAZINE-31
    6/05 Tease on cover. “Tunnel of hope and dreams.” Page 42.  MAGAZINE-31
    7/05 Reviews the Devils & Dust tour in Bologna, Rome, and Milan (IT). Page 32.  MAGAZINE-31
    12/05 “Born To Run. La storia dietro il disco.” Page 52.  MAGAZINE-31
    5/06 Tease on cover. We Shall Overcome review. Page 68  MAGAZINE-32
    6/06 Tease on cover. Reviews Milan (IT) (5/12/06). Page 28.  MAGAZINE-32
    7/06 Tease on cover. Seeger Sessions Band in Oslo (NO) (5/20/06). Page 38. MAGAZINE-32
    11/06 “On Tour with … The Seeger Session Band” reviews Italian dates. Page 46.  MAGAZINE-32
    6/07 Cover. Live in Dublin review. Page 64. Little Steven interview. Page 50.  MAGAZINE-32
    10/07 Three and a half star review of Magic. Page 60.  MAGAZINE-32
    1/08 Tease on cover. Reviews the Magic tour in Milan (IT) (11/28/07). Page 17.     MAGAZINE-32
    7/08 Tease on cover. Reviews Milan (IT) (6/25/08). Page 21.  MAGAZINE-32
    12/08 Jersey Devil news. Page 11. WOAD preview. Page 15. “Bruce & Barack.” Page 26.  MAGAZINE-32
    2/09 Tease on cover. Three and a half stars (out of five) for Working on a Dream. Page 72.  MAGAZINE-32
    7-8/09 “Land of Rock ‘N’ Roll Dreams. Bruce Springsteen Live.” Page 34.  MAGAZINE-32
    9/09 “Hard Rock Calling” reviews London (UK) (6/28/09). Page 32.  MAGAZINE-32
    7/10 Four star review (out of five) for London Calling. Page 88. MAGAZINE-32
    11/10 Cover. “The Promise. Darkness Days.” Page 54. “Long After Dark(ness).” Page 56.  MAGAZINE-32
    12/10 Tease on cover. “The Promised Land.” Page 54.  MAGAZINE-32
    1/12  Pittsburgh, pa review. Page 23.  Bruce and Bob Seger.  Page 62.  MAGAZINE-32
    3/12 Cover. Eleven page Wrecking Ball feature. Page 54.  MAGAZINE-32
    7/12 Ten pages on the Wrecking Ball tour, multiple shows. Page 54.  MAGAZINE-32
    10/2020 Cover. Page 70. “Recensioni Disco del Mese”. MAGAZINE-32
    Winter 2019 “Little Steven’s Big Life.” Page 18
    8/15/88 Shares cover, story on “The Sound of Money.” Page 86
    2/27/12 “Scorned in the USA” cover.
  • BUZZ
    12/87 Cover. “Ballad of a Cautious Man.” Page 16.  MICROFILM REEL  4
    6/88 Tease on cover. “Reason to Believe,” an overview of the Tunnel  tour. Page 26.  MAGAZINE-46

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