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  • IDS (Indiana Daily Student)  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/9/78 Two reviews: Darkness on the Edge of Town, and Indianapolis, IN (6/6/78).
  • ILTA-SANOMAT (Finland)
    4/12/88 “Pomo on hurjassa vedossa” reviews Landover, MD (4/5/88). NEWSPAPER-25
    6/3/09 “Ikamiehen intohimo” reviews Tampere (FI) (6/2/09).  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/3/09 “Kitaristi Little Steven: Rockhistoria kouluaineeksi!”  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/3/09 “Toiveuusinta tonttulakki paassa.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/30/12 “Pomo vei fanejaan hotelliin.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    8/1/12 “Ennatys Keikka!” reviews Helsinki (FI) (7/31/12).  NEWSPAPER-108
    8/2/12 More from Helskini, now the longest show ever.  NEWSPAPER-108
    3/16/13 Cover. Excerpts from Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin.  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/4/13 Full page ad for the Turku (FI) dates.  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/7/13 “Ystävä ja Pomo” previews Turku (FI).  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/8/13 Pasi Kostiainen reviews Turku (FI) (5/7/13).  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/10/13 Overview of the two night stand in Turku (FI).  NEWSPAPER-108
  • ILTALEHTI (Finland)  NEWSPAPER-108
    6/3/09 Paaministeri fanitti Pomoa!” reviews Tampere (FI) (6/2/09).
    8/1/12 “Superkeikka!” reviews the historic Helsinki show (7/31/12).
    3/16/13 “Naisten pomottaja.”  Page 16 of Vvaihde supplement.
    5/8/13 “Pomo Itse” reviews Turku (FI) (5/7/13).
    9/30/76 Full page ad in Kean College student newspaper, announcing ticket sales.
    10/21/76 “Welcome Back” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band return to NJ to play at Kean College.
    9/17/09 “Young drummer keeps the beat for E Street”
    1/21/2023 “Springsteen’s Debut”
    8/23/85 “Council wants reimbursement for ‘Boss’ crowd.”
    1/22/86 “Springsteen performs at concert to aid efforts to stop closing of Freehold plant.”
  • THE INDEPENDENT (United Kingdom)
    Also see INDEPENDENT.CO.UKInternet Articles
    6/24/88 “The Ordinary Hero” reviews Birmingham (UK) (6/21/88).  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/26/88 “Running bare” reviews Birmingham (UK) (6/21/88).  NEWSPAPER-25
    3/16/91 “Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ” NEWSPAPER-108
    3/29/92 “One for my baby and two for the road” reviews Human Touch/Lucky Town.  NEWSPAPER-25
    9/27/07 Cover of the EXTRA section. “Bruce Almighty.” NEWSPAPER-108
    6/26/09 Cover, Arts & Books section. “The Man, the Music….”  NEWSPAPER-108
    3/4/12 Nick Coleman reviews Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-26
    3/11/12 “American hero who takes care of his own.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    8/17/19 “‘Bruce is a great soul singer-it’s crazy he doesn’t do it more” interview with Steven Van Zandt. NEWSPAPER-108
    11/12/22 “Boss is swapping protest principles for soul searching” NEWSPAPER-108
    11/12/86 “Born to drum: Boss takes it to the Max.”
    10/23/73 “Springsteen puts bounce in lethargic rock and roll scene” reviews LA, CA (10/16/73).
    Also see INDYSTAR.COMInternet Articles
    3/6/81 “Springsteen’s arena show proves he’s boss” reviews Indianapolis, IN (3/5/81).
    1/9/85 “Springsteen plays night to remember” reviews Indianapolis, IN (1/7/85).
    9/7/85 “‘The Boss’ beat dazzles the Dome, tops MSA dates” reviews Indianapolis, IN (9/6/85). NEWSPAPER-109
    5/14/88 “Bruce shows Indy why he’s the Boss” reviews Indianapolis, IN (5/13/88).
    12/7/92 “‘The Boss’ can still captivate a crowd despite stumbling” reviews Indianapolis, IN (12/2/92).
    11/22/96 “Springsteen gives Joad songs new tension, atmosphere” reviews Indianapolis, IN (11/21/96).
    8/25/99 “Springsteen display makes Little League hall rock.”
    11/7/99 “Glory days revisited. Longtime Springsteen fan yearns to rekindle those illusive years.”NEWSPAPER-109
    11/11/99 “More than oldies party” reviews Indianapolis, IN (11/10/99).
    11/12/99 Poor acoustics for Indianapolis (11/10/99).
    12/18/02 ” ‘The Boss’ inspires with 9/11 hymns” reviews Indianapolis, IN (12/17/02).
    2/8/03 “Rockin’ revival. Steven Van Zandt’s radio show aims to re-energize the music.”
    10/5/07 Reviews Magic: “The Boss is back on E Street.”
    3/21/08 “Springsteen’s vision of faith and family” reviews Indianapolis, IN (3/20/08).
    12/20/05 “Fan-tastic!” NEWSPAPER-25
    9/23/82 “Springsteen’s New LP Pegs Vision To Acoustics” reviews Nebraska.
    6/23/84 “Springsteen Filled Their Hungry Hearts” reviews Lancaster, PA (6/21/84).
    12/18/92 “Springsteen gives to soup kitchen” serving Homestead, PA.
    6/28/2004 “Museum getting a great ride with Springsteen.”
    12/20/2005 Advertisement for Bruce Springsteen DVD, film book, compact disc recording and game.” NEWSPAPER 25
    6/18/88 “Springsteen’s music goes to basics.”
    2/85 “Springsteen Aids Hunger Groups During U.S. Tour.”
    11/20/84 “The Boss. Bruce Springsteen proves it all night” reviews Ames, IO (11/16/84).
    11/20/84 “The concert’s over, but memories remain.”
    5/7/06 “Boss strikes gold again” reviews We Shall Overcome.
    5/7/06 “Didn’t you used to be The Boss?” Photo, funny caption after Dublin show.
  • IRISH DAILY MAIL (Ireland)
    7/16/12 Bruce’s history in Ireland.  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/16/12 “Bruce and Macca dancing in the dark.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/12 “Don’t pull the plug on Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/18/12 Dublin concert (7/17/12) beats the curfew.  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/18/12 “Born in the RDS” reviews Dublin (IR) (7/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/19/12 “Six-year-old Sophie steals the show.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/19/12 Ticket snafu fans given second chance.  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/13 “Delirium” in Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/27/13 Bruce throws a bowling party in Kilkenny (IR).  NEWSPAPER-26
    1/10/14 Review of High Hopes – “Simply Superb”  NEWSPAPER-108
    1/30/14 “As Pete Seeger dies aged 94, we celebrate… The singalong revolutionary the White House couldn’t crush” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/13/14 “Springsteen gets Irish piper’s help” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/5/16 “Born to fun” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/5/16 “Bruce gigs won’t be disruptive” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/10/16 “Row just proves GAA too bossy on club facilities” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/11/16 “Springsteen set to cause fixtures pile up” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/11/16 “Bruce gig playing havoc, thunders Dublin board” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/12/16 “Just two glory days with The Boss.” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/12/16 “Spring to action? No!” NEWSPAPER-108
    2/12/16 Editorial cartoon “Born in the GAA” NEWSPAPER-108                              2/13/16 “Done Deal caps tickets price for Adele, The Boss and Beyonce.” NEWSPAPER-108
    7/13/09 “The Boss is back in town.” Photos from Dublin (IR) (7/11/09).  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/10/12 Bruce’s family roots in Westmeath, Ireland.  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/16/12 Reviews London (UK) (7/14/12).  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/17/12 “Meet the man who silenced Macca, Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/19/12 “Glory Days For Sophie.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    5/6/23 “Springsteen’s on fire as star kicks off Irish dates” NEWSPAPER-108
  • IRISH DAILY STAR (Ireland)
    7/18/12 “Boss back in town for two Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/19/12 “Glory Day for 6-year-old Sophie.”  NEWSPAPER-108
    7/19/13 “Rock god Springs a Surprise,” telephoning a fan.  NEWSPAPER-26
    8/31/13 Rolling Stone top 50 live acts – Limerick regarding Trayvon Martin.  NEWSPAPER-108
    1/17/14 High Hopes short review. Four stars.  NEWSPAPER-108
    2/5/16 “Brucie bonus for the GAA” NEWSPAPER-12
    2/8/16 Full page ad for The River Tour 5/27/16 NEWSPAPER-108
    2/10/16 Full page ad for The River Tour 5/27/16 NEWSPAPER-108
    2/11/16 “Dubs fume at Boss fixture KO” NEWSPAPER-26
    2/12/16 “Spring-time is coming as Bruce sells out again.” NEWSPAPER-108
    4/17/20 “Music to our ears” review of Bruce’s 2003 RDS concert, Ballsbridge. NEWSPAPER-108
    5/6/2023 “Bruce Rocks up”, photo of Bruce Springsteen on cover, article on page 12 and 13 titled, “Springsteen Bossing: Music Icon Belts” NEWSPAPER-108
  • IRISH EXAMINER (Ireland)
    5/1/06 “For Pete’s Sake” discusses Pete Seeger, previews Dublin (IR) show.  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/9/06 “The Boss is still in charge.” Five star review of Dublin (IR) (5/5/06).  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/15/10 Four column photo of Bruce Springsteen at the Rainforest Fund benefit.  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/21/06 Reviews Dublin (IR) (11/19/06).  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/17/07 “Glory Days for the Boss” reviews Belfast (UK) (12/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/23/08 “The Boss kicks off summer of songs.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/24/08 Four star review of Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/4/08 “Who’s the Boss? America Votes.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/13/09 “Music lovers live it up despite the downpours.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/14/09 Five star review for Dublin (IR) (7/11/09).  NEWSPAPER-25
    10/13/09 “Springsteen’s ‘Irish roots'” discussed in Land of Hope and Dreams book. NEWSPAPER-25
    5/15/10 Four column photo of Bruce Springsteen at the Rainforest Fund benefit.  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/20/10 Four stars (out of 5) for The Promise, reviewed by Rachel Daly.  NEWSPAPER-25
    3/17/12 Four stars (out of 5) for Wrecking Ball. NEWSPAPER-25
    7/13/12 “Springsteen Stills Shows who’s Boss” NEWSPAPER-25
    7/18/12 “Close encounter with The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/18/12 Five star review of Dublin (IR) (7/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/18/12 “No one person’s ‘the Boss’ of the rules.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/19/12 “Rockstar Sophie shows Bruce who’s boss.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/27/12 “Springsteen puts music and fans first.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/16/13 “A long way from Asbury Park, NJ.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/16/13 “Thomond the Promised Land for Springsteen fans.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/16/13 “Cork braces for The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/17/13 “Boss wows Thomond” reviews Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/19/13 “Boss casts spell over Cork” reviews Cork (IR) 7/18/13).  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/20/13 “Probe into chaos around Springsteen concert” in Cork (IR).  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/23/13 One hundred forty thousand fans see Bruce in Ireland.  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/30/13 “Barber’s oversized gift gets him a passport to meet The Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    8/31/13 “Springsteen tops greatest live acts list”.  NEWSPAPER-109
    9/23/13  Mention of Springsteen’s birthday. NEWSPAPER-109
    12/12/13 “Musical Salute to an Icon” –Mandela and quote from Steve Van Zandt.  NEWSPAPER-109
    12/13/13 “Kilkenny Finances Hitting Right Note.”  Springsteen boosts off-field income. NEWSPAPER-109
    8/8/15 “Satirist Stewart calls it a day on the Daily Show” NEWSPAPER-109
    12/2/16 “Extra Croker gigs require permission” NEWSPAPER-109
    12/14/18 “The Boss conquers Broadway” NEWSPAPER-109
    12/15/18 “What to watch” Bruce Springsteen on Broadway Netflix NEWSPAPER-109
    Also see INDEPENDENT.IEInternet Articles
    6/1/85 “Bruce, the Boss, gets ready to rock 65,000.” Front page photo, caption.  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/1/85 “Sun and security for Springsteen in Slane.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/1/85 “Springsteen at Slane: American Hero.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/1/85 “Bruce’s rocking 1 m bonanza.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/1/85 “Many gardai but Slane peaceful.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/2/85 Coverage of Slane Castle (IR):”Bruce reigns in the sun.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/2/85 “Springsteen’s fire lights up the hill.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/2/85 “Born in the USA and made for Slane.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/8/88 “Bruce shows who’s Boss” reviews Dublin (IR) (7/7/88).  NEWSPAPER-25
    3/21/96 “Springsteen without frills thrills” reviews Dublin (IR) (3/20/96).  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/2/03 “Brilliant Bruce proves he’s still The Business” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/25/03). NEWSPAPER-25
    4/29/06 “The Boss goes back to the roots” on We Shall Overcome.  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/7/06 “Bruce keeps his eyes on the prize, for Pete’s sake” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/5/06). NEWSPAPER-25
    5/8/06 “The Boss conjures up something special” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/5/06).  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/18/06 “The Boss is back” briefly reviews Dublin (IR) (11/17/06).  NEWSPAPER-25
    4/30/07 Springsteen included in article on misunderstood lyrics.
    9/17/07 “Magic tour will see him roaring with renewed energy and anger.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    10/12/07 Four star review of Magic: “rarely has he sounded so upbeat.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    11/29/07 “Veteran Springsteen still the boss as concerts sell out in record time.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/17/07 “An outbreak of delirious bedlam” reviews Belfast (UK) (12/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-109
    1/6/08 “The magnificent seven gives that you should have caught in 2007.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    2/16/08 Bruce is voted “Best International Male” in the annual Meteor awards.  NEWSPAPER-25
    4/13/08 “Not Oldies, Just Goodies.” Profiles of four rock icons.  NEWSPAPER-25
    4/13/08 “The Lovers’ Guide to Rock.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/5/08 “Obama’s got the Springsteen vote.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/10/08 “Springsteen included in feature on “veteran” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/23/08 Large photo from first night in Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/23/08 Full page ad for the Dublin concerts.  NEWSPAPER-109
    5/24/08 “Born to run and run” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-25
    6/1/08 “Prophet of social conscience rocks.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/5/08 “Why this is the best summer of rock ever.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    10/5/08 “Men Who Rock Our Stadiums. Gigs that shook the world, er, Dublin.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/4/08 “Historic day arrives in the only poll that really matters.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    11/8/08 “‘Bama Generation’ is preparing to shake up the White House.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/28/08 “A Lazarus-style resurrection for rock’s godfathers.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    1/3/09 “American dreaming with Bruce, Barack and Bono.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    1/23/09 “Just what Boss fans dream of.” Four stars for Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-25
    1/24/09 “A Dream comes true for the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    2/3/09 “Springsteen track ‘sealed with a Kiss.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/3/09 “The Boss travels time in tribute to love.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/11/09 “Sopranos star fuels film rumours.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/12/09 “Almighty Bruce a religious experience” reviews Dublin (IR) (7/11/09).  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/13/09 Reviews Dublin (IR) (7/11/09). “One of the finest outdoor shows…”  NEWSPAPER-25
    7/19/09 Springsteen broke curfew in Dublin (IR) (twice!).  NEWSPAPER-25
    10/13/09 “Born in the USA, but Springsteen ‘is really a Mullingar man.'”  NEWSPAPER-25
    10/29/09 Darkness on the Edge of Town is “overlooked” but “most interesting.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/19/09 Top 10 gigs of the year includes the E Street Band at RDS, Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/27/09 John Kelly’s “My Decade” includes Bruce Springsteen as “My Hero.”  NEWSPAPER-25
    12/31/09 “10 Great Albums of the Noughties” includes The Rising.  NEWSPAPER-25
    1/3/10 Top 10 concert list for 2009 includes the band at RDS, Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-25
    3/1/10 Bruce Springsteen second (after U2) in 2009 concert earnings.  NEWSPAPER-109
    5/4/10 Photo of Bruce Springsteen and Danny DeVito at the NJ Hall of Fame ceremony.  NEWSPAPER-25
    5/28/10 “Re-Living Bruce’s Irish Glory Days.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/18/10 The Hyde Park intro “will make your neck hairs stand on end.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    11/26/10 NJ band frontman Patrick Stickles pays tribute to Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-109
    11/27/10 “Bruce: I Hope You Like My Old Direction.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    2/4/11 “The irresistible rise of the HOFs.” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/13/11 “Family ties: daughter is the real Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/27/11 “30 Years of Slane: From the Boss to Lord of the Manor.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/25/11 “The big man who always hit the right note for the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    6/26/11 “Clarence Clemons.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/23/11 Writer pushes for a Bruce autobiography.   NEWSPAPER-109
    7/30/11 Political rumors raise their ugly heads, again! NEWSPAPER-26
    11/25/11 “Hotel cashes in on Springsteen concert.” NEWSPAPER-26
    1/14/12 Reviews the Heart of Darkness book.  NEWSPAPER-109
    2/18/12 “The Boss lets fly at ‘robber barons.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    3/2/12 “Boss takes his Wrecking Ball to the crisis.” NEWSPAPER-26
    3/10/12 Wrecking Ball is a “home run.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    4/20/12 Columnist and a prank involving tickets.  NEWSPAPER-109
    6/16/12 “What is making the Boss so angry?  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/16/12 “The Boss and Beatle Paul unplugged.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/17/12 “Curfew won’t stop us,” says Steven.  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/17/12 Columnist predicts marathon concert.  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/18/12 Reviews Dublin (IR) (7/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/19/12 Reviews Dublin (IR) (7/18/12).  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/21/12  Reviews Marc Dolan’s book.  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/21/12 “Born to run overtime.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/21/12 “The woman who inspired The Boss” NEWSPAPER-109
    7/22/12 Columnist:  “My rocking night.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/22/12 Praise for Bruce Springsteen’s fitness regime.  NEWSPAPER-26
    8/18/12 “Let’s Bring the Boss Back to the Midlands”.   NEWSPAPER-109
    10/7/12 Bruce Springsteen is a “Wrinkly Rocker.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/8/12 Sanfraz Manzoor reviews Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-109
    12/21/12 Dublin show makes the year-end review.  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/22/12  More year-end kudos, this time for Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-26
    1/13/13 A look back at two Dublin (IR) shows.  NEWSPAPER-26
    2/10/13 Columnist discusses his favorite musicians.  NEWSPAPER-26
    3/24/13 “Springsteen’s daughter buys top Irish-bred show jumper.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    4/19/13 Rising star Matthew Koma is a Springsteen fan.  NEWSPAPER-26
    6/16/13 Tour preview:  “Shake Us All Up, Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/15/13 “Bruce v Bublé.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/16/13 “The Boss is back in town.”  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/18/13 Reviews Limerick (IR) (7/16/13): “Exceptional.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/19/13 Fans tell why there’s no one like Bruce.  NEWSPAPER-109
    7/26/13 Concert tips for Kilkenny Weekend.  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/27/13 “‘The Boss’ makes fan Angie’s year.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/29/13 “Bruce declares Ireland his ‘adopted home.'”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/30/13 Bruce’s local references ring true.  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/2/13 Springsteen concerts help Aiken Promotions profits jump 42% in one year. NEWSPAPER-109
    12/20/13 “Doing it Like a Boss,” article on Steve Van Zandt.   NEWSPAPER-109
    1/10/14 “High Hopes Fade, Yet He’s Still the Boss,” NEWSPAPER-109
    1/26/14 Review of High Hopes by Barry Egan. NEWSPAPER-109
    3/20/14 “The secrets of happiness” NEWSPAPER-109
    4/12/14 “Teen spirit fills up the Hall of Fame” Bruce and Steve Van Zandt perform NEWSPAPER-109
    9/27/14 “Why 1984 Rocked” picture of Bruce on stage. NEWSPAPER-109
    10/18/14 “Bruce was Born to Run…and Run” NEWSPAPER-26
    12/2/14 Springsteen & Martin fill shoes of U2 frontman NEWSPAPER-26
    7/11/15 “Calling out around the world…” NEWSPAPER-109
    11/8/15 “AGEING SEX GODS” Life Section NEWSPAPER-26
    12/30/15 “Springsteen delivers epic Slane sell-out.” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/4/16 Cover. “Bruce is back” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/4/16 “Springsteen to line out at Croke Park in May” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/4/16 “Croker to host Boss in May.” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/5/16 “Born in the USA- but adopted by Ireland.” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/5/16 Full page ad for the River Tour. NEWSPAPER-109
    2/5/16 “Date switch to facilitate ‘Boss’ not a problem for Wexford” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/5/16 “Fans thrilled- but Croker locals fear a reprise of ‘Garthgate'” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/6/16  Full page ad for the River Tour 5/27/16 NEWSPAPER-109
    2/7/16 “From the Stands- One rule for the Boss, another for the subjects.” NEWSPAPER-26
    2/7/16 Full page ad for the River Tour 5/27/16 NEWSPAPER-109
    2/9/16 Double page Ad for The River Tour 5/27/16 NEWSPAPER-109
    2/12/16 “The Boss’s in minutes.” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/12/16 “two Croke Park gigs sell out as hotels hike room prices.” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/13/16 Review Section “Springsteen and the ties that bind” NEWSPAPER-109
    2/14/16 “Lilywhites invite ‘The Boss’ back to his ancestral home” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/27/16 “Date switch to facilitate Boss not a problem for Wexford.” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/27/16 “The Boss is back – News” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/28/16 “Devoted to the Boss” NEWSPAPER-109
    11/27/16 “No Ordinary Man: Born to Run” NEWSPAPER-109
    4/14/18 Iconic Music photo collection  “The Decade When Ireland Rocked” Supplement NEWSPAPER-26
    4/29/18 “Don’t Start Peter Up on how much he worships the Rolling Stones” Mentions Bruce concert. NEWSPAPER-109
    5/19/18 “I’m a Student a Sponge, a thief” The Killers Brandon Flowers NEWSPAPER-109
    12/14/18 “The Boss conquers Broadway” NEWSPAPER-26
    12/29/18 “Bruce Almighty: ‘The Boss’ will released a new album in 2019” NEWSPAPER-109
    6/15/19 “Bruce Almighty: 10 hidden gems from ‘The Boss.'” NEWSPAPER-109
    8/17/19 “‘Bruce is a great soul singer – it’s crazy he doesn’t do it more'” Steven Van Zandt interview. NEWSPAPER-109
    9/14/19 “As Bruce turns 70, I thank him for giving voice to my world” NEWSPAPER-109
    10/10/19 “Springsteen at 70: Rock icon opens up on a new film, being broken, and his destructive side” NEWSPAPER-109
    12/21/19 “Bruce Springsteen shows no sign of slowing down, releasing his 19th album” pg. 12 NEWSPAPER-109
    10/24/20 “The Boss may be gazing into the past but the rage still burns” pg. 21 NEWSPAPER-109
    7/25/21 “Jakob’s songs a shelter from the storm” Springsteen’s photo included in article NEWSPAPER-109
    5/1/23 “Glory Days-Dublin set for 20 million euro tourism boost as Springsteen fans flock to RDS gigs” NEWSPAPER-109
    5/6/2023 “The greatest events of my life have played out to a Springsteen backing track” pg. 1 and 3 NEWSPAPER-109
    5/13/2023 “The Boss defies the years with energetic return to RDS” pg. 13 NEWSPAPER-109
  • IRISH MAIL (Ireland)
    6/17/07 “Boss Works The Crowd” reviews Live in Dublin.  NEWSPAPER-26
    9/30/07 Four star review of Magic: “The Boss is back with E Street in full flow.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/25/08 “The Boss lays down the law – and how” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-110
    5/25/08 Cover story in The Review section: “Me And My Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    1/25/09 Sunday. Three stars for Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-26
    6/28/09 Sunday. “The Boss’s Back Yard.” Travel reporter visits Asbury Park, other Bruce places.  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/5/09 Sunday. Four star review of the Hyde Park show.  NEWSPAPER-26
    2/7/10 Sunday. “The Boss, an Irish pub, and lawsuit that wasn’t.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    3/4/12 Sunday. Four stars (out of five) for Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/15/12 Sunday. “Still the Boss at 62.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/22/12 Sunday. John Waters discusses music festivals.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/29/12 “Why all Rockers Need a Soprano in the Band,” article on Steve Van Zandt.   NEWSPAPER-110
    1/12/14 High Hopes, “The Boss’s Fire Still Burns Bright –Fuelled by Rage”. Four stars.  NEWSPAPER-110
    11/29/15 Sunday cover. “The River Still Runs Deep…” NEWSPAPER-110
    1/3/16 Sunday. Music “Big Gigs” (photo) NEWSPAPER-110
    8/4/19 Sunday.  “I Owe it all to The Boss” Interview with Steven Van Zandt by Adrian Deevoy NEWSPAPER-110
    8/11/19 Sunday. “Born to Run… from Luton” film review for Blinded by the Light NEWSPAPER-110
    10/25/20 Letter to You 4 star review pg. 4E NEWSPAPER-110
  • THE IRISH NEWS (United Kingdom)
    3/20/96 “Springsteen has crowd eating out of his hand” reviews Belfast (UK) (3/19/96).  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/22/06 “Beautiful sound of the Boss” reviews Belfast (UK) (11/21/06).  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/17/07 “Couple cut short nuptials for Bruce.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/17/07 “The Boss kicks up a storm in Odyssey” review Belfast (UK) (12/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-26
    6/3/10 “The day The Boss became king of the castle.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    6/3/10 “Fans recall Glory Days of Slane gigs.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/19/13 “Die-hard fans camp out to dance in the dark with the Boss”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/20/13 “Wait nearly over for fans” in Belfast (UK).  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/20/13 Perhaps the first Irish language profile of Bruce, ever!   NEWSPAPER-110
    7/22/13 Reviews Belfast (UK)(7/20/13):  “Epic gig.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/22/13 “Sunny day arrives for youngster.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/22/13 Editorial:  “Springsteen still has the wow factor.”  NEWSPAPER-110
  • THE IRISH SUN (Ireland)
    11/29/07 “Bruce Almighty” sells out three Irish shows in 30 minutes.  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/29/07 “90,000 to see Boss in Dublin.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/13/09 Photo, brief review of Dublin (IR) (7/11/09).  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/16/12 “Unplugged,” reviews the London curfew outrage.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/18/12 “Born to Run (and Run…) reviews Dublin (7/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/18/12 A-listers Spring up for concert.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/19/12 “Sophie’s Born to Run on stage.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/19/12 “Boss has more Spring in his step.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/17/13 Photo and caption from Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).  NEWSPAPER-26
  • THE IRISH TIMES (Ireland)
    Also see IRELAND.COMInternet Articles
    6/1/85 “‘The Boss’ is rock reborn in the USA” previews Slane Castle (IR).  NEWSPAPER-110
    6/1/85 “Many gardai, but slane peaceful” NEWSPAPER-110
    5/20/93 “The Boss springs Stadium surprise” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/19/93).  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/21/93 “Older, wiser and more intimate” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/20/93).  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/6/06 “The Boss Is Back: In Dublin” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/5/06).  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/11/06 “Bruce the Bush-whacker.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/8/06 “All the young dudes can’t change the news.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/18/06 “Springsteen gives Dublin the Seeger treatment.” Dublin (IR) (11/17/06).  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/20/06 Reviews Dublin (IR) (11/19/06).  NEWSPAPER-26
    3/26/07 “An Irishman’s Diary.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    6/16/07 “Why international musicians like the sound of Dublin.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    9/7/07 “Springsteen fans left blue as 10,000 tickets sell out in 8 minutes.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    9/28/07 Four star review of Magic, with the E Street Band an “optional extra.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/22/07 “Scramble expected for tickets to Springsteen gig.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/29/07 “Tickets for Boss summer concerts sell out.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    11/30/07 “Mad about the Boss” covers the opening of the Magic European tour.  NEWSPAPER-110
    12/17/07 “‘Magic’ in the air as the Boss returns” reviews Belfast (UK) (12/15/07).  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/17/07 Editorial: “Springsteen gig just magnificent.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/29/07 Critics look toward the May concerts in Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-26
    2/16/08 Report on the Meteor Music awards announcements, including Bruce’s.  NEWSPAPER-26
    4/26/08 “Quietest E Street member a natural player and pillar of Springsteen’s sound.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/16/08 Photo in listing section previews Dublin (IR) dates.  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/22/08 “120,000 expected at Springsteen’s Dublin concerts which start tonight.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/23/08 “Promised land under slate-grey skies” reviews Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/23/08 “Lyrics lose their auto focus, and even the Boss may take the bus.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/24/08 Another review of Dublin (IR) (5/22/08).  NEWSPAPER-26
    5/26/08 Double page concert photo.  NEWSPAPER-110
    6/14/08 “An Irishman’s Diary” reviews “ageing nostalgists” in Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-26
    8/23/08 “The Boss and the King to feature at New York rock ‘n’ roll shrine.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    1/23/09 “Big Dreamer.” Five star review of Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-26
    1/24/09 “Tickets for Springsteen and E Street Band’s July show on sale next week.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/10/09 “Paying dues still the best way to make it in the music industry.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/13/09 “Springsteen may sing about the tough life – but he never fails to bring joy.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    10/12/09 Columnist makes a sentimental journey to Giants Stadium.  NEWSPAPER-26
    10/13/09 “Springsteen, born in the USA but with Irish roots.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    9/25/10 “Springsteen steps out of the Darkness.” Major feature by Shane Hegarty.  NEWSPAPER-110
    11/12/10 “Still a tough old town.” The Promise reviewed by Joe Breen.  NEWSPAPER-110
    12/10/10 The Promise is one of “our top 50 musical moments of 2010.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    5/28/11 Half-page photo of the 1985 Slane Castle crowd for Bruce, band.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/2/11 “20 unforgettable festival moments” includes Slane Castle, 1983.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/2/11 “Tenor sax player was fundamental to Springsteen’s meteoric career.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    1/27/12 Review of the “We Take Care Of Our Own” single.  NEWSPAPER-26
    2/17/12 “Rare, reflective meeting with the Boss.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    3/2/12  Joe Breen reviews Wrecking Ball.  NEWSPAPER-26
    3/21/12 SXSW coverage, with a techie focus.  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/17/12 Steven Van Zandt, making news in Dublin (IR).  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/18/12 “Bruce lights up RDS crowd.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/18/12 “The Boss stays switched on” in Dublin (IR) (7/17/12).  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/19/12 “Older guys have all the best tunes.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/19/12 “Bed time no issue for Sophie (6).”  NEWSPAPER-26
    12/31/12  Three 2013 shows sell out quickly.  NEWSPAPER-26
    1/15/13 Extensive coverage of the Carlin book.  NEWSPAPER-110
    5/31/13 Brian Boyd discusses the meaning of true fandom.  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/12/13 “The greatest showman on earth?”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/13/13 “Did the Boss bring down the Berlin Wall?”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/16/13 “Limerick ready to party with Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-26
    7/17/13 Kathryn Hayes reviews Limerick (IR) (7/16/13).  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/29/13 “Kilkenny dazzled by the light of Springsteen.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    7/29/13 Steve says:  “Playing with Bruce is a ‘three-hour tornado.'”  NEWSPAPER-110
    10/30/13 Springsteen to Perform in S. Africa for First Time.  NEWSPAPER-110
    11/29/13 “No Springs Attached” – article on Jake Clemons and his solo tour in Ireland.  NEWSPAPER-110
    1/10/14 Review of High Hopes. Four stars. NEWSPAPER-110
    1/29/14 Review of the life of Pete Seeger with mention of Springsteen.  NEWSPAPER-110
    2/21/14 Top ten Albums, High Hopes is at #3 pg. 23 NEWSPAPER-110
    7/18/15 “It’s peak season for big gigs. Which means that Peter Aiken, who staged the Irish appearances of everyone from One Direction, Beyonce and Taylor Swift to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon, has his work cut out for the next few months” NEWSPAPER-110
    8/8/15 “John Stewart has the Last Laugh as he bows out” NEWSPAPER-110
    11/20/15 Music Reviews “Going back down to the river” Album of the Week NEWSPAPER-26
    2/5/16 “Croke Park games give way to Springsteen” NEWSPAPER-110
    2/8/16 Full Page River Tour ad. NEWSPAPER-110
    2/11/16 Ballot capers “Born to Run (and run)” NEWSPAPER-26
    12/22/17 Authenticity is a Myth in Art. Just Look at Springsteen NEWSPAPER-110
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    6/7/19 “Flying solo with invention and subtlety” Reviews Western Stars NEWSPAPER-110
    8/9/19 “Sentimental, laboured and irresistible” Film review for Blinded by the Light newspaper-110
    10/17/20 “The Last Man Standing” Letter to You overview pg. 53-55 NEWSPAPER-110
    10/23/20 “Back to all the familiar things” Letter to You 5 star review pg. 10 NEWSPAPER-110
    8/21/21 “The Gigs We’ll Never Forget” features Bruce NEWSPAPER-110
    8/27/22 “The Classic Album Bruce Springsteen Left Unplugged” NEWSPAPER-110
  • 11/11/22 “Extraordinary Renditions” NEWSPAPER- 110
    12/10/22 “Twenty-three great vinyl albums for Christmas” NEWSPAPER-110
    12/31/22 “Four Words: The Boss is Back.” show announcement at RDS arena in Dublin NEWSPAPER-110
    1/21/2023 “Madonna and Bruce are still partying like it’s 1984” pg. 13 NEWSPAPER-110
    4/29/2023 “Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band” Friday, May 5th, RDS Arena gig announcement, pg. 2 NEWSPAPER-110
    5/6-5/7/2023 “The Boss is back in town” on cover, article on pg. 4 titled, “Superfans on fire as The Boss hits town for shows” NEWSPAPER-110
    5/2/88 “Bruce Springsteen” reviews Uniondale, NY (4/1/88).
    5/26/2000 “Stone Pony Becomes a Phoenix” Missing second page of the article NEWSPAPER-110
    8/22/03 New bar in Asbury Park: Cadillac Ranch. NEWSPAPER-110
    12/14/22 “Who is the real thief – Ticketmaster or Taylor Swift? Or is it even Bruce Springsteen?” (in Hebrew). Page 38. NEWSPAPER-110
    11/04 “Blue Collar Blues” includes Bruce, Dion and the Belmonts, Jim Croce and Bon Jovi.
    Also see THEITHACAJOURNAL.COMInternet Articles
    11/8/78 “Springsteen: Musician gives all” reviews Ithaca, NY (11/7/78).
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    10/26/67 “Marine Corporal Vietnam Casualty.” Former Castiles drummer Bart Haynes dies.
    3/4/77 Advertisement for the Jacksonville show that night.
    3/29/07 “Ex-wife of Springsteen’s organ player dies.”
    4/85 “Bruce Rocks Rafters Off Olympic Pool” reviews Tokyo (JP) (4/10/85).
    9/10/21 “Why Springsteen and Soloveitchik Are My Two Heroes”
    9/5/03 “Bruuuuce!”
    8/7/84 “There’s one ‘Boss’ Jersey loves”
    6/23/85 “Police investigating charges that cops scalped Springsteen tickets.”
    7/20/85 “Long wait for tickets fruitless for many.”
    7/19/85 “The Boss brings ’em out onto the streets at night.”
    8/19/85 “‘Like he’s singing just to me.'”
    11/11/86 “Springsteen album takes Hudson shops by storm.”
    7/16/99 “Fans flock to the Promised (Meadow) Land.”
    7/17/99 “Springsteen’s Jersey love fest underway” reviews East Rutherford, NJ (7/15/99).
    4/14/01 “‘Live’ album reminds us why we love Springsteen” reviews Live in New York City.
    11/11/03 “Seniors celebrate Boss’s new album.”
    7/19/04 “Bruce Springsteen performs at the Stone Pony.”
    8/24/04 “Retired priest owns Springsteen tapes from 1967.”
    4/13/76 Photo, small caption, but no review of the Johnstown, PA concert the previous night.
  • JORNAL DA TARDE (Brazil)
    11/14/07 ” ‘Chefao’, a vontade, traz o disco do ano.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    12/18/07 Magic included in survey of 2007 top albums.  NEWSPAPER-110
    2/18/09 “A Amerca do ‘chefao’ Bruce Springsteen” reviews Working on a Dream.  NEWSPAPER-27
    3/20/12 “A volta do poderoso chefão.”  NEWSPAPER-110
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    6/3/85 “Songs to bridge the age barrier.”  NEWSPAPER-110
    6/5/85 “Bruce shows he’s the ‘boss'” reviews Newcastle (UK) (6/4/85).  NEWSPAPER-27
    6/5/85 “Police vote trouble free fans a hit.”  NEWSPAPER-27
    6/5/85 “All we wanted – and more.”  NEWSPAPER-27
    8/25/78 “Springsteen: Man With A Guitar Finds Fame And ‘God’.”
    8/28/78 “Springsteen Concert ‘Momentous'” reviews New Haven, CT (8/25/78).
    9/17/88 “L’hymne a la liberte” during Amnesty tour.
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    9/4/88 “A Paris, le quatuor rock des Droits de l’homme.”
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    11/6/04 “4 Moore years. Anti-Bush celebrities vow to keep fighting.”
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    9/16/10 “Film captures ‘Darkness’ of Springsteen.”